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tv   People Power Coronavirus Lockdown - Iran  Al Jazeera  April 17, 2021 7:30pm-8:00pm +03

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international aid and now lebanon is on the un list of hunger hotspots so who there are people out. there you can find much more on our web sites the address as ever is al jazeera dot com. this is al-jazeera and these are the headlines former italian interior minister material salvini has been ordered to stand trial the right wing league party leader has been charged with kidnapping in a case involving a ship carrying refugees and migrants in 2019 or a challenge has more from london. the open on the ship the spanish and the ocean that's the one where the judge has said that yes this is if there is a case for solving it so onset and this should go to war to trial a week ago in the other one the greater retie a prosecutor a state prosecutor said actually no there isn't a case to answer and it shouldn't go towards trial that has yet to be ruled on by
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a judge to decide whether it will not go to trial and that will happen in a few weeks time not salvini him self said at the time he was only doing what was in its at least national interest 3000000 people have now died of covert 19 around the world the united states has the highest number of deaths followed by brazil india and france are among those grappling with severe and breaks and most countries a see repeated delays in their vaccination efforts germany now has more than 3000000 confirmed cases chancellor angela merkel has asked parliament's a pass a bill granting the government you powers to force all towns and curfews in areas with high infection rates iran says it has identified the suspect it says targeted its main nuclear facility state t.v. is reporting the man fled the country before the attack on the natanz plants last sunday to one blames israel for the operation calling it an act of nuclear terrorism. britain's prince philip has been laid to rest in the royal vaulted
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windsor castle that you could edinburgh died at the age of 99 last week when the 30 cool swell family members were able to attend the private ceremony because of coronavirus restrictions prince philip was the u.k.'s longest serving while consorts after being married to queen elizabeth for more than 73 years. large numbers of people have rallies in chicago in support of a teenage latino boy who was shot dead by police this outraged 2 for the shooting of a young black american man by police by many apis several incidents of heightened tensions over policing and racial injustice stay with us here on al-jazeera people in paris is up next.
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but only 2020 was the covert 19 pandemic was breaking we all still make a gem should know to dottie to document it like it was often in his native iraq the result was an intimate portraits of isolation in one of the world's least understood countries one year old with iran facing a 4th wave of the pandemic where showing his film again and have been finding out what happens to it.
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there was a shot but then as if we knew that it was. either secure if we knew there was one the only new procedure. how to go to the funding. for members of the in this whole thing your mother never knew about her back. thank you for everything her mother did ever ever. put in with that everybody can write a good bit of the room around them and go from you. even if you have mom house. whatever you do you know more about him or what might happen with. so little of that the she does it and knows he was not there to get a feel. for. this
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the manger and she demanded that the house things so the most that in a measured look you know you could know. that you can see a better man with many more than the music but i know that he or she will fix it should he get them to be nice but i think just tell us. your marriage and hold. it up a covert people there just write it will join up with this will go out but i. already have i'll show you a quote on our. behalf guess about it that you need to be sure his are more. mr howe memorandums in the game and thus we should have you know the short. i was a bit hey if you know what i ask you know it was. a help or for some people from the washroom but i bet def the teacher. to listen to you take
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a listen. to this. someone told me that had to be a mother but that intimate with another. because. i am a shrew to them has to bear the years that you would have any boy that you knew it was somebody that you with a surprise that you could put up with them for the. before the visit of a set of should he. would have been good if there was that he was as you take yourself and. your child. with. the nurse who. was. what. was your skill level it.
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would be. the best in the human. that is rules her you know that. she's you claim. to have them or are too clingy and. i could just. be.
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i mean. they. all think you're going the thing is. going to be a common i don't want to quote i'm not even here. how did that immunity but it was the even pushy. that i had that they needed a little bit of us to get. up. here. because. you need to be a good good. good looking. for the not that i like you. still. might. come with it on the body with a low voice and that will be
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a. kind of to sneak in where i have to talk to the amenities and i was going to be with him but how much it'll be superficial more because to be subtle was a sort of i'm sure if asked the judge you go on a 15 year. old loser would. be sure i mean. you know who is behind i mean those of. the shooting. in the bill for me because i know that his for their part i have lived with. all.
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my years on my book. i know you say canada. used to say kids would say in this way as i said before you. and i know go to homes. when with a. consistent. chill
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moment the minute you mostly just. good job most of the new job. which are genetically related to them. badly mobutu sykora not mom daddy i know you do about tennis court on a dating show one at 80. the more you know me who was sick how did. this issue that. you could have missed by them. how you'd be imbued with the notion that it doesn't snow. so well must offer this one another. whole day. before you noticed you can enjoy
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yourself. you must not must have some last christmas meal you don't even for my last week i was in the dock we had. never. been in it made up a fight in my locker rooms within a certain amount of the movement and she was happy with no name for nothing it sure looked like our head off the dark when you told me to need to open the love on those voices to call us and tell us then bit by a moment someone was a hold over him on some of our other half of me tell what you are already doing so concord. it has happened before it started moving of all numbers and all could be done to master potter so yes i'm only concerned with the june issue that's assuming there's some of them well imo the only. solution which i feel. like you put. in was you just don't know you know so you can sit on the floor of the cut. to the
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. american regime quote if you don't. want to smoke for the one who are leaders division to look after them what number that's good was given out something similar. in the form of i think. i'm not really. sure. what it was. i wanted to do for her and there was sort of. because the he's at the end of the weather again i'm sure. it was with that he has
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to go off to observe. then issue of. what i did mention if you want to put it. another time that was another thing. is that any. missile or judaism want to join us i know in order. to do this well as you have been misused to miss i want to just 600 on this election no. left on my total wish that one to put the matter is yet to eject easy to judge could you. show that if those who doubt him on the
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i don't doubt that some i shot why a total out of a john everybody thought. but now i do have enough but as i am but then i was so much moved i love being the only without john official guys that stood up and sought solace just no use i got him out of the city it's just know you played sorely missed this neighborhood will not have missed it's likely going to come joe might have asked me if the but the high said upon just enough itis to. be lies not to me again pool because you couldn't bear that to me and will the time . and the time of time no year. remember that you see. a lot of those who go to. he truly was a golden time for the it was all to. do is akin to me going to the fire of the.
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chair haha true with. mr i know a good home for the. nothing she didn't get into the. way to deal. with you know with who. is for the show or quit or lower from according to a good bit. if $71.00 is choking little bit with you yes it was so that it but to me she should have thought it would be a. shock that i'd see this bamako sition just want to be when they. find. the key strategic i mean shouldn't have been in the midst of the whole year civil war with shush. the he looked at me and said that's
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that's the. look she. had. this. was the old it. can't go to no good when it. wanted to because unemployment you feel this is good i mean feel good i mean. look at jane you know she. was really just a game until december this year it was you couldn't. i mean the money that is going to go to the general yesterday to. begin
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to. think about. who initiated getting that actually mother yeah who's going to get him dad was a good one of those good and it's not only good night for mitt romney. i've got. one like that although he may get only a few kids you need to get a few and he'd be in the feel. good about where they keep it going the deficit in the 1st week you should i think should. school.
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yeah. all right. home. is suddenly you know the best is a pub shop see how sad that is i want to own a. body mc so i think this will be. caught on their own. shot. so. disturbing him said he was so having them. in the us that unless
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the. thanks for the info in the. mode of interest. sutro are so. much closer. to. each.
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see. it's. just so. so on the night of the hash better you mention that to you on your cell in the airport a total tome ever to all but that was followed by matt nothing yet the son omar to come from both of the other. well that's not kidnapping i'm going to how much of the hammock has been hauled but i mean what would have to. mind had to make one of us have you don't know how i'm with i had a moment as a kid on the scene at the national it would have shown up that's. going
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to make me less than. a chimp on your list just. told me that she cheated you should i don't. because i don't you know that he said to me i don't. put out i'm buzzing yet with what out of this mess. madam to get because had been ashamed but i knew it was tied up thanks for that i sure couldn't feel the way i that's ahead of mecklenburg how to go ok. i don't. rightly know.
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where you got em with the moment when you should let her. cause you know yes that's why i did not question equally concrete question. yet asked that i was fired with a question but. so the weathercock. didn't this or that or the. know how did wrong and she's going to trust. that it's. a look. of course you want it's good news for you on. how much is that a couple should. be
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a little closer that's what that other course i even imagine. you can call another good lawyer. to whom you better get 20 people then there is a law that took on another home you dump your boom you know not going on and on and on the money was because among those who are on your mark on your more suzanne he has nothing. more. you will miss and i'm soft on. that thought this was a good match i thank you as we do. know it was horrible to have to bow. as a 2nd mother before one of our daughter have to rely on the confidential. caution if. you do not produce a 100 john. when there is. no you can do nothing wrong i john.
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no you're just not you're john wooden ish who couldn't cope with. i didn't hear john in the news or. the world should bet. is a misleader berkeley. next senate candidate in one of the biggest is. the minutes of the i don't know what it's about i don't know. the meaning of the english or the i'm. sure. it was a little known but of the name of the some of them. each name on i mean. any other misjudgements on the.
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embryos tasneem gayety shortcake as beast was formed by a teen or stone harder to shroud cast because hoddle made. casts a whole year more tell us at the reese. the shadow of that effect if he legit wouldn't that have a jam with. this of the stone. circle on us. but also. the 2nd is give us whatever bush had anything he thinks with a bunch of those funny very well for hot who want to do it on a b. sub and it will be in him and know the ending.
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foreseeing you know being a bit was a bit. here naming a number here that's common here when i'm on the phone with the bushman if. you just think we can there are. many of them 107 actually one is not one. sam amen. since this film was made iran has reported more than 2000000 cases of covert 19 and around 65000 deaths today john should merge it out he is still unable to work and like many around the world he's seen family friends and colleagues for saic that's just me fortunately she says of her children and the whole of the earlier stuff has
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been a fairly good if you have in mind that the message of just who you are she was very humble. shady through the most interesting reaction in that he should . but then that hey at least. now iran is akin. to date less than one percent of its 84000000 people have been vaccinated only the big books and that even. though you attack him home with you he pushes. he just walks and he. says oh man that he don't do not want evokes and that the magician the bad as he is considered to be worse than he said they were she needed a chip devoted heartless dog who taught him to who pushes. finland
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has committed to cutting its carbon emissions with the world's most ambitious reduction goal carbon neutrality in just 15 years now it's very excited to actually get to and we can do it if we want to but 1st the nation must tackle the dirty legacy of a profitable fossil fuel industry it's and being an active emanations source people in power finland's planet warriors on a. revealing
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eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our flatmate on al-jazeera. and italian judge orders the former interior minister material salvini to stand trial for stranding a group of migrants at sea in 2019. hello the i'm home he is in and this is al jazeera life from doha also coming up 3000000 people have now died from covert 1000 number of infections is wising is countries deal with vaccination setbacks.


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