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engaging with the rest of the world i cover foreign policy national security this is a political impasse here's what are we telling a good story. here i'm really interested in taking you into a place that you might not visit otherwise and to actually feel as if you were there. safe and highly effective u.s. regulators are set to approve johnson and johnson's single shot coronavirus vaccine paving the way for a global rollout. of the whole romany watching officer of life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 30 minutes garner becomes the 1st country to receive doses of back program aimed at making vaccines available to less wealthy countries also.
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more violence at one of 3 prisons in ecuador were riots broke out killing at least 79 people. germany a court sentences a former syrian intelligence officer to prison for crimes against humanity. welcome to the program the driver and the current virus pandemic is picking up speed new research shows the johnson and johnson vaccine is highly effective in preventing severe cases of covert 19 it could get emergency approval for use in the u.s. by the end of the week the single shot vaccine has been tested in the u.s. brazil and south africa studies show it's highly effective in combating the ball aggressive variance europe's inoculation program is also gathering pace e.u. countries are set to discuss vaccinations the tickets for their citizens as part of
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efforts to stimulate travel through the summer. is the vice president of vaccine research and development on the blue willow biologics he says the johnson and johnson job could be a game changer. going for one immunization is a great thing that happening because for mass vaccination you don't want to have the trouble of bringing people back to get a 2nd vaccination so they are the only company that went for one backs in nation and look for the ficus in the the sure that you have a decent the ficus the surely the across the line of the expected asian of the of the f.d.a. for for licensure so in on friday we will see how the exact data looks like and probably are with the advisory committee at the f.d.a. it will be all looking forward to see more details about this in addition are all
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other vaccine in fact have shown if it is here after one vaccination but what short period of time because we did not we have to administer the 2nd vaccination so the only if it got any apriori one or one vaccination was the n.g.a. i'm sure that if you look at the data there is good data to support at some point of time some other vaccine that can go for one vaccination regimen and then you bring people back for a 2nd immunization after you have done more work and expanded the vaccination biotech firm says u.s. regulators are testing its new credit hours vaccine and that's a very of that's present in south africa another strain is considered one of the more dangerous because it evades some of the blocking actions of antibodies that means it has reduced the deficit the efforts of efficacy of the current generation of vaccines is considering using the new vaccine as
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a booster or combining it with its original trap. garber has become the 1st country to receive credit our science is through the international clever scheme the astra zeneca jobs arrived in the capital accra of wednesday sort of high that has. even back seem to ensure that people from less wealthy countries are protected against covert 19 is being hailed as a historic moment. the rival of $600000.00 from india marks the beginning of a massive campaign that will see more than $2000000000.00 doses delivered to several developing countries across different continents this covert program is about equity and sooty darity if you follow the vaccination going on around the planet so far it's only citizens from the let the say the better off countries that have benefited from this and from today we're bringing in equity gone the plants inoculate around 20 percent of its population in the 1st phase of its campaign but
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is still not enough and the government says it's working on securing more doses. almost $2500000.00 people worldwide have died from corona virus so far rich countries have been able to buy far more vaccines in poorer ones and while kovacs has managed to raise $6000000000.00 in needs at least another 2000000000 to meet its target for 2021 this pool that is only financed now so we can reach in 1002 countries the most vulnerable population the older citizens the health workers people with school mobility you know but we need much more taxes and financing so we can vaccinate everybody just like if you walk in the rich world countries receive the lifesaving vaccines next we'll include some of the poorest countries in the world including haiti democratic republic of congo and afghanistan where the kovacs program will cover 20 percent of its $38000000.00 population the global race for doses has met the high income countries can more easily do deals with vaccine
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manufacturers than low income ones so the world health organization and unit or urging those companies to prioritise contracts with kovacs and ensure fair distribution worldwide so far 200 term 1000000 doses of vaccine have been arguing globally. but however those are just 2 countries and you purchase and are in just 10 countries more than $200.00 countries are your 2 items to a single dose after a year of disruptions due to the pandemic there is hope that this is the beginning of the parts recovery for those most affected and those that are most vulnerable sort of jazz it or not chile has vaccinated more people than all of the countries in africa combined it was the 1st nation in south america to start its campaign of our hands the 5th highest vaccination rates in the world more than 3000000 people were inoculated this month latin america to listen to the human is in santiago she
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explains how chile has been able to roll out its vaccination campaign so quickly. the combination actually of 3 factors one very very strong political will a very aggressive energy put into acquiring these vaccines on the part of the president who was a billionaire businessman before he was a politician so he knows how to negotiate especially in the international market also economic solvency chile has been able to pay for these facts seems up front and 3rd the use of some very very savvy lawyers because as we have discovered it's not so easy to purchase millions of vaccines in this quantity the legal framework is complicated and especially when there's competition worldwide to acquire them so tulli apparently was able to come up with these very almost airtight contracts with pharmaceutical companies 3 or 4 of them at least even before the vaccines were
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approved and they have been arriving by the millions and so so far i've had my job most of the people i know have and by the middle of the end of june if things keep going as they are now the whole country should have been inoculated one of the things that changed was the health minister he wasn't all that popular although he was recognized for having done a very good job in bringing ventilators to chile but there was additional health minister but probably the biggest criticism was more along the lines of what the government did not do as efficiently in terms of economic aid to the people who needed most. a place like that also riots have broken out again think gangs in a prison in the city of where killed this week has seen the worst prison violence in the country's history with at least 79 people killed police have released video showing special units and from some prisons during the riots or about badly. it was . the. was. how many were
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confronted by flames and prisoners on the loose. ecuadorian special forces a maximum security prison in the country south. i prefer was could be some people for example they shout at the inmates to get on the ground. and fight a gas in a bid to bring the riot under control i would probably. be prepared for people in makes a scene covering themselves from the choking fumes all those arrested oh there's a chase a some of the prisoners attempt a jailbreak. for this dramatic video was released the day after riots broke out in 3 presence. within these rules rival gangs of turned with each other in a battle for power and leadership. some fought with how made weapons all those
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reportedly the had that. dozens of people have been killed over the brow of the crowd the police and military remain stationed outside why a kidlet a cougar and cuenca there are frequent riots and violence and acquittals prison system but this is so far been the deadliest was i want my son out because he could get killed he also which is what the hand to my of a dead no my son is aust me to get him out because they want to kill him was that i don't know anything about my son i was sent a message yesterday on the. funny i always use this to communicate and it said only we are locked up that's it i sent another message but i didn't receive a response many warry the loved ones remained in danger with down disputes regularly spilling into binah in from the prison. nor about the money and to see. that as well as expelling the head of the european union delegation in caracas in
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retaliation for sanctions imposed on some of its top officials is about to drop has been given 72 hours to leave ah but day the e.u. froze the assets of bank venezuelan officials and banned the travel accusing them of either undermining democracy or violating human rights is the 2nd time in a year that venezuela has expelled a diplomat a response to european sanctions on the we know. we would not have wanted to do this we are doing it against our will because we want to have the best relations with all of europe but we cannot accept that anyone comes to offend venezuela to attack venezuela to sanction venezuela we are not going to accept it from anybody. well still ahead here on al-jazeera we live in beijing where the government has declared victory over poverty. because government is forced to defend its human rights record during the civil war those stories after the break.
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it's time for the perfect gentleman the weather sponsored by qatar airways hello there we've got snow in the forecast for parts of the middle east over the next couple of days not as widespread as it has been recently on places i think for the most part it is looking fine and dry but iran could see some rather nasty weather so you have the higher ground increasingly turning to snow and it joins up with the snowy mix that we have pushing up towards afghanistan kabul. around 13 degrees celsius iraq syria lebanon jordan pushing down across the levant looking fine and drivers and pleasant sunshine and more in the west sunshine too into northern parts of saudi arabia following on from our recent spell of shabby rain coming out of this they system pay which continues to make its way further race was dry skies coming back in behind snow just the winds picking up across the gulf as
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we go through friday blowing system with dust and sand to watch out for but it will be lousy dry loss of hazy sunshine across much of the arabian peninsula while she drives seriously hope across the wall says here into somalia got a few showers there into the highlands maybe some showers just around southern parts of uganda through the rift valley the usual crop of showers coming in here but some really wet weather will make its way into the eastern side of south africa right over the next couple of days but it warms up quite nicely for cape town. school at ways jump into this terrain there is a lot going on in this and julian on global community when i talk about the misinformation i think we don't want to feed then we're nowhere to be part of the debate don't ever take anybody's one word because there's always a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land we've been disconnected from who we are good enough to keep the new and each week
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be part of today's discussion this streamed on out is the arab. world. or. the like. about you're watching i was there with the sole robber reminder of our top stories the johnson and johnson corona virus that so you could get emergency approval for use in the u.s. by the end of the week this afternoon research shows that it's highly effective in preventing severe cases of covert 19. also garner has become the 1st country to receive vaccines through the international covert ski 600000 astra zeneca jobs arrived on wednesday the u.s. backed scheme will see more than 2000000000 covert 19 doses delivered to developing
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countries. police in ecuador say riots of broken out again between criminal gangs in a prison in the city of where. this week has seen the bloodiest prison violence in the country's history with at least 79 people killed. china's president has declared a complete victory in his government's campaign to stump up poverty cheating paying made the announcement at a ceremony marking the country's accomplishments it's a goal they were hoping to achieve by this year or katrina you joins me now from beijing following about force i mean what what is the chinese government claiming is the chief sort of fighting poverty across the country and how is it done this. well president xi jinping is giving a great grands today is celebrating what he says is one of the chinese government's biggest achievements to date which is to eradicate extreme poverty nation wide now we've got a look at the benchmark for what poverty is according to china china says that's an
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income of $2.30 per day which is slightly lower than what the world bank recommends for higher income countries which is about $5.00 a day that being said though china says according to its own benchmark of $2.30 it's lifted $779.00 people out of poverty since the $970.00 s. now this campaign has been underway for decades but really it was galvanized under xi jinping who really made it quite a significant part of his leadership a promise to end extreme poverty at the time in 2012 when he came to power there was still about 100000000 people mostly in rural areas living in poverty but what he did was send about 3000000 chinese communist party officials to these rule areas and they would be told to go door to door knocking on every household checking their income details and then they were provided with targets to alleviate these counties out of poverty so for example the government has poured billions of dollars into building apartment blocks in new housing building factories building
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schools building roads and infrastructure and over the past 8 years these county officials have been tasked with making sure every household that they've nurtured has been lifted out of poverty and it has had the quality of life improved now it's been a massive undertaking and it's seen today as a massive victory from the communist party but of course it's very difficult to verify the authenticity of these numbers of course this is what the chinese government proclaims that our team here in al-jazeera did visit some of these counties late last year and many of the people who were living there said that their quality life has vastly improved and they thanked the communist party for that but at the. same time many critics say that there are hundreds and millions who have perhaps fallen through the cracks of course it's very difficult for the government to want to every person so you can't really say extreme poverty has been totally eradicated and another criticism is that they're not sure how sustainable
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this is of course much of this is because the government has poured so much money into these villages and to what extent that can be continued into the future of remains to be seen of course which we know i mean you know you say is a huge and significant statement to make but there's always a reason for these sort of events to be held and always a reason for the government to sort of you might say sing it so praises why now. well one thing so all that's important to mark is that during the pandemic the entire country here in china was at a standstill except for this poverty alleviation campaign the government was very adamant that those efforts would continue to meet this 2020 deadline that she didn't pinhead 1st set back the beginning of his leadership and the reason for this is that she jinping sees this campaign is crucial to underscoring his legitimacy as a leader this was a promise he made to the people and the economic success of china is one of the
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reasons that people really feel this loyalty to the communist party despite not having the same civil rights as other countries and of course we just had this pandemic which has been such a blow to the chinese communist party and its reputation internationally china really needed a win especially domestically in the arms of its own people this has been one of the main ways that she has been able to prop up and say look we have been achieving the promises that we set out for our own people and this is also very important this year because this is the centennial of the communist party in july china will mark 100 years since the founding of the chinese communist party and it's very important to the message of propaganda message of the people that the communist party has been successful in china in terms of geo politically the geo political stage it's been trying to also sell this message to other developing countries that western democracy is not the only option to achieve prosperity that there is another way and perhaps some of these other countries should be looking at the
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chinese model as well because really you in beijing thank you china's decision by the united states to sail a warship through the taiwan straits undermines peace and stability in the region the u.s. says curtis will burst through wednesday in what the u.s. described as a routine taiwan strait transit china's strongly opposes the. supporters of new jersey opposition leader have clashed with police after he declared himself the winner of the presidential runoff demonstrators set up barricades and let fires in the capital near the election commission declared the winner but. a claims widespread voter fraud and insists that he's the rightful winner. a german court has sentenced a former syrian intelligence officer to 4 half years in jail for being accomplice in crimes against humanity is the world's 1st prosecution involving states odds of
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torture by president bashar assad's government dominick a reports now from the german capital 10 years ago a yard guard was working for the syrian intelligence services now he's starting a lengthy prison sentence in germany the prosecution sand that in 2011 he knowingly brought dozens of protesters to a notorious jail outside damascus to be tortured his defense lawyer said he feared being punished himself if he refused to carry out his orders the court in corpulence rejected that convicting him and jailing him for 4 and a half years. that is this s. to show that this is the 1st step the road to justice is long and one of the goals is to bring bashar al assad and his inner circle before a court this is a relief but it's also not the end it's only the beginning. this is the 1st trial of alleged atrocities carried out by the forces of president bashar assad as such lawyers for the victims in this case hope it will set
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a precedent. this is what's important is we have a verdict the crimes by the assad government embassy could prisons crimes against humanity this is the 1st verdict worldwide. a view that seems to be shared by many in government in berlin another element that distinguishes this case is that the german justice system has prosecuted convicted and punished a known german whose victims were not german for crimes that were committed outside germany in doing so prosecutors have invoked the principle of universal jurisdiction for such serious crimes the fine also hopes trials outside syria are a glimmer of hope but also a clear signal to victims that we and the international community recognize it's an issue which not only concerns germany but many of our partners to signal to victims is that justice will be done a yad algarve stood trial alongside another former member of the asset forces both
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men and left syria and come to germany as refugees the 2nd man and watrous line was a senior intelligence officer in 2011 he's accused of multiple murder rape torture and other serious offenses he denies the charges and his case continues dominick cain al-jazeera perlin. the white house says president joe biden will speak with saudi arabia's king saul mark before a u.s. government report into the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi is published it's widely expected to implicate the king's son crown prince mohammed bin saw martin killing former president trombone does administration refused to release it by color has been following developments from washington d.c. . the report was given to members of congress in a redacted form a couple of years ago there was great shock among those members of congress and it is widely believed that the report did hold the crown prince directly involved in
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the murder of the washington based journalists now that's similar to the conclusions talent out by a u.n. report that was concluded as well that the crown prince was involved in the murder of jamal khashoggi so this is certainly a very sensitive issue when it comes to the relationship between saudi arabia and the united states and certainly this report being made public will have a major impact on those relations biden administration has made very clear that it is going to what it calls recalibrate the u.s. saudi relationship basically returning it to what it was like before the 4 years of the trump administration under president tran u.s. relations with saudi arabia were based very much on a transactional nature based on arm sales among other things president transit dealing with the crown prince at will along with his son in law and close adviser jared krishna all of that is changing now the bidens administration for example
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insisting that the phone call to saudi arabia will be on a counterpart to counterpart basis that is a phone call between a president and a king. the un human rights council says language is unwilling to be held to account over its international crimes and rights violations arlie critical report says tamil and the minorities a big increase a be marginalized so like his government accuses the council of battling with its domestic issues bennett smith reports. nearly 12 years after the end of sri lanka's civil war the pain is still roll for those who sons and daughters of husbands disappeared. this was a protest earlier this month they want answers accountability and justice but aren't getting any because the united nations human rights council says the highest levels of sri lanka's government is in denial about past crimes the space force inside and the panda media which have grown significantly is now rapidly shrinking
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the independence on the story the human rights commission of. the national police commission and now the warnings as the neatly eroded by the recently about the apprentice constitutional amendment the. president got a bye rajapaksa was defense secretary at the end of the civil war is brother mahinda was president 100000 people were killed in the 26 year long war between tamil separatists and the government both sides are accused of crimes including murder and torture. and now the un says minority groups are facing more discrimination this protest in february was a rare combined march of muslims and tumbles with a long list of complaints including trying to get education in the tamil language and oppressive police surveillance of muslim lanka's government rejects all the allegations made in the report including claims he uses divisive rhetoric.
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constitution guarantees as a mentor and before fundamental rights of war he decides and anyone can canvass under the fundamental right and our whole 3 longer in the last few years as well as today we have all our programs economic social law and the many official programs all are equally enjoyed and implemented from the not to the scout. leader not a raja's son was taken away by the military at the end of the war she's no idea what happened to him but he's convinced he's still alive her story is the same for thousands of other families and in the border that the blood of the 11 of what we see now is that they're trying to make us fed up and stop the protests so we can trust them we will have to go to the international community to get our children
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back as we have realized that there is no point going to the government here the un's high commissioner for human rights has urged member states to consider prosecuting alleged crimes in sri lanka to try and get answers for the thousands of people like leila bernard smith al-jazeera. the greek oil tanker company is denying accusations it's responsible for a major oil spill is that tons of tar across israel's coast and southern lebanon managers of the minister helen say the vessel is in spain and has no deficiencies israel's public broadcaster reported the tanker was the suspected source of the country's interim parts of florida he says as one of its worst ecological disasters on record $55.00 tons of tar of being cleaned up so far. jonathan aiken barbour is the israel director for greenpeace he says authorities are close to identifying who's responsible for the oil spill. i seem to continuity will be as to be so very soon i mean the company can maybe try to yank sometimes the dow so many technology
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. civilities to do that by ourself we are also trying to see where does this came from and it's really just things are fizzing know and once we have new elements we also released them to israel has has the resources but not the playground is to deal with such indifference so basically it's the n.g.o.s who to believe them that then broke stores and volunteers to deal with the cleanup some parts of the keno already have been seen fast and so i'm sure those will be probably reopened to the public quite soon maybe in a few weeks but for other parts mostly the rocky parts and it's very special and sensitive areas some natural reserve some not to reserves it was very special ecosystems the cleanup will take months that's it isn't for sale using whole took 2nd thought and i think our 1st of fuels and huge infrastructure and to meditate on
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and see its 100 of dunkers that are making their way all along especially in the east marijan and sea and it's also many oil and gas drilling that are already existing under the developments so what we sow here is you know just a kind of throw off what is going to be destroyed ation in the east on medellin beseen in the us we change our governments gender way to sink and really addiction to these kind of fossil fuels. for jobs there have been so rough a reminder of our top stories new research shows that the johnson and johnson bank scene is highly effective in preventing severe cases of cave at 19 the single shot job could get emergency approval for use in the u.s. by the end of the week god has become the 1st country to receive vaccines through the international kovacs came 600000.


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