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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 18, 2021 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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out of the conversation. al-jazeera. every. al-jazeera. will be al-jazeera news are coming to you live for coming up in the next 60 minutes the czech republic says 2 russians charged with a poisoning attack in the u.k. behind a 2014 explosion at a check on the steps. and warnings of consequences for me us about the health of kremlin critic alexina family russia faces diplomatic pressure on
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a number of fronts. in the reports more than a quarter of a 1000000 covert 19 infections and there are a record number of deaths and cases in the dish and pakistan plus. i'm nicholas hong in the capital of cape verd prior workout virgins have come out in numbers to vote in this parliamentary election over concerns of the economic fallout of the global pandemic on the small island nation's economy. and i'm peter stammered with the sport has a huge crash halts the formula one race in italy and kenya's marathon superstar. sends out a warning to be the dominant victory ahead of the tokyo lympics. well
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it's just after $1500.00 g.m.t. we begin. in this news are in russia where vladimir putin's governments is under pressure on multiple fronts for the 1st time in decades is caught in the biggest diplomatic dispute with the czech republic after accusations the kremlin spies were behind an explosion and 2014 it killed 2 people in its own around 200 kilometers southeast of prague moscow has voted to retaliate. expelled 18 russian diplomats nato says it stands in with the czech republic the e.u. is meeting on monday to discuss the crisis also on the agenda is the fast deteriorating health of putin's most prominent critic alexina valmy now he's on hunger strike or being held in a russian prison tensions between western person or already high it this time after a russian military build up near ukraine's eastern border well we'll have reports from charles stratford in kiev
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a bite those concerns later in the show but 1st lives our correspondents mike hanna is in washington so they got america's response on the phone these health 1st though we'll go to will reach chalons in london be talking about the spat between the czech republic and a most schools so rory let's start with that european foreign ministers meeting some more oh they'll be discussing the un of course the situation in the czech republic. can expect a united front there. well i think that certainly what the czechs will be trying to foster it remains to be seen whether there will be the kind of unified response that the czechs are presumably after now let's rewind a bit back to $28.00 seen in the aftermath of this cripple poisonings in the u.k. the u.k. at the time managed to do a lot of lobbying around capitals in europe both e.u.
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countries and european countries outside the e.u. it did some lobbying in the united states and in australia around the rest of the english speaking world and it managed to build essentially a coalition of what amounted to 28 countries who were willing to take measures against russia because of the poisoning of the script and $28.00 countries ended up expelling russian diplomats by the time that russia had done its tit for tat retaliations some $340.00 plus diplomats herds ended up packing their bags and going back to where they came from. there were punitive measures as well in terms of sanctions so that that is a kind of blueprint for where this could go it remains to be seen whether the czech republic has the kind of international plans and whether other countries are at the moment willing to go down a similar route or perhaps go even further than they did in 2080 and it's
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interesting you referenced the script polar tack in 20 narrowly because the mug shots which were released last night by the czech police will be very familiar indeed people in the u.k. where you are what's the reaction been in the united kingdom is no longer part of the e.u. but there's likely to be a visceral response given that they blame those 2 men from leasing a deadly nerve agent on their soil killing a british citizen in the in the event. yeah and certainly so did the british intelligence services in the aftermath of this poisoning released these 2 possible photos and 2 names petro of and bashir of now if they said at the time that they were believed to be the real names of these 2 people and that they suspected them of being operatives offices from the russian military intelligence outfit the
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g.r.u. and a particular units of of the g.r.u. now since then there's been a whole host of investigations done by outfits like belling cat the new york times and also you know other intelligence agencies in western countries doing their own investigations and what they drill down to is that this outfit g.r.u. in the particular units to not 155 g.r.u. has been probably responsible for a lot of activities around europe so when you look at what's this is you look at the particular parts of the u.k. that are interested in russia and have been watching russia for quite some time then i think there's a certain amount of well you know this is this is par for the course you can rewind back to the live in yankee poisoning many many years ago and say that the u.k. has been seeing this u.k. public has been exposed to this kind of news coming from the russian well for some
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time so i don't think there's a huge amount of surprise you have to of course factor in the wider context of what's going on right now at the moment which is military build up in ukraine on the on the russian side of the ukrainian border and in crimea it's new sanctions from the united states a serious be deteriorating relationship between russia and the west well once again ok we're each hours that live from london thank you very. well let's get a view from the united states we can cross now to mike hanna who is in washington d.c. mike the united states to be very concerned about the health of alexey varney in fact the national security adviser was on u.s. television this morning saying there will russia will face consequences if an avanti dies indeed yes jake sullivan speaking there saying that there would be consequences he wasn't specific about
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exactly what the consequences would be he said that the u.s. has a range of options shouldn't decide to take some action but making very clear that the biden administration is intent on taking action should not vul need die now there have already been series of sanctions imposed by the united states against russia russia itself has imposed to protect sanctions so diplomatic relations for between the 2 countries may be even worse now by this warning from the national security advisor. mike hanna in washington d.c. thank you very much indeed. people in ukraine are worried about what's a russian troop build up on the border may mean for them as chance stratford reports from kiev people aren't convinced by russia's reassurances. ukrainian soldiers on the front line on the highest level of alert since the signing of an often violated cease fire agreement with pro russian separatists 7 years ago russia
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says its deployment of an estimated 100000 soldiers and heavy weaponry to areas near the border with ukraine poses no threat ukrainian military say they are preparing for the worst is over because i was mobilized and came back to the front line i believe this is a crucial moment to defend my country world leaders and nato have urged moscow to pull back its forces most of these houses were destroyed in fighting in 2015 around a 1000000 people live in a 10 kilometer wide so-called contact zone the stretches on both sides across the front line. oxana says she fled with her son genya from separatist controlled areas 2 years ago yes yes that's true. i have lived here since 2019 i used to live in our lives but i had to flee because of my political views it has been quiet last few days but this is the 2nd night in
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a row my cell wakes in the middle of the night screaming there is similar devastation in pro russia separatists control the areas. they have been shooting recently everyone waits but nobody knows how the negotiations will end. the leaders of ukraine russia germany and france the so-called normandy format have repeatedly failed to find a political solution to the conflict. crain refuses russia's demand that it talk directly to pro moscow separatist leaders russia refuses to withdraw from crimea but she documented in 2014. and lists a political deadlock on many levels remain the breakdown in the current ceasefire was fairly predictable because the sides were negotiating in good faith it's not negotiating in good faith in probably in about october and they'd reached the point where they were instead of trying to find common ground they were deliberately putting forth proposals that they knew would annoy the other side or that they knew
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would be nonstarters and once that starts to happen then you know that the breakdown of the ceasefire is only a small it's only a matter of time russia calls it a military exercise ukraine says it is a dangerous provocation of the 7 years of failed peace negotiations the un says almost 3 and a half 1000000 people are an urgent need of humanitarian assistance and protection in eastern ukraine. but al-jazeera. we have some breaking news now richardson local media is reporting at least 8 people have been killed in a train derailment you're the 100 others have been injured it's what happens as the train was traveling near the city of 2 north of cairo the accident comes just weeks after 19 people died when 2 trains collided and so hard province south of cairo. and in south africa a massive fire in cape town has ravaged large parts of table munson efforts are
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underway to contain the flames far said to be spreading into residential areas hundreds of students have been evacuated from a university of cape town campus and hikers within the area have been asked to evacuate immediately. plenty more heads only years are including concerns the upcoming monsoon season in bangladesh could leave fans are for him get cut off on an isolated island it's. another trophy for leno massa will stay at barcelona this year will be here with the reaction later in sports. the hospitals across i think there are at breaking points as a more severe case of covert 19 sweeps across the region on that ash has reported a record number of deaths in pakistan for the 1st time since june cases are at an all time high and india is reporting the world's highest number of u.
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cases more than 261000 infections were recorded in just 24 hours its capital new delhi is running out of oxygen medicines and i.c.u. beds there are no backs in the hospitals there are no beds in the i.c.u. nor ventilate ers there are no medicines are in short supply even oxygen is in short supply in more and more states and those who have died are waiting for our worst for a decent commission. what can be more dangerous and more frightening than this interview and the sad part is that the numbers still writing the book i mean you would be me actually even in it. well brazil continues to report the highest number of deaths worldwide still the 3000 brazilians have dies in just the past 24 hours night shifts a benighted to several cemeteries as grave diggers struggle to bury their dead
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let's talk now to daniel shrine where he sent a point to siamese in argentina about the overall situation in latin america daniel let's start with brazil which has accounted for a quarter of all lives lost to the pandemic world why eads what's happening there are they even beginning to get the situation under control. well the short answer is no they don't seem to be there's a very similar similar situation in many parts of brazil to the one you've just described in south asia just when we think the situation can't get any worse it does as you've mentioned an average of more than 3000 deaths a day 369000 people have now died in brazil since the pandemic began 14000000 people infected and the situation is getting worse we've had international aid organizations such as medicines on front here for instance saying that the
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national government in brazil has handled the virus the pandemic in the worst way possible that's a criticism of the government of president john paulson oddo who continues to insist that lockdown is don't work that the economy should take precedence you have had some states in brazil now appealing to the united nations official humanitarian aid and the situation on the ground in many parts of the country is absolutely dire with people running out of oxygen running out of the medicines needed to put people to give people the adequate treatment that they need as you mentioned night time shifts of the some of the graveyards to bury the sheer number of people who are dying every day so a dire situation some people predicting up 210-0000 deaths likely in the month of april and really no end in sight i mean even the president's son who are themselves a politician saying that the lock downs don't work and ruinously saying that the
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rot lockdowns only make the situation worse so those who are against the government absolutely exasperated desperate for an end to this situation in the meantime the vaccinations in brazil are arriving but very slowly not being as minute administer nearly as quickly as many people there would like they were that's the situation in brazil of course was like across the rest of latin america are there any examples of the pandemic being handled slightly better or is it a pretty bleak picture across the board. it's generally a bleak picture brazil of course shares a border with all the countries in south america apart from chile and ecuador so people here watching to see how things develop in brazil very nervously we've seen a rise in the number of infections and deaths in many countries colombia certainly here in argentina the same with seeing record numbers of infections we're also
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seeing people here protesting in bogota for instance workers are saying they need to go out to work the new restrictions being imposed don't put food on the place they need to be out there here in argentina and here and one of cyrus specifically we've seen the parents of schoolchildren demonstrating saying they want the schools to stay open despite president albert often on this saying that many of the outbreaks the recent outbreaks we've seen have been concentrated in and around the schools and we need new restrictions but people after more than a year of this are tired. increasingly exasperated at the slow roll out of the vaccine programs we have seen a few bright spots chile despite high infection rates of vaccinating their people more than half the population have now been vaccinated there are a few success for stories but they're very few and far between and overall we're
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not seeing much improvement ok daniel is the latest from buenos aires thank you daniel. i mean europe some countries are easing their lockdowns because of falling infection numbers and progress with vaccinations it's really is relaxing restrictions for schools and restaurants full next week and with no spectators to events from may 1st germany though has held a memorial service for all those who died of covert 19 another 67 people died on sunday bringing the german death toll to just under 80000 since stephanie decker reports from berlin. a poignant tribute to germany's coronavirus victims a 1st such event broadcast live on t.v. and radio and attended by the president and chancellor angela merkel is in the mood to fund the last abandon me we are tired of the burden of the pandemic and wounded in the fight for the right way forward because of that we need
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a moment to stop ourselves a moment apart from daily politics a moment that allows us to take a look at the human cost of the tragedy of the pandemic the. families of the victims spoke to already come to an already kind enough to move mourn and pundits whom even if we all experience corona fatigue of the 12 months of the virus i appeal to all of you persevere it depends on all of us nobody can bring back my husband but everyone is worth it so he or she does not have to suffer like my husband or the other 80000 that. the flags of the german parliament the bundestag are flying at half staff and politicians are debating an amendment to know which could see the central government get more powers to impose lock downs on the 16 states which are currently in charge of their own health care policies chancellor angela merkel has been fighting for stricter lock downs and facing much resistance germany is struggling to contain a 3rd wave of the virus they have been warnings for weeks this wave could be worse
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than the previous 2 if stricter lock downs are not enforced germany's vaccination campaign has had a slow start hampered by bureaucracy a delay in the livery of vaccines and the debate about the dangers of potential side effects of both the astra zeneca and johnson and johnson jobs the recent addition that local doctors can vaccinate to means a campaign is finally seeing some momentum as of now around 1000 percent of the population has had at least one shot and 6 percent is fully vaccinated. but by no means is it keeping up with the rate of infections and there have been repeated warnings that hospitals could reach capacity if stricter lock downs aren't enforced if the law passes in parliament this week there could be nighttime curfews and the closure of all non-essential shops as well as schools if the infection rate reaches a certain level. but for now politicians here continue their back and forth stephanie decker al-jazeera berlin. well there's
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a sense of the situation in europe let's take a look at gaza now where health workers are warning of a humanitarian crisis in the besieged enclave the number of deaths there have reached an all time high $23.00 people have died in just the last 24 hours 466 new infections were also reported the occupied palestinian territory of course has received few vaccine doses just 3 percent of its people have been given the jobs but it's a very different picture in israel they've reopened schools and lifted their requirements for face coverings out doors with more than half the packed population in israel vaccinated infections have been on the decline from west jerusalem here's harry forces. another landmark reached in israel's response to the corona virus pandemic on sunday with the dropping of the outdoor mask mandate people are still being told to wear masks in indoor public spaces or if they gather very tightly
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together in large numbers outside but in settings like this you can dispense with the mask as well as that schools are now back to normal or cat ceiling has now stopped class sizes can return to normal and for face to face teaching all of this been made possible of course by the tumbling case numbers at the height of the pandemic there are more than 9000 new cases a day on friday it was just over 100 and that of course being made possible by the vaccination campaign more than 5300000 israelis have had at least one dose that's 57.5 percent of the population with a further 1000000 people having had the disease recovered and therefore have immunity as well and need to. continue wearing it for at least 2 months until the world is making progress like us. but i think there's a reason to be happy that we no longer have to wear masks and this is a big success with.
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the memories of the worst of all this for the public and for health officials remain fresh and so there are warnings and caveats being attached to this recent round of success the coronavirus are full one is saying that israel has yet to reach the 75 percent of the population with a new unity that is required for herd immunity so that is a concern as well is that he's warning of possible new variance with a particular focus on one indian variant that has been detected at the airport recently on top of that the director of health at the health ministry has warned that children of course have not been vaccinated those under 16 with 20 percent of teachers also not being vaccinated so no one is yet saying that this crisis is entirely over but this is another day where there is a feeling of returning normality. but around the world the pandemic is showing no sign of slowing down latest data from johns hopkins university shows a huge increase in the number of confirmed cases globally more than 766 thousands
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infections were registered on saturday alone and that number is rising the daily average of more than 700000 cases was 1st reached in january of this year let's get more now from dr emissions old he's a senior scholar at johns hopkins center for health security and joins us now from pittsburgh pennsylvania it's great to have you have you on the new users are. a year on from this pandemic and it is seems to be excel or racing at this stage why do you think the situation is so bad. the exhilaration is likely due to 2 things the 1st is this is been going on for over a year and there is real pandemic fatigue among the population of the world because it didn't have to be disappear and people's lives have been disrupted so they're starting to get back to their activities in the other factor is now there's been the evolution of more contagious variants like to be 117 or the u.k. very or the south african very intuitive or the brazilian variant which spread more
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rapidly between people and if you couple that with pandemic fatigue people becoming lax with wearing masks or hand washing or staying away from crowded in front of a to places you are going to see the spread of this virus excel or rate an increase in till vaccines are ruled out and enough of a pace that they can keep keep abreast of these new variants and in many parts of the world the vaccine rollout has been stalled or flawed and the variance really have been able to accelerate there was a lot of discussion a few months ago about this race between the vaccines and the virus and there were concerns that a small role it's all these vaccines could help lead to these mutations of the virus and we now have a double mutation in india do you think we are now heading for an inevitable surge that just cannot be contained and so we get to the so called google herds immunity. so one thing i don't think that the slow rollout of the
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vaccines led to the development of the various the variants have been generating since this virus 1st jumped into humans it's just that this virus is all to a more fit version of itself and the vaccine is a solution so the quicker you put the vaccine into people's arms the quicker the variant ceased to be a problem i do think that we are going to have a hard time controlling this virus throughout the world there are going to be some parts of the world the united states israel the united kingdom and a handful of other countries where they've been able to vaccinate fast enough to be able to keep this at a pace where we don't worry about hospitals going into crisis again but for many parts of the world that's not going to come until 2022 so i do think that this virus is going to continue to exact a toll on the planet for several months to come in till enough vaccine is into people's arms or enough natural infection occurs that the virus flows naturally which of the theory and see find the more concerning because we hear about the b 117 the british variants now this double mutant variants in india which is
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even the term double mutant seems to alarm a great many people myself included are there any particular variants that you think should be prioritized who believe in sirens of restricting the surge in infections or is it just that all countries should be stepping things up regardless of which variants are are taking roots. well bottom line is all countries need to do better at vaccinating when it comes to the variance however to me that the most concerning ones are the south african 1351 variant and a p. one brazilian variant because they've seen they've they've showed the ability to possibly evade immunity in a way that the other variants have not been able to i think that the calling of this indian variant a double newton is actually a misnomer it has all of these variants of multiple mutations they all have more than 2 changes it's just that the indian variant has 2 mutations that we've been tracking but those mutations appear in other variants as well so i think this is just kind of a sloppiness in the way they're describing it to really scare people and forgets
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the fact that the u.k. to south african the brazilian very all have more than 2 mutants they're all greater than w. so it's a little bit interesting that they've chosen to call it out but the point with the variance is that the vaccines even if they're not able to block infection which has been the case maybe with the south african variant the johnson and johnson dexie they're still able to stop what matters serious disease hospitalization and so the solution to the variance is to accelerate that actually nation with no speed limit because that's what's going to decrease the damage that these variants can cause any of the variants and how do you think this can be achieved this excel ration of the vaccine rule i mentioned a couple of examples earlier in the sure israel is going great guns but that setbacks nation will light but just a small percentage of palestinians have been vaccinated in the united states where you're joining us from they have export bans on vaccines but the vaccination in the united states is is going very well what kind of sea change do you think we need to
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have to ensure that everybody enjoys the same vaccination rates worldwide regardless of their ability to ability to produce vaccine at home and indeed pay for very expensive vaccines. it's going to be very challenging i think there at least has been a recognition in this infectious disease emergency that we need to vaccinate the world to be able to put this pandemic to rest in there are programs like kovacs a program from the bill and melinda gates foundation seppi that are trying to get vaccines to developing countries that don't have the capacity to produce we need to increase that we need to continue to do that we also need to remove some of the stigma against the astra zeneca vaccine against the johnson and johnson vaccine because those are major solutions to the pandemic in many parts of the world where they don't have cold storage and i think that's going to be critical that we've got to really pull out all the stops and have all of these vaccines getting into people's arms all around the world but it's going to be challenging and i don't think it's going to be something that happens overnight it's going to be something that goes of well into 2022 and countries are going to by by their very nature deal
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with their domestic population 1st all countries do that and i think that's to be expected but i think we need to get the excess capacity going to go into some of the other countries if we're going to get the world back on track ok and can only get the well back on track so the whole world is vaccinated great to get your thoughts and your analysis their thoughts are. a dollar a senior scholar at the jones can censor for health security thank you. thank you. so head here on out to sea around a school in afghanistan offer school nights of stigma and discrimination for children with hearing disability from the one names its new place destination and it's set to become the driver's favorite feature we'll have all the details for you later this nice or.
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we got more warm sunshine coming in across the middle east no great surprises here little bit of cloud tell you notice just around that western side of saudi arabia of the fair weather nature a little further north getting up into the thirty's once again for beirut's 37 there in damascus and the 36 there for jerusalem 40 in baghdad very very hot weather and it is early in the it does cool off around the levant as we go through a choose day bag that does stay hot hot enough to in kuwait city into the mid thirty's across costs aren't pushing across into central pass of saudi arabia just want to showers possibly wintry nature of the high ground of afghanistan but elsewhere slushy dry and fine the be a few showers to creep into the north of pakistan lybia showers to around the therapy and highlands at the moment you can see the clouds just bubbling up in the
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seasonal rains kicking off some showers to just creep in the way into central and southern parts of somalia coastal showers there for tanzania maybe a few showers into kenya and the showers run all the way across towards the gulf of guinea they extend they way down across the northern parts of maize and big madagascar is well we have got a chance of somewhat to weather for the fos out south africa. but. when i enter the ring i feel on top of the world i don't want that feeling to go away when the show ends the final on court. retirement and i follow my laugh line watch the laugh line meet the former circus performers gracefully supporting each other on the stage going less you got a broken bone a lame in and off it was beautiful witness presents off to suit on i'm just that's fish loose patience is still must go on the latest news as it breaks the biggest
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challenge to his presidency is not only having to deal with ambitious military officers but also a retard who was quiet before a week detailed coverage called the voice recording is now safely in jakarta in the hands of indonesia's transport thank you commission from around the world political experts say that could be a government of national unity if that's the case that. will keep his job. the on the on. this is al jazeera quick reminder of the top stories this hour hospitals across
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south asia a breaking point as more severe cases of covert 19th sweep across the region andrea is reporting the world's highest number of new infections 261000 in just 24 hours the u.s. has told russia there will be consequences if kremlin critical acts in a panic dies in prison valmy is in the 3rd week of a hunger strike and calls today calling for his personal doctor. and police in the czech republic want to talk to 2 russian salutes or 2014 exposion ammunition is that they're the same man accused of poisoning surtees cripple and his daughter if you are in the u.k. in 2080 well let's get more on the story we can talk more it's not a west who's an intelligence historian and the author of several books on russian espionage most recent they spy swap the humiliation of russia's intelligence services he joins us now from kansas great to have you with us. the big that you
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wrote about you called russia's great humiliation in terms of the assassination attempts on surrogate script paul do you think russia has been humiliated a 2nd time by having this same 2 pair of suspects since spies being amassed in front of the. the world again by the czech police. no the humiliation refers to the events up until this walk in 2010 of the 10 russian illegals in the united states and on medication who turned was due to fire the american. and he authorized the release of 4 convicted russians in return which included a master spot who was the real objective of the entire operation conducted by the cia and since then that has motivated everything that he has done since then and
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that included the attack on sygate script in 2016 so if you like that was a revenge attack i wouldn't say predictable but in terms of the g.r.u. seeking retribution. it could have been expected ok well but is it is unusual to use the same operatives to carry out a separate attacks because as far as we know there doesn't seem to be a clear link between this i'm eunice yoon dump in the czech republic and the and the the script holes is it usual to deploy operatives across europe or indeed across the world to carry out these kind of operations. that's where i think once making a mistake what's called in the intelligence community mirror image ng you're suggesting your question suggests that there is an element of equivalence
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between the tradecraft used in the west and g.r. you trade crawford and the point is that it worked so from that point of view this is a success back to base use the same people many beings that they're using a particular commodity that has a code approach the value and the terror that a chip maker is relatively well known within the g.r.u. a living legend 20 citations for get down the tree and he hopes the highest military honor in russia so he's a hero of the russian federation you might think it's strange but there are other agencies that do the same thing they have to use the same personnel very often and mossad and the british secret service with limited resources do much the same kind of thing but there isn't an exact equivalents i made the it's most of us army we tend to think about spy
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a sense of think about the old cold war the tales of john the carry and so on and off to the end of the court for all of this sort of fizzled bank which is why many and particularly in the u.k. were taken aback to see an assassination attempt of this kind in 2018 i mean how widespread is the sort of stuff. it's very widespread it's a growth industry and you have to understand that the g.r.u. is completely unapologetic and i'm very constructive from the era of the cold war where as the k.g.b. morphed seamlessly the 1st chief directorate into the s.v.r. . we know a lot about yes we are we've got plenty of to practice jay are you as always exercised military discipline in the work probably 300 volunteers willing and anxious to go bump or former colleagues. who had betrayed.
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just one final quick question that. the g.r.u. are very sophisticated and so on but this is 2 attacks that have now come to light i'm not sure we can say the same for attacks carried out by by american spies in europe or indeed pursue spies and in another places is this a sign that the g.r. you're getting sloppy in some way or to the just not care. first what they don't care secondly they didn't get caught so they regard that as success their operations were completed without incident from their perspective 3 of the personalities may be compromised but there were 20 others that haven't been and they were part of the surveillance team that identified the source of 2nd script. as a fascinating insight your shaved shared with our viewers nigel west great to get you on the news hour thank you very much indeed for talking to us
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now people in cape virus are voting in elections dominated spy the pandemic can it same packs on the tourism dependent economy it's tiny atlantic archipelagos stability has been a draw card for migrants from elsewhere in africa and members of the day asp are returning home because hike joins us now form a cape for its capital a prior neck this election's ongoing right now i was the tar and i've been like. well we've been here since 8 o'clock this morning we're in in the capital one in the voting center and hello let me just show you who's come out to vote since early this morning you see a trend mostly women why well because in the race is. she's the head of the african independence party for a cape verdean if she wins it will be a historic moment not just for this country kate byrd but for africa she'll be the 1st female elected head of state. in an african country but she's up
6:41 pm
against the incumbent prime minister. now during the campaign that has been bitterly fought the theme has been the economy because this country depends on tourism tourism mostly from europe and on reminiscences sent from the huge diaspora that this country has there's more people living outside of cape verd than inside of this island and so both the remittances and the tourism has about the affected the economy general mother is calling for new rule calling for reboost seeing the economy in order to ensure that young people specifically have jobs they've been badly affected on the government has subsidized salaries up to 70 percent of those have lost their employment in the tourism sector but that's simply unsustainable in an interview with al-jazeera he admitted that the public spending has ballooned and so he needs to make some serious cuts and he started to do so by selling public
6:42 pm
assets and that hasn't gone down well for this island the island nation story so who is going to decide on what the future of this country is well people right here that are voting in a couple of her date during a pandemic you can see that they have been wearing protection and mask to ensure that the cove it. it doesn't spread and this is the main challenge for whoever comes in charge of this country is to walk that tightrope retreat trying to reboost the economy but also protect its population from the cold with me and there is a surge at the moment of cases here in the country but this is a very important election and unlike neighboring countries a country is outside of west africa where during elections many countries restrict the internet but here they have made the internet free of charge the government
6:43 pm
says that will allow people to follow election results on their website and to find out later on today who will win this this fight being. 2 generations grow hot one of the poorest countries in the world over the course of treatment originally developed into a middle income economy and stallworth stability and democracy and that's what's at play right now in this election can be fascinating to see how that turns out. there are reports saying that live from cape for thanking now aid agencies are warning a group of raiding the refugees could become self during this year's bon soon season thousands have been taken to a beacham shara low lying island that only surfaced in recent years time they're charging reports from dhaka. since filing a military crackdown in myanmar 3 and a half years ago hundreds of thousands of rohingya refugees have been living in the world's largest refugee camp in cox's bazaar but since last december more than
6:44 pm
18000 have been relocated by bangladesh government to an isolated island. house in a bag with 5 children is among them and afraid. that i never see the monsoon season is almost here i was worried when there was heavy rain and rain this morning i'm alone with my children what will i do if there are storms and floods there are no guarantees that there will be no floods here. rights group aid agencies and many refugees say the island is made of silt and didn't exist couple of decades ago and i believe those staying there are exposed to tough conditions and bad weather bangladesh is struggling to find a long term solution for more than a 1000000 running out of refugees since last december the country has started relocating many of them to across the law and in the bay of bengal because of what it cites as congestion and security issues in the world's largest refugee camp in cox's bazaar the government said island has all the facilities that are needed and
6:45 pm
can withstand storms and high seas but that disputed by many who have arrived there . i know it was a mistake to come here i won't suggest others come here we are worried about storms and floods and how to survive under such conditions aid agencies have warned that with the cycle on season fast approaching people on pashtun char could be stranded and face food shortages when major storms strike the international red cross ses there are too many on such entities. to be quick and about what life will be like in amman or even to get. iraq. and. but. the loop the minute. the government has been in our. blood and. we. will be doing them on all of our communities
6:46 pm
would cope with it and many on the island say they're disappointed that in the russian their opinion. some of us are that democrats are not like the russians provided to us here are just not enough to survive on we heard that we would have an easy and comfortable life here than in a camp but the conditions of the same if i hear someone is coming to passion char i would tell them not to come here. for the rowing i will flood me on my life remains insecure their homeland is now ruled by the military john to their flat and the face on an increasingly precarious existence in the land they have sought refuge country charge 3 al-jazeera bangladesh. and afghanistan children with disabilities face many challenges in getting an education this hasn't stopped one school continuing to give opportunities to deaf children. the reports from kabul. on the the words here are silent but the classrooms are full of life and for these
6:47 pm
children just coming here during a war has not been easy. i hope there will be peace in afghanistan once they'll be peace the situation will be better and will be coming to school without any fear to continue our studies. oh afghanistan one of the poorest countries in the world people with disabilities are stigmatized most of the time they're simply shunned support and education services are extremely limited so schools like this one for deaf children allow them to experience something approaching a normal life. i'm also asking the government to create more school like this when we graduate we want to get normal jobs like other people. but keeping this one going is a constant struggle 5 years ago there were 350 children here this year there
6:48 pm
are more than 600 unrolled but as the numbers grow so do the needs and so. published in march the afghanistan independent human rights commission said almost 4500000 afghans live with disabilities an 11 percent increase in the past 14 years. for an organization supported the school in the past but across afghanistan international aid has dwindled nevertheless awareness about disability is slowly growing says fatah now who has been teaching deaf children for more than 20 years said they are voyager the level of awareness in all society is very low maybe 50 percent of the people don't know that disabled people also have abilities that they can lend and how far they can go in learning but the people and society treat the disabled like they're crazy they think they are mentally unfit as
6:49 pm
you witnessed these children have special abilities and these abilities need to be used to educate them which is a huge need for them. of the school are equally big there is a lack of teaching material and books and no money to buy them anyway and there is no more space for students the government confirmed to al-jazeera the budget is limited and cannot address the demands of the school. lot us this is the era where everyone and everything is connected and in this era we're not even able to have drinking water at a school we're going to our neighbors and we bring the water for these children especially during the summer this is called making sacrifices for us. the staff say they will continue no matter the lack of resources in a few weeks this room will become the school's nursery and for the 1st time 20 deaf afghan babies will be able to know another world other than that of complete
6:50 pm
silence contraflow al-jazeera kabul. so ahead on al-jazeera a shark in the water brings a whole to the surface vent industry or piece of a lot that story and more after the break. from the al-jazeera london broil. to people in thoughtful conversation i can be in my culture i can still raise my voice against bigotry with no host and no limitations actually exposed the injustice in our society to. and has in hospitality we have protected these men who are violent and bully studio unscripted and algis their reporting in the field means i often get to witness not just the news is breaking but also history as it's unfolding crossing.
6:51 pm
the red one there might be covering politics in the next my covering protests. but what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they are going through so that i can convey the headlines in the most human way possible. we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. it's fabulous what he's beating thank you hala european football's governing body u.s. has warned clubs thinking of forming a breakaway continental super league but they'll be banned from all other competitions at announcement of the new super league led by rail madrid and
6:52 pm
manchester united is thought to be imminent a number of other big clubs also reported to be signed up including liverpool arsenal and chelsea but you a 1st released a joint statement with a number of european leagues threatening sanctions fever and all our member associations who remain united in our efforts to stop the cynical project a project that is founded on the self-interest of a few clubs at a time when society needs solidarity the clubs concerned will be banned from playing in any other competition at the mystic european all world level and their players could be denied the opportunity to represent their national teams formula one now and next for stop an has won an incident packed immediate on monday a grand prix in interleaved the red bull driver overtook world champion lewis hamilton on the opening lap the wet and wild conditions resulted in a huge crash midway through the race forcing it to be suspended but after the restart of a stop and went on to clinch easy 11th career victory hamilton finished 2nd ahead
6:53 pm
of mclaren's lando norris. it's also been confirmed that there will be a new if one race in miami starting next season as part of a 10 year deal it will take place at a new circuit in the hardrock stadium complex which belongs to the miami dolphins if n.f.l. team if one is not raced in florida since $959.00 it means they will now be 2 races in the u.s. alongside the one in austin texas. fabby a quarter out o. made it back to back wins with victory at the portugal moto g.p. over in indonesia a new moto g.p. race track is being built for people there so authorities are choosing to arisen dollars over their rights jessica washington reports from jakarta. on the island of lombok this racetrack is one of the country's most high profile infrastructure projects the circuit will host major racing events when complete and
6:54 pm
there will be new hotels roads and airport extensions to make way for thousands of racing fans but flick promotional videos don't tell the full story. people living here say they are being forced to read bury their loved ones because the area symmetry is being demolished by developers. but. it feels like we are not allowed to be here at all anymore even the bones of our ancestors are not allowed on this land. houses and farmland are also in the developers sites so i said this area of the construction project is on his land. so. this is also the water should be viewing area they brag about how this area is near the beach and so we have to leave this place and. people have protested against the development since its early stages. hundreds of them face eviction and many say they're being intimidated.
6:55 pm
they brought so many police ready to attack me and also their own security but i didn't go they wanted to take down my house without any notice that very day or tried to fight back. city a says he was offered $200.00 for $1.00 hectares of land and his house he says he wants fair compensation from the state owned indonesia tourism development corp the united nations says indonesian authorities face serious allegations and the land has in effect from the look of. indigenous people the indonesia tourism development corporation denies any wrongdoing and the government says the project will benefit everyone. we are going to make sure that all the developments among the rica including the moto g.p. circuit will benefit people in lubbock mentally is one of 10 areas around indonesia selected by the government as a priority zone to churches and development but critics say development should not
6:56 pm
come at the expense of human rights while some try to stay and protect their land others say they had no choice but to go. because of this merger g.b. circuit we have to leave our home the home that we. come from how much demand says he was only compensated for some of his land now his family like many others faces the challenge of starting again somewhere else just to washington al-jazeera jakarta. in mathematics one of the top gold medal contenders for the turkey lympics and you keep says that the marathon with american superstar at least sent out a warning to his rivals with a dominant victory in the netherlands it's always the current olympic champion and world record holder but they were doubts about his form of trees 8th place finish in london last year this was his 1st appearance since then and he looked back to his best cruising to victory in 2 hours 4 minutes and 30 seconds in a mess he was all smiles on certain easily barcelona's of the capital rates i took
6:57 pm
he scored twice in a 4 no whenever it let it go bell in the final it's the 2nd time in a month bilbao have lost the copper final after losing the delayed 2020 addition to rail sociedad this is bosses 1st trophy since $29.00 team in their 1st under coach ronnie truman. 3 time world surfing champion mick fanning famously fought have a great white shark back in 2015 and he came close to see another one on sunday he was trained in came out of retirement for one of appearance in sydney and showed he still got the skills but moments after heat the competition was halted after a shock was spotted by a drone luckily fanning was already safe back on the beach at that point the surface were pulled out of the water for 15 minutes and to organize a confidence that the animal had moved on fanning was eventually beaten by the current champion in a tunnel for the error of brazil. that's all the sports news for now more on the way again later hala looking forward to peter thank you very much and wraps up this
6:58 pm
in news hour but they keep it here on al-jazeera be back with you with more on the race as well piece after this short break. on counting the cost of 0 to $1.00 versus the markets with the turkish economy already on the brink will the president on the conventional economics target over yet passmore example huge gas reserves big investors an insurgency that could derail little. counting the costs on al-jazeera jump into the story there is
6:59 pm
a lot going on in this and julian global community when i talk about the misinformation i think we all want to feed than we are and where it be part of the debate don't ever take anybody's one word because there's always a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land we have been disconnected from who we are who would love to hear from you in each week be part of today's discussion this stream on out is there a. plan is a wondrous diverse ecosystem but human activity is the escalating climate change and posing an x. the stench of threat you don't get a resort but on top of that it's to throw a scare in the lead up to us to al-jazeera run special coverage documentaries discussions under pools exploring the consequences of our actions and inactions it's very hard to lose a bar with you all civilization oh shit i'm showcasing ways in which some must see to tun the top of the straight ahead there is 3 individuals in very rare to see
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that it's really exciting the season of programming exploring the climate crisis ahead of the earth day on al-jazeera. the u.s. warns russia there will be consequences if kremlin critic alexina valmy dies in prison. and a diplomatic standoff after the czech republic implicates russia in an explosion and finds a link with 2 men charged for a poisoning attack in the u.k. . well the alibi hits and this is out a 0 live from doha also coming up.


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