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center for some of the world's most threatened animals and join the call for an end to the global wild wild flames earthrise on al-jazeera. coronavirus deaths past 3000000 globally and brazil warns women to delay pregnancy till the worst of the pandemic is passed. either and convert al this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. after a public outcry president joe biden says he will raise his previous this is low cap on refugees. iran's top negotiator says talks to restore the 2050 deal are on the right track is the united nations nuclear watchdog confirms tehran is enriching uranium up to 60 percent purity. you and i are are our.
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queen elizabeth bids farewell to prince philip the husband of 73 years at a scaled back funeral attended by just 30 guinness it's. it has been more than 14 months since the 1st known case of covert 19 was detected now the world is once again confronting a staggering toll more than 3000000 people have died worldwide the worst affected country remains the united states with more than a half a 1000000 deaths but it's india that is recording the fastest rise in cases nearly 235000 factions have been reported in yet another daily record brazil has the highest daily death toll in the world just under 3000 and known to have died in the last day and the health ministry is warning women to delay pregnancy until the
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country passes the worst of the pandemic. it can dish. at this moment of the pandemic built when we see there is a difficult situation in maternity wards because of the situation that's happening in maternity wards if she'd be evaluators like what happened with the 6 saying if possible we recommend delaying pregnancy and to a more suitable moment so you can have your pregnancy in a more peaceful way i listened to the has more from the colombian capital bogota. well war is the most health authorities in brazil right now are the effects of these new variants they know they are more contagious and now they fear they're also more dangerous and specially in groups of people that so far been spared the worst depend in this case is young pregnant women also young people in general
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teenagers and even children and babies they still don't know exactly how it's affecting them but they are seeing the numbers of cases going up in these groups of people a recent study also that came out just a couple of days ago says that possibly the number of children in babies that died of 19 could be treated higher than the official numbers the official numbers say that 800 children have died since the beginning. 9 year old or younger and said this new study say that that number could be at least 2600 children that's because they are now looking at the excess deaths in cases of children who have died respect at thore this uses a very very complicated situation there at a time when as you were saying hospitals are also on the brink of collapse in many
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cities not only due to a lack of available beds at this point but also crucial drugs are lacking for patients in intensive care units. julio ponce is an epidemiologist specializing in mortality darter he says brazil health ministry said vice shows that the government is struggling to keep the pandemic under control. the problem with this sort of advice from the brazilian government is that it's an admission that the pandemic isn't under control in brazil but we have seen right thing numbers of mothers expecting mothers dying due to cohabit last year we had about 10 mothers dying a week this year 2021 since we are having the worst time of the pandemic since the beginning it is around $22.00 deaths a week and of course this also has to do with the slow vaccine a lot we have in brazil there has been an updated recommendation for pregnant women
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to receive the vaccine but there aren't enough vaccines for everyone at the moment so it does seem that the government is trying to. avoid those people from dying by asking them to not be put into a position where they would be at most risk the numbers that we have so far appear to point to more to skew a bit younger than what we've seen so far in the pandemic so we are seeing younger people being admitted to the i.c.u. that could be either due to the protection of the elderly that have already been vaccinated although that might be a bit early to tell or because the ferry and especially p one is affecting younger people with higher severity been the previous variants that we had here. as we mentioned india is struggling to cope with a surge in infections variants 1st detected in the u.k. south africa and brazil as well as a double mutant strain of the virus
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a believed to be behind the recent increase gupta reports. 2 on the outskirts of new delhi's ancient world city a young man buries his father. a few meters away a steady stream of mourners carry bodies of their loved ones in the capital's largest graveyard for muslims it's now on wistful families speak of their anger and despair as a day to keep piling up in the city's mortuaries. people are being made to run around but they're not letting anyone meet patients people are desperate even for drinking water over there doctors are not meeting the patients they are keeping their distance and if someone's oxygen finishes and that person is simply lying there an attendant. you delhi has imposed a week in curfew and there are restrictions in one of india's most populous states my russia to still infection rates in the was taped regions but reports of
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shortages of hospital beds medicine and oxygen have led to more fears. i'm very very scared the situation is terrifying if i wasn't in essential work or i wouldn't have left my house at all no one should go out but there's no social distancing here pulling boots in some of the most politically charged regional elections cramped. up there what can we do unless people try to protect themselves how much can we do that's why i stood behind a line thinking i would try to manage and control the crowd but nobody listened. some are blaming petitions for holding large election rallies. on one hand over 1000 cases arising and leaders are doing rallies where they and their supporters are not even wearing masks this is something to think about how people vote if they are not alike. do it. for days hundreds of thousands of hindus have been gathering at camilla an important religious festival increasing concerns of more infections
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now premise here in the movie is urging worshippers to keep the festival symbolic amid criticism of the government's handling of the operate there calls to scale up vaccinations and impose tougher restrictions the for a 2nd wave of the virus in the world's 2nd worst affected nation gets even worse. but again it is witnessing a surge in covert 19 infections with schools and hotels being transformed and hospitals the african island nation has recorded 31000 cases since the outbreak began last year 4000 of them are from this week alone shelob ellis reports. welcome to the live hotel and medicare capsule and tanana river these days people chicken to do just that live it's one of many hotels and schools that are now makeshift hospitals as medicare is fragile health system is buried under thousands of new cases. we have the virus which is the south african
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variant and the 2nd wave this variant also triggers more severe reactions has to increase of death in madagascar. madagascar a country of 27000000 people had escaped the worst of the pandemic since e outbreak began it has recorded 31000 cases and 538 deaths but 4000 of those cases came this week more than 800 on saturday. we came here yesterday and there were still places available but now it's almost full . earlier this month medic ask is president andre rodger alina reluctantly joined the world health organizations kovacs program to procure vaccines he had 40 against them the leaving a herbal tonic made from the n.t. malarial plant a militia was a cure he dubbed it covert organics and last year ordered the military to deliver
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it to vulnerable residents he even exported thousands of doses to more than a dozen african nations the world health organization says there's no proof it's effective still it is in high demand. so far medicines are free except when they are out of stock you have to buy them elsewhere medicines are free when they still have stocks available. to madagascar this is new the fight is on to control the virus in hospitals hotel schools as they wait the vaccines to arrive at dulles al-jazeera. the number of refugees allowed into the united states this you will soon be increased from its historic low president joe biden had initially agreed to limit admissions to 15000 that's a cap set by his predecessor donald trump that was criticized by democratic lawmakers and refugee advocates probably in the white house to say a final increased cap would be set by mid may. castro is monitoring this story from
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washington heidi so there's been a lot of to and fro on this issue in the past 24 hours hasn't. there certainly has kim and originally when the white house announced on friday morning that it would keep the refugee admissions capped at the historic low set by the trouble ministration it was very surprising and it caused a lot of confusion because it had been president biden who pledged on the campaign trail and then as early as just february that he would increase the cap he said that it was against the humanitarian needs that trump hat was was in acting his native ist immigration policy and so there was an outcry among democratic lawmakers yesterday who said it was shameful for the biden ministration jury need on that promise and so we saw with an hour's time a dramatic reversal with the white house say actually they would allow more
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refugees to settle in the united states during this year however whether or not there will be $65500.00 which is the original figure that biden had promised that is still to be determined but how did you castro thanks for that update there. still to come here on al-jazeera back to school or off the course us parents action if the children don't return to the classroom fast enough. i'll tell you why is lisa a former interior minister has been ordered to stand trial on kidnapping charges. for the perfect gentleman. sponsored point qatar airways. we've got some rather unsettled weather making its way across japan at the moment it will brighten up as we go into the early part of next week so there is that wetter weather and at
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times wintry weather over the high ground that's making its way further north woods and east with some heavy downpours and no flurries there aim to hokkaido further south it's fine to settle a soccer 17 celsius 17 celsius to 4 so beijing time she's here at around 24 degrees plenty of dry weather hazy sunshine temperatures not going up a touch as we go on through monday quality always an issue here of course 20 celsius that the soul as well will see highs of around 22 when tokyo by monday warm sunshine coming through some pleasant weather by this stage but we pushed further south where it is not quite as pleasant we have super typhoon making its way towards the philippines in place to say that it does not look likely to make landfall as we go on through the next couple of days winds of around 240 kilometers per hour could get up there up to 50 over the next 24 hours or so it's moving pretty quickly and it looks a lot it's just not just way further north woods as we go on through the next day
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or so so will let me get close to that eastern side of the philippines should stay offshore but some very big waves that many. qatar airways the climate has changed every year for millions of years decades of talk but little action it's all about just create confusion to create smoke and mirrors the shocking truth about how the climate debate has been systematically subverts of the oil industry was a main bankroller or opposition aquatic to campaign against the climate do you think that's a bad thing more choo-choo that was true if you could see absolutely. 0.
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you're watching al jazeera reminder of our top stories this hour 3000000 people have now died of covert 19 around the world the experts say the true number of deaths is likely much higher. brazil has the world's highest daily death toll just under 3000 the health ministry is urging women to delay pregnancy if possible as it appears variants are more dangerous to expectant mothers. india has the highest number of new cases in the world 200000 have been reported for the 3rd day in a boat the capital new delhi is the worst hit city and a weekend lockdown has been reimposed. most the us schools that were closed during the pandemic have begun allowing students back to the classroom for at least some in person learning but it's not happening fast enough for some parents who say their children's physical and mental health is suffering but taking government
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officials to court chris and salumi has more. it's been a grueling school year for 17 year old mitchell gilman with his basement bedroom serving as his classroom he admits it's been hard to stay motivated during virtual learning it was definitely a challenge not quite knowing my teachers this fear of not being in a classroom and sitting inside your house day after day. of the fun part of school is going in and socializing with your friends has extra curricular activities like basketball are happening but is a little bit more monotonous. less stuff to do and while new york city's secondary schools recently reopened time actually in the classroom is limited his mother got worried when he started sleeping more and eating less is he really excited about learning no he's not in the laboratory he's not in the hallways he's not in the
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cafeteria at school he's not engaged in school. time that's why parents like her in new york new jersey and los angeles are taking school officials to court in new york and on line campaign raised nearly $25000.02 pay attorney general or megace to represent them or the safest places for children he blames teachers unions not safety concerns for ongoing reopening delays which he says are putting children at risk there have been some kids who have committed suicide the kids are depressed they want to go back and it's not only going back to school they want to engage in their extracurricular activities whether it's sports or chess club or whatever it may be they want to go back to normalcy a c.d.c. study shows emergency room visits for mental health related issues among older children rose more than 30 percent at the height of the pandemic. in response to the lawsuit new york's mayor argues that almost all city schools like michel's are
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open for in person learning but parents point out that most students are only allowed to attend part time and even when they're in the classroom they are on the line often learning from a teacher who is that whole. unions point to poor ventilation and overcrowded conditions as safety concerns unique to city schools as for mitchell who attends a public performing arts school there's more spring in his steps and stance instructions resumed it's the one class he's able to do in person his family and others are pushing for all classes to be in person by autumn kristen salumi al-jazeera new york the united nations. nuclear watchdog says iran is enriching uranium at 60 percent purity confirming earlier statements from tehran it comes as members of the 2050 nuclear deal continue efforts to revive the agreement in vienna which former u.s. president donald trump pulled out from european and russian negotiate is a positive about progress and ahead of the iranian delegation says talks are on the
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right track the following along it seems a new understanding is in the offing all sides have a commonality in the a final objective the path that we have to pay if it's now clear as we have said many terms and interested in protected negotiations but talks are needed to shed light on all discussions in the trolley talks will continue we think talks are now at a point where all sides concede and begin trough the new joint don't commit and it can start even though it least in areas that the 2 sides of common ideas. is a senior fellow at the national iranian american council she joins us from los angeles by skype thank you for joining us here on al-jazeera what's your take on how negotiations are really going on both from what the arabian deputy foreign minister had to say there but also from the fact that iran is now enriching uranium at 60 percent purity. well i think we have to separate the enrichment issue from
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going to go chieftains issue and the reason for that is the 60 percent enrichment was a direct reaction to the attack on that sounds to the nuclear facility are not tons and so while you have the international community the p 5 plus one you have the united states and iran trying to return to the deal there are still those parties it appears to be that this is another sabotage attack by israel there are still those parties who are opposed to the deal and so they are still continuing to use methods of sabotage to undermine the deal but iran is quite serious about returning to the deal and if we do so obviously under the obligations of the deal iran would not enrich at 60 percent it will come back down to $3.00 what are the likely sticking points do you think and getting at hair insta the deal from all sides i think you know from the u.s. perspective it's a little bit murkier from the iranian perspective returning to compliance is fairly straightforward you know it's
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a matter of how much uranium they have how much at what level they can rich on the u.s. side the trump sanctions were intended to undermine biden's ability to return to the deal and this is precisely something i believe the biden ministration understands and we've seen that language from iran special envoy rob malley as well as from the state department saying that the united states understands that in order to return to compliance sanctions that are inconsistent with the deal would have to be lifted and so i think that's the area that you see deputy foreign minister i don't she talking about when he says you know there are still some differences but that's the idea that they're trying to work through to actually get to the place where iran is getting the economic relief that it was promised tony through the timing of this how time sensitive these negotiations. well if you look at the fact that iran has an election in june there quite times that's right you have the rouhani administration which staked its claim on the deal itself and
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clearly wants to return to the deal when you don't know what you're going to get come jim on top of that if you're on e. and c. sanctions relief before the election that can actually impact the election itself. thank you for that for sharing your time your analysis there are. they are saying fellow at the national iranian american council thank you thank you for having me. ukraine is expelling a russian diplomat after a ukrainian diplomat was detained in st petersburg russia accuses all xander salsa look of trying to obtain classified information ukraine rejects the allegations which come at a time of increasing tensions russian troops have been amassing along ukraine's border charles trafford has more from kiev. he was detained by the f.s.b. on april the 16th is accused of trying to acquire information from russian databases. basically gathering intelligence now the ukrainians have come out in the
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last hour or so and have made a similar statement. they said that in response to the what they call the provocation the senior diplomat of a russian of the russian embassy will also be expelled from ukraine within 72 hours from april the 19th. we called the ministry of foreign affairs here they seem to be some sort of confusion he was described as the senior diplomat we've now got i clarified that he is a senior russian diplomat that the koreans will also be expelling 'd the ukrainian statement went on to say that we completely reject the accusations against the consular officer such actions grossly violate the vienna convention on diplomatic relations of $963.00 and reaffirm russia's chosen course of aggravation with ukraine of course this comes with this huge russian military deployment that's happened in the last couple of weeks up to what's believed to be
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around 100000 russian troops on the ukrainian border the russians saying that this is just a military exercise and pose no threat world leaders and nato saying urging russia to withdraw those troops. the czech republic is expelling 18 russian diplomats in a case related to an explosion at an ammunition depo the prime minister says unequivocal evidence points to russian involvement in the $25.00 to 2014 blast which killed 2 people the chant foreign minister added that they the 18 embassy staffers have been identified as russian spies and ordered to leave the country immediately. china is urging the united states and japan to stop meddling in its domestic affairs and harming its interests the message came after the u.s. and japan issued a joint statement expressing concern over issues like hong kong. and the south china sea china's foreign ministry says it has indisputable sovereignty of islands
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in the south china sea and said hong kong and jin chiang are its own affairs and italian court has ordered former interior minister back yourself to stand trial for refusing to let a migrant ship dock in sicily 2 years ago and salvini who is the leader of italy's anti immigration policy insists he did nothing wrong challenge as well for several weeks in 2019 the open arms bogged down to the hot sun of a sicilian summer on board around 100 mostly african migrants italy didn't want them but nor did any other european states then italian interior minister. wouldn't let the rescue ship dark until european leaders relented and took the migrants in to his dismay an italian judge has just ruled salvini must stand trial for the migrants kidnapping. to be taken from a kidnapper absolutely not the idea is simply ridiculous it's simply ridiculous i'm
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sorry for my children who have to explain to them that the dog doesn't risk going to prison to morrow morning that next week saturday god willing i'll be at the playground with them i'm sorry about this. and his auntie immigration league party had prevented several migrant boat landings clashing with italy's court system n.g.o.s like open arms and the e.u. and other similar 2nd case is still awaiting a judge's decision on whether it will go to trial. recently salvia me and right wing populist politicians from hungary and poland have been setting up a new nationalist political force within the e.u. but a conviction could see salving be jailed for 15 years and barred from holding office the open arms trial begins in sicily's capital palermo on september the 50 rai chalons al-jazeera the u.s. state department is ordering all non-essential personnel out of its embassy in chad
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saying the security situation there is deteriorating the warning comes following reports of rebels making their way toward the capital and to mina from the north chad's military says operations against the rebel threat are still ongoing britain's prince philip has been laid to rest at windsor castle just outside of london joke of edinburgh died at the age of $99.00 last week it was a rose have a low key affair with attendance kept to a minimum because of covered 19 restrictions the fuck has more from which there. are moments of pared back pageantry within the confines of windsor castle prince philip 70 years of royal duty spanned the globe but his final journey was short on the back of a specially modified land rover the prince him self had a role in designing is naval cap and offices sort of place on top. who king behind the coffin is 4 children prince charles prince hassan princes andrew and edward
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together with his grandsons prince william and prince harry with their cousin peter phillips between them. it is the brother's 1st meeting since the dispute about harry and megan models decision to step back from royal duty and the couple's tell all interview with oprah winfrey. lining the routes senior members of britain's armed forces or knowing prince philip's career in the royal navy where he commanded a ship. the funeral service began with a minute's silence queen elizabeth cutting a lonely figure in the pews of st george's chapel far apart from the rest of her family wearing a mask throughout before the pandemic there were plans for 800 guests but only 30 carefully chosen royals and representatives were allowed to attend no grand
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eulogies or big speeches the duke of edinburgh regarded buckingham palace in central london as his office and windsor castle as his home there's a longstanding tension between members of the royal family his public and private lives as representatives of the 1000 year old british monarchy ironically it was prince philip who 1st invited cameras into the royal household in the one $960.00 s. the family has remained under immense media scrutiny ever since even during times of personal grief. or our as the prince's body was moved to the royal vault memories of years of public duty and charitable work a legacy muddied by a catalogue of jarring remarks some saw as racist and sexist the put him in olds with modern britain at a time when the royal family has been struggling to retain relevance for many
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prince philip has remained for more than 70 years is a symbol of stability loyalty to his wife queen elizabeth and continuity in changing times parts of the very fabric of british identity leave barca al-jazeera winsor. this is there and these are the top stories 3000000 people have now died of covert 19 around the world the experts say the true number of deaths is likely much higher . india has the highest number of new cases in the world more than 200000 have been reported for the 3rd day in a row. brazil has the world's highest daily death toll at just under 3000.


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