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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 2, 2022 12:00am-1:00am AST

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live on like you see channels plus thousands of off programs. award winning documentaries. and in depth news reports. subscribe to you choose dot com forward slash al jazeera english. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello nurse taylor. this is the al jazeera news. our live from london coming up. russia targets a television tower and keep killing 5 people as it's massive, military convoy advances closer to ukraine's capital ram. and ukraine is 2nd biggest city car cave comes under war heavy fire with residential areas hit as well as freedom square. ah,
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a standing ovation for ukraine's president of the european parliament as he makes an emotional please. e u membership. ah, and russian culture is targeted as well as sport with top russian artists under pressure to denounce the conflict or us has been rapidly isolated from global sport athletics. the world governing body has found all competitors from russia and bellow roofs ah, ukraine's president loader misery lensky has made an impassioned plea to european leaders to prove their support. as russian forces ramp up their attacks on multiple fronts across the country. ukraine's 2nd biggest city car cave is again come under heavy fire. residential areas have been shelled and a missile caused this explosion in the central square. it's mer says dozens of
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people have been killed, including children. also in the east, a russian missile strike on a military base in oc ticker, kill 70 ukrainian soldiers. in the south, 5 days of attacks have left mario pole without electricity. and schools and houses damaged all america. san near crimea, which was annexed by moscow, says russian troops have surrounded the city. and russian forces continued to close in on the capital. a tv towel has been hit by a missile strike that these 5 people have been killed. and these a satellite pictures of a convoy of almond vehicles and artillery estimated to be more than 60 kilometers long, just north of cave turn. the whole interview begins are coverage. russia has widened the scope of its war on ukraine. a suspected cruise missile hit the local administration building in freedom square, no less. in the center of the eastern city of her cave,
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holmes regularly come undefined. now to see an apartment building in the black sea port city of her song. and this hockey again, who's guess nobody's deliberately, the russian liberators have come. the man shouts. in the aftermath of tuesday's missile strike, president followed the man zelinski addressing the european union called it the price of freedom this morning to peruse, may hit this freedom square. dozens of killed ones. this is the price of freedom. the translators struggles to contain his emotion. what we're fighting versus us will use it just for our land and for our freedom. 70 ukrainian soldiers died when a military base was targeted by heavy artillery in october. but the veil has fallen from russia's claims that it's carrying out a special operation aimed purely at military targets. civilians are increasingly
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fer gave me, and as night fell, her cave came under a heavy attack. again a change of tactics, a possible consequence of rushes, slightly moving advance on the ground. satellite imagery shows a column of artillery and armour, logistics, and support units more than 60 kilometers long bearing down on the capital key of from the north. another is advancing from the south. the aim to encircle the capital, intimidate the civilian population, and force the surrender of ukraine's government. western intelligence points to poor communications and frequent mechanical breakdowns. there is a dog in ukrainian resistance, as well captured russian soldiers said to be told that they'd be welcomed as
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liberators. this is how people instantly feel at the heart of it all in the capital key of attacks have resumed, including on the main television transmitter, cutting public broadcasts, people already eking out an existence in conditions of unimaginable stress. know that worse is to come. and the scramble to leave the city on the few exit roots still available, is growing more desperate by the hour to pause to fighting has not yet come to the western city of believe, but they'll be ready for it if it does. civil defense units have formed all over the country and basic training and weapons handling is available for anyone that wants it. they know the time may come when they'll have to fight the russians themselves for control of their st. the government says he believes russia is
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deliberately shelling cities, including residential areas and civilian infrastructure, the goal it says to create mass panic and civilian casualties. but one thing you don't sense here is panic. instead, the steely determination of ukrainian civilians to resist and fight back the we want to study. we don't want to be afraid of the word. the young in ukraine students multicultural, multilingual joy in the chorus, for people who don't bright minds, whose ideals until a week ago was still intact and whose hopes and hogs now broke. who are stuck? jona whole al jazeera louise maria. viva. is a researcher who decided to stay in hockey, have to document the fighting. she explained what russian forces appeared to be targeting. they asked exactly target the residential area of the for sure,
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because i know the distance, which is on the bus bar. at the moment i was born and it is close to where i am now and it is a residential area. so there are no military all objects and no, no, no, no, nothing of that kind. and what i see now is that russia is target residential areas just on purpose. and also we have reported that they also are bombarded in the infrastructure critical infrastructure so that they will be without water supplies without yes supplies, especially what does important the heat in right now because it's cold outside. and i don't even mention that we are running out of food and of my to call aid. so that
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that was already for, for several days. here is the situation like that but know what is now happening then just clear war crimes because the military is, you know, the shell in the civilian. that's something awful. rushes defense minister has denied the military. is shelling residential areas in ukraine versus get hurt in the russian army does not occupy ukrainian territory. it takes all measures to preserve the lives and safety of civilians. i would like to stress that strikes are carried out only on military targets and using only precision weapons where they were still learning in the course of military clashes, the ukrainian design does not hesitate to use civilians as human shields or multiple launch rocket systems, guns law and kind of a more test placed in the courtyards of residential buildings. schools and kindergartens. russia has told residence in the ukrainian capital, keep to take cover warning of increased attacks targeting the cities,
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communications infrastructure, dosage a bar is falling developments from oscars. well, for the 1st time, the defense ministry had a warning for the civilian population in the ukrainian capital. and the officials said that they were going to be carrying out targeted strikes against a certain number of facilities that have to do with the information sector in the country in order to suppress the cyber attacks that have been happening on various russian entities. and they said that people who live in or around those areas should evacuate, and they didn't specify exactly when those attacks will take place. but this is the 1st time that we've heard from the russian defense industry actually warning the civilian population about an imminent attack. and we also understand that the reason they did this is because various different departments within the government here, including the kremlin website, as well as the minister of foreign affairs and defense ministry as well as the
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russian media just to name a few have been coming under a continuous cyber attacks and according to the russians, that is why they are now targeting those facilities in ukraine. justin trump is a former british army officer who's the ceo of sibling and international intelligence and risk analysis consultancy based here in the u. k. joins us live from hampshire. thanks very much for being with us. just want to start off with that vast convoy of russian miniature vehicles heading down towards keith. 60 kilometers long. tell us what that's made up of and what that tells us about russia's intentions next. in this conflict. yes, mr. bolting about conway south, i think it's obviously been seen as a spectacular thing is actually lots of assemblies of vehicles and i think some distance away. but i think it's that reporting is symbolic of the massing of russian forces. it's taking place north of the capsule and also also shows up some of the weaknesses and rushing planning so far that it's, it's a massive vehicles advancing narrow axis to try and invest the capital. so in that
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you've got tanks, you've got to import you placing vehicles, you could engineer assets and you've got of course artillery, which is the big russian strength is not been employed on the battlefield so far. it all they have pay those to be. i mean, you said it's a kind of eligibility and that it's turn out that, i mean, they pitch me confidence that they can have it running like that is that suggests that they think they've improved the tactics in the last. they also will, do you think that it's humorous? i mean, i think it's the fact that they basically for the wrong war with their own mindset, their own, you know, so they thought, again, there was going to be a peacekeeping type operation. they were going to be welcomed, will not show that messages come from the army with that came from region. but regardless, they went in thinking this would be a competitive be swift victory. they use minimal fire power early on. you saw tanks avoiding civilians in the street. and again, you didn't see the use of heavy artillery against any position govern ukrainian military. there was a pause. we can and that's all changed. i think
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a defense in particular was very weak at the start. i think they thought ukrainian air force wasn't gonna be a factor. the ukrainian drones wouldn't be a factor, and of course, that proved not to be the case. so i think what's advancing now, they probably have to say defense in place. i'm sure they've learned some lessons, you know, to protect against that. and certainly we're not seeing the massive attacks against those troops. they're making steady progress, fighting down towards care odyssey with the intent to invest the city to surround the city within the next 48 hours, which is in line with their april plan, but they're few days behind schedule and getting increasingly frustrated and increasingly violent to recover the temper unknown that you think it's tactics such as showing the freedom square and the tv challenging? that's part of training. yeah, absolutely. and the appearance, the russian air force over the battlefield, toxic level in the last day, or 2 really absent in the 1st 3 days. lots of reasons for that. but one of which is they don't have stop powers of precision munitions. we saw that in syria. they will
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tend to use unguarded weapons, they are inherently going to kill civilians with them. so we think that they weren't involved with the start because it, they would affect the civilian environment. the fact that they are now involves a big indicator of the change, as well as the use of more devastating systems hitting oven areas. and i expect further warnings towards william in the major cities that they need to get clear of these attacks. they need to withdraw, they need to surrender. they need to in a not chiral in supporting what russia regard as terrorists. as you've heard that in order not to be effectively killed in these barrages. and they're already going to intensify as russia gets more desperate and beyond what printing wants to do in ukraine. what's your impression of whether he might want to go further into other bordering countries? so in a moment we don't see that plan. if you look at the recent military, for example, it's deployed to the beller is border, it's facing off against native forces that and it seems to indicate the the aim at this stage was to carry out the operation on kit the operation to encircle and
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destroy the ukrainian army around the mass and the majority of their forces and what they underestimated was how many ukrainians would pick up a weapon and fight the level of support that the u. m. tick, who would offer, in terms of weapons and other support to the ukrainians. and again, that's what led to this frustration they obviously have to win. and ukraine patient has no choice but to win ukraine. if he loses in ukraine, he probably would survive as president russia if he delivers victory and he can continue. so there was, i didn't think it was originally the plan. there is this severe risk of escalation particulars. russia gets more and more desperate. i think it will come down to, you know, whether morale, ukraine cracks from top to bottom. whether the russians will just keep fighting, keep escalating, and how far they will go. in order to win, and of course, what that leads to, if their level of risk lation reaches appointments, considered intolerable. and the big question there is what role the us will play in this, where red lines are not, remains completely unknown at this time. and i'm not sure anyone knows exactly how
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far this could all go, which is what say concerning, just income. thank you very much. indeed. i don't just thank you. coming up on his knees are from london. dozens of diplomats war counters, rushes foreign minister addresses the you and human rights council plus a ukrainian activists makes an impassioned plea to the u. k. prime minister, as he visits neighboring poland, we'll talk to her shortly. listen, you have to stop. i'm not a politician. you have to stop honestly, a sport chelsea's manager react angrily out of ink quiz about the intentions of the clubs, russian owner. and, ah, as you mentioned earlier, ukraine's president has asked the european union to prove its support for ukraine. laudermill zalinski addressed the european parliament one day after cave officially
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asked for george to join the block on to promote against james bay's report at the european parliament, a strong show of support for the people of ukraine. this chamber with many parliamentarians wearing the ukrainian colors was addressed by video link from keith by president zalinski. he had one clear request. ah ha, we're almost as of july, we are fighting for our existence for our survival. and this is the main motivation for us. but we are also fighting to be an equal member of europe. and i think that today we are showing who we are. the european union is with us, with ukraine. the european union will be stronger without ukraine. it'll be lonely . we've proved our strength. we've proved that we're at least the same as you please prove that you're with us. please prove that you're not going to let us go prove that you're really europeans mode. there was strong combination of president
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who transactions and hulu for the e. u considers illegal here, charlie, and of horrid. it's not only you train that to the attach international law or spirit international order. democracy, human dignity are also attach. this is joe political, terrorism, pure and simple. the president of the european commission then spoke about the possibility of ukraine joining the european union today. the european union and ukraine are already closer than ever before. there is still a long pass ahead. we have to end this war and we should talk about the next steps . but i am sure nobody in this hemi cycle can doubt that the people that stands up so bravely for our european values belongs in our
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european family. at the end of the session, the parliament voted overwhelmingly to call on the you institutions to work towards granting ukraine candidate status. but the vote is purely symbolic. it's the european council, the 27 member nations who make the final decision. and then there's a long drawn out process to qualify to become a member the size of the vote, $637.00 out of $676.00 though an indication of the level of feeling in support of ukraine here. james bowes alger 0 of the european parliament in brussels . earlier dozens of diplomats from the european union, united states and britain walked out of a speech by russian foreign minister sag lever off to the u. n. 's top human rights . foreign number off was addressing the un human rights council, remotely having canceled his attendance. he accused the european union and engaging in russia, phobic behavior i supplying weapons to ukraine. world court says it will hold
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hearings next week on whether to order provisional measures in legal action brought by ukraine against russia. the lawsuit argues that russia's claim that invaded ukraine to prevent a genocide is false. while the united nations highest court and its rulings are binding states including russia, have ignored them in the past. the international criminal court has already opened investigation into alleged war crimes by russia and ukraine. united nations has launched an emergency appeal for $1700000000.00 to provide urgent humanitarian aid to people in ukraine. the u. n. estimates around 12000000 people inside the country require assistance. the agency is planning to help provide shelter, emergency relief items, cash assistance, and psycho social support to those afflicted by the conflict was with learners and shook his foreign policy adviser to ukraine's deputy prime minister. she joins us
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live from barrick, ovo and weston ukraine. thanks very much indeed for being with us. i wonder if you can give us your latest update from what's happening on the ground. well, we see that 5 been increasing the in all of the towns. first of all, in cave, in harkins, in the east, but also even now i'm getting the alarm that sirens us, which on the in, doesn't so see to across, across ukraine. so we know that fighting, i've been enhanced and people really scary that these insanity, 1st of all, is becoming even bigger. we believe we are scared that is not going to stop in, in certain way. he's trapped because if she loses, he will lose probably the power in russia itself or he, he needs to win, but at the same time he can't win because ukraine will not surrender. we can not
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surrender our sovereignty through totally integrity in the end humanness. and the human dignity, what sort of equipment is coming through to human is, is there a kind of pipeline of stuff coming through quite quickly? it was all the delays on equipment getting to are you talking about military? yes. so yeah. yes. so yes, you are right to ukraine at the moment, appealed cold for the international community to receive the military health and human terran aid and we are receiving all of that. however, it has to be said that logistics is also is much more difficult. why? because ukraine is the no place on that at the moment, so the plane can not, you know, cannot land on the territory. so all of the things arriving at the best and border and from there they have to be brought by the trucks to those cities that need them . and they are in dire need of like personal protection for people during the last
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couple of days. more than 100000 people joined, so cold territorial defense units. so for example, my brother, he's a business man, he has nothing to do with the army, but he took a gun and went to protect one of the towns at the entrance of cave. the capital of ukraine on the appeal to europe, to, to kind of expedite the joining the european union. is that, i mean, even if many countries agree to that, that would still take a long time. is that more of a symbolic move? do you think buys landscape or do you think? what do you think lies behind that? so push to get that speeded up. it's not a symbolic. i would say it's a principle answer to what, what's going on in europe. now, i think in 2008 ukraine feel to be granted membership action planned to nato. and we remember that at the booker a, some in germany,
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and france blocked grant in math to ukraine, and georgia. based on the fact to or on the reason that it will escalate. the situation in russia with russia instead received full pleasure wars 1st in georgia in 2008 and then in ukraine 2015 and now. so it's kind of a hypocrisy because we hear from the international community, look, we can get, she closed because russia will be upset. and then we also heard, sorry, russia is upset so we can take you any more, you know. so at this point, we want to just make it clear that we are part of europe, where european country we want to get closer to the european community, your atlantic community. when doing our whole work. the international law provides as such a right to to be
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a member of european union and nato qualified with all of our work. so now it's a moment to recognize that these answers have been given to ukraine because of the theory in front of booting. but put in, you know, he's taken of a, his mask, and now it's either him or off. and when i say aust, i'm talking about the democratic community, either he will win and what ukraine will surrender and he will be able to defeat a democratically elected government. and what will substitute can with some new governments with some papa government is just unacceptable. we are talking now that the new global order is emergent and it's up to us to make sure that we ensure peace and justice, but not encourage the bullying nation to the old, small, small, a nation switch on it on a ship. thank you very much indeed. for taking the time told her thank you. thank you. oh, you case prime minister vars. johnson who's been in poland for an estonia for talks
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on the conflict at a news conference in war. so he was confronted by an ukranian activist who made an emotional play for the west to do more to stop the war. daria cannuck is executive director of the anti corruption action center. she has recently crossed the border into poland and she told him how her family and colleagues feared for her for their lives. you are coming to portland, you are not coming to kia, prime minister. you're not going to leave. because you are afraid, because nato is not willing to defend because nature is afraid of a war 3, but it is already started. and this a ukrainian children who are there taken the hit. you're talking about more sanctions prime minister, but not mana, but a mortgage is not sanctioned. he is in london. his children are not in the bombardments his children are there in london. but children are in netherlands in germany, in mentions where all these mentioned seized. i don't see that i see that by family
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members, but my timbers, i said that to be a great you know, to her, to rob. this is what is happening and minister and derek eleanor joins us now live via skype or from warsaw. thanks. so for being with us know, your one of the things that you were asking, the u. k. prime minister johnson about was it a trying to establish a no fly zone? and he then said, when it comes to no fly zone in the skies above ukraine, we have to accept the reality that that involves shooting down russian planes. as a very, very big step, it's simply not on the agenda of any nato country. do you accept the dutch that that, that no fly zone request from you, but also from zalinski is, is a nonstarter. i don't accept that. ah, because there has to be on tentative, suggested if our western partners, if nato is saying that we are not doing no fly zone over ukraine, we are not shooting russian planes. ok, great. some alternative. should russia miss house?
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what does bell tentative if not, if the west is not help into ukrainians to defend ourselves? the alternative is there will be more a hospitals, more churches, more ukrainian civilians, heated by bombs. and we, it's impossible for us to, to do to defend ourselves. and it's even more dangerous for um, for europe and for the world, because ukraine is actually, we didn't have nuclear weapon we gave you, haven't been in exchange for the security guarantees from russia, from u. k. and from the united states. but we have for nuclear up all the plans in our country, and any moment they can be heed by a russian missiles. so it's in the interest of nito to create quickly alternative mechanism how to help to protect ukraine, our sky from russian missiles and bombs. and it's their response within their promises. yeah, well one other areas i wanted to ask you about to is, is that your,
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your air hits parties is, is kind of corruption, isn't it? and, and we've heard from the u. k. and others that they were increasing measures to crack down on, on a money laundering by foreign on a galks. what sort of things do you want? i mean, do you think so far the measures have been enough? would you want to see more and what exactly specifically would you like to see not target in oligarchs and not target in all that family members. those dos for you only goes, it's just, you know, a peanuts and it's just the p r show to say that we are doing the toughest sanctions. yes. you are doing duff as sanctions. you could imagine you mentioned before because you didn't do that. sanctions, you didn't, you actually accept it all this due to money, be full. and this shouldn't be this money in the west. and now it's time actually to kick off old war criminals who are put in wallets. this only goes, they're not just businessman. they're not average people, they enabled putin,
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they impoverished putting, and they are actually money holders for put in at the west. so we have the names of own, of them, of, of, of dozens of these oligarchs, and that, that many members are not heaped by the sanctions. and their mentions are still in great britain, and they are enjoying their life while ukrainian children from ukrainian hospitals, with cancer, with the most devastating diseases are hiding from the russian bulbs in the shelters. neither the way the west response and tell me you, you spoke very movingly during that tony's conference and you and just now about to the plight of ukrainians. when you speak to your family. now what, what, what are they telling about the situation? because obviously this, this build up around keven and an, you know, an increase in shelling on some other cities. what are they telling you to night? thanks. go that my hand. my family is not in key. it. my family is more safe place in ukraine. however, i have team members who are in key of and they are operating from the bomb shelter
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. and i have friends with that family and you know, i'm, i'm just receiving the feedback from, from, from, from, from, from my friends who are saying, my son is getting 10 years old to morrow. thank jojo for asking this question to breeze johnson. because i'm crying because my son is, is begging me please, and the war when the war will be will. and i don't want to go to the bomb shelter every single hour. so this is the fear in reach and hell in missed ukrainian children are and this is the actual responsibility from the united kingdom and from the united states to pro lab epin. and now what's in exchange? russia invades us bomb birds. our cities kills our children and bodies. johnson come to poland and says, well, i can do anything terry can wish to relieve. thank i'm on. thank you very much indeed. defer speaking jose hernandez here. we appreciate your time. thank you.
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thank you. as we got, the days developments in ukraine, russian forces closing in on ukraine's capital keith, they've attacked the cities, t, v, tower killing at least 5 people. and satellite pictures show a convoy of ahmed vehicles and artillery estimated to be more than 60 kilometers long. just north of keep shutting of ukraine 2nd largest city hockey has continued into the night. earlier on tuesday, russian forces bond for city center mass has, doesn't, was, were killed and ukraine's president of law to ms. lewinsky has had a standing ovation of the european parliament after addressing them from keith, he made an impassioned plea to the you to prove it support one day after flying to join the rock. a cinema line, easton ukraine. it was built in the soviet area has been turned into a shelter thing used to distribute food, clothing, and medicine to some of the hundreds and thousands of people have been forced to
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free their homes from the city of ne prob, chance traffic report. yeah, i saw you been on my list, but i did the law. i need 5 people quickly. any volunteers, the man says, the former line to unload donated food, water, bedding, and clothes is taken into water for decades has been a sense of culture and arts, and has now become a vital and potential life saving a distribution pointer is an incredible sense of purpose and energy in this sense of what these people are doing is they're taking in donations of food, clothing, reading, medicine, them boxing them up, watching the materials up, and then they're going to be distributing them. so many of the hundreds of thousands of people that have fled the fighting across this region. this guy seniors think even though mom is much better than sitting at home,
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we are as depressed as every one in the country. but we come here to leave our spirits. we feel proud and unified here, our list, if any of them fall into stick tape on the windows, in an effort to stop shards of glass being blown into the building shell land near by a piece of history is being offered as a place where people can hide, so it's been 20 years since this soviet built cinema was used. and now volunteers are offering it as a place where people can come and shelter from the shelling you full. richard, some balls explosions, o view give to people instructions to open mouth and door hold. hm. and put like, well, there's a basement where people can also take shelter upstairs. the sorting the
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packing, the distribution continues. as this city prepares for the worst, chas robert al jazeera, the negro in poland, has been an outpouring of help for refugees arriving from ukraine. many of the hundreds of thousands you've made it across the border, have found shelter with polish families, and some volunteers are crossing into ukraine to bring food and blankets to those still stuck on the other side. st batson traveled with them. for years, it's rush hour at the local community center in lou batch of 15 kilometers from the border with ukraine. and that note that that black is a retired russian language teacher and is collecting good donated by people from all over europe. thought a who is michelle. we are helping people on the other state of the border. the ones who stayed behind who can't leave yesterday were witness an incident when a disabled boy was not allowed to leap ukraine because he was over 18. he and his
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family were forced to turn back. i could not bear to watch it, but we have to help. many of the goods are men for the ukrainian army, so they both queer monotony. i am, we are packing plastic blades for the army on the other side of the border because they have a lack of everything that we are sending food bread, everything that is easy to prepare. since russia invaded ukraine, danita has been driving across the border. every day tarzan numbered not one of our drivers took a family of 9 people to his house. we are all crying with them when we saw the tragedy. the children were so weak and the mothers were passing out, crossing the borders always tricky, but the women say that to, to day they have a lucky day because the border guard is some one they know, and it's going to be hopefully much easier to bring their the goods in
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hopes of i am going to cray, they handle just cross the border. most refugees came from the region near the ukrainian capital key. if that came on the heavier tech in the past days, one week i can also go through but then also the other was not in. so i my husband drove us to the border. we left on february 26th and we travelled for 2 days. and we stayed at the border for 2 days. my husband then went back to fight and i am extremely worried about him. the situation was very unpleasant. we heard very loud explosions. that is why i am here. despite the continuous stream of people trying to leave border guards, jack every car thoroughly. people eagerly waiting until the gate to safety will open in front of them. only a few more meters and outside of ukraine, traveling for 4 days, some of them and are mixed emotions. they're grateful that they finally get to
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safety, but very, very worried about what they're leaving behind. other than notice we leave to find the laskey arctic situation that in the past few days were though service. dear another giving up. it's heart. this woman has travelled for 4 days, but she does not need to stay long on the border because the queue is shorter done before. people seem less exhausted this time. i'm not crying as you can see. mamma daniel does mission has been accomplished for now, but she will return with more goods as long as rushes. missiles and rockets forced people out of ukraine. steadfast and at the bottom, each border in eastern poland. british frontiers, eager to fight against russian forces or signing up to head to the front lines. as despite warnings from ministers and lawyers that they could be breaking the law. if they go. charlie angela reports from london outside the ukrainian embassy in
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london, a stream of men young and old arrived. although come from reagan at trying to find out how to join the fight in ukraine. the hunted a tiny piece of paper with an e mail address on it and sent on their way. some have military experience, others none, most won't speak to us, but all have been moved by images of the war. ryan is 21. he said for years in the british army and now works for the national health service. kellyville. shes been gone against the gym convention. lingual company right now the bug so good. now were robinson ham, probably wrong if the wanna prosecute me when i get back. i'll talk to you on on. i want burnsville, because most of these men are answering president's events. he's to arm she lose you breathing. torture breathed natasha. oh, friends of ukraine. you want to join the defense, come, we will give you weapons all the details of how to implement this will be announced in the near future and glory to all those you to friend ukraine. today. you are
12:39 am
heroes. among them 27 year old thomas, a d. j, he spent time in ukraine, he said to volunteer will fight whichever is needed. some of my for my closest friends are all with guns and though defending the brain, i am looking to help. i know that the problem i have is i don't have any training. oh, sorry. i've never been in wolf. i wanted to some others. do you have significant combat experienced like dean from south africa. a lot of people that i'm speaking to a lot of people that i know that will be volunteering to go. i've got no ties to to cry. and the thought that we, that we enjoy wolfy, as i said, like you say, we've got a certain skills hit that can be used. i mean, what better way to use it been to cite any tie a nation as opposed to, you know, fighting for for money. while the desire to fight is clear whether it's actually legal is unclear, foreign secretary is trust. it said she would back anyway, i wanted to travel to ukraine to help me fight for their freedom for her department
12:40 am
websites. as anyone engaging in the conflict, there could be liable for prosecution on their return to the u. k. a warning that is unlikely to put off the most determined terean's la our desert land. the kremlin has issued a decree banning cash exports of foreign currency from russia, exceeding $10000.00 us dollars. as the effects of sanctions on the russian economy become clearer. after closing back some gains in earlier trade, the rubel slumped 15 percent to around a $109.00 to the us dollar. on monday, the currency last, almost a 3rd of its value trading on the moscow stock exchange was suspended for a 2nd day after shop sell offs. will prices of jumped to further 8 percent hitting their highest level since 2014 at a $106.00 a barrel. and bitcoin has jumped 13 percent in the last 24 hours as investors scramble to cash out of russia. at the price of $1.00 coin rose to around $44000.00
12:41 am
on tuesday. 10000 higher than the end of last week. gurus on do joins us live from new york as another tore down the markets with oil surging again, gape. yeah, that's right. the american stock here in the u. s. pummeled once again 2 percent, the tao is down s and p one not point 9 percent. nasdaq down to percent, as there is continued uncertainty with the conflict in the ukraine. that is the big picture, but as you mention, the oil is also surging and price over concerns about the potential shortages course. russia being the 2nd biggest producer, an export of oil anywhere in the world. so oil prices jumped above $100.00 a barrel about $1607.00 a barrel 1st time in about 7 years. but analysts are looking to potentially oil reaching again, potentially as much as a $125.00
12:42 am
a barrel. the longer this conflict goes on in order to counter the potential shortages of oil. the united states and 30 other countries announced on tuesday, releasing 60000000 barrels of oil, that ever in the strategic reserves. that sounds like a lot that is a lot, but it needs perspective. the world uses about a 100000000 barrels of oil a day. so you can see that the while there is all that is being released out of the strategic reserves is clearly a small drop in the bucket if you will, compared to what the world consumes every day in terms of oil and another development. this union, apple has now suspended all its product sales in russia. tell us about that. yeah, that's right, apple announcing that if you're in russia and you go at the apple website, you can no longer buy their products. if you do, you'll get a,
12:43 am
a message on your phone or on your computer saying we no longer deliver their apple also taking our tea and sputnik news to russia. government funded news sites off of the apple store as well. and also limiting the apple maps traffic data that is normally seen. they're doing all of this is an attempt to show solidarity to ukraine and also to continue to put pressure on the russian economy if you will. and that's essentially what they're doing. and also you saw a mastercard and visa also limiting the amount or cutting off the amount of russian banks that can use mastercard or visa for financial transactions. again, just another moved by big international companies to try to make a dent in,
12:44 am
in the russian economy. give religion to thank you very much. while lo, another meld. a major tech companies also taking steps to ban russian state media from their platforms to help stop the spread of disinformation. google has removed media outlets including r t from it's news related features including the google news search feature. such john, describe the move as an extraordinary measure to disrupt this information campaigns, online facebook owner matter. and youtube of also dropped sputnik and r t from their platforms across europe, as well as russia's war in ukraine, rages own you as president joe biden is preparing to give his 1st official state of the union address. before joint session of congress, our white house correspondent, kimberly how kit joined this live. kimberly what's going to be in it. we know that the invasion of ukraine by russia and russian aggression that the united states has been so concerned about, along with his partners and allies,
12:45 am
is expected to be one of the major features in this speech. that is typically not a foreign policy speech, but normally more focused on domestic agenda. but this is something that will be part of the speech that the u. s. president will be delivering to the american public. in fact, one of the 1st lady, dr. joe biden's guess will even be the the ambassador to ukraine, the ukranian bassett, or rather as part of the guests that she will have paying attention to the speech in the chamber. and one of the reasons that the u. s. president will be talking about this is, this is a largely unpopular conflict for the american public. these, this is a war weary public doesn't understand why the, you should have any involvement at all. and so as a result, the u. s. president will be explaining what he believes, the u. s. rule should be in this conflict and also that he believes despite this and the turmoil that there will ultimately he believes b,
12:46 am
prevailing of democracy in all of this. so this is what we're going to watch for from the u. s. president. but also the u. s. president will be talking about domestic issues. he will be touting some of the successes he believes he's had so far. for example, the infrastructure bill, which many presidents have struggled to pass, he achieve that. he'll be talking about how this will create jobs for americans will lift up working families in the united states. and also he will be talking about how he will lower cost for americans and how americans he believes, or finally turning the corner when it comes to colgate. 19. in fact, in the chamber, many people you will probably notice later on will not be wearing masses. now optional, but again, the problem for the president and all of this is as he talks with these domestic successes. so much of it in past has been overshadowed by coven now, is over shattered by the conflict in ukraine. and that is why this has been a challenge for the us president such a difficult speech for him to deliver. kimberly,
12:47 am
how could thank you very much. and you can watch president barton the state of the nation address live on our desert at true g empty. let's talk more about president biden and the conflict in ukraine. m ashwood is a senior fellow at the atlantic councils scout cross center for strategy and security. she joins as far as skype from washington. d. c. tommy, we know that sky and biden's spoke on the phone today. how is that relationship going? because he's also being very clear that he wants a no fly zone and nature analyzing on not keen on a tool. how does that conversation go? do you think, you know, i would characterize the relationship between biden and lensky as being one of one of mutual support. but one in which zelinski is asking things that president biding simply cannot and will not provide. so the us has been incredibly supportive of ukraine in many ways. everything from draconian sanctions on russian central bank
12:48 am
to ongoing armed shipment biden has been very clear the line he will not cross. he will not risk conflict with russia over ukraine. that means an no, no fly zone and no direct military assistance to craig. a no on that. i mean, i suppose one of the things that be interesting is that barton has not taken that move to, to escalate or to move the u. s. is state of alert on, on the, on the nuclear front up in, often put in, did that so is that part of the kind of trying to sort of keep things on a level, trying to calm things down rather than to, to, to match the escalation. i think the white house is very keenly to avoid escalation particular to the nuclear level, but even just to the conventional military level between russia nieto. and that is what is behind be very clear statement that we've seen coming out of the administration practically every time the present speak from ukraine. you hear him
12:49 am
say the same thing. we will deter busha. we will defend our nato allies. but we are not boys commit military force to present, so they've drawn the very clear line and i don't believe they intend to change. what prospect do you think there is of any progress in talks? and it is not some doubt as to whether the ukrainian delegation will actually go to another set of talks on wednesday to morrow. do you think it will go ahead and, and if so, what can we expect from it? i would not be surprised to see the sites continue talking. everybody has an incentive to end the conflict here. the problem is the brushing demand going into the last set of direct talks. some of them were potentially achievable things like ukranian neutrality and a promise not joy natal ukrainians actually offered that right up to the start at the conflict. the problem is that the 2nd russian demand for the d nats, if a cation of ukraine is effectively a call for resume change in ukraine and regime more friendly to the kremlin,
12:50 am
perhaps one hand picked by russia. ukraine is not going to voluntarily give up its sovereignty in that way. so thus far, the 2 faith are very par parson in actually finding a deal that could end this conflict. and i should thank you very much indeed. but andras thank on the can film vessel, says it's banning official russian delegations this year, and that's the conflict in ukraine ends in a manner acceptable to the ukranian people. several major hollywood entertainment companies have also announced their pausing the release of films in russia. warner brothers, sony pictures and the walt disney company all announced the decision late on monday as russian forces attacked ukrainian cities. and one of the world's most famous classical music conductors has been fired by the munich philharmonic. after failing to speak out against the invasion of ukraine, priyanka up to has more. ah, validity gate gears, fans called him the greatest conductor alive. ah,
12:51 am
the russian maestro lead some of the world's most famous orchestra's. and he's a close friend of president vladimir putin. li once said, we are rich with not only tchaikovsky do you remember. if a professional or a colleague told me that, i'd agree, i'm pleased that the country is led by a person who knows that as well as off get gears supported. russia's annexation of crimea in 2014 year congress actually, or 2 years later, he was criticized for conducting a performance in the in should ruins of palmera and syria. ah, after russia had the syrian government re take the site from my so now his silence on the invasion of ukraine has led him to be removed from concert in mil, lance lascola and york's carnegie hall. barbara next but,
12:52 am
and his manager says he can't represent him as a client anymore. are the western cultural institutions, such as new york's metropolitan opera have cut ties with po putin performers? we can no longer engage with orders or institution of support or for supported by him. not until the invasion, chilling has been stopped. border has been restored and restitution has been made. the decision could mean the end of the met partnership with moscow's ball, cio, ballet and star soprano on, on the trip co who's due to perform in april. she feast criticism when she was photographed with a flag use by russian back separatists in don't ask on social media new check co called for the war to end. but said it was unfair to force artists to voice political opinions and denounced their homeland. others like these 2 russian and
12:53 am
ukrainian sopranos in naples, decided to use their performance as a gesture of peace and friendship. as the war worsens, it seems russia's culture figures will have to keep making tough choices to stay in tune with the public. brianca looked there altogether or his son with a sport. thank you very much. lauren, while russia is rapidly being isolated from global sport athletics, world governing body has banned all competitors from russia and bella, ruth, it means no athletes from those countries will be allowed to take part at the upcoming world indoor championships in serbia. the president of the sports governing body said it was the last was sold for him in terms of punishment. while the international paralympic committee will meet on wednesday to discuss the participation of russian athletes at the went to games in paging, he paralympics get on the way. on friday, the russian government, at se,
12:54 am
is prepared to make legal claims against sporting bodies who ban their countries. i hate muster enough to bear. well, producers have been suppressed. our country has always followed the principle that sport is beyond politics, but we're constantly drawn into politics because others understand the importance of sport in the lives of russian people, the tokyo olympics and paralympics as well as the beijing wincy games have shown to everyone the despite the precious, the spirits of our athletes will not be broken. the governing bodies of tennis have ruled that plays from russia and better ruth will have to take part as neutral athletes and not under the name of flag of their country. it means new world number one, dynamic video of russia will have the chance to carry on playing at international tournaments. but russia has been banned from team events like the davis cup and won't be allowed to host competitions. or some football clubs or national teams were suspended from all major competitions. on monday rushes men's team had been to
12:55 am
to play in the welcome playoff against poland. later this month that we've been speaking to professor of your asian, this or to simon chadwick. he says that a fif as actions that could change the ways or deals with countries responsible for armed conflicts fif it's action seems to be somewhat unusual. because in recent times, they have been numerous invasions, instances of armed conflict, persecution, of particular groups, countries, minorities. and so i hope that this now is set to a new standard, not just the free for vote for sports organizations globally. because i think what fi phase has now shown is that if there is a will, if there is a desire, there is certainly a political way for organizations to to respond to, to, to,
12:56 am
to the kind of situation that we now find ourselves in. i think now we've reached a tipping point and we've gone past tipping points. and so what we will see moving forward from here, all kohls from, from clubs, from scenes, from countries, from national associations governing bodies from other stakeholders in sport, to, for the likes of be for the i o. c. and others to take that if you like that, why did your political responsibilities more seriously? so for me, what happened monday is, is a really significant move. and as i say, i think we, we've got to look forward optimistically in the future to governing bodies like c for to take action to manage a thomas to has a reacted angry to questions that focused on the clubs of russian, ona roman abramoff, which to holler was asked if a brother this ownership of chelsea is a problem,
12:57 am
given his links to russian. president vladimir, put them listen, listen, you have to stop. i'm not a politician. you have to stop. honestly, i can only repeated and i'm human. feel bad to repeat it because i never experienced warren. so even to talk about it, i feel bad because i'm very privileged. i sit here in peace and i do much the best i can, but you have to stop asking me these questions. i have no answers for you. i imagine this is your korean defend alexander cinching co was made captain for his sized f, a cup, a tie against pittsburgh, his teammates. fernandina had been named as captain buck game the gave the arm, bad tooth in tinkle and show support for ukraine. city went on to win the 5th round, a tie to nail and thus always put my hand you back to ron in london. thanks and i that's it for me. first news out, but i'll be back in amendment with another full run of today's news. thanks for
12:58 am
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eyes and power and passion. we tell your story. we are your voice. your news, your net back out here. ah, russia targets a television tower and keep killing 5 people as its massive military convoy advances closer to ukraine's capital ram and ukraine's 2nd biggest city car. keith comes under more heavy fire with residential areas hit as well as freedom square. ah.


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