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tv   Witness Balloons Over Babylon  Al Jazeera  February 26, 2021 4:00am-5:01am +03

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about the soviets the people who don't live in. the real world use to the red so. to understand this unusual. the volcano on al-jazeera. madison in doha the top stories on. the u.s. is carried out an airstrike in syria targeting iranian backed fighters the pentagon says is in the spawns to recent attacks against u.s. personnel in iraq for more on this let's go to shihab rattansi in washington d.c. what more do we know about this attack she had when we had a statement from the pentagon confirming that yes this was in retaliation to those attacks on u.s. troops and coalition forces it was a border checkpoint facility used by what the u.s.
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they are iranian backed militia groups but this is the key sentence in the statement this proportionate military response was conducted together with diplomatic measures including consultation with coalition partners the operation sends an ambiguous message president biden will act to protect americans and coalition personnel at the same time we have acted in a deliberate manner that aims to deescalate the overall situation in both eastern syria and iraq clearly trying to draw a comparison with the previous administration under donald trump who in response to attacks on coalition forces in iraq used the most disproportionate force by killing iran in general some sort of money they had of the could force to try to draw that distinction at the same time however there are other levels to this just a few days ago the pentagon had said that they were not going to take any precipitous action they were going to wait for the iraqis to do their own investigation that investigation is still underway but for some reason the u.s. decided to go ahead and bomb anyway. chip thanks very much indeed the president joe
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biden and saudi arabia's king some have spoken before the expected release of an american intelligence report on the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi the 2 leaders discussed efforts to end the war in yemen and washington's commitment to help riyadh to defend itself against iranian backed rebels biden also praised the kingdom for releasing several saudi activists recently there are fears that parts of brazil's health system are on the verge of collapse the health minister says the country is facing a new stage of the corona virus pandemic with a strain of the virus that's 3 times more contagious one of can you not have has more from rio de janeiro. the border both in the north and in the south hospital on the verge of collapse so the state of the. richest state of brazil has just started restricting measure our people from circulating the. am and 5 am in the morning
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now by in the northeast of brazil they have shut down all the beaches and all its central business until next monday the head of the european commission says the e.u. is on track to vaccinate 70 percent of adults by the end of the summer despite criticism of its slow rollout in your leaders use their summits to put pressure on us to zeneca over delayed covered 19 vaccines supplies need is also discussed the need for vaccination certificates which could allow inoculated people to travel without restrictions. in germany we decided to develop such a national vaccine city ficus the basic dato which such as a ticket must contain is defined by the european commission and member states the german health ministry issued a procurement procedure and the european commission meets about 3 months to create the required technical conditions. thousands of armenians have rallied in support
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of prime minister nicole pushing the un he fired his military chief after senior army officials called for him to resign he says that amounts to a coup his opponents also held a rival demonstration former u.s. gymnastics coach john gebhardt has killed himself just hours after being charged with crimes including sexual assault and human trafficking geathers who was head coach of the 2012 u.s. women's olympic team it worked closely for many years with disgraced team doctor laurie nasser 3 years ago nasir pleaded guilty to sexually abusing female gymnasts . india and pakistan agreed to stop fighting along their disputed border in kushner in a rare joint statement both sides said they would observe a 2003 cease fire that's been largely ignored until now kashmir is mostly split between india and pakistan although both countries claim the entire region those are the headlines coming up next it's witness by.
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to. to. to. move. to london and. you. can discuss and discuss. any law limply issue from an issue for not. going near that
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30 minutes and how mine done plus i'm feeling that i'm on a diet 50000 fan from banal until john when i find him barking i'm not going to hide. i decided i didn't like or not going to. be nice to see videos of these clowns for. blocks around the area when my hopes are that the family officials and they're flying. first time and bob it was just me. first time in your life. this is my dream. thank you i think that.
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the neighborhood. again i think their plan is going to be alone to ever sing in a plane and reese lives a group to bug. it off people's own different countries who come from whole and some street from hans from germany and their mantra team. a real organize a bull fights door tells and stories we need to get a. problem let alone you know the famous jewel of through all of us. to live from i'm so done as a gift to the people of free here i. played a long time ago what was seen here not the force of paradise. we were going to do balloons will care about. friendly's flying saucer in bible moon driven by the remains that does
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a symbol. don't throw those. words the little susie since monday to hear that. we are just receiving information we didn't get before. the fish right injuries oh oh god his book on a much bigger problem then before the book and sun does not face bloom one knows what happens next. and the history can see them now because to plan to go on the fly now was this information which we need to we should and should push.
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last thing. that are in general that are not mourning times are soon cloth of our boss having. to. look. how fast. the more pleased i got than the love of the law while the hard judgment in a. sentence sometimes i mean it was 70 it's the bomb dot feel like i'm so done. oh all of the past you know are done with us look but leo believe it or we're coming up on it with the thought of this one but i want to. get out of being sad that i had lost other islam and the decision. was not like i don't know i
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couldn't. we have arrived in london and 1989 i was in high school but i wasn't welcomed in the high school. i was the 1st one with my complection and the high school. so i was always picked on. i would pretend to go to school instead of facing the parts. i want on the trains going around london walking wasting time. so i lost 2 years of nothing. but what hurts me more so i still go back home with bruises and blood on my clothes my the things i need to fight so he hits me on the same rules as.
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let's say that many years later i got my 1st job in london i'm d.c. it's called middle east broadcast something. you sort of start to see how it's done the work especially the news the other the. media is a number one. media account but i'm going to kiss him and his position or take him out so it's media and put everybody's following media was major combat operations in iraq have ended. and the united states and around my half are male. was before the fall of saddam hussein there was no media allowed to come into iraq and then when this happens 2003 all the media have named the iraqis as looters this is the worst word you can use for someone stealing. money and believe that iraq is
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what about this. 2004 i came back again. and i see something of course different than what i've seen in the media. like is not just a country full of war and killing and massacre was stuffed full of terrorism it's full of people that love life and they love the peace. movement that. i want to reflect a new image of a different image and look the made up for an existing one. but to do that they have to make something that makes an impact. and then the idea just clicked in my mind. not longer. songs on the young would have none.
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and. the money. looks. like a boss a concert with. a dot dot com model to discuss fix the. budget if you killed action in iraq. first of all that it is a war in iraq problems the 4th touches down so maybe the soldier or people in the shoot out so. what is that. maybe.
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i'm good overall small and i am an individual who likes this freedom and why of traveling the streets to go for a new boss in my life and i think you're going to get their. own 1st course all of the world's so for about 3. 3 and a half 1000 flights. and about 30 countries that ever i think i don't know we're checking out. ok everybody somebody in iraq and his name is more thought out. of all 3 are able to war or not is a balloon meeting in iraq so we had joe do you think that something in the year especially balloons would be fairly peaceful to show the world. possible in iraq.
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oh great everybody who is reeling to join me here turned to go to you. when you think of iraq you think of bombs and this things but i know that it's a very beautiful landscape you know iraq for me i'm not you know i'm going to i've never been there and just the old codger seems interesting to me i would love to go there but i would really love to go. salix of looks like. he's a civilian bus or so on the edge of the clueless hello sam is based on me. and i didn't so we have one i was. on the sonnets and armadillo. who's been for the last thing the other side you have in mind on stuff from ashley to. really want to just. that's funny you know that.
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i find not enough but even i said he could but he would have done ok of ice cream of one of them. but you have to post to cover and we need some budget to cover all the costs like the cost of hotels meals transportation is and the visas for everybody. the stuff you see and they'd need we'd like. to know. as possible she. was just. not looking we don't miss a good credit card accounts like us. telling us. how you want to invest all of my time so that's why instead of snipping god's homo on sleeping on the train and wake up in the morning the night before meeting mr.
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hale and not write. notes about a monster. the man i thought jean i love and leave the scene when i had me on the idea well i'm right dodginess yeah i know and instead of me on the most so then how so of course if you say one thing. i mean yeah. i mean we're going to do that even if then we have many on scene. a lot muddling. it down michael harley and for the other connect on china done then you need more folks like manju was either nothing or. even a. song chef and i'm with this and what i did was a homo and with that i was going up and. so much you're selling yourself and i mean totally on that before you feel i'm going to be used to. it when. when.
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you say much of their own will. in the thought of the mahdi was enough. of them i'm just now that i'm some minimal amount of time was not good enough. so i will. does it to keep. yes. yeah. the governor recalled the minutes sometimes folks on the list sometimes but from mr
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new to me the. and this is what i'm waiting for you know as plain hotels would this things would be easier for me so it's a big deal so i believe it can be done. yes that's it those are the bits that are. not lost on the. ice is. because of our city the cost of the road up so good so kind of by so. excellent. ok the old. copenhagen their books so tony and the others are ready to go running just. stuck to.
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what mr latest situation. in the nigerian the bush didn't plan to deal with the feeling. that if you did nothing. isis has rapidly morphed into the world's most dangerous jihad as organization its methods so extreme al qaeda itself has disavowed any relationship with. me i just receiving information we didn't get before. when you see balloons and you have a lot of press over there you can make your party.
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we've come a darker in a way that each few fly have the. most money so we are no. counting who's coming not only for. the woman oh my also wished i was like oh golly my own wrist and now it's the size of 5 minutes or i want to think that. we have to see thing about it. was a good thing only good times that. all swedish been in all the american values have canceled the trips. and it is very very sad.
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but that's it. we work. with. this balloon we have been flying over most of the drama and it's raining down just to go to iraq. or. going to have been. searched stroke. or. running. like. i says iraq's the aim is to people to terrorize people.
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and you know when i think what have they done this morning once again hitler he well. they're not criminals and nazi killers but nobody they get came and. was doing this is against peace and the country and the world is threatening the whole world knows that not just us. but the whole thing is on iraq. to hide the businessman that would not come on a. mug that i'm not. from him of the headline 100 of them a few 100 more war. expenditures. don't have to try to. just. ringback listen tarted well we will start
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1st of all to do it in the areas that's more secure so we could be starting in cities like the south. ledge of. this. was. not the time but it. might be my. child. shall be anime honeymoon child we aren't even. thinking she's just so maybe not even funny and i mean fish if. isis is not going to look about. you don't hear any terrorist activities from bugging them. so it's sort of you to secure it's.
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just follow the reasoning. i go because i think it's ok. i really hope that a kid could be the problem but you can all this is crazy people. i'm relaxed. this happens sometimes.
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not that by our governments i am not led by i need party and i don't walk on that any political agenda in iraq but there has to be a change in my country and just like any one of you. i would like to see is going to be one of the best countries in the world so mike i want to do that and surely i cannot do it alone we would have to show the world yes we can do it together send the message of peace and love from iraq to all the world all of us we can fight terrorism and then destroy them and then we'll do the event and we sold to the world we done it's ok. for being stamped out. and vote on. this is streaming red or. now on this moment in the morning tomorrow morning would
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be very nice to be flying had been winning because of the program before 5 knots and brought her to morrow evening flying perfect so the next morning for certain evening her. before moving on from her. first of all. this year's events. tony was mr massa from the gaza strip and even then my. oldest son became because of the way things were rusts him to in airports copenhagen airport the cargo person could not put a name or just a hole so for security reasons they said no you guys are not going to have 6 of them and. not be paid for. talks and everything here on the whole thing off box on
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a copy to make out how. to balloons got stargardt's the. job is the everybody there's a set so i have to leave because them again. this look like i'm telling them give them from mrs reagan and then let them go and have to start sometimes there's everything from. beyond your ability. to somebody to a lot. in syria thousands have disappeared without a trace. forcibly taken from their family right near the most terrible thing the syrian use to be. this has been the invisible
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weapon of the syrian dictates assure you that the birth mother heard some tires are told to confute brother to guard and continue to be sure if you didn't go to. the disappeared of syria on al jazeera. which is the rose here it's a report on the people often ignored but who must be hurt how many other channels can you say will take their time and put extensive thought into reporting from under reported areas of course we cover major global offense but our passion lies in making sure that you're hearing the stories from people in places like palestine libya yemen have region and so many others who go to the you make the efforts we care we stay. a tamil journalist in search of a missing colleague stops at nothing to bring his story to the public. in sri lanka press freedoms are under threat. and some stories can only be told by those who
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will not compromise on the truth. news from just part of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera. i'm not batson in doha the top stories on the al-jazeera the u.s. has carried out an air strike in syria targeting iranian backed fighters the pentagon says it's in response to recent attacks against u.s. personnel in iraq shihab rattansi is in washington d.c. with more from the pentagon statement the operation sends an unambiguous message president biden will act to protect americans and coalition personnel at the same time we have acted in a deliberate manner that aims to deescalate the overall situation in both eastern
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syria and iraq clearly trying to draw a comparison with the previous administration under donald trump who in response to attacks on coalition forces in iraq used the most disproportionate force by killing the iranian general for the money they had of the codes forced president biden and saudi arabia's king solomon have spoken before the expected release of an american intelligence report on them out of saudi journalists. the 2 leaders discussed efforts to end the war in yemen and washington's commitment to help defend itself against iranian backed rebels biden also from the importance the u.s. places on human rights. there are fears that parts of brazil's health system on the verge of collapse the health minister says the country is facing a new phase of the corona virus pandemic where the strain of the virus that's 3 times more contagious the head of the european commission says the e.u. is on track to vaccinate 70 percent of adults by the end of the summer despite criticism of its slow rollout e.u.
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leaders used their summit to put pressure on us to zen ika over delayed covert 19 vaccines supplies buzz's armenians have rallied in support of prime minister's nickel pushing on he fired his military chief after senior army officials called for him to resign he says that a month to a coup his opponents also held a rival demonstration and have set up camp outside parliament. former u.s. gymnastics coach john get it has killed himself just hours after being charged with crimes including sexual assault and human trafficking get out who was head coach of the 2012 u.s. women's olympic team here worked closely for many years with disgraced team doctor laurie nasser 3 years ago nasir pleaded guilty to sexually abusing female gymnasts get out always maintained he had no knowledge of nonsense crimes and those are the headlines on al-jazeera it's back to witness good buy.
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glad. the equipment is enough. and stayed that 48 hours without sleeping. the government. promised to help me didn't see. me just disappear it's not that i'm. making a change in iraq is something really complicated. one c. plus one obstacle begets another one. so you could have of me getting shot
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on and getting other problems come into my hands. i'm expecting the. slice to me and i really. want the holy city of god but i play big 10 dogs and leaving over 2 dozen others injured. it was all reserved. about 500 meters or a full scale reached. through those doors to leave it was so cold and damp for reshoots. he knows who to get hold of john
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isn't meant to be for the team he was meant to be forced to marry me and go. the overall security situation in iraq has sharply deteriorated. the. heat are going to get you're going to we really are policies for everything given you guys in those times once we while we there we're coming always in time and was missing the smallest the team are there relaxed somewhere having breakfast so this is a kind of respect that we we all feel like sheeps. but that's very bad we really open his eyes for everything. it's given you guys and.
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it's the 1st time this is happening in iraq so definitely there would be mistakes biggest surprises you know something's not calculate these counts got too late and that's messes up our organizing i'd be patient for all this by i see this nothing's this not nothing to do with the government or the school team so i decided that yesterday and i almost thought to have been involved in breakfast then alcohol will have a life the life you like i'll just rexall briefing resistant to policing at 10 o'clock i don't have a feeling to promise he made a promise you have to do it it's a story how do you know this he is to say sure that's wonderful it makes no sense i don't know this kind of he's going to make new friends it'll please respect great great great great i like to know i like to tell you 1st the next day we're most remember riyad and iraq and we are not in the next counting who. kids can't believe you different. works really is this your ass off he can he try really bad people
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like me hard ok we don't want this person to cause this problem we don't want to split with no one ever i. won't ask ah. ha ha i fired. the missile the ship disappeared. totally saw i think. everybody has that to realize this and we never will fly but. this. has to be a much better organized crime. ringback
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goes to a stressful start. to neck and this is. still a keeper or writing. there will be so. i don't blame them. because you don't know all things on the other here. and always go what i'm going to throw.
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you off because i know. i should be the one that takes the.
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time to not just. just need to move from laying low. for you to choose the guys like you know what is . on to. the dance on some of these. people. on if we stay one more day in this hotel the team will follow bots. so i'm moving everybody to buy. we don't.
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know. the. guy. my. wife and i don't get a majority we're going to meet the governor now it's going to meet all of us so let's say i am course him why is that and i was. fine. but. ted maybe he's done some very nice governor's welcome and everybody is thanking everybody for coming here as well. you know all of those the fame is gone he's from murdoch are gone and we've brought in the small parcel of from children from i'm sure i'm a visit to stuff i'm going to give to the new future has to confront poverty on
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this so this is the years i've gone through against this because i mean i've heard about them are the few about the guidance you got because it would mean 100 d.m. and i have no idea how close and honest and i think you've had a month something down from this phone can i have the good of the no let up a bit of it and then i'm up. and i'm in the woods and i'll say often what i say that i have my doubts hoping i'll say i'm up on it. whether the other. monk indeed in the house is somehow a minute deals on my own plan i'm not just oneself communities in our city and we shall not dispose of. somebody getting stuff. done. most unusual similar laws are going to honor george w. my son is still going to come because there was we have the government of bob dylan and we have a voice minister of kosovo and they are really upset so what was happening and they
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want to solve the problem not to hand me it's $18200.00. a month or. we waiting for the phone and there should be coming i world see them. they're not really. needed just a truck coming the things. i don't believe anymore nice want to see it myself.
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yeah make you. after all is probably. not going to have. you they will be the good luck. with. your life why are. you still as. like a child is born i'm sorry. i'm happy but what i may be too moderate i am at home we need to make a very amazing. no you missed.
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how. the mosque in the south. you know the button to get out of the school in the morning. look at the sky. and they do it several times a day. kofi . plus all. 3 succeed this one time at least one time before a flight then they would show to be rewarded this can happen. and tough luck my son thank you. i am happy
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thank you my son. starting. to plan for tonight fish that we're going to do a show. in front of the frame is bobbing on great. goods will be golf masala fostering search for stars a very beautiful moment sean. thinking over. and done to boost a golf so that should be a magic shot and it should go wrong to girls that's what are you hope to go for that is build the. skill cannot come out on
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t.v. most economical juda monte you can include holly and. no kind of quantity of money and nothing holy man you can only come up the only time of the end to india and. i'm. not proud of it and i think i know my mom. i was going the wrong for some of the people whose newcomers oppress and procreating this is the official site and then suddenly. cut off all the time i don't know i don't think i am going to like that i mean of all the time i don't like it i don't get my look at it i know that that was because the nobody wanted to go take. a look at what you got to know that you still have not
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your real still not there just looking for the events ok i know you want to supply just came from now don't be arsed to get that i sure forgot the wind is still more diaphanous think i'll be gone tomorrow mom and the harmonic by the way it was not what. you say we filter the gospel but if you don't know debts and 10 day the idea of butler and. want to go along. i could have to find out who is to see flutes and most important guy. running along so many that i don't know not anymore thanks for the books. ok we know we know the bottom and if they not show we die hoppers or custom there will be no one who reads this and throughout the. day one. no a time there must be everything here otherwise there is no show i told an hour of thought i don't find this really serious and i feel.
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we have a quite a number of people here. who have nothing to so. this is going to be not a smear like the seriousness but. i don't know because the shock of going tomorrow god forbid of love. got cut out of the fertile visit to the gas we should treat. my. little cottage but almost one hour before dark. this one thing very sure that the sun is on time. the sun always had us still. a little hand contest in the looking out the course she'd lost and move forward from here and who were officially. in mommy mode to the
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number 1000 in our bullpen and of us are needed to stop them from about another other than the mistakes they make cannot leave us with hostility in the joy of monumental things mcconnell said connect on something not going to happen until it was tony out of on a in the computer moment in the can easily be living life on the down side not highly skilled. actually. i'm not surprised by anything so. i'm still fine. sign the signing and then the. food just tastes. and pasting up the gases coming the field you don't hear. you feel that old yet. ok people to.
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call if i'm in the last moment. costs a dollar from the 5. i don't use one of your fast track to this list. yeah.
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yeah. this. sickness. i've been on the side of. 2 the. oh. look beautiful to see. so many people
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here. in the office and at least your everyday life. our. family glad that we can give this new impression off iraq. that you didn't actually see the cut of it i think that it should eliminate the let it. hurt. her.
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and i see the people as well this smiling faces ever was just smiling look at them couldn't. even though was that well i guess. they couldn't help themselves spite of . the people who got those really look at the people and be make something together and i hope there will be something good out of. this mine. as us collishaw germany. good.
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god i had a dream and i tried to realize his dream. and at last mr exceed it was not to be turned so long as we expected good and he always did it and a lot of people said before you can't arrange that there induct continuity change or you are wrong and that was nice. was 6. i think go to bed. and go to south africa. i think whatever. came to my country. to my home. that's about seeing something wrong trying to correct. making good relations. good friends work together.
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and then they can understand. is what i'm hoping for. for the last 100 like the unjust but those are worth more than the tears are the monotonic dornier good for. the reboost the good the new tower on the mobile of your car we see of santa rita 'd. i saw her last night you betcha 'd. they are the best so i have done for all of our i love us for guys that think of our good little us to take the. 'd
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myths destruction and despair a group of friends resist. rescuing books from the rubble they build a refuge for freedom and democracy. a secret library of hope from which they endeavor to rewrite their story and that of their country. who witness. a library under bombs on al-jazeera. i think it's safe to say that temperatures have well and truly recovered now across
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the deep south of the u.s. tuesday last week the 6 think the fabric temperatures were struggling to get to where they fell as low as minus 19 celsius in dallas of the days that we got up to plus $27.00 say massive swing in temperatures still a little bit of cooler air coming down towards the southeast as it bumps into our warmer air we will see some light showers on a cold fronts here that we can you can see how the the warmth has made its way back in this we go on through the next couple of days temperatures will generally continue to recover ship about 18 celsius in dallas 21 here by saturday not looking too bad but we have got a lot wetter weather across the deep south will cost of texas arkansas so just pushing up towards the tennessee valley we're going to see some weather weather just easing over towards that eastern seaboard meanwhile still some wintry weather across the rockies around the cost cascades we're going to see wet and windy weather and when few weather piling in here avalanche risk has been elevated as a result of that those snow flurries will continue to make their way further east
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was saturday doesn't like a pretty wet day there across a good part of the deep south and we still got some snow in the forecast for the eastern side of canada. but. the corona virus has affected every corner of the world. people in power look back to the early days of the pandemic and examines where the air is and delays at the world health organization may have made the global spread of the virus in. evitable. steele. i didn't say there's no. transmission chronicle of a pandemic people in power on al-jazeera. examining the impact of today's headlines it didn't matter you're rich or poor what your religion is you are battling this and damning you're staring at it in the face and you're dealing with it setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions that are unfolding on capitol
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hill international filmmakers and world class journalists bring programs to inform and inspire you each and in one of us in the responsibility to change 1st place for them. on al-jazeera. u.s. president joe biden authorizes an airstrike targeting iranian backed militia in syria the pentagon says it's in response to attacks on u.s. personnel in iraq. i'm rob others and this is all to syria live from doha also coming up brazil's covert death toll rises above a quarter of a 1000000 there are warnings of variation which is even more contagious is pushing it.


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