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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  January 28, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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connects the world in new and exciting ways. >> a little philosophy, alumina math-- a little bit of math. respect toall due --k santorum, there is a new in town. john: we are here in the des moines marriott four days before the iowa caucuses. mira state university early polls today in iowa say donald trump is leading with 32%. that is up eight points from earlier this month. ted cruz is second in the poll.
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marco rubio is in third at 18%. preludethe statistical to tonight's republican presidential candidate debate here in des moines iowa at the iowa event centered, just a few blocks from where we're sitting. don trump, as of now, is not planning to be at the debate it is holding his own comic impeding event to raise money for veterans down the road. we will talk about that in a minute. this will be a high-stakes evening for us. what are you looking for in the trump-less debate? different kinds of weapons are deployed against ted cruz and how many actually cut, lesser it, or bruise him. believed onto be the stage. everyone will be trying to take dohim, down.
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mark: i think you're wrong. i think the target is marco rubio. tie, kasich, they all have to stop rubio who will emerge with a strong finish from iowa. cruz may have a light night compared to rubio. i think ted cruz is still a huge target. he has invulnerability, whereas with rubio on the rise, there is some strength there. rolepeople in rubio's think he could go into second place. rising,falling, rubio this all might happen. all these establishment candidates, and talking to the kasich and christie people, all
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of them say, "look, rubio will be the top establishment candidate, the trick is to not let him get out of here." the important thing to remember is that crews and rubio-- cruz and rubio are the best debaters. now toll right, turning the trumpathon. as everyone in the known universe is aware, he is going to be holding his own protest tont at drake university another tory in than five miles from the main debate. mike huckabee, rick santorum, said they would join him at his rally, a charity event for a nonprofit organization called the "wounded warrior" project. the group has been under fire after reports that they are spending sizable chunks of donations on lavish conferences instead of helping veterans. these variables and
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buildup, is there a chance that this event will backfire or fall flat? mark: a debate with trump is a big attraction. without trump, there's a whole new dynamic. it would be fascinating to see the interaction. john: is is going to be a debate or is this going to be just some speeches? mark: trump doesn't do that events-- do bad events. but, there may be a lack of energy given the participation. people talk about a split screen, and i'm talking more about picture and picture, the debate is in the big box, trump is a little one. ahn: i think there is just little chance that this is maybe the most outlandish, bold thing that he has done, walking away from the debate, giving the finger to fox news, setting up an alternative event. everyone will cover it except fox. unless trump doesn't be special,
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people will say, "really?" mark: worst case, this is a low-energy event. i still think trump is not going to pay the price for that. john: i don't think it will necessarily hurt him. news the trump versus fox war has escalated. the battle conditions have hardened on both sides. called foxp junior news "childish" in on cnn, his campaign manager suggested that fox news should've disclosed that one of its executives, phil same in, has a daughter who works for marco rubio. intern, fox news etc. trump was wrong about ad rates dropping after trump dropped out of the debate. look at how exhausting
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this is, look at how trump handled the issue last night on "the o'reilly factor" talking about driving an-- driving under pressure. trump: i made a commitment to doing the show last week, otherwise i wouldn't about it. kelly's question was within journalistic boundaries. you won the debate, that's what it is about. don't walk away from it. trump: this not important. let's talk about something more important. assuming trump does not show up at the debate, who has the upper hand? does it matter after tonight? but start with the question of whether or not troubleshot tonight. upor not trump will show
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tonight. there's a 50-50 chance that he will show up. the bill salmon thing, all of this, the conditions are lightning. it is hard to expect them to show up, and of trump ends up the winner here, he will be bigger than the biggest force in the conservative movement, fox. mark: fox's obviously fascinated. if the ratings are low, they may have to go back with their tail between their legs. look, o'reilly, hannity, fox and friends, they are their own entities. they have relationships with guests to transcend. but, trump's relationship with the network overall is soured going forward going forward. one of the things about trump is that he is willing to forgive and forget. under the deal.
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john: art of the deal. mark: that's a good trait. as the nominee, he needs fox on his side. when we come back, breakfast with bernie. campaign trail with bubba today, we will see after this. ♪
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john: we had a breakfast right here in this room with al hunt. bernie sanders showed a rare flash of anger after being asked
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about allegations that voters will be bused in from out of state on caucus night. the voters are worried that a number of out-of-state young people may try to show up to the caucus to make a major effort. sanders: that is what they are saying? based on what did they say that? brox, a long history of honesty and integrity? the mandatory to destroy any to help-- destroy anita hill? every day, we are being flooded by this negative stuff. i don't want integrity and honesty to be impugned. ave no idea who said
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this, but this is an absolute lie. this is that and neck. the race has got negative. both sides are complaining about how this is increasingly negative. the ads are negative without name, but either's there's a bernie sanders ad mentions goldman sachs. has either side got over the line in a way that might flip them? mark: this is more intense than the republican race. there are sony, of attacks in the republican race that no one is pushing all their hostility towards the other campaign. this is intense. clinton people have got allies in the state that we will talk about, that there is an interview that bernie sanders did with the washington post couple of days ago, where he's adjusted that the clinton campaign didn't have as much
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fire and energy to it. all of the state, both sides are looking for passion, emotion. this is intense. ,easoned senator bernie sanders though there may not be any negative ads, there is a lot of energy in there. john: the ad talks about explicitlyees, not mentioning clinton, but clearly about clinton di. this is negative, this is nasty. have nothing like this in this race. this has been genteel. this is intense, but genteel. it is well within the bounds of what is exceptional. this is nothing that will turn
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islands off of this race. they have seen worse. the biggest negative is accusing the other being negative. earlier today, i caught up with former president clinton in waverley, iowa. look at the sweater he wore. back of a lot of attention. the most newsworthy thing was not actually what he said. [laughter] it was one of the people traveling with president clinton, legendary operative maestro ofley, a the ground game. he is widely credited with helping both al gore and john kerry's campaigns stumble back from the brink. mark: why are you here? a volunteer? your long way from home.
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he's good to have around, isn't he? clinton: he's a gift. he's just like her, everything he says is great. associates say he is here to keep them up to speed, not to take over the campaign field operations. be that as it may, and there are other clinton people coming, krista marshall, who worked for the quittance for a long time, john lewis, there are a lot of people coming. the fact that michael whouley who is such a legendary figure is here, is that a good sign for hillary clinton? john: good and bad. we are too far on the inside on things. this is like an inside baseball topic. souze like the kaiser sews
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or winston wolf of politics. you know, from pulp fiction, the guy who cleans things up. it is good news in a sense, but it is bad news that you don't call him unless you are in real trouble. mark: they all said he is not here to take over the operation, but he is a lucky star. john: everything he touches turns to gold. [laughter] mark: there are few people you'd rather see on the ground in the state, even if all he is doing hanging out. the clintons always talk about "our people." having people fly into the state and help them, we saw the operations morning at the hotel off the street. sanders operation is about people.
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the scale of the clinton operation is big and shows loyalty. these are longtime loyalists. it makes people feel good. usually, this is only when the klinsmann bear in jeopardy, not that they are going down the tubes, but in jeopardy, then that makes it a moment. this talks about question of confidence in politics. lucky charm is kind of joke, but it is a real thing for a candidate. of theup, david cottrell bush world and david tyler of the cruise camp -- ted cruz camp, after this. ♪
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mark: two men who are impervious to pressure. and i wouldn't knows the state well. rick tyler, spokesperson for ted cruz's campaign could i wanted to bring you guys -- campaign. i wanted to bring you guys together to talk about the rubio campaign. how are they doing? >> you should ask the rubio campaign that. we are obviously focused more on new hampshire, where we are strong in moving up here. we keep you from people in that ted cruz will pass rubio in iowa. possible? >> i think that's highly
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unlikely. john: we were talking about patroclus debate tonight. tell me what that debate is going to be like. how's that going to be different from every other debate assuming he is not going to actually be on the stage. there are 20 million people in one audience and there are 7 million people in the other. he is now centerstage -- he is losing centerstage to ted cruz. john: so this is a huge mistake on his part? this is all good for you? david: this is a dumb move.
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he gets a lot of his or her information from fox news. i don't think this is a smart move at all. i'm not sure i agree with rick on him showing up. my boss that 20 bucks that he will be there tonight. i don't did i would be happy to collect on it. [laughter] if donald trump gets coverage of this event from msnbc, c-span, every other cable network, maybe broadcast networks, everybody covers the event, the only people to cover the fox debate is fox, how is that not a bigger audience? david: it's just not. the fox audience will be the biggest audience. it will provide an opportunity for some candidates talk about real things. things that people care about. whether or not bush's tax-cut plan will create 90 million jobs , whether we will go after isis
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and defeat them, i think it is time to talk about issues. these issues in new hampshire, the voters are serious and i was about getting to the issues. over now.on is we are only a few days away from the start of real voters having their say. a video of your boss at your event saying, if donald trump wins iowa, he may not be possible to stop. he may just gallop to the nomination. is that possible? is that a message that you want to share with i would voters? he would be hard to stop it does a turnout protected of the-- stop. the turnout is expected to be 300000 and n-- to be 300,000 in iowa. donald trump. the audience to the debates.
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but you know what, they have watched all the way through. i think they will stay with the debates. that is a good thing. they watch the debates. tonight, i'm guessing there will be over 20 million again, because people are in the process now. john: the little honest here. just for a moment in this interview. [laughter] that thisow discombobulated your campaign a little bit. you are plainly discombobulated. how did this change are debate? you play trump in debate prep. rick: yes. john: how did you change it for ted cruz? rick: you have to practice as though he won't be on the stage. it takes more time. there's a different dynamic. mark: your voters and others
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have it said-- have said tonight is the night, now or never. this tonight and i t-- tonight the night where jeb bush dominates, is the one you want voters to see? think there will be more times for serious issues, and that is where he has the time to shine. if we have that opportunity instead of the sideshow will donald trump and all these attendant craziness -- and all of this craziness coming in, that is the time for the bush i know. john: we have all watched the establishment candidates here. none of them ever really gathered up that big chunk of establishment vote in iowa. between now and the caucuses, is there a chance of a surprise?
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bush, christie, your guys, some of the else, is there a chance that the establishment comes together around somebody and either puts them in third, second, makes a strong finish? david: i think the mainstream portion of the party is a giant mosh pit that will get solved in new hampshire or south carolina. john: it just remains fragmented? i think this will play out tonight and debate. rubio, they don't want him to come out as the consolidated establishment candidate in new hampshire. i've heard that ted cruz will be the target tonight, he may be, but marco rubio will also be a big target. trump and crews have been battling pretty fiercely here. mark: might they go back to their neutral corners? rick: people will need to know
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the differences between candidates. donald trump, we are learning, is prone and the state-- we are has been pro-tarp, pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, all of these things. everything he says he wasn't. pro-hillary. mark: thanks so much, good luck to your candidates. coming up, what bernie sanders told us over breakfast, right here after this. ♪
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♪ john: we have some more from this morning's absolutely
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fantastic bloomberg politics breakfast with democratic senator bernie sanders led by al hunt. s senator, senator anders, was asked about his presidential meeting. sen sanders: i have known barack obama for 10 years now. vermont to came to campaign for me. i remember it like it was yesterday. there were far more people than the chapel could accommodate. i worked hard for his reelection. we have a solid relationship. i have supported the vast majority of initiatives but forth by the president. what i say in almost all of my speeches and what i said
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yesterday is, look, obviously election time, people are very partisan. question, we had a good discussion, as friends, and we talked about foreign policy, a bit. i wanted to just review with him, where he thought we were in terms of isis. we talked about some domestic issues. yes, the issue of politics did arise. barack obama knows a little bit about iowa. we chatted about that as well. it was a private conversation. [laughter] bernie sanders has a huge gift for him, to go to the white house to be with barack obama before the caucuses. the sanders people have appeared about why this happened. how to that meeting is scheduled with this particular timing? al: i think obama is clearly for hillary clinton. he kept it, you won't see it.
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he thinks she has the best chance to succeed him and therefore retain his eye when you see -- retain his legacy. it would be a disadvantage right now to tell that way. -- to tilt that way. obama is 90% popular in iowa. he is a revered figure among those going to the caucus. obama was wrap around a gift. president obama is one member of the establishment. how much does the democratic establishment think, oh, if sanders is the nominee, that's ok. is this a nightmare? al: it's a nightmare for some of the elected officials. some the members of congress are more afraid. i don't get a sense out here in iowa that there is a whole lot of republicans were saying, my god, it is cruz or trump we are
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worried about. john: we have senator sanders here talking about how he hit washington post was very critical of his campaign. he hit back here. al: do you want to react to the washington post editorial that are strongly says you lying to voters about your plans and what you can get done? sen. sanders: we have been hearing this for months and months. it is not a new argan it. -- not a new argument. what this campaign is about is saying what very few people have in fact talked about. people are telling us, whether it is the washington , it is toobody else
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ambitious, you can't do it. the washington post wants to say our ideas are "too bold." but this is what working families are wanting. they're working long hours and all the new income and wealth is going to the 1%. we need an economy that works for the middle class, whether the washington post likes are not, and that is what i intend to do. john: is the criticism that sanders is too bold or not specific enough? al: if they were specific about how bold he is, they would like that. in a face-off between washington post and bernie sanders, this is a gift for it sanders. he relished it.
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the editorial writer was sitting there, and she was smiling. the post editorial page is certainly less liberal than the new york times. i think that senator sanders loved to be asked that question, that heall the points wants to make on the campaign trail. we spent a lot of time this morning talking about going in a negative direction. take a look. sen. sanders: i have not gone negative a lot. for two reasons. first, i have known hillary clinton for 25 years. i have a lot of respect for her. i think she has done a very good job serving the market people. i don't want to attack her. it doesn't work. people are tired of hearing politicians say, "i'm great, i'm perfect, i'm wonderful, everybody else's awful."
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i don't do that. why would i run if my views were not different than hillary? she raised substantial sums of money from an investment bank, i don't know how much, but that is what she was doing. that is how she has raised money throughout her career. millions of dollars from wall street. powerful special interests. i don't raise money that way. 20 seconds. posts sides are-- both sides are going after each other. al: my gosh, she has raised money from wall street, so what. her campaign has been more negative than anything sanders has done. that is not very negative. what he said is totally
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legitimate. mark: they have accused him of having gout. [laughter] out? you ever had gi al: never. john: coming up, reince pr eibus, right after this. we will be right back. ♪
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john: jared of the r -- we have the chairman of the republican national committee, reince preibus. reince priebus: thank you for having me. john: why have you decided, as innow, not to try to step and broker a revolution between trump and fox? reince priebus: it is not our place to get in the middle of it. in november, the candidates did not want us in the middle of it . mark: you guys have obviously been in the middle of the debate process in a variety of ways you do not think this is -- ways. you do not think this is optimal. you would rather have trump on the debate stage. reince priebus: that is what we anticipated by having the calendar up months ago and having them agree to it.
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a million times, like something frozen in my memory, ,hat our job, and what we did you can compete in any debates you want. you don't have to compete in all of them. if you're in a debate not on the calendar, you're not on the debates in the calendar. him: would it be better for to be on the debate stage? why not be helpful? reince priebus: in what way? -- be a neutral arbiter neutral arbiter. thece priebus: i think that term campaign is going to make the decision they are going to make, just like all of these candidates. i'm not going to sit here and say that is not in their interest to attend or attend. i didn't go to rand paul and say rand, rant, be in this debate.
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if the candidates want to be in a debate, they can. am i tohey don't, who say? john: you pick the outlets to be in the debates. one of the outlets without a practice release-- outlets put out a press release mocking those candidates who put in the debate. is that appropriate? reince priebus: when national review had written critical articles about donald trump, it was fine. i was fine moving forward with an article here or there. an entire publication says, "this is our editorial opinion--" trump--nald let me take it away from fox. mark: is it appropriate for the sponsor of the debates to put
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out a press release mocking a candidate? reince priebus: i'm not going to get the middle of it. i know you want me to. mark: you are fine with that? reince priebus: that is up to those two entities argue about. but if one comes out and says, "our mission is--" [indiscernible] santucci the course for young sins of the never see wisconsin. this is a hypothetical. [laughter] mark: politics and media 101. good manners for a debate sponsored to put at a press release mocking one of the candidates within days of the debate? or would you say, you know it, probably not a good idea. mr. chairman? reince priebus: i would tell you to treat other people as you want to be treated. the fact that the matter is that these disputes between reporters and media outlets and candidates are not disputes that we are
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going to get in the middle of. shots when the somebody is totally opposed. john: what is the difference in principle? how you making the distinction? what makes this a one off? reince priebus: first of all, this is a war of words they've engaged in for months. you say this is ok for -- for them to mock them? reince priebus: when an actual publication takes a publication-wide position, this-- mark: they mocked him in a press release. there is no journalism. there were coming their nose at
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him. reince priebus: that does not mean that someone is excluded from the entire debate. just like when article from the wall street journal doesn't mean that they cannot be a debate sponsored. -- sponsor. if they say, "this is our bedidate" then they cannot in the debate. anybody at fox news make you take it away from fox news? reince priebus: if they devoted all of their airtime to a particular magazine or newspaper or one person, then yeah, i would take it away. mark: who have you met in your life or seen in the public eye that reminds you of donald trump? no one inebus: particular. mark: ok. that didn't work. [laughter] john: republican debate without
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donald trump is like a day without sunshine. is this worth watching? reince priebus: sure, just like the first debates were wworth watching. i think this is going to be something that will break records from the past. thank you, chairman. john: it is always a delight to have you at this table. mark: happy birthday to your son. john: we will be right back. ♪
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mark: you know the food here and the great institution, zombie zombie burger and drink lab. tom: i am the executive chef of zombie burger. bern burhe feel the ger for bernie sanders. it is a little jewish and a little spicy. today, we have the monte chris tie, served with ranch. this is the ben carson burger, which is actually tacos. politicalith no extremes can become president, we can make tacos and call them burgers. my next guest is a huge
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fan of some burger. this is jeff klink, who advised the barack obama campaign and ran the 1996 campaign of tom harkin. in this erratic race, jeff plans to caucus for hillary clinton. you're a clear eyed assessor of what is going on. why did you choose hillary clinton? jeff: i think she would make the best nominee. mark: most electable? most electable. she has the expense to get real results. she has relationships on both sides of the aisle. she has the experience to get things done. athink while sanders has great message and is great in theory, i don't think it will ever become a reality with bernie sanders. that the hat off for a minute. on two fronts, bernie sanders's ground game in the state, is
8:50 pm
it strong or weak? do you think he is fading a little bit here at the end? jeff: his ground game is good. his social media game is excellent. i think they're doing great things online. with snapchat, instagram, everything else that they are doing, i think that they are doing an actual ground game, the traditional door-to-door effort, probably which needs to be aproved because they got late start. but they are smart people doing great things. what troubles me about the sanders operation is they have made a big effort, now that they are going to rent all of these bands, and they are going to take kids from college campuses and send them back to their homes. i think that's another one of these things that sounds like a great fear he, but when you actually execute on that, i mean,-- mark: is there xbox in the vans? when the caucus is over,
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the question is, "how do you get those kids home?" plus, they will celebrate with their parents instead of the other kids in the campaign. if hillary clinton called right now to ask what you could do to win, what we said that would you say-- what would you say? jeff: go into rural iowa and be yourself. mark: with martin o'malley, when you think things are going to be like? jeff: we will not get to the in 2008.e had is there a number where you think senator sanders will win? jeff: if it gets about 200,000. john: she closing strong-- hillary clinton, she closing
8:52 pm
strong or fading? week, there was a lot of wind in those sales. mark: i got the same impression. john: the she have wind in her sales? -- sails? jeff: she's had some good events. i like the clothes she is wearing in these spots. real progress, that is the best formulation they've had so far. mark: what if you use simon and garfunkel in any of your ads? [laughter] mark: why are they resistant to negative ads? jeff: this has been a different race. we have a small field which democrats are not accustomed to. usually, it is a free-for-all like the republicans have. because of the free-for-all on the other side, it really has engendered a lot of negativity. i think there's resistance to go
8:53 pm
down that path. mark: when you come back, bring a zombie burger. did you have in 2008? jeff: i don't think it existed than. -- then. mark: we will be right back. ♪
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♪ mark: who won the day? change the could whole thing this saturday night, right here, student life on bloomberg. the website will have the results of the filed of my register. bloomberg politics, the i
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owa poll. rest in peace to the former providence mayor, convicted felon and radio host. he was a phenomenal tv guest. he was 74 years old and we have a feeling that he will be outlived. mark: that's for watching. we are on twice a day, always, you can watch us here on bloomberg politics and at you're watching from washington dc. you can listen to us now on bloomberg 99.1. there's a big debate tonight. the trouble event. we will have it all tomorrow. john: tonight is going to be awesome, right? sunday burgers later. mark: we will see you tomorrow. then, sayano ♪
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rishaad: it's friday, the 29th of january. this is "trendrending business." ♪ rishaad: here is what we're watching for you today. with a recovery stuck in neutral. the 2% inflation target remains elusive. embed maker toccata surging in tokyo. the ceo said he is ready to quit. linkth death potentially
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to faulty products. top producers may reconsider closes. tell us what you think of our top stories. just to get on twitter. cash -- hashat tag. toccata justf getting started. >> not that much trend going on in the markets right now. a mixed bag. reversing the losses we saw the start of the session up 7/10 of 1% so they are close to some of those pies we have seen so far. we are not getting much direction today ahead of the bank in japan. that decision coming up in an hours time or so.


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