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tv   Al Jazeera World The Doormen Of Egypt  Al Jazeera  April 19, 2021 4:00am-5:01am +03

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complex so it's very important that we make them is understandable as we can do as many people as possible no matter how much they know about a given crisis or issue as al-jazeera correspondents that's what we strive to do. i'm comfortable in doha with the top stories on al-jazeera russia has expelled 20 diplomats from the czech republic it's a reaction to a similar move by prague after it accused 2 russian spies of involvement in the 2014 explosion at an arms devil the man in question are also wanted in the u.k. for the poisoning of a former russian spy and his daughter but it's meant reports from moscow. a series of explosions hit this ammunition depot 330 kilometers southeast of prague in
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october and december 24th seen 2 men were killed almost 7 years later the czech government says it now knows who is responsible and i quote you know that based on clear evidence obtained during the investigation conducted by our security services i can say there is a well grounded suspicion about the involvement of officers of the russian intelligence service in the explosions at them when you know 2014 these are the 2 men the czech government wants to question they traveled to prague in 2014 on the russian passports under the names of alexander petro of and. they are the same men wanted in britain for the attempted murder of a former russian spy and his daughter surrogate and u.s. cripple were poisoned with a nerve agent smeared on the front door handle of their home and solve spree in 2018. were interviewed on russian television the men said they gone to solve for some sightseeing particularly the city's cathedral spire they are very unlikely to face questioning for either the czech explosions all the british
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poisonings as russia doesn't extradited citizens the 18 russians are forced to leave prague join a growing list of diplomats forced to fly home to moscow in recent months 7 european countries and the u.s. have either expelled russian diplomats for alleged spying or in response to russia expelling european diplomats the foreign ministry here says it's retaliation will force fraud to fully understand its responsibility but is strong the foundations of normal bilateral times. bernard smith al-jazeera moscow. the u.s. is one of the consequences of kremlin critic alexina velie dies in prison the only is in the 3rd week of a hunger strike and is close to death that's according to his personal doctor his daughter is calling on moscow to allow her medical treatment after doctors warned he's at risk of kidney failure he was jailed in february for violating parole conditions as a result of traveling to germany for treatment after being poisoned close allies of
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novelli have called for massive protests in moscow and st petersburg on wednesday. have you ever seen with your own aunts how someone is killed you are seeing it right now but whatever the people have to look the other way and not think about it change the subject that doesn't change the fact that alexina virally is being killed in a terrible way and in front of everyone's eyes the world is currently experiencing its highest infection rate yet of the covert 19 pandemic despite the ongoing vaccination rollout fuelling the rise india which reported more than 261000 new cases on sunday scientists are studying a new variant with the double mutation to see if it's behind the rise in infections . corona virus infections in argentine there are at their peak with over 22000 cases reported daily it comes as the country received a shipment of 864000 doses of astra zeneca from the kovacs scheme the government
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has imposed tougher restrictions including a 3 week nighttime curfew argentina has so far recorded at least 2600000 infections and more than 59000 deaths. k. birds ruling party is declaring victory in parliamentary elections prime minister korea is silver read a campaign promising to turn around the economy which has been devastated by the pandemic the opposition has confounded conceded defeat. a new unity government formed by those who oppose $1000000.00 coup says it should be included in cross talks with neighboring countries it's criticized a move to invite the military's leader to a special a sound summit in jakarta on saturday and you could protesters held rallies in a show of support for the national unity government formed on friday that includes asked of members of parliament to ethnic leaders and activists. was their clients more news so i was there are to al-jazeera world.
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a dollar. well webb. and the allege yet that a member of that armada. that had been adequately. as a plan and i want to. went ahead with it if you let it there yet was a failure in both well but i learned a lesson that little more of. what i was led to a man. whom . big guy.
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out of course because the guy you and the leg i. was a little bit but i thought you know what they give a shit about us it's luck i cut them a guess what i would never write if i'd been a collapse had a for the silastic guy that is sad that musharraf is less an analyst at the diminished place that that their makeup done. from a small. deed to figure turn. to without his earlier one means here and the morrow. the bitter more all the only new is do
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you see. was. the. whole wall was a bloody. how do you. think. i don't condemn non profit in the south if you can get betty yanni said that mccain should my said we have indicated that you can hear. from a few. of the southern tash in the house only so that i would have for that been hit on the credit. and the home but i'd say mall or let you add it up on this list i came towards him and looked at the saddam of their kind of awesome and i'm hostile i could be you i mean if you made enough. of them will be the fall.
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here how will your school yard my feet i have has a lot more. have to 2nd half ago last 2nd fuel. we have mobile. so let me just the sort of thing to this is all you know if you just said i'm tired my honest open talk about the evolution 1st of all to. us is legitimacy should a condo get involved. so a little for dinner and if you. thought of. it but 92nd was open felt. somewhat.
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less good i felt the political was chugging also. but i had little but i mean with saddam. it will still live there will still fall. while my i'm not to have thought we're not still more. plus how often. just do you know if you have a lot of friends deaf and dumb and. you know. if you didn't see up lot simpler ones that i think les i said it's one of the few. kids. who got. that out of it than this can i. just can't get $100.00 had the demagogic it's an exact quote a little at lot. so candidly
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my opinion before shandong. total but i don't. have a bank or a homicidal football star to hire you for solid foods will never have me set the number and the mark hagger i give or never. hold on when i had to put in a hard i mean i meant that i maybe. not accept. i didn't. lie you pulled all. the mean. you know that old dude must know we. only hand in last line ups. but he did say. 11 is not a movie. no one had developed have. another for
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the mo you've got i do give bulldog. or philosopher one of those you know called a little boy was the anomaly in the film over the end but where the whole you know what the how well the how we met in the hospital i'm all in make them a few many escort has. led to be can let us again be well let the whole episode can let us come a bottle. when you don't want to. help with that i'm not a little and then i will give you little 111 i don't want to i don't get a live. i'm a go my son isaac i did start to look whenever i meet him i said i don't know whatever i want to welcome him where i feel it got today i'm with i love to live. and ian was killen. himself and me i'm the nurse the missile at the house and of
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out of the. i've been binocs and a bit of in bed been named alan you know i lived in this bed homebase been. under miss what i know going into the house no house of the house and in this. welcome isn't much the monitor it's a little more. than $110.00 of hearts will appear on about. a one which a lot more be healed. and how does a lot of the high go. well let. go of business. is the have that good.
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a one a bad could aim can for coming in at a motel as an actor but that you hire him out in the way of a good keeper harrison but whether i get a new start for you have shown to some suddenly messy i am. your mother 2nd i want for 20 some odd. calling almost from you nuts and we know. there's nothing on the hummus to tell you. not to i would look at what the bible says. the thought of the farmer. in the pub and looking at him on the low i look a lot like them up by more luck with work. or 2 or
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a load of money for their. fall on us have taught him how there will be no this mildly republican in my filter or so we were told to not all those who can ride of the movie over who can be different oh you are awesome oh lor b.c.b. mckim me tell ye ye shall smear me mainly he. being a winsome sold. them so. i'm so glad i want to go for yeah well that's almost whoosh dated and she'll have problems as almost loose gutter ball we booted bob. dylan for that long to hide that told. you both effort unless i said i think that i would. like
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brand new hosts on the record at the moment tom told the show all the. while how miller your holiday not a 100. the model to how much it was for gable but of whom with. the web and the wows you saw have a role model with medical help the the. second. had its own look for them and i know no one want to be the same enough with. the holy and about. to tell me that drama. can be live in the hotel. let can tell mr m a. lot but especially that ship there but that would have a law that what that. senate scene had but webb. as a you. feel
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and can short little. but where letting them again after many met him in the woods he felt caramel i'm just saying it in. a web warm i had meant other your at kenneth moore woodruff and mocked up my neck to get them for that look to saudi in the deaths of any yet. about what being in yemen. some women are in have been your the innocent. and. the and the big. can in the. hope tough for the number over a. minute really you were removed remove an inch of freedom we have no bombs in
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the recommission money only. bought in a bimbo web in some game and bellowed oh i is a usual n l but way well for all in the wood that fin walked emma. tell it hasn't yet there was. but battlefield of the wrath of a web. but about web based theory are are the we. in the fast and now has obama web i should but but i will i may well ecan more. shellfish. they know. my father is doing a little. bit.
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and says he should throw her out they had a law can bad eggs and he be net show the object as a snag by the imho america's challenge where your best bet what act is a holiday has little more than mark illini hustle see for what could be or was a fema shake and if the haze in the. battle but web a lot of us heroic the whole malick it donya we're back in was off along with our limp nails so we see. you she can be in the gene. meccania sense of our next story that india which you don't know book can been drawn to seem much of you want. i don't you are. very it agatha to me very. very very outrage among your very.
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mission. can be. going forward you know off the letter from going to. be treated well if is no war your hoodoo swarming a little beaver in a min and when you want to be the law. you cannot be how gun wall street is both of them. was a little thing a lot of work for. the head of a local in order to live i would not be. a liberal. i do think it also allowed.
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and i'm going to try to try to court. but the senate. are going to make their. mark. in me when i can view nuff said what. can it been this big the money lender. and what the father of. a few must walk. in the boat web. from the algae. in thoughtful conversation i can be
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sure i can still raise. with no host and no limitations. exposed. to. cat inhospitality protective men violent and bully. unscripted. capturing a moment in time. providing a glimpse into someone else's i am the voice we are the voice. on al-jazeera. we live in a world where the news is not our fingertips where we're one click or swipe away from the latest headlines but how often do we stop swiping and scrolling and just listen it's the difference between knowing what's in the headlines and
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understanding how they got there. and this is to take pod cast where we bring you the context and the characters behind the stories that matter subscribe and start listening today. i'm kim burrell in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera russia has expelled 20 diplomats from the czech republic it's a reaction to a similar move by prague kucing russian spies of involvement in a 2014 exposion in an effort the man in question are also wanted in the u.k. for the poisoning of a former russian spy and his daughter the u.s. has warned of consequences if kremlin critic alexina valmy dies in prison the valley is in the 3rd week of a hunger strike in close to death that's according to his personal doctor his
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daughter is calling all moscow to allow him medical treatment after doctors warned has it risk of kidney failure he was jailed in fair brief for violating parole conditions as a result of travelling to germany for treatment after being poisoned close allies of novell they have called for massive protests in moscow and st petersburg on wednesday. have you ever seen with your own aunts how someone is killed you are seeing it right now whatever the people have to look the other way and not think about it change the subject that doesn't change the fact that alexian of only is being killed in a terrible way and in front of everyone's eyes the world is currently experiencing its highest infection rate yet of the covert 19 pandemic despite the ongoing vaccination rollout fuelling the rise is india which reported more than 261000 new cases on sunday scientists is studying a new variant with a double mutation to see if it's behind the rise infections. corona virus
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infections in argentina are at their peak with over 22000 cases reported david it comes as the country received a shipment of 864000 doses of astra zeneca from the kovacs scheme the government has imposed tougher restrictions including a 3 week nighttime curfew. birds ruling bosses declaring victory impala bad relations prime minister a vicious korea is silver radek and pain promising to turn around the economy which has been devastated by the pandemic the opposition has conceded defeat. a new unity government formed by those who oppose 1000000000 miles coup says it should be included in krause's talks with neighboring countries it's criticize have criticized rather move to invite the militaries needed to a special summit in jakarta on saturday the new unity government includes also members of parliament ethnic leaders and activists taking a back bell to al-jazeera world this is some paoli. despite being in germany's
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2nd tier of football and without a single major trophy to its name it has become one of the world's most iconic teams and it's all down to their fans. but for them sam paoli transcends sport. for them football is about politics protests and music. these fans see themselves in the vanguard of a global struggle against and a phobia inequality and racism with over 500 supporters clubs outside germany they are able to spread their message far beyond their hamburg home but some pollies history is far from innocence the club is sending out a warning about the rise in popularity of far right parties like the a.f.d. . nazis and fascists have no place in sun today.
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dad what. kind of theme to get. that upmost that i'm with i'm not going to feed nor. will. be. aware that even less and it's at the least to the neck and mess and it in no easy would have had. to be the good that is it would let in the law for a lamb or a. santa but for you right had limited for you.
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but that was due to. get a woman of the month for. the last over the border for. the value. of coffee that's right in. there that men are men are enough to nod must win for him by that that that then they meant the rosy for a local mayor elect ended with mr lynn as a man a said bad well man when i had my full effort to. do all my leave. when walk out of nowhere. in a bill out of what i had bought web. or my model for inaudible of my ass or mess that i'll come out of all of what at the present was a filibuster you. are all kind of worth the read. so i was ready to have some of those if for
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a 2nd. more thought i was of the wind up with. more so more formal studies. i thought that some of those. $7000.00 blooms on oil. from the monkey a woman at the turtle took lemon. italian. to tell you another time but i would have to tell you archibald the times the amount of times as that about that was another daughter in fairyland. more case it was i. had tipped editors hot about. it to get ahead to the. film. how it can and i was. not at least not at. the start of feel.
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up to. be a newbie a spotless elater if a and shovel of lamb let into a lot of the rot i'm a fish that even moving along means how do you top that. had laid out of 10 of them have a lot here and more still ugly ines look to taught us has he men. will we see some more of them involving email for you with laymen lost through a window well most will give you the letter d. muslim go gain share a with the yard tell it many times you are off the mayan if. you were to have will will many many did not as i see you in illy be given him the right. elbow or being.
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a good mom we. were going to go is wild wild me sure. was e of how could mean in washroom in total. how does how does our motto how does that feel they have. that of the couple to know what the public should. feel her. home. where. they can one role model. in no. issue with eyes ynys saying. i got developed. a limb talked about how. they should
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see. what it did to would hire a letter. kalid to restart the mystery has he. i'm attacked i'm the mom. had any day any lesson and. that is a. good. start to how the national scene. from
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its own up to. newton was on the lookout for. the beginning to get laid and i was you know a field day or 2 letters he was going to do. the verity were getting almost a foot on long. how does our motto. or rather my. fear with fear will it deliberate or me will it eliminated a mish. mosh will. you have. done a lot of. democrats is that i'm bad then they got a 2nd or they did. get on the.
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well rumor through. the new album or i'll come see you me you are near some scene. one. is just a look. well. they don't have it at. all let me show it i am a. he she. started behaving awful but i think the beginning. of the all or near me that we didn't know which is not the typical of us. that the. fashion. that i let him in. if you had the idea.
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that's not thought it in a whole lot of committed. in no way a bond in a by in a clear cut real like beera. alan baird. also la motta for. your father is the inflected any indian. but it's all that into well and. the who. will do or if the man was the ember the new world the. demi armada get because of allah light message in my fish in the dark. that are also a sort of generic it. will only lead you from a vision idea. the book enough to the average american is
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a shop. but it must. have been will be in which you can look for an acronym i thought. of was of the how of molecular to her your 2nd go. through i.e. . where. the dear heart is most of us will. follow them and harold by leak will. beat the. war handle normal stuff. with men alive and they can actually buy the. on the it's not. odd to shot of him but i'd meant it shall help with an order. they . sought to vote for shot of out of the 3 but you do not know what i'll hug and
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then add does that mean that then and it will go to show what the good as you learned if you had in the don't. what a feel for soil for the british of a. big of almost would be mr densher from the court of the federal reserve board. where a match is allowed to because. he did it go. away step in for you was there but i mean i think if you. think we need to have the kalulu problem i'm leaving.
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the money of the. thought and then i get to meet yannis over the house and definitional you will know how about the my mouth and my model had on the for showing on the show one among them the. whole thumb on the top doesn't have the one i wouldn't be the get on with them all with a macand i had a mr can have that i think i would be a muslim be. able going to. the heart of the. bomb and how they have some of it and so had all the other method to make any of. them but how do i thought of that i. had. a lot of. planes and that you know. well too just. 2 year.
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old would be. doing the wall. between b. p b. i b c i love and little. girl what i do what i do. and muddied. into concrete theater in a bottle but what. if in this.
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second. element out of the. second in no way. i'm about to go to. a. new movie. that they're going to have all the.
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trailer not just with. most eyes for a long. i mean the money. show the people that are going into wealth. and. let me give. us.
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a few 1000000. if you made. sure of the hamas and fatah. and about how to talk about weapon of staff that sit well with not if you know that i would have. the border. garage but. what was it about the i showed in the home most of them that i showed in the 2nd. well actually i showed the normal food. and. i should have also.
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saw that. what he. did. but he did get a lack and had to get in what harris loves going to lay out as us and we may not. be. lacking again. by him but had a wee wee bit security.
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in the. movie or your mother. or your mother.
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was. english my. well clinton if you give that. a little unknown is she. going to one of. the. i'm going to have the definite bottom half full of love and almost done is at the top of them and i will look at those out in the lake. be in the security will go up in their. job description i would see from the wall the feet but that harris . because let me in my would you. ask the left did the trick the right. if you. let him about.
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the moral. one i want to. be in the thought about a love. letter and i'm a little on the muscles of the middle one of the up to deliver a mom our young of the year. one of the put in or. out of the call of the tom
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them both to long holiday in the summer a little ball. in the montreal obama. moment. in the fire thailand's of home in mesopotamia her where the 1st settlements formed the cradle of civilization iraqi people who've depended on the tigris and euphrates for centuries can no longer make a living on rivers blighted by womb and pollution and algis their world reveals how the manmade decline of one of history's most famed ancient environments is leaving its people struggling to survive iraq's dying rivers.
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how i've seen some live a spring showers moving across the deep south of the us rolling over towards the florida panhandle it upright and up as you go through the next day i'll say but you see some rather heavy rain for a time still lurking there across the northern parts of florida further north this used to usual seasonal shasta let's see battle of eagle some cooler air just tucked in around the northern plains up into the canadian prairies one celsius him when he packed 6 celsius there in minneapolis getting upset 18 for kansas city this is where slightly warmer for the time being but you can see that line of snow which pushes across towards the rockies that will sink further south would say well down
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to single figures for the kansas as we go on into what shoes day ahead of that is life on a dry behind that lousy fine and dry we still got some decent warmth up towards the pacific northwest into western parts of canada temperatures here hovering around 90 or 20 celsius is dry right down the west coast to strike us a good part of mexico as well but we got that wetter weather just moving across the gulf of mexico could just set up a few showers across the yucatan peninsula into the southeast of mesko northern parts of cuba also saying some wet weather over the next day or so whilst we have a much of the cabbage is fine and dry. but. finland has committed to cutting its carbon emissions with the world's most ambitious production goal carbon neutrality in just 15 years now it's really time
4:59 am
to actually get to and we can know it if we want to but 1st the nation must tackle the dirty legacy of a profitable fossil fuel industry so it's ending missions souls people in power finland's climate warriors on a. it is only a change because some people believe in a post that is bigger than they're. trying to make a little of my city or rather from the state senate they put themselves to make the changes that we. should have taken in their. name it's got to. have the disk culture to slosh and born to create new york areas we have to change this culture i am one of the fortunate ones who can leave an establishment but all the people and the majority of the legal research talk about
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just good hardworking people that want to live the american dream like our ancestors these are hindu refugees are terrified that they may be forced to return to being more. birds possibly as close to victory in parliamentary elections after a campaign that focused on an economy hit by the passion which. either came from al this is the answer is there a live from doha also coming up the u.s. warns moscow of consequences of kremlin critic alexy development dies and president is on his 3rd week of a hunger strike.


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