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and if that is my family but are the. majority of these legal research talk about just good hardworking people that want to live the american dream like our ancestors these are going to refugees are terrified that they may be forced to return to myanmar. india records more than 200000 coronavirus cases for a 4th day in a row the capital new delhi is on the weekend locked up. under study in brazil as the virus is killing more babies and children. again peter will be here in doha you're watching al-jazeera also coming up following a public outcry the u.s. president joe biden confirms he'll raise his predecessor's low cap on refugees.
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building opportunities we look at how a school in kabul is educating deaf children despite a lack of resources. 3000000 people have died of curb it 19 worldwide though experts say the actual number of deaths is likely to be much higher india is recording the fastest rising cases and for a 4th day in a row it's reporting more than 200000 new infections and it remains the 2nd worst affected country after the united states priyanka gupta now reports. on the outskirts of new delhi's ancient walled city a young man buries his father. a few meters away a steady stream of mourners carry bodies of their loved ones in the capital's largest graveyard for muslims. it's now on wistful families speak of their
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anger and despair as a day to keep piling up in the city's mortuaries. people are being made to run around but they're not letting anyone meet patients people are desperate even for drinking water over there doctors are not meeting the patients they are keeping their distance and if someone's oxygen finishes and that person is simply lying there an attendant. you delhi has imposed a weekend curfew and there are restrictions in one of india's most populous states my rashtriya to slow infection rates in the west had treatments but reports of shortages of hospital beds medicine and oxygen have led to more fears. i'm very very scared the situation is terrifying if i wasn't in essential work or i wouldn't have left my house at all no one should go out but there's no social distancing here pulling boots in some of the most politically charged regional elections cramped. up there what can we do unless people try to protect themselves how much
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can we do that's why i stood behind a line thinking i would try to manage and control the crowd but nobody listened. some are blaming petitions for holding large election rallies. on one hand over 1000 cases arising and leaders are doing rallies where they and their supporters are not even wearing masks this is something to think about how people vote if they are not alive to do it. for days hundreds of thousands of hindus have been gathering at camilla an important religious festival increasing concerns of more infections now prime minister in the movie is urging worshippers to keep the festival symbolic amid criticism of the government's handling of the operate there calls to scale up vaccinations and impose tougher restrictions the for a 2nd wave of the virus in the world's 2nd worst affected nation gets even worse.
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brazil has the highest in the world almost 3000 have lost their lives in the past 24 hours and a new study is warning more babies and children are dying in brazil because of the virus here's. night burials have become the norm and so paolo's mean cemetery as grave diggers struggle to keep up with bodies piling up more than a quarter of the world's coronavirus that's recorded last week were in brazil with new variants proving more contagious in dangerous. health officials are even asking women to delay pregnancies their condition. at this moment of the pandemic hilt when we see there is a difficult situation in maternity wards because of the situation that's happening in maternity wards he should be evaluated as like what happened with the stars and 6 if possible we recommend delaying pregnancy and to a more suitable moment so you can have your pregnancy in
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a more peaceful way. meanwhile a new study says corona virus in brazil is affecting an alarmingly high number of babies in children who stepped all could be 3 times more than official estimates. and hospitals are running out of beds in crucial drugs for patients. and their national aid organizations say the brazilian government of j. you're also matter a pandemic the nih here is to blame for thousands of avoidable deaths this disease needs to be taken seriously by the authorities. this morning and they need help. there is no national centrally coordinated that fisi interests. if a certain measures which we have seen working in other contexts like limiting. movements and activities waiting mosques and promoting physical. and increased hygiene measures i did not implement. i bet even in countries with more stringent
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restrictions in place new variants are driving major surges ingrowing dissent i think on this capital bogota where a new total lockdown has been imposed on weekends small shop owners and street vendors took to the streets in protest no thought at all. we go hungry every time we close and go into quarantine i am a humble worker i still do so on the streets that's what i live from i don't have anyone to help me or. similar scenes in argentina a country reporting the highest number of infections since the start of the pandemic. parents and children protested outside the presidential palace after president i'll bet a fisherman this announced schools will be shut again for 2 weeks. but hospitals on the brink of collapse government say they have no choice but to impose new stay at home orders and other restrictions and with just
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a fraction of latin americans backs united and a shortage in supplies there will be many more months before things will improve alexandra. canada's biggest province ontario is expanding and extending a stay at home or exports one covert infections that could rise 6 fold the police are being given new powers to stop and question people who've left their homes non-essential travel is banned the province reported almost 5000 new cases on friday we know that if we. hang in there own crew down and follow the rules for the coming weeks as much as we're tired of them as much as we're frustrated we have a chance of getting to the summer in much better shape this is a moment for us to dig deep at what is hopefully the very late stages of this pandemic for a saw and make it through it's time to show our
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neighbors and our loved ones what we're all made of as we keep people safe meanwhile fed up with the latest restrictions protesters took to the streets of toronto on saturday to vent their anger. and to lock down demonstrators carried various signs denouncing the government's latest move the ontario premie a doug ford has been increasingly under pressure for mishandling the provinces pandemic response critics say mr ford abandoned a previous stay at home order too soon allowing the current spike in cases to happen robert steiner is a professor and spokesman for the ontario qubit 19 signs advisory table he says government should start paying sick people to stay home to help reduce the spread of the virus. i must say we're quite impressed anecdotally that people are you know after
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a year of this under great strain and terry and canadians actually are doing most of them are doing the right thing it's hard to comply and that's no different in canada than it is anywhere else but a lot of folks are doing the right thing the kinds of things that are frustrating people now are there are some some simple measures we need to take in canada and around the rest of the world the evidence shows that if you paid sick people to stay home essential workers they will stay home and and stop the spread that is a way to stop the spread instructs that is not happening in ontario the other thing that we've been very clear about on a scientific basis seen here in the rest of the world is that it is much safer to be outside than inside of the government yesterday came out and actually said that police would start ticketing people if they were outside with people other than in their own households that has put a lot of fear into a lot of folks particularly racialized communities who've had bad experiences with over policing we have an elected government fortunately in this country at elected orders of government and so you know the the provincial captain it is he's giving
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the orders but i think the police are rightly looking at this and saying we don't quite understand i can't speak for the police but i think they're they're saying quite rightly we don't understand the legal basis on which we could do this in from a scientific point of view it's not clear that that would have any effect of even. you know aggressing a lot of people who frankly are probably on their way to work in central businesses and the other things that we haven't closed enough business canada's characteristic is that we try to sort of always come to a balance decisions one of the good things about this country it's why we're less polarized than a lot of other places unfortunately cobi it does not allow for balance it's sort of like a forest fire you can't take a balanced approach to a forest fire you have to hit the forest fire and so our efforts to take a balanced approach however well intended continue to put us on the back foot. people are protesting in the u.s. state of minnesota for a 7th tonights against the police shooting of a 20 year old black man big fences have been put up around a police station in brooklyn center where demonstrators have rallied for the last
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week officer kim has been charged with 2nd degree manslaughter after fatally shooting dante right during a traffic stop it prompted a debate over whether the charge goes far enough the u.s. president joe biden has confirmed the number of refugees allowed into the u.s. this year will soon be increased from its current historic low mr biden had initially agreed to limited missions 215008 cap set by his predecessor donald trump that was criticized by democrats and refugee advocates prompting the white house to say a final increased cap would be set by the middle of may but it's likely to fall short of 862000 target biden set just a few months ago. is a senior u.s. advocate of refugees international she says biden's approach to the matter has been disappointing and confusing. the president promised in february and consulted with congress about essentially tripling the number of jewish $62500.00
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refugees for this fiscal year and then sort of backtrack there's also a long delay if this is what the president was planning on doing it's not clear why he delayed so long and flights were delayed flights people had rescued had to get off flights because of the delay in mentioning this so it's a bit confusing obviously groups like mine refugees international is going to try to keep the president to his promise to to raise that cap come may but there are a least 30000 people i'm ready you know vetted by us g.i.'s the parts of the partisans apartment of homeland security that sort of insurers and vests are refugees overseas and then there are almost 70000 refugees it's already in the pipeline at different stages so there are way over 15000 ready to go and so we hope is that the biden mr ation really quickly hits this 15000
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cap you know within but hopefully by may and then right. still to come here on al-jazeera. i get emotional for this day when i talk about it. it's in my it's in my blood i feel such a connection i don't ask for a returns why people are choosing to leave europe and america in favor of kate. we're all over. her. and queen elizabeth bids farewell to prince philip the husband of 73 years that a scaled back funeral attended by 30 guests. however got some very warm weather across the middle east over the next couple of days a k.
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i know that's no great shock but it is warm me for this pos of the world northern areas in particular 27 celsius the full pay rate but a $34.00 in damascus in a similar valley there into jerusalem destroy and it's hot and that hot weather pushes across into iraq baghdad is getting close to 40 degrees celsius further south is not quite as warm as that ironically 35 celsius here on sunday although we could see highs of 38 by monday at his back that touching 40 celsius by then and by right up to 35 degrees plenty of warmth around across much of the region over the next couple of days further south they still about the hazy sunshine and stretches down across the northeastern corner of africa will see some very high temperatures to just towards see a horn of africa somewhere so whether they're just around the ethiopian islands central and southern parts of ethiopia since some shop showers i shall is going to eastern areas of kenya well in parts of tanzania those showers stretching all the way across into the gulf of guinea more big downpours coming in that was the
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weather will stretch its way towards northern areas of maison. bake south of that sis wall dry and sunny. but. when the covert 19 pandemic hit iran and. a filmmaker cut adrift from his crew began documenting life under lockdown amid on growing international sanctions. an intimate portrayal of isolation in one of the world's least understood countries coronavirus locked down iran people in power on a. former .
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you're watching al-jazeera reminder of our top stories this half hour 3000000 people have died of covert 19 worldwide india is recording the fastest rising cases the 1st time it's reported more than a quarter of a 1000000 infections in one day. brazil has the highest daily death toll in the world just under $3002.00 died in the last 24 hours and a new study is warning more babies and children are dying in brazil because of the virus. they're being processed for a 7th straight night in the u.s. state of minnesota against the police shooting of a 20 year old black man uptick in potter has been charged with 2nd degree manslaughter after fatally shooting dante right during a traffic stop. the united nations nuclear watchdog says iran is enriching uranium at 60 percent purity confirming earlier statements from tehran it comes as members
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of the 2015 nuclear deal continue efforts to revive the agreement in vienna which the former u.s. president donald trump pulled out of the e.u. and russia negotiators a positive about the progress and the head of the iranian delegation says the talks are on the right track that we have the phenomenon it seems a new understanding is in the offing all sides have a commonality in the a final objective the part that we have to peg is now clear iraq as we have said many times and interested in protected negotiations by talks and needed to shed light on all discussions in naturally talks will continue within talks and now at a point where all sides concede and begin shafting a joint don't command it can start even now at least in areas that the 2 sides of common ideas. the united states and china have agreed to make stronger pledges on climate change ahead of the forthcoming talks another round of international climate discussions will be held later this year both countries want to introduce their new commitments before then the u.s.
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and china say they'll focus on energy storage carbon capture and hydrogen thailand's government has confirmed the chief of me and mas military will attend the summit in indonesia next week there has been a worldwide condemnation of february's coup politicians opposed to the jointer are formed a national unity government which includes ousted members of parliament young leaders of anti coup protests and ethnic minorities security forces have killed more than $700.00 people since the coup on the 1st of february turney chang is monitoring developments from thailand. we know that they don't want to give the nations any put extra reason to be critical when the as u.n. leaders meet in jakarta next weekend nonetheless i don't think they'll be anticipating a huge amount of criticism i don't think minong gentleman online would be going if he thought there was going to be much there hasn't been in the past frankly in the
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last 2 months there hasn't been very much criticism particularly from the countries that count to myanmar particularly in fact thailand where i am right now they've been very quiet they seem to be in very close contact with the military leaders across the border and they were the ones that confirmed they would be attending i think there are also other reasons why we're seeing less information information is coming out of me and mom very slowly now there are all sorts of internet restrictions in place not just the overnight shutdown of the internet but roll bands on on mobile internet on wife i so only those people who were able to get fiber connections can get information that we're finding out information much more slowly the military also seem to be refining their tactics somewhat they seem to be going after a very specific targets protest leaders former politicians youth group leaders people who've been posting about these protests on social media but there
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is also we have seen in the last 24 hours brought condemnation from within me and mar the fact that many onli is going to be going to this meeting and brought condemnation of the countries to appear to be adding legitimacy to his his coup government. in afghanistan children with disabilities face many challenges in completing their education when he schools struggle to provide textbooks and other materials because of a lack of a supports and awareness but that hasn't stopped one institution from providing hope and opportunity for deaf children really a contraflow he reports from kabul. on the the words here are silent but the classrooms are full of life and for these children just coming here during a war has not been easy. here i hope there will be peace in afghanistan once so be peace the situation will be better and will be coming to
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school without any fear to continue our studies. in afghanistan one of the poorest countries in the world people with disabilities are stigmatized most of the time they're simply shand support and education services are extremely limited so schools like this one for deaf children allow them to experience something approaching a normal life. i'm also asking the government to create more school like this when we graduate we want to get normal jobs like other people. we keeping this one going is a constant struggle 5 years ago there were 350 children here this year there are more than 600 enrolled but as the numbers grow so do the needs in a survey published in march the afghanistan independent human rights commission said almost 4500000 afghans live with disabilities and
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11 percent increase in the past 14 years. for an organization supported the school in the past but across afghanistan international aid has dwindled nevertheless awareness about. he slowly growing says fatah now who has been teaching deaf children for more than 20 years said they are void of the level of awareness in all societies very low maybe 50 percent of the people don't know that disabled people also have abilities that they can lend and how far they can go in learning but the people and society treat the disabled like they're crazy they think they are mentally unfit as you witnessed these children have special abilities and these abilities need to be used to educate them which is a huge need for them. of the school are equally big there is a lack of teaching material and books and no money to buy them anyway and there is
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no more space for students the government confirmed to al-jazeera the budget is limited and cannot address the demands of the school. lot us this is the area where everyone and everything is connected and in this era we're not even able to have drinking water at a school we're going to our neighbors and we bring the water for these children especially during the summer this is called making sacrifices for us. the staff say they will continue no matter the lack of resources in a few weeks this room will become the school's nursery and for the 1st time 20 deaf afghan babies will be able to know another world other than that of complete silence contraflow. kabul the family of the man who killed 8 people at a fed ex plants in the u.s. city of indianapolis has apologized to the victims' families the 19 year old gunman
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killed himself later 4 of the victims were from the sikh community. and this time again just want to reiterate that all public reporting is and the investigation has not confirmed a motive in any way shape or form and that being said it's very difficult for a community not to feel targeted and especially given the violence that we have endured for so long after so many decades. government says more people are emigrating to the small island country of the need leaving it political stability is appealing to african migrants and members of a diaspora who are choosing to return nicholas hawke reports from mindell or on the island of salvation to anchored in the harbor of cape verde the island of silva sente is the vessel of return for architect a d.m. me this is much more than a floating music studio it's a call to africans whether in the diaspora our african-americans to return home to the continent designed by nigerian financed by amalia and located in keep bird it's
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a tribute to african contemporary design and a window into the future. or well the water it's a fluid environment it's so fluid space you know we have to learn to live with water instead of fighting with it we see it. also as a vessel of return for people in the african diaspora and as a place to. write we're not it says of the african continent once a country ravaged by famines and drought 46 years after independence the small island nation is one of africa's fastest growing economies attracting but african migrants who are choosing keep bird over a life in europe and the diaspora are returning to their homeland among them julia monies from the east coast of the united states she has built a business helping african-americans and keep virgins we located to the islands i never felt. that i was truly home until i moved out of it and i get emotional
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to this day when i talk about it but it's in my it's in my blood i feel such a connection where i feel at peace here. is no longer poor but a stable middle income country with a young and educated population a key demographic for opposition leader hofner armada looking to make history for a party the african party for the independence of the bird who wins the legislative election she will become the youngest and 1st female prime minister in keep bird she has made youth employment and attracting the cape verdean diaspora a priority and often but then we have. to prevent care if there is to move in the 10 years and the huge just we have become what we are today thanks to their financial contribution skilless and nolli they transmitted to us by
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12 countries. these ones uninhabited islands where slaves were shipped off to the americas have 145 years later become a nation that welcomes design and creativity to the continent to me the vessel of return isn't in vain for africans to imagine and invent their own future nicholas hawke al-jazeera. the u.s. state department is ordering all non-essential personnel out of its embassy in chad saying the security situation there is deteriorating the warning comes following reports of armed rebels making their way towards the capital into mina from the north chance military says operations against the rebels are still ongoing. there's been another night of violence in occupied east jerusalem over pandemic restrictions during the holy month of ramadan. new rules forbidding muslim worshippers from gathering at one of the main gates in the
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old city sparked anger israel says it is who 10000 permits for vaccinated palestinians to enter the area for prayers. britain's prince philip has been laid to rest in the royal vault at windsor castle that you could have died at the age of 99 last week only 30 close for all family members were able to attend the private ceremony because of covert restrictions prince philip was the u.k.'s longest serving worldcom sort after being married to queen elizabeth for more than 73 years general david leakey is formally a british military commander who knows well family event protocol he says the duke spent many years planning his funeral. he wanted it to be a mixture of the things that mattered in his life so he wasn't after the state ceremonial pomp but he wanted celebrated at his funeral the things which were closest to him and those were the military and there was plenty
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of military in evidence today the royal horse artillery the navy the air force the regiments and the army of which he had been an honorary colonel or colonel commandant so those were very much features and secondly he wanted. a celebration of his faith and we saw that in the funeral service in st george's some very poignant readings and prayers and thirdly we saw in formality that he liked in his life and in fact his sense of humor as well so not for him a gun carriage for his funeral for his coffin not for him a large black shiny her sweet glass windows covered in flowers know what he designed was an old landrover converted to carry his coffin and and that was the in formality and and in
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a way the way in which he he approached life from a pragmatic down to earth very personal very individual and often very informal he wasn't stuffy person he had a sense of humor twinkle and a great closeness to people and. in formality which disarmed people and for which he had a great reputation. 530 g. the. top stories 3000000 people have died of curb it 19 around the world india is recording the fastest rising cases the 1st time it's reported more than a quarter of a 1000000 infections in one day over 1500 deaths were also recorded on sunday india and.


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