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changed. one of the fortunate ones that just might not but all the. majority of these illegal of us are talking about just good hardworking people that want to live the american dream like our ancestors these are huge refugees are terrified that they may be forced to return to being more. brazil's cobra death toll rises above a quarter of a 1000000 that are warnings a variation which is even more contagious is pushing its health system to the verge of collapse. don't know about this and this is all to do a live from doha also coming up european leaders voted speed up the rollout of
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covert 900 faxon's despite supply concerns. i mean as prime minister calls his supporters onto the streets and accuses the military of an attempted coup after it said he should resign. facebook the bondsmen mas military over its use of deadly force against anti coupe protesters. there are fears that brazil's health care system could be close to collapse the health minister says his country is facing a new stage of the covert pandemic with a mutated variant of the virus that's 3 times more contagious it says the variant that was 1st identified in manassas is now quickly spreading through other brazilian states and it's threatening to overwhelm local health facilities brazil is the worst affected country in latin america it's just reached a quarter of
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a 1000000 deaths that are being more than 10000000 positive cases the government's distributed around 14000000 vaccine doses so far it has plans to inoculate half of the country's population of 210000000 people by the middle of the year well money can you knock it off is joining us now live from new days is. monica just talk us through given the fact that these numbers are now so large what restrictions are being put in place to try to contain the virus. yes well several states and brazil is a very large country so there's different situations all over the board both in the north and in the south hospitals on the verge of so the state of the richest state of brazil has just started restricting measure people from circulating the. 5 am in the morning now by in the northeast of brazil they have shut down
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all the beaches and all essential businesses until next monday to friday it will be the anniversary of. the 1st case of. brazil and while this country has the 2nd largest death toll to date so people are very worried because hospitals are really filled up in many states. and all over the country and has on top of that which is back on top of that. and also an outbreak of benghazi so it is a complicated situation as i mentioned before the brazils go to the country's population by the middle of the year that's. 210000000 people in total only 14000000 doses how was this vaccination program working.
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well brazil has the largest styria of max vaccination in the past and it has of a very good system this time with this virus what has happened is a lot of misinformation well you had the federal government the president downplaying the virus saying he would not be vaccinated so there was there was you know there was. a political infighting between the federal government and governors in states so there is a lot of. confusion and delays in starting this program and once it started in certain places it stopped because there wasn't enough there weren't enough vaccines like rio suspended it's. the nation for a while so so far brazil has only vaccinated less than 4 percent of its population and that is a problem that is going on so what private sector is saying allow was
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a buyback b. and so and mayors and governors have told the federal government allow us to buy vaccines on our own and not just on the federal government buy for the whole country in distributing it and that might happen but only after half the population and it's back to the federal government. thanks very much indeed that's monaco you not have bringing us up to date from rio de janeiro let's bring in the 2 folks who is professor of medicine at the university of south rector of the center for clinical and epidemiological research is joining us by skype from it's good to have you with us. given the rate at which brazil is carrying out its vaccination program at the moment and given the number of cases that it's now has is there any likelihood that brazil is going to be able to get ahead of this virus and do what it says it's going to aiming to do and vaccinate the population by the
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middle of the year. this situation bers euro is the worst sin city marshal 2020 and the reason is because of the federal government the is stirring not fit except it is for had to divide us what the minister of health stated today. is not true here is on offer the source of the epidemic is not do it all on your vet variant but because of good denialism of the federal government that to provide the in the effective. amat since kind very keen instead to provide the vaccination for the population now you're having. the perfect
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storm. of fear over vaccines and a increasing number of people. with diseases because there is no restrictions they minister the minister of health and the president they don't use to mask. yesterday in the federal government. there was pari with more than a troll her people all of them adult mask it out to be any kind of social distancing it's such a bad example for the whole population so the reason of the increase of the number of cases that is in brazil is not do or have a variant but to do the worst conduction of the pandemic in the world. prefers a lot of what we're unfortunately the sound is occasionally dripping out on the
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feed that we have but i would like to ask you given the fact that the health minister is saying that the health system in brazil is close to collapse what happens if it does collapse what happens to brazil. yes. unfortunately we're obviously having problems with the skype line there from. little folks we're going to try and get him back but in the meantime let's move on now the head of the european commission says the e.u. is on track to fully vaccinate 70 percent of adults by the end of the summer that's despite criticism of its slow role lives sort of on delay and spoke during a summit where either leaders put pressure on astra zeneca over delayed covert 19 vaccine supplies the company says it will hopefully deliver 40000000 doses by the end of march but that's still less than half the amount it had originally promised
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in the french presidency when you mark home has rolled back his comments that astra zeneca is vaccine was partially ineffective saying he would take the job himself or the leaders have also agreed on the need for vaccination certificates which could allow inoculated people to travel without restrictions. in germany we decided to develop such international vaccines that if you get the basic dato which such is the to fake it must contain is defined by the european commission and member states the gym and health ministry issued a procurement procedure and the european commission meets about 3 months to create the required technical condition. well done to kane's in berlin with more. brussels on thursday was the venue for 2 separate meetings both of which have a role to play in the way that the pandemic will be managed across the continent going forward on the one hand e.u. heads of government heads of state met in a digital conference to discuss the next steps 3 specific areas for top for
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discussion the 1st about how to speed up the production of the vaccine to get more vaccines into the arms of europeans living on the continent although they spoke about the need to close up bottlenecks and facilitate production but in go to much detail about it the 2nd area for discussion was about vaccine certificates how people who have had the vaccine may be able to go beyond the social distancing rules perhaps to travel in the near future a broad agreement about how to go forward but no precise details of when and how that would happen and then looking into the future you had a meeting also in brussels at the same time at the european parliament there interviews with the heads of several of the vaccine manufacturers specifically with the c.e.o. of astra zeneca several different members of parliament but hostile questions to him about the way they perceive the treatment of the e.u.
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visa his vaccine was going compared to the way that it was happening in the united kingdom his answers did not please those members of parliament the fact they were asking the questions shows the level of envy or resentment there is among some people at the way the rollout of the vaccines are proceeding in the e.u. relative to the u.k. and other countries. i mean his political crisis is deepening prime minister nicolas nicol passion has fired his military chief after senior army officials called for his resignation he says that call amounts to a coup attempt thousands have valid to both for and against washington in the capital and the opponents who set up camp outside parliament saying they won't leave until the prime minister steps down and smith reports in the central yerevan on thursday armenia's prime minister was defiant in the face of calls from the military for him to stand down made by mikey some people want to drag the army into
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unconstitutional processes this is an attempted coup but the people will not allow a military coup in armenia an estimated 20000 people came out onto the streets of the capital after nicol pushing in called for a show of support. back on take part in political processes it must obey the people and the elected authorities the she has been under pressure to resign after his country lost last year's war with azerbaijan over the region of nagorno-karabakh i'm not as much of a supporter of passion you know but i don't own the corrupt agreement to come more than 3 and a half 1000 armenian soldiers were killed in the 6 week conflict a significant number for a country with a population of under $3000000.00 passion ian was forced to cede large swathes of territory around the going to karabakh that armenia had controlled for almost 30 years since the end of the last war with as a by john. that prompted weeks of protests led by the opposition are not equal.
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passion ian came to power in 28 and what was called the velvet revolution after an attempt by the previous leader to stay in control beyond his term limit we are in a. crisis i want to see i do means to take their course he said that chance now security. police to stand by their army and to demand to leave our prime minister without any. opposition representatives say they'll spend the night in yerevan central freedom square the prime minister it is government have diminished popularity but the alternative the discredited political opposition has much less so or so in general there is little alternative to partially own or his government but this is unprecedented in terms of
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a military record what's not clear is whether the army is willing to use force to back its call for the prime minister to step down passion and says he'll announce a replacement for the head of the army in the coming days the crisis he says will be resolved constitutionally but it smith al jazeera. still ahead on al-jazeera india and pakistan pledged to hold cross border firing in the disputed region of kashmir by found that diplomacy is about showing compassion plus the diplomats tasked with renewing washington standing at the united nations. i think it's safe to say that temperatures have well and truly recovered now across
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the deep south of the us stu's day last week the 6 think the fabric temperatures were struggling to get to where they fell as low as minus 19 celsius in dallas couple days back we got up to plus $27.00 so massive swing in temperatures still a little bit of cooler air coming down towards the southeast as it bumps into our warmer air we will see some lively showers on a cold fronts here where we can you can see how the the warm has made its way back in and as we go on through the next couple of days temperatures will generally continue to recover should about 18 celsius in dallas 21 here by saturday not looking too bad but we have got wetter weather across the deep south parts of texas arkansas so just pushing up towards the tennessee valley we're going to see some weather weather just easing over towards that eastern seaboard meanwhile still some wintry weather across the rockies around the cost cascades we're going to see wet and windy weather and when few weather piling in here avalanche risk has been elevated as a result of that those snow flurries will continue to make their way further east
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was sad state doesn't look like a pretty wet day there across a good part of the deep south and we still got some snow in the forecast for the eastern side of canada. frank assessments should we be buying bitcoin ultimately it will be sovereigns and governments who are buying this and in-depth analysis of the day global headlines inside story. to watch live and influence peddling the former french president nicolas sarkozy will be in the courtroom. also. on march the 1st we'll hear the verdict. follow the story as it breaks the mold of reaction on al-jazeera.
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they're watching our visit a reminder of our top stories this hour there are warnings that brazil's health system is on the verge of collapse the health minister says his country is facing a new stage of the coronavirus pandemic with a mutated variant of the virus that's 3 times more contagious. the head of the european commission says the e.u. is on track to fully vaccinate 70 percent of adults by the end of the summer despite criticism of its slow roll out the new leaders use their summit to put pressure on astra zeneca over delayed covered 19 vaccine supplies. thousands of armenians have protested for and against the prime minister there called question fired his military chief after senior army officials called for his resignation he says that amounts to a coup his opponents have not set up camp outside parliament. well more on that
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story and nicole pushing in his face widespread protests in recent months but just 4 years ago he was leading mass demonstrations against then they don't. normally challenge takes a look at his rise to power and recent decline in popularity. thank you for talking points last year as the conflict with azerbaijan raged out here as 200 smith sat down with armenian prime minister nicole partin violence as the end of the interview you asked him this question do you worry for your own popularity that if you mishandle this conflict if it doesn't go your way then you yourself are going to suffer in your position of prime minister. yes. well you see i reached the position of the prime minister. not to defend my popularity but to serve the national interests of my country and my people and to defend the
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dreams of people in my country so along this path absolutely not interested in my person that's just as well armenia lost the war and passion neons popularity diminish though it was just 2 years ago the scenes of pressure basking crowds adulation as he became prime minister from a different political age then he was the man of the moment for former journalist and opposition politician who the end of march 28th seen launched a protest organization called might step. in his camera t. shirts and cap came across as an every man antidote to the perceived cynicism and corruption of armenia's ruling elite 2 term president says sarkozy and was trying to continue his really becoming prime minister the crowds were determined to stop him the so-called velvet revolution. from power and after 2 elections in may
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28th. replaced him. governing armenia isn't easy besides its entrenched domestic problems and was also taking on armenia's fraught regional relationships in october 2020 the stalled peace talks with azerbaijan over nagorno-karabakh collapsed armed and assisted by turkey azerbaijan went on a devastating offensive to stave off a complete rout pression eon accepted a humiliating russian brokered ceasefire giving up swathes of formerly armenian controlled territory it cost him huge political capital and opened a rift between his government and the military. this is the end of the velvet revolution machine made it very clear in his speech that he said this is the end of velvet what that means and what comes after is anyone's guess there is a lot of unstability in the country after the war that ended in november of 2028
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the opposition has been calling for his resignation not long ago he was the figurehead of a more democratic and equitable armenia now nic impression iraq's political future in the parlance chalons. us president joe biden and saudi arabia's king solomon have spoken before the expected release of an american intelligence report on the murder of saudi journalists as a marker so easy the 2 leaders discussed efforts to end the war in yemen and washington's commitment to help defend itself against iranian backed rebels but the classified intelligence report is widely expected to implicate the saudi crown prince shows who's killing them off or let's speak to alan fischer in washington d.c. allan i would imagine there are a lot of people who are going to be watching very closely this call what more do we know about what was said. well it's really just an ordinary diplomatic call we're told that joe biden spoke to the saudi king they discussed regional security in
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that there was implicit criticism of iran they talked about the need for saudi arabia to defend itself they talked about the recent release of human rights activists in saudi arabia which was welcomed by joe biden and they said that they would continue to work together given their long relationship it's really interesting that joe biden chose to speak to the king we know that during the trumpet ministration the main conduit between the u.s. government and sodium abia was mohammed bin solomon the current prince and more often than not it was gerry krishna who is one of donald trump's kid visors also his son in law who carried out that communication what was interesting that in the call there was no mention at all of jamal khashoggi or indeed any mention of muhammad bin soundman and you describe this as a job as well as being a normal diplomatic phone call but one would imagine that any phone call between the u.s. president and the king of saudi arabia is a significant one not least because of that shortly report why is this call so
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important. well essentially it starts the clock ticking on when that report will be released and it could be any time more likely to be at some time on friday we were told that joe biden would have a call with the saudi king and then this report would be released it's to compile by the director of national intelligence it details on the killing of jamal khashoggi in the saudi consulate in istanbul back in 2018 but we know that senators have already been briefed on the contents of that joe biden said he would release that that dorsey as soon as he was elected but he wanted to speak to the saudi king 1st we are told in leaks that have come out already that it will very much point the finger at the hamad bin solomon suggesting that he was responsible for ordering the death of jamal khashoggi in fact one senator after hearing the classified briefing said that if there was a jury then mohammed bin some of the convicted within 30 minutes and even lindsey
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graham big supporter of donald trump big supporter of relations with saudi arabia said that as far as he was concerned it would mean essentially redrawing the rules of the relationship between saudi arabia and the united states so it is that important that significant we're expected to get that unredacted unclassified dorsey at some point in the next 24 hours or so and it could have implications for long term u.s. so did relations allan thanks very much on the fisher in washington d.c. l m a m r supporters of the military coup marched in the largest city young gone and faced off against opponents of the power grab violence broke out in some parts of the city the tensions come as facebook has banned me in my eyes military from its platforms it's called hyla reports. early on thursday about a 1000 marchers took to the streets of yangon voicing their support for the jointer and its takeover of myanmar's democratically elected leadership they are flying the flag of the tatmadaw the official name here for the military. they were met by some
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protesting against the coup but later photos appear to show military supporters with knives and other weapons witnesses said they threaten journalist then came reports of scuffles and attacked by supporters of myanmar as john against anti kook protesters was caught on c.c.t.v. the video shows a man being assaulted by an armed group. despite this antic who protesters gathered at the university of yangon said they will continue with their peaceful civil disobedience movement initially police attempted to block them from leaving the campus. but they made their way out to join other protesters. a few days after the coup facebook limited content from myanmar is military on its platforms but now it's ban them all together.
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for years beyond mars military has waged a very sophisticated communications campaign weaponize and very social media platforms and using them to incite and glorify violence some feel this move by facebook needs to be part of an ongoing process as these accounts have been blocked and removed as much as we might lauded their removal we also need to ensure that they are preserved and that facebook makes them accountable for future criminal or human rights investigation. while the military has used social media platforms as a tool for its agenda it also recognizes how vulnerable it would be if they were taken away scot harder al-jazeera. india and pakistan have agreed to hold fighting along their disputed border in cuss me and then a rare joint statement both sides said they would observe a 2003 cease fire that's been largely ignored until now senior generals agreed on the change after speaking over a special bilateral hotline kashmir is mostly splits between india and pakistan
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although both sides claim the region in its entirety hundreds of people have been killed in call support of fire over the last 18 years in their desire as. relations with pakistan we have always maintained that we are committed to addressing issues if any in a peaceful and. on key issues of opposition to means unchanged. it's the 1st day on the job for the new u.s. diplomat to the united nations and the thomas greenfield has the task of repairing relationships damaged during donald trump's time in office appointment has been widely welcomed and even has russia's approval diplomatic editor james bates reports from the. arriving at united nations headquarters on the 1st day in her job and bastard or linda thomas greenfield 1st presented her diplomatic credentials to the un secretary general antonio terrace.
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the 68 year old is a veteran u.s. diplomat forced to retire by the trumpet ministration after a 35 year career in the state department ending up as the u.s. official in charge of african affairs throughout my time representing america all over the world i found that diplomacy is about showing compassion it's about managing points differentiation and it's about bringing people together the united nations is the world's most important forum for bringing people and countries together and i take that seriously as a u.s. diplomat ambassador thomas greenfield is very different from her 2 previous sources donald trump's 2 ambassadors when nikki haley a leading political figure who previously served as the governor of south carolina and kelly craft whose family donated over $2000000.00 to the trump campaign and
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inauguration before she was rewarded with the ambassadorship to canada and then the u.n. even russia often an adversary to the u.s. on many issues in the security council seems pleased by the new appointment we heard that. when the us. was always easier. trumps america 1st policy meant the u.s. lost influence in international institutions just as china stepped up its engagement and assertiveness at the un campaigners now hope the biden administration will bring a fresh focus on human rights what we really need is a u.s. ambassador who is going to call china. threats of uses and actually take some action it's not good enough anymore to give soundbites to journalists saying that china must do better on human rights we actually need some action taken given the
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severity of the situation and in areas like seen john but honestly even beyond that the new ambassador couldn't ask for a more high profile start every month the u.n. security council presidency goes to a different country on the 1st of march it's the u.s. is turned and ambassador thomas greenfield will be chairing the council's proceedings jamesburg outta syria at the united nations. this is our jazeera these are the top stories that are warnings that brazil's health system is on the verge of collapse the health minister says his country is facing a new stage of the coronavirus pandemic with a mutated variant of the virus that is 3 times more contagious monaco you not have has more from rio de janeiro on friday it will be the anniversary of the year the 1st. cold one. very thorough and
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while the country has been like in large.


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