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inventer pools exploring the consequences of our actions and inactions very hard news of a small civilization. and showcasing ways in which so much seeking to turn the talk is straight ahead there is 3 individuals in very rare to see that it's really exciting the season of programming exploring the china crisis ahead of the earth day on al-jazeera. moscow orders 20 czech diplomats to leave in response to prague's accusations that russian spies were involved in a 24 team explosion at an arms devil. i'm convinced this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the u.s.
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warns moscow of consequences if kremlin critic alexina valmy dies in prison he's on his 3rd week of a hunger strike. another day of record covered cases in india as the world's offers yet its worst week. votes are being counted in cape verde parliamentary election will be live from the capital pry out with the latest. tensions between russia and the west are continuing to escalate following a week of sanctions and diplomatic expulsions moscow has ordered 20 diplomats from the czech republic to leave the day after prague told 18 russian diplomats to get out it if it out move was sparked after prague accused russian spies of being involved in a 2014 explosion at an arms depot the kremlin has denied any involvement separately
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the u.s. is warning russia that there will be consequences if kremlin critic alexina valmy dies in prison his health is deteriorating after being on hunger strike and his medical team is being denied access and this is all happening while moscow is already facing international scrutiny for a military build up there ukraine's eastern border but it's what begins our coverage of tensions between prague and moscow. a series of explosions hit this ammunition depot 330 kilometers southeast of prague in october and december 24th seen 2 men were killed almost 7 years later the czech government says it now knows who is responsible and i quote you know that based on clear evidence obtained during the investigation conducted by our security services i can say there is a well grounded suspicion about the involvement of officers of the russian intelligence service in the explosions at them when you know 2014 these are the 2 men the czech government wants to question the travel to prague in 2014 on the
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russian passports under the names of alexander petro of and. they are the same men wanted in britain for the attempted murder of a former russian spy and his daughter surrogate and u.s. cripple were poisoned with a nerve agent smeared on the front door handle of their home and solve spree in 2018 there is a new. me of the 3rd world interviewed on russian television the men said they gone to solve for some sightseeing particularly the city's cathedral spire they are very unlikely to face questioning for either the czech explosions all the british poisonings as russia doesn't extradited citizens the 18 russians forced to leave prague join a growing list of diplomats forced to fly home to moscow in recent months 7 european countries and the u.s. have either expelled russian diplomats for alleged spying or in response to russia expelling european diplomats the foreign ministry here says its retaliation will
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force frog to fully understand its responsibility but is strong the foundations of normal bilateral ties bernard smith al-jazeera moscow. as we mentioned another dispute between russia and western nations is the health of opposition leader alexina valley u.s. president joe biden is denouncing his treatment is unfair in this threatening consequences if he dies in prison how did you cast him. reports from washington d.c. . it's been nearly 3 weeks since alexina vali launched a hunger strike after russian prison officials denied him access to private doctors to treat back pain and the loss of feeling in his legs the symptoms possibly lingering effects of the poisoning of all he suffered in august but the opposition leader barely survived and blames on the kremlin now his colleague tells al-jazeera the bombing may be near death situation deteriorated on friday when we seized his
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blood which showed up normal level of attack which is associated with imminent risk of kidney failure and. heart issues so we are indeed very worried i think the count is in days and his is likely to give in fearing the volman will soon be dead his supporters have scrapped plans to accumulate half a 1000000 registrants for the next round of mass protests they are now asking russians to return to the streets on wednesday. saying of the events are unfolding too quickly and extremely badly we can no longer wait in a jury an extreme situation requires extreme decisions were announcing the protest now. these arrested more than 10000 people during nationwide protest in january calling for an evolving to be freed he was arrested upon returning to russia from germany where he had spent 5 months recovering from
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the nova chalk poisoning he's now serving a 2 and a half year prison sentence for violating the terms of a previous fraud conviction that of all the says was politically motivated his doctors say they were not allowed inside the prison to scene of all the sunday. came as doctors but it's cruel and monstrous to deny access to a dying patient we will call the medical unit and try to find out what's going on we'll keep trying but at the moment we've done everything we can we can't do anything else the u.s. is closely monitoring of all the situation president joe biden has said the treatment of no vali is totally unfair and totally inappropriate and on sunday the u.s. national security adviser warned that if we have all made dies in russian custody the international community will hold the kremlin accountable and there will be consequences castro al-jazeera washington.
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but while there is currently experiencing as high just infection rate yet of the call that 19 pandemic despite the ongoing vaccination rollout fuelling the rise is india which has reported more than $261000.00 new cases on sunday and scientists are studying a new variant with a double mutation to see if it's behind the rise in infections. and millions of pilgrims attending the annual festival have been ordered to quarantine for 2 weeks if they return to the capital new delhi more than 3 and a half 1000 people have tested positive at the festival with health officials warning it could be a super spreader event the government is promising action if your going to get a bit is that of the birds reserved for coverage 19 patients in our hospitals are filling up quickly the patients are being admitted to the hospitals at a very rapid rate there's especially a shortage of intensive care unit beds fewer than $100.00 i.c.u.
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beds and now available in the whole of delhi. well let's bring in christopher thompson he is an immunologist and associate professor of biology at loyola university he joins us by skype from baltimore thank you time so what exactly is this double mutation of the virus that we're seeing in india what does it mean so in most cases we've only seen one area of the virus mutating from the original virus in this case we have 2 separate me taishan sites which is really concerning because as you know you know every time that we have a mutation we're worried about increased transmissibility increased threat of death and lack of ability of our vaccines to work now these both being in the same virus and being under study but we're seeing that they're growing rapidly in the number of cases is really concerning is it
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a mutation in the spike protein that makes it more easily transmissible or what exactly is the change. right so there are 2 mutations in the part of the virus the spike protein that binds to our ace 2 receptor that receptor that is known to be the target of this virus and so we don't know a lot about either of these mutations or we think that that the l 452 are mutations on one of the 2 increases transmissibility by about 20 percent at least in other strains we see a decrease in antibody efficacy of up to 50 percent and an increase in the strength of the binding to our receptors now that's in a different strain so we don't know how that will play with the other. of the other mutation but that one too appears to have some decrease of antibiotic binding which could be problematic for vaccination and for people who have already had cove it and who believe that their immune ok so is this is going to continue to happen and
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we re vaccinate with what we have and the more very meant dangerous variants just beat us to the punch rate so viruses are notoriously bad at replicating themselves and they make lots and lots of mistakes most of the time those mistakes are problematic for the virus and they don't are able to infect as well but occasionally they get a mutation that makes them better and so yes we're in a race we're in a race to vaccinate we're in a race to beat this virus down but we need to really be here to those core public health principles that we know work we need to wear our masks we need to socially distance need to wash our hands stay home if we're sick and we need to do as much testing as possible all right thank you very much for your time christopher thompson then and a dollar just joining us from baltimore. votes are being counted in caves odds palma 3 elections which have been dominated by the pandemic and its impact on the
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economy the time the atlantic goes to business he has been told cut for migrants from elsewhere in africa and members of the diaspora returning joins us now live from its capital seems it's a little quieter there then when we spoke to you last hour nicolas what results have come in so fun. just to reassure there's still a party going on on the other side of town and we're just here because moments ago . just waved outside his apartment here to a crowd of spectators here we have still waiting for him to actually make a proper statement but moments ago the opposition leader. conceded defeat also saying that she respects the will of the camp virgin people as well as
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saying that she will resign as the party head of the. party for african independence a historic party here so clearly the man in charge for the next 5 years is the prime minister who ran a campaign with the slogan. you know to go to a meeting that he is the sure path for this country a country came that has suffered greatly both in the last year from the pandemic and the economic. consequences of the pandemic for this country that relies on tourism but also came from a shortage of water kept in the in the last 3 years there has been no rainfall on the island of santiago imagine what has happened to the people who work in farming that spell of 3 years without water and rainfall was broken law. september but since there hasn't been any rainfall this country. is dealing with the direct
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effects of climate change and while the prime minister has heavily invested in d.c. analyzation had to deal with the water shortage it's also invested in alternative energy wind turbines it still could not meet the energy needs this country. and so those are some of the challenges ahead for the prime minister to bring back jobs to bring water to the population 6 but also 6 to ensure that people have. people that he could keep that promise to people to ensure that will come back to that country something to remember kim during this election i thought was quite interesting unlike other west african country when there is an election usually the opposition isn't as quick to concede defeat well in this instance just hours after the vote was counted the opposition conceded defeat also instead of the internet being restricted sheer the internet was made free for the population to
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follow the election results from the election commission itself now that's one of the tribute to this small island nation. a tribute to democracy here and there is something to remember as well is that move scout verde and have left the country they live there part of the diaspora and despite so many people having left this country well the people here have moved this country from one of the least developed nation in the world to a middle income country down the challenge ahead for the prime minister is to be good on doubt and to get to you that development jim and i thank you for that update then nicholas hawk from the capital. still ahead on al-jazeera why cuba is new so looking outside the country unless there are major changes within it. a public memorial for germany's contradictive doctors warn
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that the worst is yet to come. for the perfect gentlemen who went sponsored point qatar airways however got some lovely weather to come for japan over the next couple days the korean peninsula set fair as well northern parts of china are also doing quite nicely this play out that's in the process of pulling out of the way still quite a stiff breeze coming in across northern parts of japan as we go through monday a few showers just rattling in on that for a time but essentially it will dry up and it will bright not attempt at getting up to $21.00 celsius at 70 in found one sunshine for soledad also for beijing signs of some western weather coming into central parts of china as we go on into tuesday better ahead of that there you go it's looking good over the next couple of days
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with 25 in tokyo look further south and you can see this area a cloud of rain here making its way very close to the philippines that of course is our super typhoon nasty system this it is the strongest typhoon so far of the season of the year in fact with the equivalent of category 5 winds if you are an atlantic hurricane so 250 kilometers per hour on those winds we're looking at damaging winds then we are looking at some very heavy rain but thankfully it looks like it's a stay offshore so the worst of the weather will make its way further more towards and out into the open waters but there's the risk of flooding for many pass for the philippines. qatar airways. they came from the countryside to cairo and became part of a life. just as a different to be in the door al-jazeera world meets the man you've been keeping a close eye on residential life in the big cities for decades but who may now be
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passing into history. he wasn't born but he's now managed by a security company the doman of egypt on al-jazeera. you're watching all just there on her mind of our top stories this hour russia has expelled 20 diplomats from the czech republic it's a reaction to a similar move by prague accusing russian spies of involvement in a 20 $414.00 explosion at an arms to. the us is one of consequences if kremlin critic alexina belli dies interests of the valley is in the 3rd week of
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a hunger strike and close to death according to his personal doctor. global coronavirus cases are at their highest level yes despite the vaccination rollout fuelling the rise is india which has reported more than $261.00 bells the new cases on sunday. germany has held a public memorial service broadcast live across the nation for its covered 19 victims and all the 67 people have died there in the past day as the country is hit by a 3rd wave brings the number of deaths to just under 80000 stephanie deca has more from berlin. a poignant tribute to germany's coronavirus victims a 1st such event broadcast live on t.v. and radio and attended by the president and chancellor angela merkel is in the mood to fund the last abandon me we are tired of the burden of the pandemic and wounded in the fight for the right way forward because of that we need a moment to stop ourselves a moment apart from daily politics
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a moment that allows us to take a look at the human cost of the tragedy of the pandemic the. families of the victims spoke to already come to an already kind enough to move mourn and pundits whom even if we all experience corona fatigue of the 12 months of the virus i appeal to all of you persevere it depends on all of us nobody can bring back my husband but everyone is warts and so he or she does not have to suffer like my husband or the other 80000 that. the flags of the german parliament the bundestag are flying at half staff and politicians are debating an amendment to know which could see the central government get more powers to impose lock downs on the 16 states which are currently in charge of their own health care policies chancellor angela merkel has been fighting for stricter lock downs and facing much resistance germany is struggling to contain a 3rd wave of the virus they have been warnings for weeks this wave could be worse
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than the previous 2 if stricter lock downs are not enforced germany's vaccination campaign has had a slow start hampered by bureaucracy a delay in the delivery of vaccines and the debate about the dangers of potential side effects of both the astra zeneca and johnson and johnson jobs the recent addition that local doctors can vaccinate to means a campaign is finally seeing some momentum as of now around 1000 percent of the population has had at least one shot and 6 percent is fully vaccinated. but by no means is it keeping up with the rate of infections and there have been repeated warnings that hospitals could reach capacity if stricter lock downs aren't enforced if the law passes in parliament this week there could be nighttime curfews and the closure of all non-essential shops as well as schools if the infection rate reaches a certain level. but for now politicians here continue their back and forth stephanie decker al-jazeera. corona virus infections
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in argentina are at their peak with over 22000 cases reported daily it comes as the counter received a shipment of 864000 doses of astra zeneca from the kovacs the government has imposed tougher restrictions including a 3 week nighttime curfew in an effort to contain new wave of infections brazil's medical system is on the brink of collapse amid a surge of growing a virus cases and deaths the country has been reporting the highest number of deaths worldwide but the daily toll did fall on sunday to the lowest in the past week with 1600 deaths. more in the situation in argentina from this. elderly people around much of the country have been vaccinated received at least a 1st dose key workers are the vulnerable people but in general it's reach less than 10 percent of the population 42000000 people we've had 59000 deaths
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a record high numbers of infections and deaths yet again no the problem is that they it's not having an impact yet and that is much the case in the rest of latin america we have these high figures figures going up government restrictions being imposed restrictions but people increasingly protesting against them we had demonstrations here on saturday in the in one of cyrus with parents wanting their children to continue going to school despite the government saying the school should be closed until the end of the month of the colombian capital boger tell you had workers saying they simply couldn't afford to stay at home and they needed to go out to work to be able to feed their families so each time these new waves come along the figures go up the only option open so many government and further restrictions yet public defiance of those strictures restrictions seems to get ever stronger. cuba's ruling communist party is meeting this week to elect its new leadership and policies the government is under increasing pressure especially from
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younger generations to make reforms that will improve people's lives otherwise the stories of our reports cubans may seek a new life elsewhere. and i learned that stuck in the past that's the feeling people like i will me sad have had about cuba for many years. he's a cookin have anna and estoppel leaving in the government's so-called reforms. if there's no radical change in the system there is no way out there has to be a different way of thinking if not then i'll have to see how i skate displace i've been a cook for 10 years and because of the pandemic we have no work. with the social reforms over the past decade including the expansion of internet access have strengthened cuban civil society and many are now daring to speak out. small protests have cropped up despite tight control by authorities. cuba is in
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the middle of an economic crisis both because of the pandemic that's her tourism but also continuing and crippling u.s. sanctions this week the government announced it is loosening a decades old ban on slaughter of cattle and sale of beef and dairy ranchers will be allowed to do as they wish with their livestock after meeting state called us. says this will allow him to increase productivity pool and this is sent out for 60 years we did not have the right to eat an animal however as long as i comply with the regulations that are now being imposed on me by the state this opens up an opportunity it will also enhance and increase the production of cattle in the country. but economy say much more needs to happen for the country to get on the road to recovery ok loved by the authentic guy by the by that the measures need to
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have a big impact and they need to happen now to help develop the country put an end to bureaucracy i believe the new measures can be implemented and vietnam is an example of what we could become it's a country that has a communist party leading and has one of the fastest growing economies in the world you have to enter the world buckets and reform the economy. people like i will miss her believe only political change can bring about radical reforms and that's why he continues to look for a future outside the island where he believes he'll be able to fulfill the dreams he says he's denied at home. and. a new unity government formed by those who oppose me and myles coup says it should be included in crisis talks with neighboring countries it's criticized a move to invite the military's leader to a special r.c. on summit in jakarta on saturday and he could protesters held rallies in a show of support for the national unity government formed on friday that includes
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asked of members of parliament ethnic leaders and activists or than 730 people have been killed since the military seized power in february. and in japan hundreds of shown support for cooper test is a memorial service to those killed by security forces was held at a temple in tokyo japan is among a growing number of countries that have condemned the military's violence. i came here to show that they didn't die in frame and to pray for peace in may and mark. i cannot is that i don't mourn my skater the most i know the situation they is pretty hard but i believe me en masse peace will be restored soon so i want to say to the people of myanmar please hang in there a little bit longer. police in pakistan said supporters of a banned political party terry king back took 6 police officers hostage in the horror on sunday police said earlier raided their offices which prompted thousands to take to the streets in violent protests shelob else reports i. suppose
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of to recalibrate pakistan who not be silenced known as shields he they started protesting last year after caricature of the prophet muhammad who republished in france. then last week they protested after the government arrested their leader cleric saad rizvi he had demanded the french ambassador of pakistan be expelled and a ban on french products the. those protests resulted in the government outlawing t.l.p. which led to more protests. on sunday a party spokesman said security forces raided the offices in lahore they responded again on the streets in all several of the supporters were killed and dozens were injured they're going to put us here at this hour the challenge will be attacked by police traitorous started shelling and fired bullets directly at us boys were injured some got bullets in the chest. some got shot in the head but when it
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rectified they fired directly at us and threw us with water sun men had their chest burned other their back to the store body i was later they returned with their original grievance against fronts. for my money we told the police we neither have weapons nor are we terrorists but they started firing on us and used tear gas many supporters died and those who were killed one slogan oh prophet we are here for you expelled the french ambassador and cut off relations with france. police said sunday's violence began after a police station was attacked they accused piece of forces of taking 6 officers hostage torturing sub. prime minister imran khan said more than $600.00 officers were injured in protests last week there is a media blackout of social media has been cut in some areas the t.l.p. is anger towards from reverberates through many muslim majority nations in october
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mccrone defended the publication of caricature was of the prophet muhammad caricature that french school teacher samuel passy had shown in class before he was beheaded boycott some protests were organized in bangladesh somalia syria libya yemen afghanistan iraq and here in pakistan championed by the t.l.p. . the 6 months later the party has banned the leader displaying his supporters killed and wounded and still they chant on charlotte ballasts 002. israel and greece have signed what's been described as their biggest ever defense deal includes a $1600000000.00 contracts awarded to an israeli contract to build an operation air force training center in greece it's been announced as pilots from greece israel and several other countries take part in a joint exercise in greece. at least 4 people have died in
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a plane crash northeast of paris wreckage from the robin d.r. 400 light aircraft was found in a field 40 kilometers from the capital investigation into the course is underway it's believed it was a training flight 12 of europe's biggest football clubs say they'll launch a breakaway super league 6 english teams including liverpool chelsea and both manchester sides have agreed to join fellow european giants real madrid barcelona and ventus also playing ability the club's owners are being accused of a power grab football governing bodies at the wafer have threatened legal action. you're watching are just there are these other top stories russia has expelled 20 diplomats from the czech republic it's a reaction to a similar move by prague accusing russian spies of involvement in a 24 to 14 explosion at an arms depo the u.s.
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has warned of consequences if kremlin critic and they see no valley dies.


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