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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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due respect to cruise, argue really the right person to be attacking donald trump on the mafia? >> they keep pulling me back in. ♪ john: happy leave day, sports fans. we are making the most of our bonus show on the use of super tuesday. tomorrow i hope bunch of states will vote in the republican and democratic presidential nomination contest.
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it looks increasingly likely that donald trump will dominate the gop contest. his fractured party is in full splinter mode. side, they are either acquiescing to or warming to the notion of him as the nominee. others are renting their garments and looking for anything to halt his coronation. pleasure,our viewing is a look at the last 72 hours of the republican presidential race and all is color and abject chaos. >> america must have a strong leader again that can store american jobs given that can restore american confidence, and donald trump is just the man to do that. needs a lifeline after last night, so he called in chris christie. with marco rubio, he
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was a nervous wreck, is a nervous basket case. you ought to see him backstage. he was putting on makeup with a trowel. >> donald trump likes to sue people. he should sue whoever did that to his face. >> it is rubio. >> what we're dealing with here my friends is a caught artist. he is a con artist. >> the last thing im is a con man. >> donald trump, like hillary clinton, is a rich new york liberal. to endorseased donald trump for the president of the united states. >> what will the conservative movement be like if the front-runner in this place is put in charge? >> he is not conservative.
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i call myself common sense conservative. donald ist is terrified to release his taxes, and it suggests there is a bombshell there. there are reports he is dealing with the mafia. than it is more extensive reported. >> he has laid out a plan that would have lawmakers break with mr. trump. explicitly in the general election. >> would you say you condemn them and you don't want their support? >> i have to look at the group. i don't know what group you are talking about. >> i'm talking about the ku klux klan. >> i have never met him. breathtaking.
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it is disqualifying right there. to say you do not know about a ku klux klan. >> you could hardly hear what he was saying. >> he blamed it on a bad earpiece. i do not care how bad it is, ku klux klan comes through pretty clearly. >> he is everything i taught my children not to do in kindergarten. >> trunk, 49. 16.le marco rubio lying ted cruz 15. so mark, that is quite a tour. predicted republican meltdown, civil war come to pass? and can ever put themselves back together in time for the election? thanings are worse now
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they ever were. middle, there are many prominent republicans who are telling reporters rightly and saying to each other i will never vote for donald trump. maybe they will try to get away with never saying that publicly. but the donald trump, not just because of this latest slot because of david duke and the ku klux klan, he is dividing the party. he is possibly going to sleep tomorrow and a star to uni -- and start to unify, but i have never seen this in my whole career. where one portion of the party is to find disgusted. john: we have said for a long time can we do not know what will stop donald trump. i will not even predict this will stop donald trump, but it is true that the kkk and the nazis, they are different. kkk or thedefend the
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nazi party. it is not a conservative, or liberal thing. i think that is why see a lot of republicans say it is not just a kkk. that was a moment yesterday when a lot of republicans who were in denial about how bad the trump nomination could be for them, not just for the general election, but for the image of the party in total, they looked at that and went oh my gosh. mark: you have mitt romney who is tweeted twice in the last couple days, once on the tax returns, which donald trump has no insert -- has not answered. tweeted andhas no said he is disqualified. i actually think that, i'm not sure about the earpiece -- john: he is lying. recorda statement on the
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saying he did not want to be part of the reform party because of david duke. in augusthim a about him and he knew about him. mark: the reality of that is clear. earlier you saw the attacks ruled that donald trump, and he is been hit with a variety of charges from his business seminars to his company's bankruptcies to the alleged mob ties, to his retweet obsolete". most of all to the thing he did on sunday, where he failed to address what he had done in the past and done since, repudiate the former ku klux klan grand wizard david duke who spoke in favor of trump's campaign. are any of these things going to actually hurt donald trump's performance tomorrow on super tuesday? i do not think a lot of them will hurt his performance
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of different tuesday because there has been a lot about it in the states and for a lot of voters who like donald trump, all of this will blend into a diet will launch of people trying to take trump dad. i do not think it will hurt him tomorrow, but i think for the reasons we just described a second ago, several of those things could hurt him in the longer term. both of his nomination fight, in the general election, and have applications for the party. mark: there are people who say he has rattled because he is talking about them. but i do not see it that way. when he is fighting and hurling insults, he tends to do well. what he is not done yet is a line of attack that has been serious journalism, candidate attacks. that is the way these things impacted candidates. there has not been time for that to happen. it goes back to all these things out there. well before last week, when marco rubio and ted cruz decided to raise him. if they have done it earlier, it
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could be different. john: i do think there are several things here. i do not think that trump is defensive. seems most sensitive is on the taxes. that continues to be his place. he is not talking about it, he is being evasive about it, and at the questions bubble of it is interesting to me. he is so full throated about almost everything else, but on the taxes he changes the subject. that looks like the most vulnerable point. i'm curious to see how much pressure candidates and prospering to him on the days ahead. trick hillary clinton learned from the obama playbook. ♪
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the even of super tuesday hillary clinton was campaigning in new england where she is trying to help the score for what is expected to be a big night for a campaign tomorrow, ever since her south carolina blowout on saturday. she has been sounding at all lot like a general election candidate, in part by nouri bernie sanders and going hard after the republican primary candidate donald trump. the most recent example came today at an event in springfield. >> i do not think that america has ever stopped being great. what we need to do now is make america a whole. what we cannot have been let -- let happen is the scapegoating, the blaming, the finger-pointing that is going on on the republican side. mark: if she does do well on super tuesday, she may very well try to rip several pages from the obama 2008 playbook, to the right time try to convince
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bernie sanders to drop out of the race sooner rather than later, through what obama did, cleverly apply pressure in public. what are the pages from the playbook, and while they work for clinton the way they worked for obama against clinton? john: let's start with the most obvious. we know about playbooks. the first is, delegate math, and her demographics. she is likely to win big victories tomorrow in states with a lot of african-american voters. her performance in south carolina was extraordinary. percentage than barack obama did. it is hard to be a democratic -- unless you're getting a result of the african american vote. if you pull ahead part of tomorrow she will be able to say you cannot catch up, all you are doing is hurting the cause. mark: simply let reporters say impossible. let reporters write stories to
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say is possibly -- it is impossible mathematically. in two weeks, if clinton performs the way it looks like she is going to, even if sanders does as well as anyone expected sedated expects him to do tomorrow, they will point to the math and start u to put superdelegates out there. they do not want to say she's only winning the nomination because of these unelected delegates. to have too not want rely on the superdelegates really want to win the elected delegates. if she's in the position she is going to be intimate will be the case that you will be able to point to spreadsheet and say to reporters, bernie sanders would have to win 64% with some high number of the populist voters of the remaining states. let reporters do the math. mark: the other thing that they will do, unfurl some endorsement
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at the right time. some progressive endorsements, some labor people to say to sanders, game over. you cannot catch up because the simple gush embolic endorsements are coming my way. symbolice the endorsements are coming my way. coming up, sanders continues to attract huge crowds of enthusiastic voters in places like austin, texas, where 10,000 fans showed up in his rally on saturday it in kansas city, as 7500 or kansas people turned out to hear him speak in the early afternoon on a wednesday last week. here is that scene from our latest showtime episode of the circus. >> i would like to get everybody in here. get as close as you can and applauded for the ex-president of the united states of america -- for the next president of the united states of america. >> if we stand together we can
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win this nomination and when american history. thank you very much. even in the south carolina vote, he won the future amount majority. can sanders get those voters on his side? can clinton get the sanders voters to come in? mark: there's personal bitterness between the two camps. she just needs to start winning them over. i do not think inflation between the two candidates will be nearly as hard as obama and clinton were in 2008. i think eventually, when bernie sanders endorses her, if she is the nomination, and if she promises him time of the
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convention, toxic -- talk about the issues he shares, most of the voters will enthusiastic supporter, especially if it is against donald trump. john: he thinks she is great, he will probably endorser. 2008, all the to way to the convention. on this trip, we were going around with sanders, in tulsa, oklahoma, a huge crowd outside of the restaurant. there was a bunch of bernie sanders fans. if they would vote for hillary clinton, and they said yes. of course we will vote for the democrat. she just has to do the right thing. mark: she is vulnerable on the economy and the question of her honesty with the young people in particular. but i think she will unify the party. mega monsterduper game day tuesday survival guide. ♪
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john: donald trump hillary clinton are expected a pretty super tuesday but their points of working tirelessly to lay the groundwork that they need to survive a bludgeoning tomorrow. we'll take a look at a few of those scenarios right now starting with ted cruz. he has been touting his strong southern ground game since last summer. that set expectations pretty high.
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my question for you, what does ted cruz have to do to survive mega monster game day tuesday? win texas, not by a little. the list of finish second in a lot of the states. he also has to come out with a decent number of delegates. yes to argue that this was a day on which he can fill in louisiana and some of the other states. to really survive, has to win texas, like you said. he has to come in second for sure in alabama, georgia, mississippi, those southern states that he really rides on. he is in third place in the delegate count on super tuesday. he has to effectively acknowledge he is dead if he does not get it.
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at the end of the day, donald trump has the most delegates, who has the next most? heading into states that are less welcoming to him, what is argument? mark: let's go to review. while there are doubts that he , hewin any state outright history with suburban middle-class voters who are key to keeping him competitive. four stops in old dominion alone. john: i think review has to be number two in the overall andcate count her trunk, clearly outpacing ted cruz we can make the argument that he is the only alternative going forward. of theset win any
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states. i think credibly speaking, he has to be close to winning a state like virginia, which is really general election battleground states. given the suburban nation of that state, he should be in a position not to be trunk, but to come pretty close. mark: the delegates matter a lot. he also needs to show strength beyond the suburbs. not going to be strong as a pure suburban candidate. if he shows regional strength, that could help. minnesota, massachusetts, virginia. show strength in those southern suburbs. he also needs to come out of tomorrow with an argument. , heys to take the results had a good strong speech the night of the primary. he needs strong speech to frame why he is the person. he needs to go back to being more than just a comedian. finish ahead of casing in massachusetts.
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let's talk about john kasich. he is ahead of review and places like massachusetts and vermont. history to exceed expectations in places like tennessee. will that be enough to survive mega monster game day tuesday? mark: they have done a very clever job of saying don't judge me anything but ohio. even michigan, where they are saying they cannot win. i think junkies it will get a chance. i continue to be annoyed and flabbergasted that people continue to not talk about him, because you probably can win his home state, and i do not see how rubio is going to win florida without an incredible comeback . john: if you ask them who of the main republicans would be the toughest general election candidate, they would say john kasich. the fact that the public and establishment is not getting casing dworkin series consideration, is baffling.
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some of the most likely of the three actually to stop trump if he wins ohio. what he needs to do tomorrow is he needs to do well enough in delicate relation to not be irrelevant. when people put up the tallies of delegates, it does not look and you are forth irrelevant. but he's not going to win a state, and he has to do, in those northeastern states, better than rubio. , closehat would help him to trump in massachusetts,", to get a victory. bernie sanders is expected to do the best on super tuesday, with the electorate most similar to new hampshire and iowa, mostly white voters. ron means that minnesota, -- vermont and oklahoma.
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how does sanders do and places with a sizable african-american population in the southern states? sms with how he does in places with a lot of latino voters. in the center survival guide, what does he need to do tomorrow so that this race can go on? john: yes to win in the city is advertising right now. over and over get weird would you do well oklahoma we're going to do well in colorado, minnesota and vermont. his problem right now that hillary clinton is ahead in massachusetts. you have to win massachusetts to stay in this. if she beat them in massachusetts, it will be hard. and she is flying to minnesota tomorrow to start in a state he has put a lot of game into. mark: the clinton people have been very smart and they had lowered expectations. they are trying to break his back tomorrow. they are trying to sweep and say
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this thing is over. if sanders does not win massachusetts and minnesota, et al. he comes out with is vermont and another statement it will be very hard to argue. he will go on, but it will be hard to beat her. john: he could get killed in texas with the hispanic vote. mark: coming up will ask republican governors who they would vote for. and if you're watching us in washington dc, we will be right back. ♪
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is the former governor of georgia, and also the former governor of new jersey. governor whitman start with you. thet a problem for republican party in donald trump is your party's nominee, and if so, why? >> because of the end of the day you cannot be hillary clinton. we have to put together real coherent place to say how he is going to do all these things that he says he is going to do, they are not going to ring true. people are going to see through it. i also think that his temperament, his bullying, is the meaning of people is not going to sit well with the majority of american people when it comes to the general election. mark: are the things that he is disqualifying? are these just what happens when people are in a rough-and-tumble primary, or something different? >> genuine concern that
5:31 pm
talknment whitman can about that are sure a lot of people -- shared by a lot of people. most of the polling we have seen, most of the republican candidates, whether they are john kasich, marco rubio, or ted cruz, they all be hillary clinton. that is a concern a lot of people have. not want four more years of obama's failed policies. they want a candidate who can win in november. mark: with all due respect, the kind of concern you are expressing, who can be more elected, is run-of-the-mill. they have said he is disqualified. is this a serious problem, or he may just not be the strongest candidate? >> i think people are concerned about our country. can extendur country four more years of the left-wing
5:32 pm
policies we have seen from the obama administration and that hillary clinton or bernie furtherwould be even .eft to justify their campaigns joe: is donald trump fit to be the nominee? or is he disqualified by the things the last few days? >> is not for me to decide easy nominee for president. we'll have millions of voters who will cast a ballot in our republican privacies and caucuses -- primprimaries and caucuses. somebody will win. it is not for me to say. i'm not going to say that i do intend to support the nominee of our party for the reasons i already said.
5:33 pm
we cannot have four more years. john: even if it is mr. trump? >> i intend to support the nominee, whoever the voters choose. it is up to them. in donald trump is the nominee of the party, will you support him? >> no. i want, i can't. the kind of writer in which he is engaged, the divisiveness that he is encouraging, the labeling people just by reason of their density is creating a divide in this country that is very dangerous for the future. while i don't want four more years of another clinton administration or more years of the obama administration, i would take that over the kind of damage that i think donald trump can do to this country to its reputation and to the people of this country. you cannot people together and make policy happen in your so divisive. john: is donald trump is the nominee and hillary clinton nominee you will support hillary clinton?
5:34 pm
but i thinknt to, that is where i would go. those were my choices. john: you talked about the business of mr. trump. talk about what you think is doing to your party. there are some people who say this is an existential crisis for the party. the civil war within the party. what does this mean for the party, beyond losing or winning the election scarlet:? >> the party can rebound from things. hopelly as well. hopefully it will remember is a stalwart of the party. that is why i supported john kasich. someone who brings the experience for both working on the hill led as a governor. he has had to live just political experience. he has done the kinds of things we want to do for the country. everyone is so quick to dismiss him.
5:35 pm
it is all over and everybody's minds. don't forget tomorrow, there's only one state tomorrow than his actual winner take all. the rest are all proportional. there could be enough votes to allow him to continue to go forward into ohio. he does need to win ohio, but i think he will. mark: you're in a different place her on mr. trump. address governor barbour and persuade him? it is really hard for people who have given as much to the party to say they will walk away from it. my position cubs frey i care more about the country than the party and policy in the party. i cannot bring myself to support -- ine who i do not think think he has yet to decry the robo calls that were made not by his campaign by an unaffiliated group supporting him, that set
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at the end of the day, don't vote for a cuban. i have trouble with someone who was not immediately ready to renounce the kkk. the endorsement of the leader. those are things i cannot get comfortable with. mark: what you think of that position? our partyhairman of when she was elected governor. i am proud she got elected -- a day in november of 1993. she is a great governor. she does with donors are supposed to do. she got the job done. we need more people like that. john kasich has been that kind of governor. and he was governor, also a great member of the congress. there are some other good candidates. we get along great, but we do not agree on everything. mark: what do you think about the prospect of people following government whitman's lead and saying they will hold her nose and vote for hillary clinton if it is a trump and clinton general election?
5:37 pm
would you urge her not to do that? all, i do not think we should concede that somebody has won the nomination. we have picked about 5% of the delegates. poling says this, holdings of that. polling is not right. this way has a long way to go. donald trump has a certainly better chance of anyone else, but he is a long way from having it one. john: the me ask you if there is something that the party, collectively, should be doing to stop donald trump. what are the collective forces of your party need to do to stop that from happening? >> what they need to do is point out just what governor barbour said. that this is a long way from being over. there are still a lot of delegates that are up for contention. we can definitely have another candidate who would come forward
5:38 pm
and a really strong team. if you think about it, if you had it k-6, rubio, you would put ohio and florida in play. important states. that is what we need to keep reminding people. we want to win the election, but we want to be able to learn once the election has been one. joe: do you think they should team up now? >> i doubt they do it, but i was -- wish they would. mark: thank you for joining us. politicalwe have insiders here to talk about super tuesday. erik♪
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inn: joining us now is anderson bc political analyst, and a former romney campaign advisor. neither of you are here as surrogates today, we're just talking as friends. we're going to start talking about republicans. then we will talk about democrats. christie todd whitman just with us now to situate rather vote for holly clinton the donald trump. how do you feel that that? >> i'm not voting for donald trump. i confident that marco rubio will be the nominee. if he is not the nominee, i think there will be another republican in the general election, even if they are not the nominee for party. john: running as an independent? >> correct.
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right now i'm focused on rubio, but i'm not voting for donald trump/ and: is this right now existential crisis for the republican party? is that what this represents? you have a guy who is leading the polls right now against a fragmented health, who just look at the things he said in the past couple of weeks. that theast night chinese government's treatment of the citizenry of china as a model for how american president should deal with the american people. he is basically saying people like vladimir putin is a model leader for the united states. a partner for the united states. that.n keep going down over half of the tweets that he retweets from his fans are from white supremacists. mark: but what is it say about your party that he is the front runner? >> he is a front runner against
5:43 pm
a fragmented field. a majority of republican voters are still voting against him. hope is as this field windows, as you get to a two-man race, which you are headed to, rubio against trump, it will truly test whether he is a front runner. let me make one other point. up until the last couple of weeks, two things have not been tested in this race. one, how donald trump deals with someone who does not just stay above it in the primary, but really gets in his grill. that is now being tested. secondly, we are testing whether or not he deals positively, responsibly, constructively tens of millions of dollars of tv ads raising issues about him. mark: how would you evaluate how good a job rubio is doing in this new role? >> i'm not going to vote for donald trump either. [laughter] john: that will make news.
5:44 pm
i think senator rubio is an attractive guy. you look at the future of what america will look like. he did not serve himself especially well in the last few days. it has hard not to roll around with a cake and not have a little mud on you when you finish. been mrs.inner has clinton. we were just commenting to weeks about howreat worry well she would do, if she could pull it off. the fact that she did an enormous victory, appealing to a broad cross-section, where did she go going forward? way -- dan is my friend. i would not have advised him to quit himself that way. during the debate, i thought he did a very effective job.
5:45 pm
i know he has been helpful. afterwards, trying to take donald trump on on stages across the south as the super tuesday, i did not think it has been quite as effective because largely it is really a demise in the way everyday voters look at presidential politics and particularly republican candidates. as someone who would not want to see donald trump as the nominee, someone like to see mrs. clinton as president, perhaps it would work out for him. republican brand is infected when the front runner for the republican nomination will not renounce the kkk. the number andby that fact as anything else in politics today. debate,fore the last the day before the debate, every republican pundits and every meal personality was a tonight's the night.
5:46 pm
if review does not trump tonight, it is over. and review -- and rubio went , and they said it was too late. in the city is too tough on donald. the riley ali is they are adapting and going after trump in a way that was probably not part of the blueprint from the developed the plan early on. i'm not going to comment on individual jokes. i'm simply saying for the first time someone is eating a trump's grill, getting in his head. when he starts reading these tweets about donald trump's spelling last week, and donald is deleting these tweets. you see this is moving up. but that is not the rubio branscum and even a single rant. i do not think that one of the
5:47 pm
day will push you over. >> for the first time, the press carrying rubio's rally live. this ping-pong match is turning into a two-man race. john: go to your corners. we will be back. [laughter] harold ford junior, danny senior. we'll talk about the democratic race after this. ♪
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persone're back with the
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many in memphis called junior, and former mitt romney advisor danny senior. housee talked about secretary clinton's fortunes have turned. what can she do now to take advantage of the chaos and republican party? >> stay on her message. i thought her speech in south carolina was one of the better ones she has given during the campaign. it sounds as if the co-heedlessness -- cohesiveness is finding its way back to the campaign. she is thrown off stride sometimes, and this campaign is adhering to a message and an approach. question now is what is it you are going to do as president for all america? talked about making her a call, that is the beginning of that message. -- making america whole again, that is the beginning of that
5:50 pm
message. right tors has every stay in the race, his path has narrowed tremendously. as the path there is more so, the chaos and the republicans help unite democrats even more. mark: for the republicans to win this race, they would have to wait in a perfect race. and then they said she is so easy to be. how tough issue right now? >> she is tough. pure -- your media reaction should be bad. the principle of it is horrifying. in terms of the politics of it, what donald trump as nominee
5:51 pm
would do basically guarantee that hillary clinton can reassemble the obama coalition in big numbers. mitt romney got 27% of the latino vote, what do we think donald trump will get? 20% if you're being conservative in his favor? john: let me make a contrary point to you. there are people in brooklyn marco rubio isay a particular candidates. donald trump is totally unpredictable. get white working-class industrial turnout in the midwest. that,o you think about that donald trump might be more dangerous? >> i will leave that to the strategist to figure out. fundamental challenge for mrs. clinton now is to build on what she did the other night in south carolina in terms of her speech, in terms of getting her campaign on a path
5:52 pm
that regardless of who the nominee is on the republican side, whoever it is will be tough. this country is a divided country. college, the electoral and bigger win or not. when you look at the popular vote for the country remains divided. i understand the argument you just made about truck. can he bring voters into the full that were not in the full before? probably, but is it enough to make a big advantage? votest romney's 4 million behind obama. at aarted 4 million votes time we needed to expand our share of the electorate. which states are actually going to flip as results of the numbers being at that when they up a 4 million votes hole, and then add even more about that. >> probably ohio and florida. john: what does she need to do, one thing that she needs to do to excite young voters that the
5:53 pm
-- the same way bernie sanders has. >> and economic message that talks about a job and a home for your family. she is working towards that now. john: thank you. we will be right back. ♪
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john: for our purposes this day is over. who one? mark: no one. this was a horrible day for american politics. john: hillary clinton won the
5:56 pm
day, looking strong. now going to bernie sanders territory to shut him down tomorrow. check out bloomberg for just reasonable take on why not quiteill even if he does poorly. mark: tomorrow is a special two-hour edition on super tuesday. that is at 5:00 p.m. eastern time. andill have several guests much more. until tomorrow for our extravaganza, thank you for watching. sayonara. ♪
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mark: mark crumpton. you are watching bloomberg west. let's start with the pentagon was 35 l.a. dollars to strengthen cyber security for the next five years. defense secretary ashton carter says an effort to increase
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offensive military capabilities against islamic state will get about half of the money. 30 people are dead and hundreds more are wounded at a suicide bombing at a funeral north of baghdad. state has claims responsibility for the twin bombings on sunday that left 70 people -- 73 people dead. the centers for disease control and prevention say one out of five residents of puerto rico are treated to get zika virus, raising the threat to the united states. casesare four times the than at the end january. urgent action is needed until mosquitoes reach their peak at april. they will meet tomorrow to talk about the vacancy on the serene -- sup c


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