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tv   101 East Inside Japans Sumo World  Al Jazeera  April 12, 2021 8:30am-9:01am +03

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after seeing what i've seen on the particular footage it's kind of hard to justify having them serving a protector in. the lower house of france's parliament has approved a controversial ban on short haul domestic flights in an effort to reduce carbon emissions if passed the law would force airlines to cut all routes that can be covered by train in under 2 and a half hours it's part of a broader climate bill that aims to cut emissions in france by 40 percent by 2030. this is our desire these are the top stories and a conservative bank. has declared himself ecuador's new president elect after winning many 53 percent of the runoff vote economists under his orders has conceded defeat with 47 percent a latin america editor this in human as more. he sort of changed the tone of his campaign he really began reaching out to it would be oriented almost as
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a father figure. making them believe that if he is president he will be able to bring all of reconsideration something that the country so badly needs it's been extremely polarized politically and also that he is the middle class he's the son of a middle class family who wants to be a public servant more than anything else and i think his tone and style then surely convinced it would orange that he was the better bet accounting is underway in peru for the 1st round of its presidential election and the creative force pandemic has overshadowed the vote tens of thousands have died in that be more than $1600000.00 cases of the runoff is likely a pop blackout at iran's main nuclear facility has been described as an act of terrorism israeli media quoting unidentified sources claim it was a cyber attack carried out by israel's intelligence services. india now has the 2nd
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worst rate of corona virus infections in the world it's reported nearly 169000 new cases to make it past brazil there are concerns that large crowds of religious festivals could further spread the virus china's top disease control officials says that locally produced vaccines aren't highly effective the center for disease control made the rare admission after one study found the sign of fact japp had a success rate of just about 50 percent. there are warnings that the volcanic eruption on the caribbean island of st vincent could leave 20000 people displaced for months the last you fear a volcano 1st erupted on friday and is expected to continue for weeks the crane says one of its soldiers has been killed by russian backed separatists in the country's east it's the latest incident as tensions mount along the border with verbal threats this week from both nations. that's it 101 east coming right up. the story of one of the most successful p.r. campaigns in the u.s.
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. study after study has demonstrated the perspectives dominate american media coverage what part of this can you get through your thick head is hamas a terrorist organization the only thing that you're going to say is what we want and if you don't say it we're not to let you speak it would be very hard for ordinary americans to know that they're being deceived the occupation of the american mind on al-jazeera. in japan's ancient and revered traditions they conceded to me gods kind of the mother taught me to fly konkana their story a local guide about all they could see got the skills total dedication play war. on. the world of japanese sumo wrestling is off limits to most outsiders one with scandals a heaton even when it's life and death and the mythical more so that the get out of
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that and go to work by hand out the morning muster no one no one east goes inside the secretive mood of japanese sumo to. be fair. in the south of japan it is a unique stage of the game. oh oh do you. children don't dream of being a rock styles of football legend is their obsession is to become sumo champions. in just such a world to justice says at 8 years old toki is the youngest of the team. but he doesn't get any special treatment from the coaches. today toki has to repeat this exercise 100 times yet.
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here you are. right. here. oh. then it's time for wrestling. i want to. do it i. do yet another defeat against one of his classmates exhausted and pushed to his yes he breaks down. the horse into shit and i say what i want to use the horse in this room is that this is the snake. of the sea the bible.
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the number they already know we don't. store this now given to them yes there. you go you get those that are given of. the. belief to have taken place around 1500 years ago. the discipline has its foundation in shintoism the indigenous religion of japan. thanks to a new kind of support the discipline a sumo wrestling has experienced a revival in recent years. they called sumo joshing young girls who are sumo fans. 15 year old muckle is one of them.
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when you are good. at an avid collector of sumo cards she knows all the restless statistics by heart it and what that is pretty or like the south of the us and. how much there was in. it but. in her collection she also has some rage jim thank you cause a lot gave for a penny there. what i'd say was stuff. it doesn't matter how hard they kick with i mean if. the whole day is less then. just. macas passion for a sumo started young from the age of 5 she hasn't missed a tournament. every summer the best sumo wrestlers on the scene 2 of the major japanese cities.
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today marco and her mother travelled 3 hours by train to a song called in the center of japan. even though it's a friendly competition it's sold out. the tournament begins with an opening ceremony. the the can and. the. the before every match a series of rituals must be performed. in one wishlist hit the ground with defeat to ward off evil spirits. their bodies on the floor. since gollum is the music
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there for his in there to kind of them are told this is our country and there's sawyer photo. distance. the rules of the contest a very simple. make your opponent food will push him out of the 4 and a half meter diameter ring. i. because she attends every tournament the monk always well known here and can even go backstage. an area normally forbidden to the public this is where the sumo wrestlers warm up. marco also a couple of them about their weight yes. because it was on a major he had been his or. this it the only. one
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i think. today there is a special style marco wants to see having won 40 photo newmans how cool is the most successful sumo wrestler in history since 2007 he's been a yorker the highest rank in sumo the yorkers who knows of the only ones to with this brooch belt a sacred symbol of the she entire religion. i thought. but i think. that. this is. a. pretty neat that gave us of. how many of us i don't ever. talk to on the lift is 1.9 to bring to school and weighs 154
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kilograms this afternoon he faces another egg yolk is enough. but for this exhibition match neither of the 2 champions will push really hard to avert injury. there around 600 professional wrestlers in japan. most of based in rio the sumo district in the heart of tokyo with its huge. dady and dedicated to the main tournament of the season. they live together 24 hours a day in sumos de ville. doing to this close community is almost impossible but waving branches special permission to film at new bhutto's death. it's 6 30 am and the wrestlers are already training yes.
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the 2 metre tall giant is the master of the stable an anomaly in the history of sumo he's the 1st stable master from europe a foam a bow garion he became a japanese national and a great sumo champion. his japanese name coto all shoes cups inori. fat. people. the training has been the same to century. the same exercises the same routines and above old the same suffering. feel. for these young risler is
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between 17 and 23 years old. to join the stables they must be in good physical condition be at least 174 centerpiece told and weigh at least 75 kilograms. is the oldest member of the team a year and a half ago he gave up everything to become a sumo wrestler. sitting up bottles in situ. 3. of them sorry got out yeah i thought i. look i think. that i might get a cold. or some crutch markets like. oh you boil this. with a. short. time but. this.
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is. what it was your disapproval speech writers really wanted. to know. he was told. he's supposed to move to new orleans. or the one you're curious because he's a student and work in the environment. this is all right he will oh. god. he. at the end of each training session they must seen the summa and felt good all over. the lot. for the one. off to 2 and a half 1000 training with no break the sumo wrestlers must clean the house from
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floor to ceiling. the rules inside a based on authority hierarchy and respect for elders apprentices must carry out all of the tools. feel. ups's others are you such and judy. every day the restless prepare a gigantic meal a colony face the takes hours to make. money on the trip with all of the. rest of it. the magic recipe a sumo is called chunka knob it it's a high calorie stew with a few vegetables and a lot of protein. mate eggs and balance a lot of facts. feel. a whole new menu of parties for job well to be able to. pull up to the.
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political play you did how big the. car will be mounted on memories. it's 11 o'clock time for a feast. these sumo wrestlers consume a around 10000 calories a day 5 times more than the average man. in one of the american people that. took over the. water with all of the. losers losers. the white gain is not without risk of diabetes pie cholesterol and cardiovascular problems have shortened the average life expectancy of sumo wrestlers to 65 nearly 20 years lists then the japanese may and june nicholas we gave them a particular show. job and it'll teach all get a taste of what a lot of all the schools. there are about 40 sumo
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stables in tokyo in this 113 young men live together it's very crowded with 0 privacy. a large part of the afternoon is reserved for a nap. 2 and a half hours of sleep to recover from training and to store the fact from lunch. my color looks good at them and it's one of those guys. all. by you will notice. the last ones to have joined the stable sleep in the dining room. they arrived 3 months ago most wanted last year. the afternoon program is the same as the morning training housework and
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a male then bed at 10 pm. it's a tough isolated almost monastic lifestyle. children from across japan strive to join the sumo stables. children like short scale chips which just show the show that. at 13 years old show skating is 173 said to be just tools and weighs a 124 kilograms he's been practicing sumo since he was 9 and has many trophies. he might be a wrestling prodigy but when faced with a mathematical equation he struggles fortunately his class might help in the current cookies. because there always are on more business that.
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will be going up for the. top of. the next. call. here with the d.c. physically by having a skin. every day after school show skate goes to practice. first. but she enjoys him as it would be better there was a minute michael. to start going to. say that it's better to stay i can do the best that. in a few days shows go and compete at a national tournament in tokyo against the country's best high school students.
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it's his last training session before the competition he's even yet he's a week. as good. to achieve success we'll have to sacrifice seeing friends having spare time and date. sumo apprentices live in a world without women. tonight's a special night in tokyo apprentice wristlets from naruto stable going out. aged $1820.23 they've been given special permission to be tough to 10 pm. on the block a mother will. i'll call the shed in a pub i think it's going to go away quietly. outside the stable professional sumo wrestlers with
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a traditional chemo know. it attracts attention demagogic will i have adjusted has given him the kinds of. work. my little don't need for mothers and i have john h. of each of you know. our souls and we're. one of the devil to root of evil. good honest. tonight they're at a karaoke night. the playlist is full of romantic songs oh ya her love leave home. but seem to. think. she. on its head. these are clearly to start with the city is
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equal most of the folk are very careful. on those. muscles they have. the sumo wool has long held traditions that exclude women in 2018 a scandal brought to light a medieval rule that is still followed to the later by the federation the mayor of a city meet kyoto collapses in the middle of a speech on the dog the ring where the fights take place if no one helps he could die. a female medic rushes to give him c.p.r. when 2 other women come to help the referee orders them to leave the ring. and. continue. in accordance with shinto religious tradition entering the door yo is to beaten 2
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women they considered impure because of their menstrual cycle. the may survived but the affair stood up a lot of controversy in japan this woman wants a sumo federation to abandon the 6 this tradition. still hold school to he dead. tom a call now is the mayor of tucker resumed 2 days after the incident she hosted a sumo tournament in her town and she spoke from the force of the podium you have to. believe that. he. was. here. in japan sumo world punishment comes to anyone who tarnish is the me the national
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sport the yorkers who know with this sacred bells are supposed to show exemplary behavior but these grand champion fuji win from the stages of demigod to that of outcast in one false step his career ended over a bar fight with another sumo wrestler at a karaoke club. reunion. the other not. to. be very nice and. i knew. full. well what. the moment goalie and wrestler was forced to retire his career destroyed. the biggest scandal of the decade however almost never came out professor de waal is a medical examiner in 2007 the corpse of
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a young sumo wrestler arrived on these operating table according to the sumo association to kashi psycho had suffered heart failure during training. one more critical out of a broken collar tightened up more in western. the police had closed the case and returned the body to his family but when to cause she's parents noticed heavy bruising and what appeared to be blooms on his body they demanded an investigation the professor conducted an autopsy and concluded that the 17 year old was beaten to death. by border. to visit it would occur. to him daddy no. dietary no gardasil canungra me more so you can i'm going to. tell you and i want to hear you and i mean this is what it is i mean you know
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walking by normal protocol on the. court so no course it's not because. he's investigation revealed that to cause she was beaten with be it bottles. call most shots in this. is now are the must quote of the woman in final because a lot of talk is anonymous. we are cutting my beagle being the not booking you that this is pull you out of the us it's in going a little bit to mumbai ronnie milsap single there's sort of a high risk of a high our own state must. go down there will pour more there or he must. the 3 wrestlers who beat to kashi were given suspended sentences. the stable trainer was sentenced to 6 years in prison.
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despite the series of scandals the centuries old sports keeps attracting new recruits. to shore sky today's the big day. he's tournament takes place in the park of a sheen tows shrine in tokyo. competing others. best 13 to 15 year olds from across the country. shows 1st opponent doesn't stand a chance. in 3 seconds he's knocked to the ground. fighting continues all day long. injuries a common. it's during these told events that stable coaches pick their future students yet just moving as trinamool
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fun stuff. but in the full piece outfit. and guardian military is some of the federal. you sure they can only recall training it's night they. sure can look at. despite this defeat shows skate continues to believe in his destiny of joining a sumo stable. a world close to outside of intense haunches and sacrifice scandals and secrets where wrestlers put it all on the line to reach japan's ultimate sporting glory. in pakistan's largest city climate change and water shortages and driving some
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residents to desperate measures it's 101 east meets the water of corruption on al-jazeera. you financial crisis is the defining story of our time never before have human health. and added derrius award winning environmental solutions across the world we seek out people who are fighting. and combating climate change while finding ways to protect all life on our planet earth life coming soon to sarah. from the al-jazeera london broke out. in thoughtful conversation people use the lowest get agreement they describe the outsider with no host and no limitations the difference between a migrant and refugee is a choice when you are
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a refugee you are forced to think of as my current cats what has happened a lot in the west is that culture and food are separated studio unscripted and. all the top stories here on al-jazeera and iran's foreign minister judge already feels blamed israel for a power blackout at its main nuclear facility israeli media has created an identified sources claiming it was a cyber attack carried out by israelis intelligence services it comes at a time when iran and the united states are struggling to revive the 2050. people in ecuador have rejected a leftist revolutionary and have chosen conservative bank. to be.


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