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across the world. sentiments of. al-jazeera bringing you the news and current affairs that matter to the al-jazeera. the bit. moscow orders 20 czech diplomats to leave response to prague's accusations of russian spies were involved in the 2040 explosion at an arms decker. hi there i'm convinced this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the u.s. warned small scale of consequences if kremlin critic alexina valmy dies in prison he's on his 3rd week of
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a hunger strike. another day of record covered cases in india as the world suffers its worst week in years. and concerns the upcoming monsoon season in bangladesh could leave thousands of working because off on an isolated island the. tensions between russia and the west are continuing to escalate following a week of sanctions and diplomatic expulsions moscow's ordered 20 diplomats from the czech republic to leave a day off of prague told 18 russian diplomats to get out the tit for tat move or sparked up the praga cues to russian spies of being involved in a 2014 explosion at an arms depo the kremlin has denied any involvement well separately the u.s. is warning russia there will be consequences if kremlin critic alexina valmy dies
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in prison his health is deteriorating after being on hunger strike and his medical team is being denied access all of this is happening while moscow is already facing international scrutiny for a military buildup near ukraine's eastern border but it's begins our coverage on tensions between prague in moscow. a series of explosions hit this ammunition depot 330 kilometers southeast of prague in october and december 24th seen 2 men were killed almost 7 years later the czech government says it now knows who is responsible and i quote you know that based on clear evidence obtained during the investigation conducted by our security services i can say there is a well grounded suspicion about the involvement of officers of the russian intelligence service in the explosions and then when you know 2014 these are the 2 men the czech government wants to question their travel to prague and 2014 on the russian passports under the names of alexander petro of and. they are the same men
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wanted in britain for the attempted murder of a former russian spy and his daughter surrogate and u.s. cripple were poisoned with a nerve agent smeared on the front door handle of their home and solve spree in 2018 there is no. were interviewed on russian television the men said they gone to solve for some sightseeing particularly the city's cathedral spire they are very unlikely to face questioning for either the czech explosions all the british poisonings as russia doesn't extradited citizens the 18 russians forced to leave prague join a growing list of diplomats forced to fly home to moscow in recent months 7 european countries and the u.s. have either expelled russian diplomats for alleged spying or in response to russia expelling european diplomats the foreign ministry here says its retaliation will force frog to fully understand its responsibility for destroying the foundations of normal bilateral ties. burnitz with al-jazeera moscow. close allies
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of kremlin critical xtina valley have called for massive protests in moscow and st petersburg on wednesday as i mentioned earlier it's happening as the health of the opposition figure rapidly deteriorates the valley's daughter was called upon russia to allow her medical treatment after doctors warned he's now at risk of kidney failure he was jailed in february for violating parole conditions as a result of travelling to germany for treatment after being poisoned. have you ever seen with your own aunt's house someone is killed you are seeing it right now but whatever the urge people have to look the other way and not think about it change the subject that doesn't change the fact that alexina violently is being killed in a terrible way and in front of everyone's eyes. the bellies doctors say about being denied access to their patient is physician and head of the alliance of doctors says they spent hours outside the prison were not allowed to see him. but we came
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as doctors but it's cruel and monstrous to deny access to a dying patient we will call the medical unit and try to find out what's going on we'll keep trying but at the moment we've done everything we can we can't do anything else. for the girls to go. through we tried to get in touch with the prisons authorities but nothing happened it's not clear what's happening alexa's condition is not clear either the situation might be very serious and critical i think we need to take all the measures to resolve it for the sake of the man so sure coles is the executive director of the anticorruption foundation and a friend of ellie he says president clinton will be carefully considering how to react. no ali is today on the 19th day of his hunger strike hunger strike is not something that people take lightly it's the measure of last resort the situation deteriorated on friday when we received his blood test which showed up
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normal level of the touch which is associated with imminent risk of getting a failer and. heart issues so we are indeed very worried i think the count is in days until he. is likely to given in terms of incentive for putting in keeping the well a life i think it is indeed. and during his calculations i mean he was a casual label of killer has been casually applied to him by not of the president biden but if not all may die in prison with all of a global attention focused on him as the most important principle that a prisoner nowadays in the world i think this label of killer. will stick with him for good for ever.
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well this carly experiencing its highest infection rate. pandemic despite the ongoing vaccination rollout fuelling the rise in india has reported more than 261000 new cases on sunday scientists is studying a new variant with a double mutation to see if it's behind. and millions of pilgrims attending the annual festival have been ordered to quarantine for 2 weeks if they return to the capital new delhi more than 3 and a half 1000 people have tested positive at the festival with help officials warning it could be a super spreader event the government is promising action the jaw. is that of the birds reserved for coverage 19 patients in our hospitals are filling up quickly and the patients are being admitted to the hospitals at a very rapid rate there's especially
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a shortage of intensive care unit fewer than $100.00 i.c.u. beds are now available in the whole of delhi. corona virus infections and argentine there are at their peak with over $22000.00 cases reported daily it comes as the controversy of the shipment of 864000 doses of astra zeneca from a kovacs the government has imposed tougher restrictions including a 3 week nighttime curfew in an effort to contain the new wave of infections brazil's medical system is on the brink of collapse and made a surge of coronavirus cases in deaths the country has been reporting at the highest number of deaths worldwide but the daily told it fall on sunday to the lowest in the past week with 1600 deaths let's speak now to daniel in the argentine capital when a side is so it's all about argentina peak cases there now is the vaccine roll out making any dent. unfortunately
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not yet came i think is the general feeling here the vaccines are rising if you as you've mentioned but not in great enough numbers despite the best efforts of the government to get them here to one osiris and then spread them around distribute them around at this huge country elderly people around much of the country have been vaccinated received at least the 1st those key workers are the vulnerable people but in general it's reach less than 10 percent of the the population 42000000 people we've had 59000 deaths as you mentioned record high numbers of infections and deaths yet again no the problem is that it's not having an impact yet and that is much the case in the rest of latin america we have these high figures figures going up government restrictions being imposed restrictions but people increasingly protesting against them we had demonstrations here on saturday in a in one of cyrus with parents wanting their children to continue going to school despite
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the government saying the school should be closed until the end of the month the colombian capital bogota you have workers saying they simply couldn't afford to stay at home and they needed to go out to work to be able to feed their families so each time these new waves come along the figures go up the only option open so many government are further restrictions yet public defiance of those stricture restrictions seems to get ever stronger all right thank you for that daniel sharma there in when a side is. let's take a look now at how cause at 19 is affecting young children and top doctors in brazil have seen an alarming rise in the number of babies dying from the virus of recent weeks about 1300 deaths result just brazil and india there are reports of an increasing number of young children now showing severe symptoms compared to what we saw last year in the u.s. the fatality rate among kids remains low but there have been at least 3500000
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positive cases of children or dr. c. is a doctor specializing in internal medicine in brazil she says babies dying from covert 19 is due to the increase in infections in the country. well 25 percent of deaths due to kovan $1000.00 in children have occurred this year alone so when you have high rates of adults infected with current a virus you expect more children to be infected as well this is definitely the main reason why we're seeing such high numbers in children and also brazilian population tends to be younger than some countries so it is likely that you'll see more cases in younger people as well. according to c.d.c. data destitute kovac in children corresponds to around 0.2 percent of the deaths but when you have hundreds of thousands of people dying due to covert like
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you have in brazil we expect that some hundreds of deaths will occur among children as well and we still don't know whether that be one variant the so-called one that was very and is more causes more severe illness than other variants either in the adults are in children though like we only know that it's more transmissible but it is quite possible that it causes more severe illness as well but there are 2 other factors that i believe they're also responsible for this the 1st is a problem we have also in the outs in brazil there is a misconception that is backed up by our government unfortunately that could 1000 is not such a bad problem that we should in worry too much about it and when it comes to children that's even more so so many people they don't even know that children can do to kovan 19 so they don't worry too much that their child will get infected.
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still ahead on al jazeera votes are being counted and. in an election dominated by oil diamonds the pandemic will be live in the capital. why keep his youth and looking outside the country unless there are major changes within it. however since i'm alive a spring showers moving across the deep south of the u.s. rolling over towards the florida panhandle it upright not as you go through the next day or so but you see some rather heavy rain for a time still lurking there across the northern parts of florida further north this used to usual seasonal shasta not too bad a liberal some cooler air just tucked in around the northern plains up into the canadian prairies one celsius him when he picked up 6 celsius there in minneapolis
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getting up to 18 for kansas city this is where slightly warmer for the time being but you can see that line of snow which pushes across towards the rockies a little sink further south would say well down to single figures for kansas as we go on into what shoes day ahead of that is life on a dry behind that lousy fire and dry we still got some decent warmth up towards the pacific northwest into western parts of canada temperatures here hovering around 90 or 20 celsius is dry right down the west coast this dry course a good part of mexico as well but we got that wetter weather just moving across the gulf of mexico could just set up a few showers across the yucatan peninsula into the southeast of mesko northern parts of cuba also seeing some wet weather over the next day or so well swear for much of the caribbean is fine and dry. they came from the countryside to cairo and became part of
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a life. they say just as different from be in the form of al-jazeera world meets the man has been keeping a close eye on residential life in the big cities for decades but who may now be passing into history. see for movies he wasn't dormant but he's now managed by a security company the doman of egypt on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour russia has expelled 20 diplomats from the czech republic and it's free a reaction to a similar move by prague using russian spies of adulthood to 2414 explosion at an
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obstacle. the u.s. has warned of consequences of kremlin critic alexina bell the dies in prison the velma is in the 3rd week of a hunger strike close to death that's according to his boss dr. global crowd of ours cases are at their highest level yet despite the vaccination fuelling the rises in india which is reported more than $261.00 pounds of u.k. sits on sunday. a new unity government formed by those who oppose me and miles coup says it should be included in crisis crisis talks rather with neighboring countries it's criticised a move to invite the military's leader to a special as the un summit in jakarta on saturday. protests is held rallies in a show of support for the national unity government which was formed on friday and includes ousted members of parliament ethnic leaders and activists more than $730.00 people have been killed since the military seized power in february and in
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japan hundreds of showed support for cooper testis a memorial service to those killed by security forces was held at a temple in tokyo japan is among a growing number of countries that have condemned the military's violence. i came here to show that they didn't die in frame and pray for peace in may and. cannot use that i don't mourn my scanner the most i know the situation there is pretty hard but i believe me en masse peace will be restored soon so i want to say to the people of myanmar please hang in there a little bit longer. aid agencies are warning a group overhang of refugees could be cut off during this year's monsoon season thousands have been taken to brush on charred lower lying islands that only surfaced in recent years have a child reports from dhaka. since filing a military crackdown in myanmar 3 and a half years ago hundreds of thousands of rohingya refugees have been living in the world's largest refugee camp in cox's bazaar but since last december more than
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18000 have been relocated by bangladesh government to an isolated island. with 5 children is among them and afraid. the monsoon season is almost here i was worried when there was heavy rain and rain this morning i'm alone with my children what will i do if there are storms and floods there are no guarantees that there will be no floods here. rights groups aid agencies and many refugees say the island is made of silt and didn't exist couple of decades ago and it will leave those staying there exposed to tough conditions and bad weather bangladesh is struggling to find a long term solution for more than a 1000000 running out of refugees since last december the country has started relocating many of them to acosta live in the bay of bengal because of what it cites as congestion and security issues in the world's largest refugee camp in
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caucasus bazaar the government said island has all the facilities that are needed and can withstand storms and high seas but that disputed by many who have arrived there. it was a mistake to come here i won't suggest others come here we are worried about storms and floods and how to survive under such conditions aid agencies have warned that with the cycle on season fast approaching people on pashtun charge could be stranded and face food shortages when major storms strike the international red cross ses there are too many on certain it is. the quick and it all about what will be like in a month or even to get. iraq. and. but. the loop the minute. the government has been in our. blood and. we. will be doing them on all of our community
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would cope with it and many on the island say they're disappointed in the russian they're being let out of it i mean it's not like the russians provided to us here are just not enough to survive on we heard that we would have an easy and comfortable life here than in a camp but the conditions of the same if i hear someone is coming to passion char i would tell them not to come here. for the rowing guy who fled me on my life remains in secure. their homeland is now ruled by the military john thought their flat and the face an increasingly precarious existence in the land they have sought refuge country chaudhry al-jazeera bangladesh. thoughts are being counted in thai birds palm and tree elections which have been dominated by the pandemic and its impact on the tourism dependent economy the tiny atlantic stability has been. from elsewhere in africa and members of the diaspora who are returning. joins us now
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live from cape capital priam so necklace i believe preliminary results are coming in what are they telling us. what's clear is that there is no clear majority yet for the ruling party led by incumbent president races where he still needs 37 seats to win an outright majority so far he has 36 but this has not stopped his supporters from starting the celebration as you can see right behind the they've been celebrating across town like to make as much noise as possible trying to draw as much or all the other side in the opposition side to the camp of near our own bought up no celebrations yet and there could be a situation where we have hung parliament there where there is no clear our right but the majority vote well what does that mean for the people of paper it means
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that they're still going to be some negotiation between the political party to try to find out who will be the next prime minister. and nicolas despite the celebrations going on behind you as you said there's no outright majority yes and a low voter turnout is one signal although she is giving. well you know this has been much. what the campaign of the prime minister has been a. great. day. out he's trying to reassure the population that they have grown a beard to care ok we're a lot. better.
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nicolas hock there. in the midst really of a very noisy celebration despite not having final results and yet in case we're starting to hear you next we'll leave it there for now we'll check in with you later. and a base hosting foreign contractors in iraq has come under rocket fire at least 2 people were injured when 3 rockets hit the balad air base north of baghdad the military sizes used to host the f. 16 fighter jets no one has claimed responsibility for the attacks. cuba's ruling communist party is meeting this week to elect its nearly the ship and policies the government is under increasing pressure especially from younger generations to make reforms that will improve people's lives otherwise as to risible reports cubans may seek a new life. an island that stuck in the past that's the feeling
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people like i will me sad have had about cuba for many years. he's a cook and have anna and estoppel leaving in the government's so-called reforms. if there's no radical change in the system there is no way out there has to be a different way of thinking if not then i'll have to see how i skate displace i've been a cook for 10 years and because of the pandemic we have no work. which was social reforms over the past decade including the expansion of internet access have strengthened cuban civil society and many are now daring to speak out. small protests have cropped up this by tight control by authorities 6. cuba is in the middle of an economic crisis both because of the pandemic that's her tourism but also continuing and crippling u.s.
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sanctions this week the government announced it is loosening a decades old ban on slaughter of cattle and sale of beef and dairy ranchers will be allowed to do as they wish with their livestock after meeting state called us. says this will allow him to increase productivity pool and this is sent out for 60 years we did not have the right to eat an animal however as long as i comply with the regulations that are now being imposed on me by the state this opens up an opportunity it will also enhance and increase the production of cattle in the country but economy say much more needs to happen for the country to get. on the road to recovery ok live by the earth in the gutter by the by that the measures need to have a big impact and they need to happen now to help develop the country put an end to bureaucracy i believe the new measures can be implemented and vietnam is an example of what we could become it's a country that has a communist party leading and has one of the fastest growing economies in the world
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you have to enter the world buckets and reform the economy. people like i will miss her believe only political change can bring about radical reforms and that's why he continues to look for a future outside the island where he believes he'll be able to fulfill the dreams he says he's denied at home. and. protest in support of a banned group in pakistan have again turned violent with reports several people have been killed police say members of the terry killed by pakistan party attacked a police station in the whore it says 6 officers were taken hostage tortured tariq about pakistan says at least 4 of its supporters have been killed there have been violent clashes since the arrest of the party exe leader earlier this week. egypt's health ministry says at least 11 people have been killed as a train derailment every 100 others have been injured it happened as the train was
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traveling near the city of talks north of cairo is the 2nd large scale accident involving trains and less than a month local media reporting the head of the egyptian railways agency has submitted his resignation. would be 70 people have been killed in violence and yemen's barabant tires provinces. another 85 people were injured military forces say a battle for control of the oil rich regions intensified during the past 24 hours the rebels launched an offensive in february the u.s. and united nations have increased diplomatic efforts to reach a cease fire. anger about a lack of distribution of wealth is being blamed for the conflict in northern mozambique the world bank says the north-south regional divide could see fighting spraying down the coast harm it also reports from pember the capital of kabul delgado. 26 year old daughter deed says he has
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a university degree but he can't find a job he's applied to the gas companies operating in northern missouri but it's been one rejection after another with this. i think there's some kind of discrimination going on these companies have very few muslim because from kabul the province most of the good jobs and money goes to the foreigners and government officials even jobs for mechanics and electricians they don't hire many of us. got a province in northern mozambique is where most of the major gas discoveries have been made in recent years but the region has high levels of poverty and inequality when rubies and gas were discovered here many people thought it would mean jobs and a better life but that hasn't happened instead the poor are feeling more and more marginalized and say only a small elites in mozambique are benefiting. the country's president felipe a new city says he i saw links local armed group that causes al-shabaab is
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manipulating disgruntled youth and recruiting some of them as fighters but very out to ruth says he's not giving up on himself or his country the young farmer wants to grow his business and create jobs for other young people. there are always very complicated we don't know all these fighters are they don't show their faces they don't see why they're fighting i want to cross on improving myself. a perceived failure to distribute vast mineral and offshore gas revenues to the local population could be fueling the conflict until this is addressed and listen it's unlikely the conflict in a province end anytime soon how tight or al-jazeera mozambique. are these 4 people have died in a plane crash northeast of paris wreckage from the robin d r 400 light aircraft was found at a field 40 kilometers from the capital an investigation is underway into the cause
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is underway it's believed it was a training flight. 12 of europe's biggest football clubs say they'll launch a breakaway super league 6 english teams including liverpool chelsea and both branches to sides have agreed to join fellow european giants real madrid barcelona and eventis will also play in the league the club's owners are being accused of a power grab for all governing bodies pfieffer and you wait for have threatened legal action. results there and these are the top stories russia has expelled 20 diplomats from the czech republic it's a reaction to a similar move by prague accusing russian spies of involvement in a 2014 explosion at an arms depo the u.s. has warned of consequences if kremlin critic alexina valmy dies in prison.


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