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leaders who feel to improve people's lives and that's why they see children and moyes remains in power. since he's fighting a. why the confrontation between the opposition and the government continues the lives of millions are caught in the middle threatened by kidnappings and violence that seem to be getting out of control to the sidewalk and to see. 3 astronauts who've been on a joint russian american mission have safely returned. the expedition came to an end when the soyuz spacecraft landed in kazakstan the astronauts had been on the international space station for about 6 months orbiting the planet nearly 3000 times space x. has been awarded a 2 point $9000000000.00 contract to develop a commercial lunar lander for nasa it will also plan to take 2 astronauts to the moon as part of nasa as artemus program which wants people back there by 2020 for
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space x. . was clearly over the moon with a nice tweet saying nasa wall's the company beat amazon founder jeff bezos private space endeavor blue origin and the defense contractor dianetics. this is al jazeera these are your top stories hundreds of people have rallied in chicago in support of a teenage latino boy who was shot dead by police in several incidents during the past month which have heightened tensions across the u.s. over issues of policing and racial injustice police in indianapolis high have identified the gunman who killed 8 fed-ex workers before killing himself on teen year old brandon hall was a former employee of the courier company he had previously been interviewed by the f.b.i. after his mother called police flagging mental health concerns. after that shooting
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president joe biden once again members of congress to pass gun control legislation every single day every single day there's a match to this year in the united states if you count all those who are killed out of the streets of our cities and our rural areas it's a national embarrassment and must come to an end i strongly support the universal background checks which i continue to push the congress has to step up and act the senate has to act and i strongly support and continue and never stop supporting the ban on assault weapons and magazines that hold more than $1010.00 bullets thailand is closing schools sponson james for at least 2 weeks as it battles the 3rd wave of covert 19 in fact since it had hoped to be able to reopen to tourism reports of 1500 cases in the last day and 2 deaths the same post coming up next. from talking to i'll just see what. can you tell me with the government you represent is
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now illegitimate and we listen we do not. fence material to any country. we meet with the global news makers until about the stories that matter. or silence bracing for what could be done. or said that's. really just. right now we. have. hello i'm richard burton you're at the listening post where we don't cover the news we cover the way the news is covered here are the media stories we're examining this week brazil cope with 19 and the misinformation too much of it comes from the president's office and a consortium of news organizations is out to change the narrative putting
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a happy face on a genocide a case of colorizing cambodian history gone wrong it was the unlikeliest experiment in harnessing the power of online collaboration and it's just turned 20 years old how does wicked pedia do it plus americans aren't just getting vaccinated they're making a big song and dance about this. over 19 deaths in brazil are now at record highs intensive care units are beyond their breaking points hospitals have been overwhelmed but that is not the story that the country's president share your boss or not o. has been telling he remains a stubborn coronavirus skeptic continues to downplay the scale of this pandemic question the science and push misinformation on face masks and now vaccines. faced with a government whose official day that they cannot trust some of brazil's largest media
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organizations have set aside their competitive differences they formed a consortium to counter the president's covert messaging to ensure that brazilians get the facts that they need to protect themselves against the virus the president however is undeterred some major media players remain in his corner and he has online platforms at his disposal facebook twitter and whatsapp and quoted where he can continue to spread his covert misinformation our starting point this week is a latin america's biggest media market in brazil. when brazilians turn to the most watched news program in the country must go to the news site of choice. or just try to catch up on their favorite football team they get injected with a simple potentially life saving message but. yes to the backseat. global
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as a company as did other media decided to include. news. campaign yes. to be against the government still not to sure that we are 4 sides for all indications that saying this is completely specious. t.v. presenters celebrities and in a very diverse in terms of agents race and gender. to try to people to get next you need to be restrained where there are conspiracy theories and even from the government we can receive messages. at least and beat you about the vaccination so that's why every night more than 4050000000 residents can see. this campaign going on along with the official figures with numbers. in the country. the pro-vaccine
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campaign is part of a collective cooperative effort from brazilian media outlets that are usually too busy competing with each other to work together last june faced with presidential year both sinatras skepticism of the virus his refusal to face the facts over the dangers of the pandemic those outlets formed a consortium of the country's biggest newspaper fully a disarmed power combined forces with 7 other major news outlets to provide brazilians with the information they were not getting from the federal authorities . job one to get around the ball so not all governments manipulation of the data cases hospitalizations death rates to get to the real numbers the main media.
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sites we've targeted. to get that they get here from. the main sources the people who are registering in hospitals or the large sites. that. the consortium bed was to contact governors and their health secretary in different states and brazil and get the data from them to bear with a database that could be news at any time by any media outlet not depending on the government's desire to talk to the press just grab the data from cd and instead of waiting for president also to speak about it. the government's fudging of the numbers it's selective use of the data and timing official news. releases to minimize potentially critical news coverage all contribute to brazil's
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misinformation. on covert 19 president bolsa not only has made donald trump look like a realist. but i also thought the march. dog with a view to think what you are he and his supporters on social media have long doubted the dangers of the violence he infamously called it a little flu and has resisted calls for a national lockdown to limit the spread and also not all has taken a similar attack on vaccine once again questioning the expertise of scientists in his own way the fact. that it got a lot of contact not now nor has bill simon is there almost both can't get a fit i want that out to both of you know. the bush people you know jack about us that. our state said jock like you know he splaying think that about. ringback safety. he works with the facts all the time. or
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i ask all i would say to the chinese facts because these are change our genes and things like this but the effect is very clear and the vaccines are safe there is also strong to school was again. and social distancing usually strengths in the false dichotomy between saving the economy or saving her and and social media plays a big hearts and then mainly white reached resilience claiming they're protecting you and me go motorcades inside a big mass to protest against social isolation and walk down. the road social media to the president's office he spent more time during his. the 2018 election campaign on facebook and whatsapp communicating directly with voters
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then he devoted to powerhouse broadcasters like globe which is now part of the covert consortium the president does have his backers on the air with us on channels like record and s b t record and. they are the 2nd of the 3rd most watched t.v. channels in the periphery and they talk to lower population. but he has a pretty aggressive record it is mainly a. t.v. channel and they have to be seen a lot so with money from the government for a long time now they are just fulfilling the duty to to make funders happy they are only fine the federal government should blame the local parts or change function to some degree are now. really fair of the how much of that
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gov't. people put people back there but you know. after the pork there. and because we have. next year it is very serious. and i don't answer for him and i wonder how long it's going to take 'd for t.v. channels to notice that you shouldn't be supporting anything that is taking people towards. including some of their own like the s.p.t. news anchor in belo horizonte who had this to say in december when urged by his local mayor to stay home for christmas and. it will not go by it will not know why no one. he died in january killed by covert 90 it is far easier to show doubts about a pandemic and related vaccines then it is to properly inform and that initially
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gave him some not all and his supporters a leg up on line things have since changed on the social media side of the cars to see. scientists have moved into that space a chill a young marine. corps and the tally up past have all become household names in brazil finding huge audience racking up millions of what has not changed is the reluctance of social media platforms like facebook and twitter to intervene against misinformation both in our has been a great influencer and social media and when i say a great i mean a bad actor right he has been using facebook lives the best one every thursday one hour long millions and millions of people watch it. we have researched all his facebook lives and generally in february he could have been
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harnessed by facebook at least 29 times for spreading mis and this information regarding right once in a while we'll see twitter take it out one of those artists boards it happened already but most of the time he has really free space to say whatever he wants they should be much war there are lots of. them on a daily basis by the president and his supporters. a government that refuses to play it straight social media giants that have chosen to shirk their responsibilities and mainstream news outlets that go well beyond holding power to account there are effectively doing the balsa narrow governments job telling brazilians what they need to know journalism doesn't get any bigger than that saving lives in a country that has lost far too many. this past week has
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seen a lot of discussion around the practice of photo colorize ation that's taking black and white still images from the past and restoring them digitally adding color nick muirhead has been following a story about a news outlet that's published those kinds of images and landed in hot water that's right say colorizing images has become popular because you can take a photograph that's 100 years old and make it look like it was taken yesterday so it's a powerful tool in terms of bringing history to life last week u.s. news outlet vice published a series by an irish artist named max dockery who specializes in this kind of thing he colorized and restored photos of prisoners from the chemical rouge regime in cambodia that's the brutal dictatorship made by poll parts between 1975 and 979 which killed an estimated 1700000 people but it soon image that mockery had not any kind of eyes the images but it also made it look like the prisoners who are
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essentially sitting in a death camp he made it look like they were smiling and happy what makes matters worse is that at the time of publication feist didn't disclose that the images had been doctored how did cambodians catch on to this was his work just unconvincing well as you can see they are convincing they look realistic but it's not as though the original images were obscure in fact they are on display in a genocide museum in numb pen so combatants figured it out very quickly and they went on social media and they posted the originals alongside the doctored images to show the difference so vasa since taken that article down and they've also taken down a series from last month which also featured lock rhes work this time he categorized and added artificial smiles to a group of female prisoners in australia from the 1920 s. . but cambodia we're talking about a genocide how has laugher really defended his work we haven't seen anything since
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this is all emerged that at the time of publication he gave an interview and he said that that's how you found the images he even tried to offer up some explanations for why the prisoners might be smiling he said that they could be nervous they could be trying to appease their captors but i think what really summed up the feeling in cambodia came from the director of the documentation center of cambodia he called lotteries work a grave injustice to a piece of living history and asked how can you change how to happiness i guess you can try to do it digitally but it won't always work thanks and 20 years ago a website emerged in a quiet corner of the world wide web very few people would have noticed it few were would have predicted it would ever prove useful to them. in the 2 decades since wicked pedia has grown into one of the internet's top destinations the english language site alone averages about 10900000000 visits per day our
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information universe has grown marred by alternative facts poisoned by conspiracy theories distant from ation so how has a free online encyclopedia built through crowd sourcing open editing and volunteers managed to maintain its relevance and preserve its credibility the listening posts monocular ravi now on the inner workings of what could be. generally 5th 2020 pedia user creates a new article 290-2020 china pneumonia outbreak it's just one new entry in an online encyclopedia that averages 602 new articles every day on its english language site alone that article would grow and its title which. today thousands of edits later buttressed by reference is to nearly 750 external articles from medical journals to news outlets we keep media school the 1000 page has been
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viewed 88000000 times it's a perfect illustration of how we keep. someone somewhere starts an article and then many minds in multiple countries jump on it adding deleting debating and ultimately defining what we know about a subject. those editors most of whom are anonymous are called. their brand survey. about who these editors are and it turns out it varies quite a bit from retiring to students to experts to somebody who just had a hobby are someone who came across an article and just fixed the grammar of the sentence a common theme that emerges in their willingness to contribute to something better . in themselves we computer has nearly 300000 contributors to add to its articles on a monthly basis and we're very invested in this idea of knowledge integrity that information should be accurate and well cited and that can change over time as an example of
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this our knowledge about this pandemic changed on a daily weekly monthly basis and make a p.d.s. open model allowed for us to continue to integrate information updated as it changed in sort of this living record of the world we could p.d.s. english language site is by far the biggest and best known but there are we keep p.d.'s in 300 other languages there's also week a multi lingual dictionary data a storehouse of analyze ability to be says and we can media commons a library of images videos and music that are free to use all of these are managed by the wiki media foundation a san francisco based nonprofit that has 2 primary sources of funding sizable grants and then down from philanthropic organizations and thousands of small contributions from the public the foundation has around $450.00 paid employees the
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thousands of other we comedians are all unpaid volunteers. all of that information can be found on we keep. but what if the information isn't accurate on this page or on any other what if somebody edited the page incorrectly someone who was misinformed or a person with an agenda how do we keep volunteer editors know when something needs that attention we asked one of them and we could be here has done quite well in building tools all features that allow us to track and keep our eye on things we have a recent changes feel that when you visit in real time you see all the edits that are happening we have people who look at those things and by passing things to fix we also have watched lists. where if there is a particular page you care about and you are interested in keeping an eye on you put it on your watch list so any change that is made to that page you are informed . and there are some specific pages on we could be that are particularly prone to
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being changed the ones on contentious topics like the 2003 iraq war the american president who started that war george w. bush scientology i don't fritter abortion and many others what these issues have in common is a huge amount of public interest many conflicting perspectives and they can often trigger futile edits wars with people in different parts of the world i ding deleting contesting and reinstating elements in the articles all within the span of just a few hours what we see on sort of any topic whether we're talking about kashmir or the west bank is really a conversation that pulls people across different perspectives and brings them into negotiation about what are the facts of the case and how do we even describe what is considered controversy are there are a number of principles that all the editors and contributors are asked to sign on
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to for example all points of view should be expressed in a reliable and neutral way and they should be honestly represented there should be multiple sources of facts and there should be facts about opinions but no opinions expressed themselves. there's a problem ration to get some of these things sorted out it's not just left for one presents a car like a judge does you know declare was guilty or was right or what not usually the starting point is the policy has someone edited in a way that departs from the guidelines then those conversations starts but there is tremendous power in the community of wikipedia editors they have the power to make decisions around what's in and what's out and so what this means in practice is that you don't just get the right to sort of walk into a pedia and write whatever you want on the say you have to learn how the policy is
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working you have to make contributions that are high quality and if someone comes along as a troll who is introducing bad information to the site or what we call the handle ism the community has the right to just kick you out vandalism of the computer dangers from the petty such as college kids writing frivolous articles about themselves to more serious misdemeanors like writing lies into biographies uploading shocking images and pages or the rare instances when someone manages to delete an entire article it isn't easy to do but it happened in july 2015 when someone wiped out the entry on donald trump who was then a presidential candidate and left a single line let's be fair nobody cares about him. strives to reflect the people who use it which is not the same as reflecting society at large it faces an under presentation problem on its english language site only one out of 5 biographies are about women and just 2 percent of articles about africa
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a continent that is home to close to 20 percent of the world's population that in large part comes down to the make up of its volunteer editors in 2011 a survey was conducted across the wikipedia as in various languages 91 percent of the respondents were me ill. you know it takes someone from a 7 community and 7 country s. and culture of a certain sexual orientation as an agenda to realize that there is a gap in the knowledge that he or she is going to sue me so if we can pedia does then bring everybody on board those gaps remain in the contents that we have out so it has been important that women are brought on what is more just women in where people from emerging communities all got on board. we make them comfortable enough to end it and yeah basically that problem gets solved why didn't the
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volunteers is a critical 1st step so we keep an eye on the world a range themed editor phones meet ups where people interested in specific subjects or representing specific groups can come together to understand what and how they can contribute to the p.d.f. we're just trying to make it known that there should be more women who are involved in the editing room here but also the content should reflect a larger population which includes women the remarkable thing about wikipedia is how much of it is not controversial how much of it is just basic history that everybody agrees upon that used to be difficult and burdensome to go find answers to some simple questions but this is pretty easy think about it billions of people have access to information now that amazing that wasn't possible . 2 decades ago. believe it came along at the right time in the early days of the
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internet and this idea of free knowledge for all proved to be something that was really compelling and access to factual information presented without bias that can be critical of power is something quite radical and so like a pedia is both a tool in our pockets and we don't miss i think much of and it's also something that is truly powerful radical act in defense of free information and in defense of this idea that we should all be able to access what we need in order to understand the world around us. and finally humankind is about one week away from a vaccination milestone 1000000000 coronavirus vaccine doses administered worldwide mind you that only represents full vaccination for about 6 percent of the global population and even that is concentrated in a handful of rich countries large parts of asia and africa still have no access to
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the vaccine the us is moving fast at the start of 2021 just one percent of americans have been vaccinated today that figure stands at 58 percent and president biden aims to get all americans at least one dose by the beginning of may he has a lot of skeptics on his hands though who will need convincing for some americans like singer and satirist randy rainbow herd immunity cannot come quickly enough was the next time you're at the listening post. you'd now say we'll have enough supply for every adult to be vaccinated by me does this mean i can go to cancun for spring break with ted cruz and out well i didn't say that. mr. i'm coming. down. to.
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0. 0. mr. mr. leask. mr. the castors of latitude was written communist party since the 1959 revolution this power is 100 over to miguel diaz canal we look at the situation in the country today this is the end of the me but continuation of the legacy or the beginning of
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real change in cuba special coverage has rolled castro steps down on al-jazeera. play an important role protecting it would. ringback place 3000000 people have now died of covert 19 around the world bringing new to the global vaccination drive. by money this is al jazeera life and also coming up. and go on the streets of minneapolis hundreds of people protest against the latest play shooting of a 20 year old black man. collapsing lebanese economy makes this year's ramadan
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celebrations a somber fire. and space x. gets the go.


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