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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  February 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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john: i'm john heilemann. mark: i'm mark halperin. with all due respect to all those candidates who are claiming others are going negative, going negative against you still counts as going negative. ♪ mark: what's up from the walkie? well, it's here -- from milwaukee? it is here where bernie sanders and hillary clinton will debate tonight. we will have speculation on their tactics in just a moment. but first, with iowa and new hampshire in the rearview mirror, and with early voting today, aming up soon,
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little over a week before the nevada caucuses, the sanders campaign is embracing an online .ideo senator sanders: our job is not to divide. our job is to bring people together. if we do not allow them divide race or sexual orientation, by gender, we will transform america, and that is what this campaign is about, bringing people together. [applause] also today, a little over two weeks before the primary in south carolina. hillary clinton's ploy for the african-american vote got a boost from a surrogate offensive, a true clinton classic from two dominant voices.
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>> i never saw him. i never met him. i was involved in the march on washington, the march from selma to montgomery, and directed the voter education project for six years. but i met hillary clinton. i met president clinton. >> one of the things that has been troubling to me and to people in the city of atlanta, and folks that i talked to in columbia, south carolina is how dismissive senator sanders' messages of the work of obama has done. but when you hear his rhetoric, chris, you wonder what in the world president obama and the democrats have been doing, sacrificing so much for. like this rhetoric from clinton's supporters in south carolina and nationally from african-americans do the trick for her? john: there is no doubt that both sides will concede that when it comes to nonwhite voters, senator sanders has better chances making inroads on
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hispanic voters. the clintons will play to their strength with african-americans. the cnbc endorsement, the congressional black caucus endorsement, they were trashing bernie sanders in some way, questioning his creditability. -- his credibility. this is what bernie sanders is going to be facing from now until south carolina, and it can and may really take its toll there. they will have to fight hard to fight through this stuff. ink: when the clintons are trouble, they always ask, where are our people? these were two strong leaders and saying, bernie sanders is not credible on these issues. it will be fascinating to see of sanders tries to fight back. he is getting some endorses, nowhere near as many as clinton, but he could get his surrogates to come at it and try to create a noise. she's got a huge advantage. one-two punch.
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it is one thing for lewis to about thefter him an civil rights movement. the other is saying he is dismissing obama through his policy and potential -- political agenda. that is the more powerful message. portrayed as being against obama, it will be hard for him to get votes. as bernie sanders playing -- as larry david playing bernie sanders might say, pretty, pretty, pretty good. playingrnie sanders larry david might say, pretty, pretty, pretty good. tonightas more at stake that anyone could have ever expected. mark, what does hillary had do starting tonight on this debate stage to put her campaign back on track? mark: there are three things you can do for herself, her supporters, and her team. one, show confidence. show that she is not fazed by what happened in new hampshire. two, find a message that
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contrasts with bernie sanders that she actually believes in. not with a focus group says, not with the polls say. in her heart, how will she be a better president than sanders? i think she believes she will be security. national she has to say that from the heart. third, she has to go back to a positive message. she was doing that early on. i don't doubt that she will do it tonight, but she had better, because she needs a win. resumehe has been a candidate, just like she was in 2008. didn't work for her then. 35 years of experience. that did not work. in 2008, she became the fighter, the populist. i think we just talked about it with the context of this african-american issue. i think she must argue that sanders in some way would be a betrayal of barack obama, and she needs to -- she is doing it episodically, sporadically, latching herself to barack
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obama, but in terms of the election, there is nothing she would be better to do than to i am like barack obama, and this other candidate is selling out barack obama. mark: right now, bernie sanders has money, message, and momentum. but the question, can mojo, the fourth one, go away if he stumbles marco rubio-style? could it? john: i think with all the success that sanders has had, and he came out of new hampshire on a huge high, i think there is greater pressure on him than on her. muchs gotten to be a better debater, but there are still questions. when herually better back is against the wall. she is more natural than he is. he has to keep this momentum going, stay on offense. he is not naturally a candidate that is great on offense against her, because he does not -- he's got to do well. mark: i think they will ask some
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new topics. knowing them, i think it will bring up stuff that has not come up. experiencenton, her is going to help her. it will be interesting to see if i'm right. tonight, he may get questions he will not have practiced for. it is interesting to see how he does. , ifingertip senses that now he said just that clinton should be held accountable, the clinton campell jump on it. -- cap will jump on it. john: the scrutiny phase is now beginning again. diale last 24 hours, the is turned, and you can see, i think you are exactly right. it is always a high standard for hillary clinton. i think for bernie sanders, the standard is going to be higher than it has ever been tonight. the conflict might be the sanders error that the press jumps on.
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they are preparing dinners together over the next couple of nights, and she needs a break. she needs to feel like her campaign is moving up rather than going down. john: sanders can't let her have that, the key thing. coming up next, focus, focus, focus. our focus group. and john kasich engages in a little legacy shaming of jeb bush, right after this. ♪
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♪ here is the status of the republican mainstream/establishment presidential candidates. one of them, marco, broke his tooth today. bush is attacking rubio and kasich, while at the same time
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calling his brother to save him, making his campaign trail to view on monday in north charleston. and the third, john kasich, who claims that he is all positive all the time, apparently cannot resist doing a little more in jeb,w than anger at basically for all the stuff i just said. governor kasich: jeff spends all his time being negative. does he worry about his legacy? everything is trashing people. i don't know what he's thinking. does he realize the family legacy? kasich also picked up the support of chris christie's super donor, a symbolic get for chris christie. among the establishment, who is having the best day echo -- best day? ark: all three are having fine day. as i look at the media, none of them are out of it. noe people think kasich has
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life in south carolina, people can say the bush brand is -- bad. all three of them are flawed, but i think they all have the potential to emerge out of south carolina. all three are doing just fine, but none of them are doing great. we will see in the focus groups, none of them are anywhere near the lead in the focus of voters. of them aremes none having a good day because they are not getting the attention of cruz and trump. on the other hand, they are doing fine. one of the big questions about john kasich is not just having a play in south carolina, but does he have the dough to go the long haul? the christie donor is a big symbolic get, to take up someone in the wall street world, that could bring a signaling function to other republicans on wall street that john kasich -- mark: you are right.
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at the same time, it seems clear to be now that none of the three are going to be the breakout guy, so none of them are going to have really money that makes a difference here. they will have to earn it on their own with a big win in south carolina, like third place. they say a candidate posture and are off limits and a presidential campaign. what about using other peoples children? that apparently is totally cool if those kids are child actors. >> look, i got the trump action figure! he pretends to be a republican. [laughter] keep your house via in a minute domain. via eminent domain. we would not tolerate these values in our children. why would we want them in our president? mark: that is a new ted cruz campaign ad in which the senator hopes he can bring down donald
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trump's lead in south carolina and make this a two man race. cruz also put in a new ad today targeting marco rubio. >> has anyone here struggled with being lied to? >> i voted for a guy who was a two-party hero on the campaign trail, and went to d.c. and played patty cake with chuck schumer and made a deal on amnesty. >> does that make you feel him -- feel angry? >> it makes me feel dumb for trusting him. >> is there room for one more? >> come on in. >> i'm ted cruz, and i approve this message. was putting upz two negative ads, donald trump pulled his negative ad and replaced it with a positive ad. john, while cruz is also going after rubio, the main competition is with trump. what do you think of what is going on with them right now? john: we will talk more about the cruz-trump phenomenon when
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we go to the focus group. just look at this cruz ad. the thing striking about cruz's advertising is that there has been -- is that it has been funny. otherue of most of the republican candidates, and not true of trump, which is not bad. but i do think that cruz is onto something. he will have to beat donald trump. i think the humor and unorthodox miss of this ad -- unorthodox-ness of this ad, that might get trump unhinged. mark: cruz has to take votes from trump, because trump is so strong in south carolina and elsewhere in the south. he has to find the right theme. i think trump believes that he needs to be more positive all stop you saw that in new hampshire. he needs to show -- more positive. you saw that in new hampshire. as long as he can stay positive, i think he is going to try to. john: we sign last night in
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south carolina talking about the other candidates and saying, are you kidding me? , rather than trashing them, dismissing them. the focushese are groups you are looking for, after this. ♪
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♪ south carolina republican voters traditionally love establishment candidates, but this is 2016, the year in which donald trump and ted cruz have dominated. last night, we get a focus group in columbia, south carolina with 10 republican voters. most are undecided. three came in leaning towards
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candidates, but said they can still change their mind. here is part one, with a focus on ted cruz and donald trump. ted cruz. >> trustworthy. >> believable. >> steadfast. >> moral, honest. >> when he stands for something, he is like a pitbull. >> very religious individual. >> last week, he stopped at church. a lot of people said he had ofitive things --a lot people said positive things about him. mark: where else have you gotten positive information from? >> glenn beck. >> glenn beck too. he is very much a cruz supporter. he said he knows him personally, and what you see is what you get, and he is a genuine person. i have listened to him for years, and i trust his opinion. mark: have you heard anything positive from him, and if so, from where? >> i listen to glenn back as
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well, but i have done research, and i feel like he will fight for our country. i was impressed when he went to iowa and was preaching against ethanol. i taught -- i thought that took some nerve. who you areless of considering or will support, who do you think the republican nominee will be? >> i'm afraid it will be trump. >> trump. >> same. >> trump or cruz. >> trump or cruz. >> i don't know. >> ted cruz. >> trump or cruz. mark: i'm going to start asking about specific candidates. donald trump. >> he is a go-getter. >> speaks his mind. >> bad manners. >> passionate. >> aggressive. he's not my candidate, but i find him brave. to have nory brave political background, and to jump out there and run for the highest office in our nation will stop -- in our nation.
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>> i think donald t rob is espousing -- donald trump is espousing what the people want. people are tired of the people in washington, d.c. who do whatever they want, not caring about what their constituents think. i think donald trump is at least listening. >> i agree 110% with you. donald trump is saying what americans are thinking, and he may not be delivering it the way it should be delivered, but he is saying what needed to be said , and what we are thinking. mark: what about his business experience, what do you think about? >> i think it is a plus, because he will surround himself with good people. he's got good connections. i trust that he will surround himself with intelligent people. what you think -- mark: what do you think about the way he talks about his religious beliefs? >> i do not think he is a
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religious person, but not all of us are religious people. >> i think he is relatively honest, but i don't believe him on his religion, what he says about his religion. mark: raise your hand if you disagree with them and think that mr. crop is a religious -- mr. trump is a religious person? you all agree he is not. anybody bothered by that? >> i think when you bring that out to get votes, if someone has good morals and stands up for the right thing and is not a religious person, that does not bother me, but someone saying that they are religious and they are not, that shows their character. mark: so you all said you don't think he is as religious as he says. raise your hand if you are troubled by that. >> i am not troubled by that, i am troubled that he says he is religious. mark: i want to show you one more clip.
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gets the nomination, we will sue his --. > we are going to knock this -- out of our state. we are going to have businesses from new mexico come back to new hampshire, and you can tell them to go -- themselves. >> my goodness. >> wow. something you consider disqualifying, or just not your cup of tea? >> it's crass. >> it's not professional. >> it's not how you want your president to represent. is who is going to be negotiating with other world leaders. >> is that the guy you want to speak at your kids' high school? mark: are those the kind of things that might hurt him more in south carolina than they did in iowa and new hampshire? >> we don't tolerate that. >> the bible belt, this is the belt buckle right here. [laughter] mark: who will win south
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carolina? >> trump. >> probably trump. >> trump. >> ted cruz. choices you're only two in this race were donald trump and ted cruz, who would you vote for? >> ted cruz. >> ted cruz. >> cruz. >> undecided. >> cruz. mark: i want to talk about some confusion. you almost all said trump was going to gwynne -- was going to win the primary. you also almost all said you support cruz. , hene thing that trump does has a very passionate crowd of people that follow him. i think the thing that is going against a lot of the other candidates is that people are tired of the same old, same old. they want an outsider, and he is that person. mark: a focus group is not a poll, but it is great to get a
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sense of what people are thinking. these are undecided voters. trump is doing well in south carolina, and he has a strong base of support. one of the most interesting things is that for trump, the people there who also supported cruz over trump, they still believe that trump will win because they are surrounded by their neighbors who they see strongly for trump now. i will say one thing about this group that does not necessarily come through in the video, and i think we both noticed it, this group has not been paying as much attention to we'llace, which i think be true from here on out. they were familiar, and they were not done that any means. they were not as on with the nuances and tick-tock as the first two groups in the early states. , theu are donald trump sense that people believe you are inevitable is a powerful thing. ted cruz am a people think
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highly of him. the last thing i will say about this, for cruz, you see the way those people reacted to erupt possible charity and some of the trump about religion, -- 's crudity and some of the issues about religion, that's interesting. i find it interesting that they are getting this from talk radio. the establishment sneered at the glenn beck endorsements. that is gold for the average softer line of utter. -- average south carolina voter. negatives we ran the of cruz, the things that matter a lot, we ran those by the people in the beltway, and it did not mean anything to them at all. i think some candidates are figuring that out, that these issues about cruz not being
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likable, the character stuff might be the way to go with cruz , and morality and family issues are maybe the way to go at trump. and one of the things that happened in this focus group, not a surprise, before i even asked about the candidates, trump, trump, to erupt. he is front and sister, and that combined with the fact that people think he is going to win, very good for trump. coming up, what did the groups radio?ut kasich and we will be right -- bush, kasich, and rubio? we will be back right after this. ♪
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♪ this is part two of our
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focus group in columbia, south carolina. most of the voters were undecided, a few leading towards a candidate, but open to changing their mind. this section was about jeb bush, john kasich, and marco rubio, who the insiders group thinks has a better chance of beating hillary clinton or bernie sanders then donald trump or ted cruz do, but this focus group does not see it that way. thinkyour hand if you somebody who can win a general election against the democrat is important. so you all want somebody who is electable. i will start i asking about specific candidates, jeb bush. >> more of the same. >> i don't care for him. >> solid, but unelectable. >> ordinary. >> he almost seems like a pushover. i don't know if that's the right word. when you see other candidates attack him, i don't know, it's delayed in he is
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defending himself. mark: raise your hand if you know anything about his record as governor of florida? >> i think he was popular. >> i think he was definitely pro-, core, if i remember correctly. >> i have been tuning him out, sorry. mark: i am going to show some video on the screen. we will talk about it. avernor bush: this is national security primary in south carolina. people are concerned about, are we going to support our troops, are we going to support our military, are we going to support our veterans? i will particularly be about the national security issues. isk: national security always a big issue here. what do you think of governor bush' on that? did he seem like a strong leader? >> yes. >> i agree. mark: you saw that, and you had
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a positive reaction, whereas before the video, i don't recall you having nice things to say about him. how do you explain that? >> i guess i have not watched enough of him at this point. i have heard little soundbites, but i have not seen that message. mark: did you like what you saw? >> i did, but he is in front of a camera, telling us what we want to hear. >> he sounded like his brother. mark: his brother has been featured in advertisements here in the state, and plans to come campaign for him. do you think that will help his chances? >> i think it could go either way. i think it could hurt him or help him. >> i think it could help him also. think bush 43 coming here would be good for jeb? >> i think it could be good, but it won't change my opinion of him. we have had enough bushes in the white house, and we need to move on.
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>> i think he is so far behind that i don't see his brother, his dad, the pope coming to help him. [laughter] the: he has been one of better funded candidates in this race, and he is not caught on as well as he had hoped. do people agree with denise that that is the reason? >> i think so. >> i think that's a negative that the machine is behind him. like, the rnc is cramming them down our throat. >> i did not like the first bush or the second bush, and i was hoping -- i liked the first bush and second bush. two out of three ain't bad. kasich,umber two man, he, i was very surprised. he was like, who is this man, all of a sudden? i don't know anything about him, honestly.
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>> very polite. >> he just does not appeal to me either. >> i think he is well spoken, but he is not my cup of tea. >> i don't know. , butve what he did in ohio not necessarily this nation. hek: two things that supported in ohio as governor, one was common core, and the other was accepting money from the federal government for medicaid. what do you think about those positions? >> i heard him talk about orcepting money fi medicaid, and i don't have a problem with that. >> i don't like either of those positions. mark: would that make you less inclined to support him? >> no. mark: no. but you are not in your head. both those positions would be a problem for you? you?, how about >> no, they are not a problem. mark: here is another clip of
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governor kasich. governor kasich: and whether you are a republican or a democrat, you should be an american, working together to solve problems. i am talking about bringing people together and reviving the spirit of america. we need someone who is steady, experienced, and pulls people together. does not demonize the other party. doethat's how it works. communication, unity, not division. division makes us angry. mark: raise your hand if you like that message. you all found that appealing. ok. i just need to know how. how is that going to happen? power you going to create more unity in our country, a country that is so divided on so many issues? how are you going to come in and actually do that? we all want that to happen, but how is it going to happen? of if you are a republican or a democrat, you
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are an american. it is time we came together as americans. when we bring together these candidates who are steadfast and will not make any compromise, nothing will get done, and it will keep us divided. primary has a history of being rough, candidates attacking each other. if john kasich sticks with that message of not attacking and eamon eisen, do you think he will have success? -- and demonizing, do you think he will have success? >> no. it's too late. we have nine days, and i don't think a lot of south carolinians even know who he is. >> many republicans in this state don't want to work with anybody else at all, so not sure that will carry a lot of weight, but it does with me. mark: you all said that is appealing to you, but you are all also suggesting that you don't think it will be effective. how you support that? >> people don't know who he is, and i think it is too late to start now. if you'ree your hand interested now in learning more about john kasich.
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about half of you. marco rubio? >> polarizing. >> spiritual. >> articulate. has thespoken, and he it factor, cut of like bill clinton. he has the presence. >> don't care for him. >> typical politician. mark: does marco rubio seem ready to be president? as anybody as ready is. he is a younger candidate. i am not necessarily thinking that just because someone is older, they are going to have more experience or are better equipped to lead. >> he showed his colors in the last debate when he started fumbling over what he wanted to say. it was rehearsed. the stuff he was saying was rehearsed. over and over, the same thing over and over. once you get in the more detail, he started stuttering. he was not showing his feet. i was strong on him before that.
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i think it hurt him. make a slip up on that debate, but he owned it. he stepped up to it and said it was my fault. that shows that he will be honest. mark: coming out of iowa and new hampshire, does he seem like he has a good chance to win? >> i think he is in the top three. >> i agree. >> i just can't figure the man out. i don't trust him. >> i think with his age, there but lack of an experience, i do think he will surround himself with good people to advise him, and i think his youth will be a plus. bottom line, shows how tough it will be for rubio, kasich, or bush to break into this fight between cruz and trump, but encouraging things for all three of them. john: but let's talk something negative. similar bush, we heard
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comments throughout all of last year in iowa and new hampshire. it turns out that those south though georgehat w. bush won in south carolina, not a lot of interest. john kasich, they don't really want to worry about him. he has a hard run. marco rubio is all over the map. some people are negative on him, some are positive and more intrigued. but just to repeat what you said, i would not want to be in bracket.lishment that is powerful about how south carolina has changed, because this has always been on establishment state, and all the establishment candidates are suffering. mark: maybe this would not have been reflected in new hampshire, but if their sensibility about rubio and his debate performance is right, he made a huge mistake. if he had said sunday, rather than tuesday, i made a big
5:40 pm
mistake, they seemed to think that was great, and they were ready to forgive him. when rubio did that, repeating the same thing over and over, willful denial of reality. you have to own your mistake rather than dragging it out. it is clear, that thing was the shock around the world, the flub heard around the world. they were all really aware of it. they knew all about it, they knew what it was about, and what issue it went to in terms of what rubio's folder ability is. mark: all of them have shown moderation on immigration, but this group was hard line. that's going to hurt any of them. while trump and cruz fight over each other, if any of these guys show strength, they will be pummeled by the super pac's, by cruz. cruz once a one-on-one. aump does not want one-on-one, but he will take
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down anybody in his way. john: can south carolina matters because this is an opening to the window of the bible belt. there are a lot of southern states that will vote on march the first. none of these states are identical, but this is the beginning of a new phase in the campaign, where voters who come from a different place and have different values will be making key decisions. this was the first snapshot we had of that from our experience on the show. mark: this focus group suggests that all three establishment candidates have their work cut out for them. coming up, a guest from the bernie sanders campaign. ♪
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♪ our guest tonight is
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getting used to the phrase "going viral." this is pat devine, senior strategist from the bernie sanders campaign. when you sat down, you had some news that you wanted to bring to the table. you have some new advertising. talk about that. have a powerful web video that will be a television ad. it is the daughter of eric garner talking about why she supports bernie for president. it is a part of a series that we will introduce of testimonial ads in favor of bernie sanders. john: you got hit hard today by a variety of african-american surrogates for the clinton campaign, including john lewis, basically saying, bernie sanders, i've never heard of that guy. what do you say to that? guest: i say that sanders was actively involved as a student. he got arrested while protesting housing policy.
5:45 pm
i am surprised that he has not met bernie. bernie has tremendous respect for congressman lewis. john: but is that a body blow? guest: we are in a political campaign. bernie, if asked tonight about it, will tell everyone how much he respects congressman lewis for his leadership and service. mark: what a great visual video. whichu imagine a world in you would ever go and buy that or get that video and put it on the area code -- on the air? guest: yes, we put it on the air. great bargain, but there were production costs. what was your instinct when you are presented with that? most political strategists would be like, amateur, i'm not going to touch that. guest: my instinct was that it was great. i am glad to work in a campaign like ours, which welcomes second
5:46 pm
of input. it is different from almost every campaign i have worked on before. we want people to be a part of it. the campaign is mark: about the people. mark:don't -- guest: the campaign is about the people. mark: what are you worried about now about your campaign? guest: just the reality that we are up against -- not the clinton machine, but the entire establishment. look at barack obama, for example. we don't have elected officials support yet. we can earn it. mark: what is clinton getting from her support by elected officials? guest: 800 superdelegates. but electoral support is important. but the superdelegates are not voting until the convention. what does should get out of being supported by senators and members of congress? guest: they have the ability to help her raise money. i think other people in their states will follow their lead. it is a real assets. -- a real asset. specific thing
5:47 pm
that goes to endorsements, how bad would it be for bernie were toif kleinberg come out and endorse hillary clinton in south carolina? guest: he is an extremely well-respected figure in his home state. if you endorse is clinton, i think it would be powerful. john: with a real machine behind him, right? guest: yeah, with a grassroots campaign that is utilized effectively. for john kerry, that was a big help. john: does that make it impossible for him to win in south carolina? guest: not impossible. we are bringing new people to the process, particularly young people, and i think that is a big advantage. ♪
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john: we are back with tad devine. we wanted to make sure that we had a clinton surrogate here. we cannot make that work. that is why you are sitting here. to go to ask you, we want back to this thing about african-american votes, because of the whole thing about attracting nonwhite voters. today, a point was made that bernie sanders seems to not be barack obama's kind of democrat. when senator sanders had those tweets that defined what is progressive and what is not, hillary clinton made the point that barack obama does not qualify. you think he is playing a dangerous game by saying that barack obama was too incremental, especially with the kind of voters you need to attract? are.: i don't think we clinton started that progressive thing which he went to ohio and said, i am a centrist moderate. i plead guilty.
5:50 pm
then she went to new hampshire and said, oh, i am a progressive. i will get things done. john: but senator sanders sent out those tweets saying it is not progressive to the x, y, and z, and some of those things excluded obama from the category of progressive. guest: we are not running as president obama. theie sanders thinks that administration did a phenomenal job, and he respects their achievements. debate prep some together. tell us how he is doing. is he nervous -- more or less nervous than the beginning? more or less confident? guest: i think he is a lot more confident than his first debate. that was the first time for him on the national stage, and every debate she has the strongest run, i think. mark: does he ever say, i want research on this? guest: all the time. debate prep with bernie is more
5:51 pm
of a discussion. occasionally, we will do a back-and-forth. mark: what are you expecting her to attack about? guest: i think we have to prepare for her being aggressive. mark: guns? health care? guest: yes, i think we will sit down and talk about african-americans and latinos, i think she will talk about bernie's record, her commitment to the african-american community. i think she will raise the issue of guns, as she has in the past. talklternatively, she will about her message. if she does that, we will talk about ours. mark: he seemed last time to really understand -- there was a split screen up, and he was kind of dismissing what she was saying. is that something he is doing by instinct, or are you all talking about that, split screen, you need to be in their? -- in there? well, we don't practice that stuff.
5:52 pm
the secret with bernie, let him be himself. the: will you ever get to point in debate prep where somebody will play hillary clinton? guest: we have done that. plenty of times. john: who plays hillary? guest: his chief of staff. mark: is it possible that she could do well enough in the next two states, nevada and south carolina, that you would enter a margin of a really weak position -- enter march in a really weak position, or are you confident that you will enter march strong? well: i think we will do in nevada, and i think we have ine potential to do well south carolina, as well. i think we have farther to go in south carolina. i just think it is going to be harder for us to get all the way there, but i think we can. i am not dismissing the possibility. we have a great team on the ground, a lot of people there. it's been suggested that there is no doubt that barack
5:53 pm
obama supports hillary clinton for the nominee. do you doubt that? guest: i think the president has been great in terms of being neutral in this process, and i hope it remains that way. we think the voters should decide, and no one else. john: thank you for coming on, tad. we will be back with you won this day. ♪
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♪\] john: -- john: so, who won the day? mark: hillary clinton had a good day. playing rough, but can help define her agenda the way she needs. john: i agree. looking back at 2008, was there permanent damage done to the
5:56 pm
african-american establishment, and it seems that in 2016, the african-american establishment will be with hillary clinton, and that matters a lot. ,e are on the tube twice a day 5:00 and 8:00, and we are also live 20 47 on there, you can read about our focus group. and if you are in washington, you can listen to us on bloomberg 99.1 fm. -- ontomorrow, we have bloomberg west we have chuck robbins. we will have more on the sanders-clinton debate tomorrow on the program. watching. sayonara. -- thanks for watching. sayonara. ♪
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i'm mark crumpton, and you are watching "bloomberg west." defense secretary ash carter is calling for broad support to
6:00 pm
defeat the islamic state. says he expects more military and financial aid for the campaign. more than 20 nations are in iraq i sold -- isil and syria. a decision today came after a request from three nato members, turkey, germany, and greece, for international help targeting the smugglers. two big endorsements today in the u.s. presidential race. john kasich received the back it -- the backing of ken langone. depot founder had given his support to chris christie, who suspended yesterday. and hillary clinton was endorsed by a branch of the congressional black caucus. a southern california utility company said that it has plucked a leak from interrupting well near los angeles, which forced thousandsp


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