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we know what's real and what's not step outside the mainstream shift the focus covering the way the news discovered the listening posts on a. showcase of the best documentary films from across the net and now to syria. 'd iran blames israel for sunday's blackout incident at its main nuclear facility and promises revenge for what it calls nuclear terrorism. hello them or a kyle this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up in disappearances brazil to become the world's 2nd worst hit country by covert 19 a surge in infections as threatening its health care system.
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3 celebrations in ecuador where a conservative businessman is set to become the next president of a new results show he's won the run off. and a warning a volcano on the caribbean island of st vincent could erupt for weeks and displace thousands of people. iran has blamed israel for a power blackout as its main nuclear facility for a message of aids arief has promised revenge for sunday's incident at the town's was to run described as an act of terrorism money reports. nuclear terrorism is how a rainy and official described a power blackout at its natanz nuclear enrichment facility sundaes cutting the electrical supply grid cause no casualties or contamination of.
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what happened in the tons as israel's official have said several times and what we're hearing from different sources it confirms that israel was behind this incident israeli media claimed it was caused by a cyber attack launched by israeli security services although it quoted unidentified sources some media outlets have a close relationship with intelligence agencies iran is there urging the international atomic energy agency to take action saying it reserves the right to punish the perpetrators for the development comes an important time as iran prepares to step back to the negotiating table in vienna. talks about iran's nuclear agreement started there last week with indirect talks with the united states. president joe biden says he's willing to rescue a deal abandoned 3 years ago by his predecessor donald trump that is if iran comes
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into compliance with the deal in my view without a doubt this is definitely not a coincidence and one thing you need to remember well it is. israel is the usual suspect in these events over the last few years one must be mindful there there are many opponents in many different corners to the resumption of their joint comprehensive plan of action not the least of which is from within iran itself tapper and has been steadily moving away from the terms of the 2015 nuclear deal since the u.s. pulled out the blackout happened a day after iran unveiled a fancy rein him centrifuges at the facility but iran had previously made clear the negotiations in vienna are on the right track nor about the money al jazeera or her aforesaid is and west or islam has more what israel's been saying. but as we've come to expect at these sorts of times the israeli comment is none neither
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confirming nor denying this officially but there is a lot of reporting in the israeli media and in the foreign media based seemingly on pretty extensive leaking and briefing behind the scenes from israeli and other intelligence sources and not for the 1st time the new york times is leading the way on some of this through it's extremely well connected israeli security reporter ronen bergman an article new york times saying that this was an explosion at the isolated protected power supply of the natanz enrichment facility totally destroying that power supply and setting the according to the sources of they've been speaking to setting the program back by at least 9 months there's also a report on the israeli public broadcaster can which talked about the fact the was reportedly an israeli lead or this really involved attack
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on iran and so that's led to some debate as to whether that is correct to do that whether the timing is sensible given the potential escalatory nature of this but also as on the other side as i said was talking about the potential removal of significant leverage from iran in those negotiations in vienna and also potentially inhibiting any iranian retaliation because of the fact that iran is currently negotiating with these other countries in vienna to try to restore the j.c. p. o. a the iran nuclear deal. india has sought to pass presell to become the 2nd most effective country in terms of total number of covert 1000 cases on monday recorded a staggering 169000 new infections this is a problem as any new delhi. for the past 6 days the cases have been there have been
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a record number of cases every day and more than one 100004 the past 6 days with nearly 170000 cases on sunday and so one week ago the government sent a medical team to the worst affected states and to other states. where the death rate was very very hard to try and figure out why the situation. was what it was in model and also in punjab and the medical teams have said that in all of the states that had 19 appropriate behavior isn't being followed that the containment measures on optimal that testing capacity is overwhelmed that worryingly in maharashtra there aren't enough health workers to do it with the at least $60000.00 cases a day that the stage is reporting that there isn't enough oxygen supply and that ventilation is malfunctioning over the past few days and we have started to see
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work as india has a very large number of people who work in different states to where they're starting to leave the capital they're also starting to leave india's capital delhi because they're afraid that they're going to lose their jobs and that public transport will close. which is home to more than 125000000 people is considering a complete lockdown their night fuse in place and many cities around the country japan is imposing restrictions including a curfew as it tries to prevent any outbreaks ahead of the olympic games. on what measures are being introduced. this is the main point and actually it has been raised in the parliament by the opposition during the deliberations during the last few days and they are kind of accusing the government of playing down the situation in order not to disturb the preparations for hosting the olympics in just 2 days.
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one of the one of the pictures that also coming under the strict measures has council. in the city on the 13th and 14th. hearing. that increasing numbers in the city and it has been now recording the highest numbers in all of the country even more than tokyo other places are also very much concerned maybe the government is not taking enough. measures to prevent the infections but just today the government has been trying to. say that no we are doing whatever we can and today actually in japan the vaccination for elderly people the campaign for the tension has just started today and it's the presumably going to end by may by next year by june this year and authorities in bangladesh stepping up restrictions to cut a rise in infections that 8 days tossing on wednesday offices must close and all
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domestic and international travel will not be allowed and nighttime curfew has already been put in place and many non-essential businesses have place but local media are reporting restrictions in several sound not being enforced. man miles suppose leda unsung suchi has been hit with a new criminal charge this one related to covert 19 rules she's appeared in court via video link and asked to meet her legal team in person she already faces a raft of charges brought on by the military after its coup in february they include illegally importing walkie talkies and a chant related to corona virus under natural disaster laws to find protesters have continue to oppose the jointer despite a violent crackdown that killed more than 600 people. police in minnesota have cleared protesters who gathered outside a station after an officer shot a 20 year old black man to gas and rubber bullets were fired to disperse the crowd
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in the minneapolis suburb of brooklyn center dante wright's family told a crowd had been shot by police before driving away and crashing in the later pronounced dead the shooting comes during the trial of former minneapolis police officers charged for the killing of george floyd and a video of us police officers assaulting an unarmed black american army officer has emerged police body can picture show the man being pepper sprayed and pushed to the ground after what appeared to be a routine traffic stop car on those ario is suing for racial profiling saying the offices use excessive force or brunell's reports. of the car. us army officer care on the zarya was driving on a dark road rules were genial last december when police pulled him over for a missing license plate what happened next he and his attorney say was a case of racial profiling and police brutality i hear there i hear with more.
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about should be get out windsor virginia police officer joe get shearers pepper sprayed lieutenant in the zarya even though his hands were raised he was not resisting. you know you're always on the money it's the out with. the friend through the sofa or the good fortune or just took a hit out of a car or the zarya repeatedly asked the policeman why he was being assaulted you know the code out now is not how you treat a vet i'm actively serving this country this is how you going to change something i did and i thought well what the policeman ordered no sario who was unarmed and wearing his military uniform out of the car and knocked him to the ground by a much more friend while knox was just miles from of the. missouri or has
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sued the windsor police for violating his constitutional rights alleging assault and illegal detention there he was not in any way she his hands are clearly just and he is the one that remains calm and these men are right. it's absurd. this arielle who was not charged in the incident says the policeman threatened to damage his reputation in the military if he told anyone about how he was treated they knew they were in the wrong and then they threatened to destroy a man's career if he called him out bizzare or had temporary license plates displayed on his vehicle which in use governor is ordered an independent investigation the windsor police department has not responded to news media requests for comment officials from the town of windsor virginia say good cheer as
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has been fired robert oulds al-jazeera. still ahead here on out is there a vaccine relief. but it's slow rollout has health officials concerned. and teenagers on the front line of conflict in northern ireland but the older generation are being blamed for big nice and the troubles. it has stopped raining in eastern indonesia in fact not a sign of a shower anywhere around overland as you can see the clouds gathering elsewhere in fact we've got the potential for developing tropical cycle over the water but one to watch over the next couple days where the east of the philippines and that's where that line of the heaviest rain the still some showers in java and in sumatra and of course potential malaysia and suffering thailand but much of indonesia is
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looking much drier now and the remnants of what of course is a cycle has gone across from western australia's coast down towards well or less the big bang in the size the fact is dissipated by the time we get to tuesday's fall costs lefty's down which as you probably are already aware there's a very windy storm but now it's been just captured and that means the whole. incident is now drawing fire in the court woman melbourne as a result of recent warming back to back $26.00 in can offer was quietly shredded but there's still a potential chosen for example and the picture on one says little different those are from fans to running through so a few light showers now stretches again back to the out west coast new zealand having had nice quiet warm time recently where at least in science or and see a great deal of rain.
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from the al-jazeera london broke out to people in thoughtful conversation people use the lowest get agreement they describe the outsider with no host and no limitation the difference between a migrant and refugee is purely a choice when you are refugee you are forced to flee part one of asthma can and has sat back at what has happened a lot in the west is that culture and food are separated studio unscripted on al-jazeera. her again you're watching out of there as reminder of our top stories this hour iran's foreign minister has blamed israel for a power blackout as its main nuclear facility have a very promise for
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a vengeful sunday's incident at the towns which terror on describes as an act of terrorism. india has soared past brazil to become the 2nd most affected country in terms of total number of cases it has recorded a staggering 169000 new cases in the past day. and police in the u.s. state of minnesota have cleared protesters who gathered outside the station after an officer shot a young black dante wright's family says he was shot then drove away and crashed he was later pronounced dead. voters in ecuador have rejected the leftist revolutionary and chosen conservative bank. to be the next president but most of the ballots counted in a runoff took nearly 53 percent of the vote economists' andres are owls who admitted defeat but 47 percent a lesson america has to listen human reports. 3rd time lucky after losing
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to previous presidential election binge 65 year old a good or in bankrupt businessman yet more last look set to govern his troubled country. thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be your president so i can serve you. facing the worst economic crisis in recent memory it would dorrance preferred to choose the conservative last or rather than swing back to the left. of former president rafael correa as citizens revolution represented by his protege and that is i doubt. national campaign tirelessly underscoring his middle class roots national reconciliation and his promise to. radical corruption. that despite having so many natural resources we are in this crisis because instead of working with honesty to solve your problems many public servants did it kate themselves to fighting amongst themselves and using public office to enrich
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themselves. with national team less than 20 percent of votes in the 1st round owns his unexpectedly comfortable victory more to ecuadorans misgivings about returning to what many saw as an authoritarian political party. that the career years were characterized by violations of human rights ecuador was one of the most authoritarian versions of so-called socialism of the 21st century there was persecution of journalists opponents and even unsolved murders of people who denounced corruption. the challenges for the president and the country are enormous unemployment is at the top of the list the oil rich countries economy has suffered from a steep fall in oil prices and the pandemic has only made things worse. i believe in democracy of course in ecuador and i believe all of us ecuadorians know how to elect
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a new president to get out of the crisis our country is in and the lack of employment that exists throughout because of the president make. the country faces another difficult problem its steep foreign debt lasso says he hopes to maintain good relations with the i.m.f. but has not specified if you will continue implementing highly unpopular belt tightening measures that ecuador agreed to in exchange for a $6500000000.00 loan. was so much at stake the new president will have to move quickly to convince ecuadorians that they made the right choice you see in human. voter turnout is under scrutiny and chatter after sunday's presidential election after accusations of oppression about the bank counted but present address that he is expected to extend his 30 year rule the 6 the opposition has called for a boycott after several cans that were prevented from running ever morgan reports from the capsule and to maina. he's led the country for more than 30 years and now
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seeking a 6th term incumbent agrees there be cast his vote in chats presidential election urging others in the capital and around the country to do the same. they must have to. i have come here today as a citizen to vote and have done my duty and now it's your turn what the people of chad to exercise your right to vote wherever you come and vote for the candidate of your choice. hundreds were waiting to vote at the same center where debbie appeared 23 year old and nina to make a 1st time voter was one of the 1st in the queue. i've come to exercise democracy and also to see the president. is the one i think will be able to lead the country forward and bring it stability and improve the economy see anyone i see in the failed. 7.3000000 people have registered to vote in this election according to the
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national electoral commission many reporters were spoken to on sunday and in the days leading up to the election say their biggest concern is the ballot. after 3 or 4 in the east and recent counter-terrorism operations in the north and west they believe president with running against 5 other candidates can tackle both if the candidates need at least 50 percent of the vote to when the results will be out into the opposition and their supporters say they are boycotting the elections 6 prominent figures who sought to run for president were rejected by the high court to accuse the ruling party of militarizing the campaign a charge echoed by right groups who say security forces have used less forest against protesters and opposition leaders we don't think there is. liberty freedom so doug while you recount accepted. we called people to buy
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all. of these. election observers appear to have a different view. judge role is important in the region especially in light chad in the. region that so preserving its stability is the role of the african countries and the region and the people of the country. whatever the outcome of this election the gap between debbie's ruling party and the opposition is clear how the 2 sides move on from here almost certainly set the stage for the country's political future he will morgan al-jazeera chad. there are warnings of volcanic eruption on the caribbean island of some vincent could leave 20000 people displaced from months where volcano 1st erupted on friday and is expected to continue for weeks the government says most crops and livestock will be destroyed. as a volunteer helping collect and distribute relief aid and some vincent she says the
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scale of the operation is overwhelming the shelters are in need of water food. basic living supply toiletries and so on many people had to leave without properly preparing so we're trying to. lessen that impact right now we have received aid from the those i think yesterday sorry these have just been a bit fuzzy for me but i think it was yesterday that the course the gad would have come up for with. some material some supplies for us so the national emergency management all the ways asian they've been assisting in ensuring that the shelter have supplies for the next couple days but we do have. telecom so we're hoping that these 4 well we're
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unsure how long this may last having visited some shelter. you know people are concerned the bowl not having anywhere to go back to the north of the island is covered in ash livestock and the videos the pictures coming out of the north of the island is it's. there is no better word to describe it it's just. tropical cyclone soraya has left a trail of destruction after tearing through towns in western australia is the scenes in the west hit area north of perth where roofs have been ripped from homes and buildings flattened so regime made landfall as a category 3 storm with winds of up to 170 kilometers an hour like tony's weakens to a tropical low and is moving inland have been no reports of injuries. because
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a strip has been described as an open at present for more than 2000000 people so far 1000 has killed almost 700 gazans but now the 2nd coronavirus wave has arrived in the rollout of vaccines is lacking far behind named reports from gaza. it's the 1st dose of the covert $1000.00 vaccine and the 1st wave of relief for gazans including hamdi doe who. can move with the. i wish everyone can get it but the reality is few gazans have or are likely to be vaccinated 31000 people have received at least one dose fewer than 3 percent of the adult population health officials are not optimistic the gaza strip can ever obtain enough vaccines to achieve so-called herd immunity. for an oppressed people connected to israel all over the world they are getting the
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vaccine we are the lost causes vaccination effort began in late february now a 2nd surge of coded 1000 has arrived with a deadlier strain the world bank says the international community needs to provide significant financial assistance to vaccinate gazans it's urging israel to donate vaccines the palestinians say as an occupying force israel is responsible for assisting them israel says the palestinians are in charge of their health system to risk you more than $2000000.00 palestinians in the gaza strip. all war of the international community and israel must. all you know all the vaccines needed. the hamas led government has implemented restrictions on people driving on the weekend schools have moved online and indoor dining is banned. however doctor
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had a job but the health director of the u.n. relief and works agency for palestine refugees in gaza says the only way to help cope with 19 is through mass vaccination it is nonsense torn to talk about. why in the street between houses it is not more than half mithya and the houses are full of a lot of bare sons more than 20 minutes was inside the house and this would infrastructure with poverty. $66000.00 donated vaccine doses are expected to arrive this month while the gazans wait the intensive care units in a health care system ill equipped to handle a pandemic are almost at capacity natasha elders era gaza. violence in northern ireland has ease after a week of the worst rioting and decades. that some groups instructions was
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driving anger from pro british unionists and reports from belfast teenagers who have been on the front line. it's a new generation engaged in the sort of confrontation that belongs in the last century their teenagers many of them encouraged to take part in the unrest by their elders the late 1960 s. the start of 3 decades of conflict that's happening here now isn't remotely like that but it's provocation and confrontation nevertheless and it's league youngsters not old enough to vote in many cases goaded on by adults that has shocked people. well i blame the parents and i'm here with my son who i fear to be in the streets and. out of being horrified that the politicians here have to really unite and come together and condemn it and look for peaceful ways forward for you know the young
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people for the people who don't think they're being listened to at the moment in this process these are the grounds of stormont castle the seat of the devolve power sharing government created by the good friday peace agreement signed 23 years ago and irwin was born just before that now she's leading the youth wing of the alliance party which covers the middle ground in northern ireland politics parents don't feel they have the ability to to stop their kids going right there because the kids are being drawn out by by community leaders by people here to hear stoking violence and stooping fears they're being joined by them parents can't really speak out against those darker forces they can't stop their kids going out because they know if they're seen to go against community leaders in the way they could face attacks themselves they. face threats they could face anything that has deprivation in both the loyalist a nationalist community says of northern ireland those who want
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a united ireland and the loyalist areas where there is anger about a border in the r.e.c. imposed by a brics deal in many areas like this surrounded by echoes of the past it almost feels as if time stands still difficult then for young people to avoid the bad influences within this youth leader has no doubt that many of the young people are under the for grip of power and the trees new children should be encouraged to take to the streets this kind of violence those who don't like the child to be such that that's just not something for the social services to consider in relation to this and even when we think about the sinister forces that are behind some of these young people taking to the streets on the element of their plan that could be considered child abuse also stephen and others like him have an uphill battle on my hands andrew simmons al-jazeera belfast.


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