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tv   Breakfast  BBC News  January 1, 2018 8:00am-8:31am GMT

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good morning, happy new year, this is breakfast with rogerjohnson. huge crowds gather all over the world to celebrate the start of 2018. spectacular fireworks, performances and the sound of big ben brought in the new year — despite warnings about bad weather and travel problems. good morning, it's monday 1st january. elsewhere in the news this morning... five british people, including an 11—year—old girl, are confirmed to have been killed when a seaplane crashed in australia yesterday. fire—fighters have been battling a blaze in a multi—storey car park in liverpool which has destroyed up to m00 vehicles. north korea's leader says his country's nuclear weapons are a "reality, not a threat", and the entire us mainland is a target. in sport, the winning run is over — and it takes an injury—time penalty save to preserve manchester city's unbeaten record this season, as they're given a scare at the palace.
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happy new year from bbc breakfast! good morning from parliament square, final preparations underway for this yea r‘s final preparations underway for this year's new year's day parade, half a million people expected on the streets of london and 8000 performers, including these guys texas. they will cheer in the new year for us. and stav has the weather. hgppy happy new year, today we start with a lot of showers, wet and windy weather in places, we could see some sunshine into the afternoon at the start of 28 team is looking u nsettled start of 28 team is looking unsettled for the rest of the week. i will have more in about 15 minutes. first, our main story. millions of people around the world have been celebrating the start of 2018. more than 100,000 ticketholders watched london's midnight firework show from the banks of the river thames, and hogmanay celebrations went ahead in edinburgh despite earlier travel and weather concerns, as simon clemison reports.
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it was one party big ben really couldn't miss. bong! chiming for new year, despite being silenced at the moment while repairs are carried out. cue 12,000 fireworks. whatever you did to finish 2017, whatever you are doing to start 2018, there are these 11 minutes and 15 seconds in the middle here in london when you look up and forget to breathe. the soundtrack dominated by female artists. the centenary of women beginning to get the vote — one way this year will be defined. any thoughts about what 2018 might hold for you? yeah, it's going to be the best year ever!
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why is that? just a levels, we're going to get our careers. we're going get into university! to university! going to be good. do you want to get my kilt? yeah! in scotland, storm dylan had been an unwelcome party guest during the day but, given the importance of hogmanay, it would take a lot to spoil the evening celebrations, even though winds of more than 70 miles an hour had hit some parts. in sydney, another quiet night, the harbour bridge somewhere in this picture. rainbow colours, a tribute to australia's legalisation of same—sex marriage in 2017. as city after city around the world rang in the new year, hong kong erupted, athens glowed, and moscow sparkled. there are still some countries to go. now new york has marked the moment, the last inhabited island, american samoa, will celebrate 25 hours after neighbouring islands first began the party. the five british citizens who died
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when a seaplane crashed in australia on new year's eve have been named. the australian pilot also died after crashing into a river 30 miles north of sydney. 0ur correspondent phil mercer is near the scene in new south wales. hgppy happy new year to you, but in many ways one that begins with tragedy there? that is right, we know that there we re that is right, we know that there were five british tourists on board this the plane that crashed just to the north of where we are on the hawkesbury river nearjerusalem bay. that is close to the town of taliban and the picketing is richard cousins, successful british businessman, who died alongside his two sons. also among the dead, mr cousins‘ fiancee emma bowed and who
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died alongside her 11—year—old daughter. investigations are continuing and air crash investigation teams say their work may take many months to finally decide how and why a sightseeing flight, decide how and why a sightseeing flight, a routine flight, ended in such tragedy. we have also been hearing from eyewitnesses, one man who was on a houseboat nearby, about 50 metres away, said he dived in when the played crash —— when the plane crashed and try to open the door but he said the plane sank way too for him to retrieve anyone inside but it is those eyewitness accou nts inside but it is those eyewitness accounts that form a crucial part of this air crash investigation. thank you very much. scores of people who travelled to liverpool to celebrate the new year have had to spend the night in a temporary shelter after a fire in a multi—storey car park next to the city‘s echo arena destroyed more than 1,000 vehicles. steve saul reports. the fire is thought to have started in one vehicle on the third floor of the car park.
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emergency services arrived within minutes, but the flames quickly spread to other floors. police say 1,400 cars have been destroyed. up to 4,000 people are thought to have been left stranded in the city. the arena, on the city‘s waterfront, was hosting the liverpool international horse show. no spectators or animals have been injured. my car. all our belongings in it. everything. i came over from northern ireland, and all my stuff — like, my suitcase and all my clothes are in it, all gone. merseyside fire and rescue service say this is one of the biggest fires they have ever dealt with, with crews working under very challenging conditions from the outside of the building because of a real fear of structural collapse. the difficulty that we have is because this is so deep—seated, is to physically be able to get into, right into the middle
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of the building to put the fire out, which clearly is the extent of which the fire has taken hold there, we will not be able to do that for quite some time, given the structural stability issues with the building as well. liverpool city council are expected to help make arrangements to get those who have been left in the city back home later. temporary parking arrangements have been made so the arena can operate as normal. the north korean leader has said he had in nuclear button on his desk in a defiant new year message. kim jong—un said the united states would never be able to start a war with north korea. our correspondent sophie long is in the south korean capital seoul this morning. new year, same rhetoric, is this another threat aimed at the us? well, yes, he did have a clear and unsurprising message for the united states, he called 2017 the year of accomplishment and said that he had
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the nuclear arsenal capable of striking anywhere on the us mainland and a button to push on his desk. does he have the capability that he boasts about? maybe not, but he can adapt the sixth nuclear test in september and test of an intercontinental ballistic missile that he says could reach the united states in november. he had a more conciliatory tone to south korea, he said he was open to dialogue and was thinking about sending a delegation to the winter olympics which are due to the winter olympics which are due to ta ke to the winter olympics which are due to take place in south korea in february. that will be welcomed by the president here, who has offered in the past two postponed a joint military exercises with south korea forces and us forces that kim jong—un sees as provocation, which could be a good thing for people living on the korean peninsular. it would at least cause some breathing time when they could relax and hope for some peace and stability and de—escalation of the tensions that have been rising and rising
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throughout 2017. so a multilayered measured, very defiant to the united states but more conciliatory to its neighbour, south korea. sophie, thank you very much. the president of iran has appealed for calm, saying people would have the right to protest, but not to commit acts of violence, amid continuing anti—government protests. in his first public comments since demonstrations against the government began on thursday, hassan rouhani warned that violence and public disorder would not be tolerated. translation: the atmosphere for criticism, protest within a legal framework, is absolutely free, but the atmosphere for destruction and unrest is definitely not an atmosphere which people would tolerate. the outgoing chairman of the police federation claims that members of the freemasons are blocking reforms in policing. steve white, whose organisation represents rank—and—file officers in england
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and wales, made the comment in an interview with the guardian newspaper. the claim was rejected by senior police officers and the masons, who say they are polled moral principles and values. the archbishop of canterbury has paid tribute to emergency workers in his new year‘s day message. justin welby reflected on the challenges faced by the emergency services, including the terror attacks in manchester, westminster and london bridge. he said 2018 could be defined either by human suffering or the compassionate response to it. special coins marking 100—year anniversaries of women getting the right to vote and the end of the first world war are being released this year. the royal mint will also introduce ones celebrating 200 years since the publication of mary shelley‘s frankenstein. the £2 coin marking the anniversary of the first world war armistice features a quote from wilfred 0wen‘s poem strange meeting. those are the main stories, good
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morning if you havejustjoined us, surfacing after new year‘s eve celebrations, very happy new year to you. the start of the new year has many of us reflecting on the past 12 months and what we want to do differently in the year ahead. but why do we set ourselves resolutions, and how can we make sure we stick to them? we have been finding out what you think. try and be a little bit healthier. umm, but not a lot different. try to enjoy ourselves. to finish my masters and get some work. to help more people out if they are hurt or anything is wrong. eat less unhealthy food. go on a diet. you don‘t have to go on a diet! but i don't really want to. resolutions shouldn‘t be done on 1st jan,
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they should be ongoing throughout the year. keep maintaining them on to them for the right reasons. i never stick to them. exactly, yeah. they are affecting. still, life goes on. why, because it is a new year, do you... it is a great idea, but if you don't stick to them, you feel bad when, so don't make them! i am going to be a better husband, a better father, and, umm, a better person. i do a decent job already, but there is always room for improvement. so why do we set ourselves resolutions? the psychotherapist emma kenny is here along with dave, who has big plans for 2018. he has survived cancer five times, he now hopes to inspire others and he‘s here with his son, lee, and wife angela. you have a shirt that says, i have
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had cancer five times, you have a shirt that says, i have had cancerfive times, but i believe you have got it again, is that right? yes, a little mark on my neck, i need that removing on thursday. is that six times? no, it has cost me a lot of money to have this printed! when i had skin cancer a few years ago on my cheek, it was just a little operation like having a cyst removed, so if i have this one, this is the other half, so i am still only five times. it might sound like we are being flippant, which i don‘t mean to be, but it is because we were chatting while that report was on. your positivity is astonishing, is it in place of a new year ‘s resolution? i bet you don‘t make them? no, you have to be positive all the time, you only live once, enjoy it, enjoy your life, inspire people if you can. what do you think of your dad? he is incredible, he inspires a lot of people and it is amazing he has
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survived cancer five times. he gives people hope, doesn't he? 0ther people hope, doesn't he? 0ther people suffering, it gives them the hope that life does go on and you can overcome these things. when you see that, emma, do you not look at it and think, if you have got the positivity that dave embodies, do you need resolutions? do you need to set targets? to some degree he lives his resolution every day, positive mindset, pushing yourself further and harder, so to some degree because of the optimism and positivity, that has a huge impact oi'i positivity, that has a huge impact on healing, i think, so living in that manner and with the exercise is just a complete collaboration of success. just a complete collaboration of success. but as far as the average person goes. . . success. but as far as the average person goes... mere mortals like the rest of us! exactly! goal-setting is important, so using smart targets means you are specific about what you want to achieve, you know why you want to achieve, you know why you will achieve it and implement a plan of how you will do that. explain that smart? smart, measurable,
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achievable, realistic, don't say you will win the lottery because it might not happen, and time bound, so when you will achieve them. i am sure you are constantly planning another marathon... it is the ironman? if angie lets me do an ironman, i will try to do one, but it depends. you will let him? i will let him! for some people the idea of exercise, we all get to the position now, we have had too much to eat and drink over christmas, my suit is a bit tighter than it was and you think, i need to lose a bit of weight, but exercise is a big turn—off for lots of people but you started doing it bit by bit? yes, i built it up. i remember ten years ago now, my goalfor the built it up. i remember ten years ago now, my goal for the year was to
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runa ago now, my goal for the year was to run a half marathon, people claim for that, —— people train for that, it was my 40th birthday and i decided, it was only five weeks before that me and my brother decided to run a0 miles on my a0th birthday, run round all the old schools and houses that i lived in india every, got all the schools involved and raised £5,000. where are you from? hull. a great year in hull all—round. have you had a resolution, give up chocolate or any of the usual things? resolution, give up chocolate or any of the usualthings? it resolution, give up chocolate or any of the usual things? it would resolution, give up chocolate or any of the usualthings? it would be good giving up chocolate but... but you don‘t need to! good giving up chocolate but... but you don't need to! i don't know when it comes to new year 's resolutions, i guess you just make them anyway. it is good to set yourself targets but also good to doing targets a nyway but also good to doing targets anyway every day. and i suppose, being married to dave, anything you
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set yourself is comparatively small fry! it is never going to match what dave sets, ever! i think it isjust being healthy, happy, living life to the full. one of the brilliant things that you did, and anybody who wants to think about that in resolutions, don't overwhelm yourself with the big picture. as yourself with the big picture. as you said, it was about starting, going for a small bug and acknowledging that is how you build, then look, ao miles, iwilljust acknowledging that is how you build, then look, ao miles, i willjust do that because it is my a0th birthday! we have all done that! for those of us getting closer to bigger birthday is the idea of running that far is altogether not possible! it is lovely to see you, dave, thank you for coming in, we wish you the best for coming in, we wish you the best for 2018, anti—eu, lee, for coming in, we wish you the best for2018, anti—eu, lee, angela, and emma. i hope that has inspired you to do whatever resolution takes your fancy, perhaps we will wish for good weather to start 2018, stav has focused, happy year. is
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here‘s stav with a look at this morning‘s weather. lots of low pressure systems. that‘s how it is going to be for new year‘s day. we have two areas of low pressure. this one is going to batter parts of france and bring heavy rain and strong winds through the english channel and southern counties of england as well. the extent of the rain will be around the ma corridor. we have a cluster of heavy showers. they are going to move inland. elsewhere a lot of sunshine to start new year‘s day. for northern ireland, into parts of scotland, very windy here. plenty of blustery showers and gales for northern ireland and there will be snow falling over the higher ground of scotland. this wet and windy weather pushing on in towards northern england and north wales. conditions improve across the south, that area of low pressure moves away and we should see sunshine moving in its place. a chillier day than what
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we have seen the last few days. the area of low pressure clears away. then we are in a brief ridge of high pressure. it means overnight things will turn colder and under clear skies and with lighter winds. temperatures coming up across the west, that‘s because we‘ve got the next weather system moving in and it will bring a belt of wet and windy weather. snow falling over the higher ground, northern england and in towards scotland, but the rain will clear and it will leave blustery showers and turning milder across the south. we are concerned about this next area of low pressure which could bring a spell of gales or severe gales to parts of the uk. keep tuned to the weather forecast for that, but we think it should clear off into the north sea for wednesday leaving a rash of blustery showers throughout the day. some sunshine in between, but heavy showers across the west where it will be windy with gale force winds. you get the picture. it will be very u nsettled you get the picture. it will be very unsettled for the rest of the week ahead. further areas of low pressure
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bringing heavy rain and gales, but there will be sunshine in the forecast as well. back to you, roger. stav, thank you very much indeed. around 500,0000 people are expected to turn out in central london for the annual new year‘s day parade today with thousands of performers set to entertain the crowds. graham satchell is getting a taste of the action for us this morning. graham, they are still going through the motions and happy new year to you all. good morning, roger. happy new year to you. we‘re in parliament square. these cheerleaders have come all the way from the southern state of america, mainly from texas. good morning t chloe. good morning. so you have done this once before, is that right? yes, i did this trip la st that right? yes, i did this trip last year too. what was it like? what‘s the day like? last year too. what was it like? what's the day like? it was awesome. it was an amazing trip. good luck today. happy new year to you. thank
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you. happy new year. we also have marching bands. look at these guys. off marching bands. look at these guys. off you go. they are from california. an 80 piece marching band. they are feeling like they want to celebrate this morning at this ungodly hour! while you watch the band i‘m going to have a chat with colin and fiona. coldge, good morning to you. good morning. tell me why you‘re here today? morning to you. good morning. tell me why you're here today? happy new year to everybody. we're here to play with the ufo silver band. we're here to celebrate. you have been working with schoolchildren in and around grenfell tower, is that right? our truck, we're playing on a as—foot articulated lorry and our truck is decorated in artwork that's
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created by children from around g re nfell created by children from around grenfell and it is about the positives of community. that artwork has helped them, do you think? well, they're giving with such generosity a really positive message to the public, to the world. colin, you've done this many times. what‘s the day like? well, this is a real celebration, but it starts, but get lined up by green park at 10.30am. we play, we play, we play and we carry on to 2pm. and it is a fantastic way to start the new year. i‘m going to have a chat with the conductor, justin. good morning, justin. tell me about your band. we are from southern california. have you been to britain or europe before? no. what do you think of london? it is great coming to london and seeing it. it is different. london? it is great coming to london and seeing it. it is differentm
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will be quite a day today. are you looking forward to it? oh yes, for sure. happy new year. thank you. quite a scene here and we are celebrating, not just quite a scene here and we are celebrating, notjust with marching bands, and cheerleaders, but all sorts of funny animals who seem to be here. so, happy new yearfrom him and it‘s happy new yearfrom me! hgppy and it‘s happy new yearfrom me! happy new year. graham, thank you very much indeed. pass on our thanks to your guests including the gorilla! they have been up bright and early since before 6am. the celebrations get under way in london later on. not much to celebrate for manchester city. it won't affect the league table. their winning run is at an end. happy new year, mike, by the way. i have seen you a couple of times already. it seemed hours ago when you first said happy new year. they were lose to losing at crystal
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palace who a few weeks ago were facing relegation worries. roy has lifted them. there is talk about whether manchester city can go the whole season without losing. there was late penalty drama in both of yesterday‘s premier league games. crystal palace missed a late one to snatch a win over leaders manchester city as their 18 match winning run, came to an end yesterday while west brom salvaged a point with a dubious penalty over arsenal. adam wild rounds up the action. the message from fans was clear enough. still, it is rather hard to imagine just how things could get any better for manchester city. never has a team been so far ahead at the end of the year. to their potential, well, there seems no end. but against crystal palace, this was a new year lacking celebration. gabrieljesus, injured, leaving in tears. it was his replacement, sergio aguero, who went the closest in the first half. but this was not the brilliance from city that all have come to fear.
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victory would have equalled the european record. the target, then, straightforward. hitting it, seemingly less so. but palace are a side with aims of their own. they did have chances with which they should have done better. everyone seemed to know it. and that, ultimately, for them, is how this will be remembered. in the 90th minute, awarded a penalty. luca, though, unable to see the year out with a bang. so, not quite the perfect end to 2017 for either side. for both, new year‘s eve, as is so often the case, a bit of an anticlimax. elsewhere, a big day on the calendar of a rather different sort. at west brom, arsene wenger took charge of arsenal for the 811th premier league game, a new record. but there was much work to be done before any celebrations would be allowed to start. his team certainly made him wait. it wasn‘t until the second half before they found a way through. and even then it took
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a bit of fortune. alexis sanchez‘s free kick, deflected. but that was still far from the end of it. two minutes remaining, west brom were offered a hand back into it. this, deemed a penalty. and jay rodriguez gladly spoiled wenger‘s special day. 1-1. a year laden with controversy and drama to the very end. exeter chiefs start the new year ten points clear at the top of the rugby union premiership. they beat leicester 30—6 with four second half tries at sandy park. that‘s the tigers sixth league defeat in a row — their worst run in over 50 years. alex gulra —jani reports. 2017 will go down as a great year in exeter. champions for the first time, devon, now a must—stop shop for the england head coach. and with the chiefs clear at the top of the table, 2018 could be memorable as well. the only points early against leicester from the boot.
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the hands were making far too many errors. chances missed. and the visitors were keeping in touch thanks to george ford. it took root strength to put the league leaders in charge. don carried them over. and now, a gap emerged between the sides. exeter certainly needed no help, yetjonny may was in a giving mood. a parry straight into the arms of henry slade. the simplest of finishes. and those supporters may well have stayed on their feet, asjohnny hill went over not long after. and there was still time for more. a bonus point—winning try with the last play of the game. jack, with the perfect end to a monumental year for exeter. scarlets won away at cardiff blues 1a—11 in the pro—1a cardiff led at half time but scarlets fought back soon after the break. rhys patchell‘s try, their second of the match, sealed the win. the victory leaves them
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top of conference b. in the other pro—1a fixture, 0spreys beat dragons 22—9. british number one, yohanna konta, has started her season with a two sets to one victory over madison keys at the brisbane international. it‘s her first tournament with new coach michaeljoyce. she lost the first set to the american 6—a but broke early in the second to take it 6—a and level the match. keys lost her serve at the start of the third and konta was untroubled by her opponent as she strolled through the set 6—3 to win the first round contest. england‘s cricketers, have arrived in sydney ahead of the final ashes test which begins in three days‘ time. the england head coach trevor bayliss says he still has full belief in all—rounder, moeen ali, despite his recent run of poor form. he‘s taken only three wickets and averaged 19 runs with the bat this series. he is always a guy that likes to keep playing. but...
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i have got full confidence in him going forward, to be honest. i mean, it was only two months ago we were talking about him being one of the best all—rounders in the world. now, he reached the milestone, what was it, 2000 runs and 100 wickets. he got that quicker than everyone else. england now go to sydney having avoided the whitewash which was important, but they can get a win with the final test match. mike, thank you. starting the new year battling a cold. i sound a bit husky. stay with us, the headlines coming up. hello, this is breakfast with rogerjohnson.
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hgppy happy new year, it is exactly 8:30am. here‘s a summary of this morning‘s main news. millions of people around the world have been celebrating the start of the new year. more than 100,000 ticketholders watched london‘s midnight firework show from the banks of the river thames, and hogmanay celebrations went ahead in edinburgh despite earlier travel and weather concerns. new york, los angles and vancouver are some of the latest cities to toast 2018. the five british citizens who died when a seaplane crashed in australia on new year‘s eve have been named.


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