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tv   Witness After Circus  Al Jazeera  April 17, 2021 9:00am-10:01am +03

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photos and behavior were able to help their adapt to their new environment when they make science don't thin sanctuary on al-jazeera. piece it'll be in doha with the top stories on al-jazeera the mother of a young black american man shot dead by the police during a traffic stop as a suit an emotional plea for justice friends and relatives of dawn to right gathered in minneapolis the day after the officer who shot him appeared in court composer is charged with 2nd degree manslaughter she says she mistakenly drew her gun instead of a taser writes mother told a news conference the charges are not strong enough just this is definitely what we want but i'm never going to get. justice would be bringing my son home to me
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justice would have been my son driving to the car wash and coming home after that i'm not going to get that but 2nd degree manslaughter is not ok i'm not ok with that that's not right she murdered my son my son is never going to come home she pretends he has more now from brooklyn sent to minnesota it's close to the location where dawn to right was killed and it's become a focal point for protesters. it's like to have some new features for christmas for example many of the protesters are wearing dressing gown to ceiling bathrooms because a few nights ago a woman lived in one of the residential blocks all the. way she came down to look for her brother she was wearing about 3 and she was apparently. put you know pushed to the floor by several security officers and arrested and taken off to jail.
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people wearing bathrobes in solidarity with that of the so that's one feature and a lot of a lot of the speeches right now are actually about how since look for the last week basically in protests against over policing and escalation what we've seen is policing and that's glacial it doesn't really seem that the message is necessarily getting through we have another feature today which is the 2nd 3 fences disappeared and this is become a big focus of the activists too because they're putting up half russian is now on the fence as you may have heard the the mother down to write said he was a rich initially stopped because he had african is dying going through his rearview mirror and in this state that's illegal but it's one of those driving by while black crimes something that isn't in force against white people. but but it's often used as a pretext to stop black drivers as they're going about their business and it was and the mother of dante right says that was the pretext that was used to use to
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stop. hundreds of people also rallied in chicago in support of a teenage boy who was shot dead by the police the incident happened last month on thursday bodycount footage was really showing an officer chasing 13 year old adam toledo and then shooting him even though he appeared to surrender. the police in indianapolis identified the gunman who killed 8 fed-ex workers before killing himself 19 year old brandon hole was a former employee of the korea company he had previously been interviewed by the f.b.i. after his mother called police flagging mental health concerns russia's expelling 10 u.s. diplomats and banning former and current officials from entering the country that's in response to a similar move by the united states over alleged russian cyber attacks and election interference the u.s. president and japanese prime ministers say they'll continue to work together to meet challenges posed by china yoshida sugar was the 1st world leader to visit the
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white house since biden became president the 2 men also discussed the state of the world economy but it was geopolitics that dominated the talks. several european leaders in russia to reverse a troop buildup on its border with ukraine the ukrainian president lot of me as alinsky is calling for a summit with law to be uprooted and the powers the 1st time in decades cuba's communist party will not be led by a castro roll castro the brother of the late fidel castro is stepping down as the party's 1st secretary its successor will be voted in at the end of a 4 day party congress 3 astronauts have been on a 6 month long russian american joint space mission have safely returned to earth the expedition came to an end when the soyuz spacecraft landed in kazakstan a short time ago the astronauts have been on the i asked for 6 months those are your headlines the news continues after witness another summary for you in 25 minutes i'll see that.
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check. the program here. at. the center of the fuse or. to. let. you know to make everything less wrinkled. i've come from a trapeze family and the last time i performed with bianca and my sisters and my
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mom it was actually one of the saddest days of my life i remember like it was yesterday to the last show and i was actually bawling out there smiling to the audience with tears in my sisters were crying because that was the last time i was going to form with them. but i can't leave show business it's in my blood. when we read that it was the only i'm standing there with randy and i listen to what the people say and you know i can tell if they are thinking old leader maybe it's time for you to hang it up and i don't get that i get
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a lot of them letting me know that i'm inspiring. so i know maybe they should have a circus for artists over 50 what do you think. i the reason we have so many retired show people here is because this is where john ringling bros i'm. the one time it was great to have elephants in sarasota county. i mean i was there
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in the fifty's when we got television and circus was going to die forever and now this is how many years later to start my dad. and they're funny i'm collecting myself. just. so it's on my watchlist. you're bidding on to. collectors plate. and if it has the certificate with it of authenticity. ladies and gentlemen boys and. i must ask you for the silence as mistake it for penn to perform the full summer school to
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a single road full even leasing the predatory. dolly she did a full flower somersault without a name she's here today to tell a story so you know but there were many times where hands were slipping from the heat to spring and the group was in there and you could have talked yourself you going to talk yourself because people bought a ticket they're going to see showed you cause a lot of feel like going in now now. and you talk yourself into the new do or you just going to do it. in monaco they have 40 acts from around the world so it's like the oscars of the circus and it's not categorize like animal to acrobatic or it's all 40 action around the world
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competing so the best actor winds the gold clown 1st place in 2nd place is the silver cloud so i was. lucky enough to win this over clown in 88 presented to me by prince albert. michael taught me a trick that is far as i know there's only been 2 people in the world that have done it and it's a double somersault with a triple twist so it's 5 different things and one feet and i did that in 1999. it's weird though as you get older the time seems to go by quicker you know. you know i have to have before we have
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a family friend that when i turned 21 he said enjoy it because from now on the time the years will go by quickly and he was right i mean here i am 52 and it just seems like yesterday 021. what's life like. let's ask let's go and. i can't wait to have dinner with my. interest is almost anything she seems like you like me so if you could these teams. get in the next day and the day before. this have to explain the feeling.
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here you can swing all the way up here you can touch up there. my baby blah. blah blah good day. and into. the opening night. to day they have started. painting designing no more lines no more. everything is changing totally changing well. if i had a chance i would like to make dad in 20 again could talk michael sheen i don't blame all of that my big 12 and individually you missed when i come to the last
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tweak it wasn't in i keep dogging into that one need all the normal and then i will come. it tells me it's all over but. anyhow. that's business show patience the show must go on. here when minute of it was beautiful. i have kids that. want this and so i hide it because i don't want it to disappear. and cowher learned that made this.
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but they don't make them like this no more this is why it's an empty. i've been asked to put it in the museum down there but i don't want to. be selfish . this is probably in 52 this is either 62 or 63 on the way and this is what broke out there and then i come flying mail i ended up with a. sprained ankle lots of little tiny pieces of block charcoal in my back though because we were on a cinder lot. yeah. how long did it take you to get back up oh i was up the next day. i mean when you get off on the circuit you have to keep going
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. keep going and she got a broken down. only has 360. been doing good. and i know. that. this is like an inventory basically you would have in a grocery store so here are all the jugglers i have percent and they are all the clowns and then we have the animal just becoming a short department because i don't know where to put them and some of the produce i don't want to deal with these people these fanatic people so they don't even hire any anymore and then we have to aerial act and that's a very very big wide range. for people don't understand because anything ariel would be high. flying top single top peace girl
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that's a big department all the way to here. this thing started in 6991 and the next one was born in 730 and he was a banker and now comes the 1st perform and he was born in 1760 and that's why it all started about other rather that yes my grandfather yes all the girls and the boys my mother. has myself yes count on his stomach and. my family are animal people and they are the most situation is becoming so difficult what would be a good performing for dominic what at the alamo should that be acrobatic so the big devil. the top does not circus is in jeopardy here so what do
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you want for your grandson i really don't know i can't answer this exactly. did you write the elephants to. your member no. more and. that's great news uber. this is very dramatic. for him this is some problem for all the british this is my last year in my role with girls this is our it teacher. i think that's been part of your. me you know. my mother lives with myself and pedro and as long as we've been home
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and off the road from traveling she's with us. you know. it's funny because in good shape were you. here are better. off oh. i have a pick your or there is the yeah you know good for you. yeah trade here yeah.
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yeah you're. the reason i'm home now i'm not performing is because my father has parkinson's and he's very ill and i'm helping my mom take care of him. he was like me just like me he was the catcher you know he was the strongest one of the true and to see him in the world here and now parkinson's is taken its toll pretty to. this is what i usually do at night after dinner when our parents go to bed i'm not much of a t.v. watcher there are a few shows that i like to watch on t.v. but i i sit down in my music. and costumes or ideas that i have. but it's tough sometimes you know
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when i'm not performing i dreamed about it i'm glad i was a circus performer and even though it doesn't make you rich or enormously famous or at least i'm content and i'm happy about that. that the places i've traveled the people i've met. you know where i've performed and it's it's been an amazing life. and i think that every night i can die happy and peaceful that i did what i enjoy. it's great it's a great feeling. well welcome to you all i'm so glad you came i was really excited about it really
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wonderful come right in and come right and answer my little studio in my little my little wisdom area here come right ahead this is truly all apartment and actually very obvious with a good affordable one came in but i love it dearly because it's just like i want it . you'll notice what i do with the make up i start here. and let's see. and i follow my laugh line watch the laugh line. you notice what i'm doing is more to life and you know it's fun doing this get younger look at night. and. my walking came. my walking cane and my.
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and. thanks. to little clowning in some of the things here not much of anything but it's my nature i mean i can't help it. i can't get a life and i'm very unhappy.
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that when i say we have somebody that's doing aerial work normally by the time they're 40 they're don't do an aerial work. when a performer gets to the point where they're having trouble booking or their health won't let them work they have a major transition to make the transition is from what they've done to something new and different but they don't yet want to give up maybe tomorrow they'll get their booking or maybe tomorrow they'll be able to work again. if everybody was honest enough and knows when to quit that would be a good thing then i want her to last. people say she worked 18 horses and one morning and before she came to america she
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had 24 stallions you know it wasn't done again great but if i would have dragged on and tried to go back. with one horse maybe a high school horse that would say but she used to. and. it hurt cried a lot right for yeah. i was all by myself oh my god i died and opened you know but i died.
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i want to go a little. too close to the ground. for. those pretty blue males who think that why is it twisting. look underneath it looks pretty level these are actually their rings that i performed on. the. ice something rings and i believe it was 2000 and i was already diabetic. and my back was had a herniated disk so that year was over difficult and i. had to have back surgery on that disc. it's
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a very dangerous act anything you do in the air is dangerous but the rings you know 32 feet high full swing completely letting go you know only hanging on by your fingertips and with my back it was time to. you know. teach the kids now though the rings and. and i enjoy it actually i get up and demonstrate and that whole feeling is back. in a while. to look like. somebody said. i'll give you a job on the road would you go yes. in a heartbeat. in a heartbeat. i do wish that. because i enjoyed traveling with the
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circus. whether we were at mud up to our knees all wheel or on nice cracks. or whether we were in pouring rain. or not. i mean i i still say that people say. sword ask gets under your feet. i wish i just stayed with the circus and not listen to my mother. i mean my mother said children need an education. so as soon as my one child turned 6 that's when i quit the circus. oh i've done many jobs working after getting off the road i went to work at tropical fish been doing that for so many years now my job just closed.
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so now i'm looking for another job and i have a pet shop so not interested in somebody my age. i've always had $2.00 and $3.00 jobs at a time. i took care of trailer park took care of sick people. some circus people. but i've worked cheap otherwise i would have had money. i don't have money. i have nothing. the climate has changed every year for millions of years decades of talk good little action it's all about distraction create confusion to create smoke and mirrors the shocking truth about how the climate debate has been systematically subverted the oil industry was
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a main bankroller or opposition aquatic the campaign against the climate do you think that's a bad thing more suited it was fierce you could see absolutely. 0. came from the countryside to cairo and became part of a new life. to say just as different from would be in the form of al-jazeera world meets the man you've been keeping a close eye on residential life in the big cities for decades but who may now be passing into history. to see from all the people he wasn't gorman's but he's now managed by a security company the doorman of egypt on al-jazeera. london is one of the most unfortunate cities in the world and decisions made here have an impact on fright or around the globe and so here it out as a right we will show you the true impact of those decisions on people and how it affects their every day that. we are free to put that one out and to really engage
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those is because we know that all audience is interested not just in the mainstream news but also the more hidden stories from parts of the world that often go under reported. more. peter toby in doha with the headlines from al-jazeera the mother of a young black american man shot dead by the police during a traffic stop has issued an emotional plea for justice friends and relatives of dawn to write that in minneapolis a day after the officer who shot him appeared in court she's charged with 2nd degree manslaughter and so she mistakenly drew her gun instead of a taser writes mother says the charges aren't strong enough just this is definitely what we want but i'm never going to get. justice would be bringing my son home to
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me just this would have been my son driving to the car wash and coming home after that i'm not going to get that but 2nd degree manslaughter is not ok i'm not ok with that that's not right she murdered my son my son is never going to come home hundreds of people also rallied in chicago in support of a teenage latino boy who was shot dead by the police the incident happened last month on thursday body cam footage was released showing an officer chasing 13 year old adam toledo and then shooting him even though he appeared to surrender police in indianapolis have identified the gunman who killed 8 fed-ex workers before killing himself 19 year old brandon hole was a former employee of the korea company he had previously been interviewed by the f.b.i. after his mother called police flagging her concerns about his mental well being the u.s. justice department is suing
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a close ally of the former president donald trump the lawsuits being filed against the political consultant roger stone accusing him of owing around $2000000.00 in unpaid federal income tax mr stone who was an advisor to trump during his 2016 election campaign says he will fight the charges. israel says has conducted air strikes inside the gaza strip its military says a hamas training facility and anti-aircraft missile launcher post were targeted in response to a rocket fired from inside gaza and no group has claimed responsibility for that attack 3 astronauts who've been on a 6 month long russian american joint space mission have safely returned to earth the expedition came to an end when the soyuz spacecraft landed in kazakhstan a short time ago the astronauts had been on the i asked for 6 months back now to witness i'll see you bright and early tomorrow from 3 g. until then but by.
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its very cruel system. elvis is enter the building. this is enter the building. and they are watching. the degree you are looking at. to look at me like that anymore. ha thank you we are. going down memory lane. this is in the very beginning. very very beginning of the strap that. you could.
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get all that hair pager that. there is that caught me you made the k. talk i've never seen anybody use a cape the way he did this would seal the deal is look at that. really take a look at that beautiful me. this is the softer from sailor certainly for that hot up as you can see the bridge you know so and that's how dolly and i met kind of when the glue was set i was practicing a sailor circus and dolly was pregnant said a circus and so that's me flying from the class ring i go to class ring and use the rope ok so when i catch the rope right in the top and it was a red mark my mark was there the string would break and i would fall about 20 feet . 2025 feet and then my bungee would stop me and i would be in the floor in 2
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seconds you know but one day i was. booked in new york and unfortunately. i couldn't set the record myself there was a horse at liberty act that were performing is so my rope and string and everything was set stage left. and so are both mustering up it's a very high swing in the lungs when i jumped. and i grabbed the rope perfect. felt the string break down and the next thing i know i was on my back you know like i was like in shock because this was abnormal i had the rope in my hand i didn't miss the rope my brain was trying to compute what had happened and my ankles that were talking to me and say you're in pain because we're broken but what did happen is they had moved the rope untied the string and i forgot to check the bungee so there
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was no nothing to stop me and yeah that was the basic. the how do you say they they they killed the flame. they used to be young and beautiful now i'm just beautiful. concert. circus today is changing a lot because my son chimes people are saying so many things that it's clearly a good beach fantasy and it's not ok you said they expect an awful lot from. seth lucidly lp. working which to day life i know it. and new kind of don't don't get to emplace with dad and you won't because they say too much try not yet see the i knew she did
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most impossible things i love to watch sexual lay because. every change is. on. its plate and there you have some great performers on there but you don't know who they are. don't have a name. beautiful and entertainment but something. norma has made this. and she's made it from a picture and the picture is of my dad and my mom and willie and the edelsten had been made in 1948 or 49 and it was her gift to me for what i've done for her they call me for anything that relates to the non circus world the business side
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i've been called to go to the funeral home to make final arrangements i've been called about wills and plan giving and trusts and how do i get medicaid and how do i get help for this or how do i get help for that. it started because my mother and father were circus people i respect what they did my mother said help these people. i came home from work the day my job clawed roost. and i see this big sign instead of a proper propertius he had it up for sale and now i don't know what's going to happen and my trailer is 79 thing. way too big to move to another trial. and even if it went to another trailer park i cannot
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afford the rent. hi i haven't seen your of their so. did kathy speak to you about me 1st oh yes you have kathy said yeah my has a problem do you care if i have her car you know i really appreciate what she did for me so thelma has to make a choice of what she's going to do she cannot stay here for ever because the properties for sale and the like most of the property up here. the state of florida is in transition we're going from a place where people could come live modestly live in trailers live in small quarters to a place where people come and live in big quarters brand new big quarters.
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we want everybody to be the norm i mean my term i like to use is manicured acres we want every town to be manicured acres so we're the ones make the rules it's not the government where the government so we're the ones that force these issues of we want how we want to control our neighbor what are unable to us with their property because it might affect our property so we make it difficult for anybody that is a little different a little special in this special negative or special positive show people are special positive but there are special in this transition they don't want to get rid of the trappings of circus so they need a spot where they could go with these trappings and as society gets more and more sophisticated it's harder and harder to find those spots we've started down a we've got
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a little property up north where we subsidize we subsidize our own at 30 percent. so we've got to ready now wow i mean it's a big property just to have chantry ehlers on it it seems like a nice piece of property if they were really nice to have circus people next door tell you i'm going to go test the water go test of water oh that's it yeah just the water that's city water. tastes in the water because she deals with food. so she says what is this water to. one of us from think is a good for my fish. ok babies. and of course i'd have to have paper. to wrap them but i'm not going to run. as will go into. a whole. well. read scale let's read. didn't even know it why did that.
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wore out or out. when. ready doing i was going to cover it when you to try to make the march ok maybe on the outside i just didn't know what you are doing. here we're. showing this goodness all right here here. there's
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a new. mommy i see you wore your good the horse training shoes again well it wasn't supposed to be a horse trading i was just looking. yes that's not the right shoes for horse training. but i'm not a horse trainer anymore i will that that's where. i on the advice given by myself and i come in many shoes i wanted to find. it's a safety factor because my feet are already broken so many times can't be broken anymore. sometimes i get up in the morning something else hurts i said but what can i do now that i didn't even do anything. but you work through it. when i
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was given the opportunity to perform with dolly since we're both going away we're very similar you know our lives it was a it was an honor i've been wanting to work with her for years. dolly jacobson is fabulous. if you've never seen were she is a miracle in motion. because she's so beautiful out there. absolutely gorgeous. it took us for a long time to perfect that trick because we couldn't get it in there was the time line where we were too old to do this. like in rehearsals i keep my knee holding
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her back as well just for safety but in performance i actually take my knee away so it's a complete just to complete one hold and she's laying on my and my arm. even at the show when i have the control in my hand i'm selling my tuxedo nobody sees me running the controls in a 3 person act you know. and that really person is so. so important to the act you know they can make or break you. i'm also a funny person when it comes to learning a trick. when i go to see the ring on show and i see girls that have got a lot john it takes it away from me i just and. i enjoy a anticipation of them doing their job perfectly
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without a problem. the traveling circus have the facilities for a traveling circus we are. part of sarasota we're part of the community. dollar now we bought it can't we bring to the bank borrowed some money for a used tent and put up a tent and you know if you build it they will come of course it's not true because is it a revival is it a car sales is it a service never knew what it was with no money for advertising there was a learning curve for us but as a nonprofit organization idea was to give back to the community you know really to give back to the circus and to raise the perception of the circus as an art form because young americans have preconceived perception that the circus carnival side
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show or one that is not true ok the circus is separate is an art form it's just dishing people work their butts off hours 1000 hundreds of hours to perfect something or beauty that they can display to the audience. or to its pride and pinion. that you don't. think that. his. sketches are the ones you've done in the past they looked much better than me so he used them absolutely. all of the richer than any of.
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the the remains from 24 years. yeah. 20. while 4 more years it will be $24.24 but i did overlap so i did a few years rings answer after. this age that she is in great physical shape strength the beauty. to raise the bar she raised the bar that's why i tell you got to keep going to physically cannot do with every year all i don't know bill mike know you're going to grab people whose hearts and you spew emotion and only an artist can do that if you are true artists. stop criticizing themselves and once that's my job you know but honestly. there's there are days where you know
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you question yourself and then there's days that teaches you know you love it so much and you don't look in the mirror and just feel like you're ageless. long. do you feel that you have to put on makeup on because she is getting older. don't
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go there mommy you know. but i mean. i would i will say less is more. this is the only justice and life. doesn't matter who it is going to be big tall short of feds for everybody gotta get old that's very it can only grow old gracefully what about now. are you willing to bet jacket tonight or are you gonna wear the black and white chalk and. red jacket you gotta wear the black and white yeah hold the jacket. well how old are you when that was made for you ok let's see how. 4646 yes in america.
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they. are a. few gently but. should grow slowly. oh. fuck.
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her. interest.
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here. all. week or he. thought. there was no fear ok i can save is the fear i think if you have fear you can get 100 percent. fear out of the rain and out of the stages is to what i love that's here. when i enter the. being i feel i feel on top. and i don't want that feeling to go away.
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to see. a family man. politicized by the forces of nature. filmed over a 4 year as a kenyan farmer and documents his struggle for his community survival and builds a template for global action on climate change. to see lose the climate diaries a witness documentary on al-jazeera. teaching elf you can watch al-jazeera english streaming live on ikechi channel. plus thousands of our programs award winning documentary and death news reports. subscribe to e.g. forward slash al-jazeera english. but. how i want to get it's warming up nicely now across much of the middle east so i was saying some very cool temperatures recently up towards. temperatures are
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struggling to get double figures just a week ago $21.00 celsius that's a little bit more like it still a few showers just around the southern end of the black sea let's push a little further south look at that 33 celsius in damascus and around 8 or 9 degrees above the average and if anything this woman still as we go on through sunday said the leviathan very much on the warm side getting up into the thirty's here so $39.00 there for baghdad i'm a little further south with us misty dust and sand just around the eastern side of saudi arabia maybe towards cotta temperatures here at around $37.00 celsius for the south plenty of hazy sunshine mistretta she's down into a somalia we might catch a shower wrote so into central and southern parts of some of that west weather just coming down through the rift valley we'll see some heavy showers too into a tanzania of course the showers they went up across the democratic republic of congo pushing up towards the gulf of guinea more big downpours coming through here
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and the showers extended well northern parts of mozambique but to the south of that it is generally fine in try more one sunshine for south africa. 21 degrees. for. a weekly critique of the stories hitting the headlines in the news media have been left to sort through mixed messages on a quite complex story from mainstream to street journalism be any major project is to get everything you can send it to the wall keep it in what's going on exposing real world threats to objectivity often of on neighbor it sounds from monster in the neck and tunnels and people were arrested in the listening post covers the way music is covered on the jersey. 3 year investigation into the pro-gun lobby have been going to those meetings are going to really. reveal secret see what. sitting out there will be vile outwait you know. connection some don't
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want to expose psni in legacy media. last. night al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre on al-jazeera. and go on the streets of minneapolis hundreds of people protest against the latest police shooting of a 20 year old black man. i'm on the inside of this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up more infections and more deaths thailand introduces new restrictions to stop a surge in cavan 19 infections.


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