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tv   Talk to Al Jazeera Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva  Al Jazeera  April 17, 2021 7:30am-8:01am +03

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and then you have to address some really big challenges like before we do that we want to know more about what's the moral status of this animal. and to know that we really need a better conception of moral status we don't really have a broadly accepted conception of moral status available when. the astronauts have been on a 6 month mission in space they're on their way back to earth the joint russian american mission came to an end when the soyuz spacecraft left the international space station on friday is due to land in a remote part of kazakhstan in the coming few hours. here in doha with a quick recap of your top stories russia is expelling 10 u.s. diplomats medalling former and current officials from entering the country that's in response to a similar move by the u.s. over alleged russian cyber attacks and election interference the u.s.
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president and the japanese prime minister say they will continue to work together to meet challenges posed by china yoshida sugar was the 1st world leader to visit the white house under the biden administration the 2 men also discussed the state of the world economy. for the 1st time in decades cuba's communist party will not be led by a castro role castro the brother of the late fidel castro presidency is stepping down as the party's 1st secretary. there have been rallies in chicago in support of a teenaged latino boy who was shot by the police on thursday bodycount footage was really showing an officer chasing 13 year old adam toledo and then shooting him even though he had appeared to surrender. there's a rage too over the shooting of a young black american by the police during a traffic stop gone to wright's friends and relatives gathered in minneapolis the day after the officer who shot him appeared in court she's been charged with 2nd
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degree manslaughter she says she mistakenly drew her gun instead of drawing a taser right smothers says the charges aren't strong enough just this is definitely what we want but i'm never going to get. justice would be bringing my son home to me just this would have been my son driving to the car washing coming home after that i'm not going to get that but 2nd degree manslaughter is not ok i'm not ok with that that's not right she murdered my son my son is never going to come home. the astronauts have been on a 6 month mission in space they're on their way back to work the joint russian american mission came to an end when the soyuz spacecraft left the international space station on friday is to sail and in kazakhstan in the coming few hours the news continues off to talk to al jazeera 30 minutes of world news right here in 30 minutes so that the castors of latitude was reading the communist party since the
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1959 revolution this power is 100 over to the guilty as kind o. we look at the situation in the country today this is the end of the need for a continuation of the legacy or the beginning of real change in cuba special coverage as raul castro steps down on al-jazeera wall. you see. he was once seen is the man that would finally turn things around in brazil. the workers party leader luis in the silva known simply as lula came to power in 2003 the sky high popularity ratings for former factory worker his humble beginnings helped him connect with brazil's poor as president he focused on social projects and policies during his 8 years. having lifted $20000000.00 brazilians out of poverty left office in 2011 with nearly 90 percent approval rating the disappeared 3 years later
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a criminal investigation known as operation car wash estimated more than $2000000000.00 had been largely embezzled through brazil's oil company petro brass funds. led to the indictment imprisonment of several politicians including lula. the former president was convicted on charges of money laundering and corruption and since it's a $9.00 and a half years in prison he appealed but was shocked when the sentence was increased to 12 years and one month. 5 almost 2 years later was released by the supreme federal. court said the legal process had been on the move and in march this year it's not the corruption conviction ruling the court has tried by did not have proper jurisdiction and the case he's now 75 and a free man citizen little haven't bishan to become brazil's president again and which he secret vengeful he says was the international political prosecution he was a victim of brazil's former president who is enough the latest silver talks to
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al-jazeera. luis in the silver thank you so much for talking to al-jazeera so lately you've been quite critical of the current president's handling of the situation in brazil especially the coronavirus allow me to ask you do you think you could do a better job if you were running brazil today. for the president to go but a view to study your we don't know mad dog or have you. what have you got. now sheen you. don't know but a view we must be going to throw up or problem we have to go. through it you know what could be told of you don't know what could be told upon the media nobody could
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be told of her med you know mike could be here under fair side. evolved. for video for people to come in nobody could be moved to the mosque or to our. head may do you need to have. in turn over that. not to put it there. you knew to have to do more where. you have to hear me do you. think it. would do my. put it into the tank it is element of you too but have enough across from talk radio they mean out there give them good kick on the wall very good b.p. i got one when you were in. the up end of today have me have these what you claim that me going to but if you lived you lot to put as you did to put here for 5 you.
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have a thing you know. these for the some of the early mighty steps said to me going to . welcome probably a little mischief and if to him it was rock opera in tow but get back to the community stumbles vandal talked out the hit confabulate daddy do last 2 of those are enough. for the little no for him. no matter his point 5 of them but if i would you know but as you. have you would you go with him through the value of will you then run for president next year elated when muscle. there was a little party bus across from don't going to have got the moves us did. didn't rob me know u.p.s. was possible for minister by youth to move on you might pick up towards me going to be a steward if you play god i must be out to you poke me for performer to the very intel
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no measure. you're going to. die but a mere dilute up toward the poor brother lived of us you know looked up to positive . people to vote but i got a judas priest was my necessity of this was told if you pray god not them will keep these pithy out but a financier out to pick can you imagine virtue go but it's a little product don't you know for sure nandu. projet i put it it will keep did what it does pay saw us it was pretty though if you had a globe it up turn out best for peace you will see. nobody that i you want to put me through all 3 locked into after me up tight there for i'm locked up tight there for. a little. bit of a living or i love them to school to you in the phone you don't you. understand so
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when you say it's not what you want to focus on right now but i do want to ask you the question i think it it is screaming silently in the backdrop here because as you said anybody could do a better job you believe running brazil than the current president the poll say you'll still a very popular figure in fact they say that if you were to run in an election right now you would be president both. are you ready telling us you haven't even given it a thought very badly of to pay someone to be useful or a 3rd of them it could do compared to you through my do to produce how combat joke or view the order to preserve a. deployed into. concertgoer moment to serve no one would use could have possibly done this really thought out so it is possible then that you could run next year for elections. the fact you admit to
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a machete act you know but have you by feel. that there should follow my point of me no mother made to measure. who kept by there to not just put a lead thought out. vi do you know recommended that what i've called to share god no more may have to describe filthy very quickly for its use part do you do. any normally point $3000000.00 of them it caused a big point of equity doubt it'll be very. bad that water difficult to conduct. and this is exactly that headline that obviously i'm trying to get from you i'll try again maybe a little later in this interview however let's talk about the decision to a novel the sentence against you the sentence against you the conviction against you was an out on a technicality that the current case was in the wrong jurisdiction include a cheaper instead of being in another city but leaked phone messages between the
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judge who convicted you sergio morrow and the prosecution actually prompted accusations in the press that the prosecutors knew 3 days before indicting you that there wasn't sufficient evidence against you do you feel that the decision to are now your conviction is therefore incomplete or a vision you. know of for caylee meantime your has to basically be a professional football coach each year but never about the noise i turned to. a fantasy that did that they're going to control me fight think one. if taught me to go into. court to hold of will to my wonder since out or to put him a court that didn't deal back to look as used to having to cover put turned to the car. or 1000 or more do not read that you know miles you. for
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a full speed. it only means you tempting to you will throw could have. been tearing your follow me into cute dearly about the sequence but i provide. the days that mean q just before the account out of control me do you think that judge sergio morrow should face some consequences more than simply i think it was a $40000.00 fine would you like to see further action against him and maybe even the prosecutors or the vision you. go through. that. in fact care to my head that i prefer. to do to do essential. sabby but for. me to you put. barely if it killed these poor tough a village for you to do but surely sir this is not just about your personal
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feelings and whether you want vengeance do you think a better example should be set here if indeed this judge was found according to these leaked messages of conversations between him and the prosecutor and according to the decision of the supreme court itself that he did not act impartially shouldn't for the sake of justice in brazil shouldn't a stronger or would you like to see stronger action taken against the prosecutors and the judge in question. it washed your my account it washed. it washed. out of me cured of fabricating surplus assad my there was. yet i know where you are pretty that do you think so you might face a retrial is it something you're preparing for the possibility or preparing even for the top top how do you know it also might be of so. to point to be
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a political 2.2 to 3 core logic that tell you 50 of it in your core fears a. bit of you put turn to that in. spirit to evoke provocative into you. do not impress or go into some you know no weapon recovered of other men to get out while the pool cover going to accept. each tag not near the fear that they did go in you did their fate. no the stone will give him grief they don't really deface. for more of it immoral think one of poverty or by those who tell you name a political party not a you knew you were provoked by phone call can't think that given the process of that book. fair fair on that point can i can i jump in ask you why do you think it took so many years to address a question
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a very simple legal question of whether or not that case had jurisdiction do you think it was really a legitimate process or do you think even the are now moment and the timing of it was politicized. models and that you know your favorite. day interview star or president doesn't premier quarter but as a leader of a fair point. don't tell me this you're on the record as saying you believe brazilian u.s. and swiss prosecutors work as part of a gang to target you why why do you think prosecutors from 3 different countries would come together and target lula da silva. didn't care if the turtle could promote or it doesn't. want to build the department to digital to discover new a.p. mccoy the share mad fabric better already. but there are 5 you can ride to school
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but it was on my own. road into a new set of the disco better the 2nd of june in noise move. back to probably a little 4th it doesn't appear to you you have the imprint of that beacon of york that simply has a ski front going to petra you don't want to nuke us that it will also can assist them in tow at a pretty civil kid out duma at a pretty civil court that would rule a panel seconded that the body do it better paid that dish to eat. but i can't simply that the media can apply death been tried actually not able to get a good examining kernels but then they'll probably. not then would. learn to care only if they sighted people or did you know a table document to provide on the part. of put to.
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your now faithful contrary view. do you think you know the time was pretty good to put it's connecticut in for the do through a bigger political track you might. you want to buy you've looked at what they said a lot of you so basically you feel that us oil companies were behind the push and the effort to remove you from power this wasn't just prosecutors acting on their own do nothing don't face the threat of terror i meant to not say. there would be a dock or speed of. might need to do. the part of procure a good dust to eat i think arafat i don't profess to to macondo now for their 15 minutes of. the show because my orders in a part of you might not affect proverbs procurement care to fix our 5 in the last choice my. queue of i understand you don't have evidence but i want to know
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what you believe and what you think you spent years in jail do you look at the prosecutors and say to yourself they just got together to put me to get me out of power or do you say there is at least can we at least can you at least tell this show there was people behind the prosecutor's you believe there were people behind the prosecutor's. tale filter that you have been told if this political pull of your little. girls into death is to preclude a good enough to give. and up to the year of starving sure go a pep talk drives it up if they are going to petrol you don't do it don't think it is but give to people by think i have got to muster up who do you believe those people are in your heart regardless of whether you have enough evidence to put it in court who does little of the silver believes well behind the prosecutor's move
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against boyle a premier of probably sabra tables provest believe the pill or pull it off in their out. of the comment was not able to grab us if not a movie jaws. of there is no i don't profess to me too long for me either i have to be able to give i never want to hear book one movie that do not contain author now who have the rough air of a devil still lives. but a far greater poorly thought. of if to shock or to feel your truth by you the clear could have to look quite go. to feel disturbed to need them in town after thought there could at least have a period of time in bill de they are told to deal with the devil god will it do 50 of the q. more good if no one. good home will kill say kill. e.l.e.c. . but we dish out think ahead the most private of that let me ask you this
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question if that's the case if they are very powerful as you put it geo political forces behind the effort to remove you from power if you decided to run again for president and if you became president are you sure all those same political forces will not remove you from office again vision of premier of my school because you can't point to a field overview. the valley soit of. printing it out do. you know the plan then which would point to do. not. know the move i. know the. guys could start simple dish to read even today and what did that up enough to move middle some people think what that who probably about the love
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a shop would have you dish out here think big think the same pain pain be joint division. if so are. nice pair devil squad to meet your if you walk through you part of the. for years to a faith to due process to live a shop crap to meet your employer's mutimer by the door instead of doing. what their job was to put the idea to due process that you can but the court fell support the idea put in there was improvisers was political. my boss said no point did you have pursued the cult of my dad or can commit their name karim let me pose a question to you that your critics raise though and they would say the evidence still stands the evidence against lula da silva stands it was only the jurisdiction which was challenged by the supreme court how do you respond to the allegations
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that this could play out again in another jurisdiction brasilia south power where there are cases still against you as we speak. though i think worms is more of a deck of a phone book and. probably an affair for. 3 years. keogh woman to elizabeth. not precede the present bad to worse. and you've coconspirators what would you like to see a retrial to clear the evidence and to clear your name. it will no month. i've contacted. kamu for word point don't mean shit of court ruling came forth put up borders. use mail you communicate. lead there are people who can now do tell if you don't my important to go but of
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you committees me think worth if not think. that vote out that i. really don't think. in turn if you could have picked up you for. all of their lives on up would be to figure out well meaning couple of only couple of quarter me call them in their present title figure out it is morally valid to you both and you come by that. don't worry we would be interested interviewing you even more if those sorts of scenarios happened i think. let me put this question to you president also now. look what happened to the stock market when the supreme court the decision of the conviction of lula da silva he says your bad news for the brazilian economy how do you respond to that or is it worth. of your bit of you
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what. you think van did to kill you before you've compared. it would you feel positive. effect on over the view or milk or fear to faith or act and figure out who may go. to www. ok for you that that need to know. you know i hear a move might. i were made to decide to use my vancouver. they said me going to be a thought that me very tough why did that mean going to be a. major factor in turning but sir that might be true when it comes to the to the wider population certainly the polls say you're still the most popular brazilian politician but is it true when it comes to the business community they fear you as a threat to their interests according to some surveys at the very least and
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according to as president also laura said the reaction of the stock market how do you comfort the business community in brazil. are both acute you know here do you follow or. do you go. to has paid to tell you it. was dollars of the food was what. davy you. for them to whom i have. it but good to promote after per kilowatt hour for governor had a bit of you but i kept it to pour the ethical didn't you feel bad for me. plenty of you but have you made up another know what does have quite a bit of youth of you. and after an hour or. brick or have you here partly to hear you and usually to but if you were to do i.
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would have you end up getting to an hour from now. to point to the view to to point to the political know my terroristic use american will stay you're a kid in america. in complete you know queerly. interested in throwing it on our political ok i'm going to try one last time can we at least agree and say it is perhaps more likely that lula da silva will run for president than he will not given everything you've said about what a great job you did i mean if the party didn't power my share of oil or fish a guy you know is. inspired to you do intend d.n.a. q lul a point if you're a country that supported even membership at kulula about my therefore to the equity fair for my half hour for your thought care difficulty. i
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understood. thank you so much for talking to al jazeera what out of. the out there was. no 4 with. the river flows through the coldest region of kyrgyzstan the temperatures here could drop to 20 degrees below 0 this time of year but the driving snow and bitter winter conditions are not to keep these men from working on the ice and in the freezing water because the rhythm contains gold men from villages along the river been pounding for gold in this area for centuries the best time of year to do it is the winter because the river is lower than your in the summer months these tiny
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little yellow flanks you can see don't look much they were around $50.00 a gram. a star striker in the top the top in the devoted to the working class of his hometown and it's. footballing legend and accounts of no introduces display on the look. i want to see the stuff. he put a door by his fans for his socialist values his many goals against italy's footballing elite football bubbles on dizzy. gold and i'm told stories from asia and the pacific on al-jazeera from the al-jazeera london. to people in thoughtful conversation i can be in my culture i can still raise my voice against patriarchy with no host and no limitations in
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the exposed to injustice in our society to. inhospitality we have protected these men who are violent and bully studio unscripted and. and you can't. that's child. challenged. people you just leave us to. die. since.
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i. relations between russia and the us nosedive as moscow expels 10 american diplomats a day after a similar move by washington. hello and welcome i'm peter w. watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up. the end of an era role castro and i'm seen as he's stepping down as the leader of cuba's ruling communist party.
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anger in chicago after graphic video review.


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