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tv   The Big Picture A Race For America P2  Al Jazeera  February 18, 2021 9:00am-10:01am +03

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you see the grit philosophical majesty of the big into something more like the team i didn't know the british but i meet with victims of violence and discover what life is like for minorities in the country join me on my journey in search of india's so on al-jazeera. hello i'm down jordan in doha with the top stories here on al-jazeera an arctic blast continues to cripple large parts of the united states and has caused the deaths of at least 30 people millions are without power the national guard has been deployed across texas which is among the hardest hit states the governor says it will be days before the situation starts to improve most of the state will be below freezing tomorrow morning along i 10 in north will remain in freezing
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through thursday night with cold temperatures once again on thursday night we should across the state start getting freezing on saturday facebook has knocked users in australia from doing or sharing news on its platform because of proposed laws to make tech giants pay media groups for content the blackout also affected some government agencies as pages carrying health and weather warnings went blank the government's criticized the move as heavy handed google had previously threatened to pull out of australia because of the law but has now signed deals with several media outlets in recent days with david vaile as a sideline or expert at the university of new south wales he says the australian government will be emboldened by google split from facebook. i think the fact that they've had some success in google announced seeing that they had signed deals for similar sort of commercial revenue sharing with the other lidia's and overnight
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we hear news limited around the world to the moon rocks empire that the fact that it's been possible to make a commercial arrangement there i think makes it much less likely that the australian government would. back down they've been not really facing a united front here google's worked out ways of essentially coming to terms with the request to share the online ad revenue and facebook in a sense has. played a very strong hand and demonstrated that it has unilateral control over content from that everybody sees basically in every country around the world but they're a bit on the nose lightly so it's going to be interesting busy. these are global platforms the issue of. interspersing the intermediaries the sort of collection of clicks and views in between the end reader and say
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a news website is something that applies virtually to every commercial news source around the planet and the desire to try to avoid the complete sort of collapse of you know the funding of commercial journalism mean mars military genter has issued arrest warrants for 6 celebrities for encouraging people to join and taken protests meanwhile crowds continued to rally in young gun demanding the release of deposed civilian leader and sang suchi. cambodia's government doesn't bale plans to set up a fire war similar to china is to control and monitor online traffic officials say they want to maintain social order and protect national security critics are calling the move a violation of democratic freedoms. jailed hong kong media tycoon jimmy lies in court to continue his appeal against the ruling denying him bail pro-democracy activist is accused of fraud and conspiring with foreign forces under beijing's controversial national security law lives the most high profile person among the
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more than a 100 people arrested under the new legislation the u.s. department of justice has charged 3 north koreans for a series of global cyber attacks they're accused of trying to steal more than one point $3000000000.00 from banks and companies only 10 countries of administered 3 quarters of all covert 19 vaccinations with hundreds of millions of people being left behind that's according to the head of the u.n. was called in wealthy nations to help kick start a global vaccination. and a rescue operation is underway in central nigeria where gunmen have kidnapped a group of students the exact number of those taken by the armed gangs is unknown but hundreds are still missing it's been confirmed one student was shot and killed in the attack on the state run schools in. so those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the big picture and thanks for watching.
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and i want health of property there was no black wall street when barbed gains a whites rampage through greenwood killing and burning planes dropped incendiary bombs in 2020 toll so it remains segregated in the history of racially discriminatory policing why then the whole the rally in a state ill almost certainly carry again it's a volatile combination a history of massacre a bitterly divided nation on the edge and a deadly virus spreading fast with
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a president poised to stir up the brew. it would work i say taking over. we have been speaking up for the students i mean here the students here feel that. here but they're not all here at the moment are ready to come with it would have made a better price you could take up the fight you're in they can't sleep you're not you're not we're not united anymore growing. i would like to say 1st. we have no intention the violence merely. occupying state property that we are we in fact our parents pay taxes too and we should resist peaceful. prepared to. go safely to the frenzy. over the
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late 1960 s. . that early seventy's which will be. at universities really across the united states from san francisco state to the ale to cornell 1969. student organizers begin assisting on having black studies departments. writing a. memoir financial aid we want to be able to study our history we don't want to be harassed as we are trying to function in these campuses . these protests are starting this scare white america. that produced a lot of anxiety that the university could not be
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a site of radical transformation. they are in a conscious endeavor to occupy university buildings and to eventually close down some of our colleges universities. with waited for administrators to take action against these campus militants and we waited and waited and while we waited our campuses have been burning. it is still not quite clear at cornell but the black students on the back because of armed occupation are the silent majority we are going to be silent no longer. when you have the unrest among the students at cornell you have been a law named john olin who took offense at it and he wanted to spend his fortune which he had made in the chemical and the arms industry on creating
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academic environments is supported his personal idiology. so he gives money to cornell basically on a yearly basis and he thinks that oh all these protests as a business left movement have gone too far. what happens perhaps if i find more conservative ideas and so what you see it as a number of individuals wealthy individuals on the right who believe that ideas and that ideas change the war right and that the ford foundation working with black power has shifted the way in which. many people understand their place in it and understand things like liberty and justice and equality being rich and being well connect. what they do is they start forming foundations that are going to produce data and going to produce tax reports studies that will begin
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to influence politicians that they can get their side of the story out so you have the foundations like heritage which is both a think tank and a foundation and then you have individual family foundation so this is how you get the olin and the bradley and the scaife eans and the smith richer since they become anti multi cultural they're kind of in the heritage foundation they go to a very conservative idea of what education should be who gets educated how they're educated. rather. have. their idea was that american universities were becoming by nature not just liberal but havens for leftists and scary socialists and all kinds of
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frightening elements. and so they wanted to take back the institutions of society especially those that form young people's minds and attitudes. it's it's remarkable period in american history where young people are really kind of pushing envelope and terms of the political imagination. the representative of the national character unit come. out of. there talking about all kinds of new social arrangements for black and the next people and for women. this favorable decision this is a significant victory for the abortion rights movement for women throughout the united states. all the.
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women in. conservative forces coming that actually narrow the framework for imagining how society might be transformed. there was a poll that was taken that said that african-americans were pushing too hard for civil rights. and there was like an overwhelming majority of white americans like 85 percent.
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widespread. and this. to give people like ronald reagan in california the mandate to say those negroes and these long haired hippies we have to root them out. reagan's popularity is starting to increase threefold among conservative groups later reagan blasted federal bureaucracy in a speech to chicago's executives club a call for a transfer of power to state and local governments the mayor saying whoa wait we have the next person who could take the movement forward. i.
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thank you very much. what is it that we as americans really want we want to worship god in our own way to lead our own lives take care of our families live in our own style in our own community without hurting anyone or anyone hurting us. for those of abandoned hope. will restore hope and will welcome them into a. a national crusade to make america great again. so there's resources that reagan starts to get from these foundations to put together a presidential candidacy committee and so all of this foundation money starts to poor in to prop up reagan's presidency by the time he gets to $1800.00 to run for president it is time for a change. it's our waiting for him accept from. my
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fellow countryman the president of the united states. thank you. i'm told that tens of thousands of prayer meetings are being held on this day for that i'm deeply grateful we are a nation under god and i believe god intended for us to be free. when reagan was elected in 1900 s. . is moment of optimism and a lot of the conservatives the foundations the individual financiers and business
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interests felt that they could attach themselves to reagan in this moment and as it happens in 1901 the council for national policy is founded one of the founders is paul why write. this in a logical architect of the right in the united states will. go to thank you mr president we appreciate. played a role in founding a number of different organizations including the heritage foundation think tank. search he really wanted to ignite a hyper conservative counterrevolution. really wants it's just. going to say she. says it's not enough to just elect people to office the left and the liberals have taken over the entire culture. entertainment
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education domestic life everything. we've got to take it back. i want to describe the council for national policy as and a group that exerts influence not exerts power and it's part of a constellation of organizations that work in concert all of its meetings are secret almost all. it brought together big donors and political operators and strategists and then he gave them a portfolio of organizations to work with. all ran by prominent members of the council for national policy working in coordination in their work around election. i don't want everybody to hold elections are not by a majority of people they never have been from a beginning of our country and they are not. it was like we want this to play out
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over the next 203040 years. and ronald reagan becomes their standard bearer. thank god for a president who agrees in totality of what we morally stand for here. he cuts a deal with the fundamentalists. he has already established his popularity with economic conservatives and this is a moment when all of these groups say alright this is our chance this is our launching pad and the council for national policy is began in 1901 all incomes in and finances the founding of the federalist society in 1902. president reagan's comments are stark testimony to a concern shared by many of us throughout the nation the obligation of the legal profession in the judiciary to both on the founding fathers version of a constitutional republic hello i'm senator orrin hatch i believe that one of the
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most important tools on this earth for it is the federalist society for law and public policy studies the best defense of our liberties is a government of laws not of men the federalist society is a group that number one finds a lot of the campaigns to have judicial nominees appointed they also play a role in grooming right wing legal talent they'll find promising young people and cycle them through what one writer has described as the right wing legal to area of you know fellowships and clerkships and things like that but they set about to do was organize lost students to be politically conservative despite their tendency to be liberal the dominant intellectual culture in our law schools is exactly what the federalist students are challenging most of the students are in
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the wrong but i believe that their ideas can be changed they extended their membership on into practicing the legal profession and then on into jack ships and all the way to the supreme court. to. who is for more than really are supreme court justice has died a lot of people tuning in right now wondering what this means for the supreme court what this means for capitol hill and the confirmation process and the election this is sort of the crown jewel when it comes to what a president can do and that is to fill a supreme court vacancy it is remarkable how many trump appointees are now on the bench and when it comes to the supreme court that is the ultimate and it is
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a number one goal and has been his whole career. for 10 years bob jones university in greenville south carolina want the federal government's policy which denied them tax exempt status because they allegedly practiced discrimination against blotz. bob jones university is in some sense the flower of the religious right kind of evangelical conservatism at its height. they had a policy of not admitting african-americans and tell them 1971 and then even at that point required african-american students to be married if they enrolled at a university in the 1970 s. following a string of court cases the iris started to take another look at the tax exempt
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status of some of these segregated schools and asking why are we subsidizing segregation you know tax subsidies like you get from the government. the. moon. right now on bob jones university and other buy but religious schools that discriminate racially will be allowed tax exempt status n.w.c. peepers event benjamin hooks said he considers the move another retreat on civil rights by the reagan administration this. coupled with all the other act. is given room and room really in the react races in the.
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it would be hard to overestimate the degree of outrage that this provoked in conservatives and leaders of this emerging sort of hyper conservative counterrevolution called the new right. these different organizations that believe that if they have to pay more taxes that you are cutting into their liberty and what they mean by that is they don't want money to go been in groups that they don't like like black people. one of the way that that kind of southern evangelical right wing or recast itself once segregation as a formal matter was rejected by the american public was just sort of shift its
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focus elsewhere. now that they have realized that they'll lose their tax exempt status they need something else to be a rallying cry we love the rattling of this frozen but in point of. his looking for an issue that could sort of unite their movement and bring together disparate strands. they sort of went down a list of these different issues and when they got to abortion it was almost like a light bulb went off and they're like ha that could work. your suicide gathering momentum 100000 marchers stretching half a mile across washington representing the biggest demonstration against abortion in america. there's a material consequence to being racist. but there is not a material cost quit as of yet to being anti-abortion. there was an agreement made between economic conservatives and enemy on the one hand and
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evangelicals on the other and a coalescing of the parts of the electorate. congress is still heavily in favor of the right to choose and the supreme court which permitted abortions is still just in favor of that judgment. at the time the roe versus wade was passed most protestant republicans supported it abortion tended to be seen as a catholic issue but it also didn't divide republicans from democrats and it didn't divide the religious from the non-religious you know what they do in abortion is they simply take the lovely baby from its natural habitat and they read that out.
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and they throw it away. it was really only over time when the new right decided to make abortion an issue but the reason you. know a lot of the. protestant fundamentalists didn't just show up at a venue where they were already there they were in the segregation academies they were the one they were organizing private schools they were the ones and sort of white churches underneath this all is of course race and the rejection of the civil rights movement but the language the discourse shifts in the context of the church as though there is a quite. explicit discussion it's not on the public stage but about the same zajac about white and white birth. and the 15 year of
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encroachment and being overwhelmed by nonwhite people but 50 largest cities of our nation will be predominantly black or brown and churches don't know what to do. after the 6 years of the 7. dark ages of the 20th century. there has been. of commitment to traditional. yes family values. played. a. big use this issue to get people to support the hyper conservative candidates that the movement favors. it's a form of identity politics or voting identity. so
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instead make crystal clear. that supreme court nomination is more important and helping and supporting the american people who are suffering from a deadly pandemic and the devastating economic crisis. married in 2006 you signed your name to an advertisement published in the south bend tribune described roe v wade as quote an exercise of raunchy dishful power and call for putting quote an end to the barbaric legacy of pro b. and expressed opposition to abortion as the senate considers. the seat of justice ruth bader ginsburg i would suggest that we not pretend that we don't know how this nominee views a woman's right to choose or make her own health care decisions.
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a place where hard to treat our world social life where intellectuals artists and activists me where i can see is a spark and history is made. america has to i'll use my right to have brought al-jazeera world tells the story of 4 iconic cafes and their role in the arab society as products of creativity debate and the 2nd secret soviet era country on i just see them. since its inception in 1961 the kuwait fund has been supporting people's livelihoods in over 100 countries by funding projects in an array of sectors. ranging from infrastructure to health and education. these initiatives ultimately help to eradicate poverty. and promote sustainable development.
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unprompted and uninterrupted discussions from on london broadcast center. on al-jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan and with the top stories here on the al-jazeera an all tech blast continues to cripple large parts of the united states and thus cause the deaths of at least 30 people millions are without power and national guard has been deployed across texas which is among the hardest hit states the governor says of a days before the situation starts to improve facebook has blocked australians i'm viewing all sharing news on its platform because of proposed laws to make tech giants pay for journalism history and government to slam the move and demand that
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its pages that had gone blank be restored a soon as possible facebook was wrong facebook . sections were unnecessary their way heavy handed and they will damage it's reputation here in australia their decision to block a stray and access to government starts be they about support through the pain to make mental health emergency services the bureau of meteorology were completely unrelated to the media code which is yet to pass through the senate minerals management has issued arrest warrants for 6 celebrities for encouraging people to join protests meanwhile crowds continue to rally in young gone demanding the release of deposed civilians unsung suchi. cambodia's government has unveiled plans to set up a firewall similar to china's to control and monitor online traffic officials say
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they want to maintain social order and protect national security but critics are calling the move a violation of democratic freedoms jailed hong kong media tycoon jimmy lies in court to continue his appeal against a ruling denying him bail the pro-democracy activist is accused of fraud and conspiring with foreign forces on the beijing's controversial national security law only 10 countries have administered 3 quarters of all coded 19 vaccinations with hundreds of millions of people being left behind that's according to the head of the un was called a wealthy countries to help kick start a global vaccination plan and israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has spoken by phone to joe biden for the 1st time since the us president took office the leaders talked on issues including the perceived threat from iran and israel's butting ties with arab and muslim countries so those were the headlines the news continues here al-jazeera after the big picture statement that's watching.
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we can say to the world and pledge to our children america's best days lie ahead and. you ain't seen nothing yet. a well educated black has a tremendous advantage over a well educated white. but i was starting off today i would love to be a well educated black because i really believe they do have an advantage today that with all those. there's always new things going on and i don't think they'll ever come a time when that would be born violent drug offenders will commit more than 100000 crimes on this day alone. what happened to rodney king is a blot on los angeles and on this nation. less black man's shoulder there are loads no one else can help them escape the hard
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leaf lives that too many of them still face. ah ha ha ha ha. ha. ha for years i've worked hard to stand with the police officers of america and i am for family honor that they decided to stand with me. we've come through a recession. and terrorist attacks. and the uncertainties aboard america is a nation with a mission founded upon the dignity and rights of every man or woman. every. person who in this country no school one scene. they know they would not like to be black yet. did they know that.
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they know everything they need to know. this is the nightmare scenario that many people have been talking about for so many years the city of new orleans headed for a direct hit with a very powerful hurricane borderline category 5 katrina with very strong winds a very potentially devastating situation. when the levees broke and new orleans floods it was primarily black people who were
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displaced. black people were found dead floating because they could not excrete. and then in the aftermath. the failure of an appropriate federal response had devastating effects. if people just bad bad idea at the convention center. j it's all people just call them by that nobody even cared about the set off and left a sour note if there are you know something have a better government been here within say 30 hours 36 hours with water we knew this was coming and we wouldn't have so many desperate people here.
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the president came down and he said we will do what it takes we will stay as long as it takes to help so this is rebuild their communities and their lives that's what the president said 17 months later we heard not a single word. one
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they decided to rebuild new orleans they also decided to not bring back their school system and they are one of the 1st cities that actually created a completely privatized school system in the united states the issue with american education is that the people you're always trying something on are the people who can least afford it and that's always the group that philanthropists end up focusing on with their experiments. one that comes out of this period that gates and others fund their charter schools need a series of presidents who made it possible for privatized education by charter schools to allow them access to taxpayer dollars. if this nation is to continue to be the global center of innovation congress passed out decisively. it
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starts with education so bill gates in particular just started coming up with these ideas he decided that because wealthy kids went to school in small schools that what poor kids needed were small schools and teachers and scholars and other people be saying that makes no sense that makes no difference. when you grow up around people who are basically the same as you in the fit same issue is wealthy and privileged in never hungry in doors open you don't actually believe that racism in poverty are structural impediments.
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the walton family foundation they are the wealthiest family and country and they are really much like that seed of us completely committed to dismantling public education you have the bit see the vast family fund she before becoming secretary of education was spending billions of dollars herself you have the broad foundation they spend $100000000.00 trying to get in all charter friendly school boards so that they can pin enact whatever they want to and. education becomes a business there's profit to be made from it. they told new orleans public schools from f on national report cards to d.c. it was an experiment it didn't work and there are generations of kids in the meantime you know who basically been deprived of a functional education. it head
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overwhelming support on both sides of the aisle republicans democrats wealthy people people with access to power and influence regularly believe that privatizing education is what makes the most sense. charter schools are taking money away from public education taking money away from communities that would benefit from better funded public schools and many times people in these communities don't have much of a choice but if you're asked you want to choice or not they'll say yes. well school officials told us secretary of education betsy device 85 percent of their $650.00 plus students are currently participating in adult learning so there's been a big priority put on improving technology i think this is
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a tremendous example of the need for different kinds of options and experiences for students deval says long been a proponent of school choice and believes in the future the options will continue to expand i heard a recent poll that has studied this has only affirmed the fact that parents want and need more choices. thank you thank you. and. and. what's kind of working while obama is in office is this network of foundations in media companies and think tanks they're all working together they're giving money to each other. his term comes to an end and once that happens they threw their support behind who ever was going to defeat the left the council for
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national policy were horrified by obama and the obama administration for various reasons and they saw hillary clinton as a possible continuation of obama policies so in 2016 they really got behind really ted cruz more than anyone else. over the course of the primaries cruz had some early victories and then trump developed momentum. and you know what's going to happen if you don't vote our country is going to go to hell because that's what's happening that's what's happening he started winning primaries and this caused a problem for the fundamentalists many of whom have a very puritanical outlook on the world and donald trump has not lived the life of a puritan surprise for many religious right leaders trump was not their 1st choice but trump court of this movement. these never truckers had
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a summit in new york city in june 2016 and they lined up there saying we could cut a deal with donald trump where he can deliver the goods to us in terms of our agenda and in return we'll give him our money and our ground game and our strategy which he lacks and if all of this comes together we can prevent hillary clinton from becoming president richard. here is some of what we can accomplish together. appoint judges so of course as you know i put a list together of highly highly respected judges. and by the way these judges are all pro-life. pro-life with course in this case a code for approving
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a wide range of policy positions that the right wants. some of the events speakers would get up and say this election is about judges judges judges donald trump will nominate a conservative justices who will uphold the constitution certain part the rule of law and reign and adam control federal bureaucrats some subsection referred to him as like kings like king cyrus or king david the imperfect ruler through whom god chose to enact his will is god allows truths to be said and heard we will see donald trump the next president of this great america. and trump place along with that. our christian heard. will be cherish protect and defend. like you've never seen before.
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january 20th 2017 will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again. present constant decade of war on emigration have dominated the news back home without a vote. this is not a repeat not a ban on muslims slate magazine wrote quote of course if the muslim banned the president today in atlanta armed for political battle mr trump the 1st president to address the n.r.a. said to a convention since ronald reagan i will never ever infringe on the right of the people to keep and bear arms never. president offering a defense for some of the people who descended on charlottesville the young woman killed by
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a neo nazi president trump refused to pick something you also had very fine people on both sides. of the phone is it true that with the protests to take you down to them a very very important stat your president trump is about to announce one of the most consequential moves a president can make his next choice to fill a vacancy on the supreme court have selected and individual whose qualities define really and i mean closely to the we're looking for a. president trump has just signed a historic $1.00 trillion dollar tax bill and by the way we have cutting regulation at a rate never seen before in the history of our country. 3
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years ago we launched the great american comeback and our country is thriving and highly respected again and my fellow americans the best is yet to come. he said yesterday that they've convinced after all that the virus spreads the united states is not a question of if but when do you agree with that assessment but i don't think it's inevitable it probably will it possibly will it could be at a very small level or it could be either at a larger level record whatever happens we're totally prepared.
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a son of the times as most presidents follow a state would stay at home order. more than half of the 50 us states are now under those orders intended to slow the spread of coronavirus. you saw. higher rates of co bit in african americans and latin x. populations because of the kind of work people do because they have to go to work. people who had to go out when it was really bad and still work in the grocery store and still be a janitor and still drive the bus there's also the poverty issues
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with regards to people's diets which is going to impact them having co-morbidities like diabetes and lung problems like asthma and then you on top of all of that you have poor schooling which is going to impact people's ability to get the white collar jobs that would allow you to work remotely and then there's the health care issue which is just an equal we also have a problem with racism and the providing of health care so that position. are are are less likely to respond appropriately when black. there are a lot of stories you hear about black people going to these places hospitals and turned away right in a way to get sicker. and worse situations always use these things that played out that mistrust is really going to grow that we were talking about a long history of experimentation that we could back to. at every turn.
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we begin tonight with one of the biggest nationwide days of protest since the killing of george floyd in police custody thousands taking to the streets calling for an end to police brutality and systemic racism there have been more than 700 protests in all 50 states all are in the name of george floyd briana taylor ahmad armory and countless others. there's been waves of movements against police violence and police brutality over 100 years in african-american communities. and something happened in particular after george floyd killing. that same to ignite the entire world i think it was a rumor turned to him until.
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there's a repetition to it. that feels like a kind of assault. there is almost no way to believe. black humanity is real or black lives matter in what we saw with george foley but they. operate being shot in the back. room of taylor's is lying in her bed. fair has been this litany. of names. repetition of cycles my dad. bobby had with him 17 i don't think the 1968 and i were shot as we were reading that this man from there after a 90 minute you're out involving over 48 policeman. trayvon martin to
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reanna taylor and literally dozens of men. in between. that became the empathy to us behind black lives matter responding to police violence and visual anti violence that went with out remediation but then also with larger questions around policing. even black lives matter is not untouched by these foundations there's this funding that is still coming from the liberal philanthropies of the left right now there's a lot of fun years that are out there saying we're going to learn from this history and no strings attached there's always strings philanthropy by definition is intrinsically connected to capitalism and i don't think that the foundations
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want to get bogged down in trying to fully understand the problems because then that would mean not just undoing institutional or individual racism but civilization all races lot of people are saying in the foundation world we're in favor of racial equity i highly doubt that the foundations that are so embedded where private public sector collaboration have the same ultimate outcome vision of what this funding should achieve at the very core of the american project is racism and i don't know that the foundations whether the ones on the left or the right have the stomach for that because political power is more important to them.
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while. the ways that we can tell the story of the 2020 alexion is of course that black voters thought by then with the kind of person who would be acceptable to the american public writ large precisely because there was this sense of urgency about getting trump out of the white house. there's a long tradition in the democratic party in particular where lying upon black voters for success but then the kind of distancing from policies that are seen as being directed toward african-american constituencies. the people of this nation have spoken. they've delivered a clear victory we've won with the most groups ever crash a presidential ticket and the rest of the nation ever before i'm very.
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proud of the campaign we built rare are proud of a coalition report together the broadest most diverse coalition of the nursery and especially those moments where this campaign was that was lowest ever the african-american community. and i. the country is not defined by the winner it's defined by the race. it's not as though with biden becoming president that the 70 plus 1000000 people who voted for trump have disappeared we're going to walk down to the capitol. and we're going to cheer on our brains so the. congressmen and women.
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fullness like little. donald trump becomes his own set of facts that he is meekly prolific as a figure. that trumps so dollars this chaos of discord and disaster but there is an entire infrastructure
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a foundation of think tanks that has been working on this agenda for decades. it's presidency disrobe something quite ugly and it's oh it has flourished and from left for a bit. dip back cap back and back. it's not something to be alarmed by it's something that if we're invested and. the nation itself right we actually have to work to transform.
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the whole child it's not a slaughter of people and leave the us we lose you critism out of nothing to lose and i'm going to lose but you going to make. one thing it's such ot. i mean i've never done that yet so there's no reason for us to do it in. real trouble i said right patients and shuffle the cots. frank assessments should we be following because ultimately it will be sovereigns
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and governments who are buying this and in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story. more anger on the streets of me and markets the military coup despite fears of a violent crackdown. i'm convinced now this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. their way maybe ended and they will damage its reputation strangely as government blasts facebook for blocking new sites.


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