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the way that you tell the story is what can make a difference. played important role. in the. media as prime minister rallies his supporters after accusing the military of attempting a coup. oh there i'm the saudi attack in this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. facebook bans manaus military over its use of deadly force against anti crew
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protesters. e.u. leaders discuss travel restrictions and the need to step up its vaccination program to tackle the coronavirus pandemic. and rising from the ruins how artists in mosul are leading a cultural revival in the iraqi city devastated by isis. but we begin with a deepening political crisis in all media prime minister nicole passion yet has fired his military chief after senior army officials called for his resignation he says that call amounts to a coup attempt and has been addressing thousands of his supporters in the capital yerevan he has told them his political future should be decided by the people and not the military but it smith begins our coverage. in the center of yerevan on thursday amin is prime minister was defiant in the face of calls from the military
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for him to stand down made by maggie some people want to drag the army into unconstitutional processes this is an attempted coup but the people will not allow a military coup in armenia an estimated 20000 people came out onto the street to the capital after nicol pushing in cold for a show of support by an act that beat the. conte called him political processes it must obey the people and the elected authorities machinery and has been under pressure to resign after his country lost last year's war with azerbaijan over the region of nagorno-karabakh. i'm not his model supporter of nico pasha no but i don't want to corrupt the dream to come more than 3 and a half 1000 damini and soldiers were killed in the 6 week conflict a significant number for a country with a population of under $3000000.00 russian yohn was forced to cede large swathes of territory around the going to karabakh that armenia controlled for almost 30 years
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since the end of the last war with as a by john. that prompted weeks of protests led by the opposition are not equal re your question ian came to power in 28 and what was called the velvet revolution after an attempt by the previous leader to stay in control beyond his term limit we are in effect. crises and i hope to see either means to texans there for 66 percent chance national security agency and police just penned by their army and to demand to leave our prime minister without any. opposition representatives say they'll spend the night in yerevan central freedom square the prime minister it is government have diminished what people are ready but the alternative the discredited political opposition has much less
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support though in general there is little alternative to partially own or his government but this is unprecedented in terms of a military record what's not clear is whether the army is willing to use force to back its call for the prime minister to step down question on says he'll announce a replacement for the head of the army in the coming days the crisis he says will be resolved constitutionally but it smith al-jazeera will robin feister will is following developments for us from tbilisi and neighboring georgia and he says it's unlikely if it passing on to call for early elections. people who know nico passion and well have told me that he is a very tough individual very strong very headstrong and perhaps not always easy as person to work with and you get a sense of that kind of a character with his defiance that we see at the moment and that we have seen since
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the end of the war over nicola karabakh with azerbaijan the peace deal that he saw and had very unfavorable terms for armenia and it came as a shock to the armenian nation but to give you an idea of the sort of character that nick oppression yannis he he never accepted any responsibility for that and has been very defiant in clinging on and insisting that no such move such as a election of an early election was required and he's been saying the same thing today ottilie defiance and also he's a man who likes having the popular people's kind of movement behind him. oh non-man last supporters of the military coup that not just in the largest city yangon and faced off against opponents of the power grab violence
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broke out in some parts of the city and these tensions come as facebook has banned me and miles military from its platforms it's got high get reports. early on thursday about a 1000 marchers took to the streets of yangon voicing their support for the june to end its takeover of myanmar as democratically elected leadership they were flying the flag of the tatmadaw the official name here for the military they were met by some protesting against the coup but later photos appear to show military supporters with knives and other weapons witnesses said they threaten journalist then came reports of scuffles and attack by supporters of me and mars john against anti kook protesters was caught on c.c.t.v. the video shows a man being assaulted by an armed group. despite this antic who protesters gathered at the university of young gun said they will continue with their peaceful civil disobedience movement initially police attempted to block them from leaving the campus. but they made their way out to join other protesters. a few
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days after the coup facebook limited content from me and mars military on its platforms but now it's banned them altogether. for years myanmar's military has waged a very sophisticated communications campaign weaponize and very social media platforms and using them to incite and glorify violence some feel this move by facebook needs to be part of an ongoing process as these accounts have been blocked and removed as much as we might log their removal we also need to ensure that they are preserved and that facebook makes them accountable for future criminal or human rights investigation. while the military has used social media platforms as a tool for its agenda it also recognizes how vulnerable it will be if they are
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taken away scot hodler al-jazeera. well the european union is holding a leaders' summit focusing on the block's coronavirus vaccine rollout representatives from 7 major drug makers including pfizer astra zeneca and madonna all joining that virtual conference they're discussing improving the is a vaccine capacity and delivery the block has been facing criticism for a slower than expected rollout of an occupation or european parliament president davidson sara lee says vaccines will prove central to the blocks long term recovery with no one left out it will be a more genes we've spotted a number of weaknesses and we need to make sure that we deal with those contracts need to be respected and we need transparency when it comes to the vaccines that's how you instill trust in your population but we need to make sure that industries in all of our countries are in a position to supply all of the vaccine it's an urgent matter it's not
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a matter of money but we'll hold on again as across this forests in berlin dominic as we've been saying it really feels like this vaccine rolled out in europe has been going really very slowly why is that. certainly there are different newspapers other a news outlets around the e.u. being reporting on this sense of envy that people in the e.u. have for those in the u.k. they look across the english channel see millions of people tens of millions of people receiving a 1st of a vaccine and they wonder how it can be that the british can prioritize 1st doses but that can't happen in the e.u. certainly as i say news agencies newspapers reporting that the on so that comes back from e.u. officials or from the different member state governments is that they are following the guidelines originally put out by the vaccine manufacturers that there has to be
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3 to 4 weeks between the ministration of the 1st dose and the 2nd dose they say. minister's officials say that's one reason the 2nd reason is because some of the vaccines went to actually authorized the use in the e.u. at the same speed with which they were authorized for use in other countries which explains this gap this dichotomy as it were and then finally there's the sense that some of the vaccines themselves so the astra zeneca vaccine for example when we know that in germany here the advice given out by the regulator agency is that it can't be administered to those who are 65 well those are the very people who are at the top of the list to get a vaccination so that accounts why you have this sense of slowness and one a thought to bring into this particular sense of slowness as it regards astra zeneca there is a strong suggestion here that only 15 percent of all the doses that have already
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been made available that astra zeneca doses only 15 percent have actually been injected into the into patients dominic given a lot of testing we have a sense now of how that plan is to move forward with the pandemic in terms of dealing with that. well one other meeting taking place in brussels right now not just this these heads of c.e.o.'s heads of organizations or the max vaccine manufacturers in a committee giving evidence as it were to the european parliament committee also you have an e.u. summit taking place where heads of government heads of states are discussing with each other particularly code it's a 2 day summit the 2nd day will not really concentrate on the on other things but right now they're talking through what they do next and remember you have different strategies being pursued by different member states so as regards controlling the virus forget put vaccination to one side controlling the virus in the spread of the
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virus so you have individual member states closing their borders or tightening border controls to try to prevent the spread of the the variants the mutations of the virus particularly the mutation 1st of the 1st spotted in the united kingdom and that spotted in south africa's you've got that taking place and then you have other governments pursuing different types of lockdowns and relaxation of lockdowns clearly a sense from many people individual people as it were any use to any member states that perhaps the vaccination could could be going more more quickly and then a sense that will there are from the government there is a sense what we've got lots of doses available but lots of people don't want to have the most us. john mccain there following this for us from that end thanks so much tommy on our guinea has it on stone a bone of vaccination campaign the country is desperate to help the spread of the virus that reemerge that just a couple of weeks ago the fast time for 2016 at least 5 people have now died and
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the straightest outbreak. reports. health workers that people against ebola in the town of in southeast guinea and you outbreak was discovered almost 2 weeks ago. i am very proud to be vaccinated and it's a joy to me to see the population get vaccinated specially those on the frontline all my stuff it allows us to be safe protected from this disease because ebola is not a good thing 11000 vaccine doses and 200 health experts arrived in guinea's capital conakry on monday the government in the world health organization hope the vaccination campaign can stop the virus spreading by april. workers to help the fight against ebola we interrupt the train of transmission by targeting the 1st contacts of ebola patients and also the health workers on the front line who are
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exposed including those who apply the vaccines ebola causes severe fever and in the worst cases unstoppable bleeding in 2015 more than 11000 people died after the virus spread from guinea's forest region to neighboring liberia and sierra leone the outbreak with contained after an experimental vaccine was distributed but not before health workers were attacked by people who did not believe in the virus the next scene is an extremely useful. break but it is not the only people are. under essential aspects. to happen as well and it always comes back to community. the w.h.o. has wound 6 african countries to be on high alert for ebola including sierra leone and liberia the hope is this campaign will stop the virus from spreading any further and potentially save thousands of lives victoria gate and be al jazeera.
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well still ahead here on al-jazeera india announces new rules to regulate social media fans weeks after a dispute with i've a content related to protesting followers. and such in for their loved ones will have more on the human cost of a gold mine collapse in indonesia. how i once again we've got a little bit of unsettled weather into parts of the middle east but for the most part it is looking fine and dry with some pleasant sunshine got a brisk wind blowing through the gulf it lifted just a sad possibility of the odd shower actually just around that's the eastern side of saudi arabia maybe a spot so it's a bit of light rain once again into casa see a few spots of rain some wintry weather there through iran over the high ground
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particularly just stretching up towards afghanistan that saw on the move us all making its way further east with the brightest guys coming back in behind for the levites fine and dry and temperatures now getting up into the high teens that dry weather stretches down across the red sea into horn of africa settle some short shell is just around the rift valley as per usual just easing down towards zambia and zimbabwe where we will see some very heavy rain over the next day or 2 now to some what's the weather to into northern parts of mozambique southern areas of tanzania possibilities of localized flooding as is the case to some more than possible of madagascar a little disturbance just a rolling across the waters here not just by saturday there's heavy showers there in zimbabwe we'll see some wet weather just sliding a little further northwards making its way through zambia. joint africa's largest trade and investment in rwanda into african trade gives me
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access to more than 1100 exhibitors 10000 visitors and buyers and more than 5000 conference delegates from more than 55 countries participate in trade and investment deals with $50000000000.00 as business and government come together to explore business and networking opportunities at the international exhibition to you by the african export import bank and their premium partners the i.d.f. 2021 transforming africa. hello there are no stars here tender let's remind you about top stories here this hour armenia's prime minister has accused as armed forces of an attempted coup. has
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fired his military chief after the army corps for his resignation told his supporters his political future should be decided by the people and not the military the opposition held a counter rally of their own. supporters and opponents of the military coup in manama have held a rival protest in the main city young gun violence broke out in some areas 3 weeks now after the power grab facebook says it's banned me our last military from using its platforms. and the european union is holding a leaders' summit focusing on the blocs coronavirus vaccine right out there discussing improving the e.u. is a vaccine capacity and delivery block has been facing criticism for a slower than expected rollout of an occupation. india has announced tougher new rules covering social media streaming services and digital news outlets to stop what it's calling anti national propaganda platforms such as facebook whatsapp and twitter must all now it raise content which the government considers unlawful or if
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it determines that affects india's sovereignty or integrity critics say this is the latest in a crackdown on free speech online there's also been a dispute with twitter which refused to remove some posts linked to the farm as protests which the government had demanded well earlier i spoke to sanjay hague he's a senior lawyer at the supreme court of india and he says the government has increasingly censored critical voices in recent years since 2014 there has been a slow clamping down on dissent. even doors the dissent has been shut one by one and on language is has been sort of deregulated. these these norms all will make it much more difficult for people to remain anonymous. this requires. black forms to delta government who uploaded the 1st review ongoings of. the given
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is in the us and as they work out what we're doing is probably being china's version of internet when we got in they didn't trigger especially and since folks have been more than willing to cooperate with a good government. it's only the events in the united states which lead this into different standards in so far as trump was concerned which also possibly said alarm bells ringing in the indian establishment that. speech of the night of the nationalists kind of an overkill next to the sky. within the within the norms of censorship by the platforms and so i think the government says that government of india wants to say that anything in dealing with censorship. of online content the government wants to see in it and the platforms to listen to what the government.
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now china's president has declared complete victory and his government's campaign to stamp out poverty sheet and being led a ceremony in beijing markings that the country's accomplishments but many have questioned they ought then to city of government figures and whether or not the initiative is sustainable katrina you has more now from beijing. at a ceremony in beijing she did think on it those who played key roles in china's fight to end extreme poverty mention white the president says 770000000 people have been lifted out of poverty over the past 40 years and for the 2nd time since december hailed the achievement as a victory for the communist party baba. 832 counties and 812-8000 villages have been removed from the poverty list the r.d.o. stock of eradicating extremist poverty has been fulfilled and we have created another miracle that i will go down in history and the extreme poverty has been
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a key goal of xi jinping his government since he came to power in 20123000000 communist party officials are given targets for improving living standards in rural communities they were tasked with going door to door to document incomes in poor households beijing then poured. billions of dollars into the building of new homes schools factories and roads it's a textbook case on how to get people out of poverty and i think getting people out of poverty is perhaps the most single important thing that any state can do to advance its social economic progress the united nations has been trying to reduce extreme poverty around the world and china says its achievement covers more than 70 percent of the un's goal but its benchmark for poverty a daily income of $2.30 is below the world back standard for high income countries critics of the initiative say it's unsustainable with many villages relying on government support to prop up newly founded industries and some people have been
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unable to adapt to the side jobs while others have complained of forced relocations this is a much needed winds of the chinese government and it comes at a crucial time they jane is pushing to revive the economy following the pandemic and why is marking the 100 years since the founding of the communist party she didn't play and was hoping this milestone will strengthen the loyalty to the party as well as its own with just a mistake as it stood between e.u. al-jazeera. now heavy rain and brazil's northwestern state of achree has submerged entire neighborhoods at least 120000 people are affected there by flooding and a state of emergency has been declared reports. assessing damage from above the clouds brazil's present diable sonera flies over thousands of flooded streets and homes entire towns and villages a submerged dots of the x. ray river burst its banks back on the ground the health minister updates him as the
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impoverished amazonian state appeals for federal aid this natural disaster is happening as brazil is struggling with the world's 3rd largest number of cave in 19 cases. and crays one of the poorest states in the country and as well as the pandemic nearly 8000 of the people here have been infected by dengue a virus wasn't passing fast in times ok it also has hundreds of migrants from haiti waiting to cross into peru that is close its border because of crying a virus the government says it's doing all its can. but we have a team of almost 40 people working on the situation in supporting the fight against covert 1000 and as well as the consequences of the floods and migrant crisis and the impact on people's health. 70 percent of cinema during one of the worst hit cities has been affected by the floods and more than $4000.00 families have been relocated. water levels in several news the policies
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a started to fall it's more rain is expected this week and a state of emergency has been declared so i don't hide at al-jazeera. now at least 6 people have died and several are still missing at an illegal gold mine on indonesia's threw away sea island locals say about 20 people were mining at that site when makeshift wooden structures then collapsed just a washington reports now from jakarta. monsoonal a sea island in the district of putting on a familiar scene the aftermath of another illegal mining disaster in indonesia authorities believe there were $22.00 people here when the mine collapsed but survivors told local media they could have been more military police and the local disaster agency are working together to assist the community make shift wooden frames built on unstable soil broke down during the night 1st responders faced the challenge of searching for survivors in the dark but that. we are doing certain
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evacuation by emptying the stagnant water and it's quite difficult because that darkness. fatalities that unauthorized mines are common in mineral rich indonesia attracting thousands of unskilled laborers with no training or proper safety equipment experts estimate there are close to 9000 on my sense to mines around a quarter of them gold. in 2019 at least 16 people were killed when a mine collapse also on the island of samoa see is an advocacy network for safer and more sustainable mining it is long pushed for comprehensive investigations into illegal operations. many people in local governments and law enforcement involved in that they conducted raids close the mines down in just a few months later the operation is back on local environmental groups say it is up to the government to help these communities. find more sustainable and less risky
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work. but. the situation for our farmers in central sulawesi is not good they are in a bad economic condition so they have to risk their lives in these mining pits its dangerous and often low paid work but those who keep returning to these mines say they have no choice just to washington al-jazeera to carter now almost 4 years after i saw was driven out of the iraqi city of mosul artists and musicians are now leading a cultural revival despite limited government support some are a fault in reports from mosul. amid the ruins of old mosul a cultural awakening the city hasn't seen in decades members of mosul orchestra established just 3 months ago by a local radio station in rehearsal. many are beginners others played in secrets during rule
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a. terrorist organization by music people were scared and the society did not encourage all support musicians but that began to change when i saw was driven out in 2017 by the. energy of the youth which had been hidden before started to come out now missiles floor of. the orchestra is a melting pot of religious and ethnic groups just like mostly used to be before eisel just like they wanted to be again. the main goal of the orchestra in mosul is to revive life in the city especially in destroyed areas like this church now wish most of the city can return to its former beauty high hope that peace does return here. but the orchestra has no budget no proper place to rehearse the whole is a promotional video to be published online it will attract attention and funding musicians and artists are spearheading mosul's cultural revival and say they're
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doing so despite limited support from the governments their work is a show of hope for the future and the way to process the collective trauma from iceland devastating 3 year reign that trauma screams from many of claves paintings the veteran artist fled the city in 2014 his pieces from that period portray the chaos of war and displacement. but after the feat the great tones gradually gave way to pink green and yellow the facial expressions of his characters soft and the europe. i change my colors or give them more optimism for the future i have hope that through all my art i can send a message to the world that we are people who like art and beauty that we like peace away from terror his colleague wants to revive memories of mosul's architectural heritage much of which was destroyed during the war but.
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most of the things i painted take from what was there before my out depends on old architecture like. old folklore but all that was destroyed so i use old photos for my work her paintings also depict women who now enjoy greater freedom a reflection of how mostly opening up again and a sign that its residents have turned a new page seem awful to al-jazeera mosul. hello there the sound is there and these are the top stories many as prime minister has accused as armed forces of an attempted coup nicole passion and has fired his military chief after the army corps for his resignation passion and told his supporters his political future should be decided by the people and not by the military the opposition held a counter rally of their own. or they have been weeks of protest against passion and the opposition says his handling of last year's contract with azerbaijan over
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the disputed region of karabakh was a disaster.


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