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started throwing stones at letting off fireworks police on horseback moved in to clear the area. manias prime minister calls his supporters out onto the streets and accuses the military of an attempted coup after it said he should resign. unarmed taylor says al-jazeera live from london also coming up. clashes in myanmar as people rally for and against the jointers takeover and facebook bans the military from all its platforms. surveying the disaster brazil's president visits x.-rays state of floods have left whole towns underwater.
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and london's ultra orthodox jews are warned against mass gatherings during the pure him holiday. armenia's prime minister has accused top military offices of attempting a coup after they demanded he step down because russian young brought thousands of supporters out onto the streets so his political future can only be decided by the people the opposition also came out to protest and has set up camp outside parliament the u.s. state department has called for restraint by all parties the country is bitterly divided over last year's brutal conflict with azerbaijan in the disputed nagorno-karabakh region but it smith reports. in the center of your event on thursday armenia's prime minister was defiant in the face of calls from the military for him to stand down made
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a pact. some people want to drag the army into unconstitutional processes this is an attempted coup but the people will not allow a military coup in armenia. an estimated 20000 people came out onto the streets of the capital after nicol pushing in called for a show of support but not that beat the fact context poured in political processes it must obey the people and the elected authorities machine ian has been under pressure to resign after his country lost last year's war with azerbaijan over the region of nagorno-karabakh i'm not as much of supporter of caution you know but i don't own the corrupted regime to come back more than 3 and a half 1000 damini and soldiers were killed in the 6 week conflict a significant number for a country with a population of under 3000000 russian yohn was forced to cede large swathes of territory around the going to karabakh that armenia controlled for almost 30 years since the end of the last war with as
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a by john. that prompted weeks of protests led by the opposition the night before the oppression ian came to power in 28 and what was called the velvet revolution after an attempt by the previous leader to stay in control beyond his term limit we are in effect a crisis. i hope to see i do means to take their course he said that chance now security. police just stand by their army and to demand to leave our prime minister without any. opposition representatives say they'll spend the night in yerevan central freedom square the prime minister it gives government have diminished watley larry but the alternative the discredited political opposition has much less of or no in general there is little alternative to partially on or his government but this is
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unprecedented in terms of a military record what's not clear is whether the army is willing to use force to back its call for the prime minister to step down clashing and says he'll announce a replacement for the head of the army in the coming days the crisis he says will be resolved constitutionally but it's made al-jazeera. lauren spurs is an associate fellow for the russia and eurasia program chatham house he says current tensions stem from comments over who's responsible the territory lost to azerbaijan last year. well this is been described as an attempted coup i think that's an exaggeration i think what we're seeing is a military intervention into civil politics which is itself regrettable and dangerous but the essential dynamics here are about a domestic reckoning with the catastrophic defeat that armenia experienced in november of last year. the triggers for these events that we've been seeing today
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are apparently comments that were made about the ineffectiveness of some of armenia's weaponry by new and a reaction from the general staff of the army and so there is this kind of tension around who is to carry responsibility for that catastrophic defeat and i think this is the the dynamic that's playing out. u.s. president joe biden has spoken to saudi arabia's king sound man just before his administration releases an unclassified report on the killing of journalist. he was murdered at the saudi consulate in istanbul in 2018 by a team of saudi operatives allegedly linked to crown prince mohammed bin sandman let's cross now to alan fischer who's in washington d.c. so what did they discuss in the call. or for such
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a long awaited call there wasn't anything out of the normal when it comes to diplomatic conversations between 2 heads of state what we had is that joe biden and the saudi king talked about regional security joe biden welcomed the recent release of human rights activists in. there continue to pledge to work together towards. saudi arabia's security and so it's all the normal language what is slightly different this time around compared to when donald trump was president is that joe biden is speaking directly to the king not through the crown prince mohammed been someone that is deliberate joe biden said that he was going to reset relationships with one of the things that he intended to do was to make sure that when he speaks he speaks head of state to head of state not through mohammed bin someone who of course is the crown prince and expected to be the next king of saudi arabia so why was this call between biden and the saudi king send port and.
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because essentially it waves the flag to release this unclassified report you're a member of the report was pulled together by the intelligence agencies here in the united states into the killing of jamal khashoggi in this saudi consulate in istanbul in 2018 no parts of that report have leaked and certainly we know that the head of the cia gina hospital pointed the finger directly at mohammed bin sound when in fact one senator said after getting the classified briefing that if there was a court of law mohammed bin someone would be convicted within 30 minutes lindsey graham who was also a big supporter of donald trump republican senator said that it really would change the way that the united states dealt with sodium rabia so we're expecting at some point possibly even within the next couple of hours that we might get this unclassified report being issued and it's expected to be very critical of mohammed bin selman which is another reason why joe biden chose to speak to the king rather
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than the crown prince and fisher thank you very much indeed. and many supporters of the military have marched in yangon on and faced off against opponents of the takeover ballance broke out in some parts of the city as longer escalates facebook has banned man was meant for all its platforms its corporate reports i really on thursday about a 1000 marchers took to the streets of yangon voicing their support for the job and its takeover of myanmar's democratically elected leadership they were flying the flag of the tatmadaw the official name here for the military they were met by some protesting against the coup later photos appear to show military supporters with knives and other weapons witnesses said they threaten journalist then came reports of scuffles and attacked by supporters of myanmar as john against anti kook protesters was caught on c.c.t.v.
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the video shows a man being assaulted by an armed group. despite this antic who protesters gathered at the university of young gone said they will continue with their peaceful civil disobedience movement initially police attempted to block them from leaving the campus but they made their way out to join other protesters. a few days after the coup facebook limited content from me and most military on its platforms but now it's ban them all together. for years myanmar's military has waged a very sophisticated communications campaign weaponize it very social media platforms and using them to incite and glorify violence some feel this move by facebook needs to be part of an ongoing process as these accounts have been blocked
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and removed as much as we might lauded their removal we also need to ensure that they are preserved and that facebook makes them. accountable for future criminal or human rights investigation. while the military has used social media platforms as a tool for its agenda it also recognizes how vulnerable they would be if they were taken away scot harder al-jazeera. the indian coast guard has found a boat carrying dozens a ring of refugees adrift at sea including 8 who died 90 people including $23.00 children were on board when the boat left the coxes bizarre refugee camp in bangladesh 2 weeks ago its engine failed on the 15th of february 81 people have been found alive and one refugee is still missing india and pakistan have pledged to stop firing weapons at each other in the disputed region of kashmir in a rare joint statement both militaries said they would observe a 2003 ceasefire that's been largely ignored until now senior generals agreed on
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the decision after speaking over a special bilateral hotline kashmir is mostly split between india and pakistan where the both countries claim the region in its entirety hundreds of people been killed in cross border fire over the last 18 years. the global death toll from carbon 19 has now passed 2 and a half 1000000 a pandemic has also caused a crisis in global oxygen supplies and it's killing people in africa and latin america despite previous warnings doctors say the shortage is leading to unnecessary deaths some desperate families have turned to the black market for lifesaving oxygen ahead of the africa centers for disease control and prevention says it's the main reason that coded 900 patients are more likely to die during surges the u.n. says it will take $1600000000.00 to stabilize supplies. brazil has recorded more
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than a quarter of a 1000000 deaths from coated 19 that's a 10th of all fatalities worldwide and the 2nd highest death toll on the planet after the united states the country is struggling to vaccinate enough people and is still in the midst of a deadly 2nd wave $1541.00 fatalities reported in the last 24 hours the 2nd highest daily death toll since the pandemic hit a year ago brazil's health minister says the country is facing a new stage of the outbreak with a variant that 3 times more contagious. the head of the european commission says the e.u. is on track to vaccinate fully 70 percent of adults by the end of the summer despite criticism of its slow rollout or slow from the lion spoke during a summit where he does put pressure on astra zeneca over delayed period 19 vaccine supplies the company says it will hopefully deliver $40000000.00 doses by the end of march but that's still less than half the amount of ridgeley promised france's
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president emanuel mccoy is also rolled back on claims that astra zeneca is vaccine was partially ineffective saying he would take the japanese self. and german chancellor angela merkel says the e.u. has agreed on the need for vaccination certificates which could allow inoculated people to travel without restrictions. and she didn't answer and in germany we decided to develop such a national vaccine certificate the basic dato which such as a ticket must contain is defined by the european commission and member states the german health ministry issued a procurement procedure and the european commission meets about 3 months to create the required technical conditions still to come this off. israel bans the sale of local fish because of one of the country's worst ecological disasters. and china's president says his government is eradicated extreme quality but not everyone is convinced.
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how i once again we're seeing some rather live fish i was recently across northern parts of australia it should improve quite a weather coming in across the top end but with an area of low pressure very close to the cape york peninsula we're going to hang on to a few showers here as we go through the next few days so some tropical downpours once again are rolling through here notice some rather lively showers into the southeast of queensland both east and parts of new south wales where larry of low pressure spinning away around the tasman heading towards new zealand will throw a few showers into new zealand but it is an improving picture for that southeastern corner of australia if a little cool for melbourne temperatures no higher than around 20 celsius meanwhile we hang on to the heat's i was towards the west and we're getting up to $32.00 celsius in perth over the next couple of days i stop just to recover down towards
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the southeast for saturday some showers there continuing across parts of the south wales and it does stay wet up towards the cape york peninsula there we go with a few showers coming into the south out of the new zealand but some more questions getting up to 25 degrees that we're losing the warmth meanwhile across such a pad. as we go on through the next week or so west the weather rolling out to that eastern side of japan making its way for the race was it the other waltzes. more than a year after the colby 19 pandemic began its origins remain. one o one ace meets the scientists trying to trace the virus from the animal kingdom to cubans on al-jazeera. this thing to say that it's time for a different approach so let's leave simplicity to the headlines join me as i take
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on the dismantle the misconceptions and debate the contradictions on marc lamont hill and it's time to get up for. the. amount of the top stories here now jazeera are manias prime minister has held a mass rally in the capital yerevan after accusing top military officers of attempting a coup senior army officials had joined calls them to step down amid public anger over last year's war with azerbaijan in the disputed nigora car about region. supporters of mir mas military have attacked protesters with knives on rods and slingshots in the city of young gone thousands of people have been protesting
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against the military since it seized power in a coup earlier this month. and the head of the european commission says the e.u. is on track to vaccinate 4070 percent of adults by the end of the summer despite criticism of its slow rollout or slip under law you spoke of to e.u. leaders put pressure on astra zeneca over delayed covered 19 vaccine suppliers. members of the u.k.'s strictly orthodox jewish community are preparing to celebrate poor him one of the most important days in the jewish calendar but it's kind of 19 restrictions persist efforts are underway to ensure festivities do not result in large gatherings he fokker reports from london. stamford hill north london home to the largest ultra-orthodox jewish population in europe a private an insular community but on one day a year poor him happens. there
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are strict instructions to tone down the party no mass gatherings no public dancing covert 19 has swept through this community like no other in the u.k. last year's festivities are thought to have helped the virus spread within months london's ultra-orthodox jews had one of the highest infection rates in the world 9 times the national average scientists tracked the spread and one figure is that the rate infection in the community of. students 60 percent of people and detected i'm getting to that some point during the 1st. quarter was run in november december of 2020 after recovering from covert 19 antibodies only last a few months meaning the community around likely to have benefited from any collective immunity high infection rates also increase the risk of virus mutations there are many possible reasons for the data social gatherings are very much the
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lifeblood of the community and many families live in cramped intergenerational households with many children they're also one of the country's most deprived communities such many youngsters are classed as vulnerable allowing them on the government roles to continue attending school in large numbers. but there have also been some flagrant breaches of the lockdown rules this is the moment in january when police raided a local school to shut down a wedding attended by 150 people 10 months after the school's principal died of covert 19. there are reports of dozens of illegal weddings within the ultra orthodox community with an account of a covert positive bright warm stamford hill celebration the rule breaking has been condemned by this prominent community rabbi. sensitivities the reason life where the jewish community puts a lot of emphasis and i would hope that the government would engage in
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a constructive manner with the jewish community to explain why these regulations are. important and vital for everyone to observe the local council says the rules couldn't have been clearer i would describe people in the community who circulated leaflets saying that oh you can have a wedding because prayer is permitted. deliberately bending the rules we know that cultural racial and economic factors influence the way covert mind seems spread the lessons learned here could play a vital role in protecting vulnerable communities against infections yet to come leave barca al-jazeera london guinea's government is hoping its latest a bowler vaccination campaign can stop the virus spreading by april you know collection drive is now also being held in zurich ory where the 1st cases were detected almost 2 weeks ago 11000 doses and 200 health experts landed in the
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capital conakry on monday at least 5 people have died in the latest outbreak. floods in brazil's amazon rain forest have submerged entire towns at least 120000 people have been displaced in x. ray state which is already battling a resurgence in cases of code 19 and fever as well as a migrant crisis along the border with peru so higher it reports. assessing damage from above the clouds brazil's present diable sonera flies over thousands of flooded streets and homes entire towns and villages are submerged after the x. ray river burst its banks back on the ground the health minister updates him as the impoverished amazonian state appeals for federal aid this natural disaster is happening as brazil is struggling with the world's 3rd largest number of coded 19 cases. a craze one of the poorest states in the country and as well as the pandemic
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nearly 8000 of the people here have been infected by dengue a virus passing fast in times ok it also has hundreds of migrants from haiti waiting to cross into peru that is close its border because of krona virus the government says it's doing all it can. but we have a team of almost 40 people working on this situation in supporting the fight against covert 19 and as well as the consequences of the floods and migrant crisis and the impact on people's health. 70 percent of cinema dorrit are one of the worst hit cities has been affected by the floods and more than $4000.00 families have been relocated. water levels in several new surprise started to fall. but more rain is expected this week and a state of emergency has been declared so high that al jazeera israel has stopped the sale of local fish after an oil spill hit its coast
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spreading all the way to the beaches in lebanon where the 90 percent of israel's 193 kilometer mediterranean coast line was covered in an estimated 1000 tons of black tar is really nature and parks authority has called it one of the worst ecological disasters on record and volunteers have been trying to clean up the oil a great company has denied reports that one of its tankers is responsible. i force it is in west jerusalem he says the israeli authorities are trying to determine if the fishes safe to eat. they want to make sure that potentially soluble materials haven't drifted through into the food chain and could therefore cause harm to human health as well we've seen these extraordinary pictures of just the sheer amount of tar that has washed up along this vast stretch of coastline is really swimmers and surfers and beachgoers have been told to stay away while this cleanup continues
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a lot of the beaches are now looking cleaner but there is quite a lot of this material still intermingled with the sand and more difficult it's it's to get the oil and tar out from the rock era areas and the reefs along the shoreline to there they're also being shown pictures of contaminated oil covered turtles there was a whale that washed up on the beach near the port city of ashdod exactly a week ago which is when these concerns 1st were raised and there are worries about what happens when there is a migration of birdlife from africa in the south heading up towards europe in just a few weeks time that the contamination could spill over into those birds as well so this is a major ecological disaster and one that could last for some time an illegal gold mine has collapsed in indonesia killing at least 6 people rescue teams are searching for survivors on suno as the island and their fate is unstable soil could cause another accident jessica washington reports from jakarta. on soon away sea
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island in the district of putting the motor on a familiar scene the aftermath of another illegal mining disaster in indonesia authorities believe there were 22 people here when the mine collapsed but survivors told local media they could have been more military police and the local disaster agency are working together to assist the community make shift wooden frames built on unstable soil broke down during the night 1st responders faced the challenge of searching for survivors in the dark about that. we're doing certain evacuation by emptying the stagnant water and it's quite difficult because that darkness. fatalities that unauthorised mines are common in mineral rich into the asia attracting thousands of unskilled laborers with no training or proper safety equipment experts estimate there are close to 9000 on my sense to mines around a quarter of them gold. in 2019 at least 16 people were killed when
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a mine collapsed also on the island of samoa seen does home is an advocacy network for safer and more sustainable mining it has long pushed for comprehensive investigations into illegal operations. many people in local governments and learn for smith's involved in that they conducted raids close the mines down in just a few months later operation is back on local environmental groups say it is up to the government to help these communities find more sustainable and less risky work . but. the situation for a cow farmers in central sulawesi is not good they are in a bad economic condition so they have to risk their lives in these mining pits. it's dangerous and often low paid work but those who keep returning to these mines say they have no choice just a washington al jazeera to counter. china's president has declared
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a complete victory in his government's campaign to stamp out poverty she painted a ceremony in beijing marking the country's accomplishments but many of question the authenticity of government figures a decade ago about 99000000 people lived on incomes of under a dollar a day china's communist party has set its poverty line at $2.30 a day but that's lower than the world bank's benchmark for lower middle income countries which is set at $3.20 a day to you has more from beijing. at a ceremony in beijing xi jinping honored those who played key roles in china's fight to end extreme poverty nationwide the president says 717000000 people have been lifted out of poverty over the past 40 years and for the 2nd time since december hailed the achievement as a victory for the communist party. 832 counties and 812-8000 villages have been removed from the poverty list the audio stuff
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of eradicating extreme poverty has been fulfilled and we have created a novel miracle that will go down in history and the extreme poverty has been a key goal of xi jinping his government since he came to power in 20123000000 communist party officials to give him targets for improving living standards in rural communities they were tasked with going door to door to document incomes in poor households beijing then poured billions of dollars into the building of new harms schools factories and roads it's a textbook case on how to get people out of poverty and i think getting people out of poverty is perhaps the more single important thing that any state can do to advance its social economic progress the united nations has been trying to reduce extreme poverty around the world and china says its achievement covers more than 70 percent of the un's goal but its benchmark for poverty
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a daily income of $2.30 is below the world bank status the high income countries critics of the initiative say it's unsustainable with many villages relying on government support to prop up newly founded industries and some people have been unable to adapt to assigned jobs while others have complained of forced relocations this is a much needed wins of the chinese government and it comes at a time they were doing was pushing to revive the economy following the pandemic and to live is like the 100 years since the founding of the colonists. she didn't pull and is hoping this milestone will strengthen the loyalty to the party as well as its own legitimacy as its leader between al jazeera and to. india's government has announced tough new rules for social media companies and streaming websites to stop what it calls anti national propaganda companies like facebook twitter and netflix will have to raise content your forty's deem unlawful or which is an effect india's sovereignty and integrity the regulations will take
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effect within 3 months critics say it's the latest in a crackdown on free speech social media has become a central battleground during farmers' protests against new agricultural laws. the top stories on our 0 armenia's prime minister has accused top military officers of attempting a coup after they demanded he step down he called passion yun brought thousands of supporters out on the streets of year of on saying his political future can only be decided by the people of the opposition also came out to protest and of set up camp outside parliament.


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