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tv   People Power Coronavirus Lockdown - Iran  Al Jazeera  April 18, 2021 8:30am-9:01am +03

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and that was the in formality and and in a way the way in which he he approached life from a pragmatic down to earth very personal very individual and often very informal he wasn't stuffy person he had a sense of humor twinkle and a great closeness to people and. in formality which disarm people and for which he had a great reputation. 530 g. these are your top stories 3000000 people have died of covert 19 around the world india is recording the fastest rising cases the 1st time it's reported more than a quarter of a 1000000 infections in one day over 1500 deaths were also recorded on sunday india and it remains the 2nd worst affected country after the united states brazil has
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the highest daily death toll in the world just under 3000 a known to have died in the past 24 hours and a new study is warning more babies and children are dying in brazil because of the virus international aid groups of brazil's government is to blame for thousands of avoidable deaths. this brick morning and they need help there is normal centrally coordinated that fisi interest this but that if is are most which we have seen working in other it's like limiting movement cecile are movements and activities waiting mosques oprah or the physical is that seeing increased crowds in measures i do not implement. ringback. there being protests against coronavirus restrictions in canada's most populous province on terriers expanding and extending a stay at home order as the number of cases there continues to rise process to for
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a 7th day straits night in the u.s. state of minnesota against the police shooting of a 20 year old black man officer kim potter has been charged with 2nd degree manslaughter after fatally shooting dawn to write string a traffic stop. u.s. president joe biden promising to raise the limit on the number of refugees allowed into the united states he is performing a u. turn and he's backtracking on a decision to maintain a cap of $15000.00 people per year that was imposed by his republican critics of course on. the united nations nuclear watchdog says iran is enriching uranium at 60 percent purity confirming earlier statements from the government in tehran it comes as members of the 2050 nuclear deal continue efforts to revive the agreement in vienna which the former u.s. president donald trump pulled out all of those are your headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after people and power i will have a summary for you in 30 minutes us either. so a 3 year investigation into the pro-gun lobby has been employing it was moving to
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go to really. reveal secret see what messaging out there i mean people out there who you know. and connections some don't want exponents many in legacy media. mass shooting. documents like night al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre on al-jazeera. that only 2020 was the covert 19 pandemic was breaking we all still make a jump should know to dottie to document life in the loft in his native iran the result was an intimate portraits of isolation in one of the world's least understood countries one year old with iran facing a 4th wave of the pandemic where showing his film again and have been finding out
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what happened said. there was a shot but then as if we knew that it was. either secure if we knew that was on the money you could put us into your book how to go to the funding to. sign up for members of that in this book but your mother you have not heard back. thank you for the 1st order you did ever. put in with that everybody can read them who are they going to call home around them and look for you. even if you have
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mum house. if one. could ever get over you know more about him or her mother. so little that the she does it and knows he was not there so you get a feel. for. this the manager and she demanded that he has seen so the most that in a measured look you know. that he can see a better man with many more than the music but i know that he or she will fix it should he get them to be useful i think just tell us. your marriage and hold. it up a covert people there just write it will join up with this will go out but i. already have i'll show you a quote on our. behalf case about it that you be sure is our montana.
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mr howe memorandums in the game and thus we should have you know to show. i will submit how you feel a lot of asked me to put. out how can i call some people from the washroom but i but after the teacher. to listen to you take a listen. to this. someone told me that had to be a mother but that is to do with another. because. i mean look at them this has to bear the years in the news where you. have anybody that you knew it was somebody to with a surprise that you could put up with them for the. sort of has an immeasurable before the visit of a set of city. would have been good if there were. going to enjoy your child
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by having to than. just put. on that list of all it. would be. the best in the game and. that is ruth's whole you know that. she's equal. to more autonomy and.
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i could just. be. i mean. they. all think you're going the thing is. going to be a common i don't want to quote i'm not even here. how did that nearly but it was the even pushing. that he had that they needed a little bit of us to get. up. here. because. you need to have
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a good good. good look at the top of the not i think you. still. might. come with it on the body with a low voice and that will be a. kind of to sneak in but i have to talk with amenities and i was going to be with him but how much it'll be superficial because to be subtle was the sort of i'm not sure if i asked the judge you go on a 15 year. old loser would. be sure i mean. you know it was behind me those of. the shooting. folks in the bill for me because i know this for their part i have
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lived with. my not my book. i know you say canada. used to say kids would say it is why as i said before you. and i know good homes.
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when the bad. chill moment the minute you most of us the. most of the new. genetically related to the. badly mobutu sykora not the mom daddy i know you do about tennis court on a dating show one at 80. the more you only hope was sick tampa did. this issue that. you could have most of the them to get on that list with the notion that it doesn't snow.
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so well must. use one another. holding. the most of the best you can enjoy yourself. you must not must have some last christmas meal you don't even for my last week i was a dog we had. never. been to the horse meat of a fight in my younger years we didn't need the mobile broadband she was happy with our name for nothing if you should look at our feet off the dock when you told me to need to open the lot on those voices you call must tell us then bit by a moment someone was one of my mums i'm up. at about half i always tell you what
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you are already doing so concorde. has happened for the book and movie of all the bouncing ball could be fun to master class so yes i'm only concerned with the june issue that's for sure whether some of them go well imo the only. good which i much like it. if you put. up with you can still do you know it was only consistent with a lot of. american redeeming qualities that don't show from big numbers even more shocking is a 1000000 money. for the one who are leaders division to what extent and what number that's good was given out something similar. on the 3rd version of the race it. was not really. sure.
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what was. going to do for her and there was sort of. because of his of the. of the weather again i'm sure. it was with what he has to go off to observe. an issue of. what i didn't mention if you want to put it. another time that was another thing. that initiate a. missile or judaism one agendas i know in order. to do this more should have been misused to miss i went to jail 600 on this election
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no. left on my total wish that one to put the matter was yet to eject easy to judge when he. showed on a thursday that him on the i don't doubt that some i shot by a total out of a john everybody thought. but i do have enough of it as i am but then i was so much moved to love being the way to be that john official guys that stood up and sought solace just no use i got him out of the business it's just know you played sorely missed this neighborhood will not have missed it's likely going to come joe might have asked me if the but the high said upon just enough itis to.
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legalize the 3 gun pool because you couldn't bear that a 1000000 will the time. and the time it had no year. in there that you could see. a lot was going to. he truly was a golden time for the it was all to. do is akin to me going to the if i have the. chair hotrods. mr i know a good home for the. nothing she didn't get into the. way to deal. with you know what. is for the show or quit or lower shabelle cooking a good bit. if 71 is choking little bit with you yes it was so that it but to me she should have put it with a little. shock that i'd see this
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bamako sition just want to be in the. sand. box. that he should egypt i mean you didn't have him in the midst of the whole year civil war with shellfish. the he looked at me and said that such a. look she. had. this i. was told it. can't hurt to know when it. should have no one because unemployment you feel this
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is going to me feel bigger than. a look at janie. was really just a game until september that should let you get into. they're going to finally get it out to the general yes we need. somebody to get. there. who initially getting that to my little yeah who's good who's a good dad was a good one of the next only good night for mitt romney. all right although he may get only a few kids you need to get a few and he'd be kind of. good about where they could be going to death in the 1st
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week you should then i think should. just. tunes again. yeah. you're right. home. is suddenly you know the bus is a public shop to see how i have because i want to 25.
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so i think this will be. calling the. shots for you. so. so you have in them. in the us that unless they're. on something that you know. should motivation. clutch. huge change.
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see. it's. just. it's only a matter of the hash better you made in that you don't excel in a reporter title tome ever all but that was followed by matt nothing yet but subtle mommy come back from both of the other.
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that's not kidnapping i'm going to how much you know how because behold but i mean what with after. my aunt had to make one of us have you don't know how i'm with i had a moment as a kid on the scene at the national it would have shown up that's. going to make me less than. a chip on your list just. told me that she cheated you should. not even be good to me and i would look at you without i'm buzzing with what out of this. madam to get because had been a shame but i knew it was tied up thanks for that i should give it to feel the way i think that's ahead in my combat a go ok. i
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don't. know. where you got em with the moment when you should let her. because you know i messed up quite a bit and my question is going to come create a close game. that's standing on the side of the climate. so i want to cook.
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to do this or that we're going. you know how do you. think if you have. a look. good morning it's good news for you on. how much is that a cup and should. a lot of civilians want that other course i even imagine. you can call other people. to whom you better get one in the bottom there is a truck or another home going to be your boom you know not going on and on about how much was because i'm an associate. mark on your mom susan who has nothing. more. you more missing on the side of the. daughters who misunderstood my thank you. we do not. know what it was horrible but a lot of the book. as it came out of the movie from one of the daughter of the mom
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on the confidential. was. doing nothing as the number of john. mccain there is. no you can do nothing wrong john. no you're just not you're john wooden mr o. could do a coke and. i didn't hear john in the movies or. should bet. is a misleader good thing. i said he shouted again one of the biggest and. the minutes of the i don't know what it's about i don't know.
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the meaning of the english or the i'm. sure. it was a little known but the name of the son of. each name on i mean. you name it and it's just it's a little. embryos tasneem giddy shortcake as beast was. about 18 or stone hard to shroud cast because hoddle mitch went on all cast a whole year more tell us at the reese. the shadowy to that effect if he legit wouldn't that have a chance with. this of the stone. circle on us.
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the whole story. the 2nd is give us whatever bush had anything he thinks with a bunch of those funny very often cardboard very durrani be subud to meet him and know the pain. foreseen being a bit was a bit. naming a number here that's common here when i'm on the phone with the bushman women and. you just think we can't them other than our. reading them on and on and haven't actually mom is not about. that mom and.
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since this film was made iran has reported more than 2000000 cases of covert 19 and around 65000 deaths today john should merge it out he is still unable to work and like many around the world he's seen family friends and colleagues full saic physicians fortune and patients and for children and the whole of cornelius have done a fairly good if you have in mind that the message of those who you know who are she's just very humble. shady for the most reaction in that he's issued. by then that hey at least all of now iran is akin. to date less than one percent of its 84000000 people have been vaccinated only he walks and that even . though he would have been home a module he pushes that with. just he just walks and.
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to see the woman that he don't do not want evokes and that she should as he has recently been worse than he said they were she needed one devoted heartless dog the only one who thought and who pushes. finland has committed to cutting its carbon emissions with the world's most ambitious reduction goal carbon neutrality in just 15 years now it's really time to actually get to and we can know it if we want to but 1st the nation must tackle the dirty legacy of a profitable fossil fuel industry and being an active emissions source people in power finland's climate warriors on a. plate important role in the.
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face. and again piece it all be here in doha with your top stories on al-jazeera 3000000 people have died of cope with 19 worldwide india is recording the fastest rising cases the 1st time it's reported more than a quarter of a 1000000 infections in one day more than 1500 deaths were also recorded on sunday india remains the 2nd worst affected country after the united states brazil has the highest daily death toll in the world just under $3002.00 have died in the last 24 hours and then.


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