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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 21, 2021 12:00am-1:01am +03

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it's not easy to leave you have to ask for help and inspire others to turn their lives around i call the straw hat program the dream program my life changed after the course it gave me opportunities for my business women make change on al-jazeera . where. ora. 0. hello i'm maryam namazie you're watching the news hour live from london coming up in the next 60 minutes. 2 dead in mandalay as me and ma security forces using live fire to break up protests against the military which have been going on now for 2 weeks. russian opposition leader alexina valmy
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loses an appeal against his jail sentence and is fined if assume during world war 2 veteran. a major disaster is declared in texas off the winter storms cause days of blackouts followed by pipes and no clean drinking water. and heavy monsoon rains leave large areas on the will to inject cost to the world's fastest sinking $60.00. i'm german ash with sports and lifted her 4th and grand slam tracy she beat jennifer brady to a mule straight you know for the 2nd time. hello welcome to the news hour mian mar has seen a dramatic escalation of violence against protesters demanding an end to military rule 2 weeks off to street demonstrations 1st began following the coup security
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forces have killed 2 people in the 2nd largest city of mandalay they fired live ammunition into the crowds as what is to gas water cannon and rubber bullets elsewhere thousands of people were out on the streets of yangon calling for the release of unsung suchi and all the civilian leaders france has just joined the european union in condemning the bloodshed e.u. foreign minister as a jew to discuss how to respond to events and me and march to meeting on monday al-jazeera. tony chang has our report now from neighboring thailand. which shows shots ring out as protesters in mandalay flee from the police and army force a cannon tear gas and sling shots also used to disperse the crowds casualties taken from the scene by ambulance as the security services attempt to break strikes that have shut down shipyards on the or what the river in the capital naypyidaw marches commemorated the death of a 20 year old student shot in the head during a demonstration last week determination amongst those present that they would
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continue to march against the military coup despite the danger until a civilian government is restored no no no there are possibilities of many more people dying and we ourselves can even know whether we will die or not but we need to fight until the end regardless of our lives in order to succeed and that is only after we get rid of this military dictatorship downtown young gone through the largest crowds despite a police cordon around the soon go to the crowds just move down the road chanting for the release of aung san suu kyi she remains under military detention there's a campaign of civil disobedience starts to impact transport and banking systems across myanmar some feel they have nothing to lose i was young people have their dreams 29000 was a year of development and 2020 there was coronavirus and we were all thinking about the future but everything is gone now everything we were hoping for is going to be
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destroyed that's why more people are joining the protests than in the past in kitchen stays in the far north the tense standoff between protesters and police this is one of the areas where the military has struggled to use to suppress ethnic unrest but now there's news men must diverse ethnic groups have signed a nationwide cease fire to unite in opposition to military rule tony chang al jazeera. well tom andrews is a former u.s. congressman who's the un special rapporteur on human rights in me and ma he joins us now from fairfax virginia could the deaths of these 2 protest as perhaps signal a bloody crackdown in the country reminiscent of what we've seen in the past. well it's a nightmare scenario and you put your finger right on it today that this military is capable of just about anything we've seen them massacre protesters in the past in street street they've killed monks in saffron rose protesting and of course
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we've seen what they're capable of doing with the ethnic minorities including the ethnic minority so this is a very dangerous situation and the nightmare is made even more frightening by the fact that they are now deploying these army troops trees these deployments sort of in this case the 33rd light infantry division this was the very division that is accused of and was actually involved we know in massacres against the railing or ethnic minority tremendous atrocity crimes so now these hardened soldiers are being deployed now from the coastal areas and from the the areas like rakhine state in the north into these ribbon areas that to confront these these protesters who are peaceful protesters there's no question about that. i'm just wondering if there is there is a limited media presence in the country are east media coverage of the story plus
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concerns about the effect of civil unrest and killings on investment in the country does that mean as less of an appetite resort to the heavy handed tactics and repression of the past or does that not make much difference well i don't know what makes a difference to these generals and to this military we know what they're capable of and so what we're doing is trying to make very very clear in the strongest possible terms that there's going to be a price to pay by the international community for anything that they do trustees or or even try to get away with this discrete a tart destroying what was a developing democracy the security council has met the. human rights council of the united nations has met in the issue strong statements that the general simply should be meeting actually soon and even strong allies of the generals china have
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been issuing some encouraging i have to ask you despite the strong statements it's just not clear how well what steps for example the security council will take to actually address the situation because the minute treat is a not going to listen to these strong statements that just going to ignore the net really seems the foreign governments of struggle to come out with a robust response to what's happening in manama best a very fair point and what has to happen now is action starting with very strong tough targeted economic sanctions on the generals they need to be paying a price for what they're doing a in the international arms embargo is another important step that needs to be taken but we have to hit the generals where they will hurt and we know that money is very important them they very much want to be wealthy and so sanctioning them focused targeted tough sanctions we know have worked in the past and it's worth giving them a real shot right now. is it sanctions can be
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a blunt tool is it possible to adopt measures while at the same time insulating the people from any suffering or the broader economy from serious damage. no exactly right there are ways to do this we're urging that a scalpel be used out of a club in opposing the sanctions and make it very clear that we don't want to hurt people that regular people in the country suffered enough but those targeted sanctions that can hurt the generals you know kind of their own supply of funds and assets treason and have a price to pay that's focused directly and specifically on the generals and they're in a crisis and their economic enterprises not the people in general is very very. tom andrews un special rapporteur on human rights in man ma thank you for joining us my
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pleasure thanks for having me well are all the headline story the sound the rational position either alexina valley has suffered a double eagle the crime and lost an appeal against his jail sentence for breaching his probation while recovering in germany from a poisoning he was also fined for defaming a wild what 2 veteran or a challenge. alexei navalny knows this drill well he's been in the defendant's cage of a russian courtroom so many times before he knows judges almost never overturn a conviction he knows the chances of vassar even smaller for the kremlin's most high profile critic. so not only listen to the expected rejection of his appeal and gave a customarily sarcastic reply they've reduced my sentence by 1.5 months great concert is the verdict clear hostage judge. yes yes thank you ponce of the bounty. taking off time already spent under house arrest or valley sentence is now 2 years and 8
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months he gave a final statement captured only on audiotape criticizing the or thora tease. me. they say what's this we can fiddle with the system in any way we want so how can you stand against us i'm not the only one who sees it but the ordinary people who watch this can see it too they help our feelings about it because they can imagine what happens if they meet this justice system outside his lawyer echoed in a valley cynical view of the country's courts. today's verdict was expected for us we consider it unlawful nothing has changed all the arguments were made in the court the 1st time they got rejected then they got rejected now alexina valley returned to russia last month and was immediately detained he'd been recovering in germany since being poisoned on a trip to siberia last august it was an attack which nearly killed him he says russia's f.s.b. security service was responsible and the e.u.
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has sanctioned several members of president putin's inner circle prosecutors say by being out of the country so long me violated the terms of an earlier suspended sentence but he. is being accused after being released from the clinic on september 23rd 2020 during 2 months till november 2020 alexina valmy has not notified the probation department about his place of stay he has not turned up to the registration either. past the courts were still not done with novell me after his appeal rejection there was another conviction and 11 and a half $1000.00 fine for supposedly different human the world war 2 veteran and one of them around these online videos all this legal attention for him on the kremlin professes complete disinterest in a man whose political future they insist is not their. retirement which is iraq joining us from london via skype is very dim their friend of alexina valmy who is
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also executive director of the valley's anticorruption foundation it was a widely expected ruling wasn't it but what were your initial force what was your reaction to the judgment indeed it was not unexpected and. we were following alexis or deal from the time she returned to moscow a little over a month ago all 1st with illegal detail and and now we've heard it confirmed by the court that this is totally a politically motivated decision made if you quote of the court of justice. what happens now because obviously he's not going to how will it be is going to be tied up and basically there's going to be one case after another against in the valley what is the plan to take protest the opposition movement forward. it's
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a dramatic event of our our our news asian is. has over 200 people working full time without millions of supporters so our struggle for a new russia for democratic change will undoubtedly continue in this trial of number are only taken together with his boys ending by a russian security agency 6 months ago and here's. return to russia courageous and brave feet i think a lot of people in russia who are previously not so interested in politics they got interested in the human side of things a person being unlawfully persecuted and i think the level of discontent and the dissipation people in must protest will only grow old from this
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but are they likely to grow her despite there being this general sympathy for what alexina valley might have suffered doesn't seem as though it's going to. shake the foundations of the kremlin. the regime may see him stay well but we see those cracking and different places that discontent is growing among the people of flaw in middle incomes they have seen their standards of living native deteriorating over the last few years the business elite is also discontent they have seen the original the esses dismay to their access to international capital markets cut so all our discontent is growing so it and their next sort of big event is going to grow a man straight elections in september and we expect the party of power of the
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united russia will do a lot of the belly in this elections but the climate also knows how to play the game right well it's true that democratic forces right now are not strong enough to take the regime heads on our opponents have of their legislative power all alone force them and as we have seen in a case of not well a but also many other protesters they have unlimited financial resources at this same time we believe there to political crisis a wide scale political crisis in russia is coming and that time we want to be the most organized political force to be reckoned with and how you doing now in the elections coming up in september are going to be very important you anticipate that united russia won't do very well but they certainly have their fair share of support in the country what how is in
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a valley advising people to vote. we have a triage system of tactical boarding call smart welding where we walk for whatever candidate or whatever ideology it was that does not belong to part of our this tactic has been used successfully before in regional elections we got many independent candidates to the original legislators and are will try to use it in the nation right around the menchu elections and the signs of it's likely that this tactic will work even better this year thank you for joining us on the news hour video a show car of executive director of election of on these anti corruption foundation and actually police in moscow reportedly arrested 8 people who were trying to lay
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flowers at the bridge where former putin critic or a snub self was killed almost 6 years ago they were detained a day after a memorial at the site was taken down themself was shot dead on the bridge close to the kremlin by 5 chechen gunmen who were later convicted the identity of the person who hired them is not officially 9. it the news hour live from london still ahead on the program heavy fighting in kandahar pushes afghanistan to the brink despite months of talks between the government and the taliban. up in arms why the relaxation of gun laws in brazil has triggered a longtime concern for democracy. and then later in sport the skier who fell down at just the right time while championships and it's. the i.
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want to turn to syria now because save the children is saying that it's deeply concerned about a steep rise in hunger in syria a country spiraling economic crisis has hit millions of families made worse by the ongoing conflict currency depreciation of course now the coronavirus pandemic the charity is saying $6200000.00 of the country's children are going without food a rise of 35 percent in just 4 months new figures from the world food program shows 60 percent of syria's population that's 12400000 people and now facing some form of food shortage and 1300000 people suffering a severe lack of food the number is its highest since the conflict began almost 10 years ago well in all the stories of following 5 people have been killed in 3 explosions in afghanistan's capital but he say improvised explosive devices were used no one has claimed to be behind the attack but at least 70 people have lost their lives in similar incidents in the past month targeting high profile figures
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like politicians judges and jobless. well as you mentioned there's also been more violence across the country despite a month's peace process between the government and taliban leaders intense fighting in the southern kandahar province is now which the outskirts of its main city for saying tens of thousands of afghan lives at risk there controversy has more from kabul here in rural kandahar the war has barely stopped since it started nearly 20 years ago. but now it's coming closer to the main city afghanistan's 2nd largest after the capital kabul heavy fighting between government forces and the taliban is now only 8 kilometers away from kandahar city. was mines infest the roads while the taliban destroys others some politicians warn if security continues to deteriorate it could be
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a matter of time before the government loses control or as i see the last movements of taliban where the of focusing a lot on come to her. as i know they are inviting their fighters from a different part of afghanistan to kandahar and it will be difficult after months for afghan government to continue war the main hospital is full of those who've been wounded with one coming after the other every day thousands are displaced from their homes because of the heavy fighting and look for refuge in flimsy tent cities that jungle one of their search we left our homes in a situation with some men just escaped from the fighting in the families the women and children left behind after the fighting stopped for a little while the men came back in risk you take kids and families all the belongings will leave behind according to government officials at least 20000
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families have been displaced in kandahar province since november most of them are farmers they left their fields and cannot go back. the situation is no better inside kandahar city people say there is no business because of the increase in violence and targeted killings to cheerlead look at the let it be used the central government supports the security forces i don't think that the tally burgle go forward to the kandahar is the birthplace of the taliban and it's politically significant for the group it's also a strategic province and a geo political gateway to kabul and the broader region a spokesman of the ministry of defense told all of his era but a few months back the afghan security forces stopped a major taliban plot to attack khandahar he says that if the armed group is planning another similar offensive the afghan army is fully prepared to fight back a piece that for now seems to remain out over everyone's reach for your country for
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our dizzier kabul. all out of iraq where security officials say that several rockets have hit a military airbase injuring at least one iraqi contractor there's been no claims of responsibilities for the attack on a base and balad north of baghdad hours earlier iraqi security forces raided an i still hideout on the plains of tommy a reportedly killing 5 fighters and 2 iraqi soldiers well now the head of the united nations nuclear watchdog has arrived in iran on the eve of a deadline to iran set for u.s. sanctions to be lifted or file grossi will meet iranian officials to ensure the agency can continue nuclear inspections under the 2015 nuclear agreement in december iran's parliament approved a bill that would suspend some inspections if the u.s. had not lifted sanctions re-imposed by former president donald trump the bill is due to come into effect on choose day incoming president joe biden urged what he
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called careful diplomacy with iran on friday. well president joe biden is approved to a major disaster declaration for texas 5 days after it and other southern u.s. states were hit by rest no stones temperatures a finally forecast to rise but hundreds of thousands of people is still without power and millions have no clean drinking water after treatment plants shut down john hendren has more. frigid texas is trading power problems for water woes this past week has been an enormous challenge maybe unlike any challenge that you've ever dealt with before has been far too burdensome for the lives of all those affected. we're working around the clock and we will continue to work around the clock to address to meet your needs and challenges after days of rare freezing temperatures blanketed the 2nd largest state in the u.s.
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power stations are all back on line that after unusually high demand led to rolling blackouts transmission lines taken down by ice still have left nearly 200000 without power but now texans face a new crisis 7000000 people a quarter of the state or being asked to boil their water if they have it at all because the cold weather has left broken pipes and taken water treatment plants offline san antonio faces fire and ice as frozen fire hydrants forced firefighters to truckee and water flowing crews battling flames at an apartment complex haven't been able to get to work all week long. now everything that we have in there it's got grocery store shelves are largely bare leaving residents lined up in their cars for food and water president joe biden says he's declaring the entire state the disaster zone i talked with the federal emergency management agency fema the administrator of the saff community we're going to ask him to accelerate our
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response and request for quote it's a different declaration a major disaster declaration the president says he hopes to visit the lone star state next week here in chicago where the northern end of the weather system that struck texas about 1500 kilometers north of dallas but your god is used to weather like this it's water and power transmission systems are hardened for the routine cold weather that strikes every winter texas hasn't seen a storm system like this in 35 years and it's clear its system simply weren't up to the task. there is hope sustained temperatures above freezing beginning saturday john hendren al-jazeera chicago. there's christensen is live for us now in washington tell us cristin what this federal disaster declaration means for the people of texas while in short it means more federal funding the president earlier in the week had already declared
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a state of emergency that allowed the federal emergency management agency to provide things like generators and food and drinking water to the state by declaring a major disaster now that frees up more funds for individuals and businesses to make repairs and also find temporary housing if necessary it also makes low cost loans available for repairs that need to be done that aren't covered by insurance i should also point out that the president called on the departments of housing and urban development and the department of defense to look for other resources that might be able to help texas the 2nd largest state in the united states of course none of this addresses the underlying issues that john mentioned the fact that the state just was not prepared the power system is not winterized for this kind of a weather event right so then do we know if there is anything in the works if this
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day is planning to address these underlying issues that led to the blackouts. the state's energy infrastructure is completely independent of the national grid it's run by the ironically named electric reliability council of texas and right now there are no requirements in texas that power generators weatherize their systems and the governor greg abbott is now calling for that to happen. given that 70 people have died due to weather related issues a dozen of them at least to hypothermia there's a heartbreaking story of an 11 year old boy who died in his bed seemingly from hypothermia with that we can expect congress to hold hearings the state legislature is expected to call hearings on exactly what went wrong in another question that's
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coming up is why the state was so poorly prepared to deliver food and water in this crisis the. sent in these supplies but because of the cold weather it was hard getting them out the governor has said that localities are responsible for this but none of them seemed prepared for this emergency so a lot of questions that are likely to be asked in the coming weeks thank you very much from washington d.c. christensen amy. so with the news hour live from london so ahead on the program 1st it was proven now argentina loses its health minister a coronavirus a vaccination scandal. on comedy a secret presidential mansion and mass government fraud but mexico's a groundbreaking freedom of information institute is now under threat. and in sport and not a spectacular golf and when i was one of the world's best young strike it was gemma the story. see.
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how much mother and asked spilling in across western parts of here and we've also got much wetter weather spilling in from the atlantic and that's fading in ahead of that cloud and right winds coming in from a southerly direction look at these temperatures 17 celsius the full paris the warm spreading right up into a good part of germany still on the cool side over to as eastern parts of you but even modest not in moscow represents something of an improvement we got some snow flurries to go through here it warms up further minus 7 in moscow by sunday off they're not sabbaticals central pass in light winds berlin will be lovely but the spring about whether the 15 degrees celsius similar temperature there for paris so that's up to 2 for london the 3 but i still some what's the weather coming into western parts of england western areas of well some very heavy rain moving across
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portugal into spy snow over the high ground little contagious agents way further east which is on through monday still getting up into the mid teens to some paris at 16 celsius i was towards the southeast a coat of fine and dry fun to try to across northern parts of africa for the most part we have got some wetter weather just flooding in across morocco alsa spain and portugal that what weather all the way across into the fog north of algeria. said she and the disease accounts for 50 percent of only deaths are children under . staffed up such. as. his legs receive and childhood education the.
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disease. you see lack belief in does not leave us is to. try 1st. time. such as a ceasefire. or you. will.
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a come back a look at my stories now security forces in me and mara shot dead to protest as they were killed in mandalay as demonstrations continue to across the country the e.u. has spoken out condemning the bloodshed. russian opposition leader in a volley as last an appeal against his jail sentence the kremlin critic was convicted of breaking bail conditions while receiving treatment in germany after being poisoned he was also fined for defaming a world war 2 veteran. and us president joe biden has approved a major disaster declaration for texas 5 days after it was hit by rest no storms hundreds of thousands of people are still without power and millions now have no clean drinking. well in other news large areas of the indonesian capital jakarta are on the water off to heavy overnight rain suburbs to the east
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have suffered some of the greatest damage with more than 1300 people evacuated to shelters even neighborhoods that don't usually experience flooding have now been affected jessica washington reports from one of the west hit areas. you can hear is the world's fastest sinking city every monsoon season is a reminder of the worsening crisis of large parts of the city once again submerged and you can't as east thousands of people who are moved to safety as floodwaters reached up to 1.8 meters high in some areas. rescue is in police work together to help people escape. and sees it out there the water in my home is still chest high all my belongings got flooded i try to put them somewhere higher but then last night the water also went higher the indonesian capital is home to about 10000000 people and 1000. and so now without power many here are so accustomed to this recurring disaster they choose to wait it out on balconies and roofs flooding is an
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annual event here in jakarta heard something that this community east of carter is well accustomed to but this year many communities which have never experienced severe flooding before are doing so for the 1st time and scientists age a card is local governments must act faster to save this sinking city. in the relatively affluent area of command people told al-jazeera they've never experienced such severe flooding jakarta's governor on the spot swayed and says local authorities are working swiftly to assist everyone sent home without a main in top priority is to make sure the people are safe we don't want to see any casualties and we've prepared evacuation centers for people who were affected by the 2 rachel running but this crisis is about more than just rain experts have criticised the governor for failing to act and for blaming the rain when there are other factors contributing to the floods we have
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a normalisation projects have been delayed and scaled back despite experts saying they would help ease the annual flooding and excessive ground water extraction and the destruction of adequate green spaces in the city is sinking at an even faster rate. joe carter has an obligation to fix its drainage and completely for dollars project this is to increase the function and capacity of the rivers to contain the rainfall without causing floods forced from their homes without their toys it's not the 1st time these children have played in floodwaters and it likely won't be the last as thousands of indonesians are forced to leave their homes and belongings once again many are asking what it would take for the authorities to act jessica washington al-jazeera jakarta. will more news from indonesia ferry loaded with passengers and vehicles has capsized in the west import of pontiac.
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have been no reports of any casualties but force officials said that they were checking to make sure all the passengers had been rescued high waves are being blamed for the accident. the prime minister of thailand. and 9 members of his cabinet have survived a confidence vote they were accused of mismanaging the economy for handling of the covert $1000.00 pandemic human rights abuses and corruption it's the 2nd confidence vote that previous government has faced since taking office in 2019 type pro-democracy groups have been rallying outside parliament demanding his resignation and reforms to the monarchy will protesters in spain of clashed with police for a 5th night now with demonstrations taking place against the jailing of the rough a problem hazel earlier this week protesters and rights groups say hazels 9 month sentence highlights the suppression of free speech in the country the rapper is in prison on charges of glorifying terrorism and insulting the monarchy and his tweets
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and song lyrics police have used tear gas to disperse the protesters who still is in smashed windows and shoes day a woman in boston i lost an eye after being hit by a rubber bullet fired by police during the demonstrations at least 60 people have been arrested in this city over the past 5 days. the italian coast guard has rescued $47.00 people from the mediterranean after the small boat capsized on route from north africa the refugees and migrants on board were transferred to italian vessels after being pulled out of the water around 20 kilometers south of the italian island of lampedusa boats and helicopters are searching for 5 more people thought to be missing. well new zealand has launched its covert $900.00 x. nation program in what its director general of health is describing as a small step in
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a long journey the 1st jobs of the pfizer biotech vaccine are being administered to high risk citizens and those returning from overseas as well as border and quarantine walk because officials say they expect to take a year to immunize the population of 5000000 people the countries recorded 5 coronavirus deaths and 2350 confirmed cases these even closed its borders very early in the pandemic helping keep the number of infections that low meanwhile hundreds of australian anti vaccine protest as of march through central melbourne and sydney the demonstrations in melbourne were met with a heavy police presence with some protesters pepper sprayed by offices australia is set to launch its vaccination program on monday starting with hotel quarantine staff health care workers and the staff and residents that were in that cabs when argentina's health minister gonzalez garcia has resigned following reports
12:39 am
that at least 10 people skipped the queue for covert vaccines among them was a journalist who said he'd been vaccinated after speaking directly with the minister country has only just started inoculating people over the age of 70 garcia has now been replaced by carla result is reportedly responsible for securing the sputnik vaccines for argentina earlier this month peru's health and foreign ministers also resigned after it emerged that hundreds of officials have been vaccinated before health workers let's go live now to daniel sharman one is iris political scandals are nothing new in latin america are they how of these 2 have been received. as you say there's a certain degree of cynicism people are used to seeing scandals but not usually of this nature this is literally a matter of life or death for many people and to see the way in which some of their politicians have behaved in both peru and here in argentina people are angry
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they're shocked the new health minister sortie was sworn in about 35 minutes ago her previous sess the now disgraced former health minister. garcia went home and was booed and abused by neighbors that was captured on television there's also several of the major players here in argentina congressmen senators who were caught up in this scandal who simply have had to admit that they received the vaccination before the vast majority of arjen times people who are much higher on the priority list as you mentioned some of the elderly just being vaccinated now in one osiris province we had the head of the truck drivers union oh my are no him being vaccinated his wife his children in their twenty's not nearly no not even close to the high risk areas so these people now having to justify themselves some lying some sometimes a little her way out of a very difficult situation and others are saying that they were offered the vaccine
12:41 am
by the former health minister and were outraged themselves and simply refused they're so big investigation going on into that to find out exactly who these people were the same in peru 487 people implicated in that politicians are business people restaurant owners all receiving the vaccine there weeks before the official vaccination program started in peru it only started a few days ago the former president martin biscardi with him and his wife were vaccinated back in november during a clinical trial into one of the chinese vaccines so a lot of questions being asked at the same time presidents of both countries. they got the improve the front on this here very keen to put these scandals behind them and move on with the vaccination program and reassuring their populations that they are doing everything they can are not going to lose you know just wandering down is
12:42 am
not going to be easy what a both governments in prone argentina doing to rebuild that public trust well firstly to put themselves put these scandals behind them the inauguration the swearing in ceremony of the new health minister call of the sortie was very short and sweet or less than 5 minutes of the usual razzmatazz you get around these ceremonies on the very dour faced hour but often and is the president doing the swearing in really very keen to get on with things but i think what will speak most of those presently to the populations is vaccinations the 1st arjen time vaccines the russian sputnik arrived here a great great fanfare at the end of december but still only about a quarter of a 1000000 people have been vaccinated in a population of 4x5w2w people here infected 51000 have died from the pandemic so really people very impatient very keen to be vaccinated as soon as
12:43 am
possible they say in peru the vaccination program only just started 45000 people have died there over a 1000000 and a quarter people infected so really that's how they will speak to their people get the vaccinations in and rolled out as soon as they possibly can thank you daniel sheiner point is iris we go to brazil now president diable sonera has provoked a new outcry after issuing for executive orders to relax the country's gun laws opponents say making weapons available to more people will only increase the level of violence but supporters argue they need greater protection on a piano kiev reports now from rio de janeiro. inspired in broad daylight and in the middle of the night bullets flying over slums every day violence in rio de janeiro that's filmed by people on the spot and shared by thousands on and where is the shoot out the app was created by physics teacher
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myself and 3 friends i must help people avoid being on the wrong place at the wrong time by informing them what parts of the city dangerous. the president john abell so narrow says the best way of reducing crime in brazil is to are more people he's just taken measures to make weapons and ammunition more widely available in a country that has one of the world's largest number of homicides. it's a promise he made to his voters but one that has sparked outrage among gun control campaigners they say brazil has weak gun control policies and dismantling them will make violence worse but it's not only that is that also president bush will not allow is in a sense. a lot of the rhetoric of former president truck when it comes to incite is
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more loyal supporters that it gave in brazil are also this category is that these degrees benefit their government owners collectors sure there's others to actually be on him side in case for example there is an election fraud in brazil 2022 also not a has been and still is loyal to trump who has not condemned the attack by the former u.s. president supporters on capitol hill january and many here fear the same could happen in brazil in 2 years if both is not reelected. i don't know. he owns a shooting club and imports weapons he's one of bull so now the supporters who say human rights groups are exaggerating or form a biased margin more drama series of abattoir is brazil the country with the highest number of homicides probably but how many of these crimes were committed
12:46 am
with legally registered firearms do we have a record number of police killings maybe but we also have a record number of dead policeman if many are killed many are dead well that means it's a war. but sheesh there is a teacher in the poor neighborhoods of rio de janeiro he's been a victim of violence and has seen children abandon school to take up arms and follow the local drug lord. the only solution is to invest in education and equal opportunities while there is in the quality there is no way out except dodging stray bullets brazil appears increasingly divided with no common ground between those who believe guns will reduce violence and those who fear it will put democracy at risk. of al-jazeera rio de janeiro. mexico's president is also under fire for plans to scrap the nation's freedom of
12:47 am
information institute a publicly funded body has helped uncover a major corruption scandals in the country involving previous governments and activists are accusing president under his money love as obrador of trying to centralize power by controlling information john holl reports now from mexico city . the former president's secret white mansion in a government scam to defraud the poor and vulnerable just 2 seismic investigations in mexico that were helped by the country's publicly funded the autonomous transparency institution. or to go on what to one of the. if this institution didn't exist you know these investigations which have proved wide ranging corruption would have been possible. he wouldn't be here but now the president wants to scrap the institution through which citizens can request government documents his reasons one it's expensive too it's ineffective and 3 it's
12:48 am
politically motivated da the citizen and in all of these organs were created just for simulation they cost a lot of money money the people's money. and his companion as a companion is comes from house actually the transparency in situ costs 0.01 percent of the national budget by them that's $100.00 times less than the government spends on the armed forces and it hasn't as the president said look the release of government files it doesn't have that power you can only ask authorities for documents they can refuse. lopez obrador spokesman says it often hasn't asked hard enough why not give it more teeth then i put to him but he sees another solution will get him what we want is a law that forces the government to make contracts public and be transparent that has teeth so that the judicial power can force the government to open up certain information so it would be the same us now without the need for this committee of
12:49 am
10 people who make decisions without transparency or efficiency. that idea from the president's office would hand most of the power and regulating information directly to the federal government or the judiciary which is closely linked to it and free speech activists say there's an obvious probe. and that it's basically like picking the referee for a football match from the home to the list of if it they say scrapping an autonomous counts wait for the government big mistake we believe that this will be a. great regression in terms of human rights the institution was there we saw that of a civil society effort and these efforts are trying to enforce or to strengthen the democratization process in mexico when he says x units so the question remains why doesn't the government want to improve the transparency institute rather than putting more power into its own hands john heilemann how does
12:50 am
it or mexico city with a new ally from london going to find out if this 4 time olympic champion can stay in contention to win this year's america's cup that's in sport. in syria thousands have disappeared without a trace. forcibly taken from their family back to the most terrible thing in syria just to be. this has been the invisible weapon of the syrian dictatorship for some time as a call to complete either to die continue to be surely to uncork. the disappeared of syria on al-jazeera. in india identity politics on the rise what we're seeing is the construction of politicians in coats and loads of the
12:51 am
across the country and there's a dark side is we do see the grit from his office the majesty of the him fix into something more like the team i didn't see of the british when i meet with victims of violence and discover what life is like for minorities in the country join me on my journey in search of india's soul on al-jazeera. the with a war. time now falls for gemma thank you mariam that started in melbourne where naomi asarco has beaten jennifer brady in straight sets 2 in the australian open for the 2nd time she's now and have 4 grand slam finals the 1st woman to do so in 30 years so
12:52 am
how much reports. she's done it again japanese tennis stanley o'neal sarcomas won the australian open for a 2nd time. she was up against jennifer brady in the final having convincingly swept aside serena williams in the last round and just like it that much of sarkozy's power shots were hard to contend with. brady didn't do herself any favors an unforced error ultimately handing off soccer the 1st set i. took from that point the 3rd seed took over. i think she absolutely dominated the 2nd set and raced to a 4 love lead a far cry from the pairs last meeting in the 2020 u.s. open law school where brady managed to win a save. the american had no such luck this time around
12:53 am
i. and after 77 minutes on court or soccer wrapped up her 4th ground slam title i special victory given all the challenges just to make the event possible due to the pandemic thank you for coming and watching it feels really incredible for me i didn't play my last grandson with fans so just to have this energy it really means a lot think you so much for coming. osaka fans will be hoping there are plenty more titles to come from their favorite player so real knowledge al-jazeera. home fans didn't get the result they wanted in the mixed doubles final check of the record and american iraqi ram combining to win against the australian pairing of sam stays and matthew is the 2nd time they've won this tyson in the last 3 is. playing with fans is what this is all about for us at this point you know it's at
12:54 am
this at this level you want you want a grand slam final in front of people that want to be there to watch it so it was really cool even though not i guess we had more support than maybe i thought but obviously most were cheering for a bonus but it was deliberate. liverpool's a premier league season is going from bad to worse the reigning champions of the eton to know by city rivals evident is liverpool's 4th straight home league defeat and they stay 6 in the table it was evidence 1st league with its hand failed in more than 20 years you have to defend and you have to score and in one situation we didn't defend well enough really could score we made a mistake if you want. and we didn't use damage take all we didn't use the things we created and that's why we have the result. chelsea remain unbeaten on the head coach thomas to go after coming from behind to
12:55 am
draw with southampton southampton took the lead 3 q. minute chelsie then given a penalty just after the break when dying's brought down mason mounts mount steps up to score from the spot to make it 10 chelsea stay 4th in the table position making the determination the timing was simply not good enough today to to create more chances to be more decisive and this tells the story we needed in a game like this we need a penalty to score. in germany there was another spectacular strike from brazil in holland the 20 year old norwegian scored twice against south korea is folly they have taken these goals as holland's 43rd goal in $43.00 games since joining dormant in january last year. one of new zealand's greatest rugby players dan casa has announced his retirement from the sport the flyhalf won 2 world cups with you blacks including in 2015 and he was man of the match in the final against australia
12:56 am
he's world rugby wreck or to point score and as a 3 time world player of the year he will say won 3 super rugby titles with the crusaders as well as league titles in japan and france olympic sailing legend bendings lee has finally got off the mark in his bid to win this year's america's cup the 4 time gold medalist skipper to team any os u.k. to their 1st win in the prada cup final in new zealand but they still trail their italian rivals luna rossa by one of the winners of this best of 13 series will get to take on defending champions team new zealand in the main america's cup in march . you would know when they're. on the wrong side or at last the last 2 days right so i just did a great job just you know they're going to give up the story's going to keep fighting all the way. dublin pick champion michela shifrin has missed out on another wild title the american took bronze in the women's slalom in its late she'd been targeting a 5th consecutive gold medal of his discipline that still leaves the championships
12:57 am
to 4 medals top spot in this event went all strays catarina at me and the championships and finish on sunday with the men's slalom. riders will be useful for me mary our lovely thank you so much gemma or getting hopelessly lost in the freezing cold why not be many people's idea of fun but it's not stopped hundreds of people from flocking to the annual snow maze in the canadian town of some adult on the koven 1000 pandemic has forced the organizers to go big and that's record breaking big to keep social distancing between business has to expand its size by 90 percent this year this amazing maze it took 6 weeks to build and at 73 meters square it's the biggest in the world how about that not my idea of fun would be too cold for me but. interesting place to go. that's if the news hour i
12:58 am
will see you in a couple of minutes for the full but it's like now. revealing eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our planet's on al-jazeera. how does a team from a smaller league draw the biggest crowds. why does the irish flag fly hawley's at a scottish club and what is it about celtic that has the world over cheering them
12:59 am
all politics and football on the ball will stop with the oppressed ireland. the fun to make football on al-jazeera. blah blah. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. blah blah blah blah. blah. blah blah blah mummy mummy let. alone mum. mum mum mum.
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mum mum. mum. mum. 2 people dead in mandalay as me and my security forces used live fire to break up protests against the military which have now been going for 2 weeks. ago i maryam namazie and london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program the russian opposition leader alexina loses an appeal against his jail sentence.


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