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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 20, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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this is al-jazeera. this is the news hour live from coming up in the next 60 minutes. the forces crack down on protesters. at least 2 people are killed by. a confidential u.n. report accuses. erik prince of sending mercenaries and weapons to libyan war.
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plus. i'm just to washington with severe flooding has forced hundreds from their homes. along to my warrior dies of coronavirus along the end of a once thriving indigenous community in brazil. with all of your sports japanese tennis star wins the australian open the 1st woman to win her 1st grand slam finals since 1990. we begin this. least 2 people have been killed in police fire it happened in the country's 2nd largest city mandalay where security forces used tear gas water cannon and rubber bullets against protesters. thousands of people have. being out
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on the streets demanding the end of military rule for a 3rd week people across me and marvin calling for the release of the pows civilian leader aung san suu kyi similar demonstrations took place in the northern city of magick you know that's the capital of kitchen state attorney joins us now live from bangkok so it sounds like protesters are really kicking things off how's it stand now. well they certainly have we saw protests all across the country today that appeared earlier in the day both tense but relatively peaceful and then the news came through that this protest in the central city of mandalay. been dispersed by the authorities using 1st of all we we heard gas had been used in water cannon but as the afternoon has gone on we've seen footage emerging of gunfire live fire we understand other
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projectiles used by the police sling shots improvised explosives of some sort shooting at nails and we've seen pictures of 2 people who died at the same 6 more ported to have been taken away serious casualties taken away to be treated local hospitals so it appears that there are at least one thing these protests have taken a considerable turn for the worse elsewhere in kitchen state in the north there was a tense standoff for some time between your thirties and the protesters but those protests have been disbanded the largest protests which are in young gone where thousands of people turned out into the city center appear to have gone relatively peacefully i'm speaking to protestors who are on the streets there they said they didn't feel under threat so it's difficult to know at this stage whether this is
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part of a concerted effort by the military to put increasing pressure on those protesters a make them feel considerably on the more threat or whether this is just an isolated incident turney is this what the u.n. was warning about when it's about soldiers being moved in and fears of a violent crackdown is this the beginning of a violent crackdown. i think at this stage it's very difficult to say but clearly this is the concern both outside in the international community and within yangon this is the militia we're talking about and they have a reputation for being very brutal in the past they have used extreme and fatal force to put down process of this sort. i think they are now dealing with these all over the country we're also seeing a civil disobedience movement which is really taking off and putting considerable
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pressure on the military i understand from sources in myanmar that the railway system is now barely operating the plane domestic flights have been completely thrown into disarray because pilots are going on strike in many hospitals. doctors are refusing to work civil servants are refusing to work so there although it's going to put enormous pressure also on the civilian population is going to put a lot of pressure on the military as the audrey mechanics of life start to fail. how they respond to their i think at this stage is anyone's guess but from what we've seen today if they feel they can exert swift pressure on the protesters to try and force them back off the streets there may be the turn this takes for the next couple of. right thanks so much tony chang there. well just era
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has seen parts of a confidential u.n. report which finds donald trump's ally and private security contractor erik prince violated an arms embargo in libya the report to the security council reveals how prince sent foreign mercenaries and weapons toward the huff there in 2019 when he was fighting against the internationally recognized government in tripoli christensen we were faults from washington d.c. . erik prince is best known as the founder of blackwater security a private contractor whose employees were implicated in the killing of 17 iraqi civilians in 2007 he's also a prominent supporter of former president donald trump and brother to former education secretary betsy divide us. but it's his role in a malicious assault on the internationally recognized government libya in 2019 that's now a question. al-jazeera has seen excerpts of a 121 page report submitted to the u.n.
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security council and 1st reported by the new york times alleging prince help supply a trove of weapons including attack helicopters to the military's commander khalifa haftar are in violation of a u.n. arms embargo on libya. it also alleges he deployed a force of foreign mercenaries to help attack was condemned by u.s. secretary of state mike pompei oh this won't be resolved through force of arms it's just no way that's going to take place we there's a un process we've been part of that and i have tars been part of that we urge them to have to stand down move back to the negotiating table so that we can get a political resolution libya the day after pompei are made that statement president trump made a phone call to have to are raising eyebrows in the ire of some members of congress an official readout of the call said that the president quote recognized field-marshal huffed are significant role in fighting terrorism and securing
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libya's oil resources and the 2 discussed a shared vision for libya's transition to a stable democratic political system what many saw as a contradiction of official u.s. policy the u.n. report raises a question not only of whether or not a close associate of the president violated an international arms embargo but also whether or not the president himself was complicit in defying a stated u.s. policy kristen salumi al-jazeera washington we'll talk to mike hanna in washington d.c. in a bit but 1st live to malik trainer who joins us from the libyan city of miss automatic that start with the 1st question of how far did this operation actually how much of it how much of this plan was actually put into effect. it isn't really clear how much of this specific operation was completed by
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blackwater but there have been reports that they back to 2017 which suggests that blackwater was coordinating with when he was cementing his power base in eastern libya the report suggests that blackwater supplied unpiloted air tractor attack planes which bombed neighborhoods in eastern libya which helps solidify his power there before he began making his move towards the west. now malik at the same time time has moved on since this what do most libyans hope and expect from the biden administration in terms of u.s. policy towards libya now and about things like this. also i mean in 2011 the u.s. played an integral part support rebel forces to topple moammar gadhafi through
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nato through nato airstrikes later on the u.s. helped forces loyal to the government of national course but civically here in misrata to fight against i saw when they took a foothold in the city of sirte so the u.s. has always been seen as a beacon of hope and democracy and to help that helped libyans in their fight to a democratic state and they were they felt a bit betrayed and disappointed when president trump made that phone call with after now that president joe biden has been elected president that hope has sort of been reignited sort of been sparked believing that the u.s. may now once again. come and help libyans in their fight for a democratic and civilian state so the feeling the feeling here among libyans is that one of hope that the the americans will come back and help libyans fight for their civilian state which they are. you know the express that they won in 2011 all
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right thanks so much malik train of them mr otter on that one let's keep this going now with my calorie joins us from washington d.c. this is a report being prepared by the u.n. let's start with the obvious question mike what will the security council decide to do with this. well jaziri scene contents of the report it has been completed but it has not yet been formally made public and that's a very interesting question because like so many issues the security council within the u.n. has many vested interests within the libyan situation and countries have different interests within that particular area russia for example is backing khalifa haftar at the moment it has got a group in libya it is reported some would call it a mercenary group so certainly there are competing interests. member of the u.n. . completely separate from what is happening there but we whole issue is
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when it's made public what move does united the united nations do in terms of taking some kind of punitive action for the breaking up the arms embargo on the part of erik prince and. all right mike hanna there now for more on this we're joined on the line by brahimi in tripoli he's a member of the libyan high council of state good to have you with us for those who are familiar with what was happening in libya does this report come as a huge surprise. that doesn't know. the involvement of erik prince in that you can. only in the war of the factor was known since 9 since 2015 and the united nations was informed by us about the presence of the force base and hard to.
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tell out of the. area which are run by the mercenaries of brennan supported financed by us and that information was submitted to the mission of the united nation unfortunately nothing has been done about that now this is a book on the cover of. time of 2019 which is the we attack on tripoli and that's only part of of the involvement of the of mr greenspan has not generated and united arab emirates now with its it's not done yet we. provided health care with a specialist in assisting nations and that's still going on at the moment we are talking there and this is providing hussar with drones with the. government
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of electronic warfare and with other types of movements this is still going on until now now they needed nation security council did not much did not talk much about this situation because we knew walk out we know dan let me jump in there you said there because erik prince is operations going to this one this 80000000 dollar question is still going on right now in libya. yes the harden air force base is still there still operating and the mercenaries of mr prince. people who run that. base and if i can how does that sit with a report that says he's mercenaries left by boat following a dispute with honey for huffed are you saying they returned i did not i did not get what you said eleanor sawyer the un report says the mercenaries employed by erik prince had a dispute with honey for half tar and left by boat to malta are you suggesting that
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that either that didn't happen or that they've returned in fact you know that that is part of the operation how you. try to purchase a helicopter from jordan and that operation failed because you knew that the lack of kind of. 'd missions to to buy this equipment and they did not but they did not find it and then they went and bought some. helicopters from south africa and to have to be not like they are covered from south africa and you had some argument with them so this led with votes to have them when you knew that that's part of the of the situation but that's not that's not all they want out of erik prince in we have to go or. as i mentioned before the. person that is around
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a. air force base and matter of fact i'm saying that this is a parallel operation in addition are you saying that this is a parallel operation running air force bases is another operation in addition to the one which the u.n. has documented or is this part of the $80000000.00 operation which the u.n. is offer a documented. no the. ww is only. 2090. 5 minutes and that is. ok that's it who has funding all of their sports if you're saying well the u.n. is saying there's an $80000000.00 operation to try to help her back in $2900.00 take tripoli and you're saying he's mercenaries are still there running air force bases who is funding all of this this requires
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a lot of money yes. has presence in the united arab emirates which is well known and he's operating from their. involvement with. believe that most of the. financing comes from lack of interest on that regard do we have evidence of that i didn't get that i mean you're a member you're a senior member of a very important official libyan body high stakes council do you have you seen evidence of that implicating funding of operations that would violate u.n. arms embargo. well this. evidence you can find them in the in the british media in the international media has been mentioned
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several times this is no doubt about it and as you mention now who hope for finance who could finance an operation with that vast. vast important and with it needs a lot of money too to be done and this is this is would not matter of fact we. had to base. around a we report on this and it was to mention the government the planes runways which it has and that basically located south of benghazi and was used in bombing bin ghazi and governor just to talk about an operation. has drawn. all kinds of. government ok thank you very much for your analysis on that one thank you so much
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for him somehow. plenty more still ahead on the news hour including. more explosions reported in afghanistan will of what the future may hold for foreign troops there. power outages food shortages and now a new crisis for texas thrown into chaos by a rare winter storm and this basketball star puts on a scoring master class and the action coming up in school. a call to moscow has upheld kremlin critic alex a prison sentence but it has shortened this term by 1.5 months he was sentenced to nearly 3 years for violating his parole while he was in germany recovering from poisoning. so well. today's verdict was expected for us we consider
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it unlawful nothing is changed all the arguments made in the court in the 1st instance they were rejected thin and they got rejected now the only thing is that the court didn't take into account a month and a half of house arrest they did that now that 5 people have been killed in 3 explosions in afghanistan's capital police say improvised explosive devices were used in the attacks in kabul no one has claimed responsibility at least 70 people have lost their lives in similar incidents in the past month leading journalists and activists and with more news of attacks in afghanistan the u.s. says there's no decision yet on its troop withdrawal defense secretary lloyd austin says more progress is needed in the peace negotiations. clearly the violence is too high right now and more progress needs to be like these to be made in the afghan led negotiations. and so i urge all parties to choose the path towards peace.
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the violence must decrease now. i told our allies that no matter what the outcome of our review the united states will not undertake a hasty or disorderly withdrawal from afghanistan that puts their forces or the alliance's reputation at risk. at this time no decisions about our future force posture have been made. in the meantime current missions will continue and of course commanders have the right and the responsibility to defend themselves and their afghan partners against attack. as we move forward in our review we will consult with our nato allies our resolute support partners and of course the government of afghanistan and there will be no surprises we will consult each other and consult together and and decide together and act together
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michael semple is a professor at queen's university belfast he was a def the e.u. special representative to afghanistan he thinks if the taliban continues fighting it will lose all the political gains it's owned in the past year. i think the u.s. has put the ball in the taliban's court they've said that if if the violence were to stop or goad or go down we would be on our way out on the basis of a recent performance by the taliban i don't think anybody expects them to reduce the violence enough for troops to the in the next 2 months the taliban or rattling their own sabers and saying that if the tallow if the u.s. does not withdraw in 2 months they intend to intensify a military campaign which they have sustained they say they will fight i don't think it would be the end of the agreement of course on force fighting people will die but there is a huge amount to all of pressure on all parties to this conflict to bring it to an
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end and i think that if they if it comes up be clear that only by resisting a cease fire insisting on sustaining their violence against the afghan government they the taleban have obliged the the u.s. to stay i think they'll find themselves isolated and i think they'll find themselves under pressure to farms to find some kind of a solution in other words the agreement of the agreement does not die but i can imagine that there might be a period in which there is no that there are no no negotiations and the taliban finds itself more and more isolated and they lose some of the political gains and respectability that they've enjoyed over the past year. there's been severe flooding in indonesia's capital triggered by heavy rainfall in some parts homes was submerged by up to 2 metres of floodwater suburbs to the east have been worst affected with city officials saying more than a 1000 people were forced to seek shelter jessica washington is in one of the
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affected areas in jakarta. you can hear is the world's fastest sinking city every monsoon season is a reminder of the worsening crisis at large parts of the city once again submerged . and you can't as east thousands of people were moved to safety as floodwaters reached up to 1.8 meters high in some areas. rescue is in police work together to help people escape. and she said that the water in my home is still chest high all my belongings got flooded i try to put them somewhere higher but then last night the water also went higher the indonesian capital is home to about $10000000.00 people and thousands are now without power many here are so accustomed to this recurring disaster that used to wait it out on balconies and roofs flooding is an annual event here in jakarta heard something that this community in a staccato is well accustomed to but this year many communities which have never
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experienced severe flooding before doing so for the 1st time and scientists age are caught as local governments must act faster to save this sinking city. in the relatively affluent area of command. 0 they've never experienced such severe flooding jakarta's governor. says local authorities are working swiftly to assist everyone she said but in the lead up a mining top priority is to make sure the people of site we don't want to see any casualties and we've prepared evacuation centers for people who were affected by the 2 rachel running. but this crisis is about more than just rain experts have criticised the governor for failing to act and for blaming the rain when there are other factors contributing to the floods we have a normalisation projects have been delayed and scaled back despite experts saying they would help ease the annual flooding. and excessive ground water extraction and
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the destruction of adequate green spaces in the city is sinking at an even faster rate. carter has an obligation to fix its drainage and completely for normalisation projects this is to increase the function and capacity of the rivers to contain the rainfall without causing floods forced from their homes without their toys it's not the 1st time these children have played in flood waters and it likely won't be the last as thousands of indonesians are forced to leave their homes and belongings once again many are asking what it would take for the authorities to act jessica washington al-jazeera jakarta millions of people in texas don't have clean drinking water and hundreds of thousands are still without power the southern u.s. state has been plunged into chaos by a rare winter storm john hendren reports from chicago. frigid texas is trading power problems for water woes this past week has been an enormous challenge maybe
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unlike any chance that you've ever dealt with before has been far too burdensome for the lives of all those affected. we're working around the clock and we will continue to work around the clock to address to meet your needs and challenges and after days of rare freezing temperatures blanketed the 2nd largest state in the u.s. power stations are all back on line that after unusually high demand led to rolling blackouts transmission lines taken down by ice still have left nearly 200000 without power but now texans face a new crisis 7000000 people a quarter of the state or being asked to boil their water if they have it at all because the cold weather has left broken pipes and taken water treatment plants offline san antonio faces fire and ice as frozen fire hydrants forced firefighters
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to truckee and water flowing crews battling flames at an apartment complex haven't been able to get a work out weeklong. you know you think that we have been there it's got grocery store shelves are largely bare leaving residents lined up in their cars for food and water president joe biden says he's declaring the entire state the disaster zone i talked with the federal emergency management agency fema the administrator. of the saff community going to ask him to accelerate our response and request for quote it's a different declaration a major disaster declaration the president says he hopes to visit the lone star state next week here in chicago where at the northern end of the weather system that struck texas about 1500 kilometers north of dallas but your god is used to weather like this it's water and power transmission systems are hardened for the routine cold weather that strikes every winter texas hasn't seen a storm system like this in 35 years and it's clear its system simply weren't up to
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the task. there is hope sustained temperatures above freezing beginning saturday john hendren al-jazeera chicago. time for the weather now his that it then how is that we've got to last a spring like weather now into east asia so looking good over the next couple of days unpleasant will busting through too much in the way of any significant snowfall to come 21 celsius there for tokyo warmest still as we go on into monday a little further north you could catch one or 2 wintry flies but not much to speak of chance of some wet weather to into southern areas of china should be few and far between i think more the way of dry weather than a ray meanwhile we got some very heavy rain making its way towards the philippines without a tropical storm so the process of weakening but we are still looking at some very heavy rainfall over the next couple of days but nothing like the kind of rainfall that we have seen in indonesia jakarta $95.00 millimeters of rain in 24 hours and
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over the last 5 days we've seen $262.00 millimeters of rain that's almost the a monthly average for every average is around 310 millimeters so that's a big chunk of that monthly average rainfall coming through little wonder that we have seen those problems in jakarta and the surrounding areas them with that very heavy rainfall coming through there has been widespread disruption i'm hopeful over the next couple of days things will start to come calm down a little with the heaviest rainfall just making its way further east. so i had to now just say our wealthy nation is accused of hoarding coded 19 vaccines promised to do more to make up for the wife spread discrepancy. brazil's president wants to relax gun laws saying it will bring crime down safety advocates strongly disagree. and it's sport a massive occasion not one of 2 hands on the big values data else coming up later
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in the show. in india identity politics on the rise what we're seeing is the construction of partitions in parts and loads of millions of people across the country and there's a dark side is reducing the grid for those awful majesty of the him fix into something more like the team i didn't see of the british the way i meet with victims of violence and discover what life is like for minorities in the country join me on my journey in search of india's soul on al-jazeera. examining the impact of today's headlines it didn't matter you're rich or poor what your religion is you are battling this and you're staring at it in the face and you're dealing with it setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions that are holding on capitol hill international film makers the moon class journalists bring programs to inform
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and inspire you each and every one of us in the responsibility to change out 1st place for them you know on al-jazeera. rudy. giuliani. who's. talking back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines now 2 people have been killed as police tried to break up protests in myanmar 2nd largest city it turned live fire on the crowd demand the lie demonstrations against the military coup have continued around the country entering the 3rd week. al-jazeera has gained access to parts of a confidential u.n. report which finds blackwater founder erik prince violated non-tobacco on libya and
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says friends sent weapons to war sorry for after. courted moscow has upheld kremlin critic alexander on this prison sentence but it shortened his term by a month and a half he was sentenced to nearly 3 years for violating his parole. type prime minister. 9 members of his cabinet have survived a no confidence vote they were accused of mismanaging the economy poor handling of the pandemic and rights abuses as well as corruption it's the 2nd no confidence vote for youths government has faced since taking office in 2019 meanwhile thai pro-democracy groups are rallying outside parliament demanding his resignation and for the monarchy to be reformed thousands of police officers were on standby ahead of the protest authorities have recently been cracking down on those who speak out against the role family. the u.s.
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and other wealthy nations accused of hoarding vaccines have promised to put more money into ensuring developing countries obtain their doses the e.u. is pledging $1200000000.00 for the vaccine alliance kovacs the u.s. says it will put in $4000000000.00 journal reports under pressure from the united nations and the world health organization g 7 leaders promise to step up their efforts to make vaccines available worldwide make sure everybody gets out of that. country this. announced that. a strong. supporter ahead of the virtual meeting chaired by britain's prime minister the u.n. said just 10 countries accounted for 3 quarters of the entire global vaccine rollout 130 countries have not received a single dose the w.h.o. has warned of
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a catastrophic moral failure that will be paid for with lives and livelihoods among the world's poorest vaccine equities not just the right thing to do it's also the smart thing to do. 37 pledges of funding in future vaccine donations have been welcomed but countries like india and south africa want to share access to vaccine patents what we're calling for reforms in how patents are in this case we because this should be in people's votes is in many countries as possible we have the capacity to be able to produce. for them so this is this we carry it starting with africa has to wait for left overs from the rich countries is not going to end the epidemic only france and germany have considered making some of their own vaccine stocks available to developing countries now the french president has suggested donating up to 5 percent of existing supply he has support from the
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german chancellor. among them to come from japan immuno of august i stressed in mind mention that the pandemic is not beaten and all people in the world have been vaccinated and i lament after that infant the g 7 pledges of progress so campaigners but not enough general hope al-jazeera new zealand has started its covert 19 vaccination rollout with front line workers at the front of the queue a small group of health workers were injected on friday in auckland head of the wider roll out about 12000 border and quarantine staff will be vaccinated to over the coming weeks argentina's health minister has resigned after reports a friend of his was able to skip the line for a covert 19 banks a nation it's only just started inoculating people over the age of 70 thais in health care workers before that. health care workers in bolivia have gone on strike
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they're demanding the government repeals a new health emergency law which bans strikes during a pandemic and allows foreign spafford to be hired to live years health union says the law is unconstitutional and restricts the right to protest. the last male member of a once thriving indigenous community in brazil's amazon has died of cope with 19 it spells the end of the germ our people as a distinct ethnic group and as daniel schorr and the reports from one of cyrus it's just the latest in a long history of loss for indigenous people. the last shelter the last few the warriors. 86 year old are more in iraq are has died from the covered 19 virus at a hospital in northwestern brazil his passing marks the end of a people the humor indigenous community which once numbered around 15000 article is
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survived by his 3 daughters but they've had to marry into another community because there were no male partners left in their own but our lord i write it for all of us for the indigenous people for those who fought to defend the rights of indigenous communities the loss of a whole people cannot be measured it's a huge loss for all the indigenous people of brazil. several 1000000 indigenous inhabitants of what is now the brazilian amazon when the 1st european settlers arrived here more than 500 years ago the disappearance of the uma is just the latest tragedy in a catalogue of disease deforestation land theft the massacres no not at all more here many indigenous people are dying in brazil many many because we have what we call a government genocide ethno side and we hold them responsible for these deaths.
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report out this week says the covert $1000.00 pandemic has only made the situation worse that many governments including brazil's a using the crisis is not too nitty to disregard social environmental safeguards to further erode the rights of indigenous people the extent of the increase rather years of the sort of urgency to enter into these round. of very very large is going to turn into productive our culture and around. the report says many governments of criminalized indigenous human rights defenders and facilitated the threatened use of violence against them i'm now on the program 19 even more so up to that point were you did you through sure this is a case of crimes against humanity. and. some of the regional authorities in brazil have made efforts to reach and vaccinate people in
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remote difficult to access communities but critics say they've been hampered by a government that has never taken the pandemic seriously and the society that shows little regard for its original inhabitants. the less action is taken as you will not be the last indigenous community to disappear or. the road to 01 osiris. now staying in brazil where president jalal also now though is easing gun ownership rules opponents say the controversial decision will lead to an increase in violent crime but supporters argue that are in need of greater self protection not a chaotic here of reports from rio de janeiro. inspired in broad daylight and in the middle of the night bullets flying over slums every day violence in rio de janeiro that's filmed by people on the spot and shared by thousands on a where is the shoot out the app was created by physics teacher myself by cheech
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the and 3 friends. imus to help people avoid being on the wrong place at the wrong time by informing them what parts of the city dangerous. the president should be able so narrow says the best way of reducing crime in brazil is to are more people . just taken measures to make weapons and ammunition more widely available in a country that has one of the world's largest number of homicides. it's a promise he made to his voters but one that has sparked outrage among gun control campaigners they say brazil has weak den control policies and dismantling them will make violence worse but it's not only that is that also president bush will not it is in a sense. a lot of the rhetoric of former president truck when it comes to incite is
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more loyal supporters but in the caves in brazil are also this category is that this decrease benefits their gun owners collectors shooters hunters to actually be here only inside in case for example there is an election fraud in brazil 2022 also not a has been and still is loyal to trump who has not condemned the attack by the former u.s. president supporters on capitol hill january and many here fear the same could happen in brazil in 2 years if it's not reelected. that is the recall matters words at a cabinet meeting last april. was a big change for myself and also said brazilian should be armed in order not to be enslaved he used a political narrative to tell people they should repel if a man or governor decides it should be a lockdown to control the spreading of the coronavirus. owns
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a shooting. and imports weapons is winnable so now to supporters who say human rights groups are exaggerating or form of bias much more than a series of abattoirs is brazil the country with the highest number of homicides probably but how many of these crimes were committed with legally registered firearms do we have a record number of police killings maybe but we also have a record number of dead policeman if many are killed and many are dead well that means it's a war. nearly says both so narrow is only defending people's right to bear arms and protect their property and families since both are not as election 2 years ago the number of registered weapons has increased by 91 percent. massively but sheesh there is a teacher in the poor neighborhoods of rio de janeiro he's been
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a victim of violence and has seen children and banned in school to take up arms and follow the local drug lord. the only solution is to invest in education and equal opportunities while there is in the quality there is no way out except dodging stray bullets brazil appears increasingly divided with no common ground between those who believe guns will reduce violence and those who fear it will put democracy at risk meineke an i.q. of al-jazeera rio de janeiro. activists in mexico are accusing the government of trying to centralize power by controlling information that's after president under as man while lopez obrador said he'll scrap the publicly funded autonomous freedom of information institute john heilemann reports from mexico city. the former president's secret white mansion and a government scam to defraud the poor and vulnerable just 2 seismic investigations
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in mexico city that were helped by the country's publicly funded the autonomous transparency institution. or to go on what to one of them. if this institution didn't exist none of these investigations which have proved wide ranging corruption would have been possible. it was yes but now the president wants to scrap the institution through which citizens can request government documents he's reasons one it's expensive to it's ineffective and 3 it's politically motivated dogshit to sort and in all of these organs were created just for simulation they cost a lot of money public money the people's money. is complying it s. accompanied his commission house actually the transparency in situ costs 0.01 percent of the national budget by them that's $100.00 times less than the government spends on the armed forces and it doesn't as the president said look the
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release of government files it doesn't have that power you can only ask authorities for documents they can refuse. lopez obrador spokesman says he often hasn't asked hard enough why not give it more teeth then i put to him but he sees another solution will get him what we want is a law that forces the government to make contracts public and be transparent that has teeth so that the judicial power can force the government to open up certain information so it would be the same us now without the need for this committee of 10 people who make decisions without transparency or efficiency. that idea from the president's office would hand most of the power and regulating information directly to the federal government all the judiciary which is closely linked to it and free speech activists say there's an all vs pro. and that it's basically like picking the referee for a football match from the home to the midst of if it they say scrapping an
4:47 pm
autonomous counterweight to the government big mistake we believe that these will be a. great regression in terms of human rights the institution was there we saw that of a civil society effort and these efforts are trying to enforce or to strengthen the democratization process in mexico when is the sexiness so the question remains why doesn't the government want to improve the transparency institute rather than putting more power into its own hands john homan. mexico city. hall said i had an al-jazeera images of models from gases perseverance travel sans the 1st column pictures of the red planet. in spore little paul look to end their nightmare run in england's top division they tells now in just a moment. when
4:48 pm
freedom of the press is under threat demonstrators and journalists are dealing with internet outages police intimidation and charges have said dish on the state line becomes the default media namely looking for images that lead to the letter to these guys and just how do you create a nuisance makes it hard for people to know what's real and what's not step outside the mainstream shift the focus covering the way the news discovered the listening posts on a. jump into the story there is a lot going on in this and julian on global community when i talk about the misinformation i think we all want to feed the hungry and aware be part of the debate don't ever take anybody's one word because there's always a difference when no topic. is off the table we have been disconnected from our land we've been disconnected from who we are and would love to hear the new in the
4:49 pm
to be part of today's discussion this streamed on out is there. or come back it's only been on the red planet for a day but nasa is perseverance rover is already sending back to help color photos it's on a mission to collect samples from the surface which nasa hopes will one day be analyzed here on earth is rob ronald's. this is the 1st ever color picture from a world more than 54000000 kilometers beyond ours it's one of several sent from perseverance is a raid of cameras this one shows the rover being lowered down by cables to its
4:50 pm
martian landing spot from the delivery space vehicle. nasa scientists say the rover came through its action packed landing thursday in fine form and happy to say that the rover is doing great and healthy on the surface of mars and continues to be highly highly functional and then just an exhilarating this shot shows one of the rovers heavy duty wheels that it will use to explore the red dust of just 0 crater for signs of extinct ancient life but perseverance won't be making tracks right away 1st engineers will perform system checks update its software and test some of its instruments like a robotic arm and a microphone in a month or so ingenuity the drone attached to the rover will take its 1st flight this rover is epic for it it represents. 8 years
4:51 pm
of hundreds of engineers at the laboratory thousands around the world a total of over 4 founds and human years of investment. and already a detail in this picture has caught scientists attention that rock on the left the one that looks like a hunk of swiss cheese and there are number of different geological processes beckon make holes in iraq like that and so the science team is now thinking about what this might mean and one of the questions we'll ask 1st is whether these rocks represent a volcanic or sedimentary origin and both of those would be equally exciting to the team ultimately perseverance may dig up evidence that life existed on mars at some point in the ancient past that could be a sign that life is widespread in our solar system our galaxy and the far flung reaches of the universe and that we are not alone robert oulds al-jazeera los
4:52 pm
angeles. let's catch up on all the sports news with thank you sara what's happening is tennis star naomi osaka has won the australian open and by doing so she's become the 1st woman to win her 1st 4 grand slam finals since 1901 so hell maalik reports . she's done it again japanese tennis stanley o'neal soccer has won the australian open for a 2nd time. she was up against jennifer brady in the final having convincingly swept aside serena williams in the last round and just like it that much of soccer's power shots were hard to contend with. brady didn't do herself any favors an unforced error ultimately handing or soccer the 1st set i. took from that point the 3rd seed took over.
4:53 pm
she absolutely dominated the 2nd set and raced to a 4 love lead a far cry from the pairs last meeting in the 2020 u.s. open law school where brady managed to win a set. of the american had no such luck this time around. and after 77 minutes on court or soccer wrapped up her 4th grand slam title i special victory given all the challenges just to make the event possible due to the fandom thank you for coming and watching it feels really incredible for me i didn't play my last grandson with fans or just to have this energy it really means a lot think you so much for coming. osaka fans will be hoping there are plenty more titles to come from their favorite player so real knowledge al-jazeera. in football
4:54 pm
english champions liverpool will be looking to end their nightmare run in the english premier league on saturday you're going up side face local rivals everton but go into the game in 6th place they are 16 points off the top spot having lost 3 straight e.p.l. games if they fall to the toughies who sit just one place below them it will be the 1st time since 2002 that liverpool would have lost 4 league games in a row they did however win in the champions league midweek the match and field later will not have any fans attending due to cope with $1000.00 restrictions the darbies dobby visit without supporters but with supporters is just much more enjoyable for us as well so we all often been been football becomes the most important thing for a few moments and it doubly stats always decay so this intensity i really like. and that the game is. still intense so emotionally we want to describe
4:55 pm
that. that's normal it's football earlier we spoke to football writer chris williams he said injured players are not the only reason that liverpool is losing. i think liverpool not have in their 3rd 1st choice sensor backs in verge of vandyke your gomers might it be in ours has been a massive miss for them but they were playing with those defenders of the start the season it wasn't particularly the best we've seen from liverpool especially if you not look back those last 2 seasons where they've been absolutely phenomenal i just think they've got a mixture of injuries and maybe a little better mental burnout you have to remember that this side. pushed manchester city all away view of the season just missed out on the title by a couple of points then went to madrid to be tottenham in the champions league and then went and completely blew the premier league away last season and will mefford title in 30 years i don't know if there's maybe a little bit mental bernauer in that and it's affected the team and they were
4:56 pm
playing ok football start the season and yeah then they lost a couple of games especially on field and it's all gone wrong from there i think their main problem is they haven't picked up points against what you'd call the lower level sides they've dropped points west brom they dropped points to brighten the lot of lower down teams for them as well in their teams are liverpool really should have been expected to beat one of the football venues for the delayed tokyo a limb pick staged a big match earlier say thomas stadium host of the japanese super cup which had a limited attendance to take over 1000 was sakhi bidding emperors cup holders osaka 32 at present 10 districts in japan are under a state of emergency to prevent further spread of the disease organizers insist however that the olympics will go on they're scheduled to start on july 23rd. god cameroonian n.b.a. star joel embiid had a stellar performance on friday for the philadelphia $76.00 ers the 26 year old
4:57 pm
scored 50 points against the chicago bulls keeping his team as the leaders in the eastern conference this game is now a career high for the 4 time all star his efforts helping the 76 ers when it won 121 of 5. big just shows you know the past 15 or 20 games it's just been you know all big games and no big numbers but if us one made of us was made of for me then i'm gonna go and do it but like i said you know it's just just basketball appeared way. and l.a. clippers star quiet leonard had 29 points of his own ending in the 9 game winning streak of the utah jazz we're currently on top of the western conference eclipse winning this 1116th 112 with shots like that one. gets all right that's it for me and back over to sammy. now that's it for me too for this news hour be back in
4:58 pm
a moment with another for both to stay with us here now to syria. is only a change because. people believe in a post that is because then they're. trying to make a political muscle you know your arms they represented they put themselves to make the changes that we. should have taken in the event in the name it's got to. have a disk culture to slosh or to create new areas we have to change this culture and one of the fortunate ones we can leave an establishment outside but all the people and the majority of these legal research talk about just good hardworking people
4:59 pm
that want to live the american dream like our ancestors these are hindu refugees are terrified that they may be forced to return to myanmar. a place on our world social. order to lecture will artists and activists me where i could use a spark of history is made. for america to use to have brought a world tells the story of 4 iconic cafes and their role. as objects of creativity debate the 2nd secret of the hour a conference on i just. in syria thousands have disappeared without a trace. forcibly taken from their families back to the most terrible thing syria has to be. this has been the invisible weapon of
5:00 pm
the syrian dictatorship without the mothers sometimes the talk to complete the other 2 guys continued to be sure really to torture. the disappeared of syria on al-jazeera. form. me and ma security forces crack down on and take who protestors in london like these 2 people are killed by live fire. i'm sam is a band this is out just there a live from doha also coming up a confidential u.n. report accuses former u.s. president donald trump's ally eric.


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