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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  February 18, 2015 8:00pm-8:31pm EST

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>> i am phil mattingly. with all due respect to the no ice -- vanilla ice arrested today for burglary. happy national crab stuffed flounder day. there is a day for that. hillary faces real life. caught in a landslide of puppies. but first, can jeb escape reality? governor bush gave a
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foreign-policy speech, grabbing the proverbial american flagpole. >> this administration talks but the words fade. they drawn redlines and then erase them. with grandiosity, they announce recess and then disengage. hashtag campaigns replace diplomacy and engagement. our security and our prosperity and values demand that we remain engaged and involved in often distant places. time and time again, we have learned that if we withdraw from the defense of liberty elsewhere, the battle comes to us anyway. >> none of the candidates including jeb bush have much by , the way of foreign-policy experience, but my question is on the basis of this speech does it look like jeb bush can be a credible foreign-policy
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candidate? >> he has been to israel five times and has been to israel four times a year since he left the office. >> he has been to those places more than he has been to brooklyn, i got. >> don't be offended by that. as you mentioned there is a gap on an issue where republicans could capitalize. jeb bush could fill that vacuum. he is trying to lay that out and that was what he was doing today. >> i think experience will be a problem, as it has been for everyone. whatever you think about hillary clinton's record as secretary of state, she has way more foreign-policy experience and that will matter more than it has in the last couple of cycles. this is a start to make a case. it is not one that the republicans will like. do you think that this guy with that case, if you wins the nomination, whether that translate well to a general election context? >> you got a view today at the
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sweet spot. he said, maybe my brothers foreign-policy was to robust -- too robust. i'm going to learn from past administrations and fill that gap, hit the sweet spot. >> there is a question and we will talk about this about whether he is more inclined to his father's or brother's foreign-policy. there will be a big debate about foreign policy in the nominations fight. a guy like rand paul will take a different position. and a question of that sweet spot. not just in and of itself but relative to the isolation, that is the problem. >> will other republican candidates go after him because of his brother's
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foreign-policy? >> i think you'll hear all of those arguments, like from people like rand paul. i will not the majority -- not the majority of the party, but you will hear those for short. -- for sure. >> there are two truths in this world -- one, if -- today, he did not beat around the bush. >> i have been fortunate to have a father and brother who helped shape americans foreign-policy. as a result my views will be held up in comparison to theirs but i am my own man and my views are shaped by my own thinking and my own experiences. >> the question becomes -- cap jeb bush simultaneously embrace
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and separate himself from his family? >> that is a tricky tight rope to walk. he will not disown his brother, he will not disown his brother. on the other hand, he can certainly not fully embrace his brother. not only within the country but the republican party, the bush brand is tarnished. trying to find that middle ground will be extremely tough. how do you hold someone close while pushing them away at the same time? >> is their possibility, you get the sense from the speech today he is going to address that he had a brother and a father in the white house and he will spin everything forward. can he do that? and if his opponents do not let him do that, will he lose his cool? >> he is going to be asked questions. he talked today about the surge in iraq. we'll talk about this more later, he said it was a heroic thing.
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but he said some mistakes were made in iraq. people are going to ask them questions about that -- would you have taken us to war in iraq? do you think the war in iraq was historically a mistake? was it a good thing or a bad thing? he has to answer those questions. in the debate stages, i think reporters will ask a lot of those questions. that will not be enough for him. >> does jeb bush have the temperament to do the same answer on the 80th time he is asked the question? >> he is a guy who has a little bit of a temper maybe not a temper but is a little thin skinned. i do not know the question as of yet. hillary clinton is far and away the front runner. followed by a dozen krispy kreme donuts. there is trouble in hillary land.
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a poll shows that four republicans are within shouting distance of hillary clinton. mike huckabee, rand paul, and scott walker. the question is whether it is better for hillary clinton to have a coronation or is it better for her to have a tough nomination? >> this seems to be to primary question. there's a way to split the difference. no reliable candidates have emerged to take her on so far. but that does not mean she is not on the ground in iowa or new hampshire. that does not mean that she is not participating in public forums. it definitely does not mean the republicans will be dropping a study stream of research on her. if the clinton campaign had their way, they would figure out that it is somewhat a challenge. >> one of the biggest advantages
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she has is not having a serious challenger. financially, and every other way, while republicans tear each other apart, she remains relatively unscathed. if she goes out and fight for the nomination, even if there is a bunch of tin cans you are fighting against, you have to go and fight. without that opposition, people are worried that she will coast and kick back. >> if bernie sanders challenges her to a debate, does she take it? >> i think the democratic party needs to have debates if there are candidates. the democratic party cannot not have debates. if there is a sanctioned debate she has to say yes. if she says no, it looks like she is running away from turning centers -- not a good look for anyone. >> there's no question she can raise money.
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but can she keep her resources dry for a lengthy period of time while republicans are dropping all of their cash on her. >> sheet cannot look like she is entitled. >> that is the biggest risk to look like she is on cruise control and expects a coronation. she needs to look like she is scrapping. >> i want to separate from john for a second and have a heart to heart with my people -- the millenial's. what's up? it's me phil. are you thinking about dropping out of college like scott walker? but your parents are all like -- that is not cool. scott walker has something to say for people who think a college education is not all that. >> we have an ivy league trained lawyer in the white house who is good at reading the teleprompter but that it rlleading the county. i think there are a lot of americans that scratch their head and say we have helped
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found microsoft, apple, 20 of other successful businesses. they've done the exact same things i have done. >> scott walker's goes the way of dwyane wade. is this a problem for him? >> i will first want to say you are the most unconvincing millenial. you are like a 93 millenial. i like when you do that. our colleague has risen that no president since treatment has not had a college degree. -- since truman. rand paul also does not have a college degree, but scored so well on mcat that he was able to get into medical school. the question is not why he doesn't have a college degree. the question of why he left and
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whether he can get a real explanation is going to be key. >> if nothing emerges onto that front, that answer is putting it on a tee for him in the primary. if more republicans or democrats go after him on this, that is great for him. others went for him to couple weeks ago, and it was almost cringe worthy. >> it sounds elitist and everything else, but in america right now, in meritocratic america, a college degree is an aspiration for every family. it would be odd if in fact this man ends up president without a college degree. >> coming up, we have jeb jeb, and some more jeb. and then dogs. we will be right back. ♪
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>> there were mistakes made in iraq for sure. but what my brother did was one of the most courageous things anyone has done. there was no support for this when the new -- that when the new president came and he could have built on to create fragile but more stable situation that would have not allowed for the void to be filled area of the void filled because we created the void. >> there was too much magic in the speech to confine it to one part of the show. we will crack it open like a coconut. here to help us is eli lake. i know you have read the speech, studied it, you have a masters degree in jeb bush. this is the first step into foreign affairs for governor bush. tell us your reactions today.
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>> i think what he said about the surge is what bush and other top officials and his brothers administration have said. bush himself acknowledged the mistakes when he talked to the nation announcing the surge idea and the idea that it stabilized , iraq is something that bush and people in his administration have said. what i heard is something that goes to romney's 2012 vision for foreign policy where there is an emphasis on american leadership and the moral argument that american leadership makes the world better. that is a direct attack on the presumption that lingers in the background of obama's foreign policy, particularly from his first term, which is that the presence of troops in iraq lead to instability will stop instability. jeb bush is in the gop foreign
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camp, consensus and is the continuation of how romney thought of america's role in the world and the way he spoke about it. >> they rolled out 20 informal advisors committed to him and ran the gamut of his father's administration. a little bit of his brother's administration. you talk to all of these people all the time. how much does that list matter, and arthur any elements that he leans towards? -- are there any elements that he leans towards? >> i think that list is a pretty impressive list of gop and bush world foreign-policy types. you have paul wolfowitz who is the typical neoconservative. you have someone who left bush's administration early
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and then became a critic. you have everything in between. what i thought was interesting is jeb bush, like george w. bush, wants an idealistic foreign policy. liberty diplomacy -- he talked about something called liberty diplomacy. he was also very critical and this was the most direct shot at george w. bush's administration that thinking that elections alone will solve the problem and talked about how in venezuela and gaza they were groups that won election that use the election to take more freedom away from the population. that is a very subtle difference from the emphasis on elections 10 years ago. this is where he said no longer will we tolerate an era where we supported stability at the expense of values and we got neither. now you have jeb bush tweaking that slightly. he said we support the military dictator in egypt.
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his brother's administration was tough on mubarak. >> there was a lot of discussion making us solvent and making -- that would indicate that jeb was leaning more toward his far -- father's foreign-policy. do you feel that this is more like the elder bush, or is he trying to mix up and take the best idealistic elements of his brother's foreign-policy and come out with a pragmatic hybrid? >> towards hybrid, but i would not say that sullivan represent the traditional realist school. she was seen within the administration, particularly w's administration as the stalking horse. if you read peter baker's "days
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of fire" it is now the members of the obama initiation for now the authors of the surge. it is going against the collective foreign-policy wisdom of the george h w bush crowd. i think it is trickier to say it is a realist versus an idealist. she is something more interesting than that. >> we heard about hastag diplomacy and withdrawing from the world. these are the tried and true obama foreign-policy attack lines we will hear throughout the next two year's. was there something you heard today, maybe you spoke about the egyptian leader, is there something else you heard that differentiates jeb bush from where the other candidates are in a major way, a notable way?
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>> jeb bush is clearly an interventionist. he believes in not just the value but the virtue of american hegemony. that is something that rand paul does not believe and we know that from what rand paul has said. the other thing is when he was asked about what do you do about isis, his response was eventually he wipes them out. at least rhetorically that is what obama is doing. there is a lot of criticism to determine the actions to meet that goal. you tighten the noose and eventually wipe them out -- that is what obama is talking about. >> >> you know a lot about foreign-policy politics. tell me about where you think he is on the aces of the speech where he is most vulnerable to criticism from within his party. where we'll be the fault lines
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that other republicans go on to try to get traction? will be a big subject in the republican nomination fight. >> it is very important, i would say. jeb bush careful to say the enemy ideologically was a radical violent islam. obama would not say that but his brother would not say that either. is that enough to cover his flank with the element of the republican party that wants a lot more focus on the islamic element of the ideology of our enemies? i think he will probably hew on the conventional side. the other thing is you got the sense of the way bush talked about american power. that, a lot of times, using american force and boots on the ground would be something that would be a good thing although he did not commit in any way to sending more troops to iraq or syria. if he continues to go down that road and explaining things in terms of the virtue of a large
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american footprint and american power, restoring our role as leader of the free world. things like that could draw criticism from elements of the republican party that have turned inward and are uninterested in what they would consider to be the misadventures of the george w. bush era. >> eli lake, thank you a lot for coming on. a dog running for president. phil mattingly says yes. after the break. ♪
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>> westminster is over and they gave the honor to a beagle. the first two dogs or mine.
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they are great danes, real dogs. phil has stronger opinions about dogs and politics and how they might be key to being elected president. so he filed this report will stop >> >> anyone running for president should have a dog. hillary clinton has a lab named seamus. not the same dog romney put on top of his car. bobby jindal once ignored a dog outside of a store. dogs, dogs dogs! basically, if you want to campaign, you need a dog. he carries a gun while carrying stock. sarah palin has a dog named jill. grids, gravy, guns, and dogs. marco rubio might have a dog. is that his dog?
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if it is, does drink poland spring? >> governor, what is up with this dog seatbelt stuff? >> it is the stupidest thing i've heard my life. rick santorum loves dogs, but not in that way. >> the definition of marriage is not man on a dog. >> as you can see, dogs play an important role in the 2016 campaign. back to you. >> we'll be right back with barks and explosions too. ♪
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>> the beloved wayfarer and one of the most historic political landmarks in new hampshire politics, probably politics in general. it is being demolished today. i believe we have footage of the demolition.
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we're live 24-7. of the next taking stock on the ,
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>> hello, i am pimm fox and this is what i am taking stock of february 18, 2015. mounting pressure on greek leaders to find an agreement. the country will be submitting a group quest for a six-month loan extension. the central bank is said to have slightly increased emergency cash. the great prime minister wants a resolution. >> we are at a critical and sensitive point on negotiations. we are submitting proposals, and hope we will turn this corner. >> solar city stock is falling in after-hours trade.


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