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and no. the pandemic actually exposed the injustice in our society. and. in hospitality we are protected. by. an algae is there. if some of these former deputy prime minister matteo salvini is ordered to stand trial accused of kidnapping to stranded refugees and migrants at sea. get i'm adrian for the get this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the global covert 19 death toll tops 3000000 that is rising fast as countries deal with spiraling cases of vaccination setbacks. iran makes the rare move of identifying
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the man it wants arrested in connection with last sunday's explosion but it's the town's nuclear site. at a national moment of silence in britain as queen elizabeth the restricted handful of royal family members bid a final farewell to prince philip. former italian interior minister and deputy prime minister now tell salvini has been ordered to stand trial the right wing likud party leader has been charged with kidnapping in a case involving a ship carrying refugees of migrants in 2019 let's go live to one serious chalons who's in london rory tell us more about this. yeah there are 2 very similar cases currently open against south any and they both relate to
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sit very similar events where ships were held off the coast of italy back in 2019 the summer of 2019 now one of them was a spanish and geo ship called the open arms and the other was an italian coast guard ship called the gregor ettie a both of them held many many migrants who've been rescued ounces sea and. salvini governments or the government itself we knew was a part over the time those ships were basically kept off the coast of. the italian coastline while the his governments basically tried to get europe to take more of these immigrants and. share the burden of immigrants within the european union now the open on the ship the spanish and that's the one where the judge has said that yes this is if there is
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a case for solving it so onset and that this should go to war to trial a week ago in the other one the gregor retie a prosecutor a state prosecutor said actually no there isn't a case to answer and this shouldn't go towards trial that has yet to be ruled on by a judge to decide whether it would or not go to trial and that will happen in a few weeks time now salvini himself said that at the time he was only doing what was in its of these national interest and this imperative to get european countries to share more of the immigrant burden was something that he would do again you know he would he says he's not repentant or regretful of this he says that that the time he was basically endeavoring to restore italy's dignity and its sovereignty. live in london many thanks indeed.
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more than 3000000 lives have now been lost to cope with 19 world wiat that figure compiled by the johns hopkins university is still rising quickly with deepening crises in countries like india brazil and france the true number is almost certainly significantly higher many cases were overlooked in the early stages of the outbreak government miscounting and possible concealments are also factors but while vaccination campaigns are rolling out quickly in some countries most are suffering repeated setbacks rare but dangerous blood clots a has also been linked to 2 vaccines well india's covert 1000 infection rate shows no sign of slowing it's registered nearly 235000 cases in the past day that's yet another daily record 1300 people died in the same period the world health organization says that a variant 1st identified in india may be more contagious but despite the rise in
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cases some politicians are still holding large election rallies thailand is closing schools and gyms for at least 2 weeks as it battles a 3rd wave of covert 19 infections it had hoped to be able to reopen the tourism but now cases are rising it reported $1500.00 cases in the last day and 2 deaths that's brought the total death toll since the start of the pandemic to $99.00 germany now has more than $3000000.00 confirmed cases chancellor angela merkel is asked parliament to pass a bill granting the government new powers to force lock downs and curfews in areas with high infection rates. iran says that it's identified the suspect behind the attack on one of its nuclear facilities state television is reporting that the man fled the country before the attack on the tunnels plant on sunday let's go live to syria's assad biggest for us who is
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this man that iran says is behind the attack on the transplant. well his name is reza creamy 43 year old reza karim in iran says he is the man suspected to be behind that and attend sabotage that natanz nuclear facility iran's main nuclear facility and iran says that he fled the country before the incident took place and iran is seeking an interpol warrant for him that this is really his image was circulated on state t.v. and in the past when we have heard from the intelligence ministry or the intelligence agencies inside iran that they have identified suspects we've really seen images or names so this is quite rare but as i said iran says that this is the man allegedly behind that incident at natanz which knocked out power and affected many centrifuges. of the country before the incident took place and what's been happening with the talks over the nuclear deal in vienna. well we've heard from
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the chinese envoy that he has said that all parties have agreed to pick up the pace and start working on negotiations of negotiations to have those sanctions lifted and he hoped the over the next few days that negotiations will continue and specifically work on sanctions lifting formula and now we've also heard from the uranian negotiator to go to vienna talks and he said that there were good discussions and he said seems that the new understanding is being formed and all parties are agreeing on a final target he said that the path is clear but the path will not be easy because there are still some serious differences some of those serious differences are that iran stuck to its guns they want all trump era sanctions lifted before it returns to its commitments sanctions that are still in place under the biden administration the united states wants iran to return to its commitments before those sanctions
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are lifted so this to a negotiating around those iran has also said that they're not interested in prolonged or prolonged negotiations and they want seriousness from the other side now iran is enriching 60 percent uranium that's the highest level that iran has ever had before the 2015 nuclear deal it was 20 percent once that nuclear deal was signed in 2015 iran stuck to the 3.67 percent enrichment after a year after donald trump imposed sanctions on iran iran increased to 4 percent after the assassination of iran's leader nuclear scientist iran again increased to 20 percent and after this latest incident at natanz nuclear facility iran has increased 60 percent as well that's installing 1000 more advanced centrifuges so there are still some serious differences but this seems to be from what we're hearing some glimmer of hope that some agreement may be reached. i was there as i said beg reporting live there from tara many thanks dataset want to take you live
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now to in the united kingdom where the funeral of britain's prince philip is on the way. the dean of windsor david connor he's saying the bidding at the moment after the coffin was forced in to st george's chapel his courage fortitude and face. lives of being in ridge through the challenges that he has set us the encouragement that he has given us he's kindness human and humanise free we don't feel pretty good gold will be vast grace to follow his example and not with our brother food at the last we shall know the joys of life eternal
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the duke of windsor that david kona. at the start of the funeral service for britain's prince philip but you can read his final journey not long ago his coffin carried by a modified landrover. early 30 close royal family members are able to attend the private ceremony at windsor castle because of coronavirus restrictions. the queen husband died at the age of $99.00 last week during the service a choir for singers 3 of whom are les clocks it's. will be conducted by james vivian. but separate out to serious needs baka who is in windsor for us needs the funeral service then on the way. a minute's
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national minutes silence what happened in the build up to the beginning of the service. well whatever your views on the royal family the build up to the funeral service was very poignant it is steeped in symbolism we've always known that because of coronavirus restrictions that this would be a show of pead back tree but it was nevertheless very very powerful from start to finish the duke of edinburgh's body brought on the back of a specially customized landrover that he we gather out a role in designing as well in military colors to represent is his long service in the british navy and also his position as the head of various battalions as well from across the forces walking behind that coffin. his 4 children including
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prince charles and also his 2 grandsons prince harry and prince william is the 1st time we've seen the 2 of them together since the growing rift over harry's future role in the royal family and his decision along with his wife to step back and that all important minutes silence as the body of that you. stopped on the steps of st george's chapel you could hear the sounds of gunfire echoing over when many people have followed instructions male forty's to stay at home. they've been advised to be a risk during the current pandemic and many and now watching at home is this historic moment on fault and what will happen once the funeral service has concluded its. right at the end of the funeral service. for the duke of edinburgh's body will be
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lowered into the royal vaults i think it's a copy of going to be an extremely poignant moment for elizabeth us of course this is a man who's been at her side for 73 years but this is also where she when she passes away will be buried as well that's where 3 british kings are have been laid to rest 20 other members of the royal family there whether or not there will be an opportunity for the royal family to gather together afterwards it's not yet clear we know that the queen has been isolating separately to the royal family together with some loyal staff from what was being described as h.m.s. bubble her majesty ship bubble here with the cost of all. that's going to be an awful lot of for reflection about the jukes legacy some of the thought here aspects of his character for some some of his throwaway comments were seen as racist and
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sexist and somewhat out of touch with the sentiment of modern britain he was very much a man all of his time a man of the 19th forty's and fifty's but at the same time he's been somebody who's been steadfastly on the side of the british monarch for a very very long time and for that he will be remembered almost embodying the very fabric of what it means to be british. ok for the moment many thanks indeed. reporting live from windsor the 1st lesson the class asked to. $43.00 this is a level $26.00 being read by the dean of windsor. in this funeral service for the duke of edinburgh at windsor castle in the u.k. a sessile like us. crowds have rallied in the u.s. city of chicago in support of a teenage boy who was shot dead by police this outraged to about the shooting of
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a young black man by police to minneapolis during a traffic stop that been several incidents during the past month which of heightened anger about policing and racial injustice chapter 10 see reports. hundreds gathered in chicago a day after police released video from the march 29th killing of the 13 year old adam to late 0 by a police officer. in the aftermath the police had said that the boy had died then all md confrontation the video shows to later complying with an instruction to put his hands up he's then shot dead an investigation is underway. the video about him to later his death was released as the police officer. in minneapolis i was protests continue here in brooklyn following the killing of a rice. the protesters here have long argued that the disproportionate killing of people of color by the police is a systemic issue not the result of
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a few bad apples and the mother of dumb to write again despaired of a system that may finally be putting police officers on trial but that remains fundamentally the group justice yes justice is definitely what we want but i'm never going to get. justice would be bringing my son home to me justice would have been my son driving to the car wash and coming home after that i'm not going to get fat but 2nd degree manslaughter is not ok i'm not ok with that that's not right she murdered my son. my son is never going to come. to get the police pension right now while my son is going to be buried in a few days and that's not what the protests in brooklyn center just about police killings now they're also about the police response to protests about police killing on friday many of the protestors were bathrobes in solidarity with samir
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hassan she lives opposite the police station where night after night tear gas and smoke grenades have been fired with abandon. on wednesday she left her apartment in her bathroom to look for her brother she was tackled to the ground. she was then jailed for president at an unlawful assembly all week the irony has not been lost on those here but the response to these demonstrations against unnecessary violence and the over policing of black communities. is a beam unnecessary violence and over policing. 0 brooklyn center. rights groups are using palestinian prisoners day to demand the release of people held in violation of international law the out of me a prisoner support and human rights association says there are nearly 5000 palestinians either imprisoned or detained in israel $183.00 of them the children
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$432.00 a so-called administrative detainees who could be held indefinitely without charge or trial and an estimated $550.00 prisoners are sick or have long term health conditions that are particularly vulnerable to the threat of covert 19 the toxic and i am reports now from casa. the covert 1000 pandemic has added yet another risk in situations inside these israeli jails and prisons which human rights groups just cried as intolerable they say even before the covert 900 pandemic that thousands of palestinian prisoners in israeli detention were facing quote systemic torture medical negligence unsanitary and deteriorating living conditions and overcrowding we do know that some of those factors can help fuel a coded 1000 outbreak and there have been many in prisons all over the world last year bartsch actually specifically of last year the israeli government released
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$400.00 non violent palestinian prisoners and human rights groups are saying they need to do more they especially need to immediately release children people with chronic diseases those who are in it in administrative detention those are people who have not been charged and they have not gone to trial human rights groups are urging israel not only to immediately release vulnerable populations inside these prisons but also to install landlines to make at least at the bare minimum a phone phone call communication with family possible they're demanding that covert 1000 precautions are taken inside prisons and that adequate medical care is ensured eritrea has admitted that its troops all fighting in ethiopia's northern to grow region it's the 1st time the horn of africa nation has explicitly explicitly
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knowledged its rule in the conflict or a trend forces are reportedly dressed as members of the ethiopian military both governments of previously denied their presence contradicting testimony from aid workers refugees residents the u.n. says the air tran forces of commission has atrocities. the u.n. says that hundreds of children were separated from their families when a town in northern mozambique was attacked by a group last month many of them arriving in pemba from. reports. when an armed group attacked the town of palma in mozambique province some of these women got separated from their children their plan was to reach the provincial capital hoping this sons and daughters had also managed to get here as well on the border and you know it was i want this war to end i can't take it anymore people are left with nothing people are suffering
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a lot of children are without their parents you know how many pregnant women a hair without their husbands here by themselves i just want to live in peace i want this war to be over please let this will be over. after a few phone calls told her children are still stuck in parma hungry and afraid but right now she can't get to them the united nations says thousands of people fled palmer last month many of them are children traveling on their own some saw their parents being so we have very very graphic and reports from callers that shouldn't even said some of the words telling us i saw my father being beheaded i saw my mother being killed and somehow we see other children bringing the younger brothers and they talk to us as tiny adults would say it's quite shocking the armed group calling itself with links to eisele is behind the attacks
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that began in 2017 some of the mothers here say children are being kidnapped by the the boys are forced to become fighters and the girls forced into marriage and 16. and the company of minors will eventually be pace with host families in mozambique that's if their parents or relatives can't be found but as attacks in kabul delgado province grow in size and frequency humanitarian workers warn more children could once again be on the move. al-jazeera most anti. russia's f.s.b. security service says that it's detained a ukrainian diplomat instant petersburg it accuses. of trying to obtain classified information from russian law enforcement databases tension is already high with russian troops reportedly amassing along ukraine's border. brazil's president jaya balsam hour as written to u.s. president joe biden recommitting to stopping illegal deforestation in the amazon by
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2038 u.s. climbers envoy john kerry responded urging immediate action be taken to back up the pledge brazil is appeal for millions of dollars from the world to help it meet the goal religious institutions in haiti denouncing the kidnapping of at least 10 people by gang members the catholic church that has condemned the government's failure to take action and stop the rising violence stories about reports. i'm asked to demand the release of 10 hostages taken by gangs in choir they were just outside port au prince. among those abducted or 7 clerics 2 of them are french people here say they're increasingly concerned over the rising kidnappings in the past year. you know there are many people who have been kidnapped they got right and tortured many of them have never returned to normal we ask ourselves when will this internet country. during the service
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protesters took over the church denouncing what they call a lack of democracy in the country and blaming the government over rising violence . the police fired tear gas to disperse the demonstrators but. as a teacher my life condition is very bad i can't live like this that's why i'm in the street to protest against a president who has not been doing anything for us. in recent months kidnappings for ransom have sharply increased the clerics were kidnapped by a group known as 400 mile or so gang locals say began seems to be in charge in some parts of the country. mandela was kidnapped and taken for a week she had to pay for her release women and children are now a target for kidnappers she did not want to show her face during the interview. given my father left in
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a car stopped in front of me and 4 guys got out of the car they drew their guns to force me into it put the hood on my head imprest my neck i cried a lot. protests have been ongoing important prince against the government. and his apparent inability to solve the problems people face every day. the president failed to hold legislative elections in 2019 and has been ruling by decrease in then. moyes has said he plans to hold a constitution a referendum in june which critics call part of a larger effort to consolidate power. human rights groups say the only concern people have right now is the growing insecurity is talking about constitution is talking about referendum we can have constitution in this situation we can't have given them in this climate of insecurity. the opposition says the international
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community continues to support leaders who fail to improve people's lives and that's why they see children el mores remains in power while moyes says he's fighting a call. while the confrontation between the opposition and the government continues the lives of millions are caught in the middle threatened by kidnappings and violence that seem to be getting out of control. and. through this congress has unanimously voted to ban former president martin this car from holding public office for 10 years his color was found guilty of influence peddling after it was revealed that he his wife and several ministers received covered by $900.00 vaccines before the public rollout the former president says the sun a fun job that he was given an october was part of a clinical trial the university wanting the trial though says that's not true the u.s. justice department is suing a long time ally of former u.s.
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president donald trump lawsuits been filed against political consultant watches stone which says that he owes $2000000.00 an unpaid federal income taxes stone who was an advisor to trump during his 2060 election campaign says he'll fight the charges. it is the last day of campaigning before sunday's election in cup the incumbent prime minister says that his reelection would be good for the nation's oil and diamond spoke his opponents are accusing him of mismanaging the economy at a time of severe drought on sirus nicholas hawke reports now from the capital prior to. playing a familiar tune prime minister. vice trying to win votes in his final rally on the island of southeast and using the slogan the safe path he tries to reassure the people of the small island nation that have suffered from the economic fallout of the covert pandemic he says he's the one that should be trusted to lead the country
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for the next 5 years. said. it's sad to see the vos construction work but you have hills this is no coincidence. we have created jobs and built an atmosphere of trust attracting investors. all lies according to his main challenger young. from the old african party for the independence of keep heard known as the p.i. c.v. she has been traveling across the islands meeting voters she didn't just to the people know that beyond what this country needs is someone that has the will to walk this is a race to build a better nation for us holes she accuses the prime minister of selling the country's assets including the national airline the national electric and water company a modest says of the government has been mismanaging public funds. with the slogan . told us meaning a cape verde for everyone in the opposition leader on monday trying to appeal to
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both young 1st time voters and the traditional electorate if she wins she will be making history becoming the 1st female prime minister in this country's history. in this election there are hundreds of candidates for only 72 seats in the national assembly an important portion of the electorate are they kept virgins living abroad in the east coast of the united states portugal in europe they make up the majority of the population the money they send back as well as tourism fuel economy allowing the government to invest in green energy education and health care and over the course of a generation bird went from one of the world's least developed nations to a middle income country sustaining this success is the challenge for the country's next leader. nicholas hawke al-jazeera. more than $23000.00 person of the 7 pop and unreleased by man mosman
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a tree lida it's unclear whether any of them will pro-democracy activists who were arrested during protests against the least. true thailand's foreign ministry has confirmed may have a mosque leda men online will attend the upcoming assy on summit is soucy action of southeast asian nations bring together its 10 members and the elite this year it's hosted by indonesia asking on a school for be a mosque ousted leader aung san suu kyi to be released from prison. it is good said he with us hello adrian finnegan here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera former italian interior minister and deputy prime minister matteo salvini has been ordered to stand trial the right wing league party leader has been charged with kidnapping in a case involving a ship carrying refugees migrants in 2019 lori chalons reports from london the open.


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