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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 2, 2022 10:00am-10:31am AST

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photos and behavior we're able to how they're adapting to their new environment. women make science dolphin sanctuary. on al jazeera news, a diverse range of stories from across the globe. from the perspective of our networks journalist on al jazeera, ah, ah, cut haves under fire, intense shilling continues, as reports, russian forces of power shooting into the outskirts of the city. ah, good morning for joe harbor when i'm come all santa maria with the world news from al jazeera ukraine, says a russian cruise missile has landed near
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a hospital in the west, killing at least 4 people. then in his state of the union address, you as president bowed. russia will pay dearly for this invasion if you credit and we will join our allies in closing off american aerospace, to all russian flight for a look at the mounting human cost of this war. at least 660000 people now fled the fighting starts. ah! hello everyone. russian power troopers have landed around ukraine's 2nd largest city of co heath. the besieged city is seen some of the worst shelling as russia intensifies its bombardment of urban areas. emergency cruise has been pulling out survivors from the rubble. the local governor says 21 people been killed in the
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past day and more than a 100 have been injured new kinds. governments, as for people, including a child, have been killed after russian cruise missiles hit residential buildings in the west emergency services say the strike said 3 homes on fire. it broke windows in a hospital. the city of is you, the mirror is home to an elite air assault brigade, which may have been the intended targets was the invasion. and as the 7th day here it is on the map. the red areas are asked me those now controlled by russia and allied separatists in the east. that's where you see the 2nd largest city car. heave the one that is coming under intense bombardment. in the south, mario pol the port city is facing constant shelling as well. and then north of keith, russian armor and artillery have been building up. jonah, how are without coverage, starting from the vive in western ukraine. russia has widened the scope of its war on ukraine. a suspected cruise missile hit the local administration,
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building in freedom square, no less in the center of the eastern city of her cave homes regularly come under fire. now to this is an apartment building in the black sea port, city of her san. and this hockey again, who's guess nobody's really briefly? the russian liberators have come, the man shouts. in the aftermath of tuesdays miss al strike. president followed the man zelinski, addressing the european union called it the price of freedom this morning to peruse may hit this freedom, a square dozen of killed ones. this is the price of freedom. the translators struggles to contain his emotion. what we are fighting versus us will use just for our land and for our freedom 70 ukrainian soldiers died when a military base was targeted by heavy artillery in october. but the veil has fallen
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from russia's claims that it's carrying out a special operation aimed purely at military targets. civilians are increasingly fer, gave me, and as night fell, her keys came under heavy attack. again, the change of tactics, a possible consequence of russia's slow moving advance on the ground. satellite imagery shows a column of artillery and armour, logistics, and support units more than 60 kilometers long bearing down on the capital key of from the north. another is advancing from the south. the aim to encircled the capital, intimidate the civilian population, and force the surrender of ukraine's government. western intelligence points to poor communications and frequent mechanical breakdowns. there is
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a dog in ukrainian resistance as well captured russian soldiers a set that have been told that they'd be welcomed here as liberators. this is how people actually feel at the heart of it all in the capital key. if attacks have resumed, including on the main television transmitter, cutting public broadcasts, people already eking out an existence in conditions of unimaginable stress. know that worse is to come. and the scramble to leave the city on the few exit roots still available, is growing more desperate by the our little bit deposed to fighting has not yet come to the western city a believe, but they'll be ready for it. if it does civil defense units have formed all over the country and basic training and weapons handling is available for anyone that wants it. they know the time may come when they'll have to fight the russians
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themselves for control of their streets. the government says it believes russia is deliberately shelling cities, including residential areas and civilian infrastructure and the goal. it says to create mass panic and civilian casualties. but one thing you don't sense here is panic. instead, the steely determination of ukrainian civilians to resist and fight back the we want to study. we don't want to be afraid. stop the words. the young in ukraine students multicultural, multilingual, joined the chorus for peace, put on bright minds whose ideals until the week ago was still intact, and whose hopes and hogs, now, broken subs who are stuck. jonah, how al jazeera louise was also in louis visit andrew simmons for us this morning. good morning, andrew. why don't you start with the situation?
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and that seems to be the most pressing. it certainly does come all the situation. hockey's. the 2nd city of ukraine is critical. it really is, or there are paratroopers reports to be on the outskirts of the city that they were fought. they what preceded that was a colossal or massive blast at the it the military air field, something like 67 kilometers outside the city. it filled the night sky. it was in fact and secondary explosion to the missiles strike, which she took out, a rock hits miss isles bombs. what looked like it almost looked like a nuclear explosion. it was huge. and then the paratroopers were landing something like 34 hours after that more bombardments,
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on hoc heave over nights. the latest on the we've heard from the military press office is that there were no deaths in an attack on the military hospital. what near where these proud troopers landed, and there is a hand to hand fighting going on. no news of exactly what status this power trooper invasion of the city. or is that right now, but it would appear earlier on. there was an evacuation of international students running through the rubble of this city. that has been, ren lent, las bombardments up since 12 for the past 36 hours with the a cruise missile hitting the local authority building. at one point, we were also hearing from the city of g tamiya, which was attacked over night. this is a something like up to 200 kilometers outside the capital,
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kiva to the west. this is a, an attack at which was apparently intended to hit the military base in this city, but a residential area was hit and we hear that there have been at least 2 civilians killed. 10 private houses were very badly damaged. beyond that, we're seeing now that sir, a number of attacks of actually taken place are only the town of the city of her son, which is on the black sea that's in the south. that's where the crimean force is. the russian crimean forces they are coming and fighting to try to link crimea to the that the, the, the main now the mains ups, mainland, offer ukraine. that's been a really, really big attack. and there's a danger that her saw might fall. also, mary paul,
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on the see of as of another big city that's coming under massive strain with continual, bombardments are very ugly picture. russian forces using ever more sophisticated weaponry with causing inflicting more losses and certainly a lot more civilians dying in this invasion. now one week on andrew simmons with an update from the vive and ukraine. thank you. let's hear from the president, shall we are low to mid zalinski. a little early he spoke about what life has been like inside his heavily guarded compound in keith blur can flip it. can you see your family now? no. i can't. when was the last i saw them before this war. and it's one session label, you know, none, nevada's or no 2 days ago to the middle of this one. yeah. and
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prior to that, of course, the wednesday made their comments via video linked to the european parliament, our diplomatic editor james bay's reports. now on that or the european parliament, a strong show of support for the people of ukraine. this chamber with many parliamentarians wearing the ukrainian colors was addressed by video link from keith by president zalinski. he had one clear request. ah ha, we're almost as of july, we are fighting for our existence for our survival. and this is the main motivation for us. but we are also fighting to be an equal member of europe. and i think that today we are showing who we are. the european union is with us, with ukraine. the european union will be stronger without ukraine. it'll be lonely . we've proved our strength. we've proved that we're at least the same as you. please prove that you're with us. please prove that you're not going to let us go
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prove that you're really, europeans moved. there was strong combination of president who transactions and hulu for to lee. you considers illegal, your charlie and a parent. it's not only you train that's in the attach, international law or spirit international order. democracy, human dignity are also attach. this is joe political, terrorism, pure and simple. the president of the european commission then spoke about the possibility of ukraine joining the european union today. the european union and ukraine are already closer than ever before. there's still a long path ahead. we have to end this war and we should talk about the next steps . but i am sure nobody in this hemi cycle can doubt that the
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people that stands up so bravely for our european values belongs in our european family. at the end of the session, the parliament voted overwhelmingly to call on ear institutions to work towards granting ukraine candidate status. but the vote is purely symbolic. it's the european council, the 27 member nations who make the final decision. and then there's a long drawn out process to qualify to become a member. the size of the vote, $637.00 out of $676.00 though an indication of the level of feeling in support of ukraine. here james bays al jazeera at the european parliament in brussels. now the better russian president, alexander lucas shanker, says his troops will not join russia in its fight against ukraine. he was speaking at a meeting of his own security council and said, the southern border is being reinforced. but he said his clothes ally,
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russia doesn't need more resources. maybe shank also accused ukraine of planning an attack against bella bruce last week. but she brought it to me. yeah. i mean, thankfully, those guys want us. we had pounded literally thick, fast before a launch. and the russians attacked those muscles, those positions during the russians advancement, entering ukraine. we'd not see those positions anymore. that is why i'm saying yes, there were launches from bella russian territory. and i told you openly what point we target and still a head's on al jazeera, an army of volunteers signed up to resist russia's invasion, offering humanitarian support to those most in need. ah, hello, we got a taste of winter coming in to southeast and parts of europe over the next couple of days. little area cloud here, nasty little area of low pressure,
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bring you some range of sleep and some snow riding across greece, pushing over towards turkey. other side of the black sea when she makes coming through here as well for central parts, it is generally quiet and dry. we got this nice big area of high pressure. round are high, the wind traveling the clockwise direction. it is going to be on the cold side, particularly into ukraine, try to towards the northwest if you, for the time being again with an area of high pressure. but in between, we got some bits and pieces of cloud and re affected the low countries. northern parts of france, more wet weather started to push its way back in across the north west of here, through the british isles, into the island of ireland. some wetter weather too, into northern parts of spain and portugal, there's that rain, slaten snow. it will be heavy at times, it is likely to be disruptive, quite a keen when pushing through as well as we go on into west thursday. cy, ready setting in across central and eastern parts of turkey. still quite a few snow flurries. temperatures struggling back here to get to around 3 degrees
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celsius central part of the might. it's right. and also seeing a few showers and showers very much alive beside many parts of west africa. ah, the frank assessments for china will benefit from the 0 call it strategy. if the rest of the world cannot get informed opinions at all costs luckiest on needs an upright is on that stable critical debate. widely wouldn't even claims that native constitutes an interest in chill threat to russia, but it's precisely his actions that's rated this insecurity in the region. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera lou
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ah, latest developments out of the russia ukraine war for you. this are russian power troopers have landed around ukraine. second largest city have heaves cities, endured the worst bombing since russia began its invasion. 6 days ago, officials and say 21 people have been killed in the past day alone in the capital, keep their pricing for a russian assault. hundreds of military vehicles are advancing on the city. and miss allan artillery strikes have intensified. one of the latest targets was a tv tower. and for the south, russian forces are in control of the southern town of harrison strategic port city murder, you. paula is also surrounded. it is under constant, on bottoms. ukrainian refugees have received an outpouring of help in poland. many of the hundreds of thousands across the board. i have now found shelter with polish families, and volunteers are taking essentials to those still stranded in the war torn
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countries. step boston reports now from buddha mirrors on the poland ukraine border . it's rush hour at the local community center in lou batch of 15 kilometers from the border lake ukraine. that note that cut black is a retired russian language teacher and is collecting good donated by people from all over europe. so they and who is myself? we are helping people on the other side of the border. the ones who stayed behind who can't leave yesterday will witness an incident when a disabled boy was not allowed to leave ukraine because he was over 18, he and his family were forced to turn back. i could not bear to watch it, but we have to help many of the goods amend for the ukrainian army thought a pulse, queer monotony i had. we are packing plastic plates for the army on the other side
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of the border because they have a lack of everything. we are sending food bread, everything that is easy to prepare. since russia invaded ukraine, danita has been driving across the border every day. tarzan numbered not. our driver took a family of 9 people to his house. we are all crying with them when we saw the tragedy. the children were so weak and the mothers were passing out. crossing the border is always tricky, but the women say that to, to day they have a lucky day because the border guard is someone they know and it's going to be hopefully much easier to bring their, the goods in for him. so i am going to cray, they handle just cross the border most refugees came from the region near the ukrainian capital key. if that came on the heavier tech in the past days. when with i can also go through. but then also though it was a real thing,
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my husband drove us to the border. we left on february 26th and we travelled for 2 days and we stayed at the board of for 2 days. my husband then went back to fight and i am extremely worried about him. the situation was very unpleasant. we heard very loud explosions. that is why i am here. despite a continuous stream of people trying to leave border guards, check every car thoroughly. people eagerly waiting until the gate to safety will open in front of them. only a few more meters and outside of ukraine, traveling for 4 days, some of them and are mixed emotions. they're grateful that they finally get to safety, but very, very worried about what they're leaving behind. dakota is we leave to find a less chaotic situation. and in the past few days, for the video services, they are not giving up. it's heart, this woman has traveled for 4 days, but she does not need to stay long at the border because the queue is shorter done
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before. people seem less exhausted this time, i'm not crying. as you can see. the new dos mission has been accomplished for now, but she will return with more goods as long as rushes. missiles and rockets forced people out of ukraine, steadfast and at the buddha mich bora in eastern poland. very pleased to welcome james elder to al jazeera spokesman for the charity. unicef is on scott from the vive to day james of his one good thing that's coming out of this. it's the unequivocal support for the refugees from everywhere, from people within their own country, from people all over europe. there is absolutely no question about giving them the shelter they need. oh no, it's absolutely spot on. it has been a, a rare moment of attempted to all the hot amid image so much darkness. i, when i been on that road that your course i was showing where it's 50 kilometers
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back to back vehicles. you know, they're a teenage girls have been baking in the villages and tapping on windows and you just say this stress and trauma lift. i mean families just for a moment, women have a cookie, and big pots and so on. their reception sit is very well as young young kids doing i t welcoming, sorting things out, blankets, biscuits medicines. now there's been an outpouring of support here. and of course, as you showed in neighboring countries. obviously though, while this conflict continues that the need of these people is just go out strip that tell very generous supply. yes. so what is needed most for the company to stop? well, and the, i'm sort of more looking at actual, you know, supplies and things that are needed now. yeah. yes. i mean unicef, he's trucking supplies into romania. we have a bigger operation in the east. it's everything from emergency water or to systems
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get heat. people can access water from frozen rivers, lot of psychological support. to be honest trauma, i mean, as usual, correspondents have sort of so clearly shown the stress on children. they've been in bankers spoke to little girl who's supposed to, she said in a bargain. they were rats and her mom said yes, but there were no bones. mean people are making these decisions. they're leaving families. fathers are explaining to the 10 year old son why, why you know, going to see dad any more husbands and wives sip. righty. it's is, it's, it's so so, so much sorrow, so much stress. so trauma is a very real thing for children and we do not want another nation where children, no conflict, looks like another nation of keen to hear their rates are and god, this is my mom, but i must jump out of my bed and head to my vancho, so you just, if does a lot of that we have mobile child protection teams going around. but again, children being killed, you know, of the night. we have warnings and reports of,
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of hospitals and schools of orphanages. i in the firing line is tens of thousands of children in orphanages here. so volunteers, mums and dads, people in other countries supporting eunice if other agencies will continue to, to work around the clock on this. but as i say, the names just continue to grow as your correspondence shown as those as, as missiles continue. and i feel something just briefly that actually needs replacing every now that it's really cold. you'll be people watching around the world, her and other seasons at the moment in what and his pictures need for money. it's, you know that this, that just adds another layer of, of, of, of misery really. you're absolutely right. it's, it's bitterly cold. my, my work now is based in europe are mentally prepared for the seats. is, is a bashi called to is, i'm when i was on the road the other day again, just talking to people in their cars waiting. we were 50 kilometers from the border . ok, it's 2 in the afternoon. it's snowing and people are starting to walk. they got
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vehicles, but they can't wait anymore or they've been in texas. i so mothers and primes walking. that's a 10 hour walk. if you don't stop, you started to in the afternoon and you do the math. so it's, it's brutally tall. people are waiting for days at a train station here and elsewhere just because the outlet to paint was so great. again, this spirits, quite extraordinary. but people break and suddenly children have to support mothers and that just doesn't work. so yeah, people ah, you see people shivering addressed the address? well, as well as i can, they because many a professionals, no one wants to leave the physiotherapist that teaches that nurses and they're dressed in everything that go. but it's recently called and standing still on the train station to 10 hours, you know, for a 7 year old or a 70 year old. mom is, is an awful place to be her. anyone exactly james elder from unicef in the vase that i thank you for your time, appreciate it. on the ground and easton ukraine,
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thousands of volunteers have signed up to help distribute these donations of food and clothing and medicine. child stratford father support from the city of ne pro the i tell you very much as what i did the last i need 5 people quickly. any volunteers, the man says, the former line to unload donated food, water, betting clothes is taken into water for decades, has been a center for culture and arts and is now become a vital and potential life saving a distribution point. it is incredible sense of purpose and energy in this sense of what these people are doing is they're taking in donations of food, clothing, bedding medicine. they're boxing them up watching the materials up and then they're going to be distributing them too many of the hundreds of thousands of people that have fled to fighting across this region. this crash in used to get them though
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might be much better than sitting at home. we are as depressed as every one in the country, but we come here to live, tell us periods will feel proud and unified here. our list, if they ever fall into stick tape on the windows, in an effort to stop shands, of glass, being blown into the building, showed land near by a piece of history is being offered as a place where people can hide. so it's been 20 years since this soviet built cinema was used. and now volunteers are offering it as a place where people can come and shelter from the shelling you fall. reassured, some goals explosions. oh, we'll give to people. instructions to open mouth and to hold. can and put lake maiden, there's a basement where people can also take shelter that i could. upstairs,
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the sorting the packing. the distribution continues as this city prepares for the worst. cha, stratford al jazeera denise pro no surprise at the crisis in ukraine, featured heavily in the u. s. president's state of the union address, a white house correspond. kimberly, how could, has more. you as president joe biden began his 1st state of the union address. they strongly denouncing the russian president and his invasion of ukraine. russia's latimer prudence sought to shake the very foundations of the free world. thank you . any good make it ben, to his medicine ways. but he badly miscalculated, and now the us will make to pay biden, has directed the department of justice to assemble a task force, targeting the crimes of russian oligarchy. and that we will join our allies in
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closing off american aerospace to all russian flights. further, i studied russia a majority of americans do not believe the u. s. should play a major role in working with allies to support ukraine. but biden argued if not confronted russia aggression would spread throughout our history. we've learned this lesson, when dictators do not pay a price for their aggression, they cause more chaos. they keep moving, and the cost, the threats to america, and america to the world keeps rise. and given the focus on the ukrainian crisis, invited speech in the audience was the ukranian, a bastard? have us oksana barker rover. a guest of the 1st lady, dr. jill bided. the russian invasion has increase already record high energy prices and inflation and the u. s. ad is threatening biden's promise to economic
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recovery, one way to fight in places to drive down wages and make americans poor. i think i have a better idea to fight inflation. lawyer cost matcher wages like but republicans in their response, argued biden, has said the country back to the early 19 eighties when ran away, inflation was hammering families, a violent crime wave was crashing our cities and the soviet army was trying to redraw the world map on wednesday president vibe and travels to the us state of wisconsin to sell his domestic agenda. but foreign policy challenges in ukraine are almost certain to overshadow that effort. kimberly held hit al jazeera capitol hill . ah, pop off they are. these are the latest updates from ukraine, russian.


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