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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 23, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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their work is all they care about is making money trying to it's not going to be left out of the calling for the bloated defense budget to be cut the bottom line on us politics and policies america in the world. i'm fully back to bill in doha this is the news hour on al-jazeera coming up in the next 60 minutes outrage and condemnation after malaysia defrauds more than a 1000 national despite a court order against it protesters gather in georgia's capital angry over the arrest of a prominent opposition politician also this hour the taliban accuses the afghan
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government of not living up to its pod of efforts to end that from 1000 year conflict and nasa unveils breathtaking videos of its rover touching down on the red planet. and gives me goose bumps every time i see it just just amazing. i'm joining us ross there with the sports as christiana rinaldo schools twice in events just latest when to become its least top score at this season. and thank you for joining as human rights groups have condemned malaysia's government for deporting more than a 1000 people to myanmar the move defied an early a court order granting the group a temporary stay here in rights groups had appealed the deportation saying they would be at risk if returned to military rules me i'm not i and so. man myself the
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military is coming under increasing international pressure the g 7 a group of the world's wealthiest nations has condemned the gym for its violence towards protesters saying the use of live ammunition is unacceptable 3 protesters have been killed since the february 1st call and the protesters are refusing to back down until deposed leader sochi is released tony chang is standing by for us in bangkok in neighboring thailand on with reaction from the international community to what's happening in myanmar but 1st let's get more on the deportation and speak to katrina jury in more of who is the executive director of amnesty international malaysia she's vice kuyt from kuala lumpur thank you very much for being with us so the temporary stay that was granted by the court earlier came as a surprise to many people what is your reaction 1st of all to the malaysian government's decision to deport these people back to myanmar in defiance of the court order i think you so much for having me on so we believe that with
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a court order to be deported would be seen if you're shocked to be horrified at the government when the deportation i think to me it is absolutely cross to do so before any scrutiny of the decision human rights groups community the u.n. has been calling. for access to the people on the list so that they can determine if they are anyone who will be at risk. and so it is this is absolutely devastating so a total of 1086 people i understand deported to myanmar who exactly are these people and what's the reason the malaysian government is giving for sending back this specific group are they bred fiji's people with refugee status among the group that's been sent back. so the question of who is on this list has been exactly what we have been demanding so the authorities have said that no one is at risk of it
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however they need that determination when they have not allowed the u.n. to access the individuals on that list they've denied you when it's your access one and a half years to detention centers and so we have information that there are people on the list with un documents there are children who will be separated from their families and they're also asylum seekers and so i mean the authorities are insisting that those who are deported agreed to return voluntarily but let's put this into context the options for people in their families will between either indefinite detention or returning to an extremely bato situation amid a military coup and so this is you know essentially of forcing people to meet this decision in the midst of grave human rights by missions essentially is essentially constructed before more so what happens next then i mean this group is being sent back you say that among them are people who have refugee status which which would
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be in violation of international law force what is your message now to the international community. right so we need to clear answers from the malaysian government who they sent back we need the u.n. 'd to be able to cross-check this and to vote to find with the documentation that they have got he said not sit i mean originally there was a 1200 people but it appears now there's a dozen 86 we don't know the fate of the rest of the individuals i mean there's just so many questions and so the court hearing continues tomorrow and we're hoping to get more information about it from from the government review no more answers as to what has happened i mean i just want to put on record that this kind of deportation and also really the whole practice of immigration detention in malaysia is undertaken under a shout of secrecy and that's really an acceptable and we're just quite even the malaysian government despite their defiance today that they still fulfill the
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obligations under international human rights not tell us a bit more about the risk of these people face going back to myanmar i mean of course as the core of that happened after the rake's ago and the country now being and the military of all but even before that they faced huge risks in that market. yes absolutely absolutely i mean i think you know as you put it right so there are indeed we of course knew the situation affecting the rangers but also other ethnic minority areas particularly is of contested governance of armed conflict between stick security forces and armed groups these individuals may be at risk it's also really important to look at the interval migrants for example who may not have had an asylum clean up before or anyone 'd really those who are deported of me have expressed a critical abuse of the military or the myanmar government and so the movies of brick prosecution and imprisonment of colorado and in that context in myanmar as we
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all know is just so little so exactly how did the religion government make an assessment that any kind of bigotry should right now is silly and dignified and that there will not be risk to people returning thank you very much for talking to us. from amnesty international joining us there from kuala lumpur in malaysia we appreciate your time one letter to find out more now about the situation in myanmar itself and the ongoing on tycoon protests there and speak to tony chang who's monitoring the situation from neighboring thailand is live in bangkok tony so the protests continuing across myanmar but not as many people today on the streets as they were yesterday but still notable demonstrations tell us about what's happened today and what impact is all of this having on life in myanmar itself. absolutely i think we weren't expecting the same numbers as we saw yesterday yes there was the big general strike we saw there being followed around the country not
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just in the cities but in towns all over the place today. fewer people but still large numbers in the former capital yangon the largest city in myanmar in the south and we saw in mandalay a large funeral taking place for one of the protesters who was killed when the security forces cracked down on the protesters on saturday afternoon. in addition we saw a smaller protest in young on the indonesian embassy with protesters objecting to the fact that the concerns that the indonesians might be trying to persuade the military hunter and the n l d to accept a 2nd election and the protesters were very keen to stress that they want the results of the election in november last year to be respected in elections the l d one overwhelmingly and they say they are not going to accept any compromise and there is a sort of an indication of what's going on where the protesters are absolutely
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adamant that they want the coup to be reversed they want the military out of power the same time we've seen the senior generals on tell on state t.v. refusing to acknowledge any of the violence we've seen in the last couple of days and of the shooting there the pressure is internal but also external where that the military now coming under criticism from the u.s. the e.u. new sanctions from the u.s. and e.u. and also condemnation from the g 7 how will that change the situation on the ground and does this external pressure matter at all to the military. there has been in the past we've seen the generals completely ignoring sanctions and pressure from outside in the eighty's the ninety's the early 2000 but i think you have to bear in mind this is a very different medium of this is a memo which has had 5 years with relatively open access to the outside world it's
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seen investment in seeing growth and of course now it's got social media and this is one of the things that people are able to communicate in the past when we've seen these kinds of crackdowns news is filtered very slowly and hasn't been available to all those within me and now they're seeing it within minutes on facebook on twitter so if it is a very different world again it's not clear yet whether that matches the to the military we've seen senior general in onli is refusing to acknowledge any of these events of the past certainly no knowledge of the large numbers of protesters we've seen out on the streets but one wonders if they will be feeling pressure internally no signs of any dissent within the military ranks at the moment but this is certainly a very different era to the military to the one the military controlled in the unities in the ninety's thank you so much for that update tony chang in bangkok in other world news protesters are gathering in georgia scap it all protesting against
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the arrest of a prominent opposition politician this is the scene right now in the capital tbilisi and earlier police stormed the opposition offices of ni-cad melia detaining him has been demanding new elections after last year's disputed parliamentary polls georgia's prime minister resigned last week in protest against plans to arrest melia saying it would make the political crisis worse robin force a walker joins us now from the protests in tbilisi saw some big crowds behind you i see robin to denounce the arrest of a at tell us about what's been happening. clearly there was a lot of the released a small area outside the prime minister's office. here through the parliament on the main streets in tbilisi. and i think there will be
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more people to write in. our heads to their more listening to their is a line of course you have reading so i think a lot of the some people will be concerned obviously about coming out because they could be heavy fines since stay happy on a curfew that's basically the opposition is very angry about what's happening and i think they also have. a great deal of me in the international community the western diplomatic immunity have been working very hard to try to. slowly complement. political forces in. the government. elections are not certain which the opposition says were. all of those 3 georgia bring at least their innocence be given. to the following. appeals to go out the window and. there will be deliberate security law just the earliest parts of the temple its are beautiful and difficult
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to learn on a physical release their ground. loads which is the court floor. when star members even start. to be making this a ruling saying maybe snap election level i don't want this group of. certain visualisation saying it's a risk thing that could really was not a long way to go for the destruction which is in prices and i was before. ok we'll leave it there for now but enforce a walk a line for us in tbilisi apologies there for the sound quality plenty more ahead on this news hour including the beginning of a new chapter why should lanka's muslim community hold a 2 day visit by pakistan's prime minister could help them. on blocks why facebook has a great to reverse its news ban on australian sites and that by munich battle fatigue
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and poor form as they prepare for the champions league last 16 that's coming up in sports with joe 8. first hong kong's government has announced plans to require all elected official says when oath of allegiance to beijing or lose their jobs on monday china's top official in hong kong outlined plans to ensure only what he called on the territory and you will take sent to opposition desperate councillors who won by a landslide in the 21000 election. than oil to pledge will be bought for 5 years on kong's government says past behavior will be taken into account. we were not introduced and the so called rich respective effect to this or it's ours but we don't divine that there may be a possibility that when we have to decide on someone's behavior whether it's.
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upholding the basic law or bearing allegiance to the ongoing saga of we may have to take into account. some of his past behavior well let's take a closer look at what this means for hong kong's opposition the government says at least for directly elected opposition districts councillors could lose their seats and be barred from running again for 2 electoral cycles as soon as legal proceedings are brought against a politician for breaching the loyalty pledge they will be suspended immediately critics say it's a violation of presumption of innocence and even though the proposed law is not retroactive past behavior may be considered one officials determine if an author has been violated or let's speak to soria dev about this because an associate professor at the school of law of city university of hong kong is via skype from uncle thank you very much for being with us so beijing says this is all about
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patriotism and that extending it to dissuade council is is to make sure that their pitch patriotic your reaction 1st of all. you know they say it's part of the requirement for dextre district council is legally is this a sound argument. i'm not under that basically or the district council it's not not get quite good at getting old but the government is now proposing to i meant the old and the declaration ordinance and include the 'd search councilors that sparked off but we got to show that it quite don't get caught and the basic object you know well well the government is to ensure that it is hardly any dissenting voices in the elections in hong kong or down the labor down ensured that already at the legislative council they got mentation to go out to civil servants or dick deal and now they're asking but it's just a cancer to the on going forward i don't know you know difficulty here it is that demeaning of well who is a petri it is is
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a very subjective and it has no legal requirement that political requirement and this is defined in a very subjective and but absent an arbitrary matter to be dollops anyone who will speak against the government's party or who will criticize the chinese government to this will be done is that he got so right this is really as subjective a subjective law and as you say it will affect on contests recounts those who are overwhelmingly opposition figures do you think would be able to sustain their position and you know went way to save the upcoming elections i mean that so it would have might be plenty of facts there's very likely that those people who are already. councillors that because they won the election in 2 of the 19 they have do very well going forward otherwise the government could really use their new law and try to describe. it is highly problematic that the government is saying that even if the law is prospective in nature it past behavior can be taken into account so you need back the government is saying that the in practice the law may have to
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draw spectators packed selectively in certain cases. at the same time the garment. and the building of thirty's oh very clearly saying that we're talking about it in judges being treated so in a sense we're talking about all institutions of governance at all libellous satisfying very subjective definition of being better or tick the china right and this is not simple i don't want but the basic right and this is when you look at the big picture this is of course part of a larger overhaul of hong kong's system and you wonder where it at least the one country 2 systems promise to allow hong kong to retain its economy that it exists just then you know that did not exist anymore. i think i would suggest that we are not creating a new one going to go system i mean be had if an idea or one going to use
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a system which either knocked it wrong post or you like 99 to 7 onwards but after the initial security law came into force last year i think chinese government working closely with the hong kong government the only player saying that all understanding got one going to go system we didn't you understand you got one going to go system so it will not be identical to that mainland chinese system but it is going to move incrementally very close to the system in china and i think increasingly media and civil society get me out member so public i think everyone would be increasingly expect it will become and coming from beijing syria dave thank you so much for talking to us about this area davis associate professor at the school of law of city university hong kong thank you for your time thank you. pakistan's prime minister has arrived in sri lanka his 1st visit since taking office in iran can was welcomed by prime minister mahinda rajapaksa the leaders are
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expected to discuss bilateral trades let's bring in our correspondent me now fernandez who is live from sri lanka's capital colombo so just how significant a visit is this and what is true lanka hoping to get out of it now. well again the significance is all down to who you talk to folly for the muslims of this country the minority numbering a little over 10 percent here their hopes are riding on imran khan to sort out a burning issue they've been dealing with that is the government's folly policy of force cremations of corbett 19 victims the muslim sort of minority has engaged with the government at multiple levels essential ie what they have said is their religion sort of bans the cremation of those who die and that this is not something in keeping with their beliefs they have urged the government to stop
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this and allow them to go ahead with the burial of those in their community but the government has sued for. choosing to ignore the guidelines and essentially scientific evidence which basically says that cremations and burials are both acceptable they have gone on a process of appointing different committees and they've kind of been stalling on this issue so on imran khan is a huge sort of a burden of expectation by the muslims of sri lanka that he will use his good offices whatever goodwill that he has with the government of sri lanka obviously the 2 countries go back a long way pakistan has stood by sri lanka particularly the rajapaksa know that because they stood by them during the last stages of the war in this country giving them sort of needed munitions and things like that so the muslims are hoping that he'll bring that 5 kind of goodwill to use whereas the sri lankan government on the other hand is hoping that can will bring together the islamic countries to help
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them counter any anti sri lanka criticism resolution that is tabled at the un human rights council in geneva obviously the. precognition his report which is out in the public domain is very very critical in sri lanka is expected to come in for a fair bit of criticism and flack for things that sort of still left undone 12 years after the war and the government is hoping that imran khan might hope to balance that criticism. thank you michelle fernandez life for sarah in colombo well let's take a closer look at relations between sure lanka and pakistan the 2 day visit by the pakistani prime minister is being seen as as an effort to increase economic ties pakistan is sri lanka's 2nd largest trading partner in south asia with more than $480000000.00 worth of goods traded in 20 teen both countries are also allies of
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china with sheer lanka recently showing interest in joining the pakistan china manufactured f 17 fighter jet program and sri lankan airlines wants to expand its flight routes to multiple cities in pakistan while also inviting pakistan international airlines to operate more fries to sri lanka best discuss this further now with tamil event on and on tun vinaya gan who is a teaching associate in international relations international human rights i should say at the university of nottingham he joins us via skype from leicester thank you very much for being with us so. a highly significant visit by the pakistani prime minister especially in the context of india also trying to strengthen its ties with the sri lankan government 1st of all just how difficult do you think a balancing act is is seoul for sure lanka's government given that india is its largest trading partner. we need thanks very much for having me and these are very important question so obviously it's shrunk i have. installers.
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have written internationally. asia pacific pursuing a strategy of had jingly contradicting policy choices and ambiguous and security alignment and obviously inviting. primacy and i'm gone from office. for a simple very much and attempts for trade policies but above that it's also building on that from the human rights council you know striking the balance at the end of the day for sure in relation to. but also not curtailing the diplomatic of her efforts with india which is exemplified by the fact that it was stuck on its all able to fall and the truck in parliament having the fear that he could talk about kashmir right and what about in terms of the india china rivalry their fight for influence in southeast asia how
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big of a battleground and how high are the stakes for a strong government. it's a very good question again well being it always has the 3rd largest airport and it is scary 80 percent of the global se ball traits and china obviously by investing in the development and show aka humble imports. this one example of calling up 1000000000 u.s. dollars to the colombo core little to sound so there are many issues where china is invested and triste. as a focal point in the indian ocean between the straits of hormuz and strait of malacca so you see coming increasingly important for china. to have a foothold. where ass india is watching this with some serious concern yes they are fearing this chinese. and croce once on the high end just in its basic
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yard and tries to expand its own financial africa in the country at the end of the day it's a matter of colonialism as the former african leaders that it's resemblance of sovereignty for so on but at the end of they want to follow seats up there it promotes a lot and china and india are using show on gas. play bowl and. they issue set up laid out at the human rights council to the very end human rights language just brought to you. as a conducive tool for economic crates and supports in the region at the end of the day thank you very much for talking to us about this time and then time and time have nightgown joining us there from s.f. thank you for your time thanks and you. the covert 1000 pandemic now and the u.s. death toll from corona virus has passed half
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a 1000000. bells tolled $500.00 times at the national cathedral in washington in memory of the victims while the u.s. death toll is the world's highest in absolute terms several other countries have lost more people as a proportion of their populations since and only recourse from washington. president joe biden marked the somber milestone from the white house acknowledging the half 1000000 lost to cope with 19 not as a number but as individuals the people we lost were extraordinary they span generations born in america emigrated to america but just like that so many of them took their final breath alone in america.
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as a nation can accept such a cool for a while before i do this pandemic for so long we have to resist become the norm to the sorrow. after addressing the nation the president headed outside for a moment of silence $500.00 candles lit 450-0000 dead and we're still not out of it a half a 1000000 deaths it's just it's terrible it is historic we haven't seen anything even close to this the grim milestone comes after a winter storm stalled vaccination efforts in parts of the nation so far just over 80 percent of the doses that are available have been administered health officials say they should be back on track this week backs and eating at a rate of $1800000.00 shots per day while hospitalizations and fatalities remain high the most of any country in the world they've begun to decline dramatically
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coping 19 in the united states has been declining for 5 weeks with the 7 day average dropping 74 percent since the 7 day average on january the president has promised to vaccinate 100000000 americans in his 1st 100 days in office and white house officials expect to meet that goal but that may be small comfort to those who've lost a loved one nevertheless the president offered the grieving a message of hope you could be ok and to heal he said we must remember kristen salumi al jazeera washington. as we said america's half 1000000 a covert $1000.00 deaths represent about $152.00 out of every 100000 people that's the 9th highest figure worldwide but the death rate has been significantly higher in countries like belgium the u.k. and italy the 1st country to be badly hit after china and the nation with the most number of deaths relative to its population is
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a tiny principality of san marino with more than 70 in a population of just $33000.00 that's about $213.00 deaths per 100000 people. i an update on the world where the now his everton fox hello there we've got something of a change in the weather for beijing over the next couple of days on sunday temperature touch 26 degrees celsius but with service has been resumed wednesday a top temperature of around 5 degrees celsius so we lost that record breaking february hate little bit of snow just coming into the sections of china as we go through wednesday some rain easing in as well across central parts all making this way for the race was through the elysee heading towards south korea we'll see some wet weather coming through cooling off in shanghai with some heavy downpours which could lead to a little bit of localized flooding showers will gradually make their way towards southern parts of japan some wintry weather there into north of honshu into hokkaido in between not too bad in tokyo with
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a top temperature of around 11 degrees celsius not too bad now into the philippines you see some very heavy rain recently of course with their recent tropical storm punching its way through its face laying out a legacy of showers just pushing into northern areas through lose almost see some wet weather coming in here as we go on through a weapons day somewhat to weather some wintry weather pushing across northern parts of india meanwhile northern areas of pakistan wanted to show was into nepal bhutan but for much of south asia is fine and dry. are still ahead on the news hour farmers in the u.k. hold their 1st summit to discuss life after a break set or take a look at the challenges say say they're facing. a concrete decision that's causing an uproar why environmentalists say plans for a cement factory in indonesia is threatening farmers livelihoods and in sports the ice hockey player who claims to be the victim of intimidation tactics from the russians out mix she.
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jumped into the story there was a lot going on in this one julia not global community when i thought of all the misinformation i think we are more afraid than we are aware be part of the debate don't ever take anybody's one word because there's always a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land we have been disconnected from who we are and would love to hear from you in the to be part of today's discussion this stream on out is there a. mount for souvenirs is one of the most dangerous active volcanoes in the world. but not everyone feels living in its shadow. with good force a presumption there or something like that a good book to see if we assume the good people who don't live in a couple missed the. world goes to the red zone near naples. to understand this unusual love of. living with
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a volcano on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching the news hour on al-jazeera with me fully back to pull out a reminder of our top stories human rights groups have condemned malaysia's government for deporting more than half hours and people to myanmar the move defied an early a court order granting the group a temporary stay inside myanmar the military is coming under increasing international pressure the g 7 a group of the world's wealthiest nations has condemned the for its violence towards on tackle protesters the demonstrations have been going on and 3 people
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have been killed since the february 1st school. and live pictures from georgia's capital tbilisi right now where protesters are gathering to denounce the arrest of a prominent opposition politician earlier police stormed the offices of the opposition and detaining nican many has been demanding new elections up to last year's disputed autumn entry hopes. now facebook has announced it will restore news content to its uses in australia at the moment all australian news pages are broncs from sharing material on facebook and all its use as a band from sharing links to australian news sources the decision comes after the government agreed to amends legislation that would make tech giant spray foster alien news content peter lewis sees director of the australia into cheers center for responsible technology he explains why the australian government is pushing hard for media bongani code law the legislation that's making its way through the
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strong arm problem of the moment is to create a site that can force commercial negotiations on walk competition regulator designated to be. monopoly advertising businesses google and facebook there's been pushed back by both of those to be subject to legislative code forcing that negotiation and what google has done is to do a series of deals you call the code becomes law facebook was resisting the idea of the card fitting into the lore and what's happened to die is that the government's offered a number of procedural amendments to stretch out any process that would be treated in the event that the code is treated but the assumption is that will now into negotiations to really take the need for the card off the tie ball so this was a wise legislation to force the negotiations between big tech in the maybe that weren't going to happen without the city be interventions at the end of the dive
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price books accepted the premise that there needs to be an accommodation between their their market dominance in advertising in the public interest journalism and news content in australia afghanistan has launched its covert 1000 vaccine drive the 1st job was administered at a ceremony at the presidential palace india delivered 500000 doses of the astra zeneca vaccine afghanistan has recorded more than 55000 cases a vaccination campaign comes i made a surge in violence by armed groups. and we continue to see that afghanistan in maine is one of the deadliest places in the world to be a civilian we reiterate in the report. that the only way to protect civilians is to end the fighting and we parties to talk to humanitarian cease fire . now the taliban is accusing afghanistan's government of not living up to its end of the peace agreement the group says it's still waiting for the release of more of
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its members from presidents as it was promised during the doha talks as bring in the summer job it has been following developments from those negotiations is live here in doha so you've been talking just about officials are sama and they were responding to accusations that they are not committed to the peace talks tell us about what they told you or absolutely this is the taliban have been accused of perpetrating the violence that we've been seeing in the last few weeks in afghanistan you've heard from the you know i'm a director they're accusing armed groups of carrying those attacks out and the government of the of of the sun has actually levelled the blame at the taliban at various levels so that a senior official taliban official told us that the taliban has not committed any attacks against civilians it says it's remains committed to peace and for the 1st time they've laid out in detail on how 3 in phases the one government and their
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u.s. allies were supposed to abide by the agreement and this is they haven't they haven't released the prisoners this is the bombardment drone attacks night raids all of them are continuing in taliban held areas as well as the taliban continues to remain blacklisted by the united nations i also asked them about their involvement not just in targeted killings but this era fear of going to stand that you see right now talks have come to a halt and they say they remain committed to the talks and accuse the afghan government saying that it has been dragging its feet for the last 6 months about how to carry these talks forward and they're still arguing about the agenda so what is the taliban doing in preparation for a possible withdrawal of u.s. troops from afghanistan. well i asked the taliban that it is now seemingly unlikely that the timeline that was set by the u.s. administration led by president trump is going to be followed we heard snippets from ian stoltenberg last week when nato defense ministers met and i asked him as
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well that how do you actually gauge that the taliban has severed tied with groups such as the reports on the ground suggest that they have been regrouping the taliban insists that there have been no attacks on western targets they say that there are no intelligence reports of any foreigner attacking any or planning to attack any other country using of dance well so this is that they're holding their end of the bargain and nato ministers as well as the united states says that it is continuing its intelligence gathering on the ground and a decision is imminent about what is going to be the future of course of action with regard to not just a troop withdrawal but a permanent ceasefire and peace in afghanistan thank you for osama bin jarret in doha to the u.k. now as prime minister voice johnson has told farmers the sector can be more profitable and productive now that it's free of the shackles korto of the ears common agricultural policy boris johnson was addressing the annual meeting of the
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country's national farmers union its 1st since the end of the transition period agricultural organization south want some sectors are in crisis because of the 20 wrecks it and coronavirus and he joins us now live from essex in south eastern england so tell us more about the prime minister what the prime minister said to the farmers and what is the message from the u.k. government. willfully this is a time of great flux for agriculture in general in particular for food producers here in the u.k. now this meeting of the national farmers union a virtual meeting has heard from the international trade minister liz truss telling them that there are golden opportunities to be found in markets in asia middle class consumers they're encouraging producers here to look further
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afield valen the european union now that bracks it is upon us and we've heard from george eustice britain's environment secretary saying that there are great there are great opportunities in terms of things like gene editing being allowed for for livestock. and prime minister boris johnson sent a video address in which he acknowledged the role that farmers had played over the last year during the current pandemic and alluding to the changes in emphasis that he's government want because it's in the next few years the subsidies from the european union under the common agricultural policy a going to disappear the government says that it will instead pay farmers to look after the environment plant trees fight flooding things like that farmers don't really know how that's going to work they do know that they can't do without those
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subsidies boris johnson says we will stick by you and there will be benefits. the 1st thing i want to say is a heartfelt thank you the keeping the nation that you've kept the supermarket shelves stocked the delivery boxes filled but now as we look ahead to the rest of the year free of course from the shackles of the common agricultural policy i hope that this could be the moment where we start to realize the many opportunities we now have not just for the benefit of our fantastic promise for all of you before our entire country so 19 what difference does being outside of the e.u. market make for the british farmers. this is the thing the government is saying virtue in the long run there will be new opportunities there will be brics it benefits they're looking to strike trade deals
4:43 pm
with countries around the world now some farmers have told us that they're concerned particularly in a no livestock production for example meat producers very worried that there could be deals with the likes of australia and brazil which could introduce cheaper could come petition cheaper goods from abroad which could drive them out of business but right now some sectors are hurting we've already seen the fishing industry pleading with the government for more help because of a sudden loss of access to e.u. markets new paperwork and customs checks making a lot of business on viable for other sectors of u.k. agriculture they want to know how that u.n. forces in going green and the new sustainable approach is going to work how they'll be helped to transition but we've seen in the last week for example in the southwest of england flower farms where produce is gone.
4:44 pm
because of a lack of workforce and that's partly being put down to bricks and it's hard to tell which is the bricks it which is the pandemic effect as it is a lot of things right now the government is saying that we will stand by british farmers but you will have to change to a different kind of world thank you for that now reporting there live from access ethics. promise in indonesia central java struggling with flooding that has destroyed nearly $2000000.00 worth of crops they blame authorities for damaging the land and making it less fertile jessica washington reports on jakarta. it might look like a river but this is actually a paddy field in the village of some pang in patty regency this community of families in central java is trying to salvage their crops days of severe flooding have destroyed most of their hard work and most of the rice is russian. but i saw
4:45 pm
some of the little bit that someone that looked all around everything is ruined there is no harvest. this community is used to heavy rains but farmers told al-jazeera past floods didn't reach the petit fields they say land degradation is to blame for the worsening flooding. but number number of that time i said that there are many mining activities going on uphill mining for the cement factories forest destruction plantations when it rains the water flows straight to the jawan a river overflows. the disaster agency says $7000.00 hectares of land is flooded and in some areas the water rose more than a metre and a half. a minute how far along aside from the la nina effect we cannot deny this flood is caused by environmental destruction especially in the forest. environmental groups are campaigning for a moratorium on mining permits they blame the worsening floods on upstream mining
4:46 pm
for the cement factory but local authorities in how to maintain the floods are caused by heavy rains. these floods are because the join a river overflowed it happens annually when the rainfall is high. this week severe flooding affected thousands of households in jakarta and nearby cities and local authorities also blamed heavy rain flooding in java causes millions of dollars of damage every year in jakarta and in smaller cities and authorities are often reluctant to make the connection between environmental damage and the worsening floods. in purty the local government says it will give seeds to the affected farmers but the farmers are still concerned. if it continues like this all is lost the complex again the seeds they say will not be enough if the big issues aren't addressed as well just to washington al-jazeera jakarta. still ahead on
4:47 pm
al-jazeera while roll squares are being asked to donate their brains out of a death of one of their great sets coming up next with joe to save us.
4:48 pm
if. time for sports now has joe kelly thank you very much christiane or an elder has become the top scorer in italy this season overtaking insulin's remailer cocker with his latest performance the portuguese star scored to head is as you've been to speak bottom pub proton a 3 no on monday that takes fernando's tally to 18 goals this season still so moves
4:49 pm
eventis with an 8 points of the disease. $1000.00 challenge for the title. fellow talons that seo are in champions league action they host the holders by munich in the last 16 later but by it are also battling fatigue and poor form since clinching the 6th title in 12 months with victory at the fee for club world cup in qatar the european champions have been struggling domestically by just $2.00 points ahead of abi light sick in the bundesliga by an also without several of their 1st team players including thomas millar and benjamin pavadai following positive tests the monday morning it's been a heavy workload and we've missed some of our top players but this can always happen during a season and 2 other teams as well so i'm looking forward with optimism these champions league games are special for us so i expect the team will be motivated now spain's top scorer luis suarez will be looking to take a bite doubts have chelsea's champions league hopes as he leaves atletico madrid
4:50 pm
into the last 16 but the crowd of hours pandemic has forced the match to be moved to remain here because of travel restrictions preventing visitors from the u.k. entering spain chelsea's boss feels that could play into his team's hands. disadvantage for 4 atlantic 0 to lose their home ground we don't have to talk around that is obvious. so. i feel clearly yes it's very easy to answer i love what i see on a daily basis. up to 10000 fans could be allowed back into stadiums for the final day of the english premier league season as part of the easing of lockdown restrictions it comes to light though for crystal palace fans who could only watch on t.v. as their team stunned brighton on monday christian wintec a schooled in the 95th minute with his team's 3rd shot on target in the whole game 21 result lifts palace to 13. the french rugby federation says there have been no
4:51 pm
new cases of coke in 19 among its 6 nations squad so far 10 players in the head coach have tested positive which puts sunday's match against scotland in paris in doubt tournament organizers say a decision will be made on wednesday if it can't take place the game will be rescheduled for the earliest possible date france a top of the 6 nations table after winning both the games so far. a coroner in australia is calling on aussie rules players to donate their brains to research into concussion related disease c.t.e. the coroner made the appeal after giving her findings in the death of former all the rules great danny frawley who took his own life in 2019 foley who played for st kilda or in the eighty's ninety's was found to have c.t.e. off to his death the disease is caused by repeated concussions and has been linked to mental health issues. so the n.b.a. now and le bron james has dismissed concerns about his workload after his l.a.
4:52 pm
lakers team suffered their 4th loss in 5 games despite having le bron the defending champions a struggling without the injured anthony davis this time they were beaten in overtime by the washington wizards bradley beal the standout player with 33 points as the with it secured their 1st win over the leykis at the staples center since march 2017 they now won 5 in a row which is the longest winning streak in 3 years. this is a fast turnaround from last season and we will all wish we can have more rest but you know i'm here to work to punch my clock and be available to my teammates and if i am. or am not feeling well then. them this whole narrative of no the brownies morris washy take more rest wash take time here. has become bigger than what it actually really. the new york rangers n.h.l. teams say their play ought to be pandora nays being targeted by smear tactics
4:53 pm
because of his support of russian opposition figure alexina valmy an r.n. is taking a leave of absence softer former coach alleged he assaulted a woman in latvia 10 years ago which he denies the russian player has spoken out against president vladimir putin in the past recently posted support from the valley who earlier this month was jailed for nearly 3 years. the rain just said to me them and lee and on the critically denies any and all allegations in this fabricated story this is clearly an intimidation tactic being used against him for being outspoken on recent political events the range is fully support me and work with him to identify the source of these unfounded allegations carol you say too much but. i think he's in good hands the rangers do unbelievable job of you know having a good support system for players for you know i mean anything we need an obviously this is probably
4:54 pm
a little bit unique for everybody but he's in good hands and you know he's such a good person and we talked this morning about the situation and the fact that it's sympathetic and as much as a termes of our thoughts. in that we're going to be here form that you know we've got a job to do and you know these guys don't have a great practice that was really good practice and. you know what i've said and it is the things that you know like to elaborate on but a good bit of just sticking to the state. wells best pound for pound box a capella alvarez is preparing for his latest fight this saturday the mexican and his turkish opponent. had kovan 19 tests before they face off in florida they will fight for the world super middleweight title at the miami dolphins and f.l. stadium canelo has only lost one of his $54.00 fights to floyd mayweather jr. the new formula one season is just over 2 weeks away in the red bull team of the latest to unveil their call for 2021 although it is
4:55 pm
a bit hard to make it out in this media video the team released on the social media redbull aims to carry momentum from last season where they finished 2nd to miss avies they'll fight for this year's title with max for stop and a new teammate soldier paras at the helm. all right that is all useful for now have will for later follow thank you very much for that joe thank you now for the 1st time the u.s. space agency has captured a massive land landing on video the pictures show nasa has perseverance rover descending on to the surface of the red planet are ready to search for signs of ancient life or burden manly has. confirmed. on historic moment for nasa the. color video of a spacecraft landing on. a planet more than 200000000 kilometers from ours. and we've been trying it out for years so i'm going to give you a quick warning to not blink because things go really fast here you can see that
4:56 pm
you get a sense really of how violent that parachute deploy in inflation air to 2700000000 dollar perseverance rover is on a mission to explore the red planet for ancient signs of life it was a nail biting moment for scientists who had to wait several minutes to receive the signal that it had successfully landed on the just there a crater that said to be an ancient rubert that carried water billions of years ago . it's not just video of burns's land they didn't answer had released. this is the microphone that was part of the e.t. system. too if you would like to close your eyes and just imagine yourself sitting on the surface of mars. it will take a few weeks for the rover to get rolling on its heavy duty when the team will 1st
4:57 pm
check all systems. and test the instruments it will allow us to do further in depth check out to be a shipment we have our core in the center are pixel and instruments mounted to the side and that black is to support the gut gas dust removal which will remove dust from the surfaces that we will be inspecting. and in the address into new 2 detached mixed school the same this. piece together the 6 pick choose to create a panel at the. cape. explore the river. then the sediment scientists are hoping to find fossils that prove life 6 feet on the right planet.
4:58 pm
that's it for this news hour but do stay with us i'll be back in just a few minutes with more of the day's top stories. frank assessments the world is on the brink of a catastrophic moral failure is that a fair assessment you can be catastrophic. to twice valuable backseat informed opinions should we be buying big court ultimately it will be sovereigns and governments who are buying this that is the direction this is all headed in-depth analysis of the day school opel headlines inside story on 00. in syria thousands have disappeared without a trace. forcibly taken from the family where the most terrible thing in syria is to be. this has been the invisible weapon of
4:59 pm
the syrian dictatorship through the. sometimes the cold to compete better to die than continue to be to control. the disappeared of syria on algis it. is only a change because some people believe in a post that is bigger than their. run to make a political of my city around the state representative they put themselves to make the changes that we. should have taken this. long we have a disco to slosh or to create new areas we have to change this culture and one of the fortunate ones in an establishment outside but all the people and the majority
5:00 pm
of these legal research talk about just good hardworking people that want to live the american dream like our ancestors these are hindu refugees are terrified that they may be forced to return to myanmar. outrage and condemnation after malaysia deports more than a 1000 yet more nationals despite a court order against it. and watching al jazeera live from doha with me fully back to also ahead protesters gather in georgia's capital angry over the arrest of a prominent opposition politician. and rocked why facebook has a great.


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