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this is bbc news. i'm reeta chakrabarti. the headlines at eight: police in iran say one of their officers has been shot dead, as anti—government protests continue for a fifth night. tributes are paid to a british family of five killed in a seaplane crash in sydney. the youngest victim was 11 years old. police are investigating the overnight deaths of four young men in unrelated knife attacks across london. also this hour — up to 1600 vehicles are destroyed in a blaze in a liverpool car park on new year's eve. the fire, believed to have been started accidentally, engulfed a multi—storey car park next to the liverpool echo arena. in a new year's day speech, north korea's leader warns donald trump that he has a nuclear button on his desk — and is ready to use it. sir bruce forsyth, liz dawn and sir roger moore — just a few of those who left us this
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year, and whose lives are celebrated in review 2017: we remember — that's in half an hour. police in iran say one of their officers has been shot dead as anti—government protests continue across the country. this is believed to be the first death of a security force member since the unrest began on thursday. another ten people were killed overnight in the country—wide unrest which began as a protest against the falling standard of living. as rana rahimpour reports. the fifth day of protests in iran. once again, thousands of people have taken to the streets.
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they are angry at unemployment, rising prices, and what many think is widespread corruption. it's the boldest challenge to the country's leadership in nearly a decade. the demonstrations began in the north—western city of mashhad, a key base for president rouhani's most outspoken critics. and has quickly turned into a widespread antiestablishment movement. this is the biggest show of dissent in iran since the post—election rallies of 2009. they were large in size but limited to urban areas of the country like the capital, tehran. this time the protests are more widespread with towns and cities all over the country looking for social, political, and economic change. authorities are continuing to suspend social media platforms out of fear they will be used to organise more protests. the bbc has received reports of text
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messages, like this one, being sent to people urging them not to take part. a handful of pro—government marchers are attempting to counter the wider demonstrations, but with limited information coming out of the country it's difficult to gauge how many people are involved. in the last 2a hours, president rouhani has spoken out twice against the protests. accusing iran's enemies of instigating the unrest. translation: our victory against the us and its regime is unbearable for our enemies. our success in the region is intolerable for them. they are after revenge and are trying to provoke people. but his words have failed to calm the situation. in certain areas of the country unemployment is as high as 60%, and reports of extreme corruption have iranians frustrated and hungry for change.
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at least 12 people have died since the protests began. and with no sign of stopping, that number looks set to rise. rana rahimpour, bbc news. air accident investigators in australia say it may take months before they know why a seaplane carrying a prominent british businessman and his family crashed on new year's eve. richard cousins — who ran a multi—billion pound catering company — was killed along with his two sons, his fiance, her daughter and the pilot. they were on holiday and returning to sydney after a family outing. phil mercer reports from sydney. the wreckage of the seaplane lies 13 metres below the surface of the hawkesbury river. one of the victims was the british businessman richard cousins, the chief executive of the world's largest catering firm, compass, who was due to retire later this year. the company confirmed his death in a statement. mr cousins, who was 58, died alongside his fiancee emma bowden and her 11—year—old daughter,
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heather. also on board the seaplane that crashed intojerusalem bay — william cousins, who was 25, worked for open britain, a pro—eu group set up in the aftermath of the brexit vote. colleagues said they were shocked by news of his death. his brother, edward, who was 23, had recently graduated from the university of st andrews. losing both my godson and his sibling, and my brother—in—law as well, has left a huge hole. they had a lot of friends. they had... they were very, very popular lads. and that's because they've had a fantastic upbringing, from both my sister and richard. the pilot, gareth morgan, had done more than 10,000 flying hours, 9,000 of which were on seaplanes. the pilot had collected mr cousins and members of his family from an exclusive waterfront restaurant, and was heading back
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to rose bay on sydney harbour. shortly after take—off, the plane plummeted into the water. investigators say it quickly sank, and there were no survivors. this is people that have come over on holidays to visit australia. they were in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. and for this to happen to them at a place like that is nothing more than just tragic. it could take months to work out how and why a routine sightseeing trip could end in utter disaster. air crash investigators have begun their work. their task won't be easy. the wreckage of the seaplane has been submerged in more than 40ft of water. and although these idyllic bays and inlets are geographically close to sydney, the crash site is tucked away and hard to get to. sydney seaplanes, which owns the aircraft, has suspended all its flights until further notice. phil mercer, bbc news, sydney.
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four young men have been stabbed to death in london in a 2a hour period either side of the new year celebrations. three men, aged 17,18 and 20, were killed yesterday. a fourth victim, another 20—year—old, died after being stabbed in the early hours of this morning. police say the deaths are unrelated. ben ando reports. late morning, enfield, north london. the victim, aged 18. early evening, west ham, the victim, 20 years old. three hours later, tulse hill, south london, a teenager of 17. and then in the early hours of new year's day, a 20—year—old man killed in old street. all four, stabbed to death, but according to the police, none of the murders are linked. tragically, there are four families who awoke this morning to the heartbreaking news that they've lost loved ones to the callous use of knives as lethal weapons. 0ur detectives are working
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tirelessly today and going forward to bring those who've committed these murderers to justice. the three murders before midnight take the total number of fatal stabbings in london for 2017 to 80. that compares with 60 in 2016. police say the reasons for the increase are complex, but it underlines the importance of stop—and—search. my mum needs me alive. in november, a campaign to convince teenagers not to carry knives was launched. london needs me alive... 0ne campaigner who lost a son to knife crime says youngsters need more help to make the right choice. so i don't carry a knife... they are living in total fear. they weren't born killers. they didn'tjust become like that. it's a process. and now, what we've got to do is unravel that process, stage by stage by stage, to get to the core of
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the individual, which is the state of their heart and the state of their mindset. as work goes on at the scene of the first knife killing of 2018, the question is, will this worrying trend continue? ben ando, bbc news, south london. with me isjermaine lawlor — a former gang member from east london who now works with young people helping to get out them of gangs and away from violence. thank you forjoining me. a terrible lumber right at the beginning of the year, four young people killed. is there a solution to tackling the problem in the capital and what is it? the solution is the same solution as it has been for the last five years when i have spoke about the situation in terms of
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deprivation, lack of opportunities and lack of resources. young people do not value life and it is hard to value life when you have no future prospects. that lies with our government. it lies with our leaders. that does not take away from the fact some young people carrying knives and others do not. leave and those that do feel they are not protected and the metropolitan police have a big part to play in keeping people safe, if a person feels they have to carry a knife because the environment is not safe we have to look at why their environment is not safe. but it is chicken and egg, the streets are not safe because people are carrying knives. people are constantly in danger because people are coming from places of deprivation and they need to find ways to survive because they turn to the streets as a last resort because we have become for there is not lots of opportunities. if you're not lots of opportunities. if you're not a football player of musician or do you do not have a good education
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01’ do you do not have a good education or have a wealthy family it is difficult. you're forced to go onto the streets and commit crime and sell drugs. it is not to justify young people being killed but this has been going on for over a decade and it has just got worse. has been going on for over a decade and it hasjust got worse. you work with young people to try to discourage them, what are you seeing? we see a lack of opportunities, it is the same thing it has been, young people finding it ha rd to it has been, young people finding it hard to get into education because of coming from dysfunctional families or their social environments is quite dangerous, lack of opportunities, lack of parenting, not always down to just the pennington. the society we live in and their environment is a hard environment and hard to strive and become successful. what more can the police be doing? there is so much they could be doing in terms of how
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we communicate with these communities, how they stop and search young people, how they interact with people from ethnic minority communities. how we communicate. that is a big problem and has been a big problem in terms of ourcriminal and has been a big problem in terms of our criminaljustice system. the police officer kills a young person, a black young person and nojustice is served. we have seen this on multiple occasions and it is not forgotten, these things stay on the streets and people are still angry. family still have to live with that loss. that creates tension in communities and then when police are seeing there is lots of hostility. we will have to leave it there, thank you. the leader of north korea, kimjong un, has warned
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the united states that he has a nuclear button on his desk, ready for use, if his country feels threatened. but his televised new year's day speech also seemed to open up lets speak to christoph blut, professor of international studies and security at bradford university, who has written books about north korea. how do you reconcile this statement which seems to be both aggressive and conciliatory? there is a period escalation of tensions and then trying to re—engage, in this case with south korea and also kim jong—un certainly wants to north koreans present at the olympics, if you can. there is some effort to engage the international community but that does not mean that the nuclear programme is being dismantled or that he is considering that. is there any sense of optimism, whetherfor
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self—interested reasons or not, kim jong—un is wanting to play a part in international community, if only to be able to take part in the 0lympics, does that provide the glamour of opportunity? there may be opportunity for new dialogue between the south that has not happened in a while because of the tension, and he may now be in the tension, and he may now be in the position of not increasing attention as in the past. north korea now believes it has achieved what it wanted to achieve, to be a de facto nuclear power. you think it is in that position? it is getting in that position. i do not think he actually has a nuclear button, i do not think they are ready to be fired but he has demonstrated the capability of having missile that can target the usa and for the time being its objectives. on the one hand, he wants to get closer to
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south korea and on the other he wa nts to south korea and on the other he wants to show donald trump he does have a nuclear capability. some see this as i'm trying to drive a wedge between the usa and its allies. —— as heaven trying to drive a wedge. that is often the case, although for north korea the americans are more important, they see the south koreans as a stooge of the usa. the other problem is because of the sanctions they are really suffering in terms of their income, which they need, so they are trying to re—engage somewhat into perhaps ease sanctions orfind re—engage somewhat into perhaps ease sanctions or find other ways of gaining hard currency. all right, thank you very much forjoining us. the headlines on bbc news: in iran, state media reports that a protester police in iran say one of their officers has been shot dead, as anti—government protests continue for a fifth night. a british family of five
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who died in a seaplane crash near sydney are named — among them the boss of one of the world's largest catering companies. police investigate after four young men are stabbed to death in london — in separate new year attacks. sport now, and for a full round up, from the bbc sport centre. manchester united are responding to a run of three straight premier league draws 22—0 victory over everton. it was decided by two special finishes, this was the first with the two french internationals combining. and pogba was involved in the second to tie up an important win for dues in the new‘s side, bringing them back to second in the
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table. the performance was a great and that helped us to create more chances and be more confident. if you do not shoot you cannot score and i think we did that today very well. liverpool earned a dramatic 2—1win over burnley at turf moor. ragnar klavan bundled in a 94th minute winner afterjohann berg gudmunsson had headed a late equaliser for burnley. .. forward sadio mane had crashed in a superb opener forjurgen klopp's team who stay infourth... we have too sure, but character is fantastic of the boys have to learn mentality and use your character all the time, it is not enough it is just there, but they showed up tonight in a cold, windy, rainy, difficult. the pressure will increase
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on stoke city manager mark hughes after their 1—0 defeat at home to newcastle united — ayoze perez got the winner in the second half. stoke drop to 16th, 2 points above the relegation zone — having won only two of their last 12 games. the key is everybody sticks together and we get on with it. it is no good feeling sorry for ourselves and looking to blame people. wejust ta ke looking to blame people. wejust take it on board, take responsibility for what we are doing and do not be cowed by it, get on with it. are you confident you can do it? who else is going to do it? in terms of the knowledge of this group, the timei the knowledge of this group, the time i have been here, i am best place to do that so we just need to be allowed to get on with the job and that is what we will do, we will go again. elsewhere, leicester beat huddersfield 3—0 to end a run of back to back defeats. in the championship, aston villa moved into the play—off
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spots with a rampant 5—0 win over third placed bristol city. elsewhere, bolton moved out of the relegation zone with a 1—0 win over fellow strugglers hull. second placed derby were held to a 1—1 draw by shefield united. whilst middlesbrough ended preston's nine—match unbeaten run, to give tony pulis his first win as boro boss. queen's park rangers came from behind to beat fourth placed cardiff city 2—1. and hand neil warnock‘s team a 11th straight defeat. in rugby union's pro 1a, ulster had a great comeback win to take a bonus point win over munster at the kingspan stadium. munster had been comfortable, leading 17—0 before a red card for centre sam arnold changed the rhythm with 21 minutes to play ulster fought back with three late tries, the 24—17 win was sealed by robert lyttle in the final moments. in today's other game leinster strengthened their hold on second
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place in conference b with a narrow win over connacht. but as number one johanna but as number onejohanna konta started the season with the two sets to one victory. it is her first to admit with her new coach. she lost the first set 6—4 but broke early in the first set 6—4 but broke early in the second to take it 6—4 and then to ta ke the second to take it 6—4 and then to take the match. contact the final set 6—3 to reach the second round. —— johanna konta took the final set. that's all the sport for now. i'll have more for you in sportsday at 10.30. eye witnesses have been describing a huge fire which destroyed up to 1,400 vehicles in a multi—storey car park in liverpool. the blaze at king's dock, next to liverpool's echo arena, is said to have spread after one vehicle caught fire yesterday afternoon. firefighters worked through the night and many people were forced into temporary
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accommodation as nearby buildings were evacuated. danny savage has the story. it was shortly after dark yesterday evening when fire took hold on the multistorey car park on liverpool's famous waterfront. the fire service says a small fire in a land rover spread rapidly. this is a photo taken of it at the time. as the blaze spread, cars could be heard exploding. the car park is next to the liverpool arena, where an international horse show was taking place. those attending helped get the horses to safety. it was soon a huge blaze. merseyside fire and rescue say it is one of the worst they've ever dealt with. this morning the blackened building was surrounded by fire engines. it's likely it will have to be demolished. and after the fire had been put out this morning, after many hours, some dogs, which had been left
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in those cars were safely rescued and reunited with their owners. as the dogs were handed back to their owners there was a hug of gratitude for the firefighters. the insurance bill will run to millions of pounds but thankfully no one was hurt. danny savage, bbc news, liverpool. 0n the line is mayor of liverpool, jo anderson. thank you forjoining us. bring us up thank you forjoining us. bring us up to date with where we are and what has happened. in terms of trying to get people accommodated in terms... there are still people wanting to stay to see if they can get the car, access to the car,
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which is very unlikely so we are still working very hard with people, almost everybody now has been taken home, arrange transport, people have been picked up today. there is still some people in liverpool waiting and hoping that tomorrow they will be allowed access into the car park. we estimate probably around 20 cars, 30, is that are not write—offs and so some 30, is that are not write—offs and so some people are praying for the hope that they might get access to the car park but we believe and it is supported by the police and the fire service, most of the cars are indeed unsalvageable. we are in a place where the car park looks like it is damaged much it will have to be taken. is that the case? the structural engineers were looking at
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its and unfortunately i was not able to stick around for the whole day so i will get to the port first thing tomorrow which will tell me the damage. but what i picked up —— what i picked up was that although there was no danger of collapsing it was very unlikely it would be able to be successfully restored and more than likely will have to be dismantled and taken down. you said yesterday it appeared as though the fire started in one car and spread, how worried are you spread so rapidly? i think there is a number of issues here. we have a system, an alarm system that detects the smoke and that set off the alarms. we had
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seven people around the site yesterday as it was a man and people we re yesterday as it was a man and people were there. immediately the fire services were called. i have made it absolutely clear today that people are talking about sprinklers, the system we have with the car park is the same as everywhere else and that is it goes through proper regulations and was built in 2008. the fact is the fire spread but i believe a big part of that was there was only to fire appliances that turns up initially. we would fire could be contained and two fire appliances turned up but i believe asa appliances turned up but i believe as a result of the cuts to the fire service here that they would have sent eight fire appliances and if we had more fire appliances we could
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have, i believe, contain the fire and been able to save the building and been able to save the building and save the cars. we will have to leave it there. thank you very much indeed forjoining us. for many of us, the new year might seem like the perfect time to make ourselves fitter, wiser and more successful. but one mental health charity says the classic "new year, new you" message can increase anxiety and unhappiness. joining me now is mark rowland from the mental health foundation and author and life coach rasheed 0gunlaru are here to tell us more. mark, the message that new year's resolutions could make you more anxious comes from your organisation, why are you saying that? i think what we're saying is the new year is a sacred time to reflect on the past and consider the hopes of
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the past and consider the hopes of the future. for many people the process and ritual around new year's resolutions are not working and we're putting the case for is that they are too externally focused and not focus on what we really need or want, which is more calm, more peace and a sense of well—being. fundamentally, we are saying rather than thinking about new year's resolutions self critically, leaving the old self behind, let's consider from the place of a high enough and set themes for the year instead. is that something you agree with? i think the problem with traditional new year's resolutions is we are often not strategic or holistic enough. we do not put in place the steps. i agree we need to focus about the inner stuff and feeling good about herself but the problem is that is too much pressure to do this and that and therefore people said resolutions that they feel they should we do rather than be really
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wa nt should we do rather than be really want to do and i recommend people said goals themselves, their relationship and a career rather than one thing. it is precisely because we are not happy we set these resolutions. it is quite hard to think of it in a positive way. it's interesting that what we really treasure you cannot measure. having a greater sense of fulfilment and contentment are things you cannot measure and because of that to focus on things we can little losing weight are running faster faster. this process of reflection and understanding what makes me tick, what makes my partner tick and what could i do to manage stress and anxiety better is the start of really good and positive mental health which is something we all need to learn. it is the case according to some research done by your golf, the majority of people do fail to keep resolutions —— research by yougov.
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how would you advise people to go about being happy? first of all, appreciate who you already are and give yourself credit for what is already in place. if you set goals make sure they are your own, put the plan in place, except there will be ups and downs and measure how you get on. trying to do simple things like getting fit, ask yourself and motivated or would you be better off getting somebody to help you? but ta ke getting somebody to help you? but take it easy on yourself and ensure you have a good life balance and it is not all work. are either of you making resolutions? my making resolutions? my wife and i decided the theme from my year will be open this and that is based on the inside when i have a more closed mind i was more irritable and less calm so that is my theme for the year. for me it is about accepting being grateful for each day that we have.
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i think that this cheating myself! thank you both very much. time for a look at the weather. good evening. we have some very lively weather waiting for us in the week ahead, particularly strong winds and some pretty intense spells of rain to come, too. 0vernight tonight however, a little bit of a lull in proceedings, the winds will fall light, the showers that we've seen through the evening will tend to clear. and through the small hours it will turn quite chilly, there might be a chance you have to scrape your car if you're heading back to work first thing tomorrow. however, the fine weather will be short lived, largely dry to start tuesday yes, but by rush hour already rain into northern ireland quickly pushing across scotland and northern england, turning wintry for a time across the higher ground here. the rain sweeping across eastern england out into the north sea i think for the afternoon. brighter skies following on behind, quite mild for a time to the south. this quieter spell of weather, though, short lived.


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