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not many quickly though. not many white lines or isobars on the chart which means the winds are very light so the only thing you will notice on saturday is a little bit of cloud. perhaps the odd showerfor wales a little bit of cloud. perhaps the odd shower for wales and the south—west once again, another one day for the time of year. we will see patchy rain to the north of scotla nd see patchy rain to the north of scotland later in the day. the band of cloud will drift southwards towards england and wales on sunday, the odd hefty of it. showery rain into northern scotland, cooler gci’oss into northern scotland, cooler across the western half of the uk, still warm further south. that's all from the bbc news at six. on bbc one we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are. goodbye.
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hello, the time is 630, i am all the at the pbc sportscenter. he will stand down as the head coach at the end of his contract next summer, get up end of his contract next summer, get up and do the take charge of the british team at the olympics this year. and then lead england into the euros on a home so next year. and then lead england into the euros on a home so next year. but both of been postponed. he was the most high—profile appointment that ever made in women's football. as a player, but i'm proven in the women's game and as a manager. phil neville was going to leave them into a home euros to the summer but that has been moved tojuly 2022 and with this contract due to expire, it has been decided that he will not stay on. considering the shift and tournament schedules, stepping down now i think would be the right thing to do. we are looking for progress and the lionesses as a group are
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desperate to become number one in the world and that is a statement that phil neville said was his intention as well. boy does happen since the world cup does not fill me with thejudgement of since the world cup does not fill me with the judgement of confidence. he had led england to theirfirst with the judgement of confidence. he had led england to their first cup title last year. it propelled them into the 2000 nineteen road compass contenders but this was the high point. after brushing aside norway in the quarterfinal, they were beaten by the usa in the semifinals. the team they had hoped to emulate and the results of unruffled sense. defeat for england. in the last 11 games. and the backing of the fa, the pressure is beginning to show. would there be scrutiny under the future, are you the right man to lead? i expect better. i expect better of the team. the socialist replacement begins, jill ellis, the
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two—time world when in cup agent is currently a free agent. emma hayes is also been linked to the role, saying she is happy where she is. and manchester united katie stone, and ingrid captain. the fa have time on this side but they must use it wisely. though nothing was meant to be the man to bring england forward, off the pitch, he has taken it to new heights but when it comes to results, they have at best stood still. the exact date for the tournament will be from july the 6th tournament will be from july the 6th to the 31st. which overlaps with the commonwealth games in birmingham and that was a number of items on the agenda at uefa's community meeting. and they are trying to finish their domestic leagues rather than declare them null and void orfind a
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solution for teams to qualify for next season's champions league and europa leagues on sporting merit. non—league football will not resume this season. top of the national league and on course for a promotion to leak two, but third—place notts cou nty wa nt to leak two, but third—place notts county want a chance to go up themselves but there will be a vote on how to decide the season's outcome. i think all options are probably on the table at the moment and hopefully they'll be put to the clu bs and hopefully they'll be put to the clubs and what i hope everyone looks of the integrity of the game and finishing the season rather than taking the easy option ofjust saying we've got nothing to play for and so, let's make the same for the clu bs. and so, let's make the same for the clubs. charged with misconduct by the football association after he climbed into the stands following
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game at the tottenham hot springs game, when they were knocked out of the cup on penalties by norwich at the cup on penalties by norwich at the start of march. he was trying to intervene after spotting his brother involved in an altercation. is going to the 8th of may to respond the charge. the international cricket council met today to discuss the major tournaments coming in the calendar, the men's t20 in australia in october goes ahead as it stands, although organisers there will have contingency plans in place. they also need to work out whether they can stage any domestic competition this summer and here's our sports correspondent. cards on the table, what is the chances of a meaningful season? this is the summer of the hundred. of the best players in the world. new teams, new audience? would there be any point in
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launching it if the games are being played behind closed doors and could all of the star players signed by the franchises actually get here? the complicating factor is players coming from overseas and there are a lot of trouble going on in making it difficult for people to come over here. that is an important factor for the hundred and for all forms of cricket as well. normally the counties of play involved in championship cricket, tick red ball or the red 20 bucks. white ball cricket and we comes to a choice between these two, i think it is obvious that the t20 would be victorious. the fact that they would make more money from one cricket in the fence are accessible in the evening and the weekend so, we have to respect that and i think that more white ball will be placed in
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red ball for now. but of the season can actually extend into 0ctober, right now, the clubs are just trying to adapt. derbyshire have furloughed their entire staff as they tried to protect the business. we have faced a lot of our financial moderating but the risk is scenario is that there is no cricket this year and i think will be well over £1 million of revenue that was not the case. so much of the incoming cricket is generated by international matches, so it is vital for the counties in the game as a whole for england to play at least some matches this summer. the world snooker champion thinks that the sports and very good hands and will be able to survive the lock down. he said the best season the lock down. he said the best season of his career with the record—breaking six ranking titles.
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you should be defending his work crime right now after his victory at the crucible but that it's been postponed until the end ofjuly. the crucible but that it's been postponed until the end ofjulylj am able to practice in my house for the past five weeks, but i would like to play in snooker clubs that have been shut down and they may still be shut down with a world championship comes around. logistically, it is still going to be difficult for some players to get back up and running and people may have to make changes and even for me, it's going to be a little bit difficult, especially in the summer as well, the myths want to practice midsummer on sundays and we have to practice every day which is something that is what we are not used to. that is all from the sportscenter for now. the headlines on bbc news.
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it was confirmed that the uk reported 616 more coronavirus deaths in the hospital, bringing the total to 18,738. that does not include deaths and care homes or in the community. matt hancock said that tomorrow, all essential workers and their households who have symptoms would be able to book tests for coronavirus. he added that about 18,000 people are being hired as pa rt 18,000 people are being hired as part of a team involved in tracing infections. and professorjohn newton said the uk is on track to increase his capacity to the promised amount of 100,000 tests a day. matt hancock has been explaining the new procedures for essential workers. our ultimate goal is that everyone who could benefit from a test, gets a test. but of course, we had to start by
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prioritising patients in hospital, followed by nhs and social care collea g u es followed by nhs and social care colleagues and by those in care homes. as we expected the capacity from 2000 tests a day to 10,000, so we have been able to further expand access. today, i can go further. we can make it easier, faster and simplerfor any can make it easier, faster and simpler for any essential worker in england who needs a test to get a test. from today, employers essential workers who will be able to go on the website to get the test for any of their staff who need a test and from tomorrow, any essential workers who need a test will be able to book an appointment on golf essential household workers who need a test. it is all part of getting
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britain back on herfeet. those included are essential workers that are based on the list for schools and education set out on the website. the whole process will be free and once you have entered your details on the website, you will get a text oran details on the website, you will get a text or an e—mail inviting you to book an appointment. after you have had your test, results to be sent out via text and the help desk will be available to deal with questions. you will be available to deal with questions. you cannot go online can still apply to their employer. he also explained why there is no immediate prospect that the current lockdown measures will be east. the tests that we have set out which is the basis from which others, for instance, the scottish government have been developed their plans. those tests are the critical tests when changes can be made. and of course, monitoring what is happening
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in making sure there use of the right time is critical. of the message remains to your viewers and eve ryo ne message remains to your viewers and everyone of message remains to your viewers and eve ryo ne of a cross message remains to your viewers and everyone of across the country, the message remains the same that people need to stay at home to protect the nhs and save lives. the reason we have clarity is because it has succeeded in bringing down and flattening the curve. but we not through that yet and there is an awful lot work that still needs to be done we are absolutely determined to avoid a second peak and so we have set out precisely the five tests for when, we have not met them yet and therefore we must keep the social distancing measures in place. joining me now via webcam is the shadow health minister. good evening. thank you very much for joining us. i hope that it is
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possible for anyone to get the test because what we have seen so far is what's on the podium heavily matching the reality on the ground and there's still a lot of questions as to how actually it is going to be possible for a lot of people to get hold of these tests because we are still talking about people having to drive for over an hour just to still talking about people having to drive for over an hourjust to get toa drive for over an hourjust to get to a testing station and that has not really been addressed in any detail today is probably the biggest obstacle detail today is probably the biggest o bsta cle to detail today is probably the biggest obstacle to people that are getting the test of the moment the government have not quite gotten their head around what they should do about that. they did show a map of the new testing centres and also the role of the army what it will play in of this. yes. i think it is probably coming a bit too late as we have seen a number of other things. but what we saw on that map, there is no coverage at all and unless
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there's an issue there with none that, there will be an issue over the coming weeks. very strong and rapid movement into the community of testing is the only way we're going to get on top of this virus. do welcomed the movement to expand this to all key workers and their families? yes. i think ultimately we are going to have to see every member of the community have the ability to access this. that's lovely to see any relaxation and being able to work out who has been infected and so on. we also need to carry on and increasing the availability of these tests. and the ease of access is that people in the ca re ease of access is that people in the care homes approving so difficult to test a lot of people there. and of course, a lot of the assumptions being made about availability or
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quitting public transport of people have their own vehicles or indeed that there well enough to drive and not all of those things apply all of the country. that is why i think we need to keep mentioning this issue because i do not think it is quite getting through to the government yet that it is not easy to drive over an hour away from something thatis over an hour away from something that is not accessible through public transport. the 100,000 tests a day, they are saying that they are on track now to achieve that. the proof will be in the pudding. we have had lots of targets and state m e nts have had lots of targets and statements made and none of them have been delivered. so we will have to wait and see into the end of the month when that is actually being achieved in sustained upon. the only way were going to get on top of this is if we have massive testing across the country. he was asked about lockdown and he was speaking on it
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in more detail and matt hancock, do you think that the government should be more detailed, more specific about a way out of this for people? yes. i think we need to start the dialogue that scotland has just begun and it seems the scottish government is capable of entering into a discussion about lockdown but also the same time, continuing to adhere to it and i think people in england arejust adhere to it and i think people in england are just as capable of doing that and think it is important to be at this discussion because we have seen over the past few months, how may things the government has introduced in the last minute that have actually changed as a result of feedback they have received and i don't think a proposals can be improved upon by dialogue with the public and that leads to better decision, or this one from decisions but he would not give people. it
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will give them time to process this and on the lockdown issue, it's about characteristics of the slow response of the government have had, be it testing equipment, the crisis in the social care sector, we all seem to be a bit behind the curve and soi seem to be a bit behind the curve and so i do hope what is happening in scotland today is a little bit of a push for the government start having an grown up conversation about what the measures could look like in the future. as temperature reached towards thousand hospital deaths which do not include those thanking care homes or hospices, plans are being made on where to store bodies. in northamptonshire, a temporary mortuary in northamptonshire a temporary mortuary has opened capable mortuary of taking three hundred bodies, but the authorities are looking
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for space for another nine hundred. helen mulroy has more. the stark reality of the coronavirus pandemic. with the increase of death across the country, temporary mortuaries are being created out of necessity. locally, we know we have the capacity of around 230 spaces to store deceased bodies across the hospitals in northampton and so we are seeing around 100% increase in terms of the recorded deaths over the last week or so and we have to see this facility and placed a mixture of the capacity to treat people in the most dignified way as he moved through this process. undertakers and funeral homes are under immense pressure at this time. for them, facilities like these are key to ensure that they can offer people and their families the dignified sendoff is that they deserve. it has been very difficult. i think the good thing that this facility is going to bring us is that we're going to be able to offer those vital services that we do
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every day. we are able to come here, we are able to make sure we are treating loved ones with respect they need, bring them into this facility and help them to release some of those pressures that we are receiving under, but we are experiencing in our funeral receiving under, but we are experiencing in ourfuneral homes in that process is been very well worked with the council, and the corner. they have all been redeployed from of the roles within the council police and fire brigade. many felt compelled to volunteer. like charlotte, she happened to work in the police department working on vulnerable adults but because she feels she had the relevant skills to help, you want to give something back and know that actually what you're doing is making a difference to somebody. my dad passed away six years ago but i know it is horrific for anyone who goes through anything like that and to know that actually, i wanted to know that anyone who
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came here was going to be treated as i want came here was going to be treated as iwanta came here was going to be treated as i want a family member of my to be treated. this facility is already in use with room currently for 300 bodies, but northamptonshire county council are working to increase capacity to 900. they hope that its capacity to 900. they hope that its capacity is one that they want have to use. not everything being shared online can be trusted. here's our reality check correspondent chris morris with the latest health claims that you should ignore. countries around the world lockdown but dodgy claims are still spreading fast across the internet. here are a few more that are worth checking. claim sg 5g was a favourite target of conspiracy theorists, long before the new coronavirus appeared. and of the new coronavirus appeared. and of the myths of just the new coronavirus appeared. and of the myths ofjust been tweaked a
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bit. for the avoidance of this, they have told them both claims are absolute rubbish. 5g radio waves are nearly not strong enough to affect immunity and the disease can tra nsfer immunity and the disease can transfer that's is impossible. a social media posted by the doctor who allegedly recovered from covid—19 after inhaling steam has been widely shared. people do inhale stea m been widely shared. people do inhale steam to deal with things like a blocked nose, but there's no evidence that it works for treatment of coronavirus. high—temperatu re stea m of coronavirus. high—temperatu re steam cleaning of services is used to kill viruses in places like hospitals. but any attempt inhale industrial steam that hot be incredibly dangerous. claim number three, skin colour can protect you
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from covid—19. there have been persistent suggestions on social media about skin colour the resista nce media about skin colour the resistance it might give you to falling ill with covid—19. there have been rooms in africa the people with black skin can't cash —— can't catch coronavirus but that justis —— can't catch coronavirus but that just is not true. black people have been catching the virus and dying from it. vaccines are already available. no they are not. lots of scientists are working on a vaccine but it would take a long time to develop and distribute work. at the moment, there is no vaccine to prevent covid—19. the world health organisation says things claim to be organisations are on unregulated websites can be considered fake and
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significant risk to public health. we were claims that are on quick fixes, many of them are probably too good to be true and think twice before you share them. as muslims prepare to begin the holy month of ramadan, some doctors are expressing concern that the official advice about social distancing isn't reaching many in the community. 0ur religion editor martin bashir has been speaking to one gp in greater manchester, to hear her views about fasting, faith and whether public health messages are cutting through. with afternoon surgery over, dr siema iqbal is on the school run. she and her husband are key workers, and at the start of ramadan she says she's concerned about whether the government's message on the coronavirus is getting through. i don't understand how it would get through to the muslim community. a lot of the messaging coming out from the government is in english. it's on radio stations and on tv channels that they may not necessarily be listening
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to or watching. even the letters that we send out advising patients to shield themselves for 12 weeks, they are all in english. these are real specific challenges that this community in particular is facing. 46% of the muslim community lives in the 10% of the most deprived parts of the uk. that surely plays a part. we also have increasing rates of poverty, ill—health, and we have a lot of the community doing more of the precarious roles. they may be working as cleaners, bus drivers, front line workers. a promotional video prepares british muslims for ramadan during the pandemic. no prayers at the mosque. and without communal meals, iftars, like this one held in london last year, that break the daily fast. how significant is the gathering of muslims together at that time? we find that actually people's perception of muslims in this
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country has improved through simply coming together to have a meal. for us, seeing the many thousands of stories we've heard from people who have come to events and have left feeling more optimistic, feeling a sense of belonging, it's incredibly difficult to accept the fact that we will not be able to reach out to those in the same way. but the challenges of ramadan this year may yet present an opportunity. i'm always apprehensive about fasting. will i be able to get through the day? how angry will i get when i'm hungry? you know, how much am i going to shout at the children? i think the pandemic has actually brought me closer to religion and made me more spiritual. i can't imagine how awful it must be to do iftar on your own. but i think it will bring us back to the true essence of fasting. martin bashir, bbc news.
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i love. it yet another dry and mostly sunny day across the area a lot of high clout here and there with some lower cloud that plagues the northern aisles were part of the day and plenty of blue skies overhead and we keep one clear dispose of rehab through tonight and i think we will see some low clouds rolling its way in from the north sea supports yorkshire and east india and present to the midlands, ca ntor india and present to the midlands, cantor and quite misty and murky to the early hours of friday in these areas. generally between two or 9 degrees with some spots in scotland dipping below freezing, allowing a touch of frost to develop. into tomorrow we will see this area of cloud with sadness across the midlands and it will turn to break up midlands and it will turn to break up very quickly in any missed within the lift and then we will again see plenty of sunshine to take us
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through the day. potential for some extra cloud and a little bit on the cool side across the far north and east of the uk, generally speaking it isa east of the uk, generally speaking it is a very warm day with temperatures getting up to the 20s. as we head through, we could see one or two showers and service england. most were main tried but the chance of showers does tend to increase a little bit as we head through the weekend is going to feel a little bit cooler as well in a very slight pressure and would let me buy that, i may not many white lines in the chart, there's not much to push long changes will be very slow and versatile. still, a lot of dry weather but more the way of cloud, prince of wales southwest is a fairly warm day and to listen scotla nd fairly warm day and to listen scotland as a frontal system that is going to make some progress of southeast moved toward saturday night and into sunday. this little
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area of low pressure starts to develop and starts to push its way southwards and that's going to turn the weather a little bit more u nsettled the weather a little bit more unsettled we will see some showery rain sneaking into northern parts of scotla nd rain sneaking into northern parts of scotland and our weather front and band of cloud sinking into england and wales we could see the arch are breaking away from it and there will still be some spots of sunshine. still very warm in the south, returning noticeably cooler across northern parts of the uk.
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this is bbc news with the latest headlines for viewers in the uk and around the world. the start of the first human trials of a coronavirus vaccine in europe, hundreds of volunteers will get the vaccine, two of them were injected today in oxford. plans in the uk to step up the testing programme for coronavirus — by extending it to all essential workers. in the us, another 4.4 million people have applied for unemployment benefits in the past week. and here in the uk government is to borrow 225 billion pounds — taking the budget deficit to its highest level in peacetime history. and eu leaders discuss a massive coronavirus bailout, as the european central bank warns economic growth could fall by 15%.


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