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tv   The Funeral of HRH The Prince...  BBC News  April 18, 2021 3:30am-4:01am BST

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husband, the duke of edinburgh. prince philip has been laid to rest after a funeral service at windsor castle, reflecting his lifetime of service and dedication to the queen. in attendance were their children, including the prince of wales. prince philip's coffin travelled to the service on a specially adapted landrover that he helped design. members of the armed forces took part in a military and musical tribute — before a nationwide silence was observed. the ceremony was in line with prince philip's wishes, with no tributes paid. walking together after the service, the two brothers — princes william and harry — who have been at odds in recent months. prince philip died last week at the age of 99. he was the longest—serving consort, having been married to queen elizabeth for more than 70 years. now on bbc news — a special programme on the funeral
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of his royal highness, prince philip, the duke of edinburgh. for more than 1,000 years, in good times and in bad, the town of windsor has taken pride in its enduring bond with the monarchy. and today, under blue skies and in glorious sunshine, the royal borough provides the setting for a funeral. a ceremonial funeral, as the longest—serving consort in the history of the royal family is laid to rest. a long and productive lifetime, a history of real achievement, a peaceful death at the age of 99. these are all things certainly to celebrate
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and to mark with gratitude. today's funeral for his royal highness the prince philip, duke of edinburgh will certainly celebrate a life well lived. but it will also be a time of grief and loss for her majesty the queen, who, for over 70 years counted on the strength and advice of a dutiful husband and consort. it's a time of loss, too, for the children, grandchildren and the wider family. it was here at windsor castle, eight days ago, that prince philip passed away, and it is here in the private chapel that the prince has been lying at rest before today's funeral, which will take place within the castle precincts in the splendour of saint george's chapel. the burial place of some of britain's greatest monarchs. and we have the band of the royal marines making a very, very grand and impressive entrance.
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they, too, are part of this tri—service band today. we saw the royal air force marines just starting, taking their place, and they will be playing a selection of music. it's a glorious selection of music, which, again, is a list of tunes that the duke wanted himself — very much his own choice. let's take in this scene because this is one of the most poignant moments. that there in the bottom of the shot we have just seen, and now we have a great view of it, is the carriage, that is the duke's carriage. he was a very expert carriage driver. and on the seat of the carriage, just to underline again how poignant this is, we have the cap and the whip. there we have them. and all of this planned,
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all of this there for people to take in the interests, the commitments, the diligence in the best possible sense of the duke in all areas of life, but this isjust a lovely element, i think. the carriage, which willjust stand there as a reminder of something that he took on at the age of 50 and went on to do for over a0 years. look at this. this is a land rover — clearly — but it is a land rover that has been converted into effect into a hearse, and it has been designed over the course of many years, actually, modified from the year 2003 initially by the duke himself.
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music: god save the queen.
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and the lastjourney begins.
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after a lifetime of carefully keeping two steps behind the queen, today, on his final journey, the duke takes precedence for the first and the last time. gun fires. bell tolls. band continues playing.
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# and though after my skin, worms destroy this body. # yet in my flesh shall i see god. # whom i shall see for myself. # and mine eye shall behold and not another. # we brought nothing into this world.
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# and it is certain we can carry nothing out. # the lord gave, and the lord hath taken away. we are here today in st george's chapel to commit into the hands of god the soul of his servant prince philip, duke of edinburgh. with grateful hearts, we remember the many ways in which his long life has been a blessing to us. we have been inspired by his unwavering loyalty to our queen, by his service to the nation and the
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commonwealth, by his courage, fortitude and faith. 0ur lives have been enriched through the challenges that he has set us, the encouragement that he has given us, his kindness, humour and humanity. we therefore pray that god will give us grace to follow his example, and that, with our brother philip, at the last, we shall know the joys of life eternal. # lord, have mercy upon us. # christ, have mercy upon us. # lord, have mercy upon us #.
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# 0ur father, which art in heaven. # hallowed be thy name. # thy kingdom come. # thy will be done in earth. # as it is in heaven. # give us this day our daily bread. # and forgive us our trespasses. # as we forgive them. # that trespass against us. # and lead us not into temptation. # but deliver us from evil.
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# amen #. we remember before thee this day philip, duke of edinburgh, rendering thanks unto thee — for his resolute faith and loyalty, for his high sense of duty and integrity, for his life of service to the nation and commonwealth, and for the courage and inspiration of his leadership. to him, with all the faithful departed grant thy peace. let light perpetual shine upon them and in thy loving wisdom and almighty power work in them the good purpose of thy perfect will, throuthesus christ our lord.
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amen. # give rest, 0 christ. # to thy servant with thy saints. # where sorrow and pain are no more. # neither sighing, but life everlasting.
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go forth upon thyjourney from this world, 0 christian soul. in the name of god the father almighty who created thee. in the name ofjesus christ who suffered for thee. in the name of the holy spirit who strengtheneth thee. may thy portion this day be in peace, and thy dwelling in the heavenlyjerusalem. amen.
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music: last post.
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music: reveille.
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god grant to the living grace, to the departed rest, to the church, the queen, the commonwealth and all people, unity, peace and concord, and to us and all god's servants, life everlasting. and the blessing of god almighty, father, son and holy spirit be with you all and remain
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with you always. amen. # god save our gracious queen. # long live our noble queen. # god save the queen. # send her victorious. # happy and glorious. # long to reign over us. # god save the queen #. organ plays.
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prince philip, the duke of edinburgh, being taken to his resting place in the royal vault beneath st george's chapel, windsor. her majesty the queen will be 95 in a few days�* time. being accompanied by the dean of windsor and the archbishop of canterbury. followed by prince charles, prince andrew, princess anne, prince edward, and theirfamilies from the chapel at the end of this funeral service. a funeral service so powerful
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in its simplicity and its elements reflecting the long life and the unshakeable christian faith of the duke of edinburgh. the dean of windsor, david conner, who presided over the service and officiated with dignity and calm, accompanying the queen to the car. i'm sure that you are at home will have been reflecting as we did in the studio, robert and katie here with me, on the beauty of that service and its simplicity. we think of the queen who is
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now alone. she is only getting all support she needs that she is alone in a different sense. they were not the couple who came together for any strategic reasons in that sense. h0. came together for any strategic reasons in that sense.- reasons in that sense. no, it was a very — reasons in that sense. no, it was a very enduring - reasons in that sense. no, it was a very enduring love - reasons in that sense. no, it i was a very enduring love story. 73 year marriage, really quite remarkable. and of course they celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary and i think, you know, the duke does represent a generation that is passed now and one that does continue to live on in the queen, but theirs was a wonderful love story of this is one of the final images that we saw of the duke and, they had come as you said, i think the queen takes great comfort in these times they had together at windsor. this past year, for all the hardship, it is a year that they have been brought together when they might not otherwise have been. that missed during must be of great comfort stops think today underlines the fact that in the same way as history— underlines the fact that in the same way as history talks about victoria and _
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same way as history talks about victoria and albert, _ same way as history talks about victoria and albert, and - same way as history talks about victoria and albert, and really l victoria and albert, and really do think— victoria and albert, and really do think history will talk for ever— do think history will talk for ever more about elizabeth and philip — ever more about elizabeth and phili -. �* ., , ever more about elizabeth and phili. ~ ., , ., ever more about elizabeth and phili. �* ., , ., philip. and of this image, look at this. this — philip. and of this image, look at this. this was _ philip. and of this image, look at this. this was released - at this. this was released yesterday. it is sophie wessex's photo. yesterday. it is sophie wessex's hoto. . ~ wessex's photo. taken in the scottish highlands _ wessex's photo. taken in the scottish highlands by - wessex's photo. taken in the scottish highlands by the - scottish highlands by the countess of wessex and this was a partnership at the height of the royalfamily, the most successful partnership. the queen and _ successful partnership. the queen and her— successful partnership. the queen and her close - successful partnership. the queen and her close family are backin queen and her close family are back in the state department here at windsor castle, no doubt reflecting on deeply moving service, a very dignified and sharp and stylish military procession which symbolised all that was vital, all that was salient, really, in the long life of prince philip, the duke of edinburgh. he now rests in peace in the royal vault below st george's chapel. having fought the good fight, having finished the race and having kept the faith. from windsor, goodbye.
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hello there. it's milder by morning across northern ireland and western scotland because we have cloud and some patchy rain. elsewhere, though, little or no cloud, so temperatures closer to freezing with some patchy frost around but it will warm up in the sunshine. much more cloud, though, on sunday for scotland and northern ireland, the rain and drizzle tending to peter out through the day. eastern scotland still dry and bright. more sunshine for of england and wales but cloud will bubble up across wales and western parts of england with more sunshine further east. temperatures will be higher than they were on saturday. maybe slightly cooler, though, under the cloud in scotland and northern ireland. very little rain again on monday, it's just hanging around towards the north—west after a dull and misty start for eastern england, we will get some sunshine coming through. sunny spells as we head into the afternoon with some patchy cloud around. again it's looking pretty dry, it's warming up in scotland and those temperatures continuing to climb across england and wales. it's going to be a warmer few
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days for the start of the week, and then from the midweek it does turn a little cooler but once again there's little or no rain.
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this is bbc news — welcome if you're watching here in the uk or around the globe. i'm reged ahmed. our top stories. queen elizabeth's husband — the duke of edinburgh — has been laid to rest in st george's chapel in windsor. the queen sat alone in the chapel — mourning the loss of a much—loved husband. a small congregation attended the funeral, closing a remarkable chapter of modern royal history. our other main news this hour.
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president biden has condemned the treatment of the russian


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