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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  February 19, 2021 2:30pm-3:01pm +03

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to come grab it back to earth. finally perseverance brought along a helicopter drone called ingenuity which scientists hope will be able to fly short distances proving that slate is possible in the extremely thin martian atmosphere with its dramatic landing done perseverance is mission will last one martian year or $687.00 earth days the knowledge it acquires for humanity will last forever robert oulds al-jazeera los angeles. the sound is there and based on the top stories more gunshots have been fired in somalia's capital as anger grows of a day national elections this was the scene in central mogadishu. as a presidential candidate was campaigning against the current leader it's unclear who opened fire at someone has been monitoring developments from kenya's capital
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nairobi and we're being told that the military and police have now cordoned off that all area around the airport where we've seen these dramatic since about 2 hours ago what happened is that the protesters what the other ring around that area they were being led by several presidential candidates including former prime minister. when security forces tried to disperse them and then there was this intense gunfight between the government forces and proposition security forces as well we also witnessed a huge explosion several buildings around that area have been destroyed. a 20 year old woman has become the 1st protester to die in 1000000 miles and coup protests she was shot in the head last week when police were trying to disperse a crowd in the capital not. gerry and officials say negotiations are under way with an armed gang that kidnapped
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a group of students the exact number of those taken by the kidnappers is unknown but hundreds are missing in the netherlands the senate is set to debate emergency legislation to maintain the country's nighttime curfew the bill was approved by the lower house of parliament on thursday a judge had earlier ordered the curfew be lifted ruling bet emergency powers have been wrongly used to enforce it. u.k. supreme court has ruled that drivers should be classed as workers and not self employed the judges agreed with an earlier tribunals decision that found 2 drivers more workers under british law that gives them the right to paid holidays and a minimum wage. the world health organization has called on 6 african countries to go on high alert for a bowler more than 11000 vaccines are heading to get me to stop an uncontrolled spread of the disease as the headlines when you see here on allergies there right after inside story which is coming up next.
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nigeria scores out again under threat to have kidnapped students in an attack in the north so why are increasingly taking place and why is the government unable to protect children this is inside story. hello welcome to the program. school children held captive for months now that's become common in northern nigeria gunmen kidnapped dozens and possibly
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hundreds of school children in the latest assault on wednesday one student was killed in the attack on the state's run school in the town of. the government has released the name of some who work abducted including those of 27 students a rescue operation is ongoing many of the previous attacks have been blamed on bandits who ask for ransom but the groups are not the only security challenge facing nigeria forces they have been overstretched fighting boko that's similar attacks in the north east reports from nigeria's capital abuja. at the hospital doctors and nurses treat wood to students and teachers and at the cricket our science college kids and parents gather for use. elsley in town security is stepped up just as the state government ordered the closure of schools
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in those areas prone to tikes schools saying creasing be targeted as they offer an opportunity to take many students hostage in nigeria this totally absent absence of look at government administration which has become very difficult for the locals to have and want to run to another plane yet as that they also. bought their surrounding most parts of that area if you look at what is happening internationally and like in places like chart in kind our own especially in sabah and cameroon this countries have not been able to hold the security military onslaught for too long this is the 2nd major school kidnapping in the us many months in december last year gunmen stormed a school and abducted hundreds of students in president behind his home state of cuts it. was 6 years before that in 2014 in a case that made headlines around the world more than 270 goes last snatched from
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a schoolteacher book at least 100 are still unaccounted for the armed group claimed responsibility and for years after that enable a new state the group took more than 100 students from a school in death to. kidnapping for ransom is no big business in nigeria from the north down to the country south hundreds of nigerians are kidnapped every week for ransom and despite military offensives against what the accord but the problem continues to grow on monday 18 personages were seized while travelling in a bus near your killer not far from where the latest kidnapping took place 8 have since managed to secure their freedom although there are no official statistics it's estimated 20 $1000000.00 was paid in ransom money 2022 kidnappers and this is in a country africa's largest economy where poverty is on the increase or decrease al-jazeera
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a quarter. lettering in gas. for. former director of nigeria state security service and the security analyst in accra. is executive director of the west african network for peace building while come to the program mike the government is being blamed for not doing enough to stop what has become a pattern in nigeria which is basically armed groups banned this taking advantage of isolated villages poorly guarded schools most of the time without fences they lost their attacks on mortar or motorbikes and they kidnapped children security forces where are they. the people have a right to go because the president. is worth a little so if you're going to use to provide this is your only
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look. i think it's. short just like. calling for him. to go in it. i mean. you've got to you have. a right now chika mickey have you heard mike talking about the need the need to change the way security forces operate in nigeria but before that this seems to be something missing here which is basically how the army how the police if there's no intelligence gathering it seems because some people say that they heard about plans to kidnap schoolchildren of that particular area before no decision was taken by the government what do we need to do 1st here to try to stop this from happening once again in nigeria. i think i argue with my weeks
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to do you need to reject a security architecture and i think that's where it fundament to happen is that we need to decentralize as much as possible he said carried out i think that for a very long time not just ago exactly 20 nonlocal capacity and local intelligence. community only one is saw and some reports in mechanism i am thinking that we will improve on the information management process and that the police or the security agencies will be ahead of the crime what i see more is that crime is head of the security agency that in my opinion because we have then to net let's and really get the look cool intelligence mechanisms and networks in the background and always wanted as it was known we at least for the me who are not actually from those look
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at leats he's posted to does list these and without any kind of nexus between what they do and what the local intelligence can do and that has after that the. chain of communication and the chain of information are right in it very difficult for the local intelligence to play it wouldn't be secure exactly mike as a former director of the jury a state security service and for our viewers for them to x. to understand what is happening in nigeria it's difficult for many people to think about what you've been saying basically about the need for more resources to restructure the security forces we're not talking about a sub-saharan country that is grappling with financial resources we're talking about nigeria one of the wealthiest nations in the african continent still it is facing massive massive problems when it comes to security.
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yeah there was no nervousness you know a lot of secrets energies 'd if you report this a funny it's some of them offering us all good for a nice guy not operate in isolation from you look at us that is where the congregants. like you just need to decentralise our security doctor to see in terms of. you know who really knows what she's not used. to do was all response well there was. a situation where. from different background culture already talked about. this know with. well it's especially when you go close won't be not. an american so. she said she just sits with that well what if what you see
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these days go nuts also. this is not just it's a shot of this summer that it's but we all end up front or the structure of a security chiefs if you talk to sort. of both of you talking about the need to change the security architecture where do we need to start when we are dealing with a police force that is why this scene as inefficient corrupt using brutal tactics against its own people what do you think we should sloss here. i think legislation will do one it costs like mike saved the police structure the source in trouble it's from the command and control mechanism is from up and down down to the state and then to look i got it so not just that the local
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governments or the states do not have somebody spend it when the command and control is no we didn't the parameters of powers of the of the state government so i think the forcing will be the 2nd in of course is to ensure that we modernize the police i think that beyond number one needs to have a new form of. police equipment and missionary which will allow the police to do eat i've always argued that the 21st century crime cannot be addressed and i love police when did you stop crime for the stuck. up policing for the start crime like we have. around me do you really would want to spend decent on effective police use their products they don't jump police have been out at the front. all over the world and that's because they have the tools which they need to walk in nigeria they don't have the kind of money and they don't have the kind of
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motivation they also do not have the connection to the communities they serve to be able to do the kind of what they're doing and again what you said about accountability becomes very key so the people need to also feel that it police work for them that would order my company. mike the president well how much of a hurry has sacked 4 of the country's top military generals but nothing has changed ever since i mean we haven't seen major improvement on the ground. well. was that not his posture it is too early for us to. respect new substitutes but if you recall the nigerian. song. or. some such now the president has done that. we need to exercise some vicious beautiful to root out the plus the strategies i didn't that
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is oh we used to talk about this. genitals surge and see the tree she got to. be that it was fresh. or like what we were trying to us just didn't. see how morris said to change while to connec a in in different parts of the well done this years ago and it targets people with politics and money for run some why are they in nigeria targeting poor school children is that a political message via. well i think that my understanding is the that you know joe government is doing very well with regard to blocking the do look who is for elicits financing of there or is it for the insurgents turbulence or lack funding
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and only when it can resource themselves and also continue to sustain subsidies is that he goes for $44.00 sockets and the schools happens to soft targets and was able to kidnap like what to do you of students on and keeps for that matter then you means that the tension of the students and those who are ready to get it out and then do you have to use that moment to sustain themselves thought little wonder why. or as it were rather communities to have a muss adoptions i'm not looking for access ok mike if you look at the map of your country nigeria you get a sense that almost huge areas are near governable you have the armed groups the north is you have a band this now gaining momentum in the northwestern part of the country you have a divide between the north and the south you have huge clashes between the nomadic
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tribes men and with the farmers and every way to get a sense that the country is tipping to worse chaos and insecurity what should be done immediately to try to stop this from degenerating into chaos. well i think the promoter response because your government is. you know we're so due to us are trying to show so i believe that government can grow those forms but. we have some truly. do sympathize with. security interests because it's also important beliefs. to students if you see students 10000 divided camps. and that's that somebody will say told them that functionary
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that. this is going to pretend this is where they have. house already sort of got all the rights to go from there so i do talk i'm not so sure. that's going to $500.00. you spoke. to mr got some through to teach students for not going to go to the who are you going to do certain to be just an operational question it's. all right so what mickey if you look at the story from different angles you have people saying basically that. security forces are also to be held accountable because when they go after an area where they operating all the groups like booker hamam the set file in villages they have breast huge numbers of people to put them on interrogation camps
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for months and months and this creates an anti establishment sentiment that is starting to increase across the country. there is absolute doubt in my mind that gets impunity and therefore when. those who have called me 10 infractions are not accountable and they are not was acquitted to the logical conclusion then each increases the the importance and then the confidence of those who have not only don't do crimes committed crimes so i think it is beyond just the security agents i think it's used in time to show us that needs to turn to ali and if need be the least and will need to also be looked at to see what is it that is the clock in the wheels of the prosecution of offend us especially these sergeants and i think once that is done then people will begin to. contra seriously
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. mike i was listening to your talking about the need to give the security forces a chance to get their act together and move forward but you know in a country like nigeria which has a long history of military coups a civil war corruption embezzlement of public funds the general trust of the political elite is nonexistent. wally it is going to take some time for people to trust that their government is genuine about the need to put an end to what we're seeing on the ground which is the insecurity which is preventing in different parts of the country well there's a lot of groups under the look that yes like you said. you literally go versions. of shells. there are military. history 12 years of. that's truth there were.
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only sources and shoots over. is usually reserved. for. well to do exactly what it was or again. it. is a very serious. talk of. honesty is what to use. dawson for good there is. just 'd the you will be but i disagree you're going to like. the circuits these budgets who are all to talk about western tradition that you focus. so on not your past to make sure who are you
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literacy if you. decide with. the right so you want to make sure that you don't they're going to school children ikey we're talking about those incidents as being isolated when in fact they are interconnected and with we don't solve the. the the real problems in nigeria i don't see how the political establishment will be able to fix those problems i'll give you an example of the niger delta people are saying that we have been exploited by the political establishment oil companies come take our oil and we benefit nothing and this explains why they are turning into the armed groups to take their revenge into their own hands how can my jury a move forward if it does not solve its biggest challenge which is building every bus transport on to mark rossi. yes a lot of people have called for the restructuring of the country and i think the
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deeper so have boxed the business up on the oxenford that a lot of people believe and rightly so that there is no fairness in the structure of the country and indeed indeed destruction of the collective resources of the continent and therefore if we need to move forward and it is important to refute constitutional arrangements of the contrie and then begin to address some of the systemic issues that militate against the progress of the security act agents to be able to make progress with regards to the responses to some of these conflicts most of these issues that you'll see in our face in the months and you have for the structural courses that give credence to the kind of things that we have seen as not being resolved and that's those are the kind of things that gives rise. to unemployment issues i'm party to defeat in my final my stylised and people feel in their lack of participation in how they manage after all these give but the i.g.
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dish under you seem different forms including of course the issue of the sergeant's ok mike do you have any concerns that if those issues i've been talking about were not addressed nigeria could disintegrate in the future. really. well you're into this movement you're well very good wishing condo. but the truth given certainty is that. we're not dividing us so instead. of us as its people it's only started the program. for security challenges we have in this country. so it was there for you to show us more as. our condo.
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forest that's. going to stop us obviously but we were looking for leisure. moments. under course improvement so we need to. restore. it ringback let me go to jamaica now you have the bandits and you how the armed groups like boko haram and as mike was saying. before they can easily that past can easily cross one day they might have the ultimate goal here in nigeria you have any concerns that these 2 could team up despite the fact that they have different agendas they could team up because they might see the government as they are the ultimate enemy. while not necessarily because there's also the shoe off ideology that is sparking you're not while you're out maybe environmentalists used but i think what is also
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important is that nigerian government also need to begin to have frank compositional east peace and development but not and also i did by law trying to get to engage on that countries outside of contrast actually the sources of sound and and and i mean issue and a few months later new contract and also the e.c. fund that's going to. get the sergeants and the kind of the. frank conversation with the west especially it's very important so that we have at least a couple of the problem. mike you for your radio appreciate your insight thank you very much indeed and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. it's a story you can also join the conversation on twitter our 100 is a.j. it's a story from the house and the entire team here in doha i phone up. jump
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into this story there is a lot going on in this and julian on global community when i talk about the misinformation i think we all want to. be part of the debate don't ever take anybody's one word because there's always a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land we have been disconnected from who we are good enough to keep the new and be part of today's discussion this streamed on out is the you know.
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how i would got fired and dry weather into up want to satirise of them i'm a bit a little more cloud just easing up across that eastern side of argentina that will just slide its way towards the river plate as we go on through the next couple of days some very heavy rain may well just around areas for sao paolo into that western side of brazil more lively showers a rumbling away there well the across into the eastern side of peru as we go on through sad state temperatures will ease off a little in one of sarah's getting up to around 26 still pleasantly will be not quite as hot as it has been recently further north of his fine and dry blue skies across much of the caribbean looking good here because this line of cloud which comes right across the gulf of mexico got some wet weather into southern areas of mexico and that all that just continues to make its way through cuba because seeing a few shasta's east of lacked it doesn't last you find
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a dry for the time being maybe one of 2 shabbas just drifting in as we go on through saturday may well further north well as that system makes its way further race which will see some very heavy rain running up the eastern. but if the us will snow isn't up towards the northeast into the eastern side of canada it does look at good deal dryer on places safe for texas and is slowly warming up dallas with a high of 8 degrees. what should americans be thinking and doing right now it should be a bad idea they don't care about their work is all they care about is making money fine it's not going to be locked out of the calling for the bloated defense budget to be crying the bottom line on us politics and policies and their effect on the world. we understand the difference and similarities of cultures across the world.
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bringing the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. with a look at the headlines here and i'll just see are now in somalia there's been heavy gunfire on the streets of the capital mogadishu happened during a rally calling for the president step down and for delayed elections to go ahead. the shots were fired as a presidential candidate was holding a march against the current leader it's unclear who opened fire roads have been sealed off and there's a heavy security.


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