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tv   Click - Short Edition  BBC News  April 18, 2021 7:30pm-7:45pm BST

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mainly dry. parts of will become mainly dry. parts of eastern scotland will turn clearer, whereas for england and wales, plenty of clear skies. where you are clear, it's another night with the chance of a touch of frost for going into the morning. temperatures well above freezing, and that will be northwest scotland tomorrow. there will be some rain into the western aisles, but many fringes into the west of the mainland, western counties and northern ireland. the best of any sunshine will be in eastern counties. england and wales, any low cloud and mist and fog clears away and plenty of sunshine, just a small chance of an isolated shower, and it will feel warm and that sunshine. as we go monday night and into tuesday, we start to bring outbreaks of rain just further east into scotland, through northern ireland. still mainly dry and england and wales, so low cloud pushing back into parts of eastern england. generally, those temperatures are higher into tuesday morning, sojust an isolated
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temperatures are higher into tuesday morning, so just an isolated frost possible. then on tuesday, we start to nudge this area of cloud and it has to be said, not very much rain, very slowly away from scotland and northern ireland. clear skies following on behind. more cloud in recent days and the slight chance of picking up a shower, but still feeling warm with the sunny spells. turning cooler and the cooler weather pushing into northern scotland. as this weather front works southwards, barely any rain going into wednesday, another area of high pressure coming into settle things down once again. we introduce somewhat cooler air, so these are your temperatures. somewhat cooler air, so these are yourtemperatures. not somewhat cooler air, so these are your temperatures. not far away from average, but still the chance of a touch of frost in places overnight. but if you are looking for some rain for your garden, you're going to be disappointed. much of the week ahead is dry.
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hello. this is bbc news. millions enjoy the first weekend since england's lockdown was eased — but concerns as health officials confirm 77 cases of the indian variant across the uk. the organisation representing nhs trusts in england says it will take five years for some hospitals to catch up with the backlog caused by the pandemic. two russians suspected of carrying out the salisbury nerve agent poisonings, are now accused, over a czech arms depot explosion in 2014. the czechs, for example, in the past until quite recently have been quite reticent about basically picking a fight with moscow. and it's quite interesting now the czechs have pivoted
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and they're being very, very robust in their response. the government says it will examine any recommendation made by the inquiry, into the lobbying row, involving david cameron. nasa is attempting to make history with the first powered flight on another planet with a helicopter mission on mars. now on bbc news, it's time for click. welcome to click. we're into the second year of the sofa shows now so it's time to mix it up a bit! can you see anything different? can you? can you, lara? i can't see anything.
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is it your hair again? no, it's not the hair — the hair is always changing. no, keep looking. keep looking. what can it be? i will, but what i do know is that you've been having all of the fun this week. i certainly have! i've been walking a dog! now, do you know, during lockdown, everyone seems to have bought a dog, right? i know. i actually signed up to the borrowmydoggie app, where you can look after someone else�*s, but no—one replied to my messages. seriously? what on earth did you write? well, i think the problem may have been that i was too focused on "this will be great fun for my eight—year—old" rather than "i am a person who you really want to look after your dog". both chuckle. no! you've really got to love a dog to borrow a dog, haven't you? no, well, this is a story about walking a dog, even if you don't really like dogs. the now famous frame of spot the dog, built by robot specialists boston dynamics. these youtube videos released by the company have been entertaining us for the past four or five years as the group have developed increasingly complex
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and animal—like movements. it's now possible, believe it or not, to take spot for a walk from your own home. all you need is one of these, and that's what i am going to do right now. so i can see spot's point of view and cody, who's filming us. i don't know why i'm waving to her — she can't see me. and if ijust waggle these sticks, i can actually... laughs. straight towards cody and immediately, she picks the camera up because she thinks i'm gonna walk into her. 0k. so in theory, this is as easy as controlling any kind of in—game character. just with more serious consequences if i put it in the sea or something. the lag is nowhere near as bad as i thought it was going to be. over there is the golden gate bridge! look at that! oh, come on! he gets through the gate 5,000 miles away!
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we have a person, so i can — i can move up and then i can kind of go into pose mode and play with him. i can wag my tail. giggles. i can do a downward dog and an upward dog. hello. and this thing does have collision detection on it so if i accidentally put it into a bench or a wall, the robot should stop beforehand. so up until now, spot has attracted the attention of the military and the police — they are controversially looking at using robotics in combat and in law enforcement — but now, boston dynamics has put spot up for sale to companies and developers. the idea is they buy one and they programme it to do whatever they want. the question is what do they want? let's talk to spot's real ownerjeff linnell. what are people's reactions to spot normally? i mean, they've all got their phones out here —
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look at that. is this their normal reaction? you know, it is. it's actually — it's pretty binary. dogs love it or hate it and people are fascinated by it and bring their phones out, or they completely ignore it and go on about their lives. it's one or the other. this — this dog here has — has cocked its ears. i'm gonna — i'm gonna try wagging my tail. spot's on sale for about $75,000 — or about £55,000 here in the uk — so my first question is who's going to buy it and what for? a key one is for inspections — if you need to go look at a gauge in a remote area, maybe it is on an oil derrick or some piece of infrastructure that's hard to access. obviously security is an application but spot is a general purpose mobility platform. it's the one robot that can kind of get anywhere, so what you want to do with it and what you want to put on it is really up to the end user, and people are coming up
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with all sort of things. 0ne company that has already taken the lead of spot is cteh, a rescue service using spot to go into areas that are too dangerous for humans. spot is first and foremost about safety by distance. you know, we have people on the shoreline taking samples of water to be sent off for analysis and while we're doing that, if there's — if there's the fear that we need to be water sampling in the first place, then it is possible that even being in the area could be dangerous for those people. now with spot, we can do those same kind of things but before we've ever had to have a human suit up. all right, stairs mode. oh, my word! look! no way! he made it! i think we're gonna see them in our work life. you'll see them in warehouses, you'll see them in the back of a grocery store doing inventory, so it's starting to happen. reads: "do not enter. area closed to the public."
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do a little spin on the spot, why not? # do a little dance. # make a little move. one of the things we're interested in in putting this dog out there, right on the streets, is what do — what do people think of it? how do they react to it? here we go. i'm just going to do some tricks for him now because, you know, he wanted me to go and smell his hand, so i'm gonna wag my tail at him. wow! he dances! look at that! whoa! laughs. they're applauding me for doing tricks! spot's been tremendously successful for us. all sorts of folks are deploying spots and we have kind of a turnkey integration that lets a company get set up and have this capability right out of the box, so it is intuitive — i mean, you picked it up in 30 seconds and, you know, you've walked a couple of miles today with — with literally no training. jeff, thanks so much for letting me play with spot. i am happy to dog sit anytime. my pleasure!
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for the last few weeks, i've been putting four cloud gaming services to the test to see where we're at and whether cloud gaming could replace the pc or console. before i get into some comparisons, here's a quick look at the services i have been testing because, as you'll see, they're all very different in scope. playstation now has been around the longest and is a netflix—style, all—you—can—eat buffet of games. for 8.99 a month, you can stream more then 700 games to your ps4 or ps5 console or a windows pc, which sony says is the only way to access playstation—exclusive games without a playstation. xbox cloud gaming is currently in beta. it's a new part of xbox game pass ultimate — another all—you—can—eat buffet with hundreds of games for 10.99 a month. at the moment, if you play on an xbox or windows pc, you have to download the games as usual. but now, you can stream more than 100 of them to an android smartphone or tablet. nvidia's geforce now is a very
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different proposition. there's no all—inclusive library of games. instead, you can stream pc games you've already bought elsewhere on stores such as steam and epic games. it's aimed at pc gamers who might not have the latest graphics card, or want to play their pc games somewhere else, like on a phone or macbook. and then there's stadia from google. out of all the services, this is the closest to mimicking a full console experience without the console. it has its own store where you can buy individual games for a one—off fee and then stream them to your phone, tv, laptop, and more, for free. for 8.99 a month, pro subscribers can stream in ultra—high definition 4k and claim some free games every month. so as you can see, already we've got a huge range of different business models and a variety of supported devices and places to play. first things first, does this actually work? when you're gaming, any delay between pressing a button and seeing the action on screen
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is unacceptable. surely, putting your computer miles away in the cloud adds some latency? well, yes, it does, but honestly not enough that i could perceive. nvidia was the only company willing to put a figure on it for me. it said that sending your commands to the data centre and a picture being sent back adds about 20ms of latency. that might be important for competitive pro gamers but it's not really perceptible for casual play. everyone�*s experience will vary, but i never noticed any latency on any of the four services. you can see the action on the screen is reacting as soon as i move my finger on the touchpad. all of them have recommended minimum internet speeds to make sure everything runs smoothly and i was testing them on a 50 megabits connection at home that could comfortably accommodate them. so let's look at some of those promised benefits of cloud gaming. and the first is top—of—the—range graphics without expensive equipment. at the moment, stadia is the only one offering 4k to pro subscribers, and it looks really crisp on my 4k tv. you do sometimes notice compression artefacts in the picture, like this blockiness. that wouldn't be there if the game was being rendered locally. now, that's the kind of thing
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you see sometimes when you're streaming movies and to be honest, it didn't spoil my enjoyment of the game. geforce now offers up 1080p high definition, which looks great on my tv as well, while the two all—you—can—eat services max out at 720p. i actually think that's fine for xbox, which is focusing on android phones at the moment and honestly, ps now looked absolutely fine on my pc, even though i was sat closer to the monitor. the graphics looked really sharp. in the race for everything to go lik, we can forget that there's more to graphics than just resolution and honestly, i thought all four of these services looked great. geforce now subscribers also get ray—tracing enabled on some games for more realistic lighting effects. here's another game. look at the reflections on the floor with ray—tracing off and now on. everything just shines a bit more. for comparison, here's the same area on stadia without ray—tracing so you can see the difference. but, honestly, i think both look great and deliver on the promise of high quality graphics without a top—of the—range pc. obviously, the most important thing is the games. if you're already a playstation
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or xbox gamer, their cloud services can offer a lot of value. there's a lot to play, and there are blockbuster games on all four services. honestly, you would have to dig around and see what catches your eye and, as is always the way, you probably won't find all your favourite games on just one service. so is this the future of gaming? well, if playstation and xbox lean into this a bit more, i can see a future where people hop between different services on a month—to—month basis, playing the games they like and then maybe cancelling their subscription, like some people do with movie streaming services — although i'm not sure that would be in sony or microsoft's interests. what stadia has showed me is that putting a full console—style ecosystem into the cloud really can work, as long as your internet connection is good enough. that's it for the shortcut of click for this week. the full—length version is waiting for you on iplayer. as ever, you can keep up with the team on social media. find us on youtube, instagram, facebook and twitter at @bbcclick. thanks for watching and we'll see you soon. bye— bye.
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hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm chetan pathak, coming up, more on the news 12 major european clubs, including the �*big six' from england, have reportedly signed up to a breakaway european super league. also on the programme... lewis hamilton recovers to finish second — as max verstappen wins an eventful emilia romagna grand prix in italy.


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