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the disastrous. there is hope sustained temperatures above freezing beginning saturday. the u.s. wants rusher of consequences if kremlin critic alexei navalny dives present. a diplomatic standoff after the czech republic implicates russia in an explosion and finds a link with 2 men charged for poisoning attack in the u.k. . well again i'm come out santamaria here in doha with the world news from al-jazeera 8 people killed almost 100 others injured this is a train de railing north of cairo. also india's covert 19 infections rise to more than a quarter of a 1000000 a day surging well ahead of its capacity to supply vaccines to the world. and
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germany pays tribute to the nearly 80000 people who died even as it struggles to control contain new outbreaks. so the united states has told russia that there will be consequences so quote if kremlin critic alexei navalny dies in prison president joe biden's national security advisor jake sullivan says the message has been delivered after the u.s. imposed its new sanctions on moscow in the wake is in the 3rd week meanwhile of a hunger strike in prison and according to his personal doctor it's actually close to death my canner in washington d.c. to start us off hi mike anything more specific than consequences or an idea of what those could be. no jake sullivan appearing
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on a morning news shows saying that there would be consequences but not really giving very much details about it to give you an exact quote in terms of the specific measures we would undertake we are looking at a variety of different costs that we would impose and i'm not going to telegraph that publicly at this point i will communicated directly to russia said the national security adviser so it's basically a warning shot across the bows no real details what's the weather about what the consequences should be should need in prison but certainly it's a diplomatic step by the united states that is likely to increase the frayed relations between the u.s. and russia here take us through this fred relations obviously 4 years of donald trump was very very different and well 100 days now it is also of joe biden in power and it's pretty much a 180. well president biden has walked back
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a number of things had president trump then president trump did not deal with the bounty on u.s. forces alleged and u.s. forces in afghanistan for example mr biden has a conversation with vladimir putin in the last week in which he spoke very strongly to him we are told russian interference in the u.s. elections interference that donald trump insisted simply did not happen excepting that it needed putin's word that there was no interference by then confronted the russian president directly with these details he also. the russian president for russia's actions on the crimean border so this is a very different administration and these measures have led to sanctions being imposed on russia and then russia imposing to sanctions on the united states so there are tense relations at this particular point but there is one detail that cannot be overlooked. that in his conversation with that emir putin president biden
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arms for a meeting within the next month a neutral territory in the 3rd country to discuss relations between russia and the u.s. so he is not going on an all out embargo off russia he's attempting to use a whip on one hand it would appear given his national security advisers comments and then of course the carrot of the meeting and dialogue with russia it within the next month door very much still open isn't it thank you mike hanna. on a sunday morning in washington. meanwhile russia says it is absurd for the czech republic to be suggesting it was involved in a huge explosion 7 years ago and the kremlin says it will retaliate after the czech government expelled 18 russian embassy staff this was an ammunition depot which blew up back in 2014 the czech republic says it now has evidence that implicates russian intelligence and not only that they say 2 men who were there before the blast had russian passports in the names of alexander petro of and the bullshit of
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aliases which were used by the pair accused of poisoning a former russian spy service cripple and his daughter yulia that was in the u.k. in 2018 will get u.k. reaction from rory chalons in a moment in london 1st smith with more from moscow. this is the biggest dispute between the czech republic and russia since the end of the communist era in 1989 now the russians say that they've responded their response to the check. kicking out of their 18 diplomats the foreign ministry here says that expulsions from prague are unprecedented and carried out under unfounded and farfetched pretexts russian foreign ministry goes on to say the retaliation will force prague to fully understand its responsibility for destroying the foundation of normal bilateral relations very strongly worded comments that from the foreign ministry
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what the czechs saying is the czech prime minister under abubus says the circumstances are unprecedented and scandalous what they're saying is that these 2 man they're members of russia's security services are responsible for 2 bombings and i mean issues depos southeast of prague in 2014 these same 2 men traveling under the name of alexander petroff russell on bashir of with the same man wanted by the british intelligence services for the attempted murder of former russian spy on. script and his daughter yulia back in salzburg in 28 so that is where the russians are at the moment they're planning their retaliate and they say against the czechs. obviously the names of and bashir of are not the real names now western intelligence agencies believe these 2 men their real identities are alexander michigan and anatoly topeka and they are
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to g r u agents operatives etc d.g. are you being the russian military intelligence and that they come from a particular units to 9155 and this unit is the kind of by snow the russian action man unit that's prepared to go and carry out various dirty deeds around the place including an up to what the russians call wet work which which is killing and that these western intelligence intelligence agencies have now have now kind of pieced together some sort of picture of this unit's activities which are extensive in europe over most of the last decade and they include destabilization campaign in moldova an attempted coup in montenegro you've got the script pole poisonings in the united kingdom and you've now got these explosions in
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the czech republic in 2014 probably those were links to what the russians were trying to do which was thwart the flow of weapons from the czech republic through a. garion arms dealer to ukraine that you know the height of the war in ukraine. but of news that came to us last hour out of egypt state media reporting at least 8 people killed in a train derailments is the 1st pictures we're getting almost 100 other people injured it happened as the train was traveling near the city of 2 north of cairo just weeks as well after 19 people died when 2 trains collided in soho province south of car. the coronavirus pandemic now in south asia is emerging as the new global epicenter with infections across india still searching and daily cases reaching record
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numbers how high well 261005 100 cases in the past 24 hours 1500 deaths on top of that with a highly contagious variant of the virus suspected india is also the world's largest vaccine manufacturers so exports are being delayed because they say want to prioritize india's domestic population there are rapidly rising cases too in thailand 1500 a day there more than that actually so now anyone who tests positive has been transferred to hospital or supervised isolation no more will there be a home quarantine allowed out his tiny change he was able to visit one of the new isolation centers as it prepared to receive its 1st patients. this is the new code 19 field hospital at the bangkok arena in the west of the thai capital one of 4 facilities has been set up to deal with the 3rd covert wave that's now hitting thailand all across the country and you can see the conditions are pretty basic
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they've got a cardboard carton here which is for easy disposal once the patient has been checked out after a mandatory 14 days some basic bedding a mosquito net that will be strung across the top but it's very hot and humid here and when this is filled with 350 people it will not be very comfortable but there is no choice you cannot stay at home if you test positive if you're showing symptoms you'll be treated in hospital as people have been so far but they're now getting so many that they want to remove those people who are asymptomatic from the general population and keep them under supervision in places like this and this is happening all over the country cases arising by the thousands every day i'm anti learned has been very successful at dealing with covert 90 was the 1st country outside china. to detect cases it's also now saying that it is not immune and there's the economic problem to consider as well thailand has protected itself by
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closing itself off it was very hopeful as were many people here that it will be able to open up to tourists later this year as the vaccinations became common but the 3rd wave suggests it is not yet ready to open up and thailand's vaccination program is lagging behind with most people not able to register for vaccines until june this year. germany has held memorial events for those who died of covert 19 chancellor angela merkel and president franco to stand by were among those attending another $67.00 people died on sunday brings the total death toll to just under 80000 with more than 3000000 recorded cases and stephanie decker in berlin following today's memorial very poignant service. church music classical music words from the president basically telling the families of those whose who've lost loved ones that they weren't alone and reminding people that you know as we always talk about the numbers that these are individuals and stories of tragedies and
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death and loss that are behind those numbers almost 80000 deaths due to the virus here in germany many of them over the age of 70 as we know now most particularly in this 3rd wave in germany a lot of young people getting into the hospital as well so a lot still to be done we also heard from some of the families of those who post way from the virus all very very sad and i think it's an important reminder as this country struggles to deal with the 3rd wave as the politicians because as to how best to deal with it chancellor angela merkel has for weeks try to impose strong lockdowns in germany germany is a decentralized system in the sense that the 16 states are in charge of their own health care policies so now what we have in the parliament which you can see behind me and also that you can see the flags flying at half stuff because of the memorial today but they're trying to debate trying to possible that would give more powers to the central government to impose as lockdown something the chancellor really
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wants because had such pushback at. a check on the world where the next and then we're looking at the factors fueling conflict in northern mozambique and the risk that it could spread and also take you to the tiny atlantico archipelago of cape verde to find out what's drawing the diaspora and new migrants are lining. up. how they've got some lovely weather to come from japan over the next couple of days the korean peninsula set fair as well northern parts of china are also doing quite nicely this cloud that's in the process of pulling out of the way still quite a stiff breeze coming in across northern parts of japan as we go through monday a few showers just rattling in on that for a time but essentially it will dry up and it will bright not the temperatures getting up to $21.00 celsius at 70 in found one sunshine for soledad also for
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beijing scientists and west of weather coming into central parts of china as we go on into choose day better head of that it's looking good over the next couple of days with 25 in tokyo look further south and you can see this area cloud and rain here making its way very close to the philippines that of course is alast super typhoon nasty system this it is the strongest typhoon so far of the season of the year in fact with the equivalent of category 5 winds if you were an atlantic horak and so 250 kilometers per hour on those winds we're looking at damaging winds then we are looking at some very heavy right but thankfully it looks like it's to stay offshore so the worst of the weather will make its way further more towards and out into the open waters but there's the risk of flooding for many pass for the philippines.
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a weekly critique of the stories hitting the headlines in the news media have been left to sort. through mixed messages on a quite complex story from mainstream to street journalism the enemy object is to get me to meet you send it to the wall to show you what's going on exposing real world threats to objective it's often of on the return to monsters 11000 people who were arrested listening post obviously we lose discovered on the jersey. of al-jazeera these are our top stories egyptian state media reporting at least 8 people killed after a train derailment almost 100 other people injured it happened as the train was
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traveling near the city of talk just north of cairo. the u.s. has told russia they'll be consequences if kremlin critic alexei navalny dies in prison the volleys in the 3rd week of a hunger strike and close to death according to his personal doctor. and check police want to talk to russians linked to 24 to an explosion at an ammunitions depo they say they are the same men who poisoned circus cripple and his daughter in the u.k. in 2018. on another front people in eastern ukraine are worried about what a russian troop build up on their border may mean for them as charles stratford reports from kiev people are not convinced by russia's reassurances. ukrainian soldiers on the front line on the highest level of alert since the signing of an often violated cease fire agreement with pro russian separatists 7 years ago russia says its deployment of an estimated 100000 soldiers and heavy weaponry to areas
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near the border with ukraine poses no threat ukrainian military say they are preparing for the worst. was over because i was mobilized and came back to the front line i believe this is a crucial moment to defend my country world leaders and nato have urged moscow to pull back its forces most of these houses were destroyed in fighting in 2015 around a 1000000 people live in a 10 kilometer wide so-called contact zone the stretches on both sides across the front line oxana says she fled with her son jamie a from separatist controlled areas 2 years ago yet that. i have lived here since 29 i used to live in our lives but i had to flee because of my political views it has been quiet days but this is the 2nd night in a row my son wakes in the middle of the night screaming there is similar
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devastation in pro russia separatists control the areas. they have been shooting recently everyone waits but nobody knows how the negotiations will end. the leaders of ukraine russia germany and france the so-called normandy format have repeatedly failed to find a political solution to the conflict crain refuses russia's demand that it talk directly to pro moscow separatist leaders russia refuses to withdraw from crimea but she documented in 2014. and let's say political deadlock on many levels remain the breakdown in the current ceasefire was fairly predictable because the sides were negotiating in good faith it's not negotiating in good faith in probably in about october and they've reached the point where they were instead of trying to find common ground they were deliberately putting forth proposals that they knew would annoy the other side or that they knew would be nonstarters and once that starts to happen then you know that the breakdown of the ceasefire is only
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a small it's only a matter of time russia calls it a military exercise ukraine says it is a dangerous provocation after 7 years of failed peace negotiations the u.n. says almost 3 and a half 1000000 people are an urgent need of humanitarian assistance and protection in eastern ukraine. but al-jazeera kid the u.s. state department ordering all nonessential personnel out of its embassy in chad saying the security situation is deteriorating and warning follows reports of rebels making their way towards the capital in germania from the north german nationals have also been advised to leave in small from haven't woken him in jamaica. the united kingdom has at its name to the list of countries that are at fight that is advising its nationals inside chad to leave the country as soon as possible because of the advance that the rebel group known as the far known as the
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front for change and conquered say they are making towards the capital injun manner now france which is chad's closest ally has not advised its nationals to leave the country but it did issue a statement saying that the embassy here issued a statement saying that its nationals should remain inside the capital because of the security situation now defunct for a change and concord is an armed rebel group that was formed in time to 16 to counter and oust president idriss deby who's been in power for 30 years now and who looks like is said to who is poised to be and power for at least another 5 years after in providing provisional results showed that he is leading in the presidential polls in the elections that were held exactly a week ago and the government issued a statement then saying that it's pursuing the rebels using its our it's our forces as well as warplanes and the foreign ministry issued a statement saying that the wolf by the diplomatic missions is to make sure to premature and that the situation right now is under control and there is no need
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for the concern that those diplomatic missions are currently showing by telling their citizens to leave the country meanwhile we have a statement from the rebels themselves saying that they are continuing to advance that they are right now in kind of province which is in the north about 300 kilometers away from the capital and that they will continue to make their way towards the capital to oust the president idriss deby gaza has announced a record 466 new code 19 cases and 23 deaths in the last 24 hours the charity has received very few vaccine doses just 3 percent of the population is in fact been vaccinated or nearly all as i say your beds are now in use is believed to be highly contagious variance fuelling the 2nd wave of infections. but just over the barrier fence people in israel they don't have to wear masks outside anymore schools have been reopened and the latest sign of a gradual return to normal life masks were made mandatory a year ago to curb the spread of coronavirus but now they only need to be worn
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indoors israel's been able to wind back its restrictions due to a successful vaccination campaign with more than half the population receiving both shots is very false that in west jerusalem. another landmark reached in israel's response to the corona virus pandemic on sunday with the dropping of the outdoor mask mandate people are still being told to wear masks in indoor public spaces or if they gather very tightly together in large numbers outside but in settings like this you can dispense with the mask as well as that schools are now back to normal or catch feeling has now stopped class sizes can return to normal and for face to face teaching all of this been made possible of course by the tumbling case numbers at the height of the pandemic there are more than 9000 new cases a day on friday it was just over 100 and that of course being made possible by the vaccination campaign more than 5300000 israelis have had at least one dose that's 57.5 percent of the population with
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a further 1000000 people having had the disease recovered and therefore have immunity as well in the 3 months she called last week i will continue wearing it for at least 2 months until the world is making progress and like us. i think there's a reason to be happy that we no longer have to wear masks and this is a big success with the vaccination roll out. the memories of the worst of all this for the public and for health officials remain fresh and so there are warnings and caveats being attached to this recent round of success the coronavirus are full one is saying that israel has yet to reach the 75 percent of the population with a new unity that is required for herd immunity so that is a concern as well is that he's warning of possible new variance with a particular focus on one indian variant that has been detected at the airport recently on top of that the director of health at the health ministry has warned that children of course have not been vaccinated those under 16 with 20 percent of
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teachers also not being vaccinated so no one is yet saying that this crisis is entirely over but this is another day where there is a feeling of returning normality. libya has started back saving people against covert 19 received doses of the russian and chinese made. back scenes and the one from astra zeneca libya's recording an average of 1000 new infections every day. in a country that's been in war for much of the past decade syrians will actually had to the polls next month election is all but certain to keep president bashar bashar al assad in power for his 4th term candidates have 10 days to lodge their registration but they must have lived in syria continuously for 10 years which effectively bars all of the exiled opposition figures people protested outside a police station in the u.s. state of minnesota for a 7th night of the shooting of a 20 year old black man former officer kim party has been charged with 2nd degree
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manslaughter after fatally shooting dante write during a traffic stop in minneapolis. anger over a lack of distribution of wealth is being blamed for the conflict in northern mozambique the world bank says the north south regional divide could see the fighting spread down the coast out of metacity reports from pemba the capital of kabul d'agata. 26 year old daughter deed says he has a university degree but he can't find a job he's applied to the gas companies operating in northern missouri but it's been one rejection after another with this. i think there's some kind of discrimination going on these companies have very few muslim beacons from the province most of the good jobs and money goes to the foreigners and government officials even jobs for mechanics and electricians they don't hire many of us. got a province in northern mozambique is where most of the major gas discoveries have
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been made in recent years but the region has high levels of poverty and inequality when rubies and gas were discovered here many people thought it would mean jobs and a better life but that hasn't happened instead the poor are feeling more and more marginalized and say only a small elites in mozambique are benefiting. the country's president felipe a new study says the iso links local armed group the causes of al-shabaab is manipulating disgruntled youth and recruiting some of them as fighters but very out to ruth says he's not giving up on himself or his country the young farmer wants to grow his business and create jobs for other young people. there are always very complicated we don't know all these fighters are they don't show their faces they don't say why they're fighting i want forecasts on improving myself. at the cvs failure to distribute vast mineral and gas revenues to the local
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population could be fueling the conflict and till this is addressed analysts say it's unlikely the conflict in a province end anytime soon how to al-jazeera less antique. finally somewhere you don't hear much about vet where people are voting in elections dominated by the pandemic and its impact on a tourism dependent colony the tiny atlantic archipelagos to archipelago stability has been a droll counts of migrants from elsewhere in africa and members of the diaspora nicholas huck has a report now from mindell are anchored in the harbor of keep virgin island of salvia scent is the vessel of return for architect. this is much more than a floating music studio it's a call to africans whether in the diaspora our african-americans to return home to the continent designed by nigerian financed by amalia and located in keep bird it's
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a tribute to african contemporary design and a window into the future. world water it's a fluid environment so you know we have to learn to live with water instead of fighting with it we see it. also as a vessel of return for people in the african diaspora and as a place to. write new narrative of the african continent once a country ravaged by famines and drought 46 years after independence the small island nation is one of africa's fastest growing economies. african migrants who are choosing keep bird over a life in europe and the diaspora are returning to their homeland among them really monies from the east coast of the united states she has built a business helping african-americans and keep burdens we located to the islands and never felt. that i was truly home until i moved out of it and i get emotional
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to this day when i talk about it but it's in my it's in my blood i feel such a connection there i feel at peace here. give virt is no longer poor but a stable middle income country with a young and educated population a key demographic for opposition leader john you're a hofner armada looking to make history if your party the african party for the independence of the bird wins the legislative election she will become the youngest and 1st female prime minister and keep 3rd she has made youth employment and attracting the cape verdean diaspora a priority and often we. kept there. 10 years and the huge just we have become what we are today thanks to their financial contribution skilless and nolli they transmitted to us
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12 countries. these ones uninhabited islands where slaves were shipped off to the americas have 145 years later become a nation that welcomes design and creativity to the continent to me the vessel of return isn't in vain for africans to imagine and invent their own future nicholas hawk al-jazeera. on al-jazeera these are the headlines russia's ambassador has promised that alexei navalny will not die in prison the u.s. told russia there will be consequences if that happens to the kremlin.


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