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tv   BBC News  BBC News  April 17, 2021 10:00pm-10:31pm BST

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this is bbc news. i'm lukwesa burak. our top story. the queen leads mourners at the duke of edinburgh's funeral service, where only 30 people were allowed because of covid restrictions. prince philip's coffin travelled to the service on a specially adapted landrover — its design had been overseen by him. the duke's children and grandchildrenjoined the solemn procession. the buglers of the royal marines sounded the last post — after the duke was laid to rest in the royal vault.
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and across the nation, at 3pm, gun salutes and a minute's silence took place. and we'll be looking at the papers with our reviewers eve pollard and peter hunt — stay with us for that. in a few minutes viewers on bbc one willjoin us for a round up of the day's events with huw edwards. but before that — the duke of edinburgh was laid to rest at windsor castle earlier today. although the service itself was small, due to covid restrictions, the duke's love of the military was reflected in the pageantry, before the funeral in st george's chapel. inside the chapel, there were only 30 mourners, all members of the family
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or close friends. the queen sat alone — again due to covid rules — as she said goodbye to her husband of 73 years. the service was opened by the dean of windsor. we are here today in saint george's chapel to commit into the hands of god the soul of his servant, prince philip, duke of edinburgh. with grateful hearts we remember the many ways in which his long life has been a blessing to us. we have been inspired by his unwavering loyalty to our queen, by his service to the nation and the commonwealth, by his courage, fortitude and faith. our lives have been
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enriched through the challenges that he has set us, the encouragement that he has given us, his kindness, humour and humanity. we therefore pray that god will give us grace to follow his example and that with our brother philip, at the last, we shall know the joys of life eternal. my colleague reeta chakrabarti spent the day at windsor castle. after the funeral she spoke to camilla tominey, associate editor at the daily telegraph, who believes that the images of prince william and prince harry chatting as they made their way out of the chapel after the service were encouraging. it's an important image to send
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across the world amid all of these reports of tensions ongoing between the pair. it was particularly significant that they were all expected to go into state vehicles to be convened back to windsor castle and chose instead to walk. may be a reflection of the lovely weather. but equally i think the brothers wanted to be seen to be chatting. a lot had been made of the fact they were not going to stand shoulder to shoulder in the possession and would be flanking their older cousin and i thought it was significant to see the duchess of cambridge chatting to her brother—in—law and then choosing to move to the side somewhat to let william and harry speak in the full glare of the cameras. i think that changes the optics around their ongoing differences, doesn't it? do we have any idea of anything that happened afterwards? buckingham palace are very tight—lipped about anything which happened after the ceremony ended at four o'clock. we don't think that some members of the royalfamily left until a little later, maybe two hours later and my understanding is you are allowed a wait of up
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to 15 people perhaps even gathered in groups outside under the rule of four. it does seem as though some family members did remain behind to stay with the queen. equally, no sign that prince harry has jetted off to be remains in windsor, we think, at his former home. if you do have to be in groups and outside it is the perfect weather for it. talking about the images that we will retain from this afternoon, the other main one is that of the solitary figure that the queen now cuts. very much so. the image of the pomp and pageantry outside will stay with people watching and that military precision. to be fair, the british armed forces do do it very well. the site of the coffin going up the west steps but equally, once inside it was quite unusual, of course, to see the queen and royals in face masks, and a particular image where she had her head bowed and only saw the top of her black
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hat and handbag on her lap which seemed to me a sad image, really in terms of a woman facing the rest of her life without her beloved husband at her side. she is 95 next week and i think we can expect those birthday celebrations to be extremely muted as she comes to terms with everything that has gone on in the last week. this is a personal sadness, isn't it? as a monarch she has carried out royal duties in the past few years since prince philip retired from public life either by herself or with other members of the family. chooses to now sort of flying solo are not having her liege man next to because he did retire in 2017 and having said that, they describe her as head of state and him as head of the family and he was the ultimate patriarch, wore the trousers while she wore the crown and i think to be without that figure in her life and in herfamily�*s lives is obviously going to take some adjusting to. and we saw that as well with the outpouring from members of the military who the duke
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was attached to and charitable organisations, even staff at windsor mourning the loss of such a towering figure in this place and other residences around the country. do you see this as a new chapter, new phase in the green�*s are by far is that too strong? i think there is always going to be talk of transition because of the queen's advancing years but she has not devolved that many duties since prince philip stepped back from public duties. yes, prince charles lays a wreath at the cenotaph these days and undertakes some of the long haul travel but she her red boxes every day and she is the one communicated with the prime minister last week we saw her carrying out a couple of engagement saying goodbye to her old lord chamberlain and welcoming his replacement. the business of monarchy goes on and the show goes on for hirsch. she is the epitome of the slogan keep calm and carry on, and that is what we can expect her to do.
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bell tolls. the longest—serving royal consort in british history has been laid to rest in st george's chapel, windsor. the duke of edinburgh's coffin was followed by the prince of wales, his sister and brothers, eight days after their father's death at the age of 99. the queen sat alone in the chapel, mourning the loss of a much—loved husband.
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a small congregation attended the funeral, closing a remarkable chapter of modern royal history. good evening. eight days after his death, his royal highness prince philip, the duke of edinburgh, has been laid to rest at st george's chapel windsor, in the presence of her majesty the queen, and a small congregation of family members. the service, in line with the duke's wishes, was restrained, with no tributes paid, as the queen sat alone, a widow, after 73 years of marriage. the dean of windsor paid tribute to prince philip's �*kindness, humour and humanity'.
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ahead of the service, more than 700 members of the armed forces had taken part in a military and musical tribute before a nationwide silence was observed. 0ur royal correspondent nicholas witchell was watching the day's events. it was at windsor castle that they fell in love. it was wartime. the young lieutenant philip mountbatten spent his leave at the castle visiting the then—princess elizabeth. they were married in 1947. they spent many of the happiest moments of their 73 years together at windsor. and it was within the ancient walls of this castle, that the nation paid its final tributes. music: i vow to thee my country. drawn up in the spring sunshine on the castle�*s quadrangle were the military detachments. they stood with heads bowed and rifles reversed. the scale was smaller than would have been the case without the pandemic,
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though that's hardly something that would have troubled the duke. he, after all, had choreographed much of what was to follow. the land rover hearse, which the duke had helped to design, moved to its position by the state entrance. the duke's coffin was borne on the shoulders of a bearer party from the grenadier guards. the coffin was covered with the duke's personal standard and surmounted with his sword and naval cap, and a wreath from the queen. with great care, it was placed on the hearse. behind the hearse were members of the royal family who were walking to the chapel, headed by the prince of wales. music: god save the queen. a royal salute sounded. and then the first sight of the queen, accompanied
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by a lady in waiting, in the state bentley, taking position as the order was given for the procession to step off. present arms. bell tolls close by was one of the horse—drawn carriages the duke had taken such pleasure in driving. 0n the seat his cap and gloves. among the members of the family walking behind the coffin were princes william and harry. the focus of so much attention. walking with their cousin, peter phillips, between them.
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bell tolls the procession wound its way past the castle�*s round tower. by the side entrance to st george's chapel, other members of the royal family stood with their heads bowed. the queen made her way into the chapel, pausing to look back as the hearse moved on down the hill. 0n the wreath of white roses and lilies on the coffin was a card, on which were the handwritten words, "in loving memory." at the west door of the chapel, the royal marines bore the coffin up the steps. inside the chapel, the queen took her place in the quire.
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before they entered the chapel, the bearer party paused as a field gun signalled the start of a one minute's silence. the coffin was borne into the chapel and placed on to the catafalque. around it, the 30 members of the congregation, all of them masked.
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the service began with a tribute to the duke from the dean of windsor. with grateful hearts we remember the many ways in which his long life has been a blessing to us. we have been inspired by his unwavering loyalty to our queen, by his service to the nation and the commonwealth, by his courage, fortitude and faith. the small congregation sat in its family groups. the queen sat alone. so did prince harry. after prayers, the commendation was delivered as the duke's coffin began slowly to descend to the royal vault. in the name ofjesus christ who suffered for thee. in the name of the holy spirit who strengtheneth thee.
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may thy portion this day be in peace, and thy dwelling in the heavenlyjerusalem. amen. and then a distinctive touch, characteristic of the duke. royal marine buglers sounded the royal navy's call to action stations. royal marines sound action stations at the end of her husband's funeral, the choir sang the national anthem. seldom can its words have had greater poignancy. # god save the queen.# the family mourners departed, a widowed queen to her castle, and two brothers, william and harry, walked away together,
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alongside the duchess of cambridge. the duke of edinburgh is gone, but the brothers know that he would have wanted the family to move on, and for differences to be healed. nicholas witchell, bbc news. our royal correspondent nicholas witchell is here. the point you made at the end of your report, it is often said that funerals can bring families together, that any rifts can be healed, will this be one of these occasions?— healed, will this be one of these occasions? ., u, _ occasions? the one thing we can say with certainty _ occasions? the one thing we can say with certainty is _ occasions? the one thing we can say with certainty is that _ occasions? the one thing we can say with certainty is that no _ occasions? the one thing we can say with certainty is that no one - occasions? the one thing we can say with certainty is that no one would . with certainty is that no one would have wanted this distraction on a solemn day such as this, certainly not them, certainly not their grieving grandmother, but there is a rift and it is bad for them and bad for the royalfamily, and as far as one can understand, william feels disappointed and let down and harry feels resentful and he is also very bound up with the attitudes and the lifestyle of california. i wonder
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what impact this brief but intense re—immersion fought harry in his old royal life today would have had on him. —— for. he's been surrounded by the entire family on a day of heightened emotion, surrounded by the military and uniforms, by ceremony, the things he rather enjoyed and admired, everything today will ever said to harry, duty, the thing that many people feel he has walked away from. what sort of interaction has there been? there was minimal interaction as far as we could see as they walked down to the chapel and there was some engagement as they walked away after the service, harry talking to kate and william seem to be rather reluctant to engage initially. you have to hope that they have found the time in the hours since to have a proper heart to heart with each other, if only out of deference for their grieving grandmother and for the memory of their grandfather who
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certainly would be saying to them, surely, move on, sort this out, will be the one positive and tangible thing that might come from today. we will talk a bit later that may be responsibilities within the family will evolve further in the months and years ahead but for now thank you very much. outside the walls of windsor castle, despite the fact that police had asked people not to gether because of the covid restrictions, there were small groups determined to pay their respects. some stopped to leave flowers, others praised the royal family for setting an example, by limiting numbers at the funeral service. our royal correspondent daniela relph reports on how windsor and its people responded to the events of the day. there was a quiet early calm to windsor. picture perfect for this day of solemnity and remembrance.
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the town, the backdrop to so many royal occasions, had been asked to do something different today — to stay away, to not gather, and abide by covid rules. despite the warnings, people still came, just not in the usual numbers. just like to be here, because of the whole situation. it's so sad, prince philip's passing. we are outside, but we are inside in a way, you know what i mean? so that's different, you just don't have that feeling when you watch it on tv. we can see people who came to pay respects, and for a day— we are a community here, so it's nice _ at three o'clock, the gun salute could be heard beyond the castle walls. and windsor, like elsewhere, fell silent.
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at the castle view retirement village in windsor, the funeral was an emotional watch. well, you are quite moved by it, you know, surprisingly. more than you think it's going to. i feel very privileged to be here and support a special person whose life was very well spent. a shared experience. this family lives near windsor and watched together.
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i felt it was very sad that the queen had to sit on her own. that was a real big picture, probably something you never sort of expected to see. i thought it was really nice that they... because he was with her for so long and it was nice to, like, be able to say goodbye. today, the normal rules didn't apply. the crowds were smaller, the remembrance restrained. but the memories of a man so strongly connected with this royal town will endure. daniela relph, bbc news, windsor. the duke of edinburgh was the longest serving royal consort in british history. in that role, he undertook more than 20,000 engagements in britain and around the world, promoting charities and causes close to his heart, such as conservation and technology. in the past week, people who met the duke have been
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sharing their memories, as our correspondent danny savage reports. this is the legacy the duke of edinburgh has left behind. right, girls, so it's your silver d of e training day. on the weekend of his funeral, young people are out facing the challenges of what they call their d of e. right, girls, are you ready? yes! let's go. these schoolgirls from manchester were in the peak district, participating in the duke of edinburgh award scheme, very much aware of the significance of the day. i think he was an amazing man, and he was really important to the queen. 73 years of marriage is obviously quite a long time, so he's left a humongous legacy behind. he was brilliant. i feel honoured to be able to take part in something that he's founded. i feel really, really sorry for the queen because i know he was such a big, big part of her life. but i think that he's really going to be with us for a very long time — he's got such a big legacy with the duke of edinburgh award. allison bray is one of many
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thousands of people who would have gone to windsor today. she has worn black since he died. she and herfriend, bev, have been to all the recent big royal events, and have made their own picture books of photos they took. but, today, she had to reluctantly stay at home. i like to go down to the events, because i like to be part of the atmosphere. i do feel extremely sad that i can't go, but at least i can watch it on the television. also watching at home in county durham was ronnie. eight years ago, he invited the duke to open a local school project. i do remember the day that i spent, the moments we shared over lunch. he was quite a witty, funny man. he was inspirational on the day. i think he had this uncanny knack of putting everybody at ease. he changed people's lives for the better. the duke of edinburgh's century long journey
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may have ended today, but, for many years to come, young people will be outdoors in his name, acquiring the life skills he wanted them to have. danny savage, bbc news. will talk more about the events in windsor later in the programme. let's turn now to the latest on the pandemic, and the latest government figures show that there were 2,206 new coronavirus infections recorded in the latest 24—hour period — which means that on average the number of new cases reported per day in the last week is 2,534. the latest daily figure for the number of people across the uk in hospital with coronavirus is 2,186. 35 deaths were reported, that's people who died within 28 days of a positive covid—i9 test. on average in the past week, 26 deaths were announced every day. the total number of deaths so far across the uk is 127,260.
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as for the continuing vaccination programme — nearly 120,000 people have had their first dose of a covid—19 vaccine in the latest 2a hour period. taking the overall number of people who've had their firstjab to over 32.5 million. the number of people who've had their second dose of the vaccine in the latest 2a hour period is 485,000. that takes the overall number of people who've had their second jab to nearly 9.5 million people. some other elements of the day's news. the leading british choreographer liam scarlett has died at the age of 35. his death was announced a day after the royal danish theatre said it had cancelled the production of a ballet he had been working on, following allegations of offensive behaviour. mr scarlett was investigated over sexual misconduct allegations at the royal opera house last year,
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but was cleared. the czech republic is expelling 18 russian diplomats over their alleged involvement in an explosion at a munitions dump in 2014. the czech police have also tweeted images of two men they want to speak to in connection with the incident. the men appear to be the two russian intelligence officers sought by the uk in connection with the salisbury poisonings in 2018. time to catch up with the saturday sport now, here's olly foster. thank you. dozens of sports events were rescheduled today because of the duke of edinburgh's funeral, and others paused for a minute's silence. in the first of the fa cup semifinals, chelsea ended manchester city's hopes of a clean sweep of major trophies, winning1—0. here's our sports correspondentjoe wilson. wembley in sunshine and in silence, for the duke of edinburgh.
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whistle well, two talented teams in good form competing to reach the fa cup final. dark blue of chelsea flowing, until the finish. a manager who expected better. the second half began with kevin de bruyne in pain, the star in manchester city's galaxy, his match was over. and soon chelsea were ahead. timo werner was quick, and zack steffen in the city goal was drawn in. thus the goal was open. commentator: hakim ziyech puts the ball in the back _ of the manchester city net! 1—0 could have been two almost immediately. this time the goalkeeper was in the right place and hakim ziyech had the regrets. manchester city had their moments belatedly but, in truth, not many. he has other competition to consider but the fa cup opportunity is now chelsea's, as the season stretches
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towards trophies.


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