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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 1, 2021 12:00am-1:01am +03

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this is now the only official crossing that is functioning and it's strictly only open to allow any european workers to work in farms hearing about of things from around the world a detail study by salt city has shown just how much life has been transformed. al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara sara this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next that 60. 1000000 mars military crackdown claims that more lives 18 are killed in a single day of opposition dozens more are arrested. in nigeria the search for
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more than $300.00 schoolgirls centers on a forest close to where they were abducted. touched down for the 1st batch of covert vaccines for the philippines but millions will still be forced to wait in sports caster semenya tells our desire he doesn't expect the impact on him to compete at this year's take their games to man years in facing an illegal race against time to win the right to defend 800 meters title. man maher has been back under military control for a whole month but sunday has been the deadliest is the military to use the lethal force to crackdown on pro-democracy protesters 18 people have been killed by police in the past 24 hours that's according to the un's human rights office more than 30
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people were wounded as authorities used tear gas stun grenades and live ammunition in cities across the country and in the past day alone 92 people 85 of them medical professionals and 7 journalists were detained adding to the month long total of more than a 1000 of arrests tony chang now reports on a day of urban battles across me and why. medics struggle. to treat a wounded protester shot in the chest and arm on the streets of dar way in southern myanmar and the security services crackdown early on sunday police supported by the military firing tear gas rubber bullets and live rounds. but despite the dangers protesters still turned out in large numbers to oppose the military coup. thank you on live rounds used in yangon a man wounded in the streets of playdown district as protesters tried to give him
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1st aid and get them to cover. as the tear gas rained down they ran for shelter elsewhere hid behind improvise shields but if the intention was to get the crowds to disperse it failed regrouping out of range of the guns the protesters remain defiant the crackdown has been widely anticipated and the crowds are fully aware of the dangers they face down or. we the public are only protesting peacefully and now the military has come to crackdown they're just here to give us trouble we want peace we have nothing but still they come to crack down on us. we want to protect our people because the police aren't doing that they're attacking us instead as you know the jointer is doing illegal actions so the citizens need to protect themselves. the campaign of civil disobedience has been widely observed against the military coup on febrile the 1st
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in many areas people block the roads with obstacles and cars the progress of the police hindered as they tried to clear a path in some places the protesters tried to take a stand throwing projectiles a molotov cocktails at the police. but it seems a futile effort as they attempt to stop a military government prepared to use lethal force against its own people tony chang al jazeera. well earlier i spoke to a protester in young goal new has been demonstrating almost every day this month i began by asking her how the day of protests unfolded as early as 8 am this morning we were getting news that they were cracking down on any protest areas even prior to everyone starting to protest and as the morning went on we heard about the gunshots. the use of tear gas and the beatings of several civilians and
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protesters in the streets. i've been looking at your instagram account and you've been very active in the past few hours both posting pictures of the violence around me and law and also trying to coordinate the various protests or at the very least alerting people to where the police and or military walls how important has social media being and i guess spreading the word and also keeping everyone safe for our fight is not only on the ground in the streets the civil disobedience movement much of the work and much of the fight is also digital this is our digital revolution and our battleground is also on social media where we have to ensure that this information doesn't proliferate and that we can share information as quickly as possible in order to ensure not only the safety of protesters but also the safety of civilians. as we continue to engage with the military and the police
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through social media has played quite a political role for us. both on the local level but also for us on the international level. at this current moment the military is still trying to manipulate the narrative of what is happening on the ground here trying to minimize our experience and the levels in which they have terrorized us so for us social media is also a method to share the truth to share what is truly happening to us and what our experience has been. amongst this hellish for these past 28 days if you say the military's trying to change the narrative or what are you seeing on the streets of young going and what are you hearing is going all across the country. currently there is a muzzle on the media right now and then my most international news channels are
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blocked. and so for us we have most of the information that is from the military's perspective it's from handling such as melody and my t.v. and the way that they present the narrative even with what happened today late this evening we received the news your corage from their perspective they were sending police to take care of the mobs that were in the street so they were fired as thugs as mobs of people who are just wrapping the pieces of the state which is the complete opposite of what the truth is so they made the military may describe you as thugs involved how would you describe the protesters why are you protesting on the street so for us protestors for me personally i am in the streets i'm trying to help organize because i want to be able to help build a country
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a true federal democracy where we can see that everyone who has historically been marginalized in their mind will receive the tools. and knowledge to know the opposite. that is a lot of the reason and motivation for all of us being in the streets we are not fighting just for politics anymore earlier fighting for our lives our lives under the military these past 28 days have been some of the worst days of my entire life and i cannot see any of us wanting to stand to live this way anymore so that is a lot of the reason why we are in the streets fighting in my view you are not bob we are not. we are civilians who care deeply about the future of this country and not of what we are fighting for. we've seen the deadliest day of violence after nearly a month of protests in must be
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a very frightening time for you and protesters like you yes the temple has steadily increased but today was the deadliest there particularly and then gone other cities such as me to now and mentally have also experienced violence in these past 2 weeks even hire a teenager get shot in the head and die on the spot and all of that was recorded on video for all of us to watch and now we are saying the same thing here in the city that i grew up in. so it is quite a shock for all of us and it has been a blow but i know that we will take our moment to mourn to think about the people who cannot come back home the way that we are able to and we will have to continue to move for tomorrow and the days after me and laura is no stranger to military rule it was under military rule for decades how does that affect the protests right
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now because what really struck me looking at some of the images that you posted on your instagram feed was the ages the age disparity from very young to very old protesters how does that impact on the protest movement i think we draw a lot of strength from the fact that it is not just one generation that is in the streets right now we have people as old as 80. as young as 10 who are in the streets fighting for our democracy. i believe it was a true cost generational leadership that we are able to draw from because so many generations are within the streets and as you touch on yes we are not used to military violence to terry to pay to ship but it is because of that we can draw on the lessons from generations that came before us and not the same time we can draw
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on the innovation and creativity of the youth of the younger generations who did not grow up muscles the same way that previous generations said we can draw on their passion because they know what it's like to live in an open your mind even if it was only for 10 years so i believe because of that we can draw a lot of strength. it's me speaking to a protester in young go on a little earlier who asked not to reveal her identity for security reasons. in neighboring thailand the anti government protesters have clashed with police outside the prime minister's house in bangkok riot police used water cannon tear gas and fired rubber bullets at protesters activists say elections in 2019 were rigged to favor the ruling party and they're calling for prime minister. to resign
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they also want preforms to reduce the monarchy's power saying laws protecting the king are being used to silence the said. nearly 50 whole call pro-democracy activists have been charged under china's contentious national security and all their accused the 4th dissipating in and out of fish all primary election for the territories legislature last year adrian brown reports from hong kong. leicestershire is a district councillor now facing the prospect of life in prison after being charged with violating hong kong's tough new national security law if he's convicted his political career like his freedom will be over on sunday he was one of 47 activists told to appear at police stations across the territory with his wife for 4 weeks by his side sure i'm insisted the fight for democracy in hong kong must go on i
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want you and how all of the hong kong people no matter where you are 2 will keep faith and to be hopeful and to count in you our struggle yesterday you believe you'll be disqualified you are no commie i had our show him that same question 7 months ago after he was detained for taking part in a small protest in breach of social distancing rules i really don't know where that would get started i don't know but i'm i can say for sure that this child. should was a candidate in an unofficial poll held last july to pre-select candidates for legislative elections 2 months later elections which were later canceled with the government citing covert 90 the strategy of the pro-democracy camp had been this again a simple majority in parliament block important legislation and force the resignation of the territory's leader kerry lamb. but such tactics common in democracies around the world are enough to get you arrested in today's hong kong
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and in january the police came knocking rounding up 55 activists including us human rights lawyer john clancy who was not charged on sunday but joshua wong the territories best known pro-democracy voice was he's already in jail after being convicted of organizing an unauthorized protests 2 years ago when the beijing imposed national security law took effect here carrie lamb said it would only affect a small number of people so far it's led to almost $100.00 arrests with half that number now charged human rights groups say that hong kong is heading in an all for a tarion direction with new laws and regulations curbing freedoms once promised by china gradually the voices of dissent are being silenced adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong. still to come on the news hour
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a chaldean opposition politician loses 5 members of his family to government troops in one raid but val's to fight on. in sports to a quick start from in 3rd milan as they do extend their lead at the top of the talian league table. nigerian forces are continuing to search for sri 10700 schoolgirls abducted in the state of zamfara they were taken from their boarding school in the town of jenga bill friday police believe they may have been moved to a nearby forest it's the 2nd mass abduction of school age children in the country's north in the past week the government has ordered all boarding schools in the area to be shut down. well a girl who did manage to escape has the scribed whole ordeal. and now well i was
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coming out from the door and i met somebody that ran back and hid under my bed i'm scared of going back to school because of what happened but i'll go back if the government makes it safe. need receive is at that school in joint gave bail which hasn't been touched since the attack this is the 1st hostel the gunman broke into and when we arrived here this is the frost entered the 1st of all broke this door and then moved inside. now in this room there are 8 bun brits and on this bed some of them empty of my trusses and other things but right here you can see uniforms that are waiting to be working and right here is a bucket full of water which the owner probably stored for the morning bath which is an able or she was unable to take all over the floor materials brooms saw and other things strewn all over the place in this particular institution this
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school when the gunman broke into the school there were more than 550 students 317 of them were herded together and drove into the night by these gunmen 3 days after there is no story about their safety or when they're coming home as a result the government of them for a state has shut down all public schools and this is having an effect on public education in the nigeria minutes caused are being shut especially in neighboring states for fear of the repeat of this institution and this incidence the kidnapping for ransom the attacks on institutions of learning is coming at in the region why our school enrollment is low the literacy level is lower than the rest of the country and of course government is struggling to raise up the level of involvement and retention as well as graduation in schools there are concerns now that this development world's top or interrupt education in nigeria especially in the north
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of the country where these incidents have now become frequent. a presidential candidate in chad says government security forces have killed his mother son and 3 of his cousins yeah the u.s. says a unit of the presidential guard raided his home at dawn the government has confirmed the raid but says its forces had no choice but to shoot when they were fired on it's also accuse them of leading efforts to destabilize the country the former rebel leader a submitted is candidacy for april's elections on friday. he. doesn't belong to greece debbie you belong to the debris but you can't intimidate us but he can kill is god willing but they can't intimidate is by assassinating civilians they've already killed him plain as daylight we are not afraid try to house to try to be relations with the firm conviction of trains with. efforts
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to revive the 2015 nuclear deal between iran and major powers their fate a bump in the road iran has ruled out an informal meeting to discuss possible ways forward a move the u.s. has called disappointing is under joins me now from washington d.c. so gabriel an informal meeting has been ruled out but is there still room for negotiations to continue in one way or another. yeah most likely there is that mean this is probably a little bit of posturing a little bit of posturing on both sides quite frankly washington and tehran the big picture here is that both tehran and washington have said that they want to return in some way shape or form to the 2015 deal it's just a matter of how they get there and how they begin any sort of talks what tehran basically rejected now is preliminary talks there were going to be brokered by the
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european union talks that were going to be the 1st face to face talks between the new it by administration and their counterparts in tehran these are just preliminary talks tehran basically saying no not quite yet not quite want to return to those talks quite yet in this format and washington said that they would so this is a temporary setback but it's seen in the medium to long term as not necessarily a major potential setback now the u.s. did respond the white house giving a statement how dizzy or what was white house spokesperson saying that they are disappointed in iran's response we do remain ready to engage in meaningful diplomacy to achieve a mutual return to compliance with the j c.p.o. way commitments we all will be consulting with our p 5 plus one partners on the best way forward the p 5 plus one of course being the 5 permanent representatives of the security council the us china france russia the u.k.
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and germany so bottom line here is these talks probably will go on at some point or another both sides still indicate that they are potentially open to it but there's certainly going to be a lot of back room and behind the curtain if you will discussions probably moving forward on how to move it how to get the talks for iran's basically saying to the u.s. we want sanctions relief before we come back to talk to you face to face the biden ministration they've only been in office about 6 weeks now is saying no we're not going to agree to that let's meet face to face and then we'll talk about everything so it's basically a game of who will blink 1st and that's what you're seeing right now. with the latest on that story from washington d.c. thank you salvia arabia says it's intercepted several rockets fired by who the rebels from yemen it says riyadh and cities in the kingdom south were targeted the incident comes as the who the step up their offensive in the yemeni province of mighty but one of the nation's main oil
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producing regions. saudi arabia intercepts rockets over riyadh on saturday night. after go after. saudi state media say they came from yemen fired by who think rebels several explosive laden drones targeted other southern saudi cities. the attack came as who the rebels pushed forward in the northern yemeni province of merab. they launched an offensive against the saudi backed yemeni government here in early february excess a day was the most violent day yet and if front is one of the hottest war fronts since the beginning of the aggression on yemen this has been the situation since the beginning and except for a small period. after more than 60 years of war the who these more merit because it's the yemeni government's last northern best union to capture it could bolster
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the who thinks at the negotiating table this is a very critical thinking place it looks like i. would like to be in the stronger position and. these thoughts the problem of course is that these short term gains there. could actually hear a thing you the stresses launched by new u.s. administration the yemeni government has issued urgent calls for the who these to stop their offensive they warn of a humanitarian catastrophe merab is already harm to the largest concentration of displaced yemenis and he's to make his 2000000 people. still the government is fighting back on saturday they reported killing 350 hooty fighters in just 30 hours and cobra benefits a suicide mission. when the yemeni government urges them into the fighting it's not
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a sign of weakness we make these calls. of responsibility regarding the fighting forces with fewer numbers and they were defeated for 2 thirds of the population some 20000000 people food is what they need the u.n. estimates 400000 children under 5 are severely malnourished and that they are in the last weeks and months if we continue like this yemen as a country will be very difficult to to rebuild. if more assets get destroyed or or becomes almost like an unreliable state both sides say the opposite putting civilians at risk and neither stop shelling. dallas'. syrian state television says air defenses have responded to an israeli attack near damascus state media says missiles were fired from the golan heights but most were
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intercepted in the vicinity of the capital news reports in israel suggest that was in response to an explosion on an israeli owned ship in the gulf of oman but there has been no official response. i've advised a panel has recommended johnson and johnson's single shot vaccine for use in the u.s. earlier on sunday the top white house coronavirus advisor is encouraging americans to get to at the take any of the 3 covert 1000 vaccines approved in the country including the johnson and johnson shot all 3 of them are really quite good and people should take the one that's most available to them if you go to a place and you have j. and j. and that's the one that's available now i would take it i personally would do the same thing i think people need to get vaccinated as quickly and as expeditiously as possible and if i would go to a place where they had j.n.j. i would have no hesitancy whatsoever to take it. the philippines is finally ready
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to roll out its coronavirus vaccination program after receiving its 1st batch of vaccines from china 600000 cinna donated by the chinese government were greeted by the president that manila airport the philippines is the 2nd worst hit country in southeast asia but the vaccination program has lagged behind many of its neighbors well it's set to start in the capital on monday but as jim now reports there are concerns over when it's going to reach areas. this is one of the most advanced and sophisticated vaccine storage facilities in the philippines. around. we have. the.
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funds have also been allocated to purchase growing virus vaccines for millions of its people but the situation isn't deceiving many rural towns in this small town the. province villagers say they are allocating about 10 percent of their annual budget to the purchase of crew in the virus vaccines it's money that was meant for infrastructure and education. and i think. we know that the philippines. the national government going to that says that this way we decided to contribute for the good the power constituents. in. this refrigerator is a lifeline it stores of vaccines for paul. and we'll be able to keep. that don't need sophisticated cold storage systems. other wealthier cities are able to set up
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separate vaccination facilities rural health clinics like this one will have to serve as main back to the hub at least for now but this by meager resources help workers here tell us they are ready and all they're waiting for now is for the corona virus vaccines to actually arrive the government says it expects to vaccinate 25 percent of its 110000000 people by the end of this year but while other countries have started in occupations vaccines of not even their rights in the philippines we've been on our fears but i must thank you for hours a day. it's really very exhausting the vaccine is very busy start the solution for the pandemic but it surely will offer a very significant solution to this and very still the prospect of them provides hope to millions of filipinos already weary of the
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pandemic jim duggan al-jazeera television and where they see our province northern philippines. it watching the news hour live from london still to come made the term elections in el salvador but is the future of democracy on the ballot and in sports a world cup skiing event in italy has been overshadowed by 2 serious crashes jenna will be here with that story and we'll. how the weather's calmed down now i see now across much if you have a high pressure in charge of keeping it settle that is the lid on the atmosphere of course so long as you clear skies we've got 2 areas of high pressure that just up towards the british isles and down towards the italy and the outs around area of high pressure we have got quite
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a breeze just blowing in across the baltic states introducing some rain sleet and snow into that eastern side over here but elsewhere it is fine and it is dry no particular warm but it is not faring too bad emote enough in moscow as well as around 2 degrees celsius but some places of frank have some snow down towards the black sable garia pushing across northern parts of greece through the a bowl coons but every day without sunshine slow start for many with fog and frost issues which will bind off quickly but we're getting up to around 9 or 10 celsius there across the british isles 48 in paris due to bad josephson showers just rolling across spain and portugal over the next couple of days but want to see showers to across the eastern side of the med it's right into you might see a few showers in is that wintry mix continuing that across the eastern side of a year of course know the africa area is fine and dry but we have got some showers pushing across the far north of morocco.
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but. the states are 4 months it's the mouth of their rape in golf at the eastern end of the arab peninsula if you look at the arabian peninsula as a whole the road ascension to the ancient culture is to the east. to the west gather. it's sometimes known as the switzerland of the gulf because of the important regional role it plays in the gulf cooperation council the g.c.c. . but hormones long history is not well known outside the gulf region before oil was discovered in 1962 and fishing and pro diving words main sources of income. in this film we go back over the last 500 years of all manny's history of tribes wars rebellion and colonization and explore how and why oman still plays an
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important regional role today. welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera 18 people have been killed in the bloodiest day of protests in me and the u.n. human rights office says at least 30 people were injured in nearly 100 detained at the end of the 4th week since the military took control. nearly 50 pro-democracy activists in hong kong have been charged under a controversial national security law it's the largest single crackdown on the opposition under the law imposed on the territory by china. and rescue operations
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are continuing for hundreds of schoolgirls kidnapped in northern nigeria the 317 pupils were taken from their boarding school in the town of jenin gibbons on for a state on friday. it's the final day of the conservative political action conference and the star attraction at the gathering of american right wingers is the former president donald trump it will be his 1st a major appearance since he left the presidency well let's cross to john handwritten who is in orlando for us so just looking at the flag just went behind guessing a lot of people there awaiting for president former president when is he expected to speak and what do you think his message will be. but we understand that he is in the building right now he is about 20 minutes actually that's not true he's an old nearly an hour late coming in and people have
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been anticipating this this is the key don't speech so they're just waiting for him it is point to talk and we have seen some excerpts of what he's about to say one of them is that in his opinion my 1st month in office has been the most disastrous in modern history he says we can expect him to attack his detractors it is republicans who voted against him and he's with those who have been critical of him as intially the moderate wing of the party who in his address according to the excerpts he is expected to call a bunch of political hacks in washington but there is a kind of call for unity in which he says the republican party is unified except for those so-called political hacks so what he's really calling for is i concede. to unite the party behind him and there have been suggestions that he will come very close to announcing some kind of activity for the year 2024 when it's been
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speculated that him he might run again or another trump might run again or john jr but he will not cross that line at least that's what we're told nevertheless this is donald trump so we never really know what it is. he's going to say he's the ultimate decider and now we no longer has a white house team to put that together for him but he has been. talking to advisors it's very clear that he wants to play a prominent role in the republican party paid you heard his son john jr the other night call this sort of super pac 2 pac maybe the trump political action conference so we'll hear from the president relatively soon kyra rhetoric i think is very likely because he hasn't really spoken since he left the white house his speech is likely to be longer rather than shorter. an hour and a half. as much as. he do an interview with
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a friendly american network after that would have to wait to see whether he actually announces anything substantial that we know that he's going to call for unity in the party but behind the trump wing of the party and not the moderates but you've been critical of him and he has been critical as well and john right behind you there were a couple of flags that said trump 2024 i have to say i haven't seen any of those yet but certainly there are people hoping that he or some trump will run for the president presidency in 4 years time john hendren in orlando john as always thank you. well let's go back now to the story that we have been following in nigeria the kidnap of more than 300 students from a school security forces are continuing their search as families of course wait anxiously for news well a little earlier i spoke to an cassie will do the new voices fellow at the aspen institute i asked her how authorities have responded to the recent surge of mass
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kidnappings especially in schools in the region. what's important to understand that does issue a bundy to me is something that is about to go off and i mean i'm not on spawn more than to yes. rejoin whereby. communities and also be engaging in different acts of could not of victims and then ransoms out besides it was negative situations where that up article ocelots of ungoverned spaces where it's mostly for people too few travelled by route and this of this of hoping for quite some time now and it's the government's response. has been really to value and security beefing up security can see fine response in that you've got the full 2 years now it doesn't seem to stem the situation because it keeps getting worse it doesn't heed and we heard in one of our
12:38 am
reports from this one school girl that actually managed to hide when her her fellow students were being kidnapped saying that she is hesitant to go back to school unless the government makes sure that schools are safe for me schools as they are soft targets anyway probably one of the reasons that they're being targeted what impact do you think that this could have on all education in that area. i mean even it's quite boring because. into global estimates you dismiss all munis of nigeria and particularly the modern rejoined. abysmal. rates of out of school children more than 10000000 out of a dream into who of managing out on different schools have been targeted primarily their signature company jews the upper title students. parents would not want to give their children to school. because of the lack of safety and the security that
12:39 am
is there so what i would see that it would significantly on on on on a not on school not in the hands. when people think of kidnapping of schoolgirls in nigeria of course many minds are cast back to that school girls that were kidnapped by boko haram in 2014 more than 100 of them still haven't been traced do you think these cases are comparable in any way and if not why. i mean so in terms of the fog it sees the desire non-state actor those targets in. germany who are part of one soft targets in this situation and using them as a means to secure the release of all of the leagues or to actually get to drown soames that's where the similarity release what in terms
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of. ideology it's in the arts and so many people who are on is actually quite different from bandits i mean in terms of the fun. for more religious ideology that's that's not actually. a rigid ideology that's. what we've seen because of pundits isn't informed by john of ga all of the situations where the science happened it shows that it is purely economic this is a criminal enterprise and the commune on the walk they have access to small arms on light weapons vast amounts of trifles hands were bound. to move freely with particular i'm very new to do seans around in most was done with john and the group will treat violence on the innocent people. israel says it will begin vaccinating palestinians but only those officially working in illegal settlements in the occupied west bank the country has faced criticism for excluding gaza and
12:41 am
the west bank from its speedy of vaccine rollout the west bank went into lockdown on saturday after a surgeon new infections palestinians are currently dependent on tens of thousands of doses of the sputnik vaccine while they wait for more through the kovacs facility. the united kingdom has identified its 1st cases of a corona virus variant 1st found in the brazilian city of my laos it's thought it may spread more rapidly and be more resistant to vaccines for a child is has more details on the 6 positive tests what is very is called the p one variant and as far as we know so far there have been 6 cases in the u.k. 3 detected in scotland and 3 detected in england now the 3 scottish ones all arrived in aberdeen early issued in february and it's believed that they were on a flights there which went from brazil to paris then from paris to london and
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london to aberdeen all of those cases self isolated the 3 english cases 2 of them are for the same family same household at least in south gloucestershire the the 3rd case is perhaps the most worrying of them all because they haven't been able to trace that person yet they didn't fill out fully their test registration card and so presumably they don't know yet that they tested positive so the author of these health authorities in england there are skin granny one who took a test on the 12th or 13th of february who didn't fill in their test results and come to the details to get in touch with them as soon as possible they are also. basically trying to trace and test anyone who was on a flight from zurich to london on friday the 10th because that was where most of these english cases were detected from. salvadorans are heading to the polls on
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sunday to elect $84.00 members of the national assembly polls indicate nearly 7 out of 10 voters favor a president that naive party and as matter whether apple or that reports their sphere of the vote could destabilize nearly 3 decades of democratic order. it's mid-term elections in el salvador this year many people are expected to vote along party lines and the new ideas party led by old salvador's president. is a favorite to win. a president who clearly is very popular among voters and even though the president is not on the ballot the logic among many here seems to be that a vote for the president's party is a vote to support the president's national agenda man up in the president of the letter but it's important for us to vote i think president is very capable he has shown us that he can make our country succeed and everyone trust him we know he's going to do good. last november the president will kill his approval rating was 96
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percent according to a gallup poll and congressional candidates are hoping to ride on the coattails of that popularity and seize a congressional majority for the president's party isn't it isn't there might be. some analysts however say controlling a majority of seats in the salvadoran congress would further consolidate the powers of the presidency a slippery slope toward the politics of the 1970 s. and eighty's when the president held absolute power he would shout out the thought out if you listen to the propaganda from the new ideas party the only thing they are proposing is to help the president and exist only to carry out the interests of the president by offering no other pragmatic the latest out of purpose. since becoming president in 201990 people killed his popularity has only grown much of this is due to the success of his government's anti-violence initiative which cut
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homicides in the country. by almost half. however book killer has also clashed with political opponents and has been criticized by human rights groups who have accused him of having an authoritarian streak pointing to the treatment of gang members in the nation's prisons and last year book ella drew harsh criticism after he brought armed soldiers into will saboteurs national congress building to pressure lawmakers into approving a new security law is having. someone who does not respect the rule of law respects opponents these respects the national and international press and differ specs every person who has the courage to post. some political observers say sunday's municipal and congressional elections could prove consequential for the future of el salvador's democracy. opinion polls project the president's new ideas party will win between 43 and 56 of the 84 seats up for grabs in el salvador as congress one of his lap al-jazeera. so the comment here on
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al-jazeera makes and match the u.k. study which could find a way to vaccinate more people quickly and in sports we're going to hear from caster semenya as a lawyer as she takes the next step in her letter fight to compete at this year's tokyo of the us. is only a change because some people believe in a pose that is bigger than their. mom to make a little. on this they represent if they put themselves to make the changes. we should have taken. we have the disco
12:47 am
war to create new york areas we have to change this culture i am one of the fortunate ones and establish myself but all the people and the majority of legal of us are talking about just good hardworking people that want to live the american dream like our ancestors these are hindu refugees are terrified that they may be forced to return to being. the old. searchers studying found a coronavirus closely related to the one passed between humans that the scummy in
12:48 am
horse shoe bats in cambodia and thailand supports the theory backed up by the world health organization experts that the virus came from animals it's the 1st known relative of the virus found outside china and came from samples collected in a jungle expedition over a decade ago scientists say you could be an ancestor or cousin of the human disease but it doesn't directly suggest a bat to human transmission it's been announced that 20000000 britons have now been given their 1st dose of a corona virus facts in the u.k. you immunization program has raced ahead of many of its neighbors but could go even faster the world's 1st study into mixing and matching different coven 1000 vaccines is underway charlie angela reports from southampton hospital one of 8 sites taking part in the trial. it's a race to beat infections with injections and volunteers in the u.k.
12:49 am
and now helping scientists to determine how to get optimism immunity from approved vaccine $820.00 people aged over 50 are taking part in the study testing the efficacy of alternating between the pfizer job and astra zeneca as compared to giving 2 doses of the same vaccine just say no you're aware of it your brain i remind myself of the pfizer vaccine for its folks for the oxford work to see that you have to do it ok thank you. for volunteers like katrina is a chance to contribute to the fight against covert research is needed i'm generally a healthy person so i don't you can go into it with me too much of them and it's nice to give something back and be able to help right away can i not working that moment so. very well you know i think it might have to do something to help this child is testing to dosing schedules one with a 4 week interval between 2 injections another with
12:50 am
a 12 week gap these volunteers won't be routinely tested for covert instead they'll be giving regular blood samples to measure the levels of antibodies and the mean cells t. cells that have been vaccines produce against the virus participants what to consent video that also spells out the value of the trial so it is being able to find vaccines in this way. as they should prove. to be. a good told when they get their next vaccine but not which brand i'll get my 2nd job in 84 days where some people are just going to get this after 28 days. scientists hope that combining 2 vaccines will strengthen immune responses by harnessing the best features of each we've got very good reason to think that by using one and then the other that will be immune systems respond even better both in is ability to remember coronavirus in the future but also in the reduction of
12:51 am
the immune response to the dose and they plan to add new vaccines like no vaccine young person to the trial once approved. the ability to mix and match current could make vaccination programs more flexible speed up the process and reduce the impact of any disruptions in the supply chain with the u.k.'s vaccination program well and the way the results of this 13 month trial won't have any impact here but with initial findings expected in the summer it could benefit poor countries in the global fight against coated charlie and al-jazeera southampton. well it's time for the sport now and here is gemma thank you barbara caster semenya lawyer has told our desire that he expects the double olympic champion to be running this year take your games at the moment so then you won't be allowed to defend 800 metres title unless she takes a testosterone reducing drugs in 2018 new rules were introduced that focused on
12:52 am
female athletes like so many who have high levels of naturally occurring testosterone the 30 year old has failed in 2 previous legal efforts to overturn the ruling so many is now taking her legal case against to our athletic to the european court of human rights watch at essex say the routings designed to ensure faculty titian and is the result of long term scientific research which links high testosterone levels to better performances it applies to running events between 400 meters and the mile and this impacts on someone is preferred distances of the 81500 meters affected athletes must take medication. for at least 6 months something samantha has refused to do they were targeted include running longer or shorter distance events so menus lawyer gregory not has been talking to our correspondent andy richardson and he says the new rules unfairly target athletes like so many. we
12:53 am
would argue that scrim an edgy rooters argue that it's against human rights we would discourage describe it as invasive you know you spoke about. hormonal interventions but it goes beyond hormonal interventions 1st to physical interventions as well so we believe that there's a violation of articles 14 articles 8 articles 3 of the of the european convention for human rights all dealing with the dignity of the human being all or talking about the degrading treatment which we believe are the other regulations and and a right of respect all of which we believe are being fringed have you been somewhat surprised by the lack of empathy and support from for more than 6 absolutely and the i think that's exactly right i think you've created the nail on the head we have been surprised by that because after all she falls under the rubric of the world athletics one when it when we're going to support the stand by the ethics of
12:54 am
a particular uses such as one has as custer who is an iconic figure not only in our homeland but around the world will this case be heard in time for tokyo and could she be there any way competing in another events what what's the timeline here that's a good question andy look this is the the case has been put down on a priority list to the chances of a been heard before tojo are probably unlucky but more the more likely he would be the world championships and $22022.00 but having said that andy we believe that justice will be seen at the olympics whether it will be running the $200.00 or the $1500.00 or whatever the case may be but we believe the trustor will be running her agenda and running her her objectives she says she's a strong willed person and so odd i don't see her not being there.
12:55 am
let's get some football now on insulin remain 4 points clear at the top of syria a generous 3 now with all 3 goals scored by former manchester united players he put in ahead after only 32 seconds that was his 18th lead going into the season not a domino like santos got that others 2nd placed ac milan and just beaten c one so is the top let's say. lived on that for them from the champions league defeat against around madrid to force some doria to nail salon to 11 points with 3rd place eventis who were out to a one or 2 or a run on saturday thomas 2 goal is still on base and is chelsea's head coach his side you know nail was 2nd in the table manchester united in the premier league united a 12 points behind leaders manchester city it was 2 goals 9th game in charge of chelsea who stay fit. in the middle of the battle for talk for.
12:56 am
close to get very very quickly and now this is the moment to hang in and to take 2 to show performances every 34 days which is which demands a lot there was a setback to leicester city's hopes of a top 4 finish and champions league qualification the divisions a 3rd place team were beaten 3 want to buy off still having luis alexander lacquers at nicholas pappas getting the goals fast all those sauza chasing a place in the europa league the team is really improving you know the reason that i like and then i was all the time i say this is about the consistency and we are still giving things to go on and. no goals between crystal palace and for them livable one for the 1st time in 5 league games facing bottom of the table sheffield united 2 nil and a couple of goals for gareth bale and tottenham's for no when i've
12:57 am
a burnley. there was a none fortunate moment in japan's top division the jane league defend that you talk about your cheated displaying the kind of touch and troika would be proud of sadly they are in the wrong that fortunately behead didn't cause too much damage to his team nowhere grampus going on to win the match won. a world cup skiing event in italy was overshadowed by 2 serious crashes the women's super g. experience too lengthy delays off the incidents that kind of caught an edge on high speed before losing control when racing resumed the road of austria who took control gate near the top of the very competitors had to be airlifted to hospital and are being treated for neck injuries we of course wish them well after those horrible incidents that there's not as always for for me barber yeah i mean it looks terrible to think you. well that is it for this news hour stay with us though
12:58 am
we're going to be back in just a few minutes with one of the day's news thanks for watching. when much dale writes the green army comes to life. but football is not all they shout about. a club where society's disenfranchised have the loudest voice. and political dissent takes center stage. they resistance
12:59 am
the ultras of roger cossack blanca the funds to make football on al-jazeera. the new delhi take advantage of the relatively clean air after weeks of toxic small stopped people from venturing outside institutions including hobgood say air pollution is leading to more severe cases of the coronavirus and more deaths from it and nowhere in india is a situation worse than a daddy the number of. winter a desperate situation of the indian government set up a new commission to monitor sources of pollution across 5 known for indian state's health experts and bob mentioned it's been wanting for months that the easing of the lockdown would lead to an increase in pollution and the impact that would have on those as the cause of 19. coveted beyond. taken without hesitation the forgotten died for our cause our defines our. but also you believe these were toys and they didn't. it's the.
1:00 am
people in power investigate exposes and question that's the use and abuse of power around the globe. and i want to see. me on mars military crackdown claims more lives 18 are killed in a single day of opposition dozens more arrested. alone barbara starr you're watching our jazeera live from london also coming out the biggest single attack on the pro-democracy movement yet thousands of hong kong campaigners are charged and could.


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