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taken from their homes and executed under pressure of business willow's defense minister bloody muted by bremer said the armed forces were open lige to defend their country from the regular groups and if their human rights needed to be respected and that the events at the border would be investigated. the in the in. iran blames israel for sunday's blackout incident as its main nuclear facility and valves revenge for what it calls a nuclear terrorism. or a car says al jazeera live from doha also coming up india says brazil to become the world's 2nd worst hit country by covert 19 a surgeon in fact stressing its health care system.
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celebrations in ecuador were conservative businessman is set to become the next president lemon results show he's won the ronald. jr get out the car get out. and anger after a video emerges of a u.s. army officer being threatened during a traffic stop. iran has blamed israel for a power blackout at its main nuclear facility for a message of aids arief has vowed revenge for sunday's incident at the tense which tehran describes as an act of terrorism and happened the day after iran unveils new advanced uranium centrifuges the destruction at the site comes ahead of another round of talks in vienna later this week to revive the 2015 nuclear deal. we have
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how you force it in west jerusalem for us we'll get reaction from him in just a moment but 1st let's cross over to. the iranian capital tehran and said iran clearly very clearly has laying the blame for the attack on israel what's it's been saying. this saying that this is nuclear terrorism that israel has openly been against iran's nuclear program and negotiations to have those sanctions lifted so they are the prime suspect but it has been a bizarre 24 hours or so yesterday we were told about an electrical incident to iran was downplaying it making it seem like it was some sort of accident but then the head of the atomic agency here the organization called it an act of terrorism nuclear terrorism and today iran is pointing the finger at israel we've also have iranian media quoting sources within the intelligence ministry saying that an individual has been identified and they're working on apprehending them again very
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bizarre because if 'd you have identified an individual surely you would go out and detain them rather than tell the media about it and this is reminiscent of what the iranians do they even downplay the incidents or they give out misinformation last year iran's need nuclear scientist. there was assassinated just outside of tehran and again we had seen the reports that individuals had been identified and would be apprehended and yet nothing. at the same plant in the towns there was an act of sabotage we were told that there was an investigation taking place and the findings would be released again we haven't heard anything and it seems like israel has managed to infiltrate iran and can carry out attacks at will with iran unable to stop them and with very little response but we did have the foreign ministry spokesperson speaking and this is what he had to say. it felt. good that what happened in tons as israel's official i've said it several times and
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what we're hearing from different sources it confirms that israel was behind this incident i am glad that there was no human damage or environmental contamination could have caused the disaster israel wanted to take revenge on the iranian nation's patience and was dim but they must know that iran's response is reserved at the right time and the right location. well all of this is that coming at a very critical time with talks on how secure about returning to the 2015 nuclear deal it will do to stop or least ask again in vienna later this week how might this impact. well there's 2 aspects to that one is if iran is using the nuclear enrichment capabilities as leverage to get the europeans and united states to lift those sanctions now we don't know the extent of the damage but they are reports that is significant and could say iran back so they may lose their leverage in those negotiations and that could affect how the how those talks
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go but also internally there are many people here in the political circles expression from the conservatives who have never been for the nuclear deal in the 1st place and they think that these nuclear negotiations a pointless and that iran should work are making itself strong and work on the assumption that sanctions will not be lifted now internally that means is that the reformists led by president hassan rouhani this criticism of his administration and how have these talks are fruitless that no matter what iran does that they will be attacked that they will have enemies within the region and this is a very difficult time for the rouhani administration so yes those talks are set to take place and this adds an extra layer of conflict complexity and also makes that more difficult than it already is as the lines there from. let's go over now to harry and west jerusalem and how i've been hearing some very strong words from iran
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any response so far from israel. no as we've come to expect at these sorts of times the israeli comment is none neither confirming nor denying this officially but there is a lot of reporting in the israeli media and in the foreign media based seemingly on pretty extensive leaking and briefing behind the scenes from israeli and other intelligence sources and not for the 1st time the new york times is leading the way on some of this through it's extremely well connected israeli security reporter ronen bergman an article new york times saying that this was an explosion at the isolated protected power supply of the natanz enrichment facility totally destroying that power supply and setting the according to the sources of they've been speaking to setting the program back by at least 9 months there's also
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a report on the israeli public broadcaster can which talked about the fact the was reportedly an israeli led or an israeli involved attack on iran and other pretty broad reporting from the israeli media citing such sources so it is pretty clear that there has been a good deal of briefing very little being done to clamp down on this in terms of trying to disguise any such involvement and so that's led to some debate as to whether that is correct to do that whether the timing is sensible given the potential escalatory nature of this but also as on the other side as i said was talking about the potential removal of significant leverage from iran in those negotiations in vienna and also potentially inhibiting any iranian
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retaliation because of the fact that iran is currently negotiating with these other countries in vienna to try to restore the j.c. p.o. of the iran nuclear deal and of course the u.s. section of defense lloyd austin is still in town do they expect him to talk about this today. well he's just been asked about it he has a and other fairly full shuttle of engagements the 1st of which on monday was a visit to an israeli air base with the israeli defense minister benny gantz he was asked for comment gave none i think that is probably going to be his line throughout the rest of day he'll be visiting the holocaust memorial and then he'll be having talks with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu what could be more interesting from that is to see any difference in approach between gantz and netanyahu on sunday against was talking about working closely with the americans to try to make sure that any new deal protects israeli security in israeli interests
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netanyahu has been much less open to any such i idea he is very much against the deal per se has been talking about how israel would not be bound by a deal that would merely pave the way to a nuclear weapon for iran so i think a lot of eyes and ears will be on the words coming from benjamin netanyahu when he meets austin early this afternoon absolutely and we will keep checking back in with the throughout the day for that how for the moment there thanks very much. kovac 19 infections are surging to dangerous new highs in many countries but in some restrictions are easing as cases decline india has soared past brazil to become the 2nd most affected country in terms of total number of cases on monday it recorded a staggering 169000 new cases and a new wave in germany has pushed infections past 3000000 with health officials
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warning hospitals could be overwhelmed if tougher measures are not taken japan has imposed more structures in its capital with the hopes of preventing any outbreaks in the run up to the ticket or limping games but england has seen a drop in infections prompting an easing of restrictions which include opening pubs restaurants and head dresses. there's a problem is it in new delhi and she has more on the situation across india. for the past 6 days the cases have been there have been a record number of cases every day and more than one 100004 the past 6 days with nearly 170000 cases on sunday and so one week ago the government sent a medical team to the worst affected states and to other states. where the death rate was very very hard to try and figure out why the situation. was what it was in maharashtra and also in punjab and the medical teams have said that in
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all of the states that had 19 appropriate behavior isn't being followed that the containment measures on top to mold that testing capacity is overwhelmed that worryingly in maharashtra there aren't enough health workers to do with the at least $60000.00 cases a day that the stage is recording that there isn't enough oxygen supply and that ventilation is malfunctioning over the past few days and we have started to see work as india has a very large number of people who work in different states to where they're starting to leave the capital they're also starting to leave india's capital delhi because they're afraid that they're going to lose their jobs and that public transport will close. which is home to more than 125000000 people is considering a complete lockdown their night fuse in place and many cities around the country.
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bangladesh stepping up restrictions to curb a rise in infections for 8 days starting on wednesday off says it's close and old domestic and international travel will not be allowed a nighttime curfew has already been put in place and many non-essential businesses have closed but local media reporting restrictions and several towns are not being enforced. voters in ecuador have rejected a leftist revolutionary and chosen conservative bank again will also to be the next president of most of the ballots counted in the runoff lassoed took nearly 53 percent of the vote economist andres or else who admitted defeat got 47 percent are lost in america as the least in human reports. 3rd time lucky after losing to previous presidential election binge 65 year old or good or in bankrupt businessman yet more last look set to govern his troubled country yes thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be your president so i can serve you
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. facing the worst economic crisis in recent memory a good dorrance preferred to choose the conservative last or rather than swing back to the left of the former president rafael correa as citizens revolution represented by his protege and that is i doubt. the national campaign tirelessly underscoring his middle class roots national reconciliation and his promise to eradicate corruption. that despite having so many natural resources we are in this crisis because instead of working with honesty to solve your problems many public servants dedicate themselves to fighting amongst themselves and using public office to enrich themselves oh but national team less than 20 percent of votes in the 1st round owns his unexpectedly comfortable victory more to ecuadorans misgivings about returning to what many saw as an authoritarian political party.
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that the career years were characterized by violations of human rights ecuador was one of the most authoritarian versions of so-called socialism of the 21st century there was persecution of journalists opponents and even unsolved murders of people who denounced corruption. the challenges for the president and the country are enormous unemployment is at the top of the list the oil rich countries of qana me has suffered from a steep fall in oil prices and the pandemic has only made things worse it happened but i believe in democracy of course in ecuador and i believe all of us ecuadorians know how to elect a new president to get out of the crisis our country is in and the lack of employment that exists throughout because of the president make. the country faces another difficult problem its steep foreign debt last or says he hopes to maintain good relations with the i.m.f.
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but is not specified if you will continue implementing highly unpopular belt tightening measures that ecuador agreed to in exchange for a $6500000000.00 loan. was so much at stake the new president will have to move quickly to convince ecuadorans that they made the right choice you see in human. so has hair on al-jazeera a warning of all kenya on the caribbean island of some vincent could a run for weeks and a space thousands of people. and he may have said he'll only serve one term but means president is poised to win his 2nd term in office bring you an update. it's time for the perfect jan in the weather sponsored point qatar airways.
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it's turned remarkably warm in eastern europe recently the air all coming out from the western med well actually from north africa so is that tranche of countries that will see temperatures where the into the average or above but unfortunately the wrap around cold air which is represented by this cold front is going to be much different and it is marching in that job direction so last year has got 19 the moment it's going to snow fairly soon and that won't stretch it right up to the baltic states so teens here don't go to italy as well single figures further west unfortunately but disappointing for this time the on the front itself as a warning of potential flooding strong winds anywhere from the western med up to well the alps really which is covered in snow there this is the picture at the moment so this is monday we're talking about the warm sun chance exists to the east but it doesn't to the west in fact i've been snow showers this morning in london however here's the picture in venice venice will see that rain as it's a italy's got a warning out for rain the windy morning to sit in gives way to rather better
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weather on wednesday as the rain goes away but as it all moves south and talk about tuesday next it's going to be once again the bulk of that see rain and snow and look at vienna down to 4 degrees again is whether it is going wintry for a time. sponsored by qatar airways. it's the political debate show that's challenging the way you think i want to know where you're to stand on cancer culture decreasing the range of ideas that can be heard from international politics to the global pandemic and everything in between if tech companies are the ones with all the power what do we do what's the solution 'd we get organized what are world leaders or governments missing thread talking about targets like 204121 when the targets were now up front with me marc lamont hill on al-jazeera.
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and there again you're watching al-jazeera has a reminder of our top stories this hour iran's foreign minister has blamed israel for a power blackout as its main nuclear facility travelled zarif revenge for sunday's incident at natanz which to run described as an act of terrorism. india has soared past brazil to become the 2nd most effective country in terms of total number of cases it was caught in a staggering 169000 new infections on monday. and conservative bank. one that ecuador's presidential runoff with 53 percent of the vote says promised to increase foreign investment and create a 1000000 jobs he defeated on days are out. there are warnings the
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volcanic eruption on the caribbean island of some vents and could leave 20000 people displaced for months where a volcano 1st erupted on friday and is expected to continue for weeks the government says most crops and livestock will be destroyed by ash as a volunteer helping collect and distribute relief aid in some vincent she says the scale of the operation is overwhelming the shelter are in need of water food. basic living supply toiletries and so on many people had to leave without. properly preparing so we're trying to. the lesson that impact right now we have received from bad be those i think yesterday sorry devious have just been a bit fuzzy for me but i think it was yesterday that the course the gad would have come up for with. some materials some supplies for us so the national
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emergency management all the navy asian they've been assisting in ensuring that the shelters have supplies for the next couple days but we do have and telecom so we're hoping that that is for while we're unsure how long this may last having visited some shelter. you know people are concerned the bowl not having anywhere to go back to the north of the island is covered in ash livestock plants the videos the pictures coming out of the north of the island is it's. there is no better word to describe it it's just. a 1000000 miles deposed leader unsung suchi has reportedly been hit with a new criminal charge she's appeared in court $5000000000.00 lincoln asked her to
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meet her legal team and person which is already faces a raft of charges brought on by the military after its coup in february. illegally importing walkie talkies and a chance related to corona virus and a natural disaster nor was the fire protestors have continued to oppose them despise a violent crackdown that's killed more than 600 people. a video has emerged showing police officers in the u.s. state of virginia using excessive force on an unarmed black on the officer drawing a traffic stop callin a zarya as suing for racial profiling accusing offices of drawing their guns even though he didn't resist and pendant investigation has been ordered rob reynolds reports. over the car here on the car. u.s. army officer care on the zarya was driving on a dark road in rural virginia last december when police pulled him over for a missing license plate what happened next he and his attorney say was
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a case of racial profiling and police brutality and i hear they're right here with go and learn more now the judge in the for the doctor should be pointed out windsor virginia police officer joe good cheer is pepper sprayed lieutenant in the zarya even though his hands were raised and he was not resisting. you know your gun which in the front is the out with. the free. for the stuff for the good for you know just from killing him out of the car. the zarya repeatedly asked the policeman why he was being assaulted you know the cold out there was not how you treat of that i'm actively serving this country is how you're going to change what i did i did well what the policeman ordered sario who was unarmed and wearing his military uniform out of the car and knocked him to the
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ground right about you pretty well must walk with your 100 miles form of the. missouri or has sued the windsor police for violating his constitutional rights alleging assault and illegal detention. no he was not in any way she is hands are clearly. and he is the one that remains call these men are right. it's absurd. this aureole who was not charged in the incident says the policeman threatened to damage his reputation in the military if he told anyone about how he was treated they do they were in the wrong and then they threatened to destroy a man's career if he called him out bizzare or had temporary license plates displayed on his vehicle which in use governor is ordered in an independent investigation the windsor police department has not responded to news media
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requests for comment officials from the town of windsor virginia say good cheer as has been fired robert oulds al-jazeera. on a separate incident police in minnesota have cleared protests as he gathered outside a station after a 20 of an officer shot a 20 year old black man to gas and rubber bullets were fired to disperse the crowd in the minneapolis suburb of brooklyn center dante wright's family told a crowd had been shot by police before driving away and crushing was later pronounced dead in comes during showing the trial of former minneapolis police officers charged for the killing of george floyd but as in care guess on have supported handing greater palace to the president same outcome of the referendum allow present power of to appoint judges and run again for the top job just profit reports in the case capsule bishkek. voters cast their ballots and cubist on for the 3rd time in 6 months the referendum was called by the new
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president sought to reach a part of who asked the country to approve changes to the constitution the critics say they could pave the way for all thora terrorism and misrule. i don't think men should decide everything there is a problem that says you only find truth through debate the more opinions you have the better it is for the country's development. free from jail by supporters in october jury protests off the parliamentary elections were no following widespread allegations of vote buying by pro-government parties. the government collapse the kyrgyz school the 3rd revolution in 3 decades since independence. japan says the last 10 years of the parliamentary system under the current constitution has been a failure and kyrgyzstan is not ready for a parliamentary democracy the people have been really feeling that the parliament
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has been the scene of irresponsibility that there is no. there's nobody with whom at home the bucket stops as it were and the president has really picked up on that sense of sentiment among the people that we have a constitution that doesn't assign clear responsibility to anyone and i'm the one who is going to take full responsibility myself. i will answer for everything that happens in this country and just give me the power supporters of the proposed constitutional changes say freedom of speech and democratic rights will be protected but order needs to be restored to government off the gears of mismanagement to corruption within you can rip we've had 33 prime ministers in 30 years can you imagine that and always the appointments in decisions were made by the president behind the scenes which was unconstitutional the prime minister was the victim of those decisions because you tional changes mean the president will be able to act transparently kyrgyzstan is often described as the most democratic
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country in central asia and christological off says that altering the country's constitution will not change that but there are many people here who are afraid that he represents a problem of the cultural school democracy a policy that they have struggles to build since independence 30 years ago started out to 0. counting is underway in bed means presidential election incumbent leader has been challenged by 2 candidates but voter turnout was low with interest reports from bunnings largest city caetano. became binion's leading 2016 he said he would remain in office. but 5 years later. years voting for his 2nd presidential term after you voted along dismissed the recent protests that broke out in parts of the country. that logic will get you let
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me just your security forces dealt with the problem with tact the trouble makers were young men and were unfortunately objects of manipulation our security forces overcame a situation calmly by this time tomorrow the healing process begins and will make sure such a situation never arises again. i heard of sunday's vote security forces were deployed in large numbers to maintain order nearly 5 1000000 people have registered to vote in the election in 29000 less than a quarter of the voting population participated in the parliamentary election that was won by the governing party in very poorly stations like this only a handful of voters turned up to cast their ballots other stuff stayed away because of concerns about recent attacks now we actually officials admit that the protests have disrupted the supply of election materials in the mainly opposition stronghold of the north. we can opposition has accused the government of harassing and intimidating its waters one of the candidates threatened to pull out of the race 2
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days before the election citing continuing harassment and intimidation of the opposition by the government. it is interesting for all the parties taking part in this election that the participation rate exceeds at least 70 percent elections are held to that citizens can choose to choose means to vote to vote means to choose who is interested with the future of this country for the next 5 years i hope that victory will be on our side because it is a sanction vote detained bite. with the economy slowing down many voters have high expectations of course ever winds. i want to see the elected president provide jobs and improve security as it is it's too dangerous to go out at night there's tension is still high in some parts of believes an election observers according for calm. to all of the appeal is. to continue to engage event. continue to ensure that. the
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playing field is level. continue to give opportunity to everybody to participate results expected within 48 hours if you expect this vote to go into a 2nd round which means president alone would likely secure a 2nd 5 year mandate that could strengthen his grip on power i may decrease al-jazeera quoted all. the way down to the top stories iran's foreign minister has blamed israel for a power blackout as its main nuclear facility. valid revenge for sunday's incident at natanz described as an act of terrorism that happened a day after iran unveils new advanced iranian centrifuges it's. what happened in.


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