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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 12, 2021 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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what the focus is to the working class of his hometown and it's time. to come to know jesus is just beyond the lakota old one of a time. to be adored by his funds for his socialist values and his many goals against the elite football brother on the old easy. this is 0. hello there i'm mr and this is the news hour live from our headquarters here and coming up in the next 60 minutes iran blames israel for sunday's blackout incident as its main nuclear facility and promises revenge for what it calls
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a new kid terrorism. huge crowds gathered at a religious festival in india as it records an alarming rise and coronavirus cases it's now the 2nd west hit country. where they are get out the car little. video images of a u.s. army officer being threatened during a traffic stop. and a warning a volcano on the caribbean island of st vincent could erupt for weeks and displace thousands of people. i'm johnny gosch would sports including a famous tree see elmo wins the masters by one shots to become japan's 1st ever men's major champ. well iran has blamed israel for a pal of a power blackout at its main nuclear facility foreign minister job in. rick has
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vowed revenge for sunday's incident and the tans which tear around describes as an act of terrorism and israel has not directly claimed responsibility but local media say its intelligence services were behind it all about money reports. nuclear terrorism is how in the rainy an official described a power blackout and its natanz nuclear enrichment facility sunday is cutting the electrical supply grid cause no casualties or contamination of. what happened in the tons as israel's official said several times and what we're hearing from different sources it confirms that israel was behind this incident israeli media claimed it was caused by a cyber attack launched by israeli security services although it quoted and i judged by its sources some media outlets have a close relationship with intelligence agencies iran is their own region the international atomic energy agency to take action saying it reserves the right to
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punish the perpetrators the development comes at an important time as iran prepares to step back to the negotiating table in vienna. talks about iran's nuclear agreement started there last week with indirect talks with the united states. president joe biden says he's willing to rescue a deal abandoned 3 years ago by his predecessor donald trump that is if iran comes into compliance with the deal in my view without a doubt this is definitely not a coincidence and one thing you need to remember well it is. israel is the usual suspect in these events over the last few years one must be mindful that there are many opponents in many different corners to the resumption of their joint comprehensive plan of action not the least of which is from within iran itself tapper and has been steadily moving away from the terms of the 2015 nuclear deal
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since the u.s. pulled out the blackout happened a day after iran unveiled at fancy rein him centrifuges at the facility but iran had previously made clear the negotiations in vienna are on the right track. well we have harry forth that he's in westerly slam and we'll get israel's reaction from him in just a moment 1st let's speak to acid bank he's in the iranian capital now as an iran is clearly pointing the finger at israel what more are we hearing from the leadership by that. well the foreign ministry spokesman spoke this morning he said he called it nuclear terrorism he said that he was glad that there wasn't any environmental damage but this could have been a disaster and he said it was carried out by those that are against iran's nuclear program and against iran's negotiations to have those sanctions lifted clearly pointing the finger at israel now we've also been hearing from iran's head of iran's atomic organization who said that there is now emergency electricity at the
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facility and over the next few days they will be checking those centrifuges was shut failed but you also said that iran would compensate for any damage or increasing capacity by 50 percent this is. the 3rd attack that's taken place in the space of a year we had the assassination of iran's nuclear scientist in november just outside of the iran and we had an explosion an act of sabotage as iran called it at the same natanz the facility in the summer of last year that there are questions being asked of iran security services but iran has said that it will respond at a time of its choosing and used to hearing this but all this does take place as iran gets ready to go back to negotiate with the europeans in vienna later this week obviously a very critical time indeed i said there in terror and for us thanks so much i said well let's now get the view from israel by force that is an investor a sense is
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a really quite the accusations there from tehran any response from tel aviv. no response from the israeli government wouldn't really expect one in this sort of circumstance at least not a public confirmation or denial but they're not doing very much to try to lift that accusation indeed given the sort of reporting we're seeing in israeli media are monday it seems there is a pretty extensive background briefing going on from senior intelligence sources essentially giving the story to the local media that yes it was there was an israeli involvement that is what the local media are reporting citing intelligence sources the new york times is among those with extensive reports it says that there was a blast which took out the entirety of the separate isolated power supply defended power supply for the natanz centrifuge facility that would put the program back by around 9 months at least the common public broadcaster said that centrifuges were
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also damaged in the attack as well so no official comment but that is the kind of briefing that appears to be going on at a time when the u.s. section of defense lloyd austin is in the country he's been having a cup of engagements with the israeli minister of defense spending accounts they were asked about the issue by journalists no comment coming back what might be more interesting is what happens in the next hour or so his meeting with the prime minister benjamin netanyahu will be interesting to see what either man has to say on this natanz issue also on the issue of the iran nuclear deal because while benny gantz was talking about working with the americans to try to get the best kind of deal possible netanyahu has been very much firmer in his opposition to the idea of a talk harry forth that there with all the latest for us. thank you so much very well that's now bring in fall and evaluate he's a professor of wild studies at the university of tehran and he joins us now from
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the iranian capital professor as we've been hearing that plenty of speculation about just how this attack was carried out i'm curious what's your sense of what's happened here. i think it is good as you report that if you have that it's so i think it is if the sources point out to the fact that what's behind this attack we have had israelis. pointing out this idea that you know the. nuclear program in order to stop iran's nuclear program the united states or utopians about this don't need to give any sanctions or at least you know yes. they can pity the scientists it can damage your hands and you could send it to us so that started you meant that israel does not have gauging this type of practice as well when it comes to the actual way that this attack was
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carried out i see some experts including iranian ones have suggested this was not a cyber attack perhaps but what it actually required physical infiltration to put off an explosion of this nature i mean given the levels of security in attacks that would presumably be very embarrassing for terror on. mainly i think you know on the security forces of having a challenge. israelis. have engaged in these type of activities in the past experience and you know trying to respond in terms of making sure that they prevent this type of i think so it's just that is a challenge for you and then security forces but that doesn't excuse the good behavior of israelis this is against international law iran is an independent country this facility has been monitored by international atomic energy agency for many years and just attacking other countries facilities is not going to end up.
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breaking international law and gauging this type of professor given those tensions do you have a sense of how iran is possible in u.s. involvement here i noticed the terror on times the case tel aviv but hasn't really pointed the finger to what washington. you know you know that israeli intelligence services and america is cooperate i'm not saying that this attack happened you had a defense secretary and. and so. there is not much you can do to separate these 2 countries that they want if each of them i think that rouhani administration wants to reach an agreement by then and so they may forget or forgive him for now the fact that israel is a close u.s. ally and just give it the united states but the idea that there's a noose did this on their own people don't believe that well given all the timing
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of some estimates putting the repair walk and all the damage that we've seen it up to 9 months i mean where does that leave the nuclear talks i see the europeans are now sounding a little less optimistic than they have been and recently. you know iran. is interested talks and they want to continue with the nuclear talks you know we have record action coming up in georgia they want to reach some sort of the agreement for. this type of attacks. make things complicated but i think. with the talks but this is going to make things come complicated in the sense that one day that iran will respond is to . its nuclear program so you saw it as. foreign minister spokesman.
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going to replace that damaged son to futures a bit more at the ransom so the idea is that if you are attacking iran you're going to do more and that's that's a bit of the spawn there and that's that doing more is going to make things from. saudi that professor of studies and university of tehran great to get your thoughts here on out there thanks for being with us professor thank you. plenty more ahead here this news hour including a vaccine really found in gaza but it's not has health officials can sound. and teenagers on the front line of conflict and on an island but the older generation is being blamed for reigniting the troubles and not a controversial v.o.r. decision in the english premier league results and fast stop clamping racially and bunions that's coming up shortly with sports. now india has soared past brazil to become the 2nd most affected country in terms
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of total covered 1000 cases now on monday it recorded a staggering 169000 new infections health officials are hoping that a 4 day super vaccine drive could turn around the surge in numbers more than 2700000 doses were administered across the country on the 1st day. but a religious festival is causing concern with thousands gathering at river pilgrimage sites officials say the size of those crowds makes and forcing social distancing rules nearly impossible offer on this let's speak to elizabeth promise she joins us now from new delhi let's just looking at those rather extraordinary pictures that there are some pretty crowded gatherings even as we see things even deteriorate further. well you've heard from police the coalmine of the city is taking place in the town of $101.00 it's in the foothills of the himalayas foothills in the state of calm and police have said that on 2 midday local time on monday that 2000000 pilgrims
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bathed in the ganges river in the area where the coup mail is taking place in that's more than 2000000 people on one day now the call made began 3 months ago and when it began event organizers and police said that they were going to deploy thousands of offices to ensure that covert 19 protocols would be followed but police have said that there are too many people to any such guidelines and the man has been taking place it's a large religious gathering but over the past few moments we've also had many political gatherings and as we speak for an instant in the more he is addressing very large crowds of the station west bengal he's holding 3 election rallies there on monday as. the other political parties in west bengal the elections taking place in 5 states and all of the political parties which are participating have been
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holding such large gatherings just fide prominence in that in the movie and health officials saying that the main reason for the 2nd wave in india is because of large gatherings which took place when the numbers fell earlier this year and because of people not following code that appropriate behavior. liz talk us through what's happening across the rest of the country too i know there were restrictions put in place but. for instance very much still struggling. there are increasing a number of restrictions in many parts of the country maharashtra remains the worst affected there is a weekend locked on a strict we can lock down in place there are night curfews in many parts of the country now model is now requisitioning 4 and 5 star hotels to create care centers to increase the number of beds. is dealing with a shortage of beds dealing with a shortage of oxygen supply with malfunctioning ventilation is here in the capital
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delhi we have a number of new restrictions including a ban on political social the religious gatherings restaurants bars and cinemas have to operate with 50 percent capacity and as more and more restrictions are being imposed we've been seeing over the past few days migrant workers india has a very large number of people who work in different states to where they're from and these migrant workers and it's beginning to leave the cities of mumbai the capital of maharashtra and also delhi because they're afraid that they have lost their jobs already and they're afraid they're going to go into and that public transport closed as it did last year and as cases arising we'll also have in reports of vaccine shortages many states are complaining that they're running out of vaccines and while that happens states leaders and other health officials are asking the indian government to remove the age limit for vaccinations so that more
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people can be vaccinated but any adult who wants to be inoculated can because at the moment the age limit is $45.00 and the government is running behind its own vaccination. and is about piron in there on the ground for us with the latest from new delhi thanks so much friends. life is slowly returning to normal in england with non-essential services reopening now across the country pubs restaurants headdresses gyms shops and a number of other venues have now reopened this is the 2nd stage of the government's road map out of the nationwide coronavirus and up down there now the easing of restrictions comes as the u.k. recorded just 7 deaths on sunday that's the lowest total since september chalons joins us now from brighton rory i know the prime minister said that he'd be toasting this day with a pint of well i know his plans change with prince philip's death all the crowds out there to celebrate. well they're certainly out here to show his you
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can see behind me i'm standing in brighton city center in front of prime art which is a chain of fashion clothing stores around the country very popular as you might be able to tell with teenagers and their parents and i'm just going to also the camera mounted old and for you here so you can see this queue that goes all the way out the shop boy up the streets across the street then all the way down the opposite side of the street back onto the main streets. down into the distance there so there's obviously a lot of pocket money that's been saved up over the last few months that people are itching to spend and clearly that's good news for the retail sector but all sex is not equal we have good news for say bad hairdressers which it's all about absolutely full booking sheets at the moment but when it gets gets to you know the hospitality industry yes there will be celebrations this evening i've got an
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invitation to go and see some friends in a pub garden right specked i'm not the only one in the country doing that later on today but it's only 2 out of every 5 hospitality venues has some sort of outdoor space so it's an uneven playing field and there are going to be plenty of. pubs cafes read. strong that collins reopened as they would like to do but you know this is the as you said this kind of step back towards normality for the country boris johnson the prime minister urging people if they are out there celebrating or going shopping to behave responsibly lori it's been a real mixed bag in the u.k. about very poor and initial response to this sort of the pandemic and then this really impressive vaccination campaign now as things are starting to open up again how people view ing how the government actually dealt with a lot of this. what i think you hit the nail on the head there that kind of explains the number of if you going to use some sort of you know a footballing analogy it's been
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a game it's. absolutely terrible with the government making seemingly an endless series of. fatal own goals own goals that lead to the deaths of many many thousands of people when you look at the death toll in care homes and the lack of p.p.a. for front line health workers these are things that. really really dented the government's prestige the confidence that people had in how it was angling the pandemic bots what the government did early on was very very heavily on the vaccine program and was one of the 1st countries in the world to really roll out we now have over 40000000 people in the country who have had their 1st job 8000000 people who have been fully vaccinated with their 2nd job so that has meant that the governments in the 2nd half of that footballing analogy has really picked up you
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know its prestige again and i think people now getting much more positive and are now giving it more of the benefit of the doubt and boris johnson's poll ratings correspondingly are on the up and going challenge with all the latest for us from the u.k. on the streets of britain thanks so much for e. well now the gaza strip has been described as an open air prison for more than 2000000 people and so far 1000 has killed nearly 700 people there but now the 2nd coronavirus wave has arrived in the rollout of vaccines as lagging as natasha going to reports from gaza. it's the 1st dose of the covert $1000.00 vaccine and the 1st wave of relief for gazans including hamdi. i can move with a degree of competence i wish everyone can get it but the reality is few gazans have or are likely to be vaccinated 31000 people have received at least one dose
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fewer than 3 percent of the adult population health officials are not optimistic the gaza strip can ever obtain enough vaccines to achieve so-called herd immunity. for an oppressed people connected to israel all over the world where they are getting the vaccine or the lost causes vaccination effort began in late february now a 2nd surge of coded 1000 has arrived with a deadlier strain the world bank says the international community needs to provide significant financial assistance to vaccinate gazans it's urging israel to donate vaccines the palestinians say as an occupying force israel is responsible for assisting them israel says the palestinians are in charge of their health system to risk you more than $2000000.00 palestinians in the gaza strip. all war of the international community and israel must say oh you know all the vaccines
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needed. the hamas led government has implemented restrictions on people driving on the weekend schools have moved online and indoor dining is banned. however dr. the health director of the un relief and works agency for palestine refugees in gaza says the only way to help cope with 19 is through mass vaccination it is nonsense or to talk about. one of the street between houses it is not more than half meter and the houses are full of a lot of beards ons more more than 20. homes and this would infrastructure with poverty. $66000.00 donated vaccine doses are expected to arrive this month while the gazans wait the intensive care units in a health care system ill equipped to handle
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a pandemic are almost at capacity natasha. gaza how moving on and police in the u.s. state of minnesota have cleared protesters who gathered outside the station after an officer shot and killed a 20 year old black man officers fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd in the minneapolis suburb of brooklyn center dante wright's family told a crowd he'd been shot by police before driving away and crashing he was later pronounced dead the shooting comes during the trial of a former minneapolis police officer charged with the killing of george froid. now a video has a magic showing pace offices and the u.s. state of virginia using excessive force on an unarmed black army officer during a traffic stop he's now suing for racial profiling accusing those offices of drawing their guns even though he didn't resist reports. over the border on the. u.s. army officer care on the zarya was driving on
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a dark road in rural virginia last december when police pulled him over for a missing license plate what happened next he and his attorney say was a case of racial profiling and police brutality i hear there right here with go america current was worried about the out there should be get out windsor virginia police officer joe get cherice pepper sprayed lieutenant mazhar yo even though his hands were raised and he was not resisting. you know your gun which in the front was the out with the free world for the stuff that brought the oldest trucker right here out of the cars the zarya repeatedly asked the policeman why he was being assaulted you know the code out there was not how you treat of that i'm actively serving this country this is how you're going to change what i did i did well what the policeman ordered sario who
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was unarmed and wearing his military uniform out of the car and knocked him to the ground right about your friend while knox was just miles from of the. missouri or has sued the windsor police for violating his constitutional rights alleging assault and illegal detention you know he was not in any way she is hands are clearly. and he is the one that remains call these men are right. it's absurd. this arielle who was not charged in the incident says the policeman threatened to damage his reputation in the military if he told anyone about how he was treated they do they were in the wrong and then they threatened to destroy a man's career if he called them out bizarre e.o. had temporary license plates displayed on his vehicle which in use governor is
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ordered an independent investigation the windsor police department has not responded to news media requests for comment officials from the town of windsor virginia say good cheer as has been fired robert oulds al-jazeera. well still ahead here on out of there and now trying to win or is set to go to a runoff presidential after inconclusive alie results. as new york wean themselves off awful hill as we look at why the transition to renewables maybe wasn't emissions rise in the short term. and in forward miami continue on their hot streak in the n.b.a. joe have all they say southpoint coming. from . the recent april frosts have done diminish the video fronts and
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produce a bit of in the ounces hungry because that cold air and he's disco to here is on its way east was not currently it's quite warm by day and by 19 hungry you know that much of eastern europe but that is about to change quite rapidly the culture that's bringing these cold area means rain and snow not just the hard ground there mostly to stick on the hard drive but it's the cold nature of the air was rain will make you feel faint be miserable for most places not behind it it's slowly warming it's 12 degrees in london based on the 4 in zurich you'll notice and this is all progressing study eastward so don't expect. to hang on to your 20 in sofia for example belgrade 15 dying to fire you for a 10 degree drop and he slowly recovers towards the end of the week this is the picture then for wednesday same progress vienna is actually warmed up a couple of degrees but you can see it's generally cold weather that runs up through poland as well and once again into the baltic states and the main story in
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africa is not so much the windy weather in the north it's the heat this bloomer fred has met the western sahara and i include senegal has seen temperatures in excess of $45.00 degrees for weeks on end. here but a monthly crisis is the defining story about time never before have done it already and human health so clearly align and try adding piers award winning environmental solutions right across the world we seek out people who are fighting us gone and combating climate change while finding ways to protect all life on our planet earth life on the sea on the sea or. the story goes that the statue of an ancient greek god has the need for the waves for millenia. until
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a palestinian fisherman on earth the priceless relic. this story continues that as the world's attention was drawn to cause mysteriously the day it disappeared once again. the apollo of ca's. on a. the. hello again you're watching al-jazeera let's remind you of our top stories this hour iran's foreign minister has blamed israel for a power blackout at its main nuclear facility the reef has promised revenge for sunday's incident in the tons which tehran describes as an act of terrorism. police
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in minnesota have cleared protesters who gathered outside a station after an officer shot a 20 year old black man dante wright's family told a crowd he'd been shot by police before driving away and crashing he was later pronounced dead. and india has soared past brazil to become the 2nd most affected country in terms of the total number of the 1000 cases it's recorded a staggering 169000 new infections just in the past day. or let's not take a closer look at just how this pandemic has evolved over time in india have a look at this graph over here now as you can see this graph of the daily case count the 1st wave of infections picked up speed from april into the months that followed and then reached a peak of more than $90000.00 cases by september and then it declined as india then remained in a lock down but then after a steep drop late last year the cases have again started mounting now with more than 160000 daily cases it seems on track to double last year's figures well let's
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now bring in doc to issue a lot he's an infectious diseases expert and the secretary general of the organized medicine academic guilty joins us now from mumbai dr i want to start with the trajectory that we're seeing things look much worse now than they did at that initial peak in september when do you see things potentially improving. secondly we had a skinny. kid going to why this is how he'd yes yes maybe less lethal that previous i know highly logic says music is injecting double the number of people it was injecting a year back and then he said that it is interesting that while the number of people do the same period of it again is up injectivity that means isn't it booted toward banks more number of cases and that's what we are able to see in our. lex 60000 cases which are being reported as credit and this is still going up by up 225-0000 maybe 3 lakh but the 100008 next did this so we have
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a battleship secondly a people talk about past us to government basically that i'm sitting today but the country they are not equally bad they're extremely bad because of my last claim that one had jump or time's up but there are states like. that jump by what printing 5 times in one month we had a jump if you don't see it in the last one month so there are these dates which are weirdly whatever work is is but a stock history lies in next to it or dent is very village in the area was country diptych will be different in different states so dr singh as you want to ask a little bit more about life in mumbai country's largest city i mean we know that it's been through so much of late can you describe what life is like there at the mine are there people out on the streets going shopping going to market so is there a real sense of fair. we had 60 year worse.
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credible knock down was starting from friday when it did monday morning so did it distort is the root of your empty shops your growth mozart and your groups but now on monday morning good things are back to normal i wouldn't say it is back to exactly normal as it was a quarter of this back but it is nearly double and we're also looking at possibility of a deadlock dart which is a longer lock down and they might declare over the next one or 2 days i'm not sure we'll talk to your guild represents professional medical organizations in india and we've also seen some doctors on strike during this pandemic albeit for other reasons how our hospitals they're coping with these huge numbers and then all the front line medical staff. we have plenty of medical staff europe india nurses who are mad these border to border in a good deal like india however some places some districts some hospitals are or what had happened after the 1st day or. some of the boarding up they got happened
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and some of the bits which were it's our part or we they were given back to you said yes and they are now back to go again but in between there was a lull or there was some interaction so hospitals were not having sex now are almost all the austrians where doctors are poor that 80 percent of their beds should be reserved for growing so it becomes most of the government hospitals are poor with current and produce which are 80 percent backward 20 percent but margaret but rest of the country they will never learn from the lessons of biassed our way they are going to actually look problem in next 8 or 10 days or in the future and that there is a shortage up but this is like it and this is it we've got we need to get it in which works one is to save it and one is. direct there is no shouted there are hundreds of players but we have this if you want to 6 companies are benefiting under a quality license from company called gear and we have it because king covered it
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would be have to issue a compulsory license so that there would be plenty more production for the best of it which would not really end it be at other countries which depends on idiot supplies of genetics clearly a lot of things running sorts and from challenging times ahead. there from the organized medicine academic celt speaking to us from and i thank so much for joining us dr and we wish all the best. well it's now nearly $100.00 days to go until the postponed tokyo olympic games and japan is imposing new restrictions against private 19 or restaurants and businesses in densely populated areas miss now close before 8 pm every night larger bents have also been limited to $5000.00 people the japanese government says it's doing what it can to try to try to prevent outbreaks in the run up to these games out of there as fight islam is in tokyo and sent us this update this is the main point and actually it has been raised in the parliament by the opposition during the deliberations during the last
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few days and they are kind of accusing the government of the laying down situation in order not to disturb the preparations for hosting the olympics but in just 2 days. one of the one of the pictures that also coming under the strict measures has canceled. a day in the city on the 13th and 14th of. hearing. that increasing numbers in the city and it has been now recording the highest numbers in all of the country even more than so killed other places are also very much going to and maybe the government is not taking enough. measures to prevent infections but just today the government has been trying to. say that no we are doing whatever we can and today actually in japan the vaccination for a deliberate they can be afforded
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a vaccination has just started today and it's the presumably going to end by may by you and next year by june this year. rescue is in china trying to reach 21 coal mine is stuck hundreds of meters below the ground they became trapped after the mine flooded in the northern province of on saturday 8 of them have been pulled out alive but the rest are trapped in 3 different areas and it's not clear what condition their end. now myanmar's deposed leader aung san suu kyi has reportedly now been hit with a new criminal charge this one related to cope with 19 roles she's appeared in court 5 video link an appeal to meet her own legal team in person she already faces a raft of charges brought on by the military after their crew in february they include illegally importing walkie talkies and a charge related to corona virus under national disaster laws define protesters have continued to oppose the jan to despite a violent crackdown that's now killed more than $600.00 people. well moving on and
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peru is heading for a runoff presidential election after early results showed no candidate getting outright win leftist candidate pedro castillo is leading with 16 percent of the vote and 5 other candidates are still close behind the pandemic has overshadowed this campaign mariana sanchez reports now from lima. the. too early to celebrate in an election too close to call followers of radical left wing candidate below castillo duns after an exit poll put him in the lead of 6 front runners peruvians voted on sunday under the shadow of covert 19 brazilian varieties fast breading around the country the pandemic has hit be too hard for tens of thousands of people have died but for many peruvians an election always brings some hope for change in delhi that you're with people. with my heart that the vote will be meaningful because we are living in very tough times we elect someone who
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understands the situation and governs with his heart. i want. better health care education and jobs. the last presidential 5 year term was marred by political instability last november violent protests put him in 2 days of chaos that left 3 presidents ousted and sworn in in one week analysts say a new election won't guarantee political. stability. there are 20 political parties won in court congress because the world is so fragmented analysts say at least 10 parties will win seats making governing very difficult for any new incumbent. most peruvians who are disenchanted with the country's political class and that's why one bit is says he only falls because it's mandatory which is why you are too many things are wrong in this country i'm going to turn 60 and nothing is changed there are many promises and it sounds like the same scratched record i'm voting to avoid
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the fine. peruvians anxious with results may still have to wait some time vote counting is by hand and with such fragmented results a runoff vote is expected by the innocent just. voters in kurdistan have supported handing greater powers to the presidency those changes from the constitutional referendum allowed president sided jumper of to appoint judges and also shrinks the country's parliament while allowing him to run again critics say the referendum is jumper of the attempt to impose a more thorough tarion form of rule preliminary results are 80 percent of people supported the changes although only around 30 percent of people voted for ukraine says one of its soldiers has been killed by russian backed separatists in the country's east and so latest incident as tensions mount along that border with verbal threats this week from both nations u.s. secretary of state has called for russia to deescalate ukrainian soldiers have been
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fighting separatists in that region since 2014 when russia annexed crimea at least 4 migrants have been found dead on board a boat off my rocker the vessel was spotted by a fishing boat near the canary islands on sunday 19 others on board have been airlifted to safety more than a dozen are in a serious condition. well violence in northern ireland has eased after a week of the west rising and decades rex's an accusations that some groups broke around of our sister actions was driving anger for pro british unionists and as anderson has reports from belfast and teenagers have been on the front line. it's a new generation engaged in the sort of confrontation that belongs in the last century their teenagers many of them encouraged to take part in the unrest by their elders the late 1960 s. over the start of 3 decades of conflict that's happening here now isn't remotely
1:43 pm
like that but it's provocation and confrontation nevertheless and it's league youngsters not old enough to vote in many cases goaded on by adults that has shocked people. well i blame the parents and i'm here with my son who i fear to be in the streets without it. out of being horrified the politicians here have to really unite and come together and condemn it and look for peaceful ways forward for you know the young people for the people who don't think they're being listened to at the moment in this process these are the grounds of stormont castle the seat of the devolve power sharing government created by the good friday peace agreement signed 23 years ago and irwin was born just before that now she's leading the youth wing of the alliance party which covers the middle ground in northern ireland politics parents don't feel they have the ability to it's to stop
1:44 pm
their kids going right there because the kids are being drawn out by by community leaders by people here to hear stoking violence and stooping fears they're being joined by them. parents can't really speak out against those darker forces they can't stop their kids going out because they know if they're seen to go against community leaders in that way they could face attacks themselves they could face threats they could face anything there's deprivation in both the loyalist and nationalist community says of northern ireland those who want to united ireland and the loyalist areas where there is anger about a boardroom the r.e.c. imposed by a brics deal in many areas like this surrounded by echoes of the past it almost feels as if time stands still difficult then for young people to avoid the bad influences within this youth leader has no doubt that many of the young people are under the firm grip of power by the trees new children should be encouraged to take
1:45 pm
to the streets this kind of bones those who don't like the child to be such that that's just not something for the social services to consider in relation to this and even when we think about the sinister forces that are behind some of these young people taking to the streets on the element of their plan that could be considered child abuse also stephen and others like him have an uphill battle on my hands andrew simmons al-jazeera belfast. now there are warnings the volcanic eruption on the caribbean island of st vincent could leave 20000 people displaced for months last year for volcano fast dropped on friday and is expected to continue erupting from weeks the government says most crops and livestock will be destroyers on national offered as a volunteer who's helping to collect and distribute relief aid in st vincent she says the scale of the operation is overwhelming the shelter are in need of water food. basic living supplies toiletries and so on many people
1:46 pm
had to leave without properly preparing so we're trying to. the lesson that impact right now we have received from the those i think yesterday sorry these have just been a bit fuzzy for me but i think it was yesterday that the course the gad want to come will fall with. some material some supplies for us so the national emergency management all the i's asian they'd be assisting in ensuring that the shelter have supplies for the next couple days but we do have. telecom so we're hoping that that stays for well we're unsure how long this may last having visited some shelter. you know people are concerned the bowl not having anywhere to go back to the north of the island is
1:47 pm
covered in ash. stock lands the videos the pictures coming out of the north of the island is it's. there is no better word to describe it it's just. still ahead here on al-jazeera a controversial encounter between tottenham and manchester united and the english premier league we'll have all the action for you in. the big i will be deeply did.
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you. the in the the on the old.
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welcome back now or thirty's in the u.s. state of new york are promising to have 70 percent of the electricity come from renewable sources by 2030 now that's one of the most ambitious clean energy plans in the country but some say the transition will cause fossil fuel emissions to rise in the short term christensen he reports now from new. in the heart of new york sits the legendary big gallus once the world's largest electric generating unit its owner rise late power now wants to make it the cleanest with plans to build the largest battery facility in the country right here in 2 years a storage facility for renewable energy what are the challenges that you face to meet this deadline in terms of c o clint plummer acknowledges it won't be easy our challenge is new york shows it is also the country's challenge in the world challenges how do we transition from a city that's right primarily on fossil fuels for as long as their electricity to
1:50 pm
one that's. now running on clean energy infrastructure that they are making a little more there and they're taking their journey of carbon spewing oil and gas fired generators offline to make way for the batteries they'll also need transmission lines to tie into wind and solar farms outside the city but currently renewables make up just 2 percent of downstate energy new york is attempting to win it self off of fossil fuels at the same time it's taking another major source of carbon free electricity offline indian point nuclear power plant in 2019 this facility alone was responsible for 13 percent of the state's power. while environmentalist long pushed for its closure some are now arguing nuclear power is currently the only carbon free technology able to replace fossil fuels they point out the state is building more natural gas facilities to make up the difference if
1:51 pm
you look at the examples of germany and vermont and california there are small studies that have shown that when you get rid of nuclear in general air pollution and carbon emissions actually increase so others say the switch to renewables has to start happening for new york power to be carbon free by 2040 right now barack. wind solar. members are underway to make. less expensive war liable and we're more all agree the need to keep the lights on and eliminate fossil fuels there must be change on the horizon christian salumi al-jazeera new york. it is now time for sport and joyous and big news for japan finally absolutely necessary yes japan is celebrating its 1st ever men's major golf champion despite a shaky finish at augusta had hung on to win the masters by one shots david stokes
1:52 pm
reports. one of the most famous prizes in sport at the masters green jacket now sits on the shoulders of a decade. the 1st ever japanese man to win a major golf title course in my book it's really him to think that there are a lot of youngsters in japan watching today hopefully in 5 or 10 years some of them will be competing on the world stage and they can follow in my footsteps. but see i'm a star to the final round at augusta 4 shots clear but the nerves began to show in the closing stages. he took shots at the 15th and 16th holes and was in danger of throwing it all the way. but luckily for him despite another beau get the last his one. a power round of $73.00 was enough to secure a famous victory by want to shot the 29 year old without a win on the p.g.a. tour for 4 years was now a major champion in a touching moment on the green his caddy paid his own respects to the famous course
1:53 pm
. by former masters winners tiger woods and jack nicklaus were among those to congratulate matsuyama on social media and several players stayed behind to embrace him as he made his way back to the clubhouse. man he was he was something else he's like i want to need to play he was like a robot this was a want to never have although. he is an awesome choir and. it certainly doesn't surprise me. but his victory is big news back home in japan and was well received by some of those making the monday morning commute in tokyo. non-single i've heard that it's been 85 years since japanese golfers started playing in men's major tournament so when you think about it i think it's a tremendous achievement it's also what will the world i think this is a great accomplishment i want japanese business industry to follow him as an example to expand their business in the world even the japanese prime minister gave
1:54 pm
his reaction describing it as a great achievement. don't ye it was really wonderful as the coronavirus pandemic drags on his achievement moved our hearts and gave us courage the tokyo olympics starts in july and afterwards when much younger was asked if you would like to light the cauldron at the opening ceremony mushroom miscues you it would be quite an honor but i'm not sure about my schedule the timing works out and i'm in japan when it happens and they asked me what an honor that would be. whether he likes the frame or not matsuyama is almost certain to be picked for japan's olympic gold team providing him with a chance to win a gold medal to go with the green jacket david stokes al-jazeera well a new survey shows that 70 percent of the japanese public want the olympics to be canceled or postponed it showed that only 24.5 percent want the games to go ahead as planned the poll was conducted with just over $100.00 days to go before the
1:55 pm
games on monday tokyo began a month long period of tougher measures to combat a new wave of coven $1000.00 infections down to an entertaining if controversial encounter in the english premier league as manchester united took on tottenham it looked like united had taken the lead to an advance and scored in the 1st half. of . the play but his goal was disallowed following a v.a.r. decision that scotty and tom and i had hits on him in the face on then put spurs in front of us going into the break. for it equalized and finally got on the scoresheet in the 2nd half with mason greenwood stayed in the 31 when united sit 11 points behind much city in the chase for the title of tottenham a 76 points off the top 4. but following that controversial v.a.r. decision involving spurs on him men united's manager said if the south korean was his son he wouldn't get any food for behaving like that spurs boss josie bring your
1:56 pm
reacted angrily to that comment. in relation to that but i just want to say sonic is very lucky that this father is a better person than ali because i think a father i am a father i think a father you have always to feed your kids doesn't matter what they do if you have to steal to feed your kids you steal i'm very very disappointed and because with me like we see in portugal our bread is red in shoes is cheese i told already although what i think about these is comments while on top of all of that sunken men received racial abuse after the game spurs released a statement calling it a parent saying that they will undertake a full review alongside the premier league to determine the most effective action moving forward. well time is number one novak djokovic is preparing to make his return to the court for the 1st time since his australian open win jack which will
1:57 pm
be chasing a 3rd monte carlo masters title and says he's ready to play again i feel. physically prepared mentally i missed i missed tennis in our last couple months that i have haven't been competing saw i look forward to my 1st match it's unfortunate we don't have a crowd but. you know it's. a common thing nowadays where hopefully hopefully i'll be seeing crowd very very soon and big tournaments in europe and he's not the only one missing the fans frenchman been one pair said it was like playing in a cemetery and said he took no pleasure in competing without spectators pay won't have to suffer the situation any longer though as he was knocked out by a stray as jordan thompson in the 1st round on sunday. and in the n.b.a. miami and maintain to the hot streak this time against the portland trail blazers at the bio school 22 points and jimmy butler added 20 they hate 217098 when
1:58 pm
they've now won 6 of their last 7 games. all right that is for now have will feel the stasia thanks so much well that's it for me for this news hour loral be had a moment there with more of the day's news and i was here shortly after that to stay with. frank assessments of poison but. what exactly happened and what measures that are taking for the situation might not be you could ever get informed opinions is the u.s. with thinking military positioning in the middle east or is it just
1:59 pm
a simple act of reorganizing ministry us that this is a message to the region the united states is very think you are its military posture in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story on al-jazeera . planet earth a wondrous diverse ecosystem but human activity is there escalating climate change and posing an existential threat you don't get a resort but the talk that's just really scary in the lead up to us to al-jazeera grant special coverage documentaries discussion turn to pull ups exploring the consequences of our actions and inactions very hard. a part of the all civilization. and showcasing ways in which some are seeking to turn the tide there straight ahead there are 3 individuals in very rare to feel that it's really exciting the season of programming exploring the climate crisis ahead of earth day
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on al-jazeera. talking to al-jazeera. you told me with the government you represent is now illegitimate and we listen we do not sell the fence material any country the conflict in yemen we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter syria. the. iran blames israel for sunday's blackout incident its main nuclear facility promises revenge for what it calls nuclear terrorism. hello there i'm sure a car while this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. huge crowds gather at
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a religious festival in india as it would cause an alarming rise in coronavirus cases and becomes this.


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