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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 25, 2021 10:00am-10:31am +03

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with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports in mind to be the place that you start nothing is free and al-jazeera has teens on the ground but climate change is changing our right to bring you the award winning documentary and life we'll use. facebook fans of myanmar as military over its use of deadly force against protesters. and o'clock this is al jazeera live also coming up china's president declares victory in eradicating poverty although its criteria for that claim are being questioned. a life saving delivery we talked to doctors in senegal about the challenges of getting coronavirus vaccines to its most remote villages. and
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brisbane leads the race to host the 2032 olympics in the 1st time the i.o.c. has chosen a preferred city. so facebook says it's banned mammals military from using its platforms and social media giant says it is a necessary response to the military coup and the violent crackdown on protesters there's a heavy police presence in yangon where some marchers have been arrested at least 3 protesters have been killed in weeks of rallies denouncing the coup and demanding the release of the elected leader and sounds who cheat let's speak not scott correspondent joins us from across the border in the thai capital of bangkok and so scott the military had been using facebook to get its message out so what pressure will this blocking have on the military one wonders.
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nick it will put some pressure on them i would say a fair amount of pressure actually that's because a lot of people in me and more because of the infrastructure and its recent connection and use of social media recent connection to the internet use of social media heavy use of social media it will be a blow to the military in getting their word out what's interesting that this is actually a 2nd step by facebook about 2 weeks ago about it which was about a week after the coup they put they restricted some of the information that the channels on the pages that the military was using in myanmar to get word out facebook restricted that so they were able to get as much out but now this is a full out ban so obviously this is a bit of a hit and it's on all facebook fluff platforms so that also includes instagram so when you look at how readily used social media is in the country to get news and then also that this is kind of a 2nd round of restrictions by facebook now if ban it will hit them pretty hard but yes also have to look at who are the people that they were speaking to because you
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look at the you know the hundreds of thousands of protesters who've been coming out on the streets they most likely weren't getting their sources their their information from military sources but it is kind of a knock back for them and also it is not just the military accounts themselves it's any entity connected to the military so it's quite a quite a deep hit to the way that the military had been getting out their messages and as facebook said a lot of it was misinformation and all the while the protests and demonstrations continue and military support has to be making their presence felt. they have it's something we haven't really seen to this scale as of yet in these 3 weeks plus of protests and that was in yangon there was a pro-military protest march about a 1000 people in yangon and there are some of the antec who protesters are on the fringes of that they are obviously not happy with what the message was being sent from the others so there were some scuffles as well there's been some photographic
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evidence stills of some of those who support the military with knives and sharp implements so that is obviously a concern i think no reports of major classes just more describe this couples but again this is something we haven't really seen over the last several weeks there have been some scuffles but nothing to this degree but there are also protests peaceful protests going on in yangon and across me and marf with those and who protesters in the same spots we've been seeing particularly in yangon in the downtown area but again this is the 1st time we've really kind of seen the i don't posing side with with about a 1000 people on the streets and you know gone. all right scott thanks for that in bangkok china's president has declared a complete victory in his government's campaign to stamp out public xi jinping made the announcement as a ceremony marking the country's accomplishments and commending role models its goal the beijing aim to achieve this year. according to the
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current criteria all 99000000 of the poor rural population are thrown out of poverty and 832 poverty stricken come to 728000 villages have been removed from public to list the region of what property has been addressed in the group of eradicating extreme poverty has been pushed and we have created another miracle that will go down in history and it's great to katrina you who joins us now from beijing katrina what's the chinese government claiming it's achieved and how is it done it. well at a ceremony today she. spoke in beijing and paid tribute to people he said who played a key role in fighting extreme poverty nationwide here in china and he says that over the last 4 decades the communist party has lifted about 770000000 people out of poverty and that's 10 years ahead of the united nations 2030 deadline now that
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is being hailed as a really big victory for the communist party xi jinping made poverty alleviation a key focus of his leadership since coming to power in 2012 and the government has been slowly working on that for the past few decades but it was really galvanized when she jinping became president and since 2012 they've really poured billions of dollars of resources into this millions of officials were sent into the countryside they were told to go door to door knocking on households and asking them for their income details and then billions was poured into building schools and factories and much needed words in these rural areas but we do have to take this with a grain of salt 1st of all we have to look at china's benchmark for poverty and that's 2 dollars 30 a day an income of $2.30 which is slightly below what the world bank recommends for high income countries other criticisms also of that somehow fallen through the cracks this is not an absolute eradication and many people have been unable for
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example to adapt to new positions of work they've been given others have complained of forced relocations from their rule homes into apartment blocks and also many analysts that we've spoken to have questioned the sustainability of the initiative because many of the industries that have been newly founded in these villages and towns are currently being propped up by government financial support is on the face of it this is very significant issues in playing in his government. that's right this is a much needed win for xi jinping we have to remember that the chinese government is still trying to push this economic recovery following the pandemic and because of the covered 1000 outbreak many here in china question the legitimacy and the effectiveness of the communist party so she didn't bring really need to this as a when he really needs to say needs this as an achievement to hold up as an example that the communist party is able to keep their promises that economic recovery and economic success is something that the communist party is able to deliver to its
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people so she did thing is hoping that this will help to underscore his didn't see as a leader and loyalty to the posse overall and that's very important this year because in july beijing will back 100 years since the founding of the communist party and in the bigger picture when we look at this politically china's international reputation has taken quite a beating because of the pandemic again and so she did pay once 2 years this city is meant to help to the world other developing countries for example to say that western democracy is not the only option if you're looking for prosperity that perhaps the chinese model can be an option too all right drew thanks for that katrina are you there reporting from beijing well china has criticized united states for sale your warship through the taiwan strait saying it undermines peace and stability in the region the u.s.s. curtis wilbur passthrough on wednesday and what the u.s. navy described as a routine taiwan strait transit china says it strongly opposes the move
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no trials of johnson and johnson's one short coated 19 vaccine have shown it is highly effective against severe cases the product is also proving effective against new or variants and unlike the pfizer by and taken more than a vaccines that need to be stored a very low temperatures this one can be kept in a standard fridge it's yet to be approved for use only for them is vice president of vaccine research development at blue willow biologics and he says could be going to change or. going for one immunization is a great thing that happening because for a mass vaccination you don't want to have the trouble of bringing people back to get the 2nd vaccination so they are the only company that went for one back to the nation and look for the sickest and they showed that they would have a decent if because surely they crossed the line of the expectation of the end of
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their order for licensure so to end on friday we will see how the exact data looks like and probably with the advisory committee at the f.d.a. it will be looking forward to see more details about that in addition are all other vaccine in sac sean if it gets here start one vaccination but for short periods of time because we did not we have to administer the 2nd vaccination so they only got the need that a priori one or one vaccination was injected i'm sure that if you look at the data there is a good data to support at some point of time some other vaccine that can go for one vaccination original and then you bring people back for a 2nd immunization after you have done more work and they expanded the vaccination . also nicole says it doesn't have the capacity to store all types of covert 90
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vaccines a lack of cold storage facilities guarantee guarnteed the low temperatures needed to store certain vaccines but it's a major stumbling block to immunization efforts in many developing countries that was hack reports now from a senate bills through. i don't know it's common sense shouts street comedian son of go everyone should get vaccinated your mother your cows the chickens even your ugly neighbor he says this is more than a comedy show 1st on a he developed a disability from polio because he never got the polio vaccine as a child a source of mockery he turned into humor to remind the public the small pain that comes with a vaccine injection can save them a lifetime of suffering living in the best room with it's going to. it's a medicine for the soul but for other ailments like deadly viruses and diseases
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better get vaccinated there are plenty available well at least most of the time. but getting vaccines to senegal's most remote villages is no picnic in the park explained it's more about reaching people quickly in his cooler or lifesaving vaccines that need to be kept at freezing temperatures in a hot and tropical region. if they're not well preserved at the right temperature than the vaccines turn into poison we will destroy these precious doses that are meant to protect our children against diseases at kobolds health center mothers with their babies have been waiting for a nurse jones arrival since dawn the vaccines are to immunize the children against tuberculosis an infectious disease that kills a staggering 1400000 people every year. and through campaigns like this that senegal has successfully immunized most of the children in the country people want to get vaccinated the turnaround is to get those. health centers like this one.
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frequent power shortages make storing doses in health centers challenging in the capital deckard new cold storage facilities are being built for the new coated 1000 vaccines. some of them will need to be kept at minus 70 degrees celsius. thanks for giving our inability to vaccines and the quantity that we have we will have to prioritize who gets it that means that not everyone senegal can get vaccinated some rich countries ordered 3 even 4 times the covert 1000 vaccine they need senegal like many other west african countries will receive barely enough doses to protect its health workers for comedian sun and co this is no laughing matter but a source of shame with a lack of cold storage facilities many in remote areas who need to be inoculated may not receive any vaccines at all nicholas hawk al-jazeera chess senegal.
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still ahead here on al-jazeera sri lanka's government defends its human rights record as it's accused of failing to hold abusers to become. a more violent to make rules prisons where rods have killed dozens of people. how their weather's looking pretty good across the good parts if europe at the moment lost a clear skies into central and southern possible more clout further north as you can see and we have got these areas of cloud of gray he said weather systems just rolling in across the top of the area of high pressure which is currently just across central parts but it's a mild direction with the winds coming in from the south westerly direction here we
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are looking at temperatures getting up to around 1920 celsius the northern parts of germany so pretty typical a weather system a weakening weather feature which will run into that area of high pressure just rolling down across the southeast of england through east anglia just pushing its way down across the low countries for northern parts of france as you go on into friday that will continue to sink its way further south which across a good part of germany getting stretched out in the process but there will be some rain pushing across southern parts of poland right down across the czech republic and on into the alps so we'll see some rain turning to snow here south of that it stays fine and try and. warming up in moscow temperatures getting up to around 5 degrees celsius and at long last we seem fine weather meanwhile across a good pass over northern africa we got a few showers down towards the gulf of guinea with wetter weather making its way towards lagos.
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a tamil journalist in search of a missing colleague stops at nothing to bring her story to the public. in sri lanka press freedoms are under threat. and some stories can only be told by those who will not compromise on the truth. news from jaffna part of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera. but again you're watching our visitor from out of our top stories and facebook says it has banned me and military from using its platform and social media giant says
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it's a necessary response to this month's could have the police presence in yangon or some protesters have been arrested. china's president xi jinping says the country has created a miracle by eradicating poverty nationwide he said almost 100000000 people in rural areas have been helped by the campaign. the trials of johnson and johnson's one shot covert $1000.00 vaccine have shown it's highly effective against severe cases the product is also proving effective against new a variant it's yet to be approved for use. well chile is leading latin america with its vaccination campaign it was the 1st country in the region to start immunizing the population now has the 5th highest vaccination rates in the world more than 3000000 people have been given the job so far this month a latin america editor. explains how chile has been able to roll out its campaign so quickly. the combination actually of 3 factors one very very strong political
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will a very aggressive energy put into acquiring these vaccines on the part of the president who was a billionaire businessman before he was a politician so he knows how to negotiate especially in the international market also economic solvency chile has been able to pay for these facts up front and 3rd the use of some very very savvy lawyers because as we have discovered it's not so easy to purchase millions of vaccines in this quantity the legal framework is complicated and especially when there's competition worldwide to acquire them so dearly apparently was able to come up with these very almost airtight contracts with pharmaceutical companies 3 or 4 of them at least even before the vaccines were approved and they have been arriving by the millions and so so far i've had my job most of the people i know have and by the middle of the end of june if things keep going as they are now the whole country should have been inoculated one of the
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things that changed the health minister he wasn't all that popular although he was recognized for having done a very good job in bringing ventilators to chile but there was a days a new health minister but probably the biggest criticism was more along the lines of what the government did not do as efficiently in terms of economic aid to the people who needed it most the u.n. human rights council so that's really encourages unwilling to be held to account of international crimes and rights violations a highly critical report. minorities are being increasingly marginalized his government accuses the council of meddling in its domestic but it's a myth. only 12 years after the end of sri lanka's civil war the pain is still roll but those who sons daughters and husbands disappeared. this was a protest earlier this month they want answers accountability and justice but not getting any because the united nations human rights council says the highest levels
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of sri lanka's government is in denial about past crimes the spaces were seen inside and that and the media which have grown significantly is now rapidly shrinking brain depends on the year the story the human rights commission of. the national police commission another key warning as the indignity eroded by the recently adopted prentiss constitutional amendment that president got a buyer rajapaksa was defense secretary at the end of the civil war is brother mahinda was president 100000 people were killed in the 26 year long war between tamil separatists and the government both sides are accused of crimes including murder and torture. and now the u.n. says minority groups are facing more discrimination this protest in february was a rare combined march of muslims and tumbles with a long list of complaints including trying to get education in the tamil language
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and oppressive police surveillance of muslim lanka's government rejects all the allegations made in the report including claims it uses divisive rhetoric. calls constitutional guarantees as i mentioned before fundamental rights of all the citizens and anyone can canvass under the fundamental right and are for all 3 lanka in the last few years as well as today we have all our programs economic social law and the many official programs all are equally. enjoyed and implemented from the not to the scout leader not the raja's son was taken away by the military at the end of the war she's no idea what happened to him but he's convinced he's still alone her story is the same for thousands of other farmers and the board are the
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people on the island it up with what we see now is that they're trying to make is fed up and stop the protests so we can trust them we will have to go to the international community to get our children back as we have realized that there is no point going to the government here the un's high commissioner for human rights has urged member states to consider prosecuting alleged crimes in sri lanka to try and get answers for the thousands of people like leila bernard smith. australia has passed a new law requiring tech firms like facebook and google to pay for news the decision is likely to have global implications as canada is considering drafting a similar law of the legislation had been fiercely opposed by the tech giant last week facebook bought users in australia from viewing or sharing news content they reversed that after talks with the government. the international olympic committee has named the strain in city of brisbane as the preferred kind of it to host the 2032 olympic games so the city will now into talks with the organizers although
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i.o.c. president thomas back says a final decision has not yet been made for the negotiations will decide whether brisbane can be officially declared the winner which could be as soon as july. we already have 85 percent of the being used at the moment it's a new norm which means it's a game changer we die and have to build huge stadiums that are not going to be used in the future and this gives us hope and opportunity as we go through our economic recovery and plain for the future every single one of us hype that puts greece been firmly on that international map. well that's peter underwood who's a sports marketing consultant and joins us by skype from coffs harbor in australia underwood welcome to you know what about selling paper has pay off from sydney's but back in the ninety's tell us 1st of all about this that's going from the
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selection process why was it necessary and how does it work well i go back to when sydney won the right to host the olympic games back in 9093 and it was 5 drama you know we had one antonio samaranch up there going and the winner is sydney and you know there was spontaneous celebrations in the streets of sydney where is this time it's more or less a press release going out saying there has been as the preferred candidate for the 2032 olympic games and all this kind of bell because the international olympic committee quite frankly had to clean up its act when it came to bidding there were a lot of concerns about not only corruption in terms of influencing i.o.c. members but secondly they were voting blocs and some countries would fall back on certain bidding cities as a part of a wider political d ok so what they are say did was take it out of the hands of the i.o.c. members it's now like a tendering process for any business and britain's turned out to be the preferred
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tender if you like so it says that it is it brisbane's to lose now and what else. will you know it is now precipitous to lose they going through a process of extended dialogue or some bureaucratic to them that the i.o.c. has come out with but you know basically it's down to negotiating the nuts and bolts the nitty gritty it out and there's nothing happening with the other cities it's just one on one talks with brisbane and it looks like they will be the host so it's theirs to lose right now it's a very big deal for any city to get the olympics why is present such a good fit. well risen you know but look historically has been an emerging nation for many many years because house at the olympic games back in 1956 in melbourne we had the olympic games which i would go on back in 2000 and city it's not to believe it's 20 years ago now and it's truly in population has been moving north queensland the state of queensland which many of us would know about the fabulous pages the
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tropical rainforest and the great barrier reef it's a big population center now and brisbane's the capital of it but it's not just britain and this represents something new for these olympic games assuming they go to brisbane they don't just not going to be in brisbane the city they're going to be on the sunshine coast just north of brisbane and also in the gulf coast just south of brisbane so it's more of a regional bid rather than based on one city as we've stated previously for a lot of venues already in place of course too but i think that is one of the major advantages but there is a slight issue with that isn't that because doesn't that then rule out. poor countries who would benefit from the investment that the olympics brings he may not have that infrastructure in place already. you're right but the other thing too is the olympics can be extraordinarily expensive and cities and countries just don't have the money to throw at these things now that he's going to have birds been estimated to cost around about $3000000000.00 u.s. dollars and that's something that is very affordable for any city whereas you got
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back to things like the dating of the big games they spent tens of billions of dollars getting ready to put the olympic games on there in 2008 so it does rule out those you know developing nations but really you know the big games is a mega endeavor there's nothing quite like it you know well i've had 15000 athletes and officials and media and all of that and you need a lot of accommodation you need a lot of transport in a lot of experts say these and you need relatively well developed cities to be able to has that and that's something that brisbane and south east queensland definitely has yep exciting times ahead by the look of it thanks very much indeed hunter into ok thank you i don't want now several cities in the prison in a state that actually have dealing with severe flooding heavy rains to cause he actually river to have a flood according to officials more than 100000 residents have been forced to leave and a state of emergency has been declared. preaching that could also be wrought sort of again broken up between gangs in
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a prison in the city of quad killed this week has seen the worst prison violence in the country's history with at least 79 people killed police have released video showing special units entering some of the prisons during the rugs or about manly as this. was. how many of her confronted by flames and prisoners on the loose. ecuadorian special forces a maximum security prison in the country south. i prefer to. be some people people they shout at the inmates to get on the ground. and fight a gas in a bid to bring the riot under control i would prefer the people who are very bad people in makes a scene covering themselves from the choking fumes all those arrested
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oh there's a chase a some of the prisoners attempt a jailbreak. for this dramatic video was released the day after riots broke out in 3 presence within these walls rival gangs of turned on the other in the battle for power in the district some thought with how made weapons on this report leap ahead that. dozens of people have been killed in front of the brother of the president the police and military remain stationed outside while a killer let a cougar and cuenca there are frequent riots and violence in acquittals prison system but this is so far been the deadliest in excess of i want my son out because he could get killed he also which is what the hand to my of a dead no my son is aust me to get him out because they want to kill him cut i don't know anything about my son i was sent a message yesterday. the phone he always uses to communicate and it said only we
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are all locked up that's it i sent another message but i didn't receive a response many worried to their loved ones who remained in danger with gang to speeds regularly spilling into by the influence of the person. who are the eyes of money to see if. this is a quick look at headlines here on al-jazeera and social media giant facebook says it's banned me amounts military from using its platforms the firm says it is a necessary response to this month's can there is a heavy police presence in yangon where some marches have been arrested. scott hietala has been monitoring developments from bangkok. march about a 1000 people in yangon and there are some of the anti kook protesters on the fringes of that they are obviously not happy with what the message was being sent from the others so there were some scuffles as well there's been some photographs.


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