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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  August 15, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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mark: "with all due respect" to anybody else, uncle joe is back, baby. >> nobody doubts that i mean what i say. this is not hyperbole. i really mean it. all kidding aside. maybe it is just me. let state the obvious. that boy, he married up. sorry, guys. [laughter] i became the obama whisperer. this is not a joke. this is real. this is such a bunch of malarkey.
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just the facts. nothing but the facts. that was joe friday, actually. mark: we literally have a great show tonight. donald j. trump starts the week with more questions. the very viability as a gop nominee. he did what donald trump often does when he faces questions about his candidacy. he gave a scripted speech. today, he was in youngstown, ohio. he laid out his plan for combating terrorism. trump called for a quick and complete eradication of isis, finding common ground with russia, and background screenings are in doubt. while continuously framing hillary clinton as weak on terrorism, trump proposed a political and ideological test for immigrants coming into america.
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here are some of the highlights. donald trump: hillary clinton lacks the judgment, as said by bernie sanders, stability, and temperament and the moral character to lead our nation. [applause] she also lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on isis. we should only admit into this country those who share our values and respect our people. the time is overdue to develop a new screening test for the threats we face today. i call it extreme vetting. in addition to screening out all members of the sympathizers to terrorist groups, we must also screen out any hostile attitudes towards our country and its principles or who believes that sharia law should supplant american law. [applause]
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those who do not believe in our constitution or who supported bigotry and hatred will not be admitted for immigration into our country. to put these new procedures in place, we will have to temporarily suspend immigration from some of the most dangerous and volatile regions of the world. that have a history of exporting terrorism. the support networks for radical islam in this country will be stripped out and removed one by one, viciously if necessary. those in our country that are preaching hate will be asked to return home immediately. if they don't, we will return them home. donny: let's talk about the policies. he wants to have extreme vetting. you are at ellis island.
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you believe in sharia law instead of american law? no. you are in the country. one of the things is we are getting out of the nationbuilding business. one of the reasons he called obama the founder of isis is because he was getting out of the business of nationbuilding. there is a certain contradiction there. he said hillary clinton does not have the physical stamina. are they going to start to put the stroke stuff out there? i thought it was a gender thing. none of this matters, just like his economics speech this week. it was meat and potatoes. now he is using temperament. 56-31. he is not fit to be president and until that changes, he will not do it on policy. mark: saying you are going to
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have a special test, i agree with you logistically. i think americans would like to see a better system for keeping people out. alliances around the world, i think that is relatively good politics to say we need to ally with those who share our interests. that is realism. trump is trying to tap into dissatisfaction with how things are going, even though president obama's marks are up. people are nervous about it. this is not his current problem. i don't know if he can sustain it. he did not seem to be particularly engaged with this topic. he did not seem to be giving this speech with gusto. it was a little bit dark. americans want to know that we will win with optimism, not live with a lifetime of tough choices overseas. donny: this was identical. this was a twin to the economics.
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solid, meat and potatoes, but not in his eyes. mark: he should have practiced it more. donny: last week was a rough week for donald trump when it came to how he was pulling in battleground states. cbs survey in new hampshire has him down nine points. in georgia, a typically red state, it now looks like a competitive race. trump leads 45% to 41%. various news organizations are predicting a big electoral win for clinton and journalists raised the alarm that the republican nominee might need to be replaced and soon. the paper's editorial board said if they cannot get trump to act by a labor day, they will have to focus on salvaging the senate and house in down ballot races.
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he needs to stop blaming or turn thee nomination over to mike pence. mark, it is clear that national republicans are willing to dump trump under certain circumstances. what you think is the deadline? donny: i thought they would give -- mark: i thought they would give him until the first debate. debate schedule is up in the air. it is not scheduled to start until late september. i don't think hillary clinton is going to come into that debate unprepared. the chances seem remote compared to people i will talking -- i have been talking to. if he does not turn it sooner, you will see pressure. the rnc says trump is raising all our money. is it a net dollar for dollar change? no. if his numbers have not improved by labor day, i believe there
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will be a strong push that they will abandon him the way bob dole was abandoned. donny: no candidate has had numbers like he has and has won the popular vote. it is very bad. i believe something else is going to start to happen if things don't turn around. i can see trump bailing. i can't see us getting to the point where election night, trump becomes george mcgovern. it is not in his system. i spoke to a clinton staffer who said that thing they are most afraid of, and there is a date of september 15, is him bailing out and mitt romney coming in. i see him dropping the mic and saying here is a speech. mark: he is not going to drop out before the first debate. he thinks he can win it at the
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first debate. donny: i cannot see him the rest of his life with a big l on his face. mark: ohio, october 4. you can't turn things around on october 4. you have to turn it around before them. donny: he can do whatever he wants. mark: he is not going to drop out. donny: it is not beyond -- i am a manhattan guy, so i would like to fantasize. mark: now is the time on "with all due respect" where we cut the malarkey. hillary clinton got help from joe biden today in scranton, pennsylvania. it is the same town where her family has deep roots. there was a bevy of classics to offer throughout the day, including a slightly awkward tarmac hug that kept going and going. release, joe.
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there was also some of biden's usual folksy banter. >> good to be home with so many friends. as i look around, one of the people in the reception line said my aunt owns your house. [laughter] >> tell her i'm coming. i'm coming home. i was there when i was running and up in the bedroom, written on the wall is joe biden slept here. and then lived here. i'm glad they added that part. mark: there were also a lot of moments of high emotion. >> if my son were still in iraq, and i say to all those who were there, their threat -- the threat to their life has gone up a couple of clicks. you has saw what happened in turkey.
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turkey accusing us of being part of the crew attempt -- coup attempt. does he have any idea the consequence of his outlandish comments? this guy doesn't care about the middle class. i don't even blame him because he doesn't understand it. he doesn't have a clue. what hillary is about is making sure everyone of you can look your child or grandchild in the eye and say honey, i mean this sincerely, everything is going to be ok. hillary understands that the most damaging thing to a parent is to look at a talented child or a sick child or a child and need and not be able to do anything. mark: a lot of good joe biden there. great talker.
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wants clinton elected. what can joe biden do between now and election day besides talking to voters in battleground states? donny: what you saw on display is his brand. he is everyone's favorite uncle. he will put his arm around you, have a beer with you. when he talked about his son, that he would throw himself before he would let his late son go over there, talking about parenting, saying everything will be ok, he will continue to be the surrogate to let people know things might not be ok with trump as president. he will talk economy, but that is the uncle that says we can't do this. mark: this national security thing is a big deal. not everybody is going to have their heartstrings tugged will when they talk about beau biden.
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republicans will often say joe biden has been wrong a lot of stuff about national security. but september, campaigning, robo calls, fundraising events, she has got obama, she has her husband, she has got another big surrogate in joe biden. donny: i picture her with the football and she has these tall guards in front of her. she has president obama, joe biden. who does trump have? in front of him giuliani? mark: mike huckabee. what campaigns are saying about the other side and whether anything is going to stick. ♪
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mark: both major presidential campaign say they want the election to be fought over the issues, but they are both spending a lot of time trying to get the media interested in controversies. the trump campaign has been expressing outrage that some clinton-related stories are not getting more coverage. a report that in under credentialed clinton foundation donor was appointed at the insistence of clinton's state department staff. we are expecting to see more from longtime clinton staff member who was a government employee when it the secretary of state was under scrutiny, along with her ties to the clinton foundation and the fbi's giving congress notes from the investigation of clinton's
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e-mail, along with the summary of evidence they uncovered. will these controversies, these flaps, will they get more coverage and should any get more coverage? donny: yes and yes. until you can draw a straight line, not this person got a job or this, to the foundation taking money and because of the money it affected her decision-making as secretary as far as policy, until that line is drawn it all goes into a blur. other than that, it goes into that murky, mushy box. it is more of the same. we know that hillary clinton does not tell the truth, does not tell the truth. we know that. mark: they should all get more scrutiny. the press needs to ask itself whether it is disregarding things because that plays right into what the clintons wanted, spin.
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no one has proved that linkage in a way in any of these new controversies. it will be interesting to see information from the e-mails. donny: the "new york times" is reporting an anticorruption investigation in ukraine uncovered a secret record that uncovered $12 million paid to paul manafort. his ties ukraine interest have been previously reported, but it will provide fresh fuel for opponents. last night, hillary clinton's campaign manager put out a statement that read in part --
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manafort issued his own response. should this get more coverage and will anything stay? mark: it should. lots of people that work at senior campaigns make money, especially overseas. the story is a little soft in that there is no proof. they have seen handwritten ledgers. there is no other evidence that i have read in that story. trump has made a big deal about ties to russia. he has said controversial things about ukraine, the relationship between the three countries. donny: i would say this is an automatic who cares?
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it has been too much putin, trump, russia, readies, we're going to go after terrorists together. it just has got a yuck feel to it. mark: what trump said about alliances with russia, it is not different from the current administration. his failure to repudiate the worst aspects of putin brings controversy not just on him, but on paul manafort and anyone around him. the presumption should be there is nothing here until there is more evidence. the times story was interesting but it did not prove he got money. we know he was paid money while he was working that part of the world. when we come back, we'll have trump senior adviser boris epstein onset to talk about trump's speech. ♪
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mark: always lots to talk about in trump world. let's get right to it with our next guest, boris epstein. welcome. >> thanks for having me. the state is strong. 85 days to go. the candidate is focused on national security, on the economy, on driving a message. sideshow stories out there, but very confident within the campaign. mark: people said it is trump's to lose. boris: i think it is ours to win.
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america is looking at a binary option. donny: i believe that trump has nine deadly sins. we don't have to go through all of the e-mails. i'm a firm believer. he gave a solid speech today. unless he somehow walks them back and says i was doing this for a reason and i want to apologize, i think those deadly sins stick with him. i do not believe he can just go forward without taking two steps back. boris: this is my third campaign. unfortunately, the first two were losers. going back and relitigating old issues never works. he is not going to do it. we can disagree. going forward, driving the message home, national security and the economy.
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people in the country feel the country is going in the wrong direction. that is a huge number. why would those people give four more years? donny: it is very simple. people think he is dangerous. the numbers tell you that. mark: what does donald trump think vladimir putin? boris: in the speech he made it clear that russia as an entity is a country that can be used against syria. he has also been tough on russia. mark: do you think putin is a bad guy or a good guy? boris: you would have to ask donald trump. mark: donald trump said he was going to win new york. in the polls he is down 30. boris: 85 days to go. every state is in play. 85 days out. mark: you like his chances in
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new york? boris: i like his chances overall to win the presidency. donny: i think you guys lose credibility by not saying, you know what, we made mistakes and new york is not in play. people are not stupid. when they see numbers like 5225. you can't just say that -- 50 to 25. you cannot just say the polls numbers are not right. you cannot just keep saying things are going our direction. they are not. boris: what i'm saying that new york, 85 days out, we're not going to write it off. as far as the national polls go, "the l.a. times" have him within one point. that is very close. these are the dog days of summer. american people will make up their minds in september, october, and very much in november. donald trump will deliver the message that he is much stronger on the economy.
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you have to go back to hillary clinton is as a candidate. she is someone who has failed throughout her career in private practice, and one of the worst secretaries of state this country has ever seen. all over the world we are worse off now. she failed. mark: sit tight, boris. when we come back we will continue the conversation. ♪
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>> he is a stunning ignoramus on foreign public issues. >> i no doubt that putin thinks he is an unwitting agent of the russian federation. >> this is not somebody who should he handed the nuclear codes. timeframe between his decision and when the nuclear weapons are launched? >> it is scenario dependent but the system is designed for speed and decisiveness. >> that was a new bid of web featuringf web videos some prominent republicans. also tim miller is a cofounder of the america rising pac. and the chief strategist for the plan -- pro-clinton superpac. some more news about hillary and some appointments. every day it is e-mails and foundation, when does the glass break at some point?
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>> no, i think the facts are as we have lived through this entire process through the partisan republican committee reviews of benghazi through multiple looks at the e-mails from the state department , through the fbi director's press conference we arrive at the same conclusions which is that hillary clinton apologized for using her own server. at the end of the day, what you said is exactly right. there continues to be new information but nothing new in terms of how she performed as secretary of state and certainly in an election between two people, when you compare what is being said about hillary clinton, compared to what donald said today in his speech, there is no contest on who is prepared to be commander-in-chief and that is why republican senators, former cia directors, leaders in the military have pretty consistently and almost unanimously said that donald trump is unfit to be president of the united states.
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mark: are you supporting anyone in this race? >> i am not supporting anyone, but trump is by first -- by far the worst option. i hate to agree with this guy, but hillary has given republicans so many opportunities on foreign policy where we could have had a nominee giving a speech today who made a credible critique of her state department record or we could have a nominee who could have criticized her about her lying with regard to the e-mail but we do not. we are stuck with donald trump. his speech was completely out of step. with where republican should be on for policy. he is the worst nominee of either party. john: who is most likely to catch a spark with voters? guest: i think the e-mail
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scandal is probably the one that is most damaging in addition to her disastrous tenure as secretary of state overall more than any specific scandal. but donald trump is not capable of litigating this case. i know there is great frustration in the campaign. some say there is unequal coverage of the controversies on both sides. the press does not have a great history of being super friendly to the clintons. why would it be that the media would not be covering clinton controversies as much as it has? >> he would have to ask the press. >> what is your theory? >> i don't have a theory. all i want to do is win the election. the case in point is you had 44 more e-mails to mount that hillary clinton did not turn over. when she said that all e-mails were turned over, that was perjury. three fbi field officers wanted to pursue and it right meant --
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an indictment against the clinton foundation, but the department of justice, run by loretta lynch, a friend of the clintons, clamped that down. these are huge issues. what's not forget the -- let's not forget that there are businessmen who gave a billion dollars and then asked for favors. >> trump is not used to being a loser and he is cranky and exhausted and frustrated because he wants to do what he was doing during the primary season. how is the man, how is his head? boris: as of this morning he is 100% focused on winning and is energized and is set on winning this election. as far as the infighting, that is incorrect. the campaign is focused, the campaign is united. running the campaign? >> donald trump is the candidate. call, who iss one the call he makes? >> that's up to donald trump.
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>> do you have a question for boris? watching the last segment, i am just curious, boris is living on earth as well, where donald trump thinks he has a chance to win new york and connecticut. question is, should donald trump spend a single cent in new york or connecticut? boris: going was a great play. donald trump had a great rally. that really was covered all over the country so that was positive. if they get coverage, there is the money. -- of course, spend the money. >> what do you think of the foray into connecticut? >> i would encourage boris to spend a significant amount of money in new york and connecticut. that is a terrific strategy on the part of the tram campaign. -- trump campaign. it shows they are forward thinking and it is a terrific idea.
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>> that is not sarcasm, right? >> it is trump-like sarcasm, i can tell by the way his mouth is turning up. >> do have a question? like to know, if this is donald trump focused 100% on winning, what would donald trump focused 50% on winning look like? that was a rhetorical question. >> where was hillary clinton all weekend? she should've been out there trying to woo voters. she was in the hamptons and nobody knows what she was doing. americans have a binary choice. there are two candidates. you have a choice between a , hillary clinton, and a good president, donald trump. >> we have to take a break. stick around. we'll be right back. ♪
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john: we are back with tim miller, the cofounder of the america rising. cecil,washington, guy cochair of the clinton super pac. as we were coming on the air we worked on some reporting i was not able to finish on. a source familiar with dying for your super pac says you are scaling back in three states, , colorado, and
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pennsylvania. three states that show hillary clinton way ahead. is it true that you are scaling back? >> it is. we are constantly making assessments about how to make sure we're spending our money efficiently and effectively. that is why we expanded our and -- campaign to north carolina. and to other states as well. as a right now, we are reducing our spending in those three states. clear, youust to be are reducing spending because of the lead you have their -- you have. you feel you don't need to be on the air. >> that is correct. we are assessing where we are on a week by week basis. we're not taking anything for granted.
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colorado and pennsylvania have been relatively close elections over the course of the last two or three cycles. but right now we're going to look at other opportunities for us to expand and potentially to reach out to new voters through voter registration and on the ground efforts in some of our key states. mark: this reduction goes to about september 20. are you thinking that money or reach out to new voters through voter registration and on the ground efforts in some of our -- banking that money or moving it to other states? >> we will be moving it to other states but also into other activities. one of the things about the work we have been doing is we are not just focusing on persuadable swing voters in the suburb. we think it is critical to use this opportunity to expand our party to increase registration and turnout among key demographics and we will look for opportunities in places like florida and places like ohio to begin doing work on the ground with registration and turnout. it will be some combination of both of those things. we do not expect to make any changes to our current map before labor day. >> this is critical and should be a wake-up call to the
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republican party. the presidential race is over. hillary clinton's super pac's spending $50 million on the air in north carolina. -- $15 million on the air in north carolina. they are looking to register voters and bring out voters. we have a competitive senate race. donald trump has not a single cent on tv in north carolina republican groups are having to redirect their efforts to going to states like north carolina so we can have a check on hillary clinton. >> what would you do differently? >> we are talking about expanding the party and having for theistic vision
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future. they got less than a third of the vote. it's not like if we had gotten one zinger in a debate it would have been different. i do think if ted cruz was the nominee and as soon as jeb dropped out i started working for an anti-trump pack. we would not be in this place at lease to not have adds up. does not the case now, and now we have to stave off a landslide. mark: tim says the presidential race is over. do you agree? guest: no. >> you are not on the air in virginia. you can say it. you are not on the air in virginia. the race is over. that's i think we do have to stay focused in places like florida and ohio, places like new hampshire. not only because we have the presidential race there which is
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going to be determinative, but because we want to make sure that we have a senate that shares the same values as senate democrats and fair-minded republicans. i do not think it is over. we are going to stay focused all the way through the end of the election. mark: could you imagine a scenario if republicans divert money away that you might start spending money on senate races? >> all of the options are out there. right now, our focus is on making sure hillary clinton not only wins but wins in as many places and among as many people as possible. that will not only benefit hillary but democrats up and down the ticket. >> she is edging toward the center, there was an article comparing her to mitt romney. are you concerned that any of those people could be in play if she moves too much further to
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the center. >> i would disagree that she is somehow moving since the primaries. she is still out there talking about raising wages, creating jobs, criminal justice reform, voting rights reform, supporting the lgbt community and an aggressive diplomatic foreign policy. i think that is a misread that -- she is talking about tpp. it is a fundamental misread and it is incumbent upon every supporter to reach out to bernie sanders supporters, most of which we are currently getting. 85%, 90ight now it percent, but we want to extend open arms to every bernie supporter and let them know that the things we care about will be achieved in supporting hillary clinton and that is something we intend to be focused on. mark: we talked about the prospect of shifting resources away. who could make that happen? mitch mcconnell? paul ryan?
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reince priebus? >> it has to be a group effort. from the donors class refocusing. they need to make that call. you can't do it in not a big trump'sour finger in eyes sort of way, and that is a start. let's turn our resources to competitive states and focus on that. there is a legitimate concern about republicans particularly suburban republicans not showing up to vote in presidential state -- in the presidential race, and race.ffecting the senate
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>> in what way has donald trump and worse as a general election candidate than what you thought he would be? >> he has been exactly the candidate i thought he would be. think it was before christmas last year that we put out a web that nominating donald trump would mean hillary clinton's inauguration. i predicted in april that he would win south carolina and utah and missouri, georgia, and arizona. i would not be surprised to see him quit the campaign trail for a couple of days. i'm not saying he drops out of the race. 85 days, waking up every morning -- i did this with jeb -- where the numbers are looking worse
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and worse. it is tough. guys like jeb have the integrity and the dignity to put on a happy face and run an honorable campaign. that is not donald trump. out.nk he will drop you both.y to have we are going to head to scranton next for a dispatch from the campaign trail. you can listen to this program on the radio at bloomberg 99.1 fm. we will be right back. ♪
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>> joining us is christina walker who was in pennsylvania today covering hillary clinton's
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rally. what do you feel when you are in those rallies? tell me about the vibe in the crowd. reporter: it felt like a homecoming. this is his hometown. this is joe biden's element. it is biden being biden. stage,y being on this but afterward, shaking hands. these swing makes states like pennsylvania give clinton a pretty hefty lead. he was on fire today. he really slams donald trump, called him the most unprepared
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candidate in history when it comes to foreign policy. he ticked off a number of , including saying that president obama founded isis, and that trump has praised leaders like putin and saddam hussein. >> you have followed hillary clinton around for a while. she seems to getting looser. obviously, the numbers, the wind at her back, she seems to be more comfortable in her skin than i have seen her before. >> i think you are starting to see -- after the big wins in the primary, you started to see her get more comfortable, and then you are absolutely right. these campaign events, it's in the moments when she is having one-on-one interactions with the crowd and feeding off of that energy. but of course, you are reminded when biden takes the stage of someone who relishes doing that. i think secretary clinton is growing increasingly to enjoy
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doing that more. it is something that voters are responding to. remember that has been a big , challenge for her in this campaign, winning over voters, part of gaining their trust, and of course she struggles with trust issues. joe biden is an important character witness for her. he talked about what it was like to work with her when she was secretary of state during the obama administration and they're hoping those types of care to -- character witness statements coming from the vice president willhe president himself help her with that deficit she has with voters' trust. mark: it is extraordinary to have the fbi release investigative data. it is almost never happened in the history of the fbi. they planned to do it in the case of hillary clinton. is the clinton campaign objecting to that and asking why they are being subject to different treatment? reporter: they object to the
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notes from the fbi interviews being released to select lawmakers. their argument is if you are releasing the notes, release them to the public. them to if you release lawmakers, they are subject to having portions leaked out and used as political weapons without the public seeing the broader context. it is important to note that these are not the transcripts. they are notes. republican lawmakers have been ramping up the pressure to release them. james comey has indicated that is something he wants to do. we learned today that the state department is holding up the process saying before any of this is released, we want to review it. that is where the discussion stands right now. no timeline on when or if these notes are going to be released but you are right. this is something that is incredibly rare. the clinton campaign taking issue with that saying it is clearly political that it is being done so quickly.
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>> we have to go. thank you so much. we will be right back. ♪
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to bloomberg politics aboutnow to read a story the many hats that clinton's advisor has worn during her tenure. thank you for watching. until tomorrow, sayonara. ♪
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>> it's tuesday, the 16th of august. this is trending business, with .e, rishaad slum calls this hour include sydney, singapore, and tokyo. the hp is on its way up in sydney ahead of what may be its worst ever result. a loss of almost


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