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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 19, 2021 10:00am-10:31am +03

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it create a nuisance makes it hard for people to know what's real and what's not step outside the mainstream shift the focus covering the way the news discovered the listening posts on. the world health organization calls for unity as africa grapples with a new bowler alberich. collective action is crucial to avert an uncontrolled spread of ebola amid the over the din and then make. them to this is al jazeera live from dot com also coming up. protesters shot in the head during anti protest dives and me and mom is growing anger against the military
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. tension in the somalian capital after a gun toss alza before an opposition protests demanding the prime minister step down. eyes on mobs a nasa spacecraft sends new pictures as it searches for traces of the ancient life on the red tennis. to begin with the reemergence of a bowler and west africa the world health organization has shipped more than $11000.00 doses of vaccines to guinea with the aim of stopping an uncontrolled spread of the disease on top of the corona virus pandemic it's also just 6 countries to go on high alert for possible of actions and this is where new cases are emerging in guinea's south as nicholas huckle. great in guinea's for
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a street in the epicenter of the new ball outbreak at the regional health center un health workers dispatch from conakry to treat the patients in isolation among them is nurse lucy hobbs husband it is in this home where nurse lucy suffered from a fever vomiting and diarrhea a week later she died in hospital health workers were unaware that she had constructed a bulla during her funeral relatives and friends hugged her body contracting the virus but not her uncle dr louis who kept his distance he says he alerted authorities because he sensed her death was more than simply a personal tragedy. lucy who was treating her grandmother who had a fever and was reading from a nose and everywhere tried to get blood clotting medicine from the main town eventually the grandmother died and nursed contracted littleness security forces
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stop and search vehicles in an attempt to trace close contacts and check for temperatures isolating those that appear ill guinea is on high alert people are scared haunted by the previous epidemic in 2015 over 11000 people died in 22000 were infected across guinea sirrah leone in liberia a bull that was contained thanks to the development of a new vaccine. but the 350000 doses distributed then expired last december the un says new vaccines are on their way we are shipping to the $11000.00 us of ebola vaccine and this is the huge achievement at least for the 1st time in guinea we are having a vaccine not the beginning of an outbreak to control this our break within the population vaccine alone will not stop a virus harbored in nature by bats and primates the resurgence of
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a bola brings more questions than answers with scientists still trying to understand why forest region is again the center of the outbreak nicholas hawk al-jazeera the w.i. chose regional director for africa says several measures have been taken to prevent the disease from spreading further than usual has released one and a quarter 1000000 u.s. dollars to support the response in guinea and to show our readiness in 6 neighboring countries within the epicenter of the outbreak in a border area the sub region is on high alert and authorities are reinforcing public health measures including some violence to quickly respond to possible cross border infections our collective quick action is crucial to our virt an uncontrolled spread of ebola amid the covert $1000.00 pandemic which has already posed health workers and health facilities to the edge. davis is an
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infectious disease physician at washington university school of medicine she says the w.h.o. needs to act swiftly to contain the up by getting before it spreads across the region. we're in the middle of a worldwide pandemic and this is hitting countries that are most vulnerable these are countries where infrastructure is challenging where resources are way more difficult than we're privileged to have here and who quite frankly cannot afford the impact of something as devastating as a bowler has been so i absolutely agree with the level of attention this is getting and absolutely supports the fact that we should be doing everything we can to contain this and to support the countries affected vaccine along will not do it this has to be completely comprehensive public health response with preventative measures and containment strategies and the vaccine this has to be thought of as
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a tool box you don't just deal with one tool all those tools have to be used together for this to be contained this has to happen now and i'm so glad to see the w.h.o. pay attention i mean i think we can even add to that how we responded to me bohlmann it initially was there i don't think there was as swift ever response in some cases because of undermining and not really respect him rights that how destructive in wyatt's i believe with colvin we've learned better in most places at least and this has to be applied here because you're dealing with 2 viruses at the same time very very dangerous viruses time is of the essence and time could literally be the difference between life and death. a 20 year old woman has become the 1st protester to die after being injured to. protests she was shot in the head last week when police were trying to disperse a crowd in the capitol hill while thought they had been on life support hospital.
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for 14 straight days thousands of people are on the streets again gone calling for the release of the deposed severely suchi and others you came canada have announced sanctions against me and miles ruling generals international pressure builds on the gym to give power. and in mandalay 2nd city have been more rallies the u.n. says an estimated 3 quarters of me and most civil sort of civil servants rather now on strike. we've got hardly joins us now live from bangkok scott. has died now of her injuries the 1st protested to die the military must be coming under a lot of pressure now. yes i mean i do i kind she was a focal point of some of the protesters over the last 9 days after she was injured in a producer and the focus was they were holding him during the protests there holding
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vigils for her the doctors came up pretty early after she was injured saying that it appears to be fatal that it's most likely going to be fatal so everyone in the protest movement figured it would probably end the way it has but of course they didn't want to see those images of the body bag being pulled out of that hospital in april or how the generals can respond to this it's going to be interesting to see we do know one thing today that's been different in the last couple of days yang gone gone which has been a focal point of the protests the biggest numbers we've seen they usually gather around the sleeper go to area which is by the city hall and that's where we saw on thursday a lot of people on wednesday a lot of people we know today they have kind of pushed back the area that the protesters were flooding into over the last couple of days they don't stay overnight so every night they leave because it's curfew and then they'll come back in the morning but the court on the area around the sleeper go to was pushed back
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by by physical barriers put up by the police so we know that they're not able to get in as close still a lot of people are coming out but they're not going to be able to be in that kind of compressed area that we've seen the last couple of days so maybe this is a move that we're going to see more of by security forces to try to really kind of lock down the areas where the protesters have been gathering there hasn't been much of a confrontation there we've seen that we haven't seen yet today but again a little bit more of a push back from the police and the security forces at least in those areas where the protesters normally gather as a thing saying of the past few days we know if it is a violent crackdown the u.k. and canada have announced sanctions on top of the u.s. targeted sanctions you know is this pressure on the changing you know what they're saying in any way is there any chance that they're likely to give up power. there's no indication of that really none whatsoever you know we've only really heard one press conference from them and they were they were resolute in those
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earlier this week and they were resolute in the action they took they said they had to do it they did they said it wasn't a coup but they had to take over the the government there was this civilian government that was sitting in parliament because the election that brought them to power back in november they said it was fraudulent so they have not backed down on their wording whatsoever even though we see more international reaction as you mentioned the u.k. and canada have announced sanctions the u.n. continues to issue statements damning the situation in myanmar but they haven't really backed down at all what's interesting and this is where there might be some leverage gained or at least some thought is that this is where they might be able to at least push the military to a point where they have to kind of talk about some kind of a situation where both sides are going to start talking about the situation moving forward and that is hitting the businesses with direct ties to the military we've heard some businesses saying they're going to pull back from those relationships
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protesters are focused on that we saw at a. natural gas pipeline area in southern myanmar protesters went down there in front of complexes owned by foreign businesses so it's interesting to see that they're taking that kind of step they the protesters it will be interesting to see or it's necessary to see what those companies do in return there really hasn't been a big announcement saying we're going to stop our business at all with any business connected to the military but that's what the protesters are hoping and they're hoping that will provide some leverage against the military government i thank you for that update there scott and bangkok. a major overhaul of hong kong's public broadcasting could soon be on the cards raising concerns about press freedom a government review of radio television hong kong was initiated last year following its coverage of the anti-government protests 29000 there were few 1000 to editorial management deficiencies and a lack of transparency hong kong officials say it is making sure the bird
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broadcasting complied with its charter and train brown explains what the review means for hong kong's public board constant known for its editorial independence. things came to a head on friday because the results the findings of a government inquiry into r.t. h.-k. were released this was an investigation into management and governance and the minister responsible edward said that from their findings r.-t. h. k. had in his words failed to engender a sense of community and to promote an understanding of one country 2 systems and he said this principle had been breached by r t h k now of course just a few days ago r.t. h.k. took the decision to drop the b.b.c. world service relay you could hear the able to hear the world service here in hong kong you know for decades and of course that followed the decision by china's government to block the b.b.c. on the mainland what really seems to have upset the government though is the fact
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that very recently an r.t. h.k. reporter interviewed an official from the world health organization and asked that official whether the organization would consider allowing taiwan to become a member of the organization but of course you know china regards taiwan as a breakaway province to be taken back by force if necessary and it's very much one of china's red lines and of course i think what commentators are saying is what you know beijing and certainly the hong kong government would like is a broadcaster that's much more in the image oh. state controlled broadcaster one that doesn't criticize government officials or indeed hold those officials to account. there are reports of more gunfire as molly is capital mogadishu. on thursday government forces and armed men exchanged fire in an area where the opposition plans to hold
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a rally on friday they were the president to step down government forces have sealed off the streets to stop those protests. still ahead on al-jazeera sheltering from a once in a generation winter storm hundreds of thousands of people in texas about without water rather have many are still without electricity. facing renewed antigovernment protests gerri as president calls for early elections. now there's been a sudden warming in most of europe going from frosty day on by night to above freezing both but the edge and we're going into turkey here is still getting the snow it's more or less stopped now and it's certainly gone from greece but that was the picture in turkey is this area here is the bit that's got warm now
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unfortunately is a bit of blocking code from the baltic states dancer ukraine down towards the black sea which is not being pushed either way very much but for most it's surprisingly high temperature wise borders at 20 berlin's at 10 but also right on the average anchor reference to turkey's thinking about it not quite got there borzou 20 degrees 8 above normal and stays there until sunday when the wind changes a little bit and this is the picture for saturday mostly sunny picture wind and rain for parts of portugal and the british isles but these temperatures otherwise and there's that edge still in the frost but not seeing very much there but in bulk area maybe warsaw slowly she's a temperature creep about freezing for the next 3 days and istanbul does the same but it's a slow creep and it's frosty overnight so some snow for turkey but still plenty of shows including of snow in the levant.
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but. frank assessments the world is on a brink of a drought that model failure is that a fair assessment you could be a catastrophic hialeah to weiss valuable back saying informed opinions should we be buying big oil ultimately it will be sovereigns and governments who are buying this that is the direction this is all headed in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines the inside story. the way the.
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goes geologist there are a reminder of our top stories this hour the world health organization has called on 6 african countries to go on high alert for a bowler well there are 11000 vaccines heading to get aid to stop an uncontrolled spread of the disease. 20 year old woman has become the 1st protested to die in 1000000 miles and he could protest she was shot in the head last week when police were trying to disperse a crowd in the capital. all gunfire has been reported in small areas capital mogadishu government forces an armed man exchanged fire a day before planned opposition rally on friday all the president to step down. hundreds of thousands of people in the u.s. state of texas a still without a surveil went to storm many families don't have safe drinking water the white house says the extreme weather conditions in texas and now by states are likely caused by climate change across. a political storm as gabriel and his own dove
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reports from new york. says this is. day 4 of the u.s. winter weather crisis and things only seem to be getting worse especially in texas where as of thursday afternoon a half 1000000 people are still without power and heat as electricity companies fail to deal with rare subzero temperatures. and may get mobile so that they have a mobile a quarter of the residents in the state have been told to boil their own drinking water as supply systems are hit adding insult to injury a state famous for its oil industry is also suffering from a shortage of petrol a kind of stuck here i have 9 miles left to go with my car so you have to find something that's within from your texas is america's 2nd most populous state with
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$29000000.00 residents living in an area larger than the whole of france it's the only u.s. state that has its own electricity grid and is not part of the national system by its own choice which is allowed it to bypass federal regulations designed to protect against exactly these kinds of conditions under fire for being seemingly woefully unprepared the state's energy bosses were forced to defend themselves it was a problem with baghdad today knocked out by an extraordinary embed and also the impact of bad timing for an area then head on down. and and obviously on what. i've heard people may argue about. also facing scrutiny texas republican senator ted cruz who wanted wednesday left his embattled state for an unannounced barely be cation in the mexican beatriz sort of ken kuhn when outrage ensued he
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promptly cut his trip short and flew home the storm is now here over the north east of the u.s. and its forecast to linger until the end of friday but it is not expected to cause nearly as much disruption as what it has in texas a state that remains in a deep freeze crisis gabriels andro al-jazeera new york. the u.n. secretary general says countries around the world a failing to meet their own climate change targets and putting humanity's future at risk and technical test has appealed to well betas to make a renewed commitment to fight global warming we need to make these schoolish and truly global intern's formative if for the opted by every country seat the financial institution and company and on the world's a global coalition for carbon it's an idea by 2050 can still prevent the worse the
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impacts of climate change but we cannot delay we are running out of time to meet temperature rise to $1.00 the cells use and build resilience to the impacts the come and they also need equal urgency and then bishan to address all we produce all foods and manage our water lands and the oceans. the u.s. government says it's ready to join talks with iran and world powers to discuss a return to the 25th day nuclear deal the state department will accept an invitation from the e.u. to attend a meeting of the signatories to the original agreement former u.s. president donald trump withdrew from the deal and 2018 iran has been reducing its compliance ever since prompting repeated warnings from britain france and germany the best. the best and safest part is to ensure that iran does not get nuclear weapons we want to discuss this with our u.s. partners and to find out under what conditions they would be prepared to rejoin the deal but in regards to tehran one has to say that the way you iran is acting here
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regarding its commitments which it is discarding bit by bit and has no even threatened to reduce any transparency tehran is playing with fire and will complicate this process even more but it is complicated enough as it is. jerry's president has moved to appease protesters by pardoning jailed anti-government activists and calling early elections and a televised address to whom called for the dissolution of parliament and also announced a government reshuffle almost 2 years after a popular uprising of jerry's political and to economic crisis have been compounded by the coronavirus pandemic. is a middle east and north africa analyst he explains why president havel might be taking this action now. i think tableland is trying to get ahead looming political social crisis the political scene right now and then syria is a turbulent political scene if you will is trying to preempt another uprising
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known as the rock like in 2 years ago that led to the reason. the departure of the freebies president with a sleeker so if you take some elements some variable and think about how the board who was elected president he was elected very bad the effort to amend the constitution to referendum was also very badly because the turnout in those 2 elections the river around them and the presidential election were extremely low you add to the fact that there has been absence for almost 2 months. in germany because you had a was infected with the virus. and you have a president who is suffering from a lack of pollution the and the lack of trust so what he's trying to do is preempt another uprising 3 and another. just the street spillover.
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and at the same time he's trying to expand them all these brands by walked in some of the language popularized by iraq the uprising qatar says that always quantum to citizens and residents arriving in the country if nothing vaccinated against covered 19 l. still been subjected to testing on arrival the exemption won't apply to those and all collected in other countries. governments worldwide are exploring how they'll use them for so-called vaccine passports and hungry people who've been inoculated overcovered from covert 19 they soon be giving exemptions from night time curfews and other restrictions rain is building a vaccinations to fit into its existing coronavirus photograph it will display information including which jab the person has received denmark is planning to put out an early version of vaccination passports by the end of next month all sweden
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wants to launch one by the middle of this year dr jonathan gruber is from the massachusetts institute of technology he says having an international vaccination passport system is a much. i think the important thing to realize is that vaccination is part of a suite of tools we have to fight coronavirus and what i would hate to see happen would be clase is saying ok now we have vaccination now we're not going to let you say for example be in a classroom until you're vaccinated we shouldn't do that testing remains a critical part of how we should fight coronavirus and we should make vaccination part of the solution you know individuals should not have to be forced to show that same passport on the other hand there should be condition that there are certain say sam so you are in the workplace and individuals don't want to show a vaccine or passport that should be fine but then they should have to pay to be tested we're in this situation certainly where i think countries really have
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national priorities that putting above international priorities are so on i'm not sure we get a truly global system i'm hopeful that within a year or 2 that's initially come widespread enough that we'll have run the virus to ground and that we will be will be able to control in a much in a much stronger way but i guess i'm optimistic we'll have a truly international system in place tourists even if they vaccinated i think will feel more comfortable going to countries where vaccination rates are high and that's a problem because that's a big source of income for many countries in terms of internal growth i think we've learnt that you can do quite well with masking social distancing so i think we've learned that really about good governance and strategy as prime minister is calling on facebook to lift its information blockade and return to the negotiating table to take time to stop this trading in uses from viewing or sharing news on to platform and response to a proposed law that would make tech giants pay for news content. i would decide if
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this is. going to business here you work according to our rules and that's a reasonable proposition we're happy to listen to them on the technical issues of this just like we listen to. but the idea of shutting down the sort of sites. as some sort of threat. and i thought that was a. good move. and i should move quickly past that come back to the title and we'll sort it out. nasa's latest miles rover has touched down successfully on the red planet the spacecraft called. traveled 470000000 columbus's the father also if there was ever a life. space scientists erupted in cheers when perseverance landed safely on mars it was the culmination of an action packed nailbiting 7 minute landing sequence. first the
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spacecraft entered mars orbit then its intreat capsule raced into the martian atmosphere at 19000 kilometers per hour. the craft then deployed a large parachute to slow its approach to the target zone. slowing down the craft fired thrusters to hover just above the surface then deployed a crane to lower the rover gently downwards i can confirm jack actually did. want to get. ready to begin picking up the end of. the complex and delicate operation went off without a hitch moments later perseverance beamed back images a barren landscape studded with boulders congratulations our savior pain and our own team that's not years well excellent it's the most ambitious and far reaching
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mission to the red planet baby and you know by the end of the made by the tail end of the 20 thirties and start pushing out of the earth moon system and land mass of ensemble. the rover is primary goal to search for signs that microbial life may have existed on mars billions of years ago we can go somewhere in our solar system you know in our backyard and see signs of life in them and it will be on another planet that could tell us that life is incredibly common and gives us a great. shot of central you know finding more complex or even intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. perseverance is landing spot is just 0 crater which was once likely a large water filled lake a prime spot for traces of long ago life imagine you know an ancient microbial net microbial that was growing along the shoreline of a lake and cement it in a rock and leave behind those kind of biological exteriors if we see things like
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that associated with organics that would be an absolutely fantastic ride that would be probably the best they were look for on mars perseverance we'll also take samples of martian soil and rock those samples will be stored securely inside the rover and we're going to add basically collect them for future missions to come grab it back to earth. finally perseverance brought along a helicopter drone called ingenuity which scientists hope will be able to fly a short distances proving that flight is possible in the extremely thin martian atmosphere with its dramatic landing done perseverance is mission will last one martian year or $687.00 earth days the knowledge it acquires for humanity will last forever rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles.


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