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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  January 5, 2018 5:45pm-6:00pm GMT

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this is bbc news at 5. the headlines: as criticism grows over the decision to release the serial sex attackerjohn worboys, the head of the parole board apologises that some of the victims weren't told he's to leave prison. jon venables, one of the killers of the toddlerjames bulger, is charged in relation to indecent images of children. as copies of a controversial book about president trump hit the shelves, its author says he stands by everything he wrote. now on bbc news, a look ahead to sportsday at 6:30pm tonight. it's fa cup third round weekend and we are live at anfield for the of the ties, seven time winners liverpool against their closest rivals and five—time winners, everton. that's just one of 32 games gci’oss everton. that's just one of 32 games across the weekend, and we'll be looking ahead to the pick of those matches as well as the other
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football news, and we'll get the latest from sydney, where australia are in control after day two of the final ashes test. more on another withdrawal from the australian open, after serena williams announced she wouldn't be competing in melbourne. that's all in fa cup sports day at 6:30pm, but now it's time for the film review. hello and welcome to the film review on bbc news. to take us through this week's cinema releases is jason solomons. what have you been watching? this week, we find out what happened when christopher plummer replaced kevin spacey asjohn christopher plummer replaced kevin spacey as john paul getty. christopher plummer replaced kevin spacey asjohn paul getty. that isn't them, actually. that's the next film, hostiles, with christian
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bale and rosamund pike, the ways of the west revived oral revised. we'll be looking at ben stiller as well, checking into a midlife crisis in brad's status, taking his son on a tour of college campuses and reminiscing about his own life and where it's all gone wrong for him. but let's start with all the money in the world. i am reeling from the fa ct in the world. i am reeling from the fact that christopher plummer is 88, because he looks astonishing. that is what you can do with all that money, a lot of cgi! john paul getty, who spacey was playing, and the film has got rid of him and replaced him with christopher plummy, the very feat that is what marks this note out a footnote in film history. extraordinary from ridley scott to reshape his film around a new performance in christopher plummer. we watch the film now, especially in this
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climate, trying to see the join, to see if there was a ready break glow of cgi inserts from christopher plummer. can we spot a bit kevin spacey, you can't, it's seamless, it's well done and christopher plummer is fabulous asjohn paul getty. i think they would have been a different... ridley scott talked about how christopher plummer is a twinkle in his eye, whereas kevin spacey had a more cold look, and that marks the film apart. we pity john getty for being the richest man everin john getty for being the richest man ever in the world and his grandson is kidnapped, and that's the essence. it was a huge media case in the 1970s, essence. it was a huge media case in the 19705, it essence. it was a huge media case in the 1970s, it gripped the world, as john paul getty refused to pay the ransom, $17 million, which was quite a lot of money! the point was that it became this kind of case and he refused to budge and i think we are supposed to see john
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refused to budge and i think we are supposed to seejohn paul getty as a curmudgeon and scrooge, but christopher plummer gives it a real edge. there is a fabulous speech about him not trusting people, only objects, of which he amasses m- the rest of . , - the rest of the m williams ' " " williams golden " " williams golden c'eb; —— ~ ~ ff? we willfioutthe , 3,7, nominated, andwe will find out thli,” results from la the b has qeet!"""" has bggnfiifiéfid for” ' t " has been nominated for i ' t " has been m for i guess i film has been nominateidfor i dues; film has been nominatedfor i dues; feet film has been nominatedfbr i clues; feet of scott getting it film has been nominatedfbr i clues; feet c christopher1g it- is together. christopher plummer is nominated and michelle williams is nominated, and here she is wandering into the media storm. hubbub of voices. my son, paul, must be very frightened right now. i know i'm frightened for him. so, to the people who took him, i don't care why you did this, but i ask as a mother that you think of your own children or the child that you once were and set my boy free. thank you.
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her son's disappeared. a mother should cry for her son. enough. let the lady through. let's go! hubbub of voices. miss getty, i'm corvo. i'm the lead investigator. would you please follow us. grazie. hubbub of voices. tell us more. you said you had the money. hubbub of voices. i'm a big fan of michelle williams, and he sure spoken quite nicely about how she felt ridley scott was trying to really show this horrendous story of the kidnap of a child through the mother ‘s eyes. does that come through western mock it does come through. —— does that come through? she reminded me of catherine hepburn with that accent. the story between kevin spacey and christopher plummer deflected a lot, and it's quite a hammy role, asjohn paul getty. and then you've got
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some, —— be son, played by charlie plummer, no relation, kidnapped and held hostage in calabria by the italian mafia. so you never quite know what the centre of the story is. for me, it became about christopher plummer, and it kind of eclipses michelle williams, who is very good, and the film looks good ina very good, and the film looks good in a classic ridley scott smooth the way. it didn't get to the of the matter. your heart went out to what it must be like to being the richest man in the world. it's something i've been contemplating! is the next film going to be brutal? i have heard lots about it but not seen i have heard lots about it but not seen it, hostiles. there is room for one 01’ seen it, hostiles. there is room for one or two westerns per year now. it is to be what hollywood and america was made on. but now hostiles, i think we can tell there is irony in
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the title. it's what american army is called the army, but american cowboys and soldiers used to call the native americans, indians they we re the native americans, indians they were known as. we're not allowed to call them that now. when you have a film that revises that, what do you do about the brutality of the old west? this film opens with rosamund pike and her entire family wiped out by comanche indians, so you are already thinking, i don't see where the balance is with a new look at the balance is with a new look at the west, where we expect white america to be slightly kind of apologetic for the way native americans were treated. this film doesn't do that, which is quite brave of it. rest in bail is the army man who has to escort a posse of cheyenne indians back to their natural homeland, and they come under attack from comanche indians. nobody comes out of it particularly well. it is quite brutal and bleak. but i think that is what it was
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like. so that realism, that revisionism of what the giroux is, going back to believe the kid, or dances with wolves with kevin costner. —— of what they hear row is. quite tough to watch? yes, and you don't get the payoff you usually do with a hero emerging. a bit more uplift in our third choice, i say with some hope? it's a comedy, but a maudlin one, about ben stiller experiencing a midlife crisis. i thought it was very funny, directed by mike whyte, who people might know as the director of school of rock forjet as the director of school of rock for jet black. this as the director of school of rock forjet black. this is about ben stiller having to take his son, troy, on a tour of colleges. americans do this, flying off to see which colleges they want to get into, one of which is harboured ——
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harvard. it sparks reminiscences by ben stiller of his childhood chums and how much they have done better. i couldn't help but wonder, when was the last time craig fisher flew in economy? probably not in decades. yes, thank you. i know jason hadfield has his own private plane. never has to fly commercial at all. nick probably flies private, too. must be nice to always have pcs part for you. must be nice to always have pcs part foryou. —— must be nice to always have pcs part for you. —— the seas parting for you. nothing out of reach,
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everything an option. it must be like a everything an option. it must be likea drug, everything an option. it must be like a drug, all of this being important and special. better than all the adventures, the exotic destinations. so does everybody leave the cinema feeling inadequate? a first world problems. the mps his son and his friends, but then he goes, pull yourself together, you just live in sacramento. it's about assessing those things, and i thought it was painfully smart and funny, well done and well performed by ben stiller, we think that they, the former doing his blue steel look, but he does this well and he gets good midlife crisis very well, but perhaps it's a bit close to home for me, not that my son is at college yet. let's talk about something lovely.
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let's talk about something lovelylj think let's talk about something lovely.” think having to 2 is notjust the best out but one of the best of last year. it is still doing great box office and i think he is adorable. —— paddington 2. i have seen it twice. i will happily go again. if i was the richest man in the world, i'd go and see paddington 2 everyday. for anybody who wants to stay in... i would get the dvd of houthi, in east end set in melodrama starring bill nicely, a wonderful performance from olivia cooke, and it's about murders going on, a sort of jack the ripper style thriller set in the east end in all that time, all of the london fog and people going it's like oliver creatures and coming out, but there was a grisly murder at the bottom of it, and it captures that gothic horror very well. interesting and well done. award season is nearly upon us, so
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we'll be talking plenty in the coming weeks. thank you very much for now, jason solomons. that is a taster on what is on offer this click -- taster on what is on offer this click —— this week. a quick reminder before we go that week. you'll find more film news and reviews from across the bbc online at kermode. and you can find all our previous programmes on the bbc iplayer. that's it for this week though. thanks for watching. goodbye. hello, good evening. colder, drier weather is on the way this weekend. still some rain around this evening and overnight, with a few showers coming in across southern parts of england, the wetter weather clearing from lincolnshire. a few breaks in the cloud leading to some frost and fog, and a wintry mix of rain, sleet and hill snow moving into northern
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ireland, across northern ireland, and colder air coming into scotland. at least it brings sunshine and broken cloud. more sunshine coming into northern england, but there will be wintry showers on a cold wind from the north sea, and we've got more cloud heading south across england and wales, with quite a few showers towards southern parts, where temperatures will be six or seven but it will feel colder in the wind and cold overnight, with clear skies and light winds, and a widespread frost in the north. it could get down to minus ten. on sunday, brighter with some cloud, a cold wind in the south, but otherwise the winds will be light and a dry day with some sunshine. an apology from the head of the parole board to the victims who weren't told of the imminent release of a serial sex attacker. john warboys will be freed having served 10 years in prison — it's thought he could have attacked over 100 women. we believed all the victims had been told of that decision but we're checking today because clearly something went wrong. there are calls for the decision to free warboys to be reconsidered and for parole board
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reviews to be made public. also tonight: jon venables — one of the killers of the toddlerjames bulger — is charged over indecent images of children. the book donald trump wants to ban and the crowds queuing to buy it. a latte levy — a proposed 25p on each takeaway coffee to encourage recycling. and parts of the united states are blasted with record freezing temperatures below minus 20, blizzards and flooding.
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