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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 26, 2021 12:00am-1:01am +03

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we got some wetter weather rolling out of that eastern side of japan making its way further race was it the other waltzes. this is al jazeera. and on our entire this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london coming up. i mean his prime minister calls his supporters out onto the streets and accuses the military of an attempted coup after it said he should resign. clashes in myanmar's people rally for and against the jointers takeover and
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facebook bans the military from all its platforms. the e.u. says it's on track to hit its target of 20 vaccinating 70 percent of adults by the end of the summer. and the song by some of cuba's biggest music stars that song birol and it's got the government fighting back. in sport olympic champion caster semenya isn't giving up on her fights compete at this year's tokyo games simonyan is taking her legal case against world athletics to the european court of human rights. i mean as prime minister has accused top military officer is of attempting a coup after they demanded he step down he called brought fountains of supporters out on the streets saying his political future can only be decided by the people
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the opposition also came out to protest and set up camp outside parliament u.s. state department has called for restraint by all parties the country is bitterly divided over last year's brutal conflict with azerbaijan in the disputed nagorno-karabakh region and it's with reports. in the center of your about on thursday armenia as prime minister was defiant in the face of calls from the military for him to stand down. made by maggie some people want to drag the army into unconstitutional processes this is an attempted coup but the people will not allow a military coup in armenia an estimated 20000 people came out onto the street to the capital after nicol pushing in called for a show of support by an act that beat the. context part in political processes it must obey the people and the elected authorities machine ian has been under pressure to resign after his country lost last year's war with azerbaijan over the
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region of nagorno-karabakh. i'm not as much of supporter of nico pasha no but i don't want to corrupt the dream to come more than 3 and a half 1000 damini and soldiers were killed in the 6 week conflict a significant number for a country with a population of under $3000000.00 i should be on was forced to cede large swathes of territory around the going to karabakh that armenia controlled for almost 30 years since the end of the last war with as a by john. that prompted weeks of protests led by the opposition are not equal the question ian came to power in 28 teed in what was called the velvet revolution after an attempt by the previous leader to stay in control beyond his term limit we are in effect. crises and i hope to see either institutions there or 66 such as national security agency and police just penned by their army and to demand to leave our prime minister without any
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power. opposition representatives say they'll spend the night in yerevan central freedom square the prime minister and its government have diminished what people are ready but the alternative the discredited political opposition has much less so or so in general there is little alternative to partially own or his government but this is unprecedented in terms of a military record what's not clear is whether the army is willing to use force to back its call for the prime minister to step down clashing and says he'll announce a replacement for the head of the army in the coming days the crisis he says will be resolved constitutionally but it smith al-jazeera. aren't bros is an associate fellow for they russia and eurasia program at chatham house is also the author of
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the velvet revolution or thought terror in decline and civil resistance in a multi-polar world he joins me now by skype from london thanks so much for being with us so what do you think is behind the army's move and then passion as decision to go into the street in this way. well this is been described as an attempted coup i think that's an exaggeration i think what we're seeing is a military intervention into civil politics which is itself regrettable and dangerous but the essential dynamics here are about a domestic reckoning with the catastrophic defeat that armenia experienced in november of last year. the triggers for these events that we've been seeing today are apparently comments that were made about the ineffectiveness of some of arming as weaponry by nick and a reaction from the general staff of the army and so there is this kind of tension around who is to carry responsibility for that catastrophic defeat and i think this is the the dynamic that's playing out in these days right now and what do you think
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the outcome will be. well one potential worst case scenario would be that it becomes more and more tense and that there is violence but i think there's no real tradition for army interventions or coup in armenia the last time. that the army was involved directly in deciding political outcomes was in the aftermath of elections in 2008 and 10 people were killed when army units fired on protesters and that's still an open wound in armenia so i think there would be considerable reluctance to see a replay of those events with that said it is very disturbing that this reckoning about the war is being played out as a civil military conference. and it's also disturbing that it's happening in the streets. and in a sense has reverted to type he is the ultimate street democrats much more
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comfortable allies in his base speaking very evocatively about you know a return of reactionary forces the rolling back of the velvet revolution rather than solving problems through institutions that in itself is a reflection of armenia's a very fragile transition armenia is converted to a parliamentary republic just 3 years ago there's not a strong parliamentary dition and checks and balances are quite weak so a lot of fragile ety in the situation but i i don't for see a descent into mass violence coming who would you describe his support base i mean you clearly was popular before but you've mentioned the kind of the war with the war and the legacy that's had how what sort of support base is he have now. well i would describe today as the least unpopular politician or a leading figure in armenia today his legitimacy and his popularity have taken
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a serious hit as a result of a crushing defeat in november of last year and i think there is there is recent polling that demonstrates that perhaps as close as 60 percent of the population are in favor of early elections but even if there were to be early elections tomorrow i think an equal passion and would still win because as your report indicated the opposition which is associated with the former regime in power for a very long time from what 20 years really enjoys very little legitimacy or popularity so it really is in a sense a catch 22 for many in the population who are actually seeking fulfillment and realisation of the ideals of the velvet revolution in 2018 parents prayers thank you very much indeed for talking to us thank you. thank you an. imam are supporters of the military who have marched in yangon and faced off against opponents of the takeover violence broke out in some parts of the city as the anger
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escalates facebook has banned me in mars' military from all its platforms it's got hi there report. earlier thursday about a 1000 marchers took to the streets of yangon voicing their support for the georgia and its takeover of myanmar's democratically elected leadership they were flying the flag of the tatmadaw the official name here for the military. they were met by some protesting against the coup later photos appear to show military supporters with knives and other weapons witnesses said they threaten journalist then came reports of scuffles and attacked by supporters of myanmar is john against anti kook protesters was caught on c.c.t.v. the video shows a man being assaulted by an armed group. despite this antic who protesters gathered at the university of young gone said they will continue with their peaceful civil disobedience movement initially police attempted to block them from leaving the campus but they made their way out to join other protesters. a few
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days after the coup facebook limited content from me and most military on its platforms but now it's banned them all together. for years beyond mars military has waged a very sophisticated communications campaign weaponize it very social media platforms and using them to incite and glorify violence some feel this move by facebook needs to be part of an ongoing process. as these accounts have been blocked and removed as much as we my blog their removal we also need to ensure that they are preserved and that facebook makes them accountable for future criminal or human rights investigation. while the military has used social media platforms as a tool for its agenda it also recognizes how vulnerable it would be if they were
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taken away scot hodler al-jazeera. the indian coast guard has found a boat carrying dozens of the hanger refugees adrift at sea including 8 who died 90 people including $23.00 children were on board when the boat left cox's bizarre refugee camp in bangladesh 2 weeks ago its engine failed on the 15th of february 81 people have been found alive and one refugee is still missing. india and pakistan have pledged to stop firing weapons at each other in the disputed region of kashmir in a rare joint statement both militaries said they would observe a 2003 cease fire that's been largely ignored until now senior generals agreed on a decision after speaking over a special bilateral hotline kashmir is mostly split between india and pakistan although both countries claim the region in its entirety hundreds of people have been killed in cross border fire over the last 18 years. coming up on this news
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hour from london. london's ultra-orthodox jews are warned against mass gatherings during the korean on a day. surveying the disaster brazil's president visits a praise state where floods have left whole towns underwater. and in sport a message from the home of golf for tiger woods as he continues his recovery from a car crash. the global death toll from code 19 has now passed 2 and a half 1000000 the pandemic has also caused a crisis in global oxygen supplies and it's killing people in africa and latin america despite previous warnings doctors say the shortage is leading to unnecessary deaths some desperate families have turned to the black market for lifesaving oxygen ahead of the africa centers for disease control and prevention says it's the main reason that curb 19 patients are more likely to die during
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surgeries the u.n. says it will take $1600000000.00 to stabilize supplies. the head of the european commission says the e.u. is on track to vaccinate 70 percent of adults by the end of the summer despite criticism of its slow rollout or sort of underline spoke during a summit where it is put pressure on astra zeneca over delayed coated 19 vaccines supplies the company says it will hopefully deliver $40000000.00 doses by the end of march but that still less than half a mounted originally promised france's president in one year mark hole is also rolled back on claims that astra zeneca has vaccine was partially ineffective saying he would take the job himself and the german chancellor angela merkel says the e.u. has agreed on the need for vaccination certificates which could allow inoculated people to travel without restrictions the ahmanson deutsche bank and she didn't answer and in germany we decided to develop such
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a national vaccines that if you get the basic data which such as a ticket must contain is defined by the european commission and member states the german health ministry issued a procurement procedure and the european commission needs about 3 months to create the required technical conditions john mccain is in berlin with the details. brussels on thursday was the venue for 2 separate meetings both of which have a role to play in the way that the pandemic will be managed across the continent going forward on the one hand either you heads of government heads of state met in a digital conference to discuss the next steps 3 specific areas for top for discussion the 1st about how to speed up the production of the vaccine to get more vaccines into the arms of europeans living on the continent although they spoke about the need to close up bottlenecks and facilitate production but in go to much detail about it the 2nd area for discussion was about vaccine certificates how
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people who have had the vaccine may be able to go beyond the social distancing rules perhaps to travel in the near future a broad agreement about how to go forward but no precise details of when and how that would happen and then looking into the future you had a meeting also in brussels at the same time at the european parliament there interviews with the heads of several of the vaccine manufacturers specifically with the c.e.o. of astra zeneca several different members of parliament but hostile questions to him about the way they perceive the treatment of the e.u. visa his vaccine was going compared to the way that it was happening in the united kingdom his answers did not please those members of parliament the fact they were asking the questions shows the level of envy or resentment there is among some people at the way the rollout of the vaccines are proceeding in the e.u.
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relative to the u.k. and other countries. france will impose measures including weekend lock downs in paris and 19 other regions from the start of march if signs of a coronavirus accelerating continue from a social custom accent french citizens needed to be in a state of heightened alert to avoid restrictions. he might then long as a lever which we must only use when we cannot do otherwise you have to do it at the right moment and at the right level you have to do as much as possible to delay it to allow the vaccination campaign to have an effect on members of the u.k. is strictly orthodox jewish community are preparing to celebrate poor him one of the most important days in the jewish calendar but as kevin 19 restrictions persist efforts are underway to ensure festivities do not result in large gatherings barker reports from london. stamford hill north london home to the
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largest ultra-orthodox jewish population in europe a private an insular community but one day a year poor him happens. there are strict instructions to tone down the party no mass gatherings no public dancing covert 19 has swept through this community like no other in the u.k. . last year's festivities are thought to have helped the virus spread within months london's ultra-orthodox jews had one of the highest infection rates in the world 9 times the national average scientists track the spread and one figure is that the rate infection in the community. gets to that 60 percent of people and getting them to getting to the point during the 1st. run in november december of 2020. after recovering from covert 19 antibodies only last a few months meaning the community around likely to have benefited from any
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collective immunity high infection rates also increase the risk of virus mutations . there are many possible reasons for the data social gatherings are very much the lifeblood of the community and many families live in cramped intergenerational households with many children they're also one of the country's most deprived communities such many youngsters are classed as vulnerable allowing them on the government rules to continue attending school in large numbers. but there have also been some flagrant breaches of the lock down rules this is the moment in january when police raided a local school to shut down a wedding attended by 150 people 10 months after the school's principal died of cove it 19 there are reports of dozens of illegal weddings within the ultra orthodox community with an account of a covert positive bright warm stamford hill celebration. the rule breaking is being condemned by this prominent community rabbi there are certain sensitivities there
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are certain reason life where the jewish community puts a lot of emphasis and i would hope that the government would go in gauge in a constructive manner with the jewish community to explain why these regulations are. important and vital for everyone to observe the local council says the rules couldn't have been clearer i would describe people in the community who circulated leaflets saying that you can't have a wedding because prayer is permitted. deliberately bending the rules we know that cultural racial and economic factors influence the way coded 19 spreads lessons learned here could play a vital role in protecting vulnerable communities against infections yet to come leave barca al-jazeera london. sri lanka's government has passed laws allowing for
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people who die of code 19 to be buried under previous rules they had to be cremated which had caused an outcry particularly among the country's muslim community should not because minority muslims protested this week demanding an end to the force cremations enough and is in colombo and says this is a victory for the families of creative artist victims. to get a notification comes almost as a bolt from the blue the most obvious sort of place to announce it when all eyes were on sri lanka was that the united nations human rights council sessions on wednesday but this gathering notification coming late tonight has been quite a surprise and it shows that the government has conceded allowing burial or cremation as the gas says what this affected me means is that all corbett 19 victims especially the muslim and the christian population for whom cremation has been an issue with him now. with
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a sense in the form that he would go ahead with in terms of final right now as much as we heard prime minister by him the rajapaksa on the 10th of february tell parliament that they hope to allow burials the huge kind of reaction from the government which basically backtracked from his announcement give everybody the impression that the rajapaksa government was not going ahead with that permission to allow burial of 19 victims they said that it's up to the experts and there was a lot of sort of backtracking but this announcement here on thursday night obviously comes at a time when sri lanka is facing a lot of pressure at the united nations human rights council and it needs as many friends as it can get now obviously in terms of islamic countries we did hear quite a few of this on the countries speak in support of sri lanka but within. support was also reference to the issue of burials so these are all sort of interconnected
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there are a lot of layer upon layer of a centrally negotiations and wranglings and behind the scenes agendas but at the end of the day for all those families of victims of covert 19 it's essentially something that has been sort of a victory for them they can now go ahead with the rights that the used to and essentially want to for their loved ones. guinea's government is hoping its latest vaccination campaign can stop the virus spreading by april inoculation drivers now also being held in korea where the 1st cases were detected almost 2 weeks ago 11000 doses and 200 health experts landed in the capital conakry on monday at least 5 people have died in the latest outbreak several vaccines including ones for coated 90 need to be stored it cold temperatures and that's
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a problem for many developing countries one of them is senegal which doesn't have the capacity to store all types of doses enough is that many won't be able to get inoculated as nicholas hytner reports from ts. but i don't know it's common sense shouts street comedian son oco everyone should get vaccinated your mother your cows the chickens even your ugly neighbor he says this is more than a comedy show for son of co he developed a disability from polio because he never got the polio vaccine as a child a source of mockery he turned into humor to remind the public the small pain that comes with a vaccine injection can save them a lifetime of suffering living in the best room with is going to be of course it's a medicine for the soul but for other ailments like deadly viruses and diseases better get vaccinated there are plenty available well at least most of the time.
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but getting vaccines to senegal's most remote villages is no picnic in the park explains nurse it's more about reaching people quickly in his cooler or lifesaving vaccines that need to be kept at freezing temperatures in a hot and tropical region. if they're not well preserved at the right temperature than the vaccines turned into poison we will destroy these precious doses that are meant to protect our children against disease. and kobolds health center mothers with their babies have been waiting for a nurse jones arrival since dawn the vaccines are to immunize the children against tuberculosis an infectious disease that kills a staggering 1400000 people every year. and through campaigns like this that senegal has successfully immunized most of the children in the country people want to get vaccinated the turnaround is to get those very soon. health centers like
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this one. frequent power shortages make storing doses in health centers challenging in the capital deckard new cold storage facilities are being built for the new coated 1000 vaccines. some of them will need to be kept at minus 70 degrees celsius. thanks for giving our inability to stop vaccines at the quantity that we have we will have to prioritize who gets it that means that not everyone in senegal can get vaccinated some rich countries ordered 3 even 4 times the covert 90 vaccine the need senegal like many other west african countries will receive barely enough doses to protect its health workers for comedians on a go this is no laughing matter but a source of shame with a lack of cold storage facilities many in remote areas who need to be inoculated may not receive any vaccines at all nicholas hawk al-jazeera chess senegal.
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and 500 structures in ethiopia northern tier a region appear to have been deliberately destroyed the recent satellite images show hundreds of buildings were set on fire they're all part of settlements in and around good yet a city southwest of the regional capital mckelway if he appears prime minister meant to declare victory over to grays rebel forces late last year but sporadic fighting has continued since then at least 2 people have died and hundreds have been arrested in post-election violence in the air and supporters of opposition candidate. have been clashing with police since the ballot results came out earlier this week unknown attackers also set fire to the home of a popular radio france international journalist. wasn't hurt as election commission has declared a ruling party candidate mohamed presumed the winner of sunday's presidential runoff with 55 percent. disputes this saying he won with 50.3 percent.
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a funeral has been held in rome for the italian ambassador and his bodyguard who were killed in democratic republic of congo on monday look at and as you was traveling in the united nations convoy when a group of men attacked them as congolese driver was also killed the government blames random hutu rebels for the attack. on group denies the allegations. there's lots more still to come this hour china's president says his government has eradicated extreme poverty but not everyone is convinced. israel ban is the sale of local fish because of one of the country's worst ecological disasters. and it's all the formula one team with a new car they don't want the world to see just yet and is here with that story.
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how high that i think it's safe to say that spring has well and truly sprung across much of europe even in c. those eastern areas which have been bitterly cold recently we have now got moderate encroaching so looking good over the next few days with high pressure in charge it's going to be fine and dry perhaps some persistent fog it's passive a silly over towards the hungry remaining away center the high winds very light here well so weather windy weather trying to push in from the west will gradually fizzle out as it does take over that moderate you can see oranges 20 celsius in berlin not too far off that in warsaw and a good deal mot of in of late from moscow to celsius does represent something of a warming restructures get to minus 16 just a few days ago so that's looking at 5 celsius say with some snow moving through as we go on through friday how weakening weather front will bump into our area of high pressure and there ia a cloud in the rain there into central possible southern parts of poland so there
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is a chimney and down towards the house where we can see a little dusting of snow by the time we come to sas day but for much of it with the high pressure in charge it doesn't last the fine and dry funny try to across a good parts of north africa because so much about the coming into morocco with a few showers for the gulf of guinea. more than a year after the could be 19 and then it began its origins remain. 101 days makes the scientists trying to trace the barks from the animal kingdom to keep its fun out of the. thing to say that it's time for a different approach so let's leave simplicity to the headlines join me as i take on the lies dismantle the misconceptions and debate the contradictions i'm marc lamont hill and it's time to get out from. people have come to expect a lot from al-jazeera over the years it's their reporting the commitment to on the
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report. place is the commitment to the human story. but it's also the idea of challenging those in power if a politician comes on this channel they will be challenged and that's what people expect from us they want the questions on such. that is what we've always done those but we will continue to. remind of the top stories here not just syria armenia's prime minister has held a mass rally in the capital yerevan after accusing top military officers of attempting crew senior army officials to join calls for him to step down amid
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public anger over last year's war with azerbaijan in the disputed nagorno-karabakh region. supporters of myanmar military of attacked protesters with knives iron rods and slingshot us in the city of young goan thousands of people have been protesting against the military since it seized power in a coup earlier this month. and the head of the european commission says the e.u. is on track to meet its target of fully vaccinating 70 percent of adults by the end of the summer just one criticism of its slow rollout underline spoke often in unity does put pressure on astra zeneca over delayed 19 vaccines supplies. bring them on our top story mania just 3 years ago promised an eco was the one leading mass demonstrations against. this year on. looks at his rise to power and recent decline in popularity. thank you for talking to aides last year as the
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conflict with azerbaijan raged al-jazeera has grown and smith sat down with armenian prime minister nicole question where the violence is at the end of the interview you asked him this question do you worry for your own popularity that if you mishandle this conflict if it doesn't go your way then you yourself are going to suffer in your position of prime minister did it yes. or you see what they reached the position of the prime minister. not to defend my popularity but to serve the national interests of my country and my people and to defend the dreams of people in my country so along this path absolutely not interested in my person that's just as well armenia lost the war and popularity. so it was just 2 years ago these scenes of passion your boss. may see between these 2 different political age then he was the man of the moment the former journalist
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an opposition politician who the end of march 28th launched a protest organization might step. in his camera and perhaps came across as an every man antidote to the perceived cynicism and corruption of armenia's ruling elite a 2 term president says sarkozy and was trying to continue his rule by becoming prime minister the crowds were determined to stop the so-called velvet revolution. from power and after 2 elections in may 28th. replaced him. governing armenia isn't easy besides its entrenched domestic problems and was also taking on armenia's fraught regional relationships. in october 2020 the stalled peace talks with azerbaijan over nagorno-karabakh collapsed armed and assisted by turkey after
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by john went on a devastating offensive to stave off a complete rout pressure on accepted a humiliating russian brokered ceasefire giving up swathes of formally armenian controlled territory it cost him huge political capital and opened a rift between his government and the military this is the end of the revolution this union made it very clear in his speech that he said this is the end of belgrade what that means and what comes after is anyone's guess there is a lot of unstability in the country after the war that ended in november 2028 the opposition has been calling for his resignation not long ago he was the figurehead of a more democratic and equitable armenia now nicole impression iraq's political future hangs in the balance. how does iraq. copies of donald trump's tax returns have been handed to new york prosecutor on monday the supreme court
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rejected the former president's bid to keep them sealed the manhattan district attorney's office wants to use the documents in a criminal investigation into his business dealings lawyers are looking at whether trump lied about the value of his assets to avoid paying tax. it's the 1st day on the job for the new top u.s. diplomat to the united nations and a thomas greenfield is the task of repairing relationships damaged during donald trump's time in office her appointment has been widely welcomed and even has russia's approval underwriting at a james bays reports from u.n. headquarters. how much. did saddam leave there the new ambassador is starting work the day after she was sworn in by vice president camila harris one day earlier she was confirmed by the senate 78 votes to 20 the nomination is confirmed 68 year old linda thomas greenfield is a veteran u.s.
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diplomat forced to retire by the trumpet ministration after a 35 year career in the state department and new yop as the u.s. official in charge of african affairs the secretary general very much looks forward . to working with the ambassador of issues of climate the recovery from covert. and the many other global issues or or shared agenda and basket of thomas greenfield is very different from her 2 previous s's donald trump's 2 ambassadors when nikki haley a leading political figure who previously served as the governor of south carolina and kelly craft whose family to native over $2000000.00 to the trump campaign and inauguration before she was rewarded with the ambassadorship to canada and then the u.n. even russia often an adversary to the u.s. on many issues in the security council seems pleased by the new appointment we hear
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that. it's always easier to. repair. trumps america 1st policy the u.s. lost influence in international institutions just as china stepped up its engagement and assertiveness at the un and campaigners now hope the biden administration will bring a fresh focus on human rights what we really need is a u.s. ambassador who is going to call china out for example uses and actually take some action it's not good enough anymore to give soundbites to journalists saying that china must do better on human rights we actually need some action taken given the severity of the situation in areas like seen john but honestly even beyond that the new ambassador couldn't ask for a more high profile start every month the u.n. security council presidency goes to a different country or the 1st of march it's the u.s.
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is turn and ambassador thomas greenfield will be chairing the council's proceedings james byrd's al-jazeera at the united nations brazil has recorded more than a quarter of a 1000000 deaths from covert 19 that's a 10th of all fatalities worldwide and the 2nd highest death toll on the planet after the united states the country is struggling to vaccinate enough people and is still in the midst of a deadly 2nd wave $1541.00 fatalities were reported in the last 24 hours the 2nd highest daily death toll since the pandemic hit the country a year ago. and floods in brazil's amazon rain forest have submerged entire towns at least 120000 people have been displaced in a cross state which is already battling a resurgence in cases of code 19 and dengue fever as well as a migrant crisis along the border with peru so hire at the ports. assessing
12:39 am
damage from above the clouds brazil's present diable sonera flies over thousands of flooded streets and homes entire towns and villages are submerged after the x. ray river burst its banks back on the ground the health minister updates him as the impoverished amazonian state appeals for federal aid this natural disaster is happening as brazil is struggling with the world's 3rd largest number of cave in 19 cases. and crays one of the poorest states in the country and as well as the pandemic nearly 8000 of the people here have been infected by dengue virus. entires ok it also has hundreds of migrants from haiti waiting to cross into peru that is close its border because of krona virus the government says it's doing all it's can we keep but we have a team of almost 40 people working on this situation in supporting the fight against covert 19 and as well as the consequences of the floods and migrant crisis and the impact on people's health. 70 percent of cinema dorrit are one of the worst
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hit cities has been affected by the floods and more than $4000.00 families have been relocated. water levels in several new surprise started to fall. but more rain is expected this week and a state of emergency has been declared so high that al jazeera israel has stopped the sale of local fish after an oil spill hit its coast and spread all the way to beaches in lebanon well the 90 percent of israel's 193 kilometer mediterranean coast line was covered in an estimated 1000 tons of black tar is really nature and parks with already has called it one of the worst ecological disasters on record and volunteers have been trying to clean up the oil a great company has denied reports that one of its tankers is responsible. china's president has declared a complete victory in his government's campaign to stamp out poverty sheeting ping
12:41 am
at a ceremony in beijing arche the country's accomplishments but many of question the authenticity of government figures a decade ago about 90 $9000000.00 people lived on incomes of under a dollar a day china's communist party has set its poverty line at $2.30 a day that's lower than the world bank's benchmark for lower middle income countries which is set at $3.20 a day trying to you has more from beijing. at a ceremony in beijing xi jinping ordered those who played key roles in china's fight to end extreme poverty nationwide the president says 770000000 people have been lifted out of poverty over the past 40 years and for the 2nd time since december hailed the achievement as a victory for the communist party. 832 counties and 812-8000 villages have been removed from the poverty list the audio stuff
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of eradicating extreme poverty has been fulfilled and we have created a novel miracle that i will go down in history and the extreme poverty has been a key goal of xi jinping his government since he came to power in 20123000000 communist party officials to give an targets for improving living standards in rural communities they were tasked with going door to door to document incomes in poor households beijing then poured billions of dollars into the building of new homes schools factories and roads it's a textbook case on how to get people out of poverty and i think getting people out of poverty is perhaps the more single important thing that any state can do to advance its social economic progress the united nations has been trying to reduce extreme poverty around the world and china says it's achievement covers more than 70 percent of the un's goal but it's a benchmark. for poverty a daily income of $2.30 is below the world back status the high income countries
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critics of the initiative say it's unsustainable with many villages relying on government support to prop up the founded industries and some people have been unable to adapt to their side jobs while others have complained of forced relocations this is a much needed wins of the chinese government and it comes at a crucial time they jane was pushing to revive the economy following the pandemic and july is like the 100 years since the founding of the communist party she didn't pull is hoping this milestone will strengthen the loyalty to the party as well as its own with just a mistake as it slowed down to 20 with al-jazeera go to. a song about hardships under communism has gone viral in cuba something that would have been unheard of when fidel castro was in power some of the country's biggest music stars collaborated on a project using lyrics that are direct and provocative analysts say it's proof times are changing there is a boat report. a song that talks about the need for changing q well.
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it's an anti-communist message sung by a well known cuban you sit in miami and have anna. were. caught. up in. the cause of. the talks about the failures of the government and the hardships faced by the people of the caribbean island for the past 62 years. the song is called homeland and life the changes the old slogan of by the on one of the or homeland and death. a symbol offered el castor's 1957 leftist revolution people in iran are by listening. for us patroon berta has always had a very clear message. well ancestors fought for independence and it's always been
12:45 am
a slogan that has characterized and represented us petrea veda also represents me because it speaks of the reality that cubans ordinary cubans are going through political tension has been on the rise in cuba after a rapper from the sunny see their movement and opposition group was detained for insulting a police officer since then artists from around the country have started to demand political reforms women will is part of a tennessee their movement and thankful for their support as hard because of one if those huge artists were able to connect and chant for the people and tell us people here we can also get together and fight it's known that a song can touch the deeper sense ability of a beast we are so thankful they are people who come from cuba's reality and the fact that they put their talent and fame to help people here shows we can unite the island's economy has deteriorated in the past year and the lack of tourists because
12:46 am
of covert 19 has forced the government to devalue the currency for the 1st time since it came to power in 1959 the government blames crippling u.s. sanctions for the economic slump but it's even gone on national television to attack the song homeland and life accusing the artists of being envoys of the cia they're feeling that they're weak they're feely that their dogs receiving this board that they always below are around the 'd just in their actions you know the government the cuban government has always said that they are supported by the by europe the of the people but when you hear many people seeing it as sung. it will lead to go. to the government right now. who we have been more than very years on the same situation that idea doesn't exist anymore. than exists anymore we don't have
12:47 am
a leader we don't have an idea that people are living in the same situation i like you said they did not go out they didn't have the same conditions. conditions that for now the government has been unable to improve so when artists express themselves politically that can motivate other cubans who until now have not dared speak up. and. still ahead this news hour rising from the rubble of a bombed out city iraq's cultural hot shows signs of a new beginning. and a school caster semenya takes the next step in and legal efforts to win the right to compete at the tokyo lympics.
12:48 am
12:49 am
and again an old bombed out church in mosul may be the last place you'd expect to find an orchestra but 4 years off to a violent reign but a young musicians some of the artists changing the face of the iraqi city so many felt and went to see the. amid the ruins of old mosul a cultural awakening the city hasn't seen in decades members of mosul's orchestra established just 3 months ago by a local radio station in rehearsal. many are beginners others played in secrets during rule a. terrorist organization by music people were scared and the society did not
12:50 am
encourage all support musicians but that began to change when i saw was driven out in 2017 but the. energy of the youth which had been hidden before started to come out now missiles floor of. the orchestra is a melting pot of religious and ethnic groups just like mostly used to be before eisel just like they wanted to be again. the main goal of the orchestra in mosul is to revive life in the city especially in destroyed areas like this church now wish most of the city can return to its former beauty i hope that peace does return here. but the orchestra has no budget no proper place to rehearse the whole is a promotional video to be published online it will attract attention and funding musicians and artists are spearheading mosul's cultural revival and say they're doing so despite limited support from the governments their work is
12:51 am
a hope for the future and the way to process the collective trauma from iceland devastating 3 year reign that trauma screams from many of claves paintings the veteran artist fled the city in 2014 his pieces from that period portray the chaos of war and displacement. but after defeat the great tones gradually gave way to pink green and yellow the facial expressions of his characters soft and obama the you're not. i change my colors i give them more optimism for the future i have hope that through all my art i can send a message to the world that we are people who like art and beauty that we like peace away from terror his colleague love now wants to revive memories of mosul's architectural heritage much of which was destroyed during the war. most of the things i painted take from what was there before my out depends on old
12:52 am
architecture like day. old folklore but all that was destroyed so i use old. her paintings also depict women who now enjoy greater freedom a reflection of how mosul is opening up again and a sign that its residents have turned a new page simona fulton al jazeera mosul. has ended with a sport. thank you so much lauren moore double olympic champion caster semenya isn't giving up on her fight to compete in this year's tokyo game so menu is taking her legal case against world athletics to the european court of human rights in 2018 track and field governing body introduce new rules focused on female athletes like some men year who have high levels of naturally occurring to stuffs their own the 30 year old has failed in 2 previous legal efforts to overturn the ruling out presents ammonia is banned from competing at a preferred distance of $800.00 metres unless she takes medication to lower her to
12:53 am
stuff drone levels while the classic 7 ruling is designed to ensure fair competition and is the result of a long term scientific research which links high testosterone levels it's a better performance is it only applies to running events between 400 meters and the 1500 meters so many competes in the $81500.00 affected athletes who want to compete must take medication for at least 6 months the alternatives include running longer or shorter distance events or writing on social media so many said this fights is not just about me it's about taking a stand and fighting for dignity equality and human rights of women in sports all we ask is to be able to run free as the strong and fearless women we are thank you so all of those who have stood behind me earlier on we spokes in the answers and a sports lawyer at the london law firm sheridan's. on
12:54 am
a micro level we have to remember that we are dealing with the rights of a champion athlete. to compete for coming and then it gains and there was no doubt that she was going to pursue every avenue you to ensure that she was able to compete because of a. relatively short so any band can have a disproportionate effect on your ability to be paid so i have no doubt when we're out at a decision was made and indeed when the court of arbitration for sport made it this engine and i would say this with supreme court made it. this isn't a power the previous decision says she would appeal yet again as to the broader issue of fairness and for us we need to take the essential networking site to see the disparity of opinions and the feeling the intense feeling that this provoked. and this is broader in some ways that many of the fairness and integrity issues
12:55 am
we've dealt with before it traverses discrimination gender fluidity and a lot of other issues. frankly i think it's a good thing that is being taken to the authorities in order for definitive ruling to be made now former u.s. gymnastics coach john get it has died by suicide shortly after being charged with multiple crimes including sexual assaults and human trafficking get it was head coach of the 2012 u.s. women's olympic seeing what's closely with described team doctor 3 years ago nasa pleaded guilty to sexually abusing female gymnasts get it said always been saying he had 0 knowledge of nasa's crimes. france's 6 nations match against scotland in paris on sunday has been perspiring due to a coronavirus out right within the french team 11 positive results have now been recorded among the players and the whole squad is in isolation france are top of
12:56 am
the 6 nations table after winning both of their games so far. india have beaten england by 10 wickets to take a 21 lead in their test series the match and i'm not bad lasted less than 2 days with india wrapping up the quickest test win in more than 80 years involved out for 81 in the 2nd innings leaving the home team with a victory target of just 49 the 4th and final test gets underway next thursday the batsman didn't you know up late the picnic it is from a lot of so knowledgeable not just there but us all chill some of the shorts as a back to united we were not up to the standards. and again i mean the pitch was completely fine it seems very normal because to me. i'm both going to be in this game is a bit hard work it's been hard for very experienced as. well it's it's not true
12:57 am
that it's true so 'd of course we can be back to the red bull formula one same of being testing out the new car but don't want the world to see it on the trunk just yet joining a print to stay the silverstone circuit in england only pictures of last season's car in action were made public red bull finished a distant 2nd behind it world champions mercedes in last season's constructs is championship this year max's stuff and being joined by mexican driver surger perth he's replaced alex album f one season gets underway in bahrain at the end of march. and take a look at this message for tiger woods as he continues his recovery from a car crash artist lloyd ogle drew this tribute in the stand next to the so-called home of golf decent unders golf course in scotland woods suffered major injuries to his right leg after crashing in los angeles on tuesday police have said he won't be facing any criminal charges that could actually support back to lauren in london.
12:58 am
thank you very much indeed and that's it for me dante let out a back in a moment with more news back. in syria thousands have disappeared without a trace. forcibly taken from their family right near the most terrible thing the syria just to be. this has been the invisible weapon of the syrian dictatorship throughout the modern sometimes the talk you can do better to die than continue to be surely after the new culture of. the
12:59 am
disappeared of syria on al-jazeera. a tamil journalist in search of a missing colleague stops at nothing to bring his story to the public. in sri lanka press freedoms are under threat. and some stories can only be told by those who will not compromise on the truth. news from just one part of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera. the protests started chiefly in front of the x. museum in amsterdam hundreds of protestors caton to demand the government is locked down with strict sions and lift a curfew the 1st in the country since world war 2 the threat is that we loose our freedoms the protesters who are not funneling social distancing rules who will be to leave order to disperse by police but police are trying very hard to close
1:00 am
friend the scenario that happened last. weeks and thousands were rioting in cities across the. after some protests started throwing stones at letting off fireworks police on horseback moved in to clear the area. manias prime minister calls his supporters out onto the streets and accuses the military of an attempted coup after it said he should resign. and are in taylor's hours they are live from london also coming up. clashes in myanmar's people rally for and against the jointers takeover and facebook bans the military for.


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