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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 18, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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not to get the voices heard on the international news channel one they would all be very proud all was when we covered the nepal earthquake of 2050 a terrible natural disaster and the story that needed to be told from the heart of the affected area to be that to tell the people story was very important at the time. this is al jazeera. it's just 11300 hours g.m.t. here on al-jazeera hello i'm kemal santa maria welcome to the news hour india's covert 19 infections have risen to more than a quarter of a 1000000 a day searching well ahead of its capacity supposed to supply vaccines to the world's germany pays tribute to the nearly 80000 people have died of cope with 19
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as it struggles to contain new outbreaks also in the news the diplomatic standoff between or after the czech republic implicates russia in an explosion makes a link to 2 men charged 482018 poisoning attack in the u.k. striving for an education the community of deaf students in afghanistan succeeding in a time of war. and the m.p. to stand with the schools including another trophy for barcelona and kenya's marathon superstar. sends out a warning to me as rivals with a dominant victory ahead of the tokyo olympics. so south asia is emerging as the new epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic as infections in india surge with daily cases reaching record numbers this is what we're talking about more than 261000 new cases in the past 24 hours as well as
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1500 deaths with a highly contagious variant of the virus suspected also let's remember india is the world's largest vaccine manufacturers so exports of that vaccine are being delayed so they can prioritize the domestic population rising rapidly cases as well in thailand more than 1500 a day they're now anyone who test positive has been transferred to hospital or supervised. elation with no at home quarantine allowed any so let's start with thailand our correspondent tony chang who was able to visit one of these new isolation centers as it prepares to receive its 1st patients. this is the new code 19 field hospital at the bangkok arena in the west the thai capital one of 4 facilities has been set up to deal with the 3rd covert wave that's now hitting thailand all across the country and you can see the conditions are pretty basic they've got a cardboard carton here which is for easy disposal once the patient has been
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checked out after a mandatory 14 days some basic bedding a mosque eterna that will be strong across the top but it's very hot and humid here and when this is filled with 350 people it will not be very comfortable but there is no choice you cannot stay at home if you test positive if you're showing symptoms you'll be treated in hospital as people have been so far but they're now getting so many that they want to remove those people who are asymptomatic from the general population and keep them under supervision in places like this and this is happening all over the country cases arising by the thousands every day and while thailand has been very successful at dealing with covert 90 was the 1st country outside china to detect cases it's also now saying that it is not immune and there's the economic problem to consider as well thailand has protected itself by
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closing itself off it was very hopeful as were many people here that it will be able to open up to tourists later this year as vaccinations became common but the 3rd wave suggests it is not yet ready to open up and thailand's vaccination program is lagging behind with most people not able to register for vaccines until june this year. let's move on to germany which has been holding memorial events for those who died of covert 19 chance. well i'm going to merkel and president frank will to sign my were among those attending over 67 people died on sunday bringing the death toll to just under 80000 all up germany has recorded more than 3000000 cases stephanie deca in berlin for us today stephanie it was quite something wasn't watching those pictures the church service and then the main event very emotional very or steer in a country that has just struggled to get on top of this and
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is fighting to still do that very poignant yes church music classical music words from the president basically telling the families of those whose who've lost loved ones that they weren't alone and reminding people that you know as we always talk about the numbers that these are individuals and stories of tragedies and death and loss that are behind those numbers almost 80000 deaths due to the virus here in germany many of them over the age of 70 come all but as we know now specifically in this 3rd wave in germany a lot of young people getting into the hospital as well so a lot still to be done we also heard from some of the families of those who post away from the virus all very very sad and i think it's an important reminder as this country struggles to deal with the 3rd wave as the politicians bigger as to how best to deal with it chancellor angela merkel has for weeks try to impose strong lockdowns in germany germany is a decentralized system in the sense that the 16 states are in charge of their own
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health care policies so now what we have in the parliament which you can see behind me and also that you can see the flags flying at half staff because of the memorial today but they're trying to debate trying to pass a law that would give more powers to the central government to impose as lockdowns of the chancellor really wants because had such pushback at. right that's stephanie decker live in berlin for us stephanie thank you for that update in contrast israel where today from today people no only no longer need to wear their masters outside schools have been reopened and the latest sign of a gradual return to normal life masks were made mandatory a year ago to curb the spread of coronavirus but now they only need to be worn indoors israel's been able to wind back its restrictions because of a successful vaccination campaign with more than half the population getting both their shots history force in west jerusalem with more. another landmark reached in
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israel's response to the corona virus pandemic on sunday with the dropping of the outdoor mask mandate people are still being told to wear masks in indoor public spaces or if they gather very tightly together in large numbers outside but in settings like this you can dispense with the mask as well as that schools are now back to normal or catch feeling has now stopped class sizes can return to normal and for face to face teaching all of this been made possible of course by the tumbling case numbers at the height of the pandemic there are more than 9000 new cases a day on friday it was just over 100 and that of course been made possible by the vaccination campaign more than 5300000 israelis have had at least one dose that's 57.5 percent of the population with a further 1000000 people having had the disease recovered and therefore have immunity as well and need to. continue wearing it for at least 2 months until the world is making progress like us. but i think there's
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a reason to be happy that we no longer have to wear masks and this is a big success with the vaccination roll out. the memories of the worst of all this for the public and for health officials remain fresh and so there are warnings and caveats being attached to this recent round of success the coronavirus are full one is saying that israel has yet to reach the 75 percent of the population with a new unity that is required for herd immunity so that is a concern as well is that he's warning of possible new variance with a particular focus on one indian variant that has been detected at the airport recently on top of that the director of health at the health ministry has warned that children of course have not been vaccinated those under 16 with 20 percent of teachers also not being vaccinated so no one is yet saying that this crisis is entirely over but this is another day where there is a feeling of returning normality. but how different the situation is in since long
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before the pandemic of course they've had problems there. nothing short of a waste disposal crisis about 2 of the 3 landfills reached capacity 20 years ago now mountains of medical waste are growing that's going to reports a dented can of beans a scratched mobile phone case where some see rubbish the abate boys see money for food the brothers are 8 and 9 years old and admit they'd rather be playing football instead each day they help their unemployed father rummage through this mountain of filth. i am that. i'm going with my father to help him collect things like an 1000000 copper he needs me and my brother to help our kids about. this overflowing dump reached its capacity 20 years ago improperly disposed medical
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waste is among the rubbish putting at risk the health of the abate family and others who scavenge here and live nearby get emad abate doesn't think about that he is a father that needs to find his family of 8 their next meal alone about globally all of god the bush picked me and my children from disease because my goal to find and to still things to make money for my family i'm not afraid covert 19 has led to an increase in medical waste yet gaza doesn't have the staff for it there isn't enough money to put fuel in the rubbish trucks and the israeli and egyptian blockade is preventing donated trucks and equipment with the latest technology from entering. a comet helis chairman of the national institute for environment and development says even before the pandemic the medical waste crisis in gaza was catastrophic. aside
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from government hospitals there is no standardized protocol and coordination for the safe disposal of medical waste that comes from homes and other sectors. with gaza's 2 of 3 official landfills already full for years illegal dumping grounds have proliferated officials say political differences between fatah and hamas are worsening the problem and we have to to end the vision and to and i mean we have to strengthen the government when government and drama like a bag of the guys from it will make us more strong. the government is working with various groups to devise a plan phyllis would like to see children get paid to help recycle. until then the r.b.a. brothers room the rubbish dump hoping for their next good haul that might earn them as much as $6.00 natasha al-jazeera. and to make matters worse has announced
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a record number of new cases $466.00 plus $23.00 deaths in the last 24 hours the territory has received very few vaccine doses just 3 percent of the adult population in fact has been inoculated in the all of its i.c.u. beds are now in use and it is believed a highly contagious variant will variants fuelling the 2nd wave of infections. almost 12 minutes past the hour here is what is coming up a controversial plan in indonesia digging up the dead. to make way for a racetrack. now i get emotional for this day when i talk about it but. it's in my it's in my blood i feel such a connection here a diaspora return to why people are choosing to leave europe and america in favor of kate. and another trophy for leno messy thing is will he stay a bus alone or. he will be here with the action in spain.
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were moving on to other news the czech republic is briefing nato and e.u. allies about suspected russian involvement in a huge explosion it's linked to man charged for a separate poisoning attack in the u.k. 3 years ago the ammunition depot blast killed 2 people back in 2014 russian intelligence now implicated the czech republic is expelling 18 russian embassy staff check police say 2 men who were there before the blast had russian passports the names were alexander petrol and bush of now those aliases were used by the pair accused of poisoning the former russian spy it's so gross cripple and his daughter yulia in the u.k. back in 2018 russia's foreign ministry says the czech republic's allegations are absurd also has promised to take retaliatory measures for the expulsion of its diplomats calling it a provocative move so let's check in with our correspondents rory chalons in london
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in a moment to take us through that link 1st of all it's been at smith in moscow more russian reaction what are they saying. this is the biggest dispute between the czech republic and russia since the end of the communist era in 1989 me now the russians say that they've responded their response to the check. kicking out of their 18 diplomats the foreign ministry here says that expulsions from prague are unprecedented and carried out under unfounded and farfetched pretexts russia's foreign minister goes on to say the retaliation will force prague to fully understand its responsibility for destroying the foundation of normal bilateral relations very strongly worded comments from the foreign ministry what the czechs are saying is the czech prime minister says the circumstances are unprecedented and scandalous what they're
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saying is that these 2 man they're members of russia's security services are responsible for 2 bombings and i mean issues depos southeast of prague in 2014 these same 2 men traveling under the name of alexander petro russell on bashir of with the same man wanted by the british intelligence services for the attempted murder of former russian spy or. scripture and his daughter yulia back in solsbury in 28 so that is where the russians are at the moment they're planning their retaliation they say against the czechs in k. thank you bernard smith in moscow and as promised we go to reach chalons now in london barrios hi rory so the link is the 2 men or at least the names isn't it. yeah obviously the names of and bashir of are not
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the real names now western intelligence agencies believe these 2 men their real identities are alexander. chip eager and mission alexander mission and anatoly to peak and they are to g q agents operatives etc d.g. are you being the russian military intelligence and that they come from a particular unit to 9155 and this unit is the kind of guys know the russian action man units that are prepared to go and carry out various dirty deeds around the place including an up to what the russians call work with which is killing and these western intelligence intelligence agencies have now have now kind of pieced together some sort of picture of this unit's activities which
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are extensive in europe over most of the last decade and they include destabilization campaign in moldova and attempted coup in montenegro you've got the script poll poisonings in the united kingdom and you've now got these explosions in the czech republic in 2014 probably those with links to what the russians were trying to do which was towards the flow of weapons from the czech republic through a couple garion arms dealer to ukraine you know the heart of the war in ukraine so this is the kind of. environment this is the kind of picture that western intelligence agencies now have about what the russian g.r.u. intelligence agency was doing in europe over the last few years fascinating stuff isn't it thank you rory chalons in london. now people in eastern ukraine are worried about what a russian troop build up on their border may mean child stratfor reports are from
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here people aren't convinced by russia's reassurances. ukrainian soldiers on the front line on the highest level of alert since the signing of an often violated cease fire agreement with pro russian separatists 7 years ago russia says its deployment of an estimated 100000 soldiers and heavy weaponry to areas near the border with ukraine poses no threat ukrainian military say they are preparing for the worst. is over because i was mobilized and came back to the front line i believe this is a crucial moment to defend my country world leaders and nato have urged moscow to pull back its forces most of these houses were destroyed in fighting in 2015 around a 1000000 people live in a 10 kilometer wide so-called contact zone the stretches on both sides across the front line oxana says she fled with her son genya from separatist controlled areas
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2 years ago yes that's true. i have lived here since 29 i used to live in our lives but i had to flee because of my political views it has been quiet last 2 days but this is the 2nd night in a row my son wakes in the middle of the night screaming there is similar devastation in pro russia separatists control the areas. they have been shooting recently everyone waits but nobody knows how the negotiations will end. the leaders of ukraine russia germany and france the so-called normandy format have repeatedly failed to find a political solution to the conflict crane refuses russia's demand that it talk directly to pro moscow separatist leaders russia refuses to withdraw from crimea. in 2014. and lists a political deadlock on many levels remain the breakdown in the current ceasefire
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was fairly predictable because the sides were negotiating in good faith it's not negotiating in good faith in probably in about october and they'd reached the point where they were instead of trying to find common ground they were deliberately putting forth proposals that they knew would annoy the other side that they knew would be nonstarters and once that starts to happen then you know that the breakdown of the ceasefire is only a small it's only a matter of time russia calls it a military exercise ukraine says it is a dangerous provocation after 7 years of failed peace negotiations the un says almost 3 and a half 1000000 people are an urgent need of humanitarian assistance and protection in eastern ukraine. but al-jazeera. u.s. president joe biden says these treatment in a russian prison is totally unfair and inappropriate earlier this week the u.s. impose new sanctions on moscow for the detention of the kremlin critic as well as
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for election interference and cyber attacks novell name is in the 3rd week of a hunger strike in prison and according to his personal doctor is close to death as allies are calling for a nationwide protest it is of course a country that's been at war for much of the past decade but syrians are heading to the polls next month the election is widely expected to keep president bashar al assad in power for his 4th 7 year term candidates have 10 days to lodge their registration but they must have lived in syria continuously for the last 10 years which of course effectively bars exiled opposition figures last month the u.s. warned it won't recognize the results unless the voting is free fair and supervised by the united nations. people in very thing in elections dominated by the pandemic and its impact on the tourism dependent economy the tiny atlantic archipelagos stability has been a draw for migrants from elsewhere in the african continent as well as members of the diaspora who are returning to speak to make us uk there shortly 1st his report
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from the dollar on the island of salvage and anchored in the harbor of keep virgin island of salvage sente is the vessel of return for architect a d.m. me this is much more than a floating music studio it's a call to africans whether in the diaspora our african-americans to return home to the continent designed by nigerian financed by amalia and located in keep bird it's a tribute to african contemporary design and a window into the future. well the water it's a fluid environment it's so fluid space you know we have to learn to live with water instead of fighting with it we see this also as a vessel of return for people in the african diaspora and as a place. right when you narratives of the african continent once a country ravaged by famines and drought 46 years after independence the small
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island nation is one of africa's fastest growing economies. african migrants who are choosing keeper over a life in europe and the diaspora are returning to their homeland among them really moneys from the east coast of the united states she has built a business helping african-americans in deep burdens we are located to the islands and never felt that i was truly home until i moved. in i get emotional to this day when i talk about it. it's in my it's in my blood i feel such a connection there i feel at peace here. gave birth is no longer poor but a stable middle income country with a young and educated population a key demographic for opposition leader general hofner armada looking to make history for a party the african party for the independence of the bird wins the legislative election she will become the youngest and 1st female prime minister in keep bird
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she has made youth employment and attracting the keep virgin diaspora a priority and often we. will nation to ghana care if there is to move in the 10 years and the huge just we have become what we are today thanks to their financial contribution skills and no lage they transmitted to us by 12 countries. these ones uninhabited islands where slaves were shipped off to the americas have 145 years later become a nation that welcomes design and creativity to the continent to our day yemi the vessel of return isn't in vain for africans to imagine and invent their own future . and nicholas has now moved to capitol prior he's with us from there nicholas take us through what's going on with the elections. last.
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that's the beauty of live television as a necklace can you hear me. like you know he. will leave it there hopefully we'll reconnect with nicholas just as we go of course that happens why don't we get a check on the weather in the meantime with evidence. however we got more warm sunshine coming in across the middle east no great surprises here a little bit of cloud there you know it's just around that western side of saudi arabia of the fair weather nature a little further north getting up into the thirty's once again for beirut 37 there in damascus in the 36 there for jerusalem 40 in baghdad very very hot weather and it is early in the it does cool off around the levant as we go through a choose day bag that does stay hot hot enough to in kuwait city into the mid thirty's across kos aren't pushing across into central parts of saudi arabia just
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want to see showers possibly wintry nature of the high ground of afghanistan but elsewhere slushy dry and fine the be a few showers to creep into the north of pakistan live the showers to around the therapy and highlands at the moment you can see the clouds just bubbling up here the seasonal rains kicking off see some showers to just creep in the way into central and southern parts of somalia coastal showers there for tanzania maybe a few showers into kenya and the showers run all the way across towards the gulf of guinea they extend they way down across ambien moving parts of maize and big madagascar as well we have got a chance of somewhat to weather for the phos out south africa thank you have a 10 let's try again with cape verde nicolas talk can you hear us. i can hear you ok or you say you tell us about what's happening with the elections . well we're inside a polling station in the capital and i just want to show you who's come out to vote right here. do you see
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a trend. mostly if not only women why is that well because in the race to become the next prime minister is january that if she wins she'll be making history she'll be the 1st elected. prime minister not only for cape verde but it for so they've come out in a number we've seen droves of women who have come out to vote it's also because cape verd is an island where most see men have migrated to and there's the majority of the population are women in their top concern right now is the economy and the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic on the economy here that relies heavily both on target them and also remittances from the cab virgin population living room on the population from the east coast of the united states from the netherlands from portugal has really helped this country transform itself over the course of 2 generations from all this country that fought
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a bitter war of independence against portugal went from one of the least developed countries in the world with just 2 hospitals a hotel with 12 people inside 2 middle income economy a booming economy but it has suffered both from the economic fallout of the pandemic is explained but also from climate change there's been 3 years that the end of santiago the island in which we were in has gone without any rainfall until last september and this has really affected the economy of this place that was before the right amount great stuff from nicholas bird well worth going back to you there is the. she holds for us we'll grab a break here on the news hour when we come back concerns that the upcoming monsoon season could leave thousands of britain get cut off on an isolated island we'll also look at the factors feeling conflict in northern mozambique and the risk that it could spread. and support another pole position for lewis hamilton will he'll be
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will be here with the best of the formula one action a little later. frank assessment of. exactly how and why taking such a situation like a month to get informed opinions is the us thinking military positioning in the middle east or is it just a simple act of reorganizing ministry us that this is a message to the region that the united states is rethinking its military posture in-depth analysis of the day school ople headlines inside story. coverage of africa is what i'm most proud of every time i travel whether it's east or west or people stop me and tell me how much they appreciate our coverage and our focus is not just on their suffering but also on the more happy lifting and
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inspiring stories people trust to tell them what's happening in their communities in a clear and i'm biased and as an african i couldn't be more proud to be automated. you know in the news here at al-jazeera these are the top stories india's covert 19 infection rates continuing to skyrocket it's now reported another record number of new cases of the 261000 of them in the past 24 hours on top of that it's running out of back scene supplies and start delaying exports new isolation centers in time
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i mean one of preparing to receive their 1st residents everyone who test positive has now been transferred to one of the sentence or to a hospital registering around 1500 can you cases every day. and check police want to talk to 2 russians linked to a 2014 explosion at an ammunitions depos they are the same man accused of poisoning circus cripple and his daughter yulia in the u.k. back in 2018 we're going to talk to different doll about this principle russia analyst it maple crofts he's with us on skype from london today thank you for your time what's your take on this one as we were saying with our correspondents earlier is the names we know they're aliases in the 1st place that is the names that link here is there enough to think to draw a direct link. whether or not they were directly. what's the evidence that the the checkpoints come comport with that that really the
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story here though 'd is you know we think of this is an incident that happened in 2014 so what's really interesting is why is the czech government taking this action now when it is a very strong action you know it's not a small thing to expel 18 diplomats that's very large by the standards of these kind of actions and it does represent something of a change in prague's posture. so we really do you know the question is whether this is simply 'd a case of you know the investigation takes time this is a point in which the evidence came together that the czech security services felt that they could confidently say yes these are the men responsible that you know this infamous g.r.u. units to 9 months i 5 is the responsible party here and therefore we need to take diplomatic action against russia you know why is this happening now for an incident
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that happened 6 years ago and we would expect russia to take probably very similar action i mean if 18 diplomats were expelled by russia that would leave almost nothing between the 2 countries right as far as diplomatic relations. i mean give america relations will continue between the 2 sides whether it's through informal back channels or you know it remains to be seen whether russia will take the step of sexually exploiting all of diplomatic stock but this does definitely represent a shift in check foreign policy and there are consequences in other areas as well you know prague was famously looking at purchasing shipments of the sputnik through scenes that now appears to be on the table their domestic nuclear regulator and said that most of them will be excluded from any future tenders for the her fishing
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check nuclear power plants so there are definite economic and international economic implications as well. and i'm using the term loosely but is it a good time for the czech republic to do this now with the biden ministration taking the different attack tag than the trumpet ministration certainly did and putting sanctions on itself it's got some backup here. well this is certainly one of the reason why they 'd might be or take action. and certainly we saw on friday by the administration on the 3rd significant new sanctions against russia you know this is a way birth to curry favor with the new administration in washington to show that they're on the same page of the russian policy. and also yesterday to take an action of this kind to really crack down on russian intelligence within the czech republic with that knowledge that washington has their back. so yes
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the you know it's never a good time these kind of things and certainly you know east west relations are in a pretty interesting juncture right now. we certainly would expect that that's that's one of the calculation cadency to why now ok. thanks for making the time for us today we appreciate it. thank you. feel anger about a lack of distribution of wealth is being blamed for the conflict in northern mozambique the world bank says the north south and regional divide could see the fighting spread on the coast. as the support from pemba the capital of competent. 26 year old daughter says he has a university degree but he can't find a job he's applied to the gas companies operating in northern missouri but has been one rejection after another. i think there's some kind of discrimination going on
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these companies have very few muslim because for. most of the jobs and money the foreigners and government officials even jobs for mechanics and electricians they don't hire many of us. got a province in northern mozambique is where most of the major gas discoveries have been made in recent years but the region has high levels of poverty and inequality when rubies and gas were discovered here many people thought it would mean jobs and life but that hasn't happened instead the poor are feeling more and more marginalized and say only a small elites in mozambique are benefiting. the country's president felipe a new study says he i saw links local armed group that calls itself is manipulating disgruntled youth and recruiting some of them as fighters but very out to ruth says he's not giving up on himself or his country the young farmer wants to grow his
4:37 pm
business and create jobs for other young people. there are always very complicated we don't know all these fighters are they don't show their faces they don't see why they're fighting i want to focus on improving myself. a perceived failure to distribute fast mineral and gas revenues to the local population could be fueling the conflict and till this is addressed analysts say it's unlikely the conflict in the province end anytime soon. al-jazeera. if european prime minister says sudan's fears about the impact of the grand renaissance dam are unwarranted he says the 2nd failing is due to take place during ethiopia's rainy season between june and august and it won't cause flooding he says in neighboring sudan khartoum fears that its own dams will be affected if ethiopia continues to fill the reservoir while egypt says it's
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a serious threat to its water supplies. the chips just getting this news in state media reporting at least 8 people killed after a train derailment and another 100 injured 1st pictures coming in now. the train was just near the city of talk which is north of cairo. just weeks as well after 19 people died when 2 trains collided in soho province south of cairo 8 people killed in a train derailment in egypt. the u.s. state department is ordering all non-essential personnel out of its embassy in chad saying the security situation is deteriorating the warning follows reports of rebels making their way towards the capital in jamaica from the north german nationals have also been advised to be more from him or morgan and chats capital in jamaica the united kingdom has at its name to the list of countries that are at
4:39 pm
fight that is advising its nationals inside chad to leave the country as soon as possible because of the advance that the rebel group known as the far known as the front for change and conquered say they are making towards the capital injun man are now friends which is chad's closest ally has not advised its nationals to leave the country but it did issue a statement saying that the embassy here issued a statement saying that its nationals should remain inside the capital because of the security situation now defunct for a change and concorde is an armed rebel group that was formed in 10 to 16 to counter and ousted president idriss deby who's been in power for 30 years now and who looks like is said to who is poised to be an hour for at least another 5 years after in providing provisional results show that he is leading in the presidential polls in the elections that were held exactly a week ago and the government issued a statement then saying that it is pursuing the rebels using its up its armed forces as well as warplanes and the foreign ministry issued
4:40 pm
a statement saying that the wolf by the diplomatic missions is to make sure to premature and that the situation right now is under control and there is no need for the concern that those diplomatic missions are currently showing by telling their citizens to leave the country meanwhile we have a statement from the rebels themselves saying that they are continuing to advance that they are right now and can province which is in the north about 300 kilometers away from the capital and that they will continue to make their way towards the capital to oust the president idriss deby. aid agencies in bangladesh warning a group of ring of refugees could be cut off during this year's monsoon season thousands of families have been taking to bash on char a low lying island in the bay of bengal which actually only surfaced in recent years they say they are scared of what will happen if the area floods the reports from dhaka since filing a military crackdown in myanmar 3 and a half years ago hundreds of thousands of rohingya refugees have been living in the
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world's largest refugee camp in cox's bazaar but since last december more than 18000 have been relocated by bangladesh government to an isolated island. with 5 children is among them and afraid. the monsoon season is almost here i was worried when there was heavy rain and rain this morning i am alone with my children what will i do if there are storms and floods there are no guarantees that there will be no floods here. rights groups aid agencies and many refugees say the island is made of silt and didn't exist couple of decades ago and i believe those staying there are exposed to tough conditions and bad weather bangladesh is struggling to find a long term solution for more than a 1000000 running out of refugees since last december the country has started relocating many of them to across the law and in the bay of bengal because of what it cites as congestion and security issues in the world's largest refugee camp in
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caucasus bazaar the government said island has all the facilities that are needed and can withstand storms and high seas but that disputed by many who have arrived there. it was a mistake to come here i won't suggest others come here we are worried about storms and floods and how to survive under such conditions aid agencies have warned that with the cycle on season foster approaching people on pashtun charge could be stranded and face food shortages when major storms strike the international red cross ses there are too many on certain it is. the quick and it. will be like in the month or even the. iraq. and. the loop the minute. the government. well we. will be. all off
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ok munich would have been well if many on the island say they're disappointed and that it. was not it it's not like the russians provided to us here are just not enough to survive on we heard that we would have an easy and comfortable life here than in a camp but the conditions of the same if i hear someone is coming to passion char i would tell them not to come here. for the rowing guy who fled me on my life remains in secure their homeland is now ruled by the military john their flat and their face on an increasingly precarious existence in the land they have sought refuge country chaudhry al-jazeera bangladesh. back to corona virus news canada's biggest province ontario is extending a stay at home order as exports experts warn 1000 infections could rise 6 fold
4:44 pm
police are now able to stop and question people if they believe they have attended any social events non-essential travel has been banned the province of nearly 50000000 people reported about 5000 new cases on friday and those opposed to the lock down measures they were protesting in toronto on saturday. about the latest restrictions however ontario's premier doug ford is under pressure for not going further critics say he abandoned a previous state ordered to stay at home order to certain allowing the current surge in cases. the strain is in no hurry to reopen its international border prime minister scott morrison says he's not willing to risk the country's mostly coronavirus free lifestyle it has any a few cases where the vaccine rollout has been hit by delays the border closure has left thousands of australians stranded overseas. now to afghanistan where young people with disabilities face many challenges of course in getting an education but
4:45 pm
it hasn't stopped one schools from continuing to give hope and opportunities to deaf children fairly or contra for you has that story from kabul. on the river the words here are silent but the classrooms are full of life and for these children just coming here during a war has not been easy. i hope there will be peace in afghanistan once they'll be peace the situation will be better and will be coming to school without any fear to continue our studies. in afghanistan one of the poorest countries in the world people with disabilities are stigmatized most of the time they're simply shand support and education services are extremely limited so schools like this one for deaf children allow them to experience something approaching a normal life. i'm also asking the government to create more school like
4:46 pm
this when we graduate we want to get normal jobs like other people. but keeping this one going is a constant struggle 5 years ago there were 350 children here this year there are more than 600 unrolled but as the numbers grow so do the needs and i survey published in march the afghanistan independent human rights commission said almost 4500000 afghans live with disabilities and 11 percent increase in the past 14 years. for an organization supported the school in the past but across afghanistan international aid has dwindled nevertheless awareness about disability is slowly growing says for tanya who has been teaching deaf children. for more than 20 years said they are void the level of awareness in
4:47 pm
all society is very low maybe 50 percent of the people don't know that disabled people also have abilities that they can lend and how far they can go in learning but the people and society treat the disabled like they're crazy they think they are mentally unfit as you witnessed these children have special abilities and these abilities need to be used to educate them which is a huge need for them. of the school are equally big there is a lack of teaching material and books and no money to buy them anyway and there is no more space for students the government confirmed to al-jazeera the budget is limited and cannot address the demands of the school. lot us this is the era where everyone and everything is connected and in this era we're not even able to have drinking water at a school we're going to our neighbors and we bring the water for these children especially during the summer this is called making sacrifices. for the.
4:48 pm
staff say they will continue no matter the lack of resources in a few weeks this room will become the school's nursery and for the 1st time 20 deaf afghan babies will be able to know another world other than that of complete silence contraflow al-jazeera kabul. your sports is next with data and have a look at there's a catch to remember in major league baseball. a 3 year investigation into the pro-gun lobby have been employing it was moving to really. reveal secrets you want messaging out there i mean people out there you know. and connections some don't want exponents many in legacy media.
4:49 pm
lasts shoot. back next week night and al-jazeera investigations houses sell a massacre on al-jazeera. the u.s. is always of interest to people all around the world this has been going on for a number of those with tear gas being used to push the crowd but i've seen a report for an international perspective to try to blame your mobile audience why it's important how this could impact your life at the height of the storm the water with your high it would have been above my pay this is an important part of the wall people pay attention to what we're going here now to do is very good at bringing the news to the world from here.
4:50 pm
we are getting a look at sport. thank you very much we'll start with one of the top gold medal contenders for the take your olympics. kenya's marathon superstar sent out a warning to his rivals with a dominant victory in the netherlands is the current olympic champion and world record holder but there were doubts about his form after he's 8th place finish in london last year this was his 1st appearance since then and he looked back to his best cruising to victory in 2 hours 4 minutes and 30 seconds this was the real test to its tokyo polemics to real test and it's a coup de mar than a call to happen even some few months to a thorough lympics for the test of fitness the 2nd race of the formula one season is underway right now currently it's lewis hamilton leading the. groom free at imola interleaved it's also been confirmed that there will be a new f one race in miami starting next season as part of a 10 year deal that will take place at
4:51 pm
a new circuit in the hardrock stadium complex which belongs to the miami dolphins n.f.l. team if one has not raced in florida since $959.00 and it also means there will now be 2 races in the u.s. alongside the one in austin texas. a new moto g.p. racetrack is being built in indonesia the government wants the coastal area of mental eco to be an international sports tourism but the people there say or thora caesar choosing tourism dollars over their rights jessica washington reports from jakarta. on the island of lombok this racetrack is one of the country's most high profile infrastructure projects the circuit will host major racing events when complete and there will be new hotels roads and airport extensions to make way for thousands of racing fans but slick promotional videos don't tell the full story the. people living here say they are being forced to read bury their loved ones because the area symmetry is being demolished by developers.
4:52 pm
it feels like we are not allowed to be here at all anymore even the bones of our ancestors are not allowed on this land houses and farm land are also in the developers sites so about i said this area of the construction project is on his land. so. this is also the water should be viewing area they brag about how this area is near the beach and so we have to leave this place and. people have protested against the development since its early stages. hundreds of them face eviction and many say they are being intimidated. because they brought so many police ready to attack me and also their own security but i didn't go they wanted to take down my house without any notice that very day i tried to fight back. the tears says he was offered $200.00 for $1.00 hectares of land and his house he says
4:53 pm
he wants fair compensation from the state owned indonesia tourism development corp the united nations says indonesian authorities face serious allegations. the land has in effect been robbed from the look of. indigenous people the indonesia tourism development corporation denies any wrongdoing and the government says the project will benefit everyone. we are going to make sure that all the developments in mumbai rica including the moto g.p. circuit will benefit people in lubbock mentally is one of 10 areas around indonesia selected by the government as a priority zone for tourism development but critics say development should not come at the expense of human rights while some try to stay and protect their land others say they had no choice but to go become happened because of this merger g.b. circuit we have to leave our home the home that we love. to man says he was
4:54 pm
only compensated for some of his land now his family like many others faces the challenge of starting again somewhere else just to washington al-jazeera to counter ac milan have won their 1st italian league game at home in more than 2 months at the general through one of the san siro thanks to this only. inadvertently hitting the ball passes and goalkeeper despite the way in 2nd place malema still 8 points behind city are leaders into lead are messi was all smiles on saturday as he led barcelona so the couple dollar a title he scored twice in their 4 no win over 30 bill bell in the final it's the 2nd time in a month bill bell have lost a cup of fun love to be using the delayed 2020 addition to rail saucier that messi tried and failed to leave boston at the end of last season but the club's leadership has changed since then and he seems a lot happier with his bosses 1st trophy since 2019 and their 1st on the coach one of human. chelsea's resurgence under thomas tickell continues to beat manchester
4:55 pm
city to book their place in the final of the english f.a. cup the etch score the only goal of the match for chelsea who are also in the semifinals of the champions league or face leicester southampton in the final the defeat ends city's hopes of winning the quadruple. buy in munich head coach chancing flick since he wants to leave the german champions at the end of the season made the announcement of their $32.00 win over holtzberg in the bundesliga the 56 year old is reportedly locked in a power struggle and one small say in the club's transfer policy for it has been linked with the germany national team job has led the team to 6 trophies in the last 10 months and find out as are coming it was important that the team found out because they were already a few rumors going around i know you want to know what the reactions were with these are things i want to keep between us for now. defending n.b.a. champions the los angeles lakers won a hard fought game against the utah jazz but bron james is still out injured for
4:56 pm
the lakers but then as schroeder's stepped up with $25.00 points it was he's basket that forced the game into overtime against the jazz who are currently the best team in the n.b.a. they are also missing some big names and eventually lost by 12. it is also a good night for las baseball team the dodgers muki bates producing a stunning catch to end the game against the san diego padres who would have tied the game at $22.00 if he had failed to hold on to the ball but he did and that's an 8th straight victory for the dodgers and in the n.h.l. center as a forward to patrick moore low tide the goal the house recalled for korea games played the 41 year old canadian who made his debut in 1997 appeared in his 1700 and 67th game and can break the record on monday. there promises to be a great battle at the monte carlo masters tennis that stefano city pass against andrea rube live in the final with both men aiming for their 1st ever masters title
4:57 pm
their level at $33.00 heading into their 7th meeting and new zealand gold star lydia occur into the 3 year title drought with a victory at the p.g.a. event in hawaii the former number one won by 7 shots and celebrated with a traditional dance on the green off towards. 3 time world surfing champion mick fanning famously 4 of a great white shark back into a 15 and he came close to seeing another one on sunday straight in came out of retirement for one of appearance in sydney and showed he still got the skills but moments off the heat the competition was halted after a shock was spotted by a drone luckily fanning was already safe back on the beach at that point the surface were pulled out of the water for 15 minutes until organizers were confident that the animal had moved on fanning was eventually beaten by the current champion a tall affair of brazil that's all the sports news for now i'll be here again
4:58 pm
a little later with more thank you peter peter back at. 1500 hours g.m.t. we're back in a couple minutes time with another newspaper's most even. al-jazeera goose beneath the waves with a team of women determined to save the told it's share the same responsibility needed something that i made using a variety of scientific techniques to study the behavior we can monitor them for their photos and behavior were able to how they're adapting to their new environment when they make science don't find sanctuary on al-jazeera. i'm a lack of awesome to sell to india to find out how a tiny box in this cave brought an extensive mining operation to a standstill coronavirus how he wept across the world devastating impact and it's
4:59 pm
widely believed to be connected to the legal wildlife trade here in vietnam we did the rescue center for some of the world's most threatened animals and joined a call for an end to the global wildlife named earth thrives on al-jazeera. after days of rare freezing temperatures blanketed the 2nd largest state in the u.s. power stations are all back online that after unusually high demand led to rolling blackouts texas hasn't seen a storm system like this in 35 years and it's clear its system simply weren't up to the task transmission lines taken down by ice still have left nearly 200000 without power but now texans face a new crisis 7000000 people of quarter of the state or being asked to boil their water if they have it all because the cold weather has left broken pipes and taken water treatment plants offline grocery store shelves are largely bare leaving
5:00 pm
residents lined up in their cars for food and water. president joe biden says he's declaring the entire state the disaster zone. there is hope sustained temperatures above freezing beginning saturday. the u.s. wants rusher of consequences if kremlin critic alexei navalny dives a prison. a diplomatic standoff up to the czech republic implicates russia in an explosion and finds a mic with 2 men charged for poisoning a tank in the juke a. hello again i'm come out santa maria here in doha with the world news from al-jazeera 8 people killed almost 100 others.


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