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tv   BBC Newsroom Live  BBC News  October 11, 2019 11:00am-1:02pm BST

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hello, this is bbc newsroom live with carrie gracie. the headlines: —— we will get an update on events relating to brexiter. both writers you're watching bbc newsroom and the guardian are reporting that michel barnier has got the live. it's ham, and these are the main green light from 27 member states to stories this morning. the brexit secretary, go into intense negotiations with the hello, this is bbc newsroom live stephen barclay is meeting uk on the eu's chief negotiator, with carrie gracie. into intense negotiations with the ukona into intense negotiations with the uk on a brexit deal. that is to go michel barnier, to see if a brexit the headlines: the latest rounds of brexit into the so—called deal can still be done. talks following positive talks between the brexit tunnel, so a between boris johnson and the irish prime minister, secretary, very donald tusk says there stephen barclay, and the eu's chief significant move if, negotiator, michel barnier, are "promising have just finished. indeed, confirmed. writers in the both sides hope a deal can be struck following yesterday's signals." guardian quoted, we will try to get positive talks between borisjohnson fears of a humanitarian and the irish prime further crisis in northern syria. minister confirmation from eu tens of thousands flee their homes, and the us threatens officials. —— leo reuters and the sanctions against varadkar. guardian. first turkey. let's speak to mark hennessy, brexit is like the ethiopian prime minister wins the news editor at the irish the nobel peace prize for his role climbing a mountain. in ending the 20 year times, the
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you need vigilance, determination and webcam from dublin. a war with neighbouring eritrea. significant patience. moment if confirmed? it is, and it a quarter of women with secondary breast cancer have the ethiopian prime minister has won certainly follows on from the to visit their gp three the nobel peace prize — optimism of the last 24—hour is, for his role in ending a 20 times or more before year border conflict optimism of the last 24—hour is, optimism which has taken getting a with neighbouring eritrea. diagnosis, and coming up — the party island many people a charity from surprise. the irish deputy that produces more waste per person prime minister spoke at a dinner and warns. made the point there have been few and coming up... than any mps call on the government very good days or any good days and the bbc to save free tv other place in licences this entire brexit saga over the in europe. past three days, it is necessary to for ta ke past three days, it is necessary to take the ones you can get. as the everybody has said, we are shy on over—75s. let's get all the sport, detail so will we are going over to the bbc sports centre have to wait—and—see, and we are joined but clearly (inaudible) going over to the bbc sports centre and we arejoined by going over to the bbc sports centre and we are joined by olly all sorts good morning. in terms of customs, that is welcome to bbc of storms are brewing in the significant and it will be difficult newsroom live. far east. to deliver at the i'm carrie gracie. scotland are looking end of the line at their legal options should talks involving the uk and the eu world rugby cancel sunday's final are underway in brussels pool match against the hosts japan for the democratic unionist party in as the government looks at the rugby world cup. northern ireland to very much tied super typhoon hagibis is due to hit themselves to this point. remind to find a way to break the deadlock over brexit. the region in the next 24 hours us, just on the practicalities, the meetings are an attempt to build and two matches tomorrow have on talks between london already been cancelled. the match in yokohama has to go this point about going into intense and dublin yesterday, ahead, and scotland have to win it, when both sides agreed negotiations or into the they could see a pathway to a deal. to have any realistic chance tunnel, the the head of the european council, of qualifying for the quarterfinals. language that people talk about, donald tusk, has said what does it mean scottish rugby union's chief
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there are "promising signals" that executive mark dodson says that exactly? basically, from a price point of a brexit deal is still possible cancelling the match goes against the whole sporting view, all of your let's take a closer look integrity of the tournament. scotland named their team today, contacts go at the proposals the prime minister and they've dropped their put on silent. brussels have had a tendency captain stuart mcinally. where they will not go into the the table tunnel where they go into the maths for scotland will become last week. much simpler tomorrow. deep negotiations until they are if ireland beat samoa that would see in pool a tomorrow then the scots the whole of the uk to leave relatively certain or at least very the eu customs union. have to beat hopeful that that would mean that the hosts. an agreement northern ireland and the republic an irish bonus point of ireland end up in two different victory would guarantee can be customs territories. them a place into the quarterfinals. so goods travelling but there are concerns about secured. making it clear between the two will need checks and customs declarations. the state of the pitch in fukuoka. the government wants any physical there was centre chris farrell buried no aspect of eternal, but then there checks to be done at unspecified a ball under the turf during training today. was this announcement locations on the island of ireland, it was re—laid after the last yesterday. the rather than at physical irish were acting infrastructure at the border. match there between france and the usa. but when it comes very much in to the regulation of goods, ireland say organisers consultation with brussels northern ireland would keep have told throughout this, but nevertheless to the rules of the eu's single they were taken market, rather than uk them the pitch by surprise by rules. that would create is safe. another need for checks, the tone of some ofjohnson this time between northern ireland they told us in and the rest of the uk, an e—mail, both said to them which will be outside in the hotel in the world yesterday. eu's single market. teams, we knew that they had to it will all have to be fleshed this raises the issue of consent relay the pitch debate that we from northern ireland — out over the next while. obviously went out and had and how it could be an inspection, we have been given to judge from achieved. the government is proposing that northern irish what came out of the institutions will be asked assurances by world rugby that it prime to approve the plan is safe to play on and digital we can minister's consultation yesterday,
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areas intensely looked at again ask for. i do not want every four years. were customs and consent, they to predict so where might there be room anything or cause any more controversy but we just said, so for movement, or for compromise? presumably that is now what is in let's get more on this this tunnel? yes, with peter foster, europe editor try to back of the the players, trust that the pitch julian smith, the will do itsjob at the players, trust that the pitch will do its job at this stage, daily telegraph. northern ireland secretary, was on trying to alleviate any concerns bbc northern ireland last night well we are out there. then obviously we are in a slightly it is and ina bbc northern ireland last night and just a in a curious interview he was repeating the line repeatedly that grey area because all the things ijust matter of said we do not know if no one party, no one group in northern ireland will have a veto. that is what wait and was discussed yesterday and that will mean, if it is to follow see. whether through logically, there will be it has been discussed the weather is atrocious in shizuoka, where today's only some sort of change to this morning match is just under way. between michel barnier and the existing no points midway through the first petition in stormont, if it could stephen barclay. no, indeed. we do know half between australia and georgia. be brought back to life, where, on that what boris johnson a win for the wallabies would see key issues, one site can block action. barclay. no, indeed. we do know that them go to the top of pool d. what borisjohnson proposed originally was completely there is either some change on wales should return to the top unacceptable originally was completely u na cce pta ble to with a win over uruguay that score or some thought is being originally was completely unacceptable to the irish government and therefore to the eu. what on sunday, which would set up a quarterfinal against france. given to perhaps an agreement being put boris johnson essentially proposed, warren gatland has made 13 changes to to his side withjustin tipuric set a referendum or a continuation of as you to captain them for the first time. the agreement in the longer outlined, was regulatory alignment with a separate customs regime and formula one is also injapan this term, every four years, or five that would have meant checks in weekend, and because of the weather they are not taking any risks years, whenever it is, will be put to with qualifying tomorrow. ireland. it might not be right on that will now take voters in northern ireland. that the border but there would have been place on the morning would be quite difficult from the of sunday's race in suzuka. checks and paperwork and there the bbc‘s f1 reporter irish point of jenny is gow is there.
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would have been friction. they believe view, any referendum well, this appears to be that would have undermined the all the calm before the storm. in northern ireland, if it is about typhoon hagibis is expected to be customs, it will not stay about ireland economy and one of the worst we've seen customs, it will not stay about customs for very long, there undermined the in the history of japanese typhoon good friday agreement. whatever recording so whilst now it's dry will be elements within wireless borisjohnson said, and there's pretty much no wind, we can feel it's becoming oppressive who will be it meant and f1 have decided along with the event organisers insistent that if and when this to postpone leo question was put to voters that the veradker came out of the meeting union is under threat and qualifying. having been completely negative it's not unheard of —— there will about the prospects for a be elements within loyalists. this but it is very unusual. deal, they normally practise and qualifying agreed a pathway for is far, farfrom agent takes place on saturday with a race be elements within loyalists. this is far, far from agent deal. more an agreement. on sunday afternoon. positive than anything we had it was an extraordinary shift. seen to date, it creates major issues the now it will be a ten o'clock question on everyone's‘s lips, what qualifying on sunday, for with the race four hours the democratic unionist party, they might have been outlined and later. have taken a trouncing from their agreed, that will be a challenge own member said can it be delivered in brussels? for the teams and drivers alike. in the last time is so short. if it they will have a whole day basically can be few yea rs. own member said in the last few years. —— membership. whatever delivered in brussels, can to spend in their hotel rooms on saturday and they will come it be johnson said yesterday, this goes delivered in brussels, can it be delivered in brussels, can it be to the track and have one hour delivered in parliament? the to set the fastest lap around further and will create more question on everyone's‘s lips, do problems. what will be key will be you have an answer to the what is a very difficult suzuka circuit. the voice of question oi’ you have an answer to the question ora you have an answer to the question or a suspicion of an answer to so i suppose a lot of apprehension northern ireland going into this weekend business and the social community in the question? we should be careful. a northern ireland. if there are far very small group of people know of what will happen but hopefully more voices coming out of northern the main thing is what everyone ireland, saying this is a good idea, is being proposed. when the stays we should go for it, there is a leaks stop happening both in brussels
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safe. situation where you and in london it means a the nike oregon project will be could imagine deal is shut down after the four the dup being at least under seriously being considered. we will year ban handed to its former head wait and see if they go pressure to agree to this, but coach alberto salazar for doping into what is violations. whether they will called the tunnel. a serious even though nike are supporting salazar‘s appeal is anybody‘s gas. suggestion which is being kicked against the ban, they say it around is the idea of lots of people watching with great had become a distraction. apprehension all hope, depending on a new customs partnership which would they've expalined their decision their position, and presumably saying that whilst there was... leave lots northern ireland in the customs of officials and negotiators packing territory of the uk and the republic their suitcases in order to head of ireland in the customs territory into this tunnel in brussels next of ireland in the customs territory of the eu but it would week? yes, and that will enable a dead going from great britain to northern be a very ireland to pay a different tariff difficult process. there than going into the republic. there are serious issues with trust on the eu would be a twin track side system. it with london. what we have would be a twin track system. it would enable northern ireland to seen has enjoy the benefit of any been a pretty shambolic negotiation free—trade process by successive british deals while allowing northern administrations over the last number ireland to remain highly in—line of years which has not inspired with the eu. it is trust. we have issues a a halfway house solution but it is complicated and and customs we re trust. we have issues and customs were brussels, frankly, has long the kind of thing the european since not trusted the uk. there is commission does not like. we the case at the moment with the do not have a lot of time. lots of much more on that on the bbc issue of chinese speculation this might be the fix sport website. imports. there is i'll have more for but lots of questions about whether you in the next hour. one in four patients with secondary a lot of trust issues. london needs to
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oi’ but lots of questions about whether or not it can be stood up breast cancer had to visit their gp understand that the irish have three or more times before they got issues not just in in the a diagnosis — that's according understand that the irish have issues notjust with london but with time available. the only detail we to a survey conducted by a brussels. the greatest fear ireland did get was that customs where part charity. gps said they were doing their best of what they discussed yesterday but has that had some point in the for patients but symptoms also consent. i don't know could be difficult to spot. future ireland will be seen to be breast cancer now say that early if it is not a full member of european union, treatment can make a huge becoming a little clearer this difference to quality and if we end up with some poor morning what that might of life. agreement and customs look like. here with me now is fiona hazell, that again we know what the effectively means most of the the director of policy eu objected and communications traders regulated but some is to, which is tolerated, that will cause major that borisjohnson's at breast cancer issues. that will be put across the proposal basically gave the now. democratic unionist party a veto tell us why you are so table to ireland long after the about whether it would kick in worried about uk before the end of the transition this, why you has gone, where people would say you quys period and every four years whether are doing this has gone, where people would say you guys are not full members of the arrangement would campaign now? it is important to the single party customs union, therefore we want you to concede on persist. the explain secondary breast issues like corporation tax. eu said that was unacceptable because it mended the whole cancer, it ireland has to make sure thing has spread from primary breast inoperable, it was in hock to the cancer in women and men. that our dup veto and that had negotiating hand is protected it is change, not incurable, wanted spreadsheet will for just the timing of the veto but the eventually die. whilst there has the days long after the substance of it. there would been much progress in breast cancer united kingdom has gone from the european have to over the years and survival rates a union. thank you so much be, i think, substance of it. there would have to be, ithink, some substance of it. there would have to better than ever forjoining be, i think, some changing of consent to allow both us, mark hennessy. we before, actually communities, there are still 11,500 women and still have nationalists and unionists committee just those two sources, we don't men had a say. that might be dying each year from have an open and confirmed diplomat
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there are still 11,500 women and men dying each yearfrom breast there are still 11,500 women and men dying each year from breast cancer or european a roundabout way of saying the and we feel the success in breast cancer is slightly masking this fact dup union official veto is going to fall away. and there is a bit of an saying if that underestimation of secondary breast these negotiations are going into happens it is not clear whether the cancer in terms of its impact, and these negotiations are going into the channel. the sources are dup stays on—board with this proposal and if it does also that we are in need currently reuters and the guardian. not stay on of a step change in the treatment, diagnosis reuters say that of the two board, can boris johnson and care of secondary breast cancer proposal and if it does not stay on board, can borisjohnson still senior diplomatic sources, one says it is a deliver it in parliament? will the so women and care of secondary breast cancer so women and men get channel with a very small light at hardline tories continue to support what they need. the end, indicating not you know such a deal? are you basically saying doctors must hope on the eu side that and the consent is patients are almost complacent at the divorce deal could be sealed the end of feeling that really important. it will be very important they have before the summit next thursday —— to find a way in which dealt with primary breast cancer and saying goodbye, getting on with the the indicating not enormous hope. we democratic institutions in ireland will keep people posted, but now which are not stood up at the moment rest of your life, and not can have a say over it in sufficiently alert to the risks of let's catch up with the business with susannah order to, women and the occasional man as it were, give the developing secondary breast entire deal a streeter. cancer? democratic legitimacy. thank you at breast cancer now we believe we i'm susannah streeter, in the business news: for all need to do much more to raise a deal has been reached joining us with your in principle for the sale awareness of secondary breast of troubled bus—maker wrightbus. analysis. cancer, what it is, but the bidderjo bamford, our political correspondent jonathan blake is in our a member of the industrialfamily westminster studio. signs and symptoms are behind jcb, said agreement had been reached in principle to buy the firm based in county antrim, moving on from what peter was amongst patients saying, there will be a lot of and symptoms are amongst patients and health care professionals, northern ireland. including gps. this is not blaming the company, well known hearts in miles around westminster for building london buses, was placed gps, they have lots on their about what plates, into the content this is about enabling administration in them spot the september.
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of this red flags and signs of uber technologies inc says the uk is. is seeking to classify —— mouths. about what the content of this is. -- mouths. mps the company as a transportation secondary breast cancer. let's talk provider, potentially opening it up waiting expectantly. to new tax charges that about waiting to see what the substance of those, people watching, some of them could hamper its business, any deal, or the according to uk accounts had suffered an incidence of primary filings in recent days. emergence of any the us ride—sharing company breast cancer, they will be says its could face 20% vat deal, it may be on gross booking fees — worried, the amount passengers pay — the eu stuff as naturally, in listening to some or on its your of this. it is really important to say service fees previous guest was suggesting, when things go quiet, it that most women and men will charged to drivers. does more often survive breast cancer. however, will there is growing concern among major than not suggest progress is being aerospace manufacturers about the ability to bring made and that is what it go on new technology to to develop secondary breast cancer. feels like market after today after a very acrimonious week some of the signs and brexit. of ups and downs between the symptoms of they are worried that uk negotiators common symptoms of other illnesses, have dropped existing commitments relationship between the uk and the which is a challenge in diagnosing to participate in key eu regulatory eu with each side early. it might be rapid institutions after any brexit deal. they say if there is too much firing at each weight loss, loss of appetite, extreme divergence there could be "huge other, accusations of a blame new costs and disruptions tiredness, bone pain, pain in game. the tone has changed the abdomen or in your breast area to many companies." significantly after the meeting with borisjohnson england's rugby world cup or collarbone. some of the symptoms match against france on saturday has been called off and leo veradker yesterday when both will be common to many because of typhoon hagibis, of them said they could but organisers hope scotland other health againstjapan can go ahead see a problems, but if you have been pathway to a deal. the as planned on diagnosed with primary breast cancer brexit secretary has been meeting sunday. and previously treated for it, but the pool b match his eu counterparts, michel barnier, in though symptoms could be a sign of between new zealand and italy in toyota on saturday has also been brussels this morning. that meeting secondary breast cancer and in that cancelled, denying italy has now ended and we will have to case we would urge women to see their outside wait to wait to see what happens their gp. is there
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chance of next. if there has been real a group that is progress and there is an emergence qualifying. particularly vulnerable, or is it fans with ofan everybody who has suffered progress and there is an emergence of an agreement negotiating teams on both sides will enter into primary breast cancer who needs to tickets the be for cancelled games will receive intensive phase of negotiations, vigilant? we would urge anybody who full refunds but many have travelled which is called the tunnel, when has been diagnosed and treated for around the world to they set out putting together a primary breast cancer to attend.and what will will the legal text line by line on the be vigilant, forewarned is forearmed. basis we do not want to worry people who financial implications be for of proposals that have been agreed. organisers and sponsors? we are not there yet that they will have been treated for breast cancer kieran maguire is a sports finance lecturer at have to see what emerges the university of liverpool. because most will survive, but we in the we can speak to him about these coming hours. there will have been, don't yet know enough about why if there is to be an questions, do you think it women and men go on to develop agreement, a will be substantial shift from either side secondary breast cancer. we are easy for fans to on the two key areas funding research at breast cancer get compensation, now at this moment to try to and wedges the sleeve sponsors? of customs easy for fans to get compensation, and wedges the sleeve sponsors7m arrangements and the consent from understand that better, but because will certainly be easy we do not know enough we need to the people of the power—sharing for the fans, make sure anybody who has been that will be automated. in terms executive in northern ireland to diagnosed and treated with primary northern ireland remaining aligned of the commercial sponsors, they get to the eu in is aware of the signs their benefits from seeing their and symptoms. terms of regulations. coming to what the royal college of products associated with matches on the practicalities and logistics of all of this guy everyone is gps said in response being broadcast, so i would imagine it will be embedded into the talking about them as the happy to your campaign, they said often it is individual contracts from sponsors couple as they difficult to identify for force majeure issues like talked about their or diagnose this accurately with some of these that there will be the opportunity. symptoms which can be pathway to a deal. certainly they will pitch to has this happy symptoms of couple got time to get through the other conditions as well. it is world rugby for a reduction in the fees to
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tunnel and out the other end? it really tough on gps, they have which they are committed. questions is extraordinarily tight. the summit is have been raised about whether it lots on their plates, but we are scheduled for the end of next was wise to hold the world cup suggesting that we believe that weekend mps will come back through additional training. gps in japan given that it is typhoon for the and extraordinary sitting on also improvements in technology season. it may be near the end of which can flag the red signs and the 19th if typhoon season but there was always symptoms, along with knowing they there is a deal, to perhaps this risk? i am have been treated for primary breast vote in assured the favour of it or against it. cancer, that we have a better chance organisers took this into consideration. it is always a risk for a deal to be done, full text of diagnosing early, along with with major sporting events, we have greater patient awareness of the and to be agreed, and that the of had the cricket world cup take place symptoms. fiona, thank you in england during the summer and all the eu member states to sign it off so much. matches were cancelled due to the issue of rubbish at the and recycling is increasingly weather issues, having said that, summit next week, the timetable is in the news — thanks in part to the popularity of it is unprecedented for rugby. it incredibly tight. that is why we sir david attenborough's blue planet programmes. but while some countries was a gamble, world rugby are are hearing talk of a technical are successfully cutting waste — one spanish island is falling extension. whether boris johnson desperate to would agree to that or not behind. increase the familiarity with the the bbc has found that the party sport in new locations which if it we re would agree to that or not if it island of ibiza produces more waste were time—limited... will there be per person than any other is why they made the final decision to go part of europe. another summit before the amber haque to japan. given the gamble, do you october deadline? the deadline is the 31st reports. think even though these games have the island of ibiza has just waved of october, as we been cancelled this weekend that the farewell to yet another record—breaking season of tourism gamble has paid off and they were have said over and still justified to hold over again. the uk is set to leave from around the world gamble has paid off and they were stilljustified to hold the games in the eu by legal default. we but as all the cars, japan? from a financial also have the factor of crowds and yachts disappear, viewpoint, certainly. the 2015 world cup in the act, by which all this has put a huge
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borisjohnson is legally obliged to strain on resources, england generated a surplus in nature and the beauty of ibiza, of £160 ask for an extension if million, we do not expected to be and we have discovered that, a deal has quite as large injapan because the not been agreed. —— between the tourists and the residents on ibiza, number of tickets sold over half a be benn act. is about 25% good luck with that. thank you. tonne of waste fewer due to smaller stadium, the ethiopian prime minister abiy ahmed has been awarded is produced per but the broadcasting rights have the nobel peace prize. exceeded those of 2015, as the norwegian nobel institute in oslo person per year. said mr ahmed had played a key role has the commercial income, much to the in efforts to end the 20—year war delight of the with neighbouring eritrea. that is 14% more than the rest of the chair of the nobel committee organisers. the said his domestic agenda had also spain and europe. scottish rugby union is transformed his considering like everywhere in the world, legal action, we hear, against the country. ibiza is affected negatively by plastic and waste. well cup organisers if the climate change activist most of the clubs and bars look out greta thunberg had been one game is of the favourites for the award. into the water here and, cancelled on sunday. how easy will especially after sunset, it be to move a game like this at joining me now is henrik urdal, beaches can get so polluted. who is head of the peace research, but some people are trying to come this point in time? if at the up with solutions to try and protect the match was ibiza's most paid before closed doors, i institute of think it precious asset. could be the case. oslo. thank you very much forjoining catamarans go out with volunteers having met a collecting rubbish from tourists us. this is no surprise and residents of ibiza that has precedent, it would floated out to sea. be deemed to some. a good inappropriate because it would create an choice. a very this happens inconsistency. some good choice. it daily. matches which have been cancelled, is a plastic bags, plastic bottles, if others were shifting to refrigerator doors, toothpaste tubes, bold move by the a new location it would cause descent from
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nobel committee. you name the countries impacted from the why is it bold? it. it is still early everything that is first set of matches in plastic and is floating. cancelled. kevin maguire from the university the process. he still has to deliver this man is an activist organiser of ona the process. he still has to deliver liverpool, thank you very much for on a lot of areas, including a peace of the beach clean—up, joining us. agreement with a project that has motivated beach bar and venues on the island in other business stories, ethiopian. it to limit oil prices have risen 2% after the reports by iranian news still agencies, saying that a state—owned their waste. needs to be returned. oil tanker was struck by two missiles in the red sea near saudi he needs to —— this arabia. deliver on democratic reforms in there are fears instability ethiopia and he also needs to woman is. in the region could worsen — and affect the oil supply. address the increasing levels -- this woman is. we have created but in another report out today our riders to be single use the international energy agency says of regional violence in the country. there will be an oversupply of oil this will give him the support plastic free. next year as it cut its forecast it is a tiny step but he needs internationally and it is about all of us, for oil demand by 100,000 per barrels per day to 1.2 million. also extra all of us djs and agents the demand for oil from opec transitioning the rosters countries will reduce eyes on what he is doing. so we all do the change together. the effects from the djs' voice because of higher supply from the united states, in a way brazil it is an encouragement, a kind of with the clubbers' voice can push solutions to happen. reward for what he has in one of the and done. the norway. committee, in awarding the peace most famous nightclubs here, they are setting the average car insurance bill prize, said he lifted is now £783, according the country's an example. to comparison site — state of emergency and granted thinking about straws amnesty for political prisoners that's a £23 increase on last year. and as the financial conduct and plastic authority begins its crackdown and granted media bottles were key on loyalty penalties — the survey found nearly half of drivers who received censorship, etc, components. upwards of 300,000 straws used every a renewal in the last quarter what found their you are saying is it good year within the company, a similar
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insurers him even number of plastic bottles. wanted £53 further encouragement to do more obviously, with plastic bottles, more. in the world's largest hmv store terms of the peace it is a longer term solution. is opening its doors to shoppers in the future? what is the replacement, from a just months after the absolutely. he has safety point of view? chain announced dozens of branch started a process but i think between straws, closures. spanning 25,000 square towards democratising and plastic cutlery, laundry base, feet across one floor — stabilising ethiopian. this is a takeaway containers, almost the size of 12 tennis courts we have eliminated the number great encouragement for the work he we were going for. — hmv vault in birmingham promises has been it is a significant impact to become a nirvana for music just from small changes. over four million plastic particles and film fans with dedicated spaces doing. it per square kilometre for vinyl, cds and dvds were found in the seas here, as well as a performance area when the average is 150,000, takes into meaning ibiza has the biggest for bands plastic concentration in to take account all the ethnic to the and religious the groups. it is very inclusive. stage. 50% of mediterranean. let's check in with the financial the members are women and there is markets now and hopes that britain a woman president. they are on sustainability is a journey, will seal a brexit not a destination. deal pushed track towards at every possible outcome there are constantly london—listed companies ways to improve. for ethiopian and the whole of the amber haque, bbc region. there is a great with exposure to the news. domestic economy to a premium on relief, also in neighbouring countries, that women in iran have he will be able to deliver on been allowed to attend london's blue—chip index. but also markets around increased regional the world have edged higher a football match in large numbers amid renewed optimism over for the first time since the islamic corporation and revolution 40 years ago. the outcome of the us china trade talks. authorities in tehran have president donald trump sounded increased regional corporation and been under some pressure a positive note at the end increased economic from fifa, the governing body of the first day of us—china of world football. grace. —— more than 3,000 women, discussions in washington dc. cooperation. going sitting in segregated areas, overall gains on the index have been
11:14 am
saw iran decisively limited as there was a 4% drop in ad back, placing firm wpp after french rival publicis this with the terrible turbulence in beat cambodia cut its sales view for the second many parts of the world, how do 14—0 in a time, and a 3% fall in luxury brand you think this has come about? world cup qualifier. burberry after german rival hugo boss how have conditions risen whereby someone can cut its bring hope and annual forecast. try and move it was a historic night on the that's all the towards peace? he reaches out a hand terraces of tehran's azadi stadium. female football fans attending business news. and hands reach back to effect peace a match for the first much more from me time in four decades. around him. in many ways this the ban, imposed by clerics later this who argue women should be shielded came from the masculine atmosphere afternoon. out of the blue now an update on and the semi—clad men, in the sense that hit the headlines last month, when a woman set herself on fire, the developing former prime minister security situation in manchester, after being arrested the arndale decided to for trying to attend a match. on thursday, quit and he took office. centre has tragedy it is was replaced with been something which is evacuated, manchester police say now due to his joy. translation: we're very excited specialist officers are continuing to respond to the incident because we've been wanting specific dedication towards to go to the stadium to cheer—on our country for years. at the bringing ethiopia towards this is a very important day for us, arndale shopping centre. we can since it's the first time women confirm that five people have been democracy, towards are able to enter a positive regional role. this is stabbed and taken to the stadium. a prize that very translation: we're hospital. in here to see iran play. these early stages they say we are correctly places the we had waited so long to see our team and this keeping an open mind about the motivation of this terrible ofius prize that very correctly places the onus of responsibility on the feels absolutely great. incident over 3,500 women were in the stadium and circumstances as we honour for developments in that seats over 70,000, know them.
11:15 am
the hands of counterterrorism police leading the a "token number and a cynical the investigation as they current prime minister, abiy ahmed. thank you forjoining us start" according to amnesty work. a man international. from oslo. football's governing body says it it has been a fascinating has been arrested and is believed to will stand firm on equal rights. conversation. be in his 40s, he remains thank you. from hopes of peace to time will tell, then, if a win on the pitch a less hopeful story. in custody. we will get more on all of would be as the human cost of this from the turkish offensive a win against kurdish fighters our reporter and us allies in northern for women. syria grows, pressure is mounting on turkey to stop. in in washington, some republicans in a moment we'll have manchester. talk us through and democrats are now working all the business news, together to introduce sanctions. but first what happened in the arndale centre over and president trump, who last week said he was withdrawing us the headlines the past hour? in the last half forces from the area, hour police issued a statement saying has been telling supporters on bbc at a campaign rally they were responding to an incident that he is considering three options news. at the arndale to deal the eu's chief negotiator michel shopping centre, right in the heart of manchester with the barnier and brexit secretary stephen barclay have left their latest round city centre. officers are of talks in brussels. situation. in apologies. they are going fears of a humanitarian attendance and early inquiries crisis in northern syria — suggest that a number of to listen tens of thousands flee their homes people have been stabbed, but in the last few to michel barnier right now. —— we and the us are going. we minutes greater threatens had a constructive sanctions against manchester police turkey. say that five people meeting with stephen barclay on the the ethiopian prime minister wins the nobel peace prize — are being british team and now i treated for serious stabbing for his role in ending the 20 year injuries and taking to hospital. am going to military stand off with debrief the 27 ambassadors and the they say they are keeping an open neighbouring mind as to the motive, and because brexit steering group eritrea. of the nature of the
11:16 am
of parliament. we have already said that incident officers from counterterrorism brexit is in police north—west are leading the like climbing a the investigation into this case. many mountain. we need people will know the arndale business vigilance, determination and shopping centre as being the hub of patience. are we near the top? has news: this city, it is right in the it been a deal has been reached in principle heart approved? that of age, so this news will come for the sale as shocking and ripple right through was brief. of troubled bus michel barnier emerging from maker greater manchester and across the rybus. the united kingdom. it has the talks this morning with the been widely bidder said circulated on social media too. british brexit secretary stephen barclay and an agreement a saying brexit is like climbing number of posts including one sent had been reached in principle. the to the manchester news appears to a mountain. you need company was well—known for building show a patient being vigilance, london buses and was placed into determination and patience. being administration in september. treated by starbucks cafe in the centre. pursued by camera crews uber technologies inc says the uk we is seeking to classify the company have spoken to the and journalists, throwing questions at as a transportation provider, potentially opening it up north—west and him buti journalists, throwing questions at to new tax charges that charity, they are assisting him but i do not think he is taking paramedics at the scene at the could hamper its business, any further questions, so we will according to uk accountsfilings in recent days. moment and have just leave that bad. the us ride—sharing company says its could face 20% vat sent two rapid as we were response vehicles, one carrying a on gross booking fees — saying a the amount passengers pay, or on its service fees doctor, which is slightly concerning moment ago, president trump has been charged to drivers. and suggests that some there is growing concern among major speaking about the aerospace manufacturers of the about the ability to bring injuries could be potentially very situation on the new technology to market after brexit. serious. as we say, it is still in turkish — syrian border telling they are worried that uk negotiators have dropped existing commitments the early stages, it is campaigners at a rally about what he to participate in key eu regulatory a developing considers institutions after any brexit deal. story but police are keen for
11:17 am
they say if there is too much his witnesses to come forward, they can divergence there could be huge options new costs do so by calling 101 and quoting to and disruptions the incident number 105 be. to many five. if anyone we could send in companies. 1000 troops for a has information, please get in touch with police. military conflict in turkey. you —— the don't want to do that. the last card spending figures incident number we could hit are out and they show that turkey very hard financially, or we injuly we spent £17.9 billion 1055. let speak to someone could mediate a deal between pounds on credit, 6.4 per cent more than in the same who was ina shoe turkey period a year earlier. 1055. let speak to someone who was in a shoe shop in the manchester and the kurds. i but this may be a one off arndale centre when the attacker came past. what like that. let's spike as although the overall rate mediate a deal. remember, they had of borrowing on credit did you see?” is still increasing its well below been fighting each other for the growth rate we saw at the start arndale centre when the attacker came past. what did you see? i was in the hundreds of last of shop buying year. shoes, obviously. years. lets find out more now with iona bain, editor i was debating whether i would buy and speaking from the of young money blog, who has been the shoes, i think if i had not turkey—syria border, looking into these figures. our correspondent martin patience you have bought them i would have been in the said there are tens of thousands of people on the move pathway of the guide. as i was from the syrian border. been looking i was speaking to one women buying them i heard screams outside inside into these of the shop, quite a lot of syria, in a town figures, gq think people are people, by the sounds of things. that is being becoming more responsible when it definitely targeted. she described absolutely women screaming, but i comes to using their credit do not know chaotic scenes. she said cards? —— do you think? if it was gender... what the shelling started yesterday. her and comes to using their credit cards? -- do you think? it has been mostly gender it 20 members of herfamily businesses usual for consumers was. literallyjust after a woman
11:18 am
shelling started yesterday. her and 20 members of her family were forced to flee and run for their in wearing a brown jacket came into the terms of spending. the shop and said a guy had tried lives. she told me she tried to go back to transactions on credit and debit cards was up in to sta b shop and said a guy had tried to stab her. she was not sure if it was the house because they left with july and lots of this is down to a real life or what the nothing. they were not able to the phenomenal rise of contactless situation was. this guy was clearly going do so, pick up some technology and payments. we are at a round the shops trying to point where health of debit belongings, because the shelling was so intense. that is get random card transactions in the uk are people, obviously this woman had no a snapshot of what is happening co nta ctless, relation to this guy. i transactions in the uk are contactless, and on the one hand thatis contactless, and on the one hand that is great for the debit and on the syrian side of the border. credit card issuers and the retail believe the knife luckily grazed off herjacket, there are tens of thousands of families on sector, but the jury is out for what she might have got something tiny on her stomach but nothing the move. we that means in the long—term for consumers. i'll be in danger of serious. she do know that did not think it was spending more than we intend and kurdish fighters are staying in some of does this open is up a real knife initially. police confirmed it those towns and they are to more fraud? was a firing although the payment industry is real knife and she back. in this kurdish town, buoyant at the moment and lots burst into tears, three mortar shells landed killing of thatis she was obviously devastated. buoyant at the moment and lots of that is down to contactless three people yesterday. technology, it is interesting that it has beena bala nces technology, it is interesting that balances on credit cards have been she was obviously devastated. it has been a bit of a shock, i seven civilian declining since the beginning of am still in casualties yesterday. last year, and uk finance says this shock from it, shaking is because we are learning to manage perhaps 30 a little bit. credit cards better, but i think it kurdish fighters have been killed what happened next, where you is because credit card rates are at swiftly evacuated from the along with ten the highest level for 13 civilians. the longer building? we we re years. the swiftly evacuated from the building? we were in the shop for another 20 this operation goes on, their average rate in the uk minutes, all shops fears at the moment will grow for is 24.7%, it could be that had been locked a humanitarian crisis. households are deciding to get their
11:19 am
households are deciding to get their house in order and either move to and this morning during down. police interest free alternatives or a press c0 nfe re nce arrived very clear in istanbul with turkish foreign the balance altogether. because they minister mevlut cavusoglu, the nato are concerned about the headline quickly, secretary—generaljens stoltenberg rate even though there are the no which was extremely urged military restraint in percent interest rates available, lucky. they the aren't they? but are we seeing evacuated everyone. one region. servers deals decrease, the number of the of new ones coming onto incidents must have happened nearly i expect turkey to 50 metres to the left as i walked the market? we are seeing more competitive deals act with out, because i restraint. we have a common enemy. a taken off the market and credit card saw curtains few years ago lenders generally being much more covering, obviously, a suspect. i they controlled cautious and how they treat newer don't know whether that was significant territory in iraq and borrowers, so it may be a lot more somebody who had been seriously injured in syria. working together in difficult at the or worse. obviously they sent the moment to get global coalition, we have liberated us in the hold all this territory and millions of of those attractive headline rates direction to evacuate away from the you see. consumers people. these gains must body or whatever can't necessarily predict what will happen to it was. we not be jeopardised. the nato have interest rates. the bank of england base seen pictures on screen of a man secretary—general. rate a p pa re ntly seen pictures on screen of a man the headlines on bbc news... remains at 0.75% and if it apparently being arrested, laid the brexit secretary, does not go up, on stephen barclay, is back in brussels remains at 0.75% and if it does not go up, stays the same goes the floor with one police for talks with the eu's chief down, officer standing over him. police are negotiator, michel barnier. which is widely predicted, it is unlikely that will be passed on to talking about arresting someone fears of a humanitarian crisis in northern syria — borrowers. i think it would be in tens of thousands flee their homes — his 40s, the picture also shows inflicted on savers but are unlikely and the us threatens sanctions against somebody holding a taser, to be passed on to borrowers, turkey. households are obviously deciding it a police the e—cigarette industry launches officer holding a taser and
11:20 am
a campaign to reassure millions is better to clear balances and pointing it at this be ready for whatever october 31 may man. we are bring. it is really interesting when seeing the the ethiopian prime minister wins we talk about an pictures on screen. did you the nobel peace prize for witness increase in any of that? i did not witness his role co nta ctless we talk about an increase in contactless transactions, we talk about an increase in in ending the 20 year war co nta ctless tra nsa ctions, g u we talk about an increase in contactless transactions, gu think that, ijust know there were lots of the ease by which people can just with eritrea. scotland will consider make purchases these days means they office rs ijust know there were lots of officers walking past the shop, they taking legal action of do not have as much of a just shut the doors to the world rugby handle on what they are spending in comparison cancels their world cup pool match shop, presumably while they covered him to when they could spend a lot more against japan due to with cash and that was the much more until police got there as cancels their world cup pool match againstjapan due to a typhoon in the region. scotland need the match likely option? it quickly as possible. i did not witness it, to go ahead to have a chance is definitely a i am of progressing to the knockout glad i didn't. i probably concern and there has been this new would have stage. eu regulation called the done a stupid thing, trying to stop formula 1 is injapan this payment someone like that. weekend. they had ta ken services directive, which formula 1 is injapan this weekend. they had taken the decision to ijust got very postpone qualifying to the morning could require people to enter chip and pin of sunday's race because of the more to try to put a lucky because of how approaching storm. easy it would brake on have been for me to walk out the co nta ctless the nikkei more to try to put a brake on contactless spending and make sure people do not for file shop at that very time. everything oregon of fraudulent transactions when they are using project is being in that sense, i did not co nta ctless transactions when they are using contactless cards, but we have to shut down due think about the banked witness. we are very in that sense, i did not witness. we are very to customers in alberto the uk, people who do grateful to not have bank accou nts the uk, people who do not have bank accounts and cannot access chip and you for salazar pin or contactless cards, they are talking
11:21 am
reliant on cash and revelations. to us, we are watching pictures now of the security forces, some of them the rising contract —— contactless technology running through the arndale centre two teenagers had been as they arrive to try to deal with risks leaving behind rural and that incident, as you say, it is stabbed to poorer communities he was something that everyone can be death in the last grateful for that the security still very forces arrived as fast as they did. 2a others in reliant on using pound notes and london. another 15—year—old it sounds as if pennies in their everyday more and worse was also spending. thank you very violence might have happened stabbed and injured in much, iona bain. had stratford. let's speak to our correspondent, they not arrived at swiftly. we oil prices have risen who is at the scene 2% after the reports are very grateful to you for talking by iranian news agencies, of the stabbing saying that a state—owned oil tanker to us so very grateful to you for talking to us so swiftly after an event which in stratford. what do we know about was struck by two missiles in the red sea near saudi arabia. must have been very shocking to what happened there are fears instability you and the others in the arndale ? in the region could worsen — in stratford. what do we know about what happened? we do know these and affect the oil supply. teenagers were stabbed in stratford centre this morning. but in another report out today just after 3pm yesterday. the international energy thank you. agency says there will be we will the first an oversupply of oil next year as it one unfortunately died a leave the developing situation in cut its forecast for oil demand by 100,000 per barrels per day manchester for a few moments and few minutes talk about health news. later. when the police arrived to 1.2 million. the demand for oil from opec and countries will reduce one in four patients the ambulance crew, the boy were because of higher supply with secondary breast cancer had surrounded by school friends and from the united states, brazil to visit their gp three or more members of the public who were and norway. times before they got a diagnosis — trying to stem the flow that's according to a survey the average car conducted by a charity. of blood insurance bill is now gps said they were doing their best from his injuries. it is believed he £783 according to comparison site — for patients but symptoms that's a £23 could be difficult to was stabbed after getting or 3% off a bus increase on last spot. breast cancer now say that early and unfortunately, the blue tent you treatment can make a huge can see over my shoulder, is year. difference to quality
11:22 am
and as the financial conduct the authority begins its crackdown of life. exact spot where this on loyalty penalties, the survey found nearly half let's speak now to miranda 15—year—old schoolboy was pronounced of drivers who received ashitey, who is living a renewal in with secondary dead at 340 the last quarter cancer. pm. another 15—year—old, believed to found be his friend matt was their insurers wanted miranda, it is very kind of you to also stabbed. £53 more. talk to us. tell he was seen the world's largest hmv store us what happened with blankets over is opening its doors to shoppers with your diagnosis? frankie very just months after the chain him. announced dozens of branch much. i was diagnosed he was seen with blankets over him. closures. he is currently in hospital with secondary recovering. locals have said that breast cancer in february this year. stratford is becoming a haven spanning 25,000 sq ft across one initially when i was diagnosed with for floor — almost the size knife crime. i was here of 12 tennis courts — primary breast cancer, that hmv vault in birmingham promises only last to become a nirvana march reporting on a 21—year—old man for music and film fans, was five with dedicated spaces for vinyl, yea rs primary breast cancer, that was five years ago, august 2014. when i who was stabbed to cds and dvds as well as death. ironically a performance area was diagnosed with secondary, the exact same spotjust beforehand behind me, for bands the only sort of symptom that just outside the shopping centre. to take to i now know was a symptom was just fast forward five hours from the stage. they are hoping for a real a dry this incident over in south london, an cough. i had a bit 18—year—old stabbed to death on renaissance. let's check in with the financial of a carfrom markets now, and hopes that britain november last year that was a council estate in south will seal a brexit deal pushed london—listed companies persistent, which ijust thought london. i with exposure to the domestic november last year that was persistent, which i just thought was pa rt persistent, which i just thought was have been there reporting only last economy to a premium on london's part of having a cold, it yearfor have been there reporting only last year for a triple blue—chip index. was cold season. i had a bit of companies' exposure to stabbing and a a cold, the ca lf shooting only last august. the domestic season. i had a bit of a cold, the calf persisted, went into the new economy are at a year and then i went to the gp to in terms
11:23 am
of london's murder toll thus far premium. but also markets around see what it was all about this year, we are the world have edged —— met talking more than higher with the cold and cough persisted. amid renewed optimism over you did not go to the upa 110 murders this year, the outcome of the us—china trade talks. —— to the 69 of which president donald trump sounded gps units you got the cough, we re a positive note at the end 110 murders this year, 69 of which were nice enabled. thank you of the first day of us—china you thought it would get better? —— for bringing usa discussions in washington dc. were nice enabled. thank you for but overall gains on the index have did not go to the gp as soon bringing us a grim update on been limited as there was a 4% drop a grim as you got picture. in ad firm wpp after french rival the car. i thought it was the five—year—old daughter publicis cut its sales view of imprisoned british—iranian woman a seasonal cold, sore throat, blog notes, that nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe for the second time, has returned to the uk. gabriella has been living and a 3% fall in luxury brand burberry after sort of thing. how with her grandparents in tehran, and visiting her mother in prison swiftly did your since she was arrested german rival gp diagnosed the problem and on spying charges more than three years ago. hugo boss cut the foreign secretary dominic raab establish that secondary cancer was the issue? when i went said he is continuing efforts its annual forecast. to convince iran to the gp he "to release that's all listened to my chest and nazanin immediately. thought it " the business was a chest infection, he prescribed me amoxicillin for a iran's national tanker company says news. one of its vessels has been lots more coming up week and i took the target of a "missile attack." later in thej. the company says the incident took the course and i felt really from winston churchill's wartime place in the red sea, bunker to a secret aircraft factory, bad after i finished the about 90 kilometres off the port london's underground network has some incredible stories to tell course. the gp ofjeddah in saudi arabia. about britain's past. a new exhibition opens today said if! after i finished the course. the gp said if i still did not feel any they say the two main oil tanks exploring some of the abandoned on the ship have been damaged stations and hidden better after taking the medication, that i should go back, but and that oil has been spilling spaces deep i was into the red sea. beneath the streets feeling so sick i could not get the tanker company says to all the ship's crew are safe of the capital. the gp, friends told me to and that the
11:24 am
our correspondent dan johnson has call 111 andi spent the morning in the tunnels the gp, friends told me to call 111 and i described your my symptoms and ship is stable. under clapham my cancer background and they the bbc and the government need this morning. sent an ambulance and then it to find a way to save free tv we're 40 metres under was when i licences for people over the streets of south london, and this is one went to the hospital and 75, according to a group of of the capital's former world had a few mps. war ii bomb shelters. tests, about just under a the scheme comes to an end next this was billed for people to take year, and the media select committee went to the hospital and had a few tests, aboutjust under a week after cover during the blitz. i was rushed to hospital that is has criticised plans to only give you can see some original signage that when i was diagnosed with having free licences to those still appear, and there's still bunk secondary breast cancer. in claiming pension credit. beds remaining where people would have slept down here a way, during the war, and for this makes the point the charity is david sillito reports. some time afterwards trying to make as don't switch well. that health us off! professionals and patients need to the decision to restrict free be vigilant to the risk license fees for the over 75s although it's been abandoned of secondary cancer, did you get any warning to to those receiving pension credit for many years, it's one of the remain vigilant when you had your has led to anger and protests. places that features in this new exhibition lodged by the london first cancer five years ago? the process behind that decision transport museum. today comes in for criticism. if we walk through here you will see when i had my first cancer it a group of mps questioned more of these tunnels the director—general of the bbc that go on for about a mile, was more about the primary breast cancer and and the media select committee dealing with that. and there are eight of these has when i was now concluded the shelters across out of process by which the government passed london. active treatment it was, ok, on the £745 million cost was flawed. chris nix is from the that is i think there needs to be a funding london transport museum. it. the only what's this exhibition all about, then? formula where the bbc takes on some these dark, secret abandoned places? after—care i had well, the exhibition responsibility for this concession is an experiential thing, really. it's not something you visit, its afterwards was just my annual chest and the government the rest as well. the bbc has offered to something you explore and discover. mri, butapart
11:25 am
we are opening up the behind—the—scenes of the afterwards was just my annual chest mri, but apart from that i don't pay for about a third of underground, the places that are really remember all was given any secret, hidden behind those doors the free you walk past every licences, but i think we should look literature to time you commute. at how everyone is paying. have any i don't think that can be a cost and in some of the areas we've signs to the bbcjust takes itself, recreated things like this, so or if it does take it on, you can see how people lived look clearly we would have to look at how and worked underground, took shelter for, or told from bombs in time of war the bbc could make up the money about secondary breast that it is investing and in certain places we have really because otherwise that money secret places where cancer interesting detail. miranda, it must have been a shop will simply come out of other churchill, programming because there is nowhere for example, else for it to come from. to get the diagnosis, we wish you all the very it also says the new scheme took shelter in the railway best and i know all the viewers in which the bbc decides who gets executive committee's conversion of down street disused will a free licence fee is absurd as it do so. thank you so much says the corporation is essentially station. for talking to us. thank you for your now administering a welfare benefit. an abandoned underground station? the next negotiation over that's right. time, finance should, they say, during the height of the blitz thank you very much. now a be open and accountable. the prime minister taking refuge, sleeping, dining, look at working in this disused the the bbc underground station on the piccadilly weather agrees. with meanwhile, the government says line. dan. the free licence fees for everyone fascinating people's over 75 should continue stories are brought to life no sign of the wet weather and the bbc should pay. in this. moving but today's report says away soon, and this conveyor belt of the bbc can't afford it as i say, they allow people to hear, cloud is moving towards england and and that the government will have feel and see these kind of wales. it will bring some rain to step in to help fund it. places and also be able to come well into the weekend. some of the david sillito, bbc on a tour afterwards to somewhere like this. heaviest rain has been over the news. because you can actually come hills of wales and onto the damian collins is down here on a tour, the conservative mp as well as looking pennines, a very wet picture in the exhibition in the museum? and chair of the digital, that's right. wakefield, umbrellas needed. if we
11:26 am
culture, media and sport the size of this place select committee. is vast, and a lot of look at the radar picture, this these places really surprise people he explained how he shows the areas of that they can lie hidden when they believed are so enormous. rain, showers the issue needed to and it takes a good 90 minutes towards the north—west uk, bands of be resolved. to walk around this place rainfor towards the north—west uk, bands of rain for england and wales will the government are trying to and absorb its history. bring the heaviest rain, that was an underground get the train passing, we are bbc to take on the actually lower than sinking further south—east into the the underground trains? midlands, moving away from most ten metres above our responsibility. the bbc asked for mitigation and head is the northern of line running by, and wales and northern england so it financial compensation which was as should brighten up. strong winds granted by the government. the you can hear, it's ahead of the rain in more southern government gave the bbc everything a good service today. it certainly rattled past. parts, further north the wind easing it wanted. where we thought there imagine trying to sleep down here with that during the war. but strengthening through the was lack of transparency, it was a thank you very central belt of scotland where fairly major change in licence fee we payers were not given a chance to be much, chris. have lots of showers, we're just going to take a quick consulted on it because it was rash some quite look down here, just heavy, temperatures 13 degrees. even three. the way the decision was to try and give you some idea though we have rain for seven of the scale of his pace. made on the bbc. the director general‘s it is vast, it keeps areas it is not cold rain, advice was that they should going on and there are all temperatures 17 sorts of hidden places or 18. the rain eases off through accept under london's streets. the offer from the government. that you can come on a tour down the midlands for a while but is here yourself, but if you was so the offer from the government. that still around across southern england was so important to the decision—making process. he did not can't make that, then the exhibition is the place to learn more about and south wales. clear skies formally consult the executive board these sorts further north, showers continuing, the of the bbc until after the decision of spaces. winds was made and we felt dropping as well so temperatures now it's time for a look at the weather will be lower, easily six or that was wrong. seven in future, the bbc has a new with simon king. in scotland to northern ireland, 11 or 12 in scotland to northern ireland, 11 structure but decisions like that one of the driest places or12 in the in scotland to northern ireland, 11 or 12 in the rain in the south. more should be made formally to be in rain to come over the weekend for by the bbc london at the moment, underground. england and wales and the risk of
11:27 am
board and i should be minutes lots of rainfall across england and further flooding too. of those discussions. my sympathies are wales, it has been pretty heavy with them. they were made a promise this foursome others. this is from one england and wales and the risk of furtherflooding too. this is england and wales and the risk of further flooding too. this is the that license fees, free license picture foresight, outbreaks of rain of a weather watchers in shropshire. for seven england, perhaps edging up fees for everyone over 75 should all this wet weather is coming from towards parts of wales and continue. no one has ever a weather front which is the midlands, across east anglia as thought about rescinding that policy. now stretching all across the mid—atla ntic, well. further north, we pick they have been told it is no longer going to happen in the deal has been a weather front which is stretching all across the mid—atlantic, you can see these wobbles and wiggles up brighter skies and sunshine, showers in the in the north—west will not be as done behind closed doors between weather front, meaning that for the widespread as today because the the government and the bbc. it was badly rainfall it will move southward and winds will not be carried out and badly north again as we go through the as strong, temperatures typically 13 to 15, so thought weekend, more rainfall to come for through. the sums do not add up chillier in the rain in the many. that was the picture this and the bbc cannot afford to south. we saw the satellite picture morning with the rainfall, heavy take on earlier, it brings rain on the that responsibility. to say, we are bursts across wales, northern not going to do and we never england, rain towards the south weather front into saturday and on promised to be where it is not saturday night the rain becomes and showers in western scotland. for the heavier, develops more widely across a fairand promised to be where it is not a rest of the afternoon, the rain england and wales and increases the fair and acceptable way to treat across central areas will gradually flood risk. the heavier rain pushes old and vulnerable people in society. move further south, there is into the north sea, but western three people have died and two more sunny skies and north wales, northern parts of the uk will see are injured after a highway bridge in china's eastern england, southern and eastern showers or jiangsu province collapsed. longer spells of rain continuing at least five vehicles, scotla nd england, southern and eastern scotland and northern england. heavy including two trucks, showers into the west of scotland, into the afternoon. the breeze picks were on the bridge when it fell up into the afternoon. the breeze picks onto cars below. upa into the afternoon. the breeze picks quite breezy for many, particularly up a little in the south—west, a preliminary investigation by drawing in dry air. a little across southern and western coasts, local bit authorities say the gusts of up to warmer in south—eastern parts, elsewhere rather cool in the rain. collapse may have been caused 50 mph similar across the west of scotland too. by an
11:28 am
maximum temperatures between 13 and 18 overloaded lorry. degrees. rain across southern parts ma let's take a look will continue, a wet night at the weather. to come, it is not clear spells and showers across looking too great northern areas will allow temperatures to drop into single across figures, but further south we will england and wales. —— now let us keep the temperatures in double ta ke england and wales. —— now let us take a look. this figures, about ten to 13 is one scene we degrees. the rainfall is still there. if i have had from weather watchers in show you the larger picture, wales. lots of rain. we could that see weather front across southern areas lots of rain falling in the west of is turning into a warm front wales which could lead on and will move back northwards throughout to localised flooding issues. this band saturday, the semicircle is of rain will continue to move south pointing and east words. northwards, the direction of travel. wet across southern parts, there could be further north, some sunshine throughout frequent showers in the west of saturday, some showers into scotland. these are the wind the west gusts. of scotland, maximum temperatures quite breezy for many of around about 14, 15 us. gusts up quite breezy for many of us. gusts up to 40,50 miles an hour or 16 celsius. and maximum temperatures this into sunday, the weather front is afternoon still there, it will move a bit about 13 to 18 degrees. the rain in the south will continue tonight and further northward, so many more of us further northward, so many more of us will experience outbreaks of rain into saturday. still a few and another weather system moves on from the west to join showers in the north. on saturday
11:29 am
it. looking very wet in the morning for much of staying wet in the south. northern areas will be drier and brighter. by england and wales, rain spreading the eu says there are promising into scotland, the far north and signals that a brexit sunday many more of deal is now us will 00:29:08,535 --> 429496610:45:34,755 experience 429496610:45:34,755 --> 858993221:02:00,975 the 858993221:02:00,975 --> 1288489831:18:27,194 rainfall. 1288489831:18:27,194 --> 1717986441:34:53,414 goodbye 1717986441:34:53,414 --> 2147483051:51:19,634 for 2147483051:51:19,634 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 110w. north—east staying dry wood sunshine. eventually there will be possible. it follows yesterday's sunshine. eventually there will be talks between the british sunshine for northern ireland, and and irish prime ministers, who said there is a pathway has the rain cleared away, turning a to an agreement. bit has the rain cleared away, turning a bhdw has the rain cleared away, turning a bit dry and brighter here, then brexit is like climbing a mountain. also we need further south. temperatures between vigilance, 11 and 16 celsius. unsettled over determination and the weekend, rainfall in patience. we'll have the latest some areas from westminster and brussels, on saturday, many more of us on where it's reported the eu has now sunday. goodbye. given the green light for intensified negotiations. also this lunchtime... a man is tasered by police after several people were stabbed at the arndale shopping centre in manchester. turkish warplanes carry out more attacks in syria. tensa of thousands of civilians flee for their lives. tens of thousands of civilians
11:30 am
flee for their lives. back in britain — the daughter of nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe, the womanjailed in iran. and scotland take legal advice over the threatened cancellation of their make or break match in the rugby world cup. coming up in the sport later in the hour on bbc news... nike shut down the oregon project following the four—year athletic ban for the former head coach alberto salazar. you're watching bbc newsroom live. it's midday, and these are the main stories this morning. the eu's chief negotiator, michel barnier, and brexit secretary stephen barclay meet in brussels — both sides describe talks as "constructive." brexit is like climbing a mountain. we need vigilance, determination and patience. following yesterday's positive talks between boris johnson
11:31 am
and the irish prime minister — donald tusk says there are "promising signals." of course, there is no guarantee of success , of course, there is no guarantee of success, and the time is practically up, but even the slightest chance must be used. fears of a humanitarian crisis in northern syria. tens of thousands flee a turkish offensive against the kurds — amid growing international condemnation. the ethiopian prime minister wins the nobel peace prize — for his role in ending a 20—year military standoff with neighbouring eritrea. a quarter of women with secondary breast cancer have to visit their gp three times or more before getting a diagnosis — a charity warns. and coming up... mps call on the government and the bbc to save free tv licences for the over—75s.
11:32 am
good afternoon. welcome to bbc newsroom live. just before we go back to brexit news, some breaking news from manchester. the arndale shopping centre has been evacuated after reports of stabbings. bbc north west are reporting the local ambulance service as saying that four people are being treated for injuries. there is also a photograph on twitter which is doing the rounds of a man being held down with a taser pointing at him. i am afraid we cannot show you that right now. we will get you that in a moment. the developing situation in manchester. large numbers of police
11:33 am
officers in attendance. arndale shopping centre evacuated after a report of stabbings with four people being treated for injuries, according to local ambulance services. we will update that as soon as we can. talks involving the uk and the eu have been taking place in brussels as the government looks to find a way to break the deadlock over brexit. the meetings are an attempt to build on talks between london and dublin yesterday, when both sides agreed they could see a pathway to a deal. this morning, the brexit secretary, stephen barclay, met the eu's chief negotiator michel barnier, who said the talks had been constructive. we had a constructive meeting with stephen barclay and the british team. nowi stephen barclay and the british team. now i am going to debrief the 27 ambassadors and the brexit steering group. as i already said, brexit is like climbing a mountain. we need vigilance, determination, and patience.
11:34 am
the president of the european council, donald tusk has also been speaking this morning. he said there have been promising signals that a brexit deal is still possible. prime ministerjohnson promised it would be a solution which would work for all. the solution that would not only satisfy the brexiteers but also self though legitimate objective, to avoid a hard border on the island of ireland and to protect the good friday agreement, and to ensure the integrity of the single market. u nfortu nately, we integrity of the single market. unfortunately, we are still in a situation in which the uk has not come forward with a workable, realistic proposal. a week ago i told prime ministerjohnson that if there was no such proposal by today, i would announce publicly that there are no more
11:35 am
chances because of objective reasons for a deal during the incoming european council. however, yesterday, when the irish prime minister and the uk prime minister met... apologies for breaking out of that. now over to westminster. richard ratcliffe, the husband of nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe is holding a press conference. only on wednesday afternoon did we get the exit visas. they were blocking it and then they allowed it. i want to say thank you to the british embassy, the iranian foreign ministry for their liaison and pushing on to and throwing. it is lovely to have her back. a fairly rusty parent, as you can tell from my persuasion tactics,
11:36 am
seeing her sleeping last night and the strange sounds she was making, she is much bigger. she went out one and three quarters and now she is five with her own views, thank you very much. it is lovely. bless her, she has been very brave. she has told money she will see her back in london and that granny is not too sad. it will ta ke that granny is not too sad. it will take it one day at a time. i spoke to my wife yesterday on the phone. she was reasonably distraught. she had been visited by the revolutionary guard saying, we can block it if you don't want it and also telling her permit listen, there may need to be a new court case against you and various other
11:37 am
forms of pressure on her. it remains a tough situation in iran. there is the wider context of nazanin and others being held. i am really grateful for everything the foreign office did in the past couple of days to make sure that gabriella is back home. thank you very much for coming in at such short notice. i am an mp, gabriella's mp. i am delighted to welcome the newest memberof my delighted to welcome the newest member of my constituency to london. it has been heart—warming to see her and richard hugging each other in the other room. today is a time to celebrate that nazanin is not home and the fight does not end here. there is a lot to do. focusing on the bigger picture, it is not good enough to have gabriella and richard in west hampstead. we need nazanin
11:38 am
back here as well. i raised an urgent question in parliament in front of the middle east minister to ask about why the british— australian prisoner, the cell—mate of nazanin and shared the bunk above her permit was released after three months after the australian government apparently undertook sensitive negotiations with iran and she was freed. what nazanin has said, of course she celebrates her freedom but she wants to know why the british government is not doing more to get her out. that is what i wa nt more to get her out. that is what i want to raise today. i have now dealt with three prime ministers with three foreign secretaries and four middle east ministers about this case on nazanin. of those politicians look to me in the eye and said it has nothing to do with the debt that we owe iran. we know thatis the debt that we owe iran. we know that is not true. we owe iran £400
11:39 am
million because of the sale of tax that happened many years ago. nazanin and herfamily that happened many years ago. nazanin and her family have been told by revolutionary guards that the debt is linked to her imprisonment. the iranian foreign minister himself said at the united nations general assembly, if we pay the debt that we can bring more to the debt that we can bring more to the table and start negotiating the release of nazanin. i want to make it crystal clear, i don't advocate paying for us to release hostages but the truth is, it is not an exchange for nazanin, it is money we legally owe iran. our country owes iran money and once we pay perhaps we we'll have a channel of communication to speak to them. at the moment we are holding back money they should have. if the government is listening, you need to pay the debt back so that my constituent is released and is brought back to west hampstead, where she belongs with her husband and her
11:40 am
daughter. very strong words. thank you for that. do you have any questions? could you explain how the last 24 hours have been for you, the emotions you have been for you, the emotions you have been through? a real roller-coaster. to go back to the last 48 hours, we had signalling in the public domain it might be happening. we did have tickets and then we had the exit visa that was not being issued. my father—in—law had been down to the foreign ministry. i sent a ranting message to the iranian ambassador la st message to the iranian ambassador last week. he was sent to a different office and we kept being told different things were requested of us. i was on a journey when i felt good and then perhaps it would not happen. at the very last moment on wednesday morning we were told
11:41 am
what you need to get a letter and they would not tell us where the office was we needed to get the letter from. my father—in—law is very patient and he got very cross. the british embassy intervened, and suddenly it was issued. i have been wrapped up in this kind of, is it going to happen and let's not get my hopes up? i had not even done the basics of cleaning the flat and all the rest of it. suddenly when they we re the rest of it. suddenly when they were on the plane, a mad scramble of cleaning. i spoke to nazanin and she is really upset. really upset. it is one of the things she really didn't wa nt one of the things she really didn't want to happen, for her daughter to leave and has still be stuck in prison. —— and her still. that turmoil of feelings and speaking to the familyjust
11:42 am
after that, it kept the familyjust after that, it kept the familyjust after that, it kept the family that looked after her saying as well. seeing her last night was lovely. she is a bit shy and traumatised and has not seen daddy for a long time and there is a language problem. it will take her a while to feel safe about being here. lovely to have her back. we were just negotiating what she wants to do this afternoon. we went through various different options. toy shop is what landed, so that is what is going to happen. wow! i again to put the cake on the table? come and sit here. i the cake on the table? come and sit here. lam the cake on the table? come and sit here. i
11:43 am
am going to cut the cake. everyone, this is gabrielle. are we going to cut the cake? shall we cut it? this is a welcome home cake, by the way. now... we are doing big slices. share with your neighbours. shall we do more? those are big slices. this is lovely. just do one more. shall we let granny carry on cutting? 0k. could
11:44 am
we ask her something in persian? you could try. maybe this one is chocolate. perfect. can you tell us about how nazanin will cope without regular visits from gabrielle? what about the last meeting they had? there was a visit on wednesday, which was longer than normal. nazanin put on a very brave face and gabrielle has put on a very brave face. the phone call afterwards was a lot more desolate than the visit had
11:45 am
been. it will be an important lifeline is taken will be an important lifeline is ta ken away. if will be an important lifeline is taken away. if i am honest, i was really worried about this, precisely because the thing that nazanin looks forward to week after week is seeing gabriella. let's put that over there, shall we? i mean... it... when she wrote the letter i was talking about, it was a last attempt to hope beyond hope that maybe she would be released with gabriella. that has not happened. i think it will be a very tough next family visit. their next family visit will be behind a screen with granny and nazanin and both of them feeling
11:46 am
lost. richard talking about the bittersweet situation he faces. returned from tehran that his wife, nazanin, obviously still in jail ever since april 2016. as the foreign secretary said this morning, heissued foreign secretary said this morning, he issued a statement saying gabriella is an innocent child and should be able to go to school and be with both parents. we continue to urge iran to release nazanin immediately said a family can be reunited in the uk. —— sell the family. that is one family in westminster this morning. now we need to review on the situation at the arndale shopping centre in manchester where there is an ongoing security situation. the arndale shopping was evacuated this morning.
11:47 am
we understand four people are being treated for injuries. the arndale centre has been evacuated. police say they are on the scene currently responding to an incident as they put it. as you can see, the picture there, a man held down by one police officer with another police officer holding a taser and pointing it at him. reports from the scene suggest large numbers of police and ambulance paramedics, so a fast moving situation in manchester in the last few moments. we will go back to that as soon as we have more. now back to the politics. there have been talks this morning between the brexit secretary and the eu chief negotiator. let's get more from
11:48 am
jonathan blake, who is in westminster. where do you see it now? if you look at the noises from brussels in the last few hours, things are looking positive in terms of both sides working towards the basis of a deal. michel barnier met the brexit secretary this morning, describing that conversation as constructive, and then going off to brief the diplomats from all the different member states. we had donald tusk earlier this morning, the president of the eu council describing the situation is promising. let's not forget earlier in the week he was firing off tweets to borisjohnson saying the brexit debate was not a stupid blame game. things seemed to be looking up. we have also been hearing this morning from the irish prime minister, leo veradker, who, of course, met boris johnson yesterday at the crucial meeting on the wirral and he has given his verdict on how things
11:49 am
stand today. at this stage, the less said the better. the focus today very much switches to brussels where the secretary of state stephen barclay is going to meet with michel barnier. i would anticipate that will lead to some more detailed proposals being laid down and the possibility for talks to enter the proverbial tunnel. that is where things are today. the less said at this point, the better, leo veradker saying in dublin. stephen barclay, the brexit secretary, had a constructive meeting with michel barnier this morning and he will brief the ambassadors from the 27 member states. progress? perhaps, brief the ambassadors from the 27 memberstates. progress? perhaps, it seems. how much and on what basis we will have to wait and see. 0k, we will have to wait and see. 0k, we will wait and see. casualties are increasing as turkey presses on with its cross—border
11:50 am
offensive on kurdish—held areas of northern syria. in washington, some republicans and democrats are now working together to introduce sanctions. president trump, who last week withdrew us forces from the area, has been telling supporters at a campaign rally that he is considering three options to deal with the situation. so in the case of turkey and syria and the kurds, we could send in 1,000 troops for a military conflict with turkey. no, you don't want to do that. we could hit turkey very hard financially, or we could mediate a deal between turkey and the kurds? i like that. let's mediate a deal. but, remember, they've been fighting each other for hundreds of years. speaking from the turkey—syria border, our correspondent martin patience said there are tens of thousands of people on the move from the syrian border. i was speaking to one women
11:51 am
inside syria, in a town that is being targeted. she described absolutely chaotic scenes. she said the shelling started yesterday. her and 20 members of her family were forced to flee and run for their lives. she told me she tried to go back to the house because they left with nothing. they were not able to do so, pick up some belongings, because the shelling was so intense. that is a snapshot of what is happening on the syrian side of the border. there are tens of thousands of families on the move. we do know that kurdish fighters are staying in some of those towns and they are firing back. in this turkish town, three mortar shells landed killing three people yesterday. seven
11:52 am
civilian casualties yesterday. the most reliable figures is perhaps 30 kurdish fighters have been killed along with ten civilians. the longer this operation goes on, the fears will grow for a humanitarian crisis. and this morning during a press conference in istanbul with turkish foreign minister mevlut cavusoglu, the nato secretary—generaljens stoltenberg urged military restraint in the region. while turkey has legitimate security concerns, i expect turkey to act with restraint. we have a common enemy, daesh. a few years ago they controlled significant territory in iraq and in syria. working together, in a global coalition, we have liberated all this territory and millions of people. these gains must not be jeopardised.
11:53 am
to macro teenagers had been stabbed to death in london. an 18—year—old died south london and a 15—year—old was killed at a shopping centre in centre in stratford in the east of the city where another 15—year—old was also stabbed and injured. let's get more from our correspondent, who is at the scene. tell us what we know. the police were called here yesterday afternoon, just after 3pm committee reports of a stabbing. when i got here they discovered a teenager being surrounded by members of the public, he was trying to stem the flow of blood from his injuries. some of those included his school friends. the teenager had been stabbed a number of times. when the paramedics got here, they could not save him. many schoolchildren would have been around the
11:54 am
area yesterday afternoon. behind me is the exact spot. there is a blue tent marking the exact spot where the teenager was pronounced dead at the stratford shopping centre. during that altercation, another 15—year—old was stabbed by believed to be a friend of the teenager. he was stabbed but fortu nately of the teenager. he was stabbed but fortunately he survived and is currently in hospital recovering from his injuries. police are appealing for witnesses and asking people to come forward. it would have been busy yesterday with people going about their daily business. many locals have told me stratford is becoming a haven for knife crime. i was is becoming a haven for knife crime. iwas in is becoming a haven for knife crime. i was in this exact spot last march reporting on the murder of a 21—year—old, also stabbed to death right outside this shopping centre. you mentioned the other murder that took place in south london. that was five hours after the incident here. that was in camberwell in south london on the brand in
11:55 am
a state. an 18—year—old was fatally stabbed. i was reporting there last year of a triple stabbing and a number of shootings on that estate. thank you. it is being called the "stormzy effect" and it's credited for helping more black students getting places at the university of cambridge. for the first time, black students made up more than 3% of new undergraduates, according to figures released by the university and come after the grime artist stormzy pledged to fund the tuition fees and living costs of two students each year. 91 black students were admitted to the university this year up about 50% from the 61 who started courses in autumn 2018. but is it all down to the croydon—born grime artist? to discuss, i'm joined by kimberly mcintosh — a senior policy officer at the race equality think tank, the runnymede trust. thank you so much for coming in. that's ok. how much does it
11:56 am
have to do with stormzy? we need to congratulate stormzy on the stormzy effect. it is during more black stu d e nts effect. it is during more black students into the corridors of cambridge. it is also important to celebrate the hard work and graft of african and caribbean societies at cambridge and a number of outreach programmes as well, which have been working for a number of years to draw in more black students to the institution. remind us of the issues. why has it been so hard? why are their cracks in the fortress wall? it is fair to say that cambridge has a certain image that is projected out. having stormzy at the university is a positive step in changing that. bringing black stu d e nts changing that. bringing black students through the door is only step one. we know that even when black students get three a grades
11:57 am
at a—level they are less likely to get a first or a—level they are less likely to get afirst ora a—level they are less likely to get a first or a 2.1 than their white peers, even when they come in with high grades. there are institutional problems, not just cambridge, high grades. there are institutional problems, notjust cambridge, but at other high entry institutions across the country. what are the problems? they will think if they had got in, what happens between getting in and getting to your degree point? what goes wrong that they are getting fewer of the top qualifications, the top marks? there are a number of issues. the area requires more research. earlier this week a report came out highlighting that racist bullying and harassment on campuses across the country is still rife. the solution to that would be to look at the work that is being done tackling sexual harassment across campuses and trying to learn from that approach. we also know that the curriculum is not necessarily representative and, in many subjects, does not reflect the
11:58 am
breadth of knowledge from around the world that it kid. these are two barriers where there is evidence that the any students are impacted. -- bme —— bme students. -- bme students. now an update on the stabbings at the arndale centre. we have a statement from greater manchester police. they say we are currently responding to an incident at the arndale shopping centre in manchester city centre. officers are in attendance. early inquiries suggest several people had been stabbed. a man in his 40s has been arrested on suspicion of serious assault. he has been taken into custody for questioning. this is the first opportunity we have had to show these moving pictures from outside the arndale centre. going back to the statement, greater manchester police say inquiries
11:59 am
remain ongoing and anyone with information should call them. there you see the heart of manchester, these scenes of police in significant numbers arriving at the arndale centre, and evacuating the building. that is the scene inside now. as we saw a moment ago, a man on the ground with one police officer holding him down and another holding a taser has that man was arrested. greater manchester police are saying a man in his 40s arrested on suspicion of serious assault. they are saying several people had been stabbed. they will go to manchester shortly. let's have a quick pause to catch up with the weather. more rain in the forecast today and into the weekend as well. quite a few heavy showers in the north—west of the uk. two bands
12:00 pm
of rain across england and wales which will be slipping their way southwards. it should brighten up as the rain continues towards the south east. it will be windy on the south coast later. very windy along the central belt of scotland. temperatures around 13 degrees. in the rain further south, highs of 17, 18. around 13 degrees. in the rain furthersouth, highs of 17, 18. not a cold day with the rain just yet. the rain will continue on and off. not far away from the midlands, east anglia, further north. the showers will ease down. as the winds drop, it will get colder. further south the temperatures will remain in double figures. more rain this weekend, particularly in southern areas on saturday. turns quite heavy as well with the rain continuing into sunday, bringing the risk of 01:00:54,236 --> 1431655368:25:05,968 further 1431655368:25:05,968 --> 2863310735:49:17,699 localised 2863310735:49:17,699 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 flooding.
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