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tv   BBC News  BBC News  January 29, 2018 6:50pm-7:02pm GMT

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with me, christian fraser, in london. ;“fl:il’§ff. of the fbi steps down with immediate effect. it's believed andrew mccabe while continuing to pay high salaries and was forced out. dividends. he had faced repeated criticism from president trump. the deficit in mls in 2007, said the new club will focus on home—grown talent. mls in 2007, said the new club will focus on home-grown talent. the pension fund for the uk's transition period after brexit. focus on home-grown talent. could. britain will have to obey eu rules, but will have no say on them. therefore it must apply all the than the £587 million initially estimated. eu rules. estimated. the single market cannot than to be an investigation into carillion's accounts. be a la carte. carillion's accounts. and it could impose large fines if it finds evidence of misconduct. it finds evidence of misconduct. with me now is matthew vincent, columnist at the financial times. in the us immigration row. what does the future hold for the dreamers? countries and that is when we are going to sit back and say... job done. done. let's start with this pension fund and this is when we are going to be proud of american army bases abroad. our team. the deficit there. good be proud of our team. and the deficit there. carillion, we've heard about this and other cases. and other cases. to the man many are now calling the greatest sportsman of all time. greatest sportsman of
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evening. all time. beating marin cilic in the final of the australian i'm christian fraser in london. open. the australian open. his first state of the union address. thinking on sportster, who is your greatest sporting hero. greatest sporting hero. the stellar performance of the american economy. order to meet those liabilities into the long—term. the long—term. dame kelly holmes but is roger federer your number one sportsman? i can't believe he's done it again. i sometimes wonder if he amazes himself. grand slam title number 20. that lies at the heart of the pension system that we have. pension system that we have. anybody on tv to know it, i am the greatest. he's hit him with a right—hand! he's done it. pele!
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he's got it. he scores. carillion contracts to give us going. look at this and say it's an outrage. outrage. the contradictions within the system. system. of concern to lots of people for obvious reasons. obvious reasons. decide if the dividends are too high or not. in this case they said they weren't. weren't.
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have access to all the information they need. they need. currently met, look at enough measures. measures. how much the company is paying into its pension scheme. its pension scheme. dividends to money for pension was not bad. in fact, there were worse offenders. offenders. regulator took the view that perhaps it can be sorted out in time. it can be sorted out in time. and presumably look at the auditors, kpmg, who are working on the case. kpmg, who are working on the case. pension regulator could work out whether this was all being run fine? whether this was all being run
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fine? interests by the pension regulator and the auditors. and the auditors. get the right answers, kept persisting. it's fascinating, matthew.
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thank you very much for coming in. this story will run and run. it will keep you busy! time for a look at the weather now. quite a cold night in prospect for many parts of the british isles. many parts of the british isles. up relatively speaking across the northern quarter of scotland. northern quarter of scotland. widespread frost of the countryside to start the day on tuesday. to start the day on tuesday. the south—west later on in the afternoon. afternoon.
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bright winter sunshine and wintry showers as well.
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