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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 18, 2021 12:00am-1:01am +03

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right and by charles don it's a famous game from years of politics and culture go undercover allegations of corruption by those in power and if you read a hari get your news in 2 minutes from al-jazeera news updates on home already. the in. the in. 0. welcome to the news hour live from london coming up in the next 60 minutes. the global code red 19 death toll passes 3000000 but despite deaths and infections are rocketing in india festivals and elections continue to draw crowds hundreds of
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children still separated from their families 3 weeks after all groups attacked palma in northern mozambique. it's nice former interior minister is ordered to stand trial on kidnapping charges for leaving migrant stranded at sea. and queen elizabeth bids farewell to prince philip the husband of 73 years at a scaled back funeral attended by just 30 guests. and i. have all the day's sporting clue doing reigning world champion lewis hamilton has taken pole position for sunday's media almighty had on t.v. in a silly. hello welcome to the news our top story south asia is fast becoming the global epicenter of the coven 1000 pandemic with
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a new deadlier and more infectious wave of the virus overwhelming hospitals 3000000 people are now known to have died of covert 1000 around the world experts say the actual number of deaths is likely to be much higher brazil carney has the highest daily death. all in the world with 3305 people dying in the last 24 hours porting period but confirmed covered related deaths are also beginning to surge in india a record 1341 deaths reported on friday and it's just recorded more than 200000 new cases for the 3rd day in a row that's just 14 days after it reached more than 100000 daily infections for the 1st time priyanka gupta reports 2. on the outskirts of new delhi's ancient walled city a young man buries his father. a few meters away a steady stream of mourners carry bodies of their loved ones in the capital's
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largest school for muslims it's now on wistful families speak of their anger and despair as a day to keep piling up in the city's mortuaries. people are being made to run around but they're not letting anyone patients people are desperate even for drinking water over there doctors are not meeting the patients they are keeping their distance and if someone's oxygen finishes when that person is simply lying there unattended. you dearly has imposed a week in curfew and there are restrictions in one of india's most populous states my russia to still infection rates in the worst hit regions but reports of shortages of hospital beds medicine and oxygen have led to more fears or i'm very very scared the situation is terrifying if i wasn't in essential work or i wouldn't have left my house at all no one should go out with this new social distancing here pulling boots in some of the most politically charged regional elections prompt. to
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pick what can we do and most people try to protect themselves how much can we do that's why i stood behind the lines because i will try to manage and control the crowd but nobody listened. some are blaming put. titian's for holding large election rallies. on one hand over 1000 cases arising and leaders are doing rallies where they and their supporters are not even wearing masks this is some of the think about how people vote if they're not allowed to do it. for days hundreds of thousands of hindus have been gathering at camilla and important religious festival increasing concerns of more infections now prime minister in the movie is urging worshipers to keep the festival symbolic amid criticism of the government's handling of the operate there calls to scale up vaccinations and impose tougher restrictions the for a 2nd wave of the virus in the world's 2nd worst affected nation gets even worse.
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or thailand has also seen a record rise in new cases of covered with more than 1500 new infections reported on saturday but the thai government appears reluctant to order a 3rd lockdown wary of the economic impact it could have tony chang reports on this now from bangkok. mass covert testing at a basketball stadium in bangkok thailand on saturday recorded the highest rise in new cases for the 4th day in a row despite being the 1st country outside china to record infections thailand has kept the deaths within double figures but there are no real concerns the kingdom could be in the grip of a 3rd wave of the virus he might not say here i think this outbreak in thailand would be long because do you can family in stress. new restrictions have been placed on entertainment venues and restaurants banning the sale of alcohol 24 hour
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markets and gyms have had their opening hours limited but thailand's government appears to be doing everything in its power not to go into complete lockdown by a gang made up now there is no lock down ok i sympathise with you but we would need to reduce the operating hours i don't want to close everything down closing is easy but who are those who are suffering. stopping the spread of covert 19 has come at a huge economic price closing thailand's borders to shut down the lucrative tourist trade and those businesses that have survived the pandemic so far would probably be finished if a 3rd wave extends the shutdown for much longer here in bangkok things are now noticeably quieter but business is being kept alive by the urban middle class outside the capital however many communities have seen incomes drop by more than 50 percent and that's not going to improve until the borders are reopened. the
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slow rate of vaccinations however means this won't happen for some time thailand has vaccinated fewer than one percent of the population despite attempts to focus on tourist destinations like who cares the local producer of the astra zeneca jab said this week they won't be in full production till june. many tiny businesses that will be thought to look to tony ching al-jazeera. to krishna a day or kumar is the director of the global health innovation center joins us by skype from raleigh north carolina so wild wide deaths have supposed 3000000 now this is just as countries on the scale of brazil and india battling a massive surge in infections and hospitalizations will we see fatalities continue to rise at the current rate in the months ahead or could we see an accent aeration in these figures unfortunately in many parts of the world we're starting to see
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real excel aeration as we're starting to see 2nd 3rd 4th away use depending on the location and in many cases we're months away from being able to get vaccines out in any substantive quantities so we're not there yet even though the science has delivered and many vaccines are available they're not getting out in a substantial way yet and as we heard the ramp up in capacity to make more vaccines isn't really going to be substantially higher until the 2nd half of the year and we're really in a very dangerous period where india brazil other countries are really going through a tough period where not only are the cases going up but we're starting to see health systems really buckle under the pressure right you mention india there and i think it was in the middle of february when we started to see the number of infections doubling in key states like maharashtra chata scar and punjab but could the actual numbers be worse than the meteoric rise that's already being publicly
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were recorded in other words how much uncertainty is there in india's covert mortality data. you know the actual numbers are almost certainly much higher than what's actually being reported if you look at the positivity rate of testing it's up now over 13 percent which means the ramping up of to testing hasn't kept pace so we're missing cases pretty significantly and if you go back and look after the 1st wave the antibody testing showed that a significantly higher percent of the population had probably been infected then were actually diagnosed with infections even over the last several months so the rates as bad as they are in terms of what's publicly reported are probably an undercount relative to what's happening on the ground what does that mean for the country's health care system particularly when you think about the fact that festivals like mail are going ahead you have state elections in places like west
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bengal is the health system then on the verge of collapse it is it is already collapsing in places where we're starting to see 2 people 2 beds that need then we're starting to see people drive around from hospital to hospital looking for open beds and hospitals are running out of oxygen these things are happening today and are going to get worse if we don't take much more aggressive public health measures into account as part of our reform efforts there you mentioned that vaccination programs are too slow in many parts the wild plus the fact that supplies there just isn't enough supply to be able to vaccinate everyone simle taney asli is the optimism around the co-head vaccination being offset by the much more contagious marriott's. it really is a race right now between vaccinations and the variance and all of the other things
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that are happening we've rolled out almost $900000000.00 vaccine doses so far around the world which is fantastic news but it's incredibly inequitable in that just 4 countries or regions represent about 70 percent of the vaccines that have been delivered so even in india which is one of those for we've seen more than $120000000.00 doses of vaccines being that lippard and yet only about 1.2 percent of the population is fully vaccinated so the sheer numbers make it such that india is not going to achieve anything close to herd immunity by vaccination it probably even by the end of this year thank you appreciate your thoughts on this doc to question our diet joining us there from north carolina. well brazil is the on the west country in the world right now and actually authorities have warned women to delay pregnancy until the country pastas the west of the pandemic saying that these virus variants who are just hearing about that have
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a greater effect on pregnant when their condition will me to be. the other these moments of the pandemic to be looked at when we see there is a situation in maternity wards because of the situation that's happening in maternity wards hubie evaluators like what happened in 2006 if possible we recommend pregnancy and to a more suitable moment so you can have your pregnancy in a more peaceful way for more on this now from alessandra time just hearing about a new wave of the pandemic unfolding in india. tell us about the effect of new more threatening variants of the virus in brazil. but these are very worrying development same brazil and across latin america really with surges happening due to these new variance in brasil and the
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majority of the countries of the region brazil saw a quarter of all coronaviruses deaths in the world last week and health authorities are extremely worried and concerned by the fact that not only these variants seem to be more contained contagious but also more dangerous in the groups of people that so far have been spared the worst of the pandemic a young people a lot of teenagers. been infected recently in brazil now this issue with expectant mothers that has now the government there calling on women to delay pregnancies if possible also a new study that just came out in brazil says that the real number of children named babies killed by kovi in 1000 could be 3 times higher than the official numbers that the government put out so very very complicated and dangerous
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situation in brazil where hospitals are on the brink of collapse in many cities we've reported about a lack also of medicines crucial drugs that are necessary for those who are getting sick said teves are lacking in many hospitals even in main cities in brazil so a very very complicated situation there and just a couple days ago an international aid organization like doctors without borders was blaming president. denier and the lack of a centralized strategy to fight against a pandemic in brazil that they say could have avoided thousands of deaths. it's developing into a humanitarian crisis in brazil tell us about other parts of the region particularly in argentina and colombia way you are have been protests against
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social and economic policies imposed by the government to try and control the pandemic yes argentina and colombia are 2 of the countries that have recently imposed new restrictions here in bogota in the colombian capital where i am we are dealing with a fool lock down on weekends friday until monday to deal with this big surge the government said that that they have now discovered that in the variance the brazilian one in the british ones are here in the country and people have come out on friday and again on saturday to protest these new restrictions because they say they're going hungry especially street vendors them people who have smaller shops and on friday in argentina parents and
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students came out to protest after the decision by the president of argentina to close once again schools there for another 2 weeks thank you very much for the latest from bogota. i want to take a look at canada now because the biggest province on target is expanding and extending a stay at home or tourists experts that one infections could rise 6 fold police are being given new powers to stop and question people who have left their homes ontario is also introducing a ban on nonessential travel from neighboring provinces and halting non-essential construction province reported almost 5000 new cases on friday ontario's premier is urging people to cooperate with the strict measures. all the way back to the fall we have parts of this province that have been in grade lockdown we closed the the entire province we closed the schools twice we've increased health care when we go
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back to the beginning we scrambled everywhere when this 1st happened over a year ago it's like we've all been pushing this boulder amount and you know until we have more vaccines we need stricter stricter measures. well very different approach and characterised on where the government is putting its faith in a hobo tonic concoction is being used to treat govan 1000 after the president endorsed it when it's to dr atomic to show that it's safe medical experts though is saying the plant being used is poisonous and it can even be lethal form a government advisory same country was falling back into the middle ages. and watching the news hour live from london still ahead for you on the program back to school or off to court american parents threatened legal action if their children don't return to classroom fast enough. jointer announces a mass prisoner release but few if any are thought to be and she could protesters.
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i mean sport major league soccer is hoping better times are ahead as the new season kicks off. now hundreds of parents in mozambique are still searching for their missing children after armed groups linked to eisele raid at the town of palma last month u.n. workers say they are horrified by the stories they're hearing from survivors many of whom are very young children they've been arriving in pemba from where. sent us this report. when an armed group attacked the town of palma in mozambique kabul delgado province some of these women got separated from their children their plan was to reach pemba the provincial capital hoping this sons and daughters had also managed to get here as well. in this water and i can't take it anymore people are left with nothing people are suffering
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a lot of children are without their parents you know how many pregnant women a hair without their husbands here by themselves i just want to live in peace i want this war to be over please let this will be over. after a few phone calls told her children are still stuck in parma hungry and afraid but right now she can't get to them the united nations says thousands of people fled palmer last month many of them are children traveling on their own some saw their parents speaking so we have very very graphic and reports from cobblers. that shouldn't even said some of the words telling us i saw my father being beheaded i saw my mother being killed and some we see other children bring in the younger brothers and they talk to us as tiny adults and say it's quite shocking the armed group calling itself al shabaab with links to eisele is behind the attacks
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that began in 2017 some of them others his age children are being kidnapped by the army the boys are forced to become fighters and the girls forced into marriage and 16. and the company minors will eventually be pace with host families in mozambique that's if their parents or relatives can't be found but as attacks in kabul guarded province grow in size and frequency humanitarian workers warn more children could once again be on the move how to al-jazeera him most and now eritrea is admitted that its troops are fighting in ethiope his northern region but has vowed to withdraw them this is the 1st time the horn of africa nation has explicitly knowledged its role in the conflict eritrean forces are reportedly dressing as members of the ethiopian military both governments have previously denied their presence there contradicting testimony from aid workers refugees and residents the u.n.
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says the eritrean forces have committed atrocities when ian davis in is the senior ethiopian analyst an international crisis group and he says that soldiers from both countries could be found guilty of abuses. there's a joint investigation that's supposed to be getting underway between united nations human rights investigators and investigators so we will have to see what the mandate is what level of access they have got on the ground they get on the ground what types of accountability process is. at this stage it's very hard to say but given the scale of the a trust is imaginary at some point. both ethiopia and eritrea and military personnel will probably be held accountable. and italian court has ordered for maintain minister to stand on trial to stand trial on kidnapping charges for refusing to let a migrant ship dock in sicily 2 years ago but salvini has the leader of italy's and he immigration party is confident he won't be going to prison or
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a challenge has been on for several weeks in 2019 the open arms board done to the hot sun over sicily and some are on board around 100 mostly african migrants italy didn't want them but nor did any other european states then italian interior minister matter really wouldn't let the rescue ship dock until european leaders relented and took the migrants in to his dismay when italian judge has just ruled so must stand trial for the migrants kidnapping this is not. to be taken from a kidnapper absolutely not the idea is simply ridiculous it's simply ridiculous i am sorry for my children because now i'll have to reassure them that the dad will be going to prison tomorrow morning or that next week saturday god willing i'll be at the playground with them i am sorry about that salvini and his anti immigration league party had prevented several migrant boat landings clashing with italy's
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court system n.g.o.s like open arms and the e.u. and other similar seconds case is still awaiting a judge's decision on whether it will go to trial. recently salvia me and right wing populist politicians from hungary in poland have been setting up a new nationalist political force within the e.u. . a conviction could see salvia jailed for 15 years and barred from holding office the open arms trial begins in sicily's capital palermo on september the 15th rory chalons al-jazeera or here in the u.k. prince philip de lay has been of queen elizabeth has been laid to rest in the royal vault at windsor castle he died last week at the age of 99 and his funeral was a relatively low key affair with just 30 people in attendance and 1000 restrictions from windsor park or reports.
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the moments of pared back pageantry within the confines of windsor castle prince philip 70 years of royal duty span the globe but his final journey was short on the back of a specially modified land rover the prince him self had a role in designing is naval cap and officers sort of placed on top. who king behind the coffin is for children prince charles princess on princes andrew and edward together with his grandsons prince william and prince harry with their cousin peter phillips between them. it is the brothers 1st meeting since the dispute about harry and megan moghuls decision to step back from royal juicy of the couple's tell all interview with oprah winfrey. lining the route senior members of britain's armed forces cornering prince philip's career in the royal navy where he commanded a ship. the funeral service began with
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a minute's silence queen elizabeth cutting a lonely figure in the pews of st george's chapel far apart from the rest of her family wearing a mask throughout. before the pandemic there were plans for $800.00 guests but only 30 carefully chosen was and representatives were allowed to attend though grand eulogies or big speeches the duke of edinburgh regarded buckingham palace in central london as his office and windsor castle as his home there's a longstanding tension between members of the royal family his public and private lives as representatives of the 1000 year old british monarchy ironically it was prince philip who 1st invited cameras into the royal household in the 1960 s. the family has remained under immense media scrutiny ever since even during times of personal grief. or our. as the prince's
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body was moved to the royal vault memories of use of public duty and charitable work a legacy muddied by a catalogue of jarring remarks some saw as racist and sexist the put him in olds with modern britain at a time when the royal family has been struggling to retain relevance for many prince philip has remained for more than 70 years is a symbol of stability loyalty to his wife queen elizabeth and continuity in changing times part of the very fabric of british identity we've barca al-jazeera windsor now the russian opposition figure alexina valmy is in the 3rd week of a hunger strike in prison and close to death according to his personal doctor the valley has president let him have patients most prominent critic has been refusing
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food and protest against his treatment in jail his doctor is not allowed to see him but after receiving test results says he could die any moment and allen was jailed in february for violating parole conditions as a result of traveling to germany for treatment after being poisoned. now russia has expel a top ukrainian diplomat after accusing him of obtaining classified information from a law enforcement agency russian security services arrested on a source in uk ahead of the consulate in some petersburg on friday ukraine has responded by explain expelling a russian diplomat so further escalation of tensions between the 2 countries with ongoing reports of a major build up of russian forces along the border with ukraine this month. the czech republic is expelling 18 russian diplomats on suspicion of being behind an explosion a military ammunition warehouse i'm going to under a publish said he has strong evidence that russian military agents were involved in the blast which took place in 2014 in which 2 men were killed check
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a nice are hunting 2 men carrying multiple passports including russian ones with the names alex and the petrol than. they are the same names used by suspects in the attempt of poisoning of a former russian spy and his daughter in the u.k. 2 years ago russia has denied involvement in the attack. you know watching out is there a news hour live from london much more still to tell you about iran says it identified the suspect behind the attack on its main nuclear facility at natanz. in a cut ramadan in lebanon when many people combating a ford tech and the dawn to dusk fast. and inspire offering credible week i want to call the last is the ferries how long has it ended this.
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how we got some pleasant spring waltz across many parts of europe over the next couple of days not particularly high temperatures for many but a fair bit of sunshine coming through nevertheless a little more cloud spilling in from the atlantic towards the british isles little more cloud to wherever it was that eastern side of europe because of cloud here producing some outbreaks of cherry ripe absa little bit of snow still in place there just around the balkans but not too much to speak of still a warm side for moscow 14 celsius average for this time of years around 10 degrees civil war side down towards the southeast ankara could touch 24 celsius but again not just a few showers coming across parts of greece and into the further west this is what we have more in the way of sunshine than showers some pleasant sunshine 18 celsius in madrid but we're not too far off that 88 all slow some warped there into scandinavia over the next couple of days the cloud right will try to push in across
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western parts of scotland as we go through monday showers down across the pasta germany southern areas of poland pushing down towards austria was about constable's the black sea want to show was to italy and want to see showers just moving across the far north of algeria in the impulse of tunisia national in africa is of course lottery draw but heavy showers around the gulf of guinea. when the cold 19 undemocratic iran. a filmmaker cut adrift from his crew began documenting life on them up a move on growing international sanctions. an intimate portrayal of isolation and one of the world's least understood countries coronavirus locked down iran people in power on a judge. in pakistan's largest city climate change and water shortages and driving
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some residents to desperate measures 101 east meets the waters of karachi on al-jazeera. 0. every. combat main stories now 3000000 people are known to have died of covert 19 though
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experts say the true global death toll is likely to be much higher south asia is fast becoming the global epicenter of the pandemic india has now recorded more than 200000 new daily cases for 3 days in a row. hundreds of parents in mozambique is still searching for their missing children 3 weeks after armed groups raided the town of palma u.n. workers are saying they are horrified by the stories they're hearing from survivors many of them young children and an italian court has ordered former interior minister mattel's salvini to stand trial on kidnapping charges for refusing to let a migrant ship dock in sicily 2 years ago selvi insists he did the right thing. more than 23000 prisoners have been pardoned and released by me and mars military leaders it's a traditional element of the nation's new year's celebrations but few if any of them thought pro-democracy activists arrested during protests against the recent
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coup this is the 2nd time the genter has issued mass pardon since it seized power in february military takeover and thailand's foreign ministry has confirmed that man was gentle men on lung will attend next week's asean regional summit the 10 members of the association of southeast asian nations come together to discuss regional issues this year it's being held in indonesia asio has already called for the ousted leader unsung suchi to be released from prison joining us now by skype as human rights activist monk zani has the co-founder of campaign forces for a new oil for southeast asia so 1st of all should the gentle leader be permitted to attend the assy and summit well it would just be another member of the talk received going to the club and so you know i was wasn't surprised at all that he he was invited and he has
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a sceptic to go in there or so it is a form of regional recognition if not international but you have to remember us it is largely. you know it regional clock otoh crowds really dorji authoritarian leaders and you know absolute monarchy with the exception of indonesia and malaysia the rest of them are really dorji authoritarian regimes you are not surprised at all how can the foreign governments pressure the regime and me and mom because as we heard from the united nations earlier this week. this situation is continuing to deteriorate in the country and sanctions are not likely to be enough well. everybody knows but nobody talks about you know that there has to be you know some kind of very strong political and even military intervention but this sadly military intervention
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can also you know make things worse however the prevailing opinion in the country among the $44000000.00 people across classes and ethnic lines is that in the event of the total and complete fear of the of the world's large your most powerful body this acuity council to do anything effective in the face of what is essentially. you know terrorists each of this countries and what specifically talking about here is an arms embargo somehow deny the gentle tools of oppression well that the jointer has stockpiled the arms so that could last for the next 25 years and so arms embargo is still you know very much a symbolic measure but what can really happen is the world to really support the
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burmese people need to defend themself and so we see you know this is in fact worse in a serious situation at least there are sections in syria that are all on to and you know engage in yourself or to action or attacks but in the case of burma the asymmetric or civil war is unfolding before our eyes that people are using sling shorts and 14 lives at 25 back at the military suggesting that the international community then start arms transfers to protest says. i don't know what the you know the details so concrete forms of support you know like if states such as taiwan is granted 100 percent right to self-defense against china's aggression people do have the right to
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self-defense that it is moral it is legal and it is civilizational bad is what needs to happen that we have a legitimated national unity government that has spoken on behalf of the people to defend them so that government needs to be given recognition that will be a start and that government enjoy all the warming public support in the country against the military. right thank you long zani 3rd joining us there. joining us shedding a bit more light on what's happening in the in our in of course that summit thank you. u.s. president joe biden has called the situation at the southern border with mexico a crisis and says he's reversed his administration's policy on the number of refugees allowed in the country each year is no longer sticking to 15000 a year i think a set by donald trump and then up held by biden but he's not said what the cap will
12:38 am
be raised to castro is in washington any further details heidi. maryam there is the mind splitting reversal the speed of the changes coming out of the white house of course it was just yesterday morning here in washington when the biden white house announced that it would keep the trump level cap on refugee admissions to the $15000.00 which is the historic low that was breaking the promise of biden made on the campaign trail and stated as early as february that he was planning on raising the refugee admission cap to some 62500 and it was greeted with widespread criticism coming from democrats who said that the move in the broken promise to refugees was quote shameful and then we saw it quickly just hours later the white house reversing course is not saying that the cap would be
12:39 am
lifted to that 62000 but that it would increase from the 15000 that trump had set so certainly there has been a world when of reversals here coming out of the white house with biden again acknowledging that his administration finds itself under political pressure given the immigration situation at the border and shed some more light on the conditions at the border right now this is that we're talking about the biggest wave of people heading towards order in 20 is. right and it is the makeup of that of that wave that is particularly troublesome to the bottom ministration these are unaccompanied children coming from central america and because they are minors once they enter u.s. custody eventually they're filtered to the office of refugee resettlement and it is that same office that of course also carries out the program of overseas refugees
12:40 am
and missions and resettlement and so you heard the white house and you heard president biden earlier today saying that those employees those personnel are under strain from the influx at the border but then of course there's also the political pressure with those scenes from the border making the biden ministration look weak the attempt to cap that refugee admissions earlier than that was quickly reversed it may have been the president's fumbled attempt many would say to try to avoid further criticism coming from republicans that he was weak on immigration all right from washington heidi jocasta. and all the developments most us schools that were closed during the pandemic started allowing students back to the cost room. and learning but it's not happening fast enough for some parents who say that children's physical and mental health is suffering they're now taking government
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officials to court as christians to me reports. it's been a grueling school year for 17 year old mitchell gilman with his basement bedroom serving as his classroom he admits it's been hard to stay motivated during virtual learning it was definitely a challenge not quite knowing my teachers the atmosphere of not being in a classroom and sitting inside your house day after day. how often of the fun part of school is going in and socializing with your friends has extra curricular activities like basketball are happening but is a little bit more monotonous. less stuff to do and while new york city's secondary schools recently reopened time actually in the classroom is limited his mother got worried when he started sleeping more and eating less is he really excited about learning no he's not in the laboratory he's not in the hallways he's not in the
12:42 am
cafeteria at school he's not engaged in school. time that's why parents like her in new york new jersey and los angeles are taking school officials to court in new york and on line campaign raised nearly $25000.02 pay attorney jim or megace to represent them or the safest places for children he blames teachers unions not safety concerns for ongoing reopening delays which he says are putting children that risk there have been some kids who have committed suicide the kids are depressed they want to go back and it's not only going back to school they want to engage in their extracurricular activities whether it's sports or chess club or whatever it may be they want to go back to normalcy a c.d.c. study shows emergency room visits for mental health related issues among older children rose more than 30 percent at the height of the pandemic. in response to the lawsuit new york's mayor argues that almost all city schools like michel's are
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open for in person learning but parents point out that most students are only allowed to attend part time and even when they're in the classroom they are on the line often learning from a teacher who is that whole. unions point to poor ventilation and overcrowded conditions as safety concerns unique to city schools as for mitchell who attends a public performing arts school there's more spring in his steps and stance instructions resumed it's the one class he's able to do in person his family and others are pushing for all classes to be in person by autumn kristen salumi al-jazeera new york. now. iran is saying it's identified the suspect behind the attack on one of its nuclear facilities state t.v. is reporting that the man fled the country before the attack on the natanz plant happened on sunday to iran has blamed israel for sabotaging its electrical grid calling it an act of nuclear terrorism assad bank has more now from tehran. we
12:44 am
understand it's a 43 year old reza karim e who who is allegedly behind the sabotage the natanz nuclear facility iran's main nuclear facility now we believe that he escaped the country before the incident according to iran and iran is seeking to get a hold of him and wants him to pull to issue an arrest warrant and he's image words on state t.v. now what the what's different different about this is that before when we have heard from the intelligence ministry or the agencies that they are after suspects we have really heard names or images but in this case iran has released an image that this was played out on state t.v. they showed video footage of that in the town facility but we didn't see any of the damage that had taken place and iran is after this individual and they are circulating his image iran is still blaming israel iran hasn't changed that at all but this individual could be someone that was recruited by foreign agents is that's
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our understanding from here in tehran it was similar iran chief chief scientist most of factors other was assassinated again iran said that the intelligence agencies from other countries had recruited people from within iran so this could be a similar case now where israel is saying that it's conducted as strikes against targets inside the gaza strip its military says it hit a hamas training facility in an anti-aircraft missile launcher post in response to a rocket fired from gaza which landed in southern israel on friday no group has claimed responsibility for that attack but in other developments rights groups say using palestinian prisoners day to demand the release of people held in violation of international law the other mere prisoner support and human rights association is saying there are overall about 4 and a half 1000 palestinians either imprisoned or detained in israel $140.00 of them a children and $440.00 are so-called administrative detainees which means they can
12:46 am
be held indefinitely without charge or trial an estimated $550.00 prisoners are sick or have long term health conditions and a particularly vulnerable to the threat of covert. we're going to lebanon now more than $3000000.00 people that's half the population are facing a tough ramadan the monthly cost of if tar the meal with which you break your fast now costs more than twice the minimum wage the world bank says food prices there have become the highest in the region saying harder has more now from the capital beirut. for millions of people in lebanon food is becoming a luxury prices had already increased 5 fold since 2019 before the holy month of ramadan began families of muslims are struggling to afford the if tar meal that breaks their dawn to dusk fast. fish prices are insane and they have gone up even
12:47 am
more during ramadan a plate of salad with 6 times more disappear what do we do do we beg we're not used to begging ramadan is an important event in this time of calendar but there are few signs in this working class neighborhood gone are the lights decorations and the vending stalls with traditional drinks that are staples on an if tar table lebanon's economy has collapsed so has the local currency and that's reduced people's purchasing power. those who used to buy culo vegetables are now buying half while others buy a piece some just walk away after knowing the prices. a month of its star meals for a family of 5 is now estimated to cost $2.00 and a half times the minimum wage which is worth $60.00 at the black market rate and with no hard currency it's that rate which dominates trading. our salary hasn't changed but the prices have soared as desperation grows so have
12:48 am
scuffles over subsidized goods and supermarkets lebannon imports most of its food and there have been shortages as the government runs out of dollars. despite wheat being subsidized by the government the price of bread has also increased over a month buying a single pack of bread a day will cost more than 10 percent of the minimum wage charities helping the vulnerable have had to expand their efforts unemployment is rising and at least half the population of 3000000 people is poor. maya taro tells me her organization feeds up to 1600 families a months base that if we don't receive the food but this money in my mean that we might not have bought or i mean we have to have a long many have had to change their diets some have stopped buying meat and herbes and spices remember. we used to buy an ounce of paper for 2 and a half dollars now costs more than $10.01 of the poor going to 8 politicians
12:49 am
failing to agree on a reform minded government also means there won't be international aid and now lebanon is on the un list of hunger hotspots senator there are a lot still ahead this hour. later sports news chelsea's resurgence under their new coach continues details coming up with santa after the break was. from the al-jazeera london broil. to people in so full conversation i can be in my culture i can still raise my voice against bigotry aki with no host and no limitations. exposed to injustice in our society to. and has had in hospitality we have protected men who are violent and bully
12:50 am
studio unscripted on al-jazeera. a 3 year investigation into the program we've been able to release me really. reveal secret see you want to point. out there will be people outraged you know. connection some don't want to expose snake in legacy media. mass shooting. back next week night al-jazeera investigation how to sell a massacre on al-jazeera. the r. . sonas hanau at the sport thank you very much and mary i'm
12:51 am
a spanish giants barcelona have won the copa del rey 4 record extending says the 1st time as a b.'s athletic bilbao in the final after a goal as 1st half a barcelona came back to school full goals in 12 minutes you know messi scored 2 of those goals up this could be the argentina's last trophy with the catalans at his royal commons 1st as barsaat manager. chelsea's resurgence and thomas to hull that has continued as they book their place in the final of the english f.a. cup beating man city one nil wembley stadium belgium international hakeem to say yes scored the only goal of the match in the 2nd half to seal the win for chelsea the defeat and city's hopes of winning a historic quadruple or to host side are in the final for the 4th time in 5 seasons british have to remain against like i said maybe the best manager and clearly one
12:52 am
of the best one of the best teams with the best manager so we are very happy with the performance and would be a huge boost for world for self confidence and. for our fall progression from for our development. why munich's head coach a has a flick says he's told the german champions that he wants to leave at the end of the season the 56 year old who took over the club in 2019 has led the side to 6 high schools including the champions league and club will cup 6 contract is set to ended 2023 and he has been linked with germany's national team to up. major league soccer has started this new season though with some teams welcoming fans into their stadiums for the 1st time in more than a year the league has suffered huge financial losses during the pandemic but the hasn't stopped a new team joining the group and the riches and reports by the way for the trold
12:53 am
out of his car and instead of the villa by travelling is torture. the seattle sounders could hardly have asked for a fact to stocks of their season big win and for the 1st time in 13 months a limited number of fans were able to watch the action inside their stadium a lack of crowds at many venues last season contributed to major league soccer losing close to $8000000000.00. the man in charge of the league says the pandemic has given its walls he known as plenty of pause for thought straight on crossing to the far side. their ability to sort of empower everybody around them to have optimism and confidence by the way at no time with that that get more tested then during the you know i would speak to owners a lot and say we have to spend most of our time ensuring that we can get through those with some of our time ensuring that we can move forward because in city's uncertain times comes a new team lost in f.c.
12:54 am
15000 season tickets have been sold and a $260000000.00 stadium is close to completion a celebrity car owner completes the package why not become an owner well. coming in my fifty's i've got 3 children i travel the world with my job what's the one game that's always in town whether i'm in right in fact whether i mean cleveland whether i'm in new york whether i'm in cape town where i'm in mali after this one game that's always in town. football as we call it soccer in america david beckham is part of the ownership team behind into miami with the team heading into their 2nd season and underwhelming debut campaign has prompted beckons to call on his former manchester united team mate phil neville for help these are the best moments this is why the job this is why you get into football for the big moments when you actually go out there and you're playing for the 3 points you played for
12:55 am
for you know to get up in that lead to start the seas well to specially self against the best managers in the best players. everyone involved in the league hoping this season the focus can stay on the football and the fans can remain in the stands and the richardson al-jazeera. reigning world champion lewis hamilton has taken pole position for sunday's immediate romagna the briton won the opening race of the season then by her a man who finished just ahead of red bull pair of sergio paris and max for stop and drink all fine in italy is mostly this team made to. will start from 8th place on the grid for hamilton has had to grab hold extended 99 for the pull of his career. so much focus in that that one particular. but that's that's what i do that's what i you know i know that i can do those those laps when i need to i don't know how i do it but i'm really grateful that i have those moments and it's going to be tough
12:56 am
as i said to to battle the red bulls to more of this to them that we're going to have to figure out strategy wise one of them's on the soft so i could get a good start so i can be starting. tennis now in the finals of the monte carlo must as has been said stefan also says a person would face and for the title on sunday it's a bus and dan evans streamline are determined to evans who knocked out world number one novak djokovic on his way to the semifinals run out of luck against the greek world number 5. to 6261 we. kind of you know do live in russia followed up by his victory over 11 time champion rafael nadal was straight sets win against the mood of norway need this it's a pass all the 23 year old that russian has ever won the title at this level of the sport maybe you know and that's about to marry him in london. thanks very much
12:57 am
now just a couple of stories to bring in about 200000 kilograms of illegally harvested giant clam shells worth nearly $25000000.00 have been seized in the philippines the biggest known hole of the endangered species to date for suspects have been arrested in the philippines killing jai. can lead to prison sentences of up to 12 years they're incredibly vulnerable to poaching and they used as a replacement of ivory in jewelry and decorations and then a poundland has been rescued from a wildlife smuggler in india is obvious in our city police raided just a just as one of a friend animals was about to be sold to a dealer so the timing was very good they i want to close michael species in the world used for that meat and an additional papa says but it's nice and fortunate that one of them was saved there are so many use alpa i'll be back with a full bulletin in just a moment around up to the day's top stories coming up very shortly here on it that
12:58 am
i found. it's a very bleak picture for a lot of americans out there white supremacy impacts all of our life if you're putting more money into the hands of someone 1st taking money out of the hands of other workers that will goes to their camp he becomes a us versus them this is the deal about constraining your nuclear program the bottom line the big questions on out is there is a new daddy take advantage of the relatively after weeks of toxic small stopped
12:59 am
people from venturing outside institutions including hobgood say air pollution is leading to more severe cases of the coronavirus and more deaths from it and nowhere in india is the situation was bad and dandy the number of cases. where a desperate situation of the indian government set up a new commission to monitor sources of pollution across 5 know for the state's health experts and bob mentioned this and been warning for months that the easing of the law would lead to an increase and pollution and the impact that would have on those because of the 19 this is one of them down doing that no logical revolutions in all of this make a plan that britain has to meet the c o 2 emissions targets electric cars that need mitchum in the ocean they need to be mined sure people are just talking about the soldiers and that's going to solve. the world of business and commerce is driving the energy transition is the promise
1:00 am
of clean energy an illusion the dark side of green energy. on al-jazeera. revealing eco friendly solutions to come back threats to our planet on al-jazeera. the global covered 9000 death toll pause says 3000000 but despite deaths and infections rocketing in india festivals and elections continue to draw crowds. allow i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program hundreds of children still separated from their families 3 weeks off the armed group.


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