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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 2, 2022 6:00am-6:31am AST

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i just demonstrate it often appears. we do not agree and that we are, we do agree in a lot more things and we acknowledge i signed 80 bipartisan bills in the wall last year from preventing government shutdowns, protecting asian americans from still to accommodate crimes, to reform military justice and will so be strengthened, advised against women act that i 1st wrote 3 decades ago from florida. it's important brought the show. so the nation come together new big thing. tonight i'm offering a unity agenda for the nation. for big things we can do together in my view. first beat the opioid epidemic so much. we can do
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increased funding for prevention. friedman, farm reduction in recovery, getting rid of outdated rules and stop doctors and, and this, that stop doctor's verse prescribing treatments stop the flow of willis and drugs by working with state local law enforcement to go after the traffickers. if you're suffering from addiction, you know, you should know you're not alone. i believe in recovery and i celebrate the 23000000. 23000000 americans in recovery. second, let's take on mental health. especially among our children whose lives in education had been turned upside down. the american rescue plan gave schools wanting to hire teachers and help students make up for lost learning. i urge every parent to make sure your school, your school does just that have the money. we can all play apart,
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sign up to be a tutor or a mentor. children are also struggling before the pandemic bullying violence trauma and the harms of social media. as francis hogan who is here to night with us has shown we must hold social media platforms accountable for the national experiments are conducting on our children for profit booth. thank you. it occur, you say it's time to strengthen privacy protection ban targeted advertising to children to man tech companies, stop collecting personal data on our children. and let's get all americans, the mental health services they need. more people can turn for help and full parity between physical and mental health care. if we treat it that way. and on
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the 3rd piece of that agenda and support our veterans, veterans are the backbone and the spine for this country. they're the best way to wear the sacred obligation of those we send to war and care for those in their family when they come home. my registration providing the assistance of job training housing and now helping lower income veterans got via care debt free. and our troops in iraq, a faced and rap cancer faced many dangers. one being station a base is breathing and toxic smoke from burn pitch. many of your vendor i've been in and out of iraq and afghanistan over 40 times. he's bird pitcher that
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generate waste. the waste of war, medical and hazards material, jet fuel, and so much more. and they come home. many the world's fittest and best train warriors in the world. never the same headaches, numbness dizziness, a cancer that would put them in a flag draped coffins. i know one of those, one of those soldiers was my son major bo biden. i don't know for sure if the birds fit that he lived there, that is, which was near in iraq and earlier that in kosovo is the cause of his brain cancer to disease of so many other troops. but i am committed to find out everything we can committed to military families like daniel robinson from ohio,
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the widow of sergeant 1st class heath robinson. he was born a soldier, army national guard, combat medic, in kosovo in iraq station, near baghdad, just yards from burn, pitched the size of football fields. danielle is here with us tonight. they love going to ohio state football game, law building, lego with their daughter cancer from prolonged exposure to burn, pitch ravaged, he longs in body. danielle says he was a fighter to the very end. he didn't know how to stop fighting and neither did she for a pain, she found purpose to demand that we do better to night. daniel,
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we are going to do better. the da da as far a new ways of linking talk to respond to disease. already helping more veterans get benefits. and tonight i'm announcing we're expanding eligibility veterans suffering from 9 respiratory cancers. i'm also calling on congress to pass a law to make sure veterans devastated by toxic exposure in iraq and afghanistan. finally, get the benefits and the comprehensive healthy and 4th lesson, let's in cancer, as we know it. this is 1st me
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this is person the main to jill and a comma. and so many of you. so many of you lost someone you love, husband, wife, son, daughter, mom, dad, cancer is a number to cause a death in america. second only to heart disease. last month i announced the plan is supercharged, the cancer moon shot, the president obama's be lead 6 years ago. our goal is to cut cancer death rates by at least 50 percent over the next 25 years. i think we can do better than that. turn cancers from death sentences into treatable diseases, more support for patients and their families to get there. i call on congress to fund will i called r p h advanced advanced research projects agency for health pattern. after darpa, the defense department projects
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a lead in darpa to the internet, g p. s. and so much more than make our forces moore's safer and be able to wage war more with more clarity. ara will have a singular purpose to dry breakers and cancer. all timers and diabetes, and more a unity agenda for the nation. we can do these things. it's within our power, and i don't see a partisan edge to any one of those 4 things. my fellow derek is the night we've gathered in the sacred space, the citadel of democracy in this capital, generation after generation americans debated, great questions, made great strife. i've done great things. we fought for freedom, expanded liberty, debated to tallow turn ism and tear. we built the strongest freest and most
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prosperous nation. the world is ever known. now as the our, our moment of responsibility. our tests of resolve, unconscience, of history itself. it is in this moment that our character, this generation is formed. our purpose is found. our future is forged. well, i know this nation will meet to test, protect freedom and liberty, expand furnace, an opportunity. and we will save democracy as hard as those times have been. i'm more optimistic about america today than i been my whole life because i see the future that's within our grasp. because i know there's simply nothing beyond our capacity, our capacity. we're the only nation on earth that has always turned every crisis we've faced into an opportunity. the only nation that can be defined by
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a single word possibilities. so on this night are 200 and 45th year as a nation. i've come to report on the state of the nation, the state of the union. and my report is this. the state of the union is strong because you, the american people are strong. when i saw her today, i will be stronger than we are today. this is our moment to meeting over from the challenges of our time and we will not want america united states of america particular to get in
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so you've been watching lot of coverage that you as president job biden's, 1st state of the nation, speech to the u. s congress and of course, the american people. it's a speech normally pushes the president's domestic agenda, but also the ukraine was a big focus of the speech delivered in the chamber to night. president biden said that a russian president vladimir putin may make gains on the battlefield. he'll pay a huge price in the long run. he called the rushing president, a dictator biden said this is a battle between democracy, an autopsy, and that democracy will prevail. and he asked at u. s. s. place to be close to all russian aircraft from wednesday. he said the u. s. is working to seize yachts, apartments, and assets of rationale got to he says, of ill gotten gains, of course, at one of the big focuses of his speech. tonight was the russian invasion of
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ukraine on the domestic front. the domestic agenda biden says he'll soon send request a congress a more and demick related funding. he said, taming us inflation is his top priority. he promised to promote make it america instead of foreign supply chains. he said his plan will cut the cost of living in half a most families and help parents. and he said, the present tax system isn't fair and that it has to be fixed. you're watching live pictures there from the floor of the chamber u. s. president joe, by delivering his 1st state of the nation speech was a rousing speech from the president that was met with loud applause from mostly democrats, but some republicans applauded as well. and as i said, not surprisingly, focusing on russia are russia's invasion of ukraine along with pushing his own domestic agenda at home. emily, how can, as in falling president biden's speech and joins us live now from capitol hill kimberly a long night for you. this is a speech as we are saying that's normally made to push any president's domestic agenda, but russia and its invasion of ukraine clearly took center stage. it really did,
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and it was surprising just how much of the speech was devoted. it shows you how much the president's domestic agenda has been kind of hijacked, if you will, by foreign policy issues, namely, the russian invasion of ukraine, the u. s. president. very clear and even making news right off the top of that. with the announcement that the united states together with allies would be closing aerospace in order to further isolate russia and also targeting russia further tried to isolate it with the effort by the department of justice to crack down on the crimes of russian oligarchy. but to really give us the analysis of the speech i want to bring in a familiar face here in al jazeera. that's steve clemens host of the bottom line. and steve, come on in here and give us a bit of a sense of this speech because you've watched so many of them over the years. and this one felt different to me. i don't know about you, but what was your sense of the speech of like the i feel exactly like you did that
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. and joe biden made foreign policy. the national security challenges facing the nation because of a war in europe right now, which in almost 8 decades hasn't happened like this. and so it's a big punctuation point for joe biden. i think the risk for him in this speech and you could feel it in the tension is he could do, he could block aerospace, he could, you know, take all the measures he's taking, and vladimir putin could still continue to drive on. and so there's the challenge of looking impotent in the eyes of wiley monster is basically invading another nation. think the other dimension is it was also a very comprehensive speech on the domestic front. and some of the issues there. if you really listen to it carefully, he hasn't moved one iota away from to build back better legislation and the agenda that he have there is exactly the agenda here, which means he is not pivoted to. the moderates is not pivoted to where senator mansion who blew up his plan on december 19th and they have not reconcile that.
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it's very clear, joe biden has not moved and it raises questions about how effective he's going to be after this speech and passing any of the things he talked about tonight. let's go back to the foreign policy. i do want to ask you though, about that as well. one question i have with regard to the foreign policy and russia specifically, is we know that a lot of americans are a war weary or not. thrilled about the united states getting involved in any sort of conflict. you heard there the u. s. president, reaffirming support for article 5 if there. a is still over beyond ukraine, right now. we know that us soldiers are not in any way fighting in ukraine or right now supporting allies nato countries. but has the us president made the case, or at least convince the american public joe biden does not want to scare the
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american public. but guess what, latimer scaring the world by talking about possible nuclear escalation is now given 2 major speeches where he's talked about being on high alert with nuclear weapons. if you're talking about article 5, if you're talking about a potential incursion or assault on nato and the willingness to stand by our allies, he is implicitly also throwing our nuclear weapons into the picture. we haven't been in this situation for a long time. there's no doubt that there's a lot of anxiety out there, even among the war weary from the past. but i do think that implicit in his comments about nato is a response to but it's also getting us closer and closer to bring. we haven't been been anywhere near for a long time. that was the code language that we heard. they didn't use the words nuclear tonight, even though they are embedded when you begin talking that way, it's such a fine line. but joe biden, very well,
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i think he does. i think the problem we have right now is a joe biden in his 1st year and his foreign policy team, anthony lincoln, and others that came and decided that china was going to be their priority. the competition from china economically and military was the challenge of this era. and the pivot to asia was where they put their best buy them or didn't let that happen . he hijack their attention away their foreign policy way to some degree, no matter how strong your bite and may have sounded or look like tonight. what do you want? how he wants to respond. he is also reactive to them. this was not in the strategic game plan of united states. let's talk to mastic. there was something that surprised me a little bit in the speech. i want to get your take on it. when the us president said he wasn't calling or he thought back this, call that many of the sort of further left of the democratic party who called for the funding of the police. you said we don't the fund the police,
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we need to fund the police. how is that going to play among democrats? why i think is going to divide, which is why we have 3 different democratic responses lined up. we have the black, we just focus, we have the working families party. we have the moderates with no labels group. they are going to come back, come back and offer 3 different versions of democratic responses to this president of his own party. let's say that there are 3 doing this. i think it's a huge mistake because it shows not only are the republicans responding to the president, they're going to have a lot of criticisms. it lays down the reality that there is no consensus on priorities inside the democratic party. be it on foreign policy, be on domestic policy. so what you heard is going to divide some democrats from other democrats or at a time, but it's always thank you. thank you, appreciate it. and again, it was 2 years, we continue to analyze the state of the union speech, the 1st for joe wide. and of course
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a domestic policy speech that given the events in ukraine, very much of speech that this time around focus highly on foreign policy. but for now, bring it back to the ha. all right, kimberly, i'll get live up there on capitol hill watching you as president jer, biden's 1st state of the union speech complete. thank you. all right, so more now on the war in ukraine. russia is intensifying its bombardment of urban areas in ukraine, hitting a t v tower in cave and launching more attacks on the country. second largest cities. speaking from a heavily guarded compound in the capitol, president vladimir zalinski says russia must stop bombing people if talks or to make any headway. but the kremlin says, the operation will continue until goals are met, including disarming ukraine will, as innovation enters a 7th day, this is where it stands. the air is shaded red or controlled by russia and allied separatists in the east. as we mentioned, ukraine, 2nd largest city, hockey v. as coming on the fierce bombardment to the south. the port city of mario
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pulse facing what's described as constant shilling and north of the capital give russian armor artillery. i've been building up out as a was jonah, how begins are coverage live from live in western ukraine. russia has widened the scope of its war on ukraine. a suspected cruise missile hit the local administration building in freedom square, no less in the center of the eastern city of har. keith holmes regularly come under fire. now to this is an apartment building in the black sea port city of her san. and this hockey again, was guess how bad you think if, if the, the russian liberators have come, the man shouts. in the aftermath of tuesdays miss al strike, president followed him at zalinski, addressing the european union called it the price of freedom this morning. temper is miss isles, hit this, the freedom square, dozens of kill ones. this is the price afraid of the translators,
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struggles to contain his emotion. what we are fighting, both of the fleas, just for our lad and for our freedom. 70 ukrainian soldiers died when a military base was targeted by heavy artillery in arctic. but the veil has fallen from russia's claims that it's carrying out a special operation aimed purely at military targets. civilians are increasingly fair game and as night fell, ha keefe came under heavy attack. again. a change of tactics, a possible consequence of russia's slow moving advance on the ground. satellite imagery shows a column of artillery and armour, logistics, and support units more than 60 kilometers long bearing down on the capital key of from the north. another is advancing from the south. the aim to encircle the
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capital, intimidate the civilian population, and force the surrender of ukraine's government. western intelligence points to poor communications and frequent mechanical breakdowns. there's a dog, good ukrainian resistance as well captured, russian soldiers are said to have been told that they'd be welcomed here as liberators. this is how people actually feel at the heart of it all in the capital key. if attacks have resumed, including on the main television transmitter, cutting public broadcasts, people already eking out an existence in conditions of unimaginable stress. know that worse is to come. and the scramble to leave the city on the few exit roots still available, is growing more desperate by the our little bit to pause to fighting has not yet
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come to the western city of believe. but they'll be ready for it if it does. civil defense units are formed all over the country. and basic training and weapons handling is available for anyone that wants it. they know the time may come when they'll have to fight the russians themselves for control of their streets. the government says it believes grutter is deliberately shelling cities including residential areas and civilian infrastructure and the goal. it says to create mass panic and civilian casualties. but one thing you don't sense here is panic. instead, the steely determination of ukrainian civilians to resist and fight back the we want to study. we don't want to be afraid of the word. the young in ukraine students multicultural, multilingual, joined the chorus for peace with bright minds whose ideals until the week ago was
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still intact and whose hopes and hogs now broken or others who are stuck. jonah, how al jazeera louise mean, all you kinds guffman says 4 people, including a child, have been killed off the russian cruise missiles hit residential buildings in the west emergency services say the strike, set 3 homes on fire and broke windows in a hospital. the city of sheet a mayor is home to an elite aerosol brigade which may have been the intended target . mm. and these are some of the latest pictures from car key in the east where shelling has continued into the night. there's been heavy artillery fine residential neighborhoods with civilian buildings here, as well as the city's main square. ukrainian force is still control khaki and the coastal cities of care. sun unbearable, but, but you case defense miniature says all 3 are encircled by russian forces. and ukraine's president has been speaking about what life is like inside his heavily
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guarded compound. in keith. larkin flip it, can you see or fremont? no, no. i got when was the last time i saw him before this war? one level, you know, done before the war 2 days ago. in the middle. but of this. yeah. russian, 5 minutes a 2nd lab room told a un disarmament meeting in geneva that ukraine had been seeking nuclear weapons provide is no evidence of that. and lab spoke by video link in support of rushes invasion. dozens of diplomats walked out in protest. but those are pretty soon and i guess with a stolen with united states and its allies are creating their own new world order as of 2014, the key of regime is waging war against its own people. the constitution of ukraine has been changed,
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and the new nazi's that have gained power there are waging real terror. bella, russia, president, alexander lucas, franco says his troops were not joined russia and its fight against ukraine. but early on tuesday, the accused ukrainians of planning an attack on beller roost last week. look a shank outspoken meeting of a security council thing that plan was wanted after russian spies and ukrainian positions from better russian soil. but a russian and russian troops conducted military drills in the run up to the war. i mean, thankfully, those guys want us. we have pounded literally 6 hours before a launch, and the russians attacked those mas out those positions. during the russians advancement entering your brain, we did not see those positions anymore. but as i am saying, yes, there are launches from better russian territory. and i told you openly what point we targeted ukrainian refugees ever see them are pouring up help in poland. many of the hundreds of thousands who cross the border. i found shelter with polish families and volunteers on taking essential to those still stranded in the wart on
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country step thus and reports now from america on the poland ukraine border. yes, it's rush hour at the local community center in lou batch of 15 kilometers from the border with ukraine. and that note that gut pack is a retired russian language teacher and is collecting goods donated by people from all over europe. thought i am, who is my field? we are helping people on the other side of the border. the ones who stayed behind who can't leave yesterday were witness an incident when a disabled boy was not allowed to leap ukraine because he was over 18. he and his family were forced to turn back. i could not bear to watch it, but we have to help. many of the goods are meant for the ukrainian army, thought a pulse, queer monotony. i of we are packing plastic blades for the army on the other side
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of the border because they have a lack of everything. we are sending food bread, everything that is easy to prepare. since russia invaded ukraine, danita has been driving across the border every day. tarzan numbered not. our driver took a family of 9 people to his house. we are all crying with them when we saw the tragedy. the children were so weak and the mothers were passing out. crossing the borders always tricky, but the women say that to, to day they have a lucky day because the border guard is someone they know and it's going to be hopefully much easier to bring their, the goods in for them. so i am going to cray, they handle just cross the border most refugees came from the region near the ukrainian capital key. if that came on the heavier tech in the past days. like i
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said, i was in, so my husband drove us to the border. we lived on february 26th and we travelled for 2 days and we stayed at the board of for 2 days. my husband then went back to fight and i am extremely worried about him. the situation was very unpleasant. we heard very loud explosions. that is why i am here despite a continuous stream of people trying to leave border guards, check every car thoroughly. people eagerly waiting until the gate to safety will open in front of them. only a few more me to send it outside of ukraine, traveling for 4 days, some of them and are mixed emotions. they're grateful that they finally get to safety. but very, very worried about what they're leaving behind. dannetta is we leave to find a less chaotic situation and in the past few days for this i always say they are not giving up its heart. this woman has travelled for full days, but she does not need to stay longer the border because q is short to done before.
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people seem less exhausted this time, i'm not crying. as you can see. the new das mission has been accomplished for now, but she will return with more goods. as long as rush us missiles and buckets force people out of ukraine, steadfast and at the boot in each border in east and poland. ah . what type of creature? the headlines here on al jazeera, russian forces are closing in on ukraine's capital keith. they've attacked the cities, tv town, getting at least 5 people. russia has warned residents to flee their homes as they find more air strikes. and grains government says for people including a child have been killed out, a russian cruise missiles it residential buildings in the countries west. russia says the strikes targeted the military base and city of sheet on f.


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